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Step Mom 2


Step-mom Chapter 2

I guess the late night had its effect on me and it was past ten
when I opened my eyes. The first thought that came to mind was
whether last night had been a dream. I still sported a hard on
because of it.

I got out of bed and went into the kitchen, Laxmi was busy at the
gas stove getting something ready.

"Hi" I called out.

"Good morning" she relied turning to face me.

"Some night uh?" I asked as I sat down at the table.

"Er, Ajith, I think its best we both forget that happened. It was
a mistake and I promise it won't happen again." She said this
without meeting my stare.

I could feel my blood run cold and hot at the same time. On one
hand I was worried that I would lose my sex toy and on the other
I was mad at what she was saying.

"You are kidding, right?" I asked her.

"No, I am very serious. We have to forget last night" she said as
put my breakfast in front of me and then sat on the other side of
the table.

My mind was in a whirl! I was confused! I really had no idea as
to what I would do. Then her parting words hit me. So she wanted
to play the game, well I would play it too. Frankly, the game
held more promise.

"Well then I guess I better inform Dad that his new wife needs a
bit more satisfaction than he is giving her. Imagine how he'd
feel when he gets to know that his new wife left his bed on the
night of the marriage and sought more action." I sipped my coffee
casually and kept my voice as cool as I could under the

"No!" she cried out. "You wouldn't do that."

"You think so?" I asked her.

"Please Ajith. Don't do this. Last night was just a mistake.
Don't prolong my torture." Her voice was full of humility and
pleading. The best part was that I was beginning to enjoy this.

"Torture? Gosh, you are such a slut that you were practically
begging to get fucked. The only torture you may be going through
will be the torture of less sex" I sneered at her.

She sat there across the table without replying, silent and her
eyes bent to some spot on the table in front of her. For a moment
my eyes too darted to the table to see what she had found so
interesting there.

"Well I guess Dad and me are going to have a man to man talk
today evening" I said as I finished off the toast and the coffee
and made to rise.

"Ajith" she said placing her hand on mine and urging me to remain

I sat down and looked at her.

"What do I have to do to buy your silence?" she asked almost in a

"Simple actually, sell your soul and of course your body to me.
No bargaining, that's the offer" I was pretty proud of myself as
I finished the statement. I sounded pretty hep.

"What would it entail?" she asked.

"Everything bitch. I will own you. Its that or nothing at all" I
barked out.

She sat there for a minute mulling over what I said and then
whispered, "Alright."


She was visibly shaken at the outburst and replied in a even
quieter whisper, "Alright Master."

"Now why don't you give me a blowjob to start the day of?" I
asked her.

She got up and came round the table and knelt in front of me and
taking my penis out of my shorts began to suck at it. God! She
was good. I held back myself for about ten minutes before
shooting a load into her mouth.

"Stand up" I commanded after she had cleaned me up sufficiently.

I studied her, she had a nightgown on. I could make out the
outline of her bra and panties through it.

"What size are your breasts?" I asked her.

"36 D Master" she replied.

"Let me see it" I shot.

She slipped the straps of the gown from her shoulder and let it
fall to the floor and waited. I reached into my shorts and pulled
out a packet of cigarettes and lit one up. She looked at me and
the cigarette.

"Dad doesn't know and if he does come to know, well I'll just
have to educate him about his new wife, won't I?" I said.

Then I continued, "I said I want to see the breasts, slut, not
your bra."

She slipped off her bra and I ogled.

"You shaved?" I asked.

"Yes Master, clean shaven." She replied softly.

"Good! Let's see it."

She stepped out of her panties and I beheld my first view of a
live naked woman.

"Go to my bed, no better yet, go to your marriage bed. I think I
am old enough to lose my virginity now."

I sat and finished my cigarette to cool my nerved before I fucked
a woman for the first time in my life. After I ground out the
cigarette I walked into my father's bedroom and she was there on
the bed, naked and spread out. Waiting to be taken! Just like the
slut she was.

I stepped out of my shorts and got in between her legs and said,
"Guide me in."

She held my penis and placed it to her cunt. I could feel her
wetness and pushed my penis in. It actually slid in because of
her wetness. I lifted myself to begin pumping her and at the
third hump I felt my sperm flow into her. I also felt exhausted.
I lay there above her and caught my breath. Once I had it back I
got off her and dressed and left the bedroom to watch some TV.
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