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ATTENTION!!! WARNING!!! The following story contains scenes and
descriptions of an adult and explicit matter. Strong sexual content is
included. Do not read if any further if you are under the age of 18, if
you are offended by such material, or if the reading or possessing of such
material is illegal where you live.




By Lord Skies

He watched as she tensed in her bonds, her muscles tensing and testing
each tie and bind. A thin sheen of sweat covered her skin, reflecting
softly in the light of the candles that were spread around the room casting
a rich warm light over her.

He knew that this was important for her, her testing the bonds, part of
her submission. She was proud and while she wanted this, even needed it as
much as he did, it was hard for her to achieve release unless she had
totally relinquished control, had become totally submissive.

And as he sat there and watched, his anticipation grew. She was truly
beautiful, he was reminded again. She cared for herself meticulously,
working out everyday, making her gift to him all the more beautiful. For
how could she show her love for him without making her gift the most
valuable gift that she could.

This was perhaps his favorite part, he thought just then, that moment of
time when the submission was evident, but not yet tested, there standing
before him, waiting for him, waiting to be tasted and sampled. The
apprehension, the tension in the air almost tangible, the smell of the
vanilla scented candles burning mixed with the smell of desire, these were
the sensations that he savored as he sat and watched.

Perhaps it was that this is when the power of domination was strongest.
Before the first blow had been felled, the first kiss planted, the first
whisper, the first tear. The possibilities were endless, for she was his,
given to him totally. And so he sat there for a few more minutes, just
savoring the sensations, the emotions, the power.

He knew that her anxiety and need must be growing. She could not see
him from where she was bound. The only light in the room came from the
candles situated in front of her and to either side, so there were no
tale-tale shadows to give away his locations, nor to warn her of his

Watching her breathe, the soft motion of her breath causing her chest to
rise and fall, her ribs moving quite delicately, he took one last sip of
water. Testing to see how prepared she was, he sat the glass down rather
heavily, the sudden noise ringing in the room, and yet she had steeled
herself so that he only saw a slight flinch from her.

This caused him to smile, though he really wasn't in a very good mood
this evening. Her submission always made him smile, though, he supposed.
She was proud and wanted so badly to please him. This was obvious in the
way she had prepared herself. Well tonight we shall test that preparation
just a little, he thought.

He knew that he would have to work to bring her to the level that they
both needed and craved. She was proud and would try her best to withstand
the many tests he would give her tonight. Her threshold always surprised
him and seemed to be growing the longer they were together. It wouldn't be
long until she was ready to explore some of their darker fantasies and
desires, but not tonight.

Patience is one of the best virtues of a Dom, he thought, for patience
could cultivate a relationship, could cultivate the trust and love that was
essential in such a relationship. Patience was hard for him, but one that
he had learned to master, knowing that the rewards were well worth the

As he stood up and walked across the room toward her, the words of his
mentor ran through his mind again. Intelligence was the ability to
understand delayed gratification, the ability to understand what could
happen in the future, and to use that knowledge to shape the present
towards the future you envision.

The same was true here he was reminded again. A good Master was
patient, for they must be. Patience was needed in order to cultivate the
relationship, the love and the trust, so that both Dom and submissive could
grow, develop and reap the rewards of that future possibility.

He stopped right behind her and he could see that she had tensed as she
had sensed him near. He looked over her body again and savored the fine
details of her at this close range. He reached out and gently brushed her
long brown hair to one side, exposing the nape of her neck, and then he
bent down and inhaled her sweet scent, kissing her neck softly and then
biting her, tasting her.

He ran his hands down her sides lightly feeling the chill that ran
through her as he did so, then running down to her ass where he roughly
grabbed each cheek and squeezed, knowing full well that they would soon be
reddened and painful for her.

Stepping back, he walked over to the steel table to her left where he
had laid out the tools that he would be using tonight. He gently lifted
his favorite of the group, the black leather crop with the small steel tip
at the end, designed and made to raise a small welt with each blow, causing
a sting and burn with each blow delivered.

Walking back over to her, he roughly grabbed her hair and pulled back
hard, testing her bonds, seeing just how much movement she had. Satisfied
that she was secure, he stepped back and drawing back with the crop,
delivered the first blow to her ass, the tip landing just along the crack
of her ass and immediately raising a small red welt.

Continuing with this motion, he very slowly and deliberately delivered
ten more blows down her left ass and thigh, with the final blow kissing the
tender flesh behind her knee. This was a very tender spot for her, and try
as she might, she could not control the flinch and small cry as this tender
flesh was hit.

He stopped and listened to her breathing, it was quite a bit faster now,
but she had not yet even begun to cry. Already she was controlling her
breathing, slowing it down, taking deep breaths. He quickly moved to her
other side and started again, raising the whip and kissing her other ass
cheek. With each blow, he quickly worked down her thigh and again ended
with a blow to the back of her knee.

