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Archived Sex Stories

Subdued in Paradise


ATTENTION!!! WARNING!!! The following story contains scenes and
descriptions of adult and explicit matter. Strong sexual content is
included. Do not read if any further if you are under the age of 18, if
you are offended by such material, or if the reading or possessing of such
material is illegal where you live.


Subdued in Paradise. By Lord Skies

The moon slowly rose over the distant horizon and cast its silky light
across the sea. The wave caps were painted a frosty white as they broke
across the beach down below. In the air hung the wet, salty smell of the
beach, mixed with the scent of sweat and coconut oil.

He sipped his Jamaican red Stripe once more and reflected on the day.
He smiled as he sat there and wondered how she was feeling right now. He
decided that he would go check on her, just to make sure she was still
breathing when he finished his beer, but for now, he would let her sleep,
let her recover, and he would enjoy the moon rise and the peace and
solitude of the sea.

The day had started like any other day in paradise tends to start. The
sunlight streaming in through the windows had awakened him, and when he
felt the soft skin of her laying there nestled beside him, he had smiled.
He quietly snuck from the bed and out onto the patio, marveling yet again
at the beauty of this island, seeing the sun rise behind the mountains and
the air come alive with the light.

He looked down at the beach and saw a few souls stirring along the
length, but none in the private cove upon which this house sat. He waved
at Martha, the cook, who was just arriving and motioned for her to keep
quiet. Then he quickly wrote down what he wanted for breakfast on a slip
of paper and dropped it down to her, along with a note to bring it up to
the room when she was done.

He reached out over the balcony rail and picked a fresh orange, sucking the juice out of each wedge, and when his lips were nice and sticky from
the juice, he opened the door and slipped back into the room.

He looked again at her quiet form laying there on the bed, so peaceful,
so beautiful, laying there half draped in the soft white silk sheets. He
very carefully grabbed one end of the sheet and slowly pulled it away,
revealing her soft white flesh to his eyes. She moaned just a little as
the edge of the sheet pulled across her nipples, but she did not awaken.

In a moment the sheet was off and she was laying there naked, her sex
exposed to his eyes. He could still see the evidence of their love making
from the night before dried there on her inner thighs. He smiled as he
recalled how she had tried so hard to please him as she slowly rode his
cock just a few hours before.

The sight of her laying there aroused him and he knew then that he must
have her before the day got started. An evil grin came across his face as
he thought of all the ways to awaken her. It was decided, though, when she
rolled over onto her back, exposing her cunt to his eyes and inviting his
tongue in for a taste.

Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he positioned himself between her legs.
He bent down and ran his tongue between her labia, finding her clit and
flicking it. He grinned when she awoke with a start that instantly became
a moan as she spread her legs wide and tilted her pelvis up to his lips.

He continued to suck there on her clit, pulling it gently into his mouth
and flicking it lightly with the tip of his tongue, then running his tongue
back and forth over it, feeling it grow hard and swell with his
ministrations. He felt her writhe and buck beneath him as he made love to
her with his tongue.

He loved to please her in the mornings especially when she was relaxed
and at peace with herself. He knew that she usually awoke in the mood and
that really good sex was better than a cup of coffee for her. He slowly
slipped a finger along her slit, getting it good and wet, and then slipping
it into her cunt, pressing slightly upwards as he did, finding her special
spot and rubbing it in small circles, matching those circles with his
tongue on her clit.

He held her thighs in his arms, spreading them for better access, but
also to hold on. He could tell that she was near an orgasm and he would
need to hold on to be able to ride her wild motions when it hit her.

He moved his tongue down and slipped it into her cunt, lapping up all
her juices, craving for more. Plunging his tongue into her sex over and
over, he moved a finger down to rub some of her juice onto her anus. Then
when it was nice and wet, he slowly slipping a finger into her ass.

He listened to her breathing, feeling her cunt clamp down on his tongue
as it slid into her, her ass tight around his finger. He held tight as her
pelvis starting moving and jerking beneath him and a small scream escaped
her lips as the first wave of her orgasm hit her.

He lapped up all of her cum and gently, even teasingly, moved his tongue
back up to her clit, rubbing softly over it, sending small waves of
electricity through her as he tried to prolong her orgasm. Slowly but
surely though, he felt her body relax. As it did, he kissed a trail from
her sex up to the valley between her breasts, then along her neck and
finally to her lips, looking deeply into her eyes as he kissed her.

"Good Morning My dear." He said as he knelt there above her, a smile on
his face as he watched her recover.

