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Step Mom5


Step mom - Chapter 6

Sohail came down for breakfast looking like a man who was not just
satisfied but satiated.

"Ajith, I don't know how you did it but buddy, you are the luckiest fucker on
Earth and just in case you are wondering the pun was intended", he said
as he sat down across me with his coffee. "By the way, where is you
mother?" he asked.

"One, she isn't my mother or anybody else's for that matter. I want her
referred to as Slut and nothing else. The idea is for her to lose all sense of
her individuality. By the time I am through with her she will be a thing, a
toy or to be more apt a VERY obedient pet." As I said these words I
observed Sohail very carefully since the success of my plans depended a
lot on the help I would expect from him. I was glad to see that his eyes lit
up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

"As to the reply to your question, she is in the toilet washing up. Every
morning she is my toilet", I paused to allow the words and their import to
sink in. "She drinks my urine and when I am in the mood I even make her
eat my shit."

His eyes went wide with disbelief, "You are kidding me right?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"You haven't had anything if you aren't sitting on a WC shitting with a
woman sucking on your penis and drinking your urine if and when you let
it go", I told him. "Wanna try?" I asked.

I knew his answer from his eyes even before he nodded his head
enthusiastically. I nodded towards the bathroom. He practically dashed
from the room.

I finished my coffee and leisurely made my way to the toilet. I had
removed the locks on all doors in the house so I knew that it would be
open. I pushed it ajar to see the sight of the slut on her knees sucking his
penis. The plop told me that he had just dropped a turd. Gently he pushed
her away and when his penis was just out of her mouth he began to
urinate into her mouth. She was gulping the urine down with a look of
disgust on her face.

I would have to remember to get rid of that. It was my intention that she
would have a look or intense pleasure while performing such acts. I had to
get Sohail out of the house now so that her training could continue.

Sohail came out with a gleeful grin on his face, "She'll be a bit longer
cleaning up. This is Fantastic", he said.

"I have something that has been intriguing me since yesterday, how does
she manage to not bite off your dick when you whip her as she is sucking
you off?" he asked me.

"That was her first set of lessons. I would place a cucumber in her mouth.
She would have to hold it and suck on it as if it were my cock. I would whip
her as she did it and after I was through with the whipping I would inspect
the cucumber. If it had any bite marks on it she would get whipped a
further one hundred times. You should have seen her in the beginning,
she would bite right through it and then whimper as I whipped her as she
counted to a hundred. Once she was able to handle that I graduated her
to sausages, and finally to holding an egg between her teeth while she
was being whipped." His eyes were filled with awe and respect as I told
him the story.

"Wow! What other plans do you have for her?" he asked.

"Patience my friend, patience. I think you should go now, she is already
way behind on her training", I told him.

"But! Can't I stay and watch?" he asked.

I shook my head and said, "Sohail, she is my toy. I decide the whats and
the hows of her life. I want you to leave now."

He was crestfallen and got up to get dressed. As he left the house he
asked, "When do I get her next?"

"Let me see how you behave. If this gets out you lose all this, so show me
I can trust you on this first."


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