This time she was more prepared for the final blow behind her knee, but
she still could not suppress the instinct to flinch away from the pain. He
heard her moan softly as he walked away and laid down the crop, picking up
a thin switch he had cut from the privet hedge earlier that afternoon for
just this purpose.

He had chosen the branch carefully, one with lots of side branches, so
that when it was trimmed, it had many knobs and edges to it, each of which
would add to the sensations of the beating.

Walking back to stand behind her, he stood slightly to her side and with
a side armed and upward motion, began to flog her sex and inner thighs with
the switch, the tip of the switch curling around her thighs and labia and
kissing the exquisitely tender flesh there.

She was unprepared for such an intense pain so early in the evening, and
with the first blow, she jerked and yelled in surprise and fear. He
continued with the assault though, striking hard and fast, watching as she
struggled to get away from this unfamiliar torture.

Still he worked her until her flesh was red and hot and her cries had
broken into sobs. He smiled again, just a little at that, for she rarely
broke so early in a session. He was sure her pride would be up a little
more with his next surprise for her, but he wanted to keep her on edge this
evening, pushing her to a new height.

With a final few blow, he stopped and laid down the switch, reaching
down to run a finger a lot her slit, parted the tender, red and swollen
lips to her sex and feeling the wetness that was there. He smiled again
and noted that his mood was rapidly improving. She was still ashamed that
pain could make her so wet and aroused, but it was one of the reasons he
loved her, and to continue her torture, he continued to rub along her slit,
finding her clit with each stroke, teasing the entrance to her sex with
each stroke, and then repeating, knowing that the pleasure was mixing with
the pain of the tender flesh.

Soon her cries were rising again and her breathing was quickening and
still he worked, harder and faster, judging how close she was to her
release, and then just as her body tensed with her orgasm, he mashed hard
on her clit, catching it between two fingers and pinching it, hearing her
scream as this new pain mixed with the pleasure of her orgasm.

With one final little pinch of her clit, he stood and walked away. He
walked back over to the table and picked up the small silk blindfold and
walking back over to her, slipped it around her head and began to tie it
behind her head.

When she realized what he was doing she began to shake her head, crying
out "No, No, please don't". But still he tied the knots and secured the
blindfold. She hated to have her vision taken from her. It was one of the
things that was very close to a limit for her, but tonight, part of his
torture was to never let her see what he was going to de next, to keep the
anticipation high.

When he was sure that she could not see, he walked around in front of
her and looked at her face, her chest still heaving from her exertion, her
breasts moving with each breath. He saw that her nipples were already hard
and engorged, and he was glad they were ready for the next part of the
evening's festivities.

Picking up one of the candles, he held it just below her nipple, close
enough that she could feel the heat rising from the candle, but not enough
that it would burn. Instinctively she tried to draw back from the heat,
but being tightly bound, all she could do was struggle.

He took the candle and held it below the other breast, watching her
struggle to get away from the pain, but only a slight whimper escaped her
lips. He raised the candle, just a tad, enough that the pain grew quite
intense, and then quickly pulled it away.

He heard her sigh as the heat was withdrawn, more like she let out her
held breath, but this only made him smile as He knew the pain was soon to
return. Reaching back for a pair of nipple clamps, he quickly took one
nipple in his hands, pulling on the nipple until it was stretched taut, and
then slipped on the clamp.

A small gasp escaped her as he did so, the pain of the clamps was always
so agonizing for her sensitive nipples. He repeated the procedure on the
other side and then taking both clamps in hand, gave them a little twist
until she gasped out with the pain.

Again taking up the candle, this time he held it above her nipple,
tilting it slightly and watching as a small drop of hot wax formed and fell
to land right on the tortured flesh of her nipple. She gasped again from
the pain and tried to escape this new onslaught, but another and then yet
another drop of wax fell until her nipple was well covered by the wax.

On the other nipple, he again held the candle below the nipple, heating
the metal of the clamp until she nearly screamed in pain, then raising the
candle, coated this nipple in wax as well, watching her writhe, trying to
escape the pain the heat was causing in her nipples.

He knew how sensitive her nipples were, how exquisitely painful this
torture would be. Lifting the candle to his lips, he quickly blew it out
and placed it softly on the small table where it had been sitting before.
He looked at her again, still moaning and testing her bonds, the loss of
the light from the one candle causing new shadows to dance across her skin.

Slipping a hand between her thighs, he lightly traced the tender skin
there and traced a line lightly upwards to her sex, finding her slit, the
overwhelming wetness there, and then running up to her clit. She gasped as
his fingers found this part of her and he bent forward to kiss her as she
began to respond to the new pleasurable sensations.