Smiling back up at him, she replied "Good Morning Milord, and how are
you this morning Sir?"

He positioned himself above her so that his cock was right at the
entrance to her cunt and slowly slid it into her wet depths. Then he
replied, "Much better now, thank you. I trust you slept well?"

"Yes, Milord, I slept very well." she replied between gasps as he slowly
slid his cock all the way into her and then all the way back out.

He continued this for a few moments, savoring the feeling of her around
him, then he began to fuck her with just the head of his cock, just sliding
it in and out of the rim of her cunt. She began to moan and move under
him, begging for more of his cock, but he continued slowly and deliberately
and then quite suddenly slid it all the way into her again.

He loved to feel her spasm down around his cock, and that move almost
always made her do so. He loved when she felt so hot and tight around him,
and he began to forcefully slide his cock in and out of her, hearing the
slap of skin against skin as he fucked her. He could feel his own need
rising as he felt her moving beneath him, her signal that she too was ready
to cum.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Cum for Me, little one, cum with Me." Then he exploded inside of her, filling her cunt with his hot
cum. He felt her milk his cock as she orgasmed as well, again crying out in
her pleasure. He loved that sound and smiled again as he held her tight
while they both relished the pleasure of the moment.

Once they were both still and relaxed, he slowly slid off of her and
rolled over onto his back beside her. He felt completely relaxed and had
almost drifted back off to sleep when he felt her stir beside him. He did
not open his eyes, but instead, felt her move down beside his thighs and
softly taking his cock in her hands, began to lick him clean from their

This cycle might have continued for some time except that a knock on the
door signaled that breakfast was ready. He called out "Please bring it in
the room." reaching down to hold her head over his cock as the cook came
into the room carrying a tray loaded with fresh coffee, juice, fruit,
bread, and country ham. The aroma was wonderful and he inhaled deeply as
she brought it into the room and placed it on the table beside the bed..

He was glad that his cook was not bothered by such things as sex. It
was something he admired about the Jamaican people, their openness and
honesty about all parts of life, especially sex. He laughed when she gave
him a knowing smile of approval and slapped his little slave on the ass
before heading out the door.

When she was gone, he lifted her head so that he might see the blush on
her cheeks before it faded, knowing that she had not expected that this
morning. He was not disappointed as her face was bright scarlet and a
small smile of embarrassment was on her face.

"You just love to do that to me, don't You, Milord?" she playful asked
in mock indignation. "You just enjoy the blush it bring to my cheeks when
you embarrass me."

"And what if I do, My dear? Would you object?" He asked

"No, of course not Milord. I would gladly do this for you if it pleased
you." she hastily answered. Her head dropped somewhat in shame as she

He merely laughed and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply on the
mouth. Then breaking the kiss and looking into her eyes he replied, "you
please Me greatly My dear. Now lets eat!"

He smiled as he watched her climb from the bed and pour them each a cup
of coffee. Carefully carrying it over to him, she handed him a cup and
then returned to the tray. He sipped the hot, freshly ground Jamaican Blue
Mountain coffee as she fixed them each a plate of food and carried it over
to him on the bed.

He just smiled and sipped his coffee, urging her to go ahead and eat
while he savored his coffee. He knew that sex made her ravenous and he
loved to watch her wolf down the food after a good work out. When she was
done, she looked up and frowned as she said, "But Milord, you have not
eaten a single thing. Would you like for Me to feed you?"

He grinned an evil smile and looking in her eyes, said, "That would be
lovely." Then he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bed with him,
and positioned her so that she was kneeling over his face.

"Now hand Me some of those orange wedges, grapefruit and melon balls,
one at a time please." As she did, he placed them at the entrance to her
cunt and slid them in, licking up the juice that dripped down after each
one. When he had placed several inside of her and she was beginning to be
full, he said to her, "Now feed them to Me one at a time."

He smiled as he watched her bear down and he placed his mouth over her
cunt, drinking in all the juice that she was squeezing as she tried to
force the fruit out. Then one by one she squeezed out the pieces of fruit
and he ate everyone, relishing the taste of their sex with the fresh
Jamaican fruit. When she was empty, he ran his tongue into her and licked
her cunt clean as far as his tongue would reach.

When he was done, he ran his tongue over her clit and listened to her
moan, then he pushed her down until she was positioned over his hard cock
again and smiled as she slid down onto it.

