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Cathy sat on a grassy hill, dressed in blue jean shorts, cut off at her tan
slim thighs with her arms crossed across her plump tits, embracing herself
and daydreaming about the peaceful trees and clear calm fall day. She felt
alone and safe and laid down in the grass unbuttoning her shorts which were
tight and resting two fingers on the top of her elastic cotton panties ,
clearly wanted to stimulate herself and finger her waiting vagina with her
long young fingers.

It was dusk, the light was low and she was totally alone under a huge
oak tree, free to find a nice orgasm before she had to go home and do her
Freshman English for a high school assignment. She thought about sex a lot
and wanted to have sex with someone soon, even her little 14 year old brother was looking hot lately. Her young hand went inside her pants and
touched the skin of her lower stomach and patch of blonde hair surrounding
the sweet entrance to her love slit. She arched her ass up to feel the
fleshy skin of the soft area between her upper thighs and rubbed her whole
hand on the inner spots of her body and brushed her outer cunt lips, as she
opened and closed her legs, simulating intercourse with her long fingers.

Reaching in her purse, she found a soft red erect rubber cock, she often
used as a dildo and rubbed it up and down her privates, exposing her blonde hair. she kicked her jeans off, and the cotton panties, and removed her
blouse to reveal her tits, erect and huge with erotic excitement. she lay
nude under the tree trying to insert her fucking tool inside her soft lips
of her tight little girl's cunt. The plastic penis found her lips and
blonde cunt hair and she spread her legs wide to slip, the cock inside her,
and she let out a loud audible sound of pleasure, as if she was saying Oh,
her god fuck me . Her ass humped and arched her belly to met the rubber
penis as it entered her cunt and touched the long red slick clitoris which
was hard and erect sending vibrations of love and softness and explosions
inside her pussy hole as the dick slide up and down her vagina and into her
tight belly hole where her organs melted like hot butter.

" Oh fuck " she screamed . she pushed the cock in and out of her vagina in a fucking motion and pulled her legs together and then apart to get the
damn thing up inside her deeper and for a minute she blacked out with
excitement, her body went limp as she started her first in a series of long
orgasms that caused her to lose consciousness. Cathy heard a rustle of
leaves behind her and sure enough, the most horrible thing in the world had
happened. Behind her as she lay on the ground nude, fucking herself with a
plastic dick, was her 14 year old brother who had obviously been watching
her for the last 10 minutes for his pants were around his knees and his
hands were pounding a huge erect penis , and he had his eyes clothes,
banging his little pecker up and down.

His dick was huge and she gasped out loud, " What in the hell are you
doing here watching me and doing that ? " He looked at her and came closer
to her, "' Well, you little pervert, I was watching you masturbate so I
figured I might as well do it right ok, you little cunt " he smiled at her.
God, well now what. " Come over here, and take your pants off, everything
take off your underwear and shirt and come here and sit by me, she want to
show you what that fucking dick is really for you little prick " she said.
"Why are you watching me, do you know why " she asked him.

" Well, damn sis, you looked so fucking hot she just had to watch she
mean your tits were just banging away and your little ass was pounding into
that rubber dick, man you were really fucking hard , kid " He laughed. "
Well, she will tell you one thing little brother your dick could never give
me that kind of lift, cause you are such a little prick, just look at this
prick " she said.

She looked at his wet pre cum covered dick , hairless balls and hairless
pubic area and it was smooth and about 6 inches erect and hard as a fucking
rock and big, and she knew that if she sat down on this cock she would get
the fuck of a lifetime. Maybe she would just let the little fucker have
his way with her, she was safe, she knew she would not get pregnant, she
was not ovulating right now, and how much sperm could this little fucker
have anyway. she wanted to find out the easy way she was going to let the
little pervert fuck her and right under the open air under the tree, nude
both of them, fucking like lover and rolling in the grass , she was going
to sit on that slippery thin 14 year old dick and fuck her brother and
completely blow his little mind. She reached out and touched his dick and
he relaxed as she fondled the soft tip of his prick which resting in her
hands like a fleshy little ball of skin and bone. God what a boner. " God
, do you have a hard boner or what, shit, what kind of jacking off have you
been doing she mean your dick is as big as any boy she have ever fucked "
she said.

