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Step Mom 5


"You must be surely kidding!" The words were spoken by Sohail, my
best friend. I had just told him the relationship between the
Slut and me.

"Are you seriously telling me that all these years you have been
fucking your stepmom and further more she is a sexual slave?" he

"Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying" I agreed.

"Fuck you! No way" he lit up a cigarette with this final comment.

"You know what Sohail, I knew this would be your reaction. So I'm
going to prove it to you. Actually I have been meaning to make
you a part of this for quite sometime. I think she is ready now
to begin serving people who are important to me."

I watched his face for his reaction. It lit up like a tubelight
in a dark room. "You are serious, aren't you?" he said as he
passed me the cigarette.

"I pulled out my mobile and dialed the house. The Slut answered,
"Yes Master?" I had Sohail next to the ear piece so he could hear

"I'm on my way home bitch. Assume your position," I commanded

"Yes Master" was her reply.

I cut the line. "Now you believe me?" I asked him.

"This is too fantastic" he said.

"When we get home the bitch will be on her knees, naked in front
of the door" I informed him as I kicked the bike.

I let him open the door and walk in ahead of me. The Slut was
surprised by his entry and instinctively covered her breasts.
Then she saw me and realization dawned in her eyes. She
understood that she was approaching the next step in her journey
to being a full-fledged slave.

"I'll deal with you later for that covering act you bitch. Right
now, I want Sohail to get used to using you. She's all yours
buddy. No holds barred. The only condition is that I watch," I
told him.

"Er, before I start I think I'd like you to give her that
punishment for covering herself." He was playing for time. I mean
its not often that your best calls you over to fuck his

I indicated to her that she was to follow me. I led them into the
bedroom where I tied her across a writing table. The position had
her ankles tied to each leg of the table on one side and on the
other side her wrists were tied to the legs. Then I went to the
cupboard and picked out a whip and went and stood in front of
her. I began to whip her on her butts. Her screams for mercy
filled the room. I could see Sohail wince with each stroke that
landed on her.

After about twenty strokes, I dropped my pants and she opened her
mouth to take it in. This was something I had trained her for -
to suck a cock as she was being whipped. I resumed the whipping
and now instead of screaming she would grunt at each stroke. I
must have kept it on for a couple of minutes.

"Wanna try it?" I asked Sohail. He nodded.

I pulled my penis out and stepped aside. He dropped his pants and
took the whip. Although he had not trouble putting his cock in to
her mouth, he wasn't whipping her well enough. I took the whip
from him and began to whip her in a frenzy. She just kept on
sucking him until he groaned his indication of an ejaculation.

I stopped the whipping as he pulled his cock out and leaned on a
chair exhausted. "Fuck this is great" he commented.

I untied her and asked her to strip Sohail as I too discarded my
clothes. Then we got Sohail on to the bed. She used her mouth to
get him erect again. Then she impaled herself on to him and bent
over so their lips were touching as she rocked above him. I got
on the bed behind her and placing my penis at her asshole I
pushed it in and then began to fuck her. My motion was good
enough for Sohail too. I kept up a steady pace for about fifteen
minutes and then I picked up the tempo. In a couple of minutes he
was groaning again as he spilled his cum into her. His penis
slipped out of her cunt and I pulled mine out of her asshole. She
turned around and took me in her mouth and began to suck me all
the way to the hilt of my sword.

Sohail reached from behind and began to knead her breasts and
then began to pinch her nipples eliciting small mews from her as
she sucked me. This was a bit too much for me and I deposited a
load of cum in her mouth, which she promptly swallowed.

Sohail spent the night fucking the Slut. That was the first time
I gifted her services to someone other than me.
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