He reached over and grabbed the country ham and ate it while watching
her ride his cock, lost in her own passion and need as she did so. He
could tell that she was close again, and while he was trying to distract
himself by eating, he knew that he could not hold back much longer either.

Soon she was riding his cock wildly, her hair flying all around her
face, her nails running down his chest and her head thrown back, lost in
the waves of her arousal. He smacked her hard on the ass, loving the
feeling of her clamping down on his cock in surprise when he did that, and
bringing her back down from her arousal, postponing her orgasm just a
little longer.

Soon she was moaning again as he started to move under her, feeling his
own need build. He too moaned as his cock swelled up inside of her and
pumped more cum into her. She stifled a scream as his cum triggered her
own orgasm and she collapsed down upon him, a shudder running through her
body as she did so.

They laid there for a few minutes, but the waves crashing on the beach
were calling to him, so when his cock slipped from inside of her, he gently
rolled her off of him and kissed her. She began to scoot down to lick his
cock clean again, but he stopped her, saying with a grin, "I think that
will just get us in trouble again"

"Shall I prepare a quick shower then Milord?" she asked climbing slowly
out of bed, stretching like a bear cub coming out of its winter slumber.

He watched her stretch, the way her breasts rose up when she did so, and
decided that maybe once more this morning wasn't out of the questions and
nodded yes, watching her walk to the bathroom and start the water running.

He slowly stood and looked at the rumpled bed and the wet stains there
and smiled as he walked to the bathroom. She held the door to the shower
open for him and followed him into the shower as the warm water ran over

He had installed a water tower in the woods next to the house to ensure
he had enough water pressure for his morning shower. Every morning, just
like today, he was thankful he had done so.

He felt her soft hands on his back, softly caressing him with soap as
she began to wash and massage him. He relaxed and let her work her way
down his back, then washing each leg, lifting first one foot, then the
other to wash, then slowly turning around as she repeated the process down
the front of his body. She washed his neck, chest, stomach, then carefully
avoiding his cock, washed his legs.

Then she smiled up at him as she took his cock in her hands and licked
it clean, sucking it into her mouth as it hardened, and then swallowing it,
her throat bobbing up and down on it. He held onto the back of her head,
his fingers entwined in her wet hair, urging her onward. He reached down
and caressed her breasts, taking a nipple in each hand and pinching them,
then slightly twisting them, causing her to moan in blissful agony.

Her moans sent vibrations running along his cock and that was just
enough to send him over the edge as he began to pump his cum down her
throat for a third time that morning.

When his orgasms had subsided, she slipped her mouth from his cock and
quickly rinsed it clean in the water. Then she took the shampoo and
seating him on the bench in the shower, held his forehead to her breast and
massaged the shampoo into his hair. He moaned as she did this and she knew
that it was one of his favorite pleasures, to have his hair washed.

When she was done massaging his scalp and neck, she pulled the shower
wand from its holder and quickly sprayed his hair clean. Then she tilted
his head up and kissed him softly on the lips, feeling her heart melt with
his smile, his pride and pleasure obvious.

He then stood and slipped from the shower, grabbing a towel on the way
out and drying himself as he walked to the balcony, grabbing the morning NY
Times and giving her time in the bathroom to cleanse and prepare herself
for the day.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom all fresh, clean and
dry. He couldn't help but stare at her naked body in all its glory as she
did so. Walking very carefully through the room, she made her way to his
side, kneeling down beside him and looking up at him.

"What should I wear Milord, to please you?" she asked looking up at him.

He thought for a moment that he would prefer to keep her naked, but
thought that a little clothing often adds more to the sensuality than total
nakedness, so he instructed her to put on the small thong bikini he had
bought for her the day before.

"I was thinking that we might take the boat out for a sail today. I had
Martha prepare a nice picnic lunch and Bob to prepare the boat." He

"That sounds wonderful Milord." she replied and rose to walk back into
the house to get dressed.

When she was done, he watched her walk, admiring her grace, her lithe
body. Then quickly dressing himself, they headed for the beach and the
small sailing yacht that he had called for the day before.

The breeze on the ocean was brisk but steady, perfect for sailing and he
quickly had the boat answering to his command. The water rushed past them
and soon the island was but a mere speck in the distance. He sat at the
tiller, holding the ropes to the sails in his fingers as his hands played
across the tiller directing the boat across the water.

He smiled at his slave as she lay on the front deck spread out on a
towel, her top long since removed, feeling the spray of the salt water on
her sun warmed skin. He thought that she reminded him of a cat in the sun
laying there. Deciding that they were far enough out and that He wanted to
take advantage of her body here on the open waters, he started to bring the
boat to a stop.

