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Story 12


Story 9

The emergency room at St. Pete’s Hospital in New York was slow compared
to the evening before. “Dr. West, why don’t you go lie down for a while.
You had what, fifteen minutes of sleep since last night?” Dr. Susan West,
an attractive woman of a mere thirty-six years of age, stands there in her
white cotton blouse, and faded blue jeans; all she had left in her
overnight bag for days like these. “I guess you’re right Jackie. It was a
long, hectic night.” She says as she runs her hand through her almost
shoulder length brown hair. She sighs as she hands Jackie the clipboard
with the paperwork she just signed. “You know where to find me if you need

About two hours later, Susan awakes to her pager going off. She fumbles
around for her pager and looks at the number. She lets out a brief sigh as
she gets up and opens the door of the extra supply room, also set up for
these occasions. “How many hours do you have left doc?” Mario asks as he
helps her into her smock and gloves. “Five, if I’m lucky.” “Didn’t I see
you last night before I left?” She smiles briefly, “Yeah, this is three in
a row for me.” “Dr. Bernstein again huh?” “Yep.” She says, then heads into
Room one.

By noon, things are starting to slow down again and Susan is able to
catch up on the paperwork piled on her desk. Down the hall at the
receptionist counter, a tall handsome man is speaking to Jackie. “Sure
Alex, she could use a bit of humor right about now.” She hands him a
clipboard and the required paperwork for a new patient, and directs him to
curtain two. “Dr. West,” Jackie buzzes into her office. “You have a new
patient in curtain two.” “Thank you Jackie.” She finishes the paperwork,
then heads out of her office.

Before even looking at the patient, she picks up the clipboard, then
asks, “How are you today Mr. Smith?” He answers with a moan. “Ok, it says
here you are suffering from...” She looks up at the patient. “Sexual
frustration.” Alex smiles back at her. “I’m sorry honey. But I missed you
last night.” He stands up and kisses her briefly. “Did they fill this out
at the desk?” He shakes his head no and touches the side of her face. She
sighs in relief, puts the paperwork down and wraps her arms around him. “I
missed you too.” They kiss briefly before her pager goes off again. She
reaches for it as he begins kissing the side of her neck. She sighs at
both the feel of him and the fact that she has three more hours before she
will be able to feel him again. “Alex, I have to go.” He slides his hands
down around her behind and pulls her against him. “I could make love to
you right now.” He whispers in her ear before she pulls away and reaches
for the curtain. “I’ll see you soon.” He frowns. “I promise.” She says as
she leaves the room and closes the curtain.

Mario fills her in with the patient info and condition as he prepares
her for the surgery. “How long have you been here doc?” Scott, a new
resident asks during the surgery. “Too long.” He looks up at her puzzled.
“ I meant overall.” She looks up at him, the tops of her cheeks slightly
red. “I’m sorry Scott. Eight years.” “Wow. So you’ve been here since med
school. That must be nice.” She nods, then finishes sewing up the wound on
the patient.

Across town, Alex leaves his office and closes the door. “Sherri, what
appointments do I have scheduled for this afternoon?” “Mr. Mickens called
to reschedule, so you are free for the afternoon.” “Good. I’ll be leaving
for the day then.” He walks to the door of the office. “Ok, and you can
leave when you’re done whatever you’re working on.” “Are you sure sir?” He
smiles. “Just remember to start the answering service.” She nods as he
leaves the office and heads for the elevator. When he reaches the street
he looks at his watch and hails a cab. ‘Just enough time.’ He thinks to
himself. ‘Twenty minutes to the subway station, fifteen minute ride,
twenty minutes to get home to get things set up. She should get home just
as I’m finishing up.’ He thinks to himself and smiles all the way to the
subway station.

At quarter of three, Dr. John, a balding forty-three year old transfer
from St. Mary’s, walks in the door. “Dr. John, Dr. West will be so
happy to see you.” “I take it Dr. Bernstein stuck her with another triple
shift.” “What gave it away?” He takes a notebook out of his pocket and
makes a note to himself. “By the way, who is chief of staff here? I’ve
only been here a week and haven’t caught up on all the names yet.” Jackie
looks up at him. “Dr. Murray, why?” “Where I come from, doctors help each
other out. No one should have to work triple shifts even one day in a row,
let alone three. That causes mistakes, and later, early retirement.”
Jackie smiles in approval. “Where is Dr. Murray now?” “Oh, he is on
vacation for the next two weeks...” “Then let me know the next time an
event like this happens.” “But this morning is her scheduled shift...” “But
she should have had last night off after working the middle yesterday.”
“Yes sir.” She says while making a note for Dr. Murray to see Dr. John
when he returns.