" Well, the other day she almost fucked the girl next door, she mean she
had her pants off and was just about to fuck the hell out of her and she
wet her pants, when she saw me sticking her cock up her pussy hole. , god
what a joke she was, she peed all over us and she just kinda shot her cum right on her pee hole, ha ha " He laughed. her little brother was a
complete ass hole and she was going to let him pay for his smart ass
attitude now.

She touched his cock with her hand and rolling it her fingers , his
penis felt very soft and strange. This was her brother's cock her own
flesh and blood we are relatives yet he looked like any other boy she had
sucked off or screwed with. She went to her car and pulling her clothes on
, she got a blanket and some pillows, she keep in the trunk for emergencies
and laid the blanket on the grassy hill, and removed her jean shorts and
underwear. And sat next to her brother who was nude from the waist down.
Her moist vagina was laying open to be seen, the blonde hair was soft and
wet with her juices, the slit was open and sparkling with excitement. The
slit was parted and her inner lips were red and inviting.

His cock was still hard, her vagina was pulsating from the simulated
intercourse she had and the outer lips of her cunt was moist, the clear
liquid juices of her slit hole was glistening and slick her inner vagina was moist and vibrating with the desire to feel some real skin inside her
bony pelvis and she reached forward and kissed her brother's penis holding
it in her mouth gently and sucking on it to make it harder and wetter than
it was. His pre cum was copious and dripping on her lips and on her mouth
down her chest across the brown erect nipples of her breasts which were
cupped and hard to her own touch. " Hey, sis what are you doing here, you
got her penis in your mouth, Gasp, that feels so fucking good, I mean your
mouth is so soft, it feels like the palms of her hands. " he said. "
Well, that is the only thing you have ever felt, is your jacking off your
cock in the dark , I hear you all the time, this time I am going to show
you what a cock is for, little boy " she said. " Oh, I don't know about
that I mean you are sucking my cock , this feels kind of funny, why would
you want to do that, I mean what do you do this for ? he said.

" In due time, little boy, in due time " she said. Her brother sat up
and she let him slide his cock in and out of her moist mouth, touching her
tongue to stimulate her and him and touching the roof of her mouth with his
bony little prick. He caught on fast, as he started to hump her mouth and
throat in such a way as to simulate intercourse with his cock and her
mouth, slapping in and out faster and faster as He became very excited.
she felt the salty taste of some sperm on her tongue so she stopped and let
his penis fall to the ground with a plop. " Shit, sis, that was great I
felt just like I was jacking off , is that how your pussy will feel when I
stick my cock inside your tight pussy ? "

" God, you are so dumb, THIS is much better you are inside a woman's
mouth, you are sticking your cock inside me and you are practically having
intercourse with your sister you silly little boy, damn you , God " she
said With that she started jacking him off this time, she touched his penis
tip with her hand and pushed the foreskin back and did a brief medicinal
report on the state of his dick. It was like very long but hard, and it
was erect that was good. It was slippery from his come, so like it would
probably fit inside me if she tried to let him fuck me, which was a maybe
right now, cause he was so clueless. He was about 5 inches she have had 9
inches once but she was a tight little hole, and he would definitely love
the feeling of sticking his little 14 year old cock in his older more
experienced sister. His cock was rigid and his balls were very tight ,
hairless and the skin around his little penis was loose and slide easily
when she moved it up and down in a preview of the fucking motion she would
use on him. All and all she decided to just go ahead and rape him and do
it now. Adjusting myself she laid down on the blanket and reached up to
hold her brother in her arms. He complied and rested his little head on
her chest and breasts his breath hot against her brown nipples. she pushed
her stomach to his, and wrapped myself around him with her legs and other
arm. she could feel his erection touching her inner thigh and he began to
move his cock on her leg. The cock seemed larger and it was pressing on
the lips of her pussy as she try to wiggle it inside her.

