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This story contains mature content and is intended for
the exclusive use of consenting ADULTS ONLY. If you
can be offended by pornographic descriptions, or if you
are a minor, it is illegal to view, download, access
or acquire this file by any means.

Copyright (C) 2000 by All
rights reserved.

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CODES: M-1st/F, oral, exhib.

The Sticky Dance Floor

Damn, I hated the noise. No matter where you went, it
was the same. Somehow, the deejays around the world
must have all been going to the same school. There,
they learned to turn the volume up until it hurt and
loudspeakers only produced distortion.

Even here at the bar, it was near impossible to hear the
barmaid. She showed me four fingers, meaning four
dollars for my beer. I wondered what sign she would
make for five dollars and seventy-five cents? She was a
beautiful woman with reddish hair and a little bit shorter
than me. Maybe five foot six.

As most barmaid, she was dressed extra sexy, with a
black skirt and a white blouse. That was surely done on
purpose, maybe to get better tips from the guys. She
was looking at me with a very sexy, provocative smile
as an extra, just for me. You bet. I didn't like being
manipulated like that, but I gave her a five anyway. I
knew she did that to all male customers, but it looked so
personal. It's like the lottery, where you know you're
not going to win, but you buy the ticket just in case. The
chances of any other girl doing as much for me tonight
were just about nil, in the best of scenarios.

I was the anonymous type of guy. The one all alone at
the bar, except when being there with friends, but that
was something else. As much as I dreamed of having a
girlfriend all to myself, women were not returning the
favor. I just wasn't the guy to make heads turn as I went
by. I was used to it. That is, as much as you can get used
to these things.

It looked like this would be another memorable,
depressing evening. Memorable because I would think
of all those gorgeous girls all around me. Depressing
because that would be another night all alone, solitary
within a crowd of hundreds of people.

Well, at least I'd use my time proactively. That meant
drinking my beer, smiling and enjoying all the women
around me. Looking at their beautiful bodies was my
favorite sport. I tried to picture their panties under their
skirt, or imagine them undressing just for me.

I would exploit the memory of the most outrageous
bodies I would see tonight to play with myself for the
rest of the week. Without their knowledge or consent, I
would dream of fucking those girls and otherwise use
them, while jerking off. Just like I did since I was a
teenager. I had fucked so many girls in my mind. That's
what all boys did anyway.

All the guys I've known fantasized about fucking all the
beautiful girls they met. Well, some of them got to fuck
for real, also. The lucky ones. Those who had the body,
or the cash, to get a girl interested. I had neither.

So I started hunting around the place, with my eyes as
my only weapon. There were so many great-looking
babes around me; I already felt the small pressure of my
cock, trying to find its way up my pants.

That was the problem with cocks; they always got
themselves stuck somehow on the way up. Usually,
there would be some cute babe around, not even aware
of the effect she had on me. I'd have to find a way to
either hide my erection or release it from the tangle of
my pants or boxers. Sometimes, even a well-centered
upward-pointing dick would still be easy to spot for
anyone looking for something there. Thinking about
these things made me harder. It had been too long since
I last jerked off. I'd have to do it tonight, for sure.

My eyes went from one woman to the next, looking for
the one I would "use" tonight for my hand job. That
certainly changed my perspective. Instead of being an
uninteresting nerd in this place, it made me the predator.
No longer waiting for someone to be interested in me, I
would decide all alone which of these woman would
submit to all my desires. She didn't get a choice because
she wouldn't be asked. No fear of rejection. I choose;
she submits. I can say it cheered me up.

They were all beautiful but I had criteria. I'd think of
two for a start. First, a brunette, or black hair would be
even better. I never understood the guys-like-blonds-
more stereotype. Dark hairs were so fucking sexy! I
hesitated between outfit and height as my second
decisive factor. Of course, I could choose to have more
than two constraints, but I didn't want to become too
fussy. Having to choose was very exciting in itself; I
wasn't used to having all the choices. Certainly not with

I finally made up my mind and selected the outfit as my
second goal. I'd rather be with a short woman in a sexy
skirt than a tall one in pants, that was sure. She'd have
to be dressed sexy, but classy at the same time.
Somewhere between the "I'm looking for a husband"
look and the "I want to be fucked again tonight" look.
Something more akin to the "you might take advantage
of me, for this one occasion only" look. Some classy-
looking skirt, that's what I needed.

I signaled the barmaid for another beer, and then looked
at the women on the dance floor. Damn, I would have
fucked just about any of them right now. But I had to
respect my self-established criteria, and that tall blond
with the heavenly breast didn't match them. I looked at
her for a while anyway, until my new beer arrived. Then
my attention switched to the beautiful barmaid instantly.

Still looking at me with that inciting smile, she bent to
my left to pickup things on the bar. I had to stop looking
at my wallet to concentrate on her blouse opening, and
the small but beautiful breast she was showing me
nonchalantly. All woman did that, when they had to
know better. They didn't care I guess. It's a way to say,
"Look at what you could get if I wanted to," but she
won't allow it of course.