Dr. John walks down the hall to the room that serves as their office.
He enters the room and sees Susan sitting at her desk signing papers and
writing reports. He watches as she moves a strand of hair behind her ear.
He always found her very attractive, but being happily married, never gave
her any more thought. “Susan, you look exhausted. Why don’t you go home
and take tomorrow off. I’ll make Bernstein work for you. He knows not to
mess with me.” “Dr. John, you are so kind, but...” “No buts Dr. West. As
your superior...” He smiles. “Thank you. I’m sure I could use the rest.”
Dr. John goes to his locker while Susan finishes up the paperwork she had
started. “I’ll see you Sunday night, midnight right?” “Yes sir, and thank
you again.” She says as he holds the door for her.

It is almost three thirty when she pulls into Alex’s driveway. They
have been living together for about six months now, and making the left
onto Madison Ave instead of a right has become second nature. She turns
the car off and grabs her purse and the bag holding yesterday’s clothes.
‘All I need now is a hot bath and a warm bed.’ She thinks as she gets out
of the car. She walks to the front door, unlocks it, and slowly enters the
house. She closes the door and places her keys and purse on the table to
the right of the door. She walks through the living room into the
adjoining hallway and opens the second door on the right and tosses the bag
with her clothes next to the washer. She closes the door and walks back
into the living room, past the couch and television and into the dining
room towards the back of the house. Here she finds a note and two glasses
of wine sitting next to a lit candle on the dining room table. ‘He must
have parked in the garage.’ She thinks as she picks up the note. It reads,
‘take both glasses and follow the candles.’ She takes a sip of the wine
then looks up and sees a candle lit in the kitchen and walks towards it.
She catches the flicker of the candlelight in the adjoining study and walks
into the room. Noticing the door of the other entrance into the room is
open, she heads towards it and sees the candle on a table in the sitting
room back at the front of the house. When she sees the next one on the
stairs by the front door, she wonders why she hadn’t seen it when she came

After following the candles upstairs, she notices that they lead to the
main bathroom at the top of the stairs, which also connects with the master
bedroom on the right. As she stands in the doorway of the bathroom, she
sees Alex standing by the tub filled with bubbles and hot water which is
still steaming and fogging the mirrors. She walks towards him and finishes
her wine as he takes his glass and does the same. Alex takes their glasses
and sets them on the counter around the sink. He then reaches up and
begins to unbutton her blouse. “I thought you could use a nice hot bath
right about now.” She smiles and touches the side of his face. “You know
me so well after all these years.” He smiles and presses a finger to her
full lips. “Shhh. Just relax.” He untucks her shirt and she lowers her
arms so that it falls off of her and onto the floor. He slowly runs his
hands down her breasts, then cups them and gently squeezes them. She
reaches for his shirt, and begins unbuttoning it as he unhooks and then
removes her bra.

When they remove the last of each other’s clothes, Susan reaches for
him. He allows her to kiss him once before turning and guiding her over to
the tub. She steps in and waits for him to join her before sitting down.
He sits down first and leans against the backside of the tub as she sits
down in front of him. He puts his legs against the sides of the tub
allowing her to sit between them and up against him.

He reaches for the sponge on the shelf to the left and dips it into the
water. Susan leans up against him and he moves his head to the left so he
can see. She splashes the water upon her shoulders, then takes his arms
and wraps them around her. He holds her for a while, then takes the sponge
in his right hand and gently washes her body. As he brings it up to wash
her neck, she tilts her head back and softly kisses his neck. He begins to
gently wash her breasts as she kisses him again. As her passion begins to
build, she turns her upper body to face him. He looks into her dark brown
eyes as she touches his face, then passionately kisses him. They kiss
again, tongues going deep into each other’s mouth, and then she gets up,
leaving him bewildered and gasping for breath. He sits there, waiting for
her return, then gives up and gets out of the tub. He pulls the plug and
reaches for a towel to dry off as he walks into the bedroom.

He finds her lying on the bed; the covers already turned down. As he
approaches the bed, she turns over onto her stomach. He stares at her
magnificent body, taking in every curve as if he is seeing her for the
first time. He slowly crawls onto the bed and kneels over her, just below
her behind. She turns her head to the right so she can watch him in the
mirror over her dresser. As he leans over her to massage her shoulders,
his erect member presses against her behind. She watches as the muscles
flex in his arms, shoulders and back. She smiles at his warm touch and
closes her eyes, savoring every moment. He continues to massage her neck
and shoulders, feeling her overworked muscles begin to relax.
Occasionally, he runs his hands down her back and kneads her lower back,
then moves them back up to her shoulders. He leans down and gently kisses
her between her shoulder blades, then moves up and kisses her neck. As he
leans over to kiss her again, he realizes that she has fallen asleep. He
slowly moves from over her and pulls the covers over them both and up
around her shoulders. He softly kisses her cheek, then turns out the light
on the table on his side of the bed. He lies on his side, facing her, and
gently lays an arm across her body before closing his eyes to sleep.