" How should I do this, sis " he asked " Well, look you got this huge
erection ok, and she have this like warm spot between my legs, place your
hands down and touch me between the legs and find the soft hair that is
surrounding a slit in my pelvis ok " " Ok, sis, I will try " She felt his
thick hand on her inner thigh, and she started to like lose it, she mean
she was really getting into this, cause she wanted that cock in her so bad.
" Now, little brother, take your cock in your hand and place it right on
the tip of my opening, bring your cock to me and she will help you guide
your big dick inside me ok "

" Sis, you mean you want me to put my cock inside you , won't You get
your pregnant, and isn't this a sin and stuff "

" No, we are just loving each other, and I love you and you love me so
it is right for you to do this " " I can feel your slit, sis, it is wet,
red and burning hot> It is slick and I can feel my cock pushing on your
hole sister, I can feel your pussy now and I can feel where it goes " "
Stick your finger inside me ok, and your will first find two outer lips ,
that is the start of my vagina, where you are going to stick your big cock,
when I am ready for you. Right now, just go inside those first two lips of
my pussy with your fingers and get me good and wet. Then, find two more
lips inside and a hollowed out place that is a long narrow tube that goes
inside my belly and if you masturbate me now I will have a lot of pleasure,
Just with your fingers, ok " " Ok, sis, I love you, ok "

His finger went inside her outer cunt lips and he started to stimulate
her slow at first and kinda hard but he was really getting her hot.
Catherine felt his finger brush her clitoris, and it was hard and sensitive
to his touch. " Do you feel a little bony area, right inside my inner
lips, " she said " I am not sure all I feel is the flesh of your outer
lips, the ones protecting your pussy, and then I feel the other two lips
that are like fleshy and wet with water or something. I am feeling the
hollow tube that goes up inside your belly it is very wet and warm and your
are grabbing my fingers with your stomach ' he said. " Well, inside those
inside lips is a bony thing, it is like a woman's penis, ok it is like your
penis but smaller, if you grab that with you fingers you will excite me and
I will have a orgasm just like you have a orgasm when you push your cock up
and down, if you masturbate me, I will come. " " I found it, oh god, that
is so cool "

Great. I am dealing with a rocket scientist now. His fingers started
jacking her clit off now, and she was going nuts with pleasure, her stomach
was filling with blood as was her rock hard tits and her head was congested
and her breathing was going off the scale, she was making these little
gasps for air and he was finger fucking the hell out of that clit. "Slow
down, kid you might wear out the batteries " Fuck me, damn him. She went
black. She fucking passed out . Her pussy was out of control with
pleasure. She was dead to the world for about 2 minutes as her body melted
her blood boiling and she shuttered and shook like a earthquake, damn was
her cunt hole full of juice . she was sweating like a pig and could not
stop shaking from the spasm. Fuck.. Fuck me... She was going nuts.

"Sis, what are you doing down there, you look sick , did I hurt you " he

" No, little boy, you made your sister climax, a climax is when I get so
excited. I was thinking about you shooting your sperm inside your own
sister's cunt, in incest, we are having incest. Sperming inside me, and my
blood boils, you know like when you jack your little cock off ? " " Well,
I want to shoot my juices all over your insides inside your belly " he
begged. She held him close in her arms and started to push his little 5
inches inside her tight slit. " Stop sis, you are fucking me, you are
raping me, please stop, I don't want this " She could not stop now, she was
holding his erect penis in both hands, while she was laying with her legs
wide open and her tits, hard and the brown nipples pushing on his chest,
she felt him try to get away from me. she held him close. she fingered
his ass and his balls. She touched his penis with her finger. she felt
the pre cum on her outer cunt lips. she felt her cunt wet with her own
juices. she saw his penis grow past 5 inches to maybe 6 or 7 inches. It
looked thick and red and purple on the tip.

She placed the tip of his penis right on her blonde hair that protected
the entrance to her outer cunt lips and folds of skin that was soft and
tender when his penis was rubbing on it. she rubbed him down and back.
she pushed his little penis inside me and she lost her breath as she felt
the soft gentle skin of his flesh on the tip of her elastic lip. He
grunted and tried to get away from me, but she locked her legs around him
and her arms , and forced him to enter her rape me . she wanted her little
brother penis to fuck her, she wanted him to violate me. she wanted his
intestinal sperm in her cunt hole and tunnel and inside her woman's womb.
she wanted him to rape her.

