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Step Mom 3


Step mom - Chapter 3

It was their third wedding anniversary, also the third
anniversary of my losing my virginity. At dinner Dad informed us
that he was being posted to Sri Lanka as a part of the Indian
Peace Keeping Force. On hearing the news I began to draw up
pictures of what I could now do with Laxmi, she would be
available to me all the time. I felt my penis grow and begin to
strain against my pants. I hoped I would not be needed to get up
for any reason. I would be hard to explain to my father why I was
walking around with an erect penis at dinnertime.

It was ten days before my father actually left for Sri Lanka. We
had both gone to the railway station to see him off. On the way
back, she sat next to me in the car, which had been my eighteenth
birthday gift from dad.

"So bitch, you are now mine to do with as I please" I informed
her. She did not reply.

She was in a blue blouse and white skirt, looking very much the
part of an Army officer's wife. I reached out and pulled the
skirt up so that her panties were now visible. She did not react
to this and that pissed me off.

"Take off your panties" I commanded.

"Here?" she had the look of a trapped dog and that was what I
wanted to see. I did not reply but kept driving.

She wriggled out of her panties and pulled her skirt up so that
her clean shaven cunt was now visible to me.

"Take off your bra too" I said.

She unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse and reached
behind to undo the clasp. After she had undone them, she pulled
the straps out through the sleeves of her blouse. Once she had
the bra out she dropped it at her feet and left it along with her

"You are no longer supposed to wear any undergarments without my
explicit permission. Is that clear, bitch?" I asked.

"Yes Master" she whispered.

For sometime we drove in silence, both lost in our own thoughts.
Then she asked, "Can your slave ask clarify a point Master?"

"Go on" I said.

"What about when your slave has her periods?" she asked.

"We'll cross the bridge when we come to it" I told her.

Once we were home I got her to strip to her birthday suit. Go
kneel in the bathroom I told her. She complied. I got out of my
clothes and put on a bathrobe with nothing underneath and joined
her in the bathroom.

She was waiting for me on the seat of the WC.

"Get in the tub slut" I barked.

Once she was in I got her to lie down and then standing over her
I let my urine flow all over her. She lay passively taking it
over her. I directed the flow to her lips and she parted her lips
and let the urine into her mouth. But the movements of her throat
I knew that she was swallowing the stuff. Once I was done I said,
"Now lap up the rest from the tub."

I sat on the WC and watched her get on her haunches and begin to
at first slurp and then lick all the urine from the bathtub. Once
she was finished I asked her to clean up and join me in the

She took about ten minutes to clean up. She came into the bedroom
and knelt before me.

"Okay bitch here are the ground rules. You get up at five every
morning and get the housework out of the way. At seven you wake
me up with a cup of coffee and a blowjob. After coffee you eat my
shit and drink my urine. Then help me bathe. You can clean up
after I leave for college. In the evening you will be waiting
naked and kneeling inside the front door. You had better have
finished your housework by then. As soon as I am back, you drink
my urine and help me bathe again. Dinner will be served every
night at nine. All you meals must be taken in the dog bowl after
the dog has eaten. The bowl will be washed only once a day in the
evening after you have eaten. And you better get this straight,
any deviations and you are in for physical punishment from now
on. You understand bitch?" I looked at her face for a reaction
and got it. She was plainly horrified at the life she was
expected to lead. Poor thing she didn't know what was coming.

"Now get up here and give me a nice long blowjob" I commanded.
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