About three o’clock in the morning, Susan awakes to find Alex sleeping
soundly by her side. She studies his body starting with his dark brown
hair, down to his firm, muscular body, weighing somewhere around 215. She
touches him gently, tracing the muscles in his back, before leaning over
and kissing his shoulder. She puts an arm around him and snuggles up
against his body, feeling him move with every breath. She moves her hand
against his chest, feeling where each muscle ends and the next begins.
When she kisses him again, he stirs in his sleep, then slowly turns to face
her. “Hey Susie.” “Hey Alex.” She touches the side of his face. “I’m
sorry about last night.” He shakes his head. “I knew when you didn’t call
by midnight that you had to be busy. Did Bernstein call out again?” She
nods as he touches her face. “I’m sorry...” “No reason to apologize. I
think it’s great what you do, saving lives everyday.” “You save lives too.”
“No, I just help mentally.” “Sometimes that’s enough.” He props himself up
on an elbow. “You know, that’s one of the many things I love about you.”
She sits up on an elbow. “What’s that?” “The way you always see the
positive in things.” She smiles, then leans forward to kiss him. He holds
the side of her face with his hand as he kisses her again. She looks into
his deep blue eyes and runs a hand through his thick, dark hair, then
kisses him briefly before lying on her back.

He cups her breasts as he leans over to kiss her. He slowly runs his
hand up and down her body as their kisses become more passionate. She
slides a hand around the back of his neck, and he gently moves above her.
She lets out a soft moan as he enters her and wraps both arms around him,
slowly caressing his back and shoulders. “I missed you.” She says as he
continues to kiss and gently suck on her neck.

Around eight o’clock, Susan awakes with Alex’s arm around her. She
smiles and pulls what sheets are left on the bed around them. She closes
her eyes and thinks back to when they had first met. She was twenty-four,
finishing her second year of medical school, and he was twenty-five,
finishing his third year. The relationship seemed odd at first, since they
had so much in common, but they each seemed to fill what the other lacked,
in such a way that it seemed impossible for their relationship to not last.
Their passion for each other had grown with each year they were together,
making their separate trips for seminars seem like eternity. Their desire
for each other ranged from simply seeing each other to endless hours of
lovemaking, although they were the only couple they knew that could also be
completely content lying in bed together without “getting it on.”

Alex stirs in his sleep and she smiles as he rests his head on her
chest. She places her hand on his neck, then begins running her fingers
through his hair. He stirs again. “Mmm, is that coffee?” He asks
sleepily. Sue opens her eyes. “Yeah.” Alex props himself up on his arm
leaning over her. “Nina must be done cleaning the rest of the house,” he
yawns. “Except for this room.” “How did you figure that out?” “She never
makes coffee when I get up for work.” “That’s because I usually make it
when I get up.” “Even when you work nights?” “Ok, so you’ve got me there.”
He smiles then kisses her. “I guess we better get up before she tries to
break down the door.” They kiss briefly then climb out of bed. They put on
their robes and walk towards the door. Alex opens it, “After you my dear.”

When they enter the kitchen, Nina, Alex’s maid of ten years, places two
plates of eggs, bacon, and toast on the table. Nina, a Spanish woman
pushing seventy, has been a maid for Alex’s family since her early
twenties. Alex grew up with her care and they knew each other like family.
“Did you sleep well sir?” She still wasn’t accustomed to Susan being there,
but meant no harm when only asking Alex questions. “Yes Nina, we slept
very well last night. Thank you.” He winks at Sue as she sits down.

“So how was your night Thursday?” Sue chews her bacon. “Busy as usual,
but everyone was in stable condition or released before I left yesterday.
How was your day?” “Crazy as usual.” “Alex, you really shouldn’t talk like
that.” She says jokingly. “Why not? Two of my patients went into fits and
literally bounced off the walls and another would knock herself out when
she got upset. At least she tried to.” Sue stops her fork midway to her
mouth. “You are kidding, right?” Alex shakes his head. “Nope, I’m as
serious as a heart attack.” Sue frowns. “Sorry.” Nina walks into the
kitchen. “You know Alex. I don’t know what you do when you sleep at
night, but you make it real easy for me to change the sheets.” She winks at
Sue, who blushes slightly, then smiles at Alex. “See you tomorrow at
seven.” “Have a good day Nina. Tell your kids I said hello, Sue too.” She
nods and leaves the room. They wait until they hear the front door close,
then begin to laugh.

“So what time do you go in today?” He asks while hugging her from behind
as she washes their dishes. “I don’t. t Dr. John said he was going to
make Bernstein work for me since he stuck me with a triple.” “I still don’t
know how you do that.” “Honestly, neither do I.” He kisses her neck, then
lets her go. “I’m going to get the paper.” She nods as he leaves the room.