Knowing that it wouldn't be long before she came, he kissed her firmly,
urgently, bending forward to nibble on her neck and her ear lobe, and then
whispering in her ear. "Cum for me, maribeth, cum for your Lord."

Within a few seconds she softly screamed and shuddered as the first of
many orgasms she was to experience that night swept over her body. He
returned to kissing her, feeling her urgency and need, lightening the touch
of his fingers on her clit and instead slipping one inside of her, meeting
no resistence at all and feeling the last of the spasms of her orgasm sweep
over her.

She meet his kiss as her senses slowly returned, relaxing in her bonds
again, her tongue dancing with his, intertwined much like the ropes and
bonds that held her. He savored this, this quiet intensity, neither of
them speaking, the raw lust of the moment, the sweet feeling of one orgasm
passing and the continued need for more release, even more intense release.

He carefully untied one of her hands and then pulled it behind her back,
turning her and untying the other. Pulling this hand behind her back as
well and holding them both there with one hand, he piked her up and carried
her over to the table that he had designed.

She still had the blind fold on and he was sure that while she thought
she knew what was happening, the sheer loss of vision removed some of her
safety and certainty. Laying her across the table, she offered him no
resistence, the only sound from her lips, a soft moan as her nipples
pressed against the cold steel of the table.

The spreader bar was still attached to her legs, and he simply tied each
of her arms to the far corners of the table, adjusting her so that her head
fit into the small opening near the end of the table that was fashioned
much like the table a masseur might use.

He stepped back and looked over her form bound there, the thin red stripes and welts that formed a small pattern across her back and body,
adding to the beauty of her. Reaching over and pulling her hair back, and
then bending down to nibble on an ear, he ran his hands over her back down
to grab and massage her ass, hearing the moan as he roughly handled the
flesh there.

Stepping back, he walked a full circle around her, drinking in her
beauty, and smiling that the torture of waiting was perhaps the worst for
her, not knowing what came next, craving it and yet fearing the pain just a
little. Instead, he just paced for a few minutes, slowly and deliberately,
watching each breath causing her body to rise and fall just alittle against
the table.

Finally he stopped at the back of the table, standing between her legs,
reaching out and slipping his finger into her sex, getting it good and wet
and then running it back and forth along her slit, each time pauing over
her anus, making sure to get it nice and wet.

When her anus was well wetted, he reached over and picked up a medium
sized vibrator and slowly slid it into her wet sex, seating it well inside
her after turning it on. He paused for just a minute to listen to her moan
as the vibrations started to ride through her body and watched while she
writhed to press her clit against the table.

Then stepping back, he removed his pants, freeing his cock and quickly
ran it along her slit, wetting the head before pressing it against her anus
and pushing steadily until the head popped it. He smiled as she moaned and
strained not to cry out at the intrusion and fullness caused by the dildo
and his cock. He savored her anus clamping down on his cock and her
efforts to try and relax to let him have his way with her body. He knew
that she was trying to show that she was his completely, but her lust was
getting the most of her.

With slow steady pressure he continued to push until his cock was buried
fully inside of her, feeling the vibrations from the vibrator as they
traveled through the thin membrane from her cunt onto his cock. He felt
her squirm beneath him, trying to get him and the vibrator deeper inside of
her, anything to get her release. Slowly he began to pull out, pulling
back until just the head of his cock was inside of her, and then quickly
pushing back in, pushing her hard down against the table.

Starting with a slow steady rhythm he fucked her, for his pleasure he
fucked her and used her there bound before him. He knew that she was close
to her own orgasm and so he used her body hard, savoring the tightness of
her ass, the heat of her body, the vibrations from the dildo, the sight of
the taut body, the sheen of sweat that covered her, the red welts that were
just begining to fade a bit.

He listened to her moans that escaped, hearing her need, both to please
him and for her own release. He could feel the pressure mount inside and
letting go of his own control, he slammed into her and let his orgasm rush
over him as he pumped his cum into her, feeling her let go as well and her
orgasm sweep through her, her muscles contracting as his cum hit her

Slowly he felt his orgasm pass and he pulled his cock from her ass. He
stepped back and watched her for a few minutes, savoring her again, this
special gift that he has been given. He savored the smell of sex in the
room, her abused ass still spread there before him and open to his eyes, a
small drop of cum sliding from her anus. Watching her continue to move
slightly as the vibrator continued to run inside of her cunt, knowing that
soon she would be ready to cum for him again, wondering if she was yet
ready to cum for him on command.

But not tonight, for tonight he had one last special surprise for her,
one for which he does not think she is prepared.