" Come on little boy, rape me, do it now " she said " Oh, sis , I don't
want to rape you my penis is so hard and your pussy looks so soft, I am
afraid of you I am afraid I will shoot sperm inside you and I am your
brother, I am not suppose to rape her own sister. " " Honey, this is not
rape, this is love, and she love you very much , so please rape me if that
is what you think you are doing but you will see that we are making love "
I pulled on his penis, gently pointing it at her pussy hairs and cunt, and
sure enough, he started to cum, his sperm was dripping all over her hand as
he started to drop his big cock inside his sister's hole. " God, stop, you
are coming already settle down , here take your cock back and stop thinking
about ejaculating sperm in your sister, you fool " She let go of his cock
and just held him for a while so he would settle down, after a while his
cock got soft and his breathing got slower and mine. she knew she could do
this. she just had to get him to slow down . He was inexperienced. He
was young. He had a huge dick and this was going to be great if she get
figure out a way to make him stay hard and not ejaculate so fast . Dang

Her brother was excited now, and hard. Now was the time to strike while
her slit was ripe and hot. Cathy lay on the dry grass and leaves her white
ass cheeks hugging the ground and her mons of her vagina waiting for her
brother's slick 6 inches baby cock to penetrate her privates. Reaching
forward with the palms of her hands she touched his prick and brought him
to the entrance of her woman's fold of her outer lips, and inserted the
rock hard tip inside her cunt lisp to explore the private tight vagina and
start the act of intercourse between herself and her young virgin brother.
He floundered outside her pussy lips for a bit , then found her slit again
and again as he poked her hole with his cock flicking his dick at her
clitoris which was rubbing up and down her tight hole and his hard penis.
The penis was red. And he penis was exciting to her. It was a new
feeling, the feeling of sexual intercourse with a brother, a young brother who did not know what is was like to become fully erect and have
intercourse with a older woman like his own sister. She was beginning to
fuck her own brother and she liked the idea of him spilling seed inside

His cock slid up her belly inside her slit and he began to have
intercourse with his sister. Slowly the cock would be held in place inside
her secret hole and plunge up the tube of her vagina to her stomach smooth
muscles to be bathed in her woman juices and her fragrant cum, cum which
washed around his cock and made it oh so slick and able to make the
intercourse so easy for her to control and complete.

She was in control of his little prick was now pounding into her little
girls' vagina crevice and feeling the insides of her deepest organ. " Oh,
sis, I am so exciting I want to ejaculate my sperm inside your cunt hole ,
ok " " No, you stupid brother, don't be shooting any sperm in side this
pussy hole, ok that is for the end of our loving making, you save it till I
say shoot your sperm, ok, It will be better for me, ok " He was huge. He
was erect. The sight of his dick sticking in her slit was erotic and
forbidden. His sperm was just begging to explode inside her belly. The
penis was now deep inside her and he could not get his prick out even if he
tried for she had closed her legs and clamped down on his penis, with her
tight snatch and she held the prick against her clit so that she could
orgasm time and time again, when even she want.

Each orgasm was stronger than the last one. Her pussy would become
swollen with her own blood and juices, as would her pussy tube, and inner
lips and the clit would become very sensitive every time he rubbed her
pussy with a fucking motion of his ass and her ass, pounding up at him as
he pounded down on her and making her red hot. Blood would rise in her
head and chest and tits and her brown nipples got terribly hot and pert and
hard, as she began to cum with his prick inside her. She would black out
and then start a new orgasm when she woke up. At last she could not take
it anymore. She wanted complete the act of incest and intercourse with her
14 year old brother, who was pounding her harder and harder trying not to
come inside his soft little sister's cunt. " Oh , little brother, let me
have all the sperm you can give me " The first wad of cum landed out of her
outer cunt lips as he had felt excited and pulled his cock out for a second
to slow down the urge to ejaculate.

But the next big wet wad of cum hit her on the tip of her cervix, way
inside her stomach and this was took much for her she sucked his sperm
inside her body and climaxed on top of him, crushing him with her tits, and
pussy and body, as the sperm splashed inside her velvet slit and red hot
hole. She had done it . She had fucked her brother and he had fucked her
and shot his sperm, sperm that was related to her in a blood relative
sense, He had completed the act of intercourse inside her little body and
she felt happy and full of life., his life and her life and for many years
she keep the secret of her brother's hot cock and the special ejaculations
that little brother would give her in years to come, sperming inside her
year after year, making her climax night after night, her own little love
making machine. What a nice brother he was indeed. THE END


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