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Step Mom 1


It was less than a year since my mother's death and here I was sitting
across the table from my father and a ravishing looking woman, who my
father had introduced to me as Laxmi. As the evening proceeded I was
informed that Laxmi and my Dad were planning on getting married in a
fortnight. I didn't know whether I should be mad or glad. Mad, since my
father was bringing another woman into our lives even before the scent of
my mother had dissipated from our house. Glad, that there would be this
ravishing looking woman walking around the house and would keep my
sixteen-year-old dick working like mad through the nights, if her attire was
anything to go by.

That night I masturbated thinking of my new stepmother. The lady was
about 5'8", which was tall for an Indian woman and had the figure like an
hourglass. Her breasts were the stuff wet dreams are made of. I shot
around three loads of cum that night. Somehow I knew she would like that.

The marriage was a small affair, literally. It was just the three of us and a
friend of her's. The registrar of marriages had them sign a certificate and
that was it. I had a new mother. Life is so simple sometimes.

The night of the marriage I got out of my bed and crept upto their bedroom
and stood outside the door. The groans of my father and her grunts had
my penis straining in my underwear. I let it out and before I knew it my
palms were full of my sperm. I crept back to my room and washed my
hands in the basin. But once I was back in bed, sleep eluded me. I must
have tossed and turned in my bed for about half and hour or so. Then I got
out again and crept back outside their door and to my glee they were still
at it. Her grunts were more than my young penis could handle and before
long I blew my second wad. This time I resolved to stay in bed. But sleep
still escaped my grasping fingers. I lay in bed playing with my penis
wondering at all the things that I would do to her if I had her.

I was still playing with my not so little one when I heard my door open and
Laxmi put her head in.

"Are you awake Ajith?" she asked.

"Yes" I replied.

"I thought I heard you move around so I thought I would check. Was that
you outside the door when your father and me were fucking?" she asked
as she sat at the edge of my bed.

My blood ran cold as I listened to her.

"Don't be afraid, it will be our secret. Tell me, how many times did you
masturbate tonight?" she asked.

These are the times I hate myself. I would have played out scenarios in
my mind and in each of the scenarios I would have been in full control of
myself, but when the scenario came alive I would be at a loss for words
and feel like an absolute fool.

When she saw that there was no answer forthcoming from her 'son', she
slid her hand under the blanket and found my erect penis.

"Mmm, I am flattered" she said and threw the blanket off. Then she pulled
down my pants and kneeling beside the bed took my penis in her mouth.

I shot my third load.

She just kept on sucking and I felt my penis grow again in her mouth and
she just kept on and on at it. As she sucked her fingers played on my
balls, tickling them and urging them on to shed another load of cum. She
was good and would not be denied, in about fifteen minutes I ejaculated
again. That's when she let go. Then she came upto my face and kissed
me on my lips, I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue and she rolled
it inside my mouth.

"This is merely the beginning son. Your mother has been bad, she came
to your bedroom and seduced you. Do you know what your father would
do to me if he found out? So please don't tell him. I will do anything to buy
your silence."

With those promising words she left my room. The only problem being, I
still had a hard on.

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