Taking her hands and untying them, he again pulled them behind her back
and pulled her to a standing position. Then turning her around, her layed
her back across the table so that now she lay face up with her legs hanging
over the end of the table, her cunt open there for his use.

Making sure that her blindfold was still secure, he attached the ear
plugs that completely remove all sound, effectively removing her two most
trusted senses. He then walked across the room and opened the door where a
young woman was waiting, kneeling there at the doorway. He looked over
her, pleased with her sight as well and the obvious anticipation that she
has been experiencing, kneeling there all this time, listening to the
sounds from within the room.

She was petite with soft brown hair that drifted down across her neck,
pulled to one side, and then down to her mid back. Her down turned eyes
were bright blue and her softly tanned skin gave her a healthy glow. Her
small breasts were accented by taut brown nipples and her cunt was shaven
and swollen from her arousal.

He bent down and attached a leash to her leather collar and led her
across the room until she was keeling at the foot of the table where his
slave is bound. He smiles at her as he took her hands behind her back and
cuffed them there, then ran the leash through a loop beneath the table,
pulling her until her face was pushed against the crotch of the other

He then noded to her and watched as she began to lick her clit, sucking it into her mouth, and working as quickly as she could to bring her to cum,
knowing that failing to do so would bring harsh punishment for them both.
He watched as she alternated moving her tongue back and forth from her cunt which was still filled with the vibrator, to her clit, raking her teeth
across it with each motion.

He turned his attention to his slave bound there on the table as she
began to struggle with this new sensation. Her body stuggled with the
sensations and the lack of sight or sound. He then bent to softly kiss her
nipple and massage her breast, watching her face the entire time as it
dawned on her that two people were now working to pleasure her.

It was too much for her and she cried out "Please let Me cum... please
let this slave cum!"

He said nothing since she could not hear him anyway, but only continued
to massage her breasts, softly kissing her nipples, watching her face and
listening to the sounds made by the other woman licking at her sex. He
watched as she struggled to resist the orgasm, but soon the sensations from
the woman working her clit were too much and she screamed out as a powerful
orgasm shuddered through her body, making her shake and tremble from the
powerful release.

He kissed her nipple one last time and smiled at the woman who continued
to lick at her clit until she was told to stop. He watched as she squirmed
from the continued sensations of her clit being licked and suckled, the
pleasure soon turing into pain as it continued. But still he lets it

The slave kneeling on the floor continued, but he could see from her
eyes that she had a great deal of empathy for the slave she was currently
torturing. When the cries of pain from too much pleasure grew loud, he
picked up the crop again and brought it down over her breasts, and then
again over her abdomen. The pain distacted her for a minute, but soon she
was writhing again.

The kneeling slave paused for a moment, only to feel the sting of the
crop on her shoulder before resuming with new vigor to bring the woman in
front of her to yet another orgasm.

He again brought the crop down on her breasts and listened to her cries
of pain and pleasure as they mingled. He let her struggle for a few more
minutes as her cries turned more and more pleasureable as her body
recovered starteed building towards another release.

He stepped around and reached beneath the kneeling slaves mouth,
withdrawing the vibrator. He then uncuffed the slaves hands and taking one
hand, whispers in her ear for her to fist the woman she is pleasuring as
she sucks on her clit.

He pulled up His chair again and watched as the kneeling slave slowly
began to push first one and then two fingers in and out of the cunt before
her. As her hand is more and more wet, she slid three fingers into her,
slowly stretching her and working to get her whole hand into her cunt.

He listened as his slave moans at the new sensations, as her pleasure
builds, as again the pain and pleasure mingle in her voice as her cunt is
stretched to allow a fist into it. He watched as the kneeling slave's hand
slowly disappeared into her cunt and heard the gasp from his slave as she
realized what has happened, only to hear her cries again start to mount
toward her next orgasm.

The kneeling slave continued to lick and suckle her clit as she moves
her fist back and forth in her cunt. He listened to his slave's cries grow
in intensity until He knew she was near to cumming again, and then he told
the kneeling slave to use her other hand to slide two fingers into her ass.

This final sensation was enough to push her over the edge and he watched
her shudder with another orgasm, less intense than the last one, but only
in that her body is more drained and unable to mount the same level of

As her orgasm begins to subside, her pulled the hands of the kneeling
slave from her cunt, licking her juices off the palm of her hand, untied
the leash from the table and led her to the door. He told her that she is
free to return to her Master and to tell him that her services were

He then closed the door and returned to his slave, watching as her
breathing slows and her body relaxes. He first gently removed the ear
plugs and then the blind fold before freeing her ankles from the spreader
bar and her hands from the table.

He picked up her limp body and kissing her softly on the lips, carried
her to their bed where he held her tightly until she slowly drifted off to


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