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Street Scenes

by JPenguin <> for story comments

(c) Copyright 2002, JPenguin
She was very careful and so far it paid off. She always waited until
she saw the right person. A person she thought she could trust and
maybe someone who would want to take care of her. She waited until she
had no other options and then she took a chance.

Four months ago Janey ran away from home, not just home, but from a
life of fear and misery. She ran away from unspeakable evil and abuse.
She ran to the streets where there was nothing worse than the life she
left behind. Her mother was a drunk and her father abused her on a
daily basis. At a time when other girls were just thinking about sex,
Janey no longer remembered how many times she was raped by her father.
Long ago she stopped making up excuses for the black and blue marks
that covered her body like a tapestry of pain. She almost gave up and
then she ran away.

"Do you want a ride?"

She was standing near the intersection. They both knew why she was
there, but they wanted to play the game anyhow. The game of "we're not
really going to do this" even though they both knew they were.

"I need to make thirty dollars to pay my rent." She didn't know why she
said it. It just seemed right and maybe not as bad as some other things
she could say. She didn't want to be a whore and she tried to explain
to every customer why she was doing it. Mostly, they didn't care.
Sometimes they liked the idea that she was almost at their mercy.
Sometimes they liked the idea that she was only 14. Sometimes they
liked the idea that it only took money to get a young girl to do
anything, anything they wanted.

"I can do it, but what will you do for me?"

"What do you want? Do you want me to suck you off? Do you want to fuck?
What do you want me to do?"

"Yes, I want that and I want you to pretend to be my daughter. Can you
be my daughter?"

"I can do everything you want, but I need fifty dollars, Daddy. Will
you take care of your little girl?"

She got in his car and they went to the motel. It was her home and her
place of business. She always asked for the money first and they always
gave it to her when they saw the promises written all over her face.

She slowly pulled her tee shirt up until her boobs were almost
uncovered. She paused as if she was thinking about something important
and then quickly pulled her shirt over her head. She knew how to jiggle
her firms breasts as her shirt came off without her seeming to notice
and she made sure he noticed. She made sure he saw everything she did.

"Just stand there and let me look at you. You got great tits and I
thought for sure you were wearing a bra."

Watching wasn't so bad. Not as bad as having someone touch her although
she knew it was going to happen very soon. She would do what he wanted
because he would give her more money when she did everything he asked.
Later he'd come back looking for her and maybe he'd decide to come by
at the same time every week. She had some customers like that already
and if she kept pleasing people, it wouldn't be long before she could
get off the streets.

She took off her shorts and let him see her tiny white panties. She
always wore white when she worked and never wore that color at any
other time. She slipped her panties off and put them in his hand. She
could see he wanted to hold them and maybe even smell them. She didn't
care what he did. She would never wear them again.

"Does daddy want me to help him take off his clothes?" She hoped he did
because she could do some things to get him ready and maybe get him to
end the session a little quicker than usual.

She started to take his shirt off and found just another flabby middle
aged man hiding underneath
his clothes. She knew what she would find and she didn't care. She
could turn off her brain and go through the same motions she'd done
hundreds of times before. She was already someplace else and he'd never
know she left.

"You sure do have big muscles, Daddy. I want to touch you everywhere."

Her words weren't new, but they were what he wanted to hear. She told
the same lies that worked on all the other old guys who somehow thought
she wanted them. They didn't pay her for sex. They paid for a fountain
of youth and she knew how to paint the picture they wanted to see.

He'd been drinking. They usually were and she detested the smell. The
stubble on his face reddened her tender skin and his hands hurt her as
they squeezed her breasts. He smelled like an old man. She didn't know
why, but they always seemed to have a smell that set them apart. She
hated it.

"Do you want me to touch your thingie, Daddy?" She wanted to get
started so it could end.

She rubbed his half hard cock up and down on her pussy. It started to
grow as she knew it would. It almost got hard and somehow she was able
to guide it inside her no longer private place. It hurt, but not as
much as the pain that covered her mind with a blanket of loathing and
despair. She hated this. He would continue to paw and violate every
part of her body. If she tried to stop him, it would just take longer.

She knew she had to talk to him.

"Oh, Daddy, you feel so big inside my little pussy. Don't I feel tight?
How can you get that big thing inside of me? It feels so good. Daddy,
Daddy, Daddy."

He came. He came with a sound that told her it had been awhile for him.
She was filled with a reminder that someone paid to get personal. A
reminder that she had to do things to get by and not the things other
girls her age were doing. Just a reminder.

"Gosh, what's that white stuff shooting out of your thingie? Can I
touch it, Daddy?"

She jacked him off and hoped to drain him before he asked her to suck
him dry. He was starting to look guilty so he'd be leaving soon. Thank
god. She didn't think she could stand it much longer and she was
relived when he started to put on his clothes.

He gave her another twenty. He was gone. She tried to forget.

"Okay little girl, get into the back of the car."

She wanted to run from the police, but she didn't think she could get
away. There were two of them. If she ran and got caught, they would
kick the shit out of her and then laugh at her battered and bruised
body. If she didn't run they would take her back. She couldn't go back.
She just couldn't.

"Please don't take me back. They're terrible. They'll kill me."

The patrol car pulled up behind the empty warehouse building. They knew
all the places where they could be alone, alone with someone who might
be willing to pay a different price for some indiscretion. The
policemen liked doing this. There was nothing the women could do about
it and they usually put out. The women were always afraid and they
usually did whatever the police wanted.

"All right bitch, suck our cocks and we'll let you go."

The usual. Nothing to this. She dropped to her knees in front of the
cop who was doing most of the talking. She'd start with him first and
get it over with. She unzipped his uniform pants and pulled his
partially erect dick out from its hiding place. He undid his pants and
leaned back against the car while her mouth enveloped his swollen cock.
She played with his balls and hoped she could get him off fast. He came
in a
hurry and now it was time for the other one. She thought he must like
watching when he came almost as soon as he put his dick in her mouth.

"Take of your shorts, girl, and show us what the guys have been paying
for baby."

They were going for seconds. She'd be here all day and maybe they'd
decide to kick the shit out of her after they were done making her
satisfy their needs. Well, she was already into it and decided it was
too late to stop now. Maybe it was always too late to stop.

It didn't matter what she had to do. She wasn't going back. She had
three years, four months and eight days to go until her 18th birthday.
She would be free, but until then she had to hide and do what it took
to make sure she never went back. She wasn't going back.

They made her take off her shorts and all the rest of her clothes. She
was nude in the parking lot where they violated all the intimate parts
of her body.

"One eleven to one nine four, your location?" The car radio shocked
everyone back to reality.

"Shit, they're looking for us. We better get our asses back into the

She started putting her clothes on as the patrol car drove out of the
parking lot. She had a long walk ahead of her.

The End
by JPenguin <> for story comments

(c) Copyright 2002, JPenguin


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