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Sublimation {Redman} {inc}

She wore a blue paisley wrap-around dress that tied in
the front. Her body made every man who met her want to
reach out and untie it, suddenly surprising her. She
had the lean look of a woman that was used to denying
herself and was at least five years older than I was.
Everything about her screamed at me, like a neon
light, flashing brightly at my libido.

I could go up and try to make sparkling repartee,
luring her to bed. Or I could go home and write a
story about her. The chance of success was greater
with the story.

* * * * *

Gloria stood at her kitchen counter making her son's
breakfast. Sam came into the kitchen, giving her a hug
and a peck on the cheek, just like every morning. He
wasn't one of those standoffish teenagers. Maybe it was
because he wanted every opportunity to be close to her.

Gawd, that dress looks hot, he thought, looking at her
standing there in her blue paisley wrap-around dress.
It made him want to reach out and pull the end,
untying it quickly, leaving her suddenly exposed...
suddenly naked.

But his mother had never given him any indication that
she would appreciate such an advance. Not like Rachael

Just then, Rachael walked into the room. She was the
spitting image of mother, only younger. She had a lean
look as well, but the knowing glance and the sexy sway
of her hips when mother wasn't looking reminded Sam
that Rachael, at least, never denied her urges.

As they all sat down at the breakfast table, Rachael
winked at him. Sam blushed, remembering how she had
come to his room last night and again this morning.
She had certainly denied him nothing either time.

He had wanted to pull the clothes off of her, slowly
kissing each spot of pale flesh as it appeared.
Rachael let him. He had wanted to crawl between her
legs and explore for hours. Rachael let him. Whenever
he needed swift release, Rachael let him do that too,
needing it as much as him.

Even when he wanted to fuck her gently, whispering
hushed obscenities and calling her by mother's name,
Rachael had let him do even that!

Gloria worried about her son. He was daydreaming
again. She knew he wanted to be a writer, but he needs
to interact with the real world too.

"Greg, will you answer a question that's been troubling me?"

"Sure, Mom!"

"Do you ever regret being an only child? Not having a
sister or brother to grow up with?"

"Not really, Mom. Besides, if I ever did, I could
always imagine having the perfect companion, in my head."

Gloria shook her head, concerned. That's exactly what
I mean, she thought to herself.

Rachael just gave Sam a wink, knowing mom would never
understand, and ran her tongue sensuously over her


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