He let the ropes slide from his fingers, letting the sail lose in the
wind, and the boat slowly coasted to a stop in the water. The change
roused her and she looked back at him to be sure everything was alright.
When he waved at her, she returned his smile and resumed her position on
the deck.

When the tiller and sails had been secured he went below to get the
lunch. Martha had prepared turkey and Swiss cheese on onion rolls for
lunch, along with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from his wine cellar.

He walked up and joined her on the forward deck and stretched out beside
her, gently rubbing her back and laying out their lunch. They ate and just
laid there, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the gentle rocking of the boat
at sea and the wonderful wine. He laid on his back and she curled up
around him, her head on his chest, her hair spread over him.

Laying there in the sun, feeling very relaxed as the slow rolling of the
ocean tried to lull them to sleep, he began to lightly rub her breasts,
feeling her nipples quickly became aroused and hard. He continued to
stroke them softly and soon she was purring with content, arching her back
up so that He could rub them more.

He slowly rolled her over onto her back, exposing her breasts to the
warm sun. He continued to fondle them, gently massaging them, rolling her
nipples between his fingers, softly pinching them and twisting them. He
watched her respond to his actions and for a moment thought that she might
cum just from playing with her nipples. He did not want that, so he began
to massage down over her stomach to the top of her thong bikini.

Slipping his hand underneath, he was delighted to feel that she had
shaved herself smooth again for him that morning, and that she was already
wet from her excitement. He had her slip off her thong and he slipped a
finger into her slit, slowly beginning to massage her clit, rubbing it
gently, back and forth. Then slowly, with each rub, inching a little
closer to her cunt, teasing it with just the tip of his finger, until he
began to slowly finger her with each stroke, sliding his whole finger into
her cunt with each thrust.

Soon she was moaning and thrusting her pelvis to meet every thrust of
his fingers. He watched as her moans became louder and louder until she
opened her mouth and begged, "Please Milord, may this one cum, please?"

"Please do My dear." He replied and smiled warmly at her, continuing to
rub her clit, fucking her with his fingers, feeling her cunt spasm down
around him, her cries growing louder and louder until her whole body was
bucking with excitement.

He did not stop the movements of his fingers, however, and in fact began
to rub her clit even harder. He had to really work to keep up with her
movements, trying to prolong her orgasm as long as possible and soon she
was begging him to stop, that she could not take anymore, but still he

Soon she was screaming as the combination of pleasure and pain became to
much, and she began to try and pull his hand away, trying to squirm away
from him, but he held her and continued to rub her clit until she was
screaming, and then slowly stopped and bent down to kiss her lightly on the

They laid there for a while, blissful in the peace of the sea, the sun
and each other. He felt the pull of sleep and slowly gave in to it,
relaxing and enjoying this life he had worked so hard to create. The last
sight he saw as his eyes closed was his lovely slave smiling down at him,
the sun highlighting her face, and he felt completely at peace.

Sometime later he felt her gently stroke his face, the soft skin of her
hand on his face. He awoke to the same sight that he had seen before
falling asleep, and smiled at the thought that she had been there watching
over him as he had slept.

"Sorry to disturb you Milord, but I was afraid that it was getting late
and that we had drifted quite a ways from home." she said with a concerned
look on her face.

He quickly wrapped his arms around her and flipped her over, laying on
top of her, and kissed her. She smiled up at him and kissed him back.
Then he noticed the sun was indeed starting to sink toward the horizon so
that they needed to get back to land. He quickly stood and walked to man the sails as she gathered up the remains of their lunch. Soon he had them
underway back home and he just smiled and watched as she stood at the front
of the ship, her hair blowing in the wind, her spirit so free and he knew
then that the feeling in his heart would never fade.

He pulled the boat along side the dock a few minutes later and tossed
the mooring rope to Bob who had been waiting anxiously for them to return.
The sun was just disappearing behind the horizon and the night was
beginning to fall quickly as it did in the islands.

He helped Bob tie up and secure the boat as he watched her walk up the
small path to the house to shower and change for dinner. He couldn't help
but stare at her ass as she walked and climbed the stairs. He noticed Bob
watching too, and had to smile to himself, thinking that he was indeed
truly lucky to have one such as this to devote themselves to him.

A few minutes later when the boat was secured, he too walked up to the
house, getting a nice glass of ice water from the fridge before heading
upstairs to shower himself. He hoped she was done in the shower, for he
wanted to wash off the grime of the day quickly, for he was hungry and
ready for the dinner.