He walks back into the room and leans against the counter by the sink.
“So what do you want to do today?” He asks as he opens the paper. She
dries her hands on the towel by the sink, then stands in front of him and
wraps her arms around him. “Can we just stay here today?” He puts the
paper down and looks into her eyes as he puts his hands around her. “Sure,
we can do that.” He smiles, then leans over to kiss her. They kiss
breathlessly as his hands find the belt of her robe and untie it. They
kiss passionately, tongues wandering into each others’ mouth as his hands
open her robe, and slowly make their way from her hips up to her firm
breasts. He begins caressing her breasts as he walks them towards the
kitchen table. He sits her on the table and looks deep into her eyes. He
caresses the side of her head and gives her a short kiss, followed by a
longer one. She leans back onto the table as he begins to kiss her neck.
She feels him press against her through his robe and opens her legs around
him. As he begins to suck on her neck, she moans in pleasure and moves a
hand up his neck and through his thick hair.

The phone rings for a third time before Sue hears it. She breaks the
kiss, “hold on.” He continues to kiss her neck as she clumsily knocks the
receiver off the wall. He slowly makes his way down her body, pausing to
tease and cares her breasts, as she brings the phone to her ear. “Hello,”
she manages to say before biting her lip to hold back her moans of
pleasure. “Hello, Dr. West?” Sue tries to push Alex away. “Uh, yes. This
is she.” “This is Dr. Bernstein. Dr. John asked me to call you and let
you know I’ll be working your shift tonight.” A slight moan escapes her
mouth before she can bite her lip again. She pushes at Alex again before
saying, “Thank you Bob. I appreciate it.” She notices the slight change in
her voice and hopes Bob didn’t notice. “Susan, are you alright?” She
pushes Alex again only to feel him begin caressing her inner thighs. “Um,
yeah. Just a little busy at the moment.” There is a pause before Bob
speaks again. “How much trouble am I in?” Sue sets her head against the
table as she feels Alex’s breath against her. “Bob, I can’t talk now.”
“I’ll do anything to make up for it. Just let me know what I need to do.”
Sue arches her back as she feels Alex’s mouth against her. She can no
longer contain herself. “Oohhhh. You need to talk to Dr. John.” With
that she tries to hang up the phone, but after disconnecting, it falls to
the floor.

They only make it halfway up the stairs when Alex realizes that her will
have to carry her to the bedroom, or face getting rug burns across their
bodies like last time. By the time they get to the bed, she is hotter than
he has seen her in years, and he knows he won’t be able to keep up with
her. He gently lays her on the bed and begins to moan as she caresses him.
He kisses her passionately then stands upright next to the bed. “I’ll be
right back.” He says as he reluctantly slides her hand away from him.
“Alex, forget the robes.” She says in a sexy voice. He feels something
stir within him as she sits up on her knees and reaches for him. “Come to
bed honey.”

Three hours later, Sue is straddling Alex with his hands on her waist.
The sheets are pulled from the corners of the bed and sprawled carelessly
around them. Sweat glistens along their bodies and soaks every sheet that
has been in their path. “Oh my God!” Pause. “Alex, yes, yes!” He begins
to moan with her, pushing her hips down against his. She quickens the pace
as she continues to scream out his name. “Oh God Alex! Yes! Yes baby!”
Alex holds her tightly as she begins to shake through yet another orgasm.
He reaches up with one hand to caress her breasts and sets her off again
causing a low guttural moan to escape her lips. Never having heard
anything like this come from her, Alex loses total control and temporarily
loses himself in his own orgasm. As their orgasms come to an end, Sue
collapses breathlessly onto Alex’s chest. He kisses her forehead, and
wraps his arms around her. She slides off of him, and looks up into his
eyes. He smiles at her, still gasping for air, and pushes her sweaty hair
behind her ear before holding the side of her face. “I love you so much.”
He says between breaths. “I know.” She says, then leans down and kisses
him. She looks up at him and smiles. “By the way, what were you going to
get?” He smiles at her and caresses the side of her face. “Just your
massage oils.” She smiles and runs her fingers lightly across his chest.
“You weren’t expecting to last.” He blushes slightly. “I haven’t seen that
look in your eyes since med school. I wasn’t sure what to expect.” “And
what would the doctor say about that?” He smiles and pulls the sheets
across his midsection. “He would strongly suggest you not wait so long
next time.” She smiles and kisses him again. She looks down at him through
sleepy eyes. “I love you so much.” “I love you too.” He says, then runs
his hand through her hair as she lays her head on his chest. He lies
there, holding her in his arms, and listens as her breathing slows and she
drifts off to sleep. He attempts to pull the twisted sheets across his
body and over her naked body lying next to his. When he fails, he pulls
her closer for warmth, and drifts off to sleep.


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