If she had a braw it certainly didn't show. I couldn't see
the nipples, but everything else was more than enough
for me. That was all that was needed to put the final
touch to my partial erection. It's surprising to see all the
thoughts and bodily reactions that can happen because
of a two-second look under a woman's shirt. She turned
to me again and I pulled another five, with a grin. It
would be something to fuck her right here on the bar, I
dreamed for an instant.

Then I saw another young woman at a table to my left,
at the border of the dance floor. While my problem was
being alone, she seemed to have the opposite problem.
She was surrounded by guys which she didn't seem to
know, or at least didn't want to be with. The kind of
well built guys who can afford to be careless with
woman. No wonder they were trying their luck on her,
she had the most fucking perfect body that I had ever

She must have been quite tall looking at the long legs
going down from her black skirt. Maybe five foot ten,
which is certainly above average. With the fashionable
look of a model and the face of an angel, she managed
to forego leaving the impression of being too prissy.
She had that roguish smile making it clear she was in
control and she would do what she pleased.

For now, she was making it clear to those guy they were
not about to take advantage of her in any way. One of
them sat with her at the table and talked to her.
Whatever he said, she answered by keeping her
sophisticated stance and shaking her head left and right.
The guy wouldn't stop without pushing his luck a bit
farther. He slowly extended his hand under the table and
rested on her left thigh.

Without even a flicker of her eyes, she kept smiling and
moved the guy's hand back on his own thigh, saying
something to him. Then he put his hand back on the her
leg, only this time much higher. His friends were having
a good laugh seeing what was happening. I'm not sure
she heard them anyway, with the outrageously loud
music. Still sitting upright, she looked down and started
talking again. Most probably advising him to move
away because she had a serious look now.

Again, she tried to remove his hand but this time it
didn't work at all. He smiled at her. I was trying to
decide what I should do. Maybe tell the doorman. I was
certainly not about to resolve the issue myself, since this
guy must have had hands twice as large as mine. Then
an unmistakable sign of pain replaced his smile. I
understood immediately when I saw the woman's hand
firmly holding the guy's crotch. She was obviously not
giving him the hand job he would have liked. His
friends were still laughing, but at him now.

The overly attractive female then got off her seat and
went directly to the dance floor, without looking back.
There was more than a pair of eyes rolling in the
direction of her sexy body, while she walked past them.
This woman was rocking the place. All about her
impressed me, and I found myself wishing I had the
guts to lay my hand on her thigh just once, like this
other idiot. Feeling my cock regaining in hardness, I
suddenly realized I had lost my erection while looking
at the scene. That temporary plight would be resolved
very soon though. This woman was so "fuckable" that
she would give a hard-on to a paraplegic.

She started to dance to the beat of an old disco hit. I
scrutinized her every move, looking at her small, but
very palpable breast. I imagined taking those into my
hands and had to move my dick manually so it could
continue its upward course.

Her moving waist got me wander further into my
thoughts. I imagined her waist moving like that to play
with my hardened cock, as I got deeper into her
perfectly tight fuck hole. It was so farfetched that it
sounded implausible even in a dream. No matter, I was
so aroused I decided to go jerk off in the men's
restroom right away, while the image of this ideal
screwing partner was still fresh in my mind.

Going directly to the restroom from my place was just
about impossible. There were so many people in this
place, and more coming in by the minute as usually
happens this late, that I decided to make it through the
dance floor. What the heck, I would even make sure to
pat her with my left hand in passing. The hand I would
use to masturbate, of course.

As I got up, the music changed for a slow. That
wouldn't change much of anything for me. I saw that it
did for her though. The big strong guy had recovered
from the trauma of his squeezed balls and was heading
her way. It seemed this guy had the nerves to ask for a
dance; whatever it was, she declined. I was next to the
girl now and it was quite a feeling to be as near as that.
Progressing slowly in the crowd and not daring to look
at her, I brushed my left hand on her bottom while
moving ahead. I had barely advanced when I felt
something gripping my belt. "Uh, oh, she didn't like
that" I thought.

I turned around anticipating a frown from her, but she
was smiling to me and looking surprised. Saying
something I didn't understand she started kissing me as
if we had known each other forever. We must have been
quite intimate in that other life, because she was French
kissing me now! My hearth skipped a beat or two as I
tried to make sense of all this, abandoning my body to
her will in the meantime. Her wet tongue was already
hard at work as she closed her arms around my waist. I
was helpless to do anything.

To me, it was pretty much like a top model was raping
me on the dance floor. My eyes still closed, I felt her
tongue release her tender grip as she transferred her left
hand to behind my neck. Her mouth moved to my ear
but she didn't talk to me. Rather, she started licking my
earlobe. I gasped.

She was obviously using me to give a lesson to the guy
who was bothering her a moment before. He would
learn to take his turn; learn that she decided what
happened, when and with whom. He had indeed
retreated and was looking at us fixedly. I was about to
talk to her, but the intense look of her blue eyes looking
into mine was all that was said. She continued to prod
me, lowering her right hand on my bottom. I could bear
it no more and pulled her myself as I returned her
previous kiss; only with more sexual passion.