He was glad to see that she was indeed done and had moved to the
dressing room so that he had the shower to himself. He was even happier to
find that he had plenty of hot water to himself. He quickly showered off
the grime, washing his short hair in the water. When he was done, he just
stood there for a few minutes, savoring the warm water and remembering the
morning. Sometimes it was just nice to shower alone, he thought, but it
was hard to argue that this morning was not the only way to shower.

Slyly grinning, he turned off the water and quickly dressed in black
silk boxers, black trousers and white silk shirt. He walked towards the
dressing room to find his slave, hoping she too was dressed and ready.

He smiled when he saw her, standing before the mirror, checking herself,
her clothes, her hair, her makeup. He watched as she gently fingered her
gold collar, the small smile that it still brought to her face. He stood
there and just watched for a minute and savoring the thought that she cared
enough for him that she went to that extra effort to double check her
appearance, even though she knew that he was deeply in love with her.

Just then, she caught his reflection in the mirror and blushed,
wondering how long he had been standing there. Turning slowly, she posed
for him, hands held behind her back as she knew pleased him so that her
breasts were more prominent, standing straight and tall, head slightly
tilted to one side to keep the hair out of her face, looking slightly down
but not hiding her eyes from his.

He let his eyes roam over her. He loved the way she looked, dressed in
a black slip dress, obviously with no undergarments to tarnish the smooth
lines that the dress made over her shapely form. The dress fell to mid
thigh and just barely hid the tops of the silk stockings that encased her
nicely shaped and muscular legs. And her slender feet were accented by
three inch heels that made her legs look all that much lovely.

Walking slowly across the room, never taking his eyes off of her, he
took her hand and held it so that she could do a small pirouette for him,
revealing herself to his eyes in her entirety. There was nothing about her
that he did not love. Even the small imperfections made her more
individual, more special to him.

He smiled and bent to slowly kiss her lightly on the lips, she meeting
that kiss with an equal passion, for she too was proud to be the slave of
someone as kind, loving, and in her eyes, as near perfect a person as could
be found.

Then taking her in his arms, they walked downstairs to the dining room
where Martha had prepared a marvelous dinner. They found it spread there
in the dining room, the only light in the room coming from the tall silver
candelabra in the middle of the table, the long white tapered candles
burning and casting a warm flickering light around the room, like playful
elves were darting and dashing around, surveying the wondrous food on the

He walked her over to her chair at the left hand of the head of the
table, pulling out her chair for her and then sliding her up to the table.
Then, just as he was taking his seat at the head of the table, Martha
entered the room and gave him a knowing and approving look, letting her
eyes linger over the lovely shape of his slave.

Martha quickly served each of them and then seeing that all was well,
quickly made her exit back to the kitchen where she would wait until they
were done or in case they needed something else. He smiled and made a
mental note to give both Bob and Martha a nice bonus this year.

He sat back in his chair and sipped the one glass of wine that he would
allow himself this evening. Normally he would not partake at all, given
his plans for the evening, but the fine food and the excellent vintage that
he had found the other day in the market was just too good a combination to
pass up.

He watched as she started to eat, savoring the food, and then looking at
his own plate and started with the salad. When she was done eating , she
quietly moved to kneel at his side and finished feeding him the meal in
small bites with her fingers as she knew he loved to lick them after each
and every bite.

Smiling as she did so, she hoped that he realized that each and every
time he looked at her with his love apparent in his eyes that it sent a
tingle through the very core of her. It was hard to believe, she thought
to herself, that after all this time, that he can still have that effect on

When the meal was over, she quietly fed him dessert, small chocolate
truffles that she would take under her dress and kiss with the sweetness of
her sex before silently offering them to him. This had embarrassed her in
the past, but now she reveled in it, and they both knew that she would rub
her clit with the chocolate, pleasuring herself as she fed him.

At last they were done and he was so ready to take her, that he almost
did so there on the table. Instead, he allowed her to wipe his mouth and
then standing and scooping her up in his arms, he carried her up to the
bedroom and out onto the balcony where the soft breeze caused her hair to
softly flicker around her face.

Bending to kiss her softly upon her lips, he gently took her hands, and
sitting in front of her, asked her to slip out of her dress and stand there
before him, so that he might look at her. Complying quickly, she stood
there for him, wearing only her stockings, heels, collar and earrings. he
smiled and let his hands play softly over her body, then reaching down for
the small bag that he had prepared earlier and left there just for this
occasion, took a small piece of silk rope from his bag. Gently taking her
arms, he lashed them together and then securely tied them to the rail of
the balcony.

