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Step Mom 4


StepMom - 4

It was a quiet Monday morning. I had just finished fucked the
slut and was sitting in the veranda reading the morning newspaper
when the postman arrived with a telegram. I ripped it open and
read the news of my father's death in the line of action.
Surprisingly, I didn't feel any remorse or any sort of loss in
his death. It was just an event.

I went into the house. The bitch was in the kitchen getting lunch

"You're a widow now bitch" I announced.

She turned to me with a stricken look on her face.

"You are joking right? Tell me you are joking" she said.

I let her face have the entice face of my palm. The slap had been
nice and hard and she was thrown to the other end of the kitchen.
She lay on the floor, her hair all over her face.

"I'm sorry Master. Its just that your slave was shocked by the
news" she whispered.

I left her alone for the day. The next week his body was flown
into town and we had a nice quiet funeral to mark the passing
away of a person who never really created any ripples in his
lifetime. An apt funeral I would say.

I hadn't abused her for over a week now. I was sitting in the
hall sipping a rum when she walked in nude.

"Has the Master decided about his slave? His slave hopes that she
won't have to go away due to this unfortunate incident. She
cannot hope to survive without her Master" she said as she knelt
in front of me and placed her head on my lap.

I caught her by her hair and lifted her head. I turned her around
so she faced a piece of paper on the table in front of me.

"Sign it," I said.

She looked at it, reading the first few lines. That was enough to
tell her that signing the paper meant turning over her entire
inheritance to me. She picked up the pen I had left next to it
and signed her name at the bottom of all seven pages.

"From today you don't exist. You will only be known by the name
`Slut'. That is your name and your identification. If someone
asks you your name, that is how you will respond. You will never
leave this house except when I command you to. The sole reason
for your existence is my pleasure. You will not refuse any
command that I utter, even if it means bodily harm to you. It
might even involve permanent damage, but refusal will mean
banishment. Is this clear to you Slut?" I asked her.

"Yes Master" she whispered.

"Good!" I said.

"Get all your clothes and pile them on the verandah" I ordered.

She left the room and in about ten trips had all her clothes on
the verandah. I picked up a matchbox and gave it to her.

"Light it up" I said.

She struck the match and put it to the pile of clothes. She kept
at it till the fire completely engulfed her clothes. She looked
so beautiful standing in the light of the bonfire of her clothes
naked and vulnerable.
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