She did not resist my advances but instead pushed the
game even further by massaging my back under my
sweater, starting from my shoulders and going down as
far as she could. Her fingers moved slowly, and for
every inches going down, my hardening dick was
making the opposite move. She must have felt the
obvious bulge on her belly because she was pushing
even more, even rubbing herself on me!

There were more and more couples on the dance floor
and it was a good thing. The crowd would hide us a bit,
because it was getting pretty hot now that I had slipped
my right hand under her shirt. Moving my hand up ever
so slowly, so she could stop me as she wished, I didn't
feel her braw. I pressed her against my chest to get a
feel of her bosoms. I could feel the nakedness even
through her shirt.

I wondered whether I could push my luck even further.
She had started it and there was no stopping me now
unless she made her limits clear. I looked around,
waiting for a safe moment. Being thankful for the
darkness of the place, I caressed her skin on my way up,
until I felt her breast. Slowly but surely, a bit anxious,
my hand familiarized itself with her feminine curves. At
last, my fingers touched her nipple as I looked at her
intently in the eyes, expecting a reprobative look which
never came.

Her mouth opened and her eyes closed, as she savored
my fingers' touch. I played with her tit for a while, and
then cupped my hand around the whole mound of flesh,
squeezing gently. I was still savoring this moment
when, unexpectedly, she took control again by
unzipping my pants in one quick move. Damn, I was at
once nervous. I had done these horny things a million
times in my head, but this sex goddess was making me
live through them!

We were mostly in a corner of the dance floor, but there
were still people everywhere. Surely someone would
notice what was going on, even in the dim light. The
man she was avoiding when she got a hold of me didn't
miss a thing that was sure, because he still fixed us. I
must have blushed, standing there with my zipper down.

The pressure was about to move yet another step higher.
She looked at me with a provocative smile. Then she
did it. From inside my pants, I felt the fabric shift as
something moved in. I would not have thought it
possible, but my hardened penis got even harder, more
swollen in expectation as my boxers were being
unbuttoned. In one swift move, her whole hand closed
on my shaft, and I groaned as a surge of pre-cum made
it through, to the tip of my swollen glans.

I was stunned as much by her beauty as by the whole
situation. I had no previous experience with a woman
and here I was, a stranger holding my hard rod under
my pants on a fucking dance floor. We even had one
spectator fully aware of what was going on.

I didn't know what to do but she did. She stared at the
other guy as if to challenge him, and started stroking my
dick. The closeness of our bodies helped conceal the
outrageous event, but it was as risky as walking on the
edge of a skyscraper. That's how I felt anyway,
although my male hormones soon took over and I began
to accept the situation.

I closed my eyes again as pleasure overcame me. I
imagined all that I would like to do if only I could. I'd
bring her down on her knees and have the perverted
bitch take my cock out and suck on it while everybody
looked at her in shock. Instead of moving my hip, I
would push her head up and down my shaft. After
screwing myself with her head, I'd turn her around and
have her bend forward, using a table for support.

Everybody would see me lift her short skirt and pull her
panties to expose her vulva. To make it clear to her who
was in control now, I'd put my finger in her mouth for
her to lick wet. I would then fill her hole with the damp
finger for a while, before I came back to soak it again in
her mouth and back to her cunt.

With everybody still looking; the men at this submissive
woman's body and the women at my own throbbing
cock, I would set my glans on the lips of her sex. I
would delight myself by looking fixedly at some
random woman in the crowd, locking eyes with her
while I pushed and forced my way inside the other
woman. That would feel pretty much like fucking the
two of them at once!

Although I could only imagine these things, it was easy
to blend reality and fiction with the feelings of the real
hand now rubbing my cock. My ecstasy was shielding
me from the fear of getting caught. She pushed her hand
even farther inside my pants and between my legs,
running her fingers on the extremely sensitive skin of
my crotch. As she scraped my balls delicately with her
fingernails before she squeezed my pouch of skin, I
made it all the way to heaven in a split second.

Taken off guard, I had been overwhelmed by her
exquisite manipulations. I groaned as tension built near
instantaneously, filling my veined dick with more blood
and pressure than it could possibly take. I felt the
inevitability of what was to follow. Barely dancing
anymore, I tried to remain composed while a dense and
voluminous batch of my sperm was ejected forcefully
under my pants. I had jolts of intense pleasure with each
and every one of the powerful spasms.

I felt her cum-drenched hand still yanking me when I
became conscious that my dick had been pulled out of
my pants. My unusually large load of cum had filled her
hand, and was dripping on the floor as she squeezed my
shaft for more. Her head on my shoulder and facing the
other guy, she continued to play with my dick as it
became less and less rigid. I would have stayed there for
the rest of my life, but then she put my flaccid dick back
where it belonged. There was sperm everywhere inside
my pants and I felt soaked.

She gave me a quick kiss and a wink, then glanced at
her tormentor one last time in defiance, and left.

Incredible as it was, the weirdest part of this story was
its impact on my life. It had none, actually. A week
later, I was back with my routine; searching bars for
great-looking babes that I imagined fucking in my mind,
while jerking off. No other woman ever touched my
cock again. I still get a good laugh though, thinking of
all those people wondering why the dance floor was so
sticky, dancing on my load of cum.
The End

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