Smiling as he did so, she shivered with anticipation at what the night
might hold in store for her. His mind never failed to come up with ways to
pleasure her, and she had learned long ago, that submission to him was the
most erotic thing she had ever encountered. She stood there and felt the
breeze caress her body, smiling down to see what he did next.

He then gently played his hands over her body again, massaging her
breasts, tweaking her nipples softly, moving fingertips over her ribs,
softly cupping her sex and letting his middle finger run along the length
of her slit, ending over her clit.

He next moved and tied each of her legs to the bottom of the railing,
spreading them so that he might have full access to her, then softly
kissing up the inside of one of her thighs, placing a final kiss and flick
of his tongue over her clit, sensing her jump as she did so.

Then he sat back and just looked at her, marveled at her, the soft light
from the room causing her hair to seem luminescent around her face, the way
the wind gently moved her hair, the gentle motion of her breasts as she
breathed, the small shudders that she tried to suppress as he watched her.

Reaching into the bag again, he retrieved a new toy that he had just
gotten, and holding it in his hands so that she could not see, he reached
for her breasts again, massaging them, then her nipples, until they were

Looking into her eyes, he could tell that she knew what he was about to
do, and she wanted it, almost needed it, and so he held her gaze with his
eyes as he slipped the first clip onto her nipple, feeling her wince and
close her eyes for just a second before opening them even wider and looking
at him with wanton desire.

Moving to the other breast to do the same, he then sat back down and
pulled gently on the chain, pulling her towards him, knowing that she could
move only slightly in her bonds, knowing the pain of each would play upon
her mind and increase her need and desire for release.

When she had stretched as far as she could, and he heard her moan at the
pressure in her breasts, he sat up and licked the tips of each of her
breasts. Then kissing down across her belly, to the top of her slit, he
knelt and began to slowly, almost methodically flick her clit with his
tongue, teasing it out from her hood until it was full and engorged.

Then he did something she did not expect, for he had not done it before,
but gently parting her labia with one hand, he slipped a small clip onto
her clit. She jumped and strained against her bonds, letting out a loud
moan, writhing now at his touch.

He returned to licking the very tip of her clit now, knowing that the
sensations must now be exquisite, and then sliding first on and then two
fingers carefully inside of her cunt. He looked up into her eyes and saw
her slowly, inexorably sliding into the oblivion os sensation as the pain
and pleasure mingled in her brain, her body and mind searching for release.

He continued to slowly lick her clit, running his tongue along her slit
and then ending each stroke with a flick over her clit, his fingers moving
in and out of her sex with each lick. He felt her stain against her bonds,
writhing, trying to both escape his tongue and wanting nothing more than
the sensations that it was producing.

Being well past any sensation of being, she craved only for release, and
as she felt it grow, some small part of her brain reminded her to ask, to
beg for what she needed.

"Oh God, Oh please MiLord, May I please cum?" she cried out in near
agony from the pain and pleasure.

He smiled and looking up at her face, he answered "Cum for Me dearest
slave. Cum." And with those words, he quickly slid off the clit clamp and
sucked it into his mouth, sucking hard on it, feeling her body buck with
the sensations flooding through her body, feeling her cum run down his
finger still sliding in and out of her sex.

Then quickly untying her feet and holding one leg in each hand,
spreading her for his eyes, he slid his cock deep into her cunt, feeling
her still spasm around him as her orgasm continued to wash over her. He
tilted her back so that her head and upper body were leaning out over the
balcony and slowly rode her, feeling his own orgasm quickly grow and then
suddenly burst inside of her, triggering yet another wave of pleasure for

Slowly the crest of their climax passed over them, he slid from her and
lowered her feet back to the floor, watching her slump against her bonds,
trying to hold her balance, her muscles weak from their exertion.

He bent and slid first one and then the other nipple clamp from her
breasts, sucking each into his mouth as he did so, hearing her moan at the
last sensations.

Then he untied her arms, picked her up and carried her to the bed,
tucking her into the silk sheets, watching her eyes slowly close as she
murmured "Thank you Milord."

He stood there and watched her for a few minutes as the sleep washed
over her exhausted body, then smiling at the way Fate had blessed them, he
turned, grabbed a beer and went out to sit on the balcony and watch the
night sky.


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