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ATTENTION!!! WARNING!!! The following story contains scenes and
descriptions of adult and explicit matter. Strong sexual content is
included. Do not read if any further if you are under the age of 18, if
you are offended by such material, or if the reading or possessing of such
material is illegal where you live. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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By Lord Skies

It was late Friday night and he was tired, but sleep would not come to
him. He knew that she was supposed to arrive at any time he was anxious to
meet her, to see her for the first time. He felt like he knew her, that
they were old friends already, but there was so much to learn about another
person that words, a picture, or even voice on the phone couldn't tell you,
but one glance in a millisecond could.

He wondered how she would react, behave when she arrived. Would she be
the bold and sexy Samantha that he had first met, so sexy and sensual? Or
would she be the loyal slave that he fantasized about ever since she had
sent him that story on His birthday. He knew that either way he would be
pleased, but he hoped for the later. He had so much planned for them if
she did.

It was nearly midnight and he looked again around the hotel room. They
had agreed to meet on neutral ground, in a city that neither knew well, but
both knew. Where neither would feel completely at home and where some
safety in anonymity could be found. He thought about checking the bag of
toys that he had brought with him to enhance their pleasure, but he knew
that he had already checked it twice. He thought about rechecking the
ropes he had rigged on the bed, but those knots were secure as well. He
groaned and rolled over, wishing the night would pass and the morning that
held such promise would hurry.

He thought again about her last email, where she had agreed to meet him,
in the hotel lobby bar at 11am. She had said that she would be wearing a
black leather miniskirt, hose and a white blouse with a blood red rose in
her hand. He again tried to picture exactly how she would look in this
outfit, but all that did was make his ache all that more terrible.

He tried to count sheep, tried to remember the names of all the patients
he had seen in clinic the day before, tried any number of tricks to get her
out of his mind, but he could not. For a moment he cursed her, cursed
himself for this agony of waiting. He thought again about having a drink
to help him sleep, but again decided against it. He wanted to be sharp and
fresh in the morning when he met her, and did not want any drugs to dull
his senses.

He rolled over and stared at the ceiling again, counting the tiles
there, though he already knew that there were 514 in this room and 27 in
the bathroom. Then he laughed at himself and wondered if he should go
enroll in High School again since that was the last time he had felt so
emotionally vulnerable.

Then he heard it, the soft knock at the door. He knew instantly that it
was she, that she had come to find him because she couldn't sleep either.
He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, rose from the bed and a quick
glance in the mirror confirmed that his hair did not look too tussled.

He crossed the room quickly and looked out the peep whole into the hall.
He could see the top of a head outside his door, but that was all. He
cracked the door and there she was, kneeling on the floor in front of his
hotel room, legs spread modestly but her submission evident, her head and
eyes down turned. She was wearing a black dress, plunging deeply at the
neck and with a short hem line that had ridden up, quite nicely revealing
her thighs and the tops of her hose and the garters that held them.

"Please forgive this girl for disturbing You Milord. I did not know
what else to do. I could not sleep and I hoped that You might allow me to
serve you tonight instead of waiting till morning."

He smiled down and her and lifted her chin so that he might look into
her eyes. He looked into her eyes when they met his and he saw so much
emotion there. There were love, fear, joy, anxiety and lust all mingled
there, and he knew that she was his, whether she knew it yet or not.

"You have done well, and I am pleased that you have given yourself in
this manner." And with that he took her hand, helping her to stand and then
motioning her to walk into the room.

He watched as she walked past him in the doorway, so proud to see that
she kept her eyes lowered, that her posture was so perfect, chest out, head
down, her other arm behind her back. He drank in the sight of her as she
walked and knew that he would enjoy her many treasures this evening.

"Stop there" He called as she had taken a few steps into the room. He
walked up behind her and pushed her long brown hair to the side and bent
close to the nape of her neck and breathed in her essence, her aroma. He
allowed his hands to run across her shoulders and down her arms, then
across her chest, lightly caressing her breasts, feeling her nipples
respond to his touch. He saw her shudder at his touch and he knew that she
too was ready for the evening, that she had anticipated it as much as he

He walked around her, letting his hands trace across her stomach, her
hips, her nicely shaped ass, and then down her silk encased legs. His
hands trailed back up her legs to her inner thighs and the warmth and
wetness there gave away her desire.

"I hope you find me to your liking, Milord, I wish only to please you."
she said as he stood and looked again at her face where she tried to hide a
slight smile.

He smiled back at her. "But how am I to know if I like it when so much
is covered from my view?" He asked. "Disrobe for me and let me see all
that you are giving to your Lord."

Hesitating for just a minute, there appeared to be a battle going on in
her mind. He loved this part, the part where the desire, the lust, the
emotions battled with the mind and he knew that her compliance would tell
him more about her than he had learned over the past several months of
talking with her.

For a split second his mind wandered as he waited for her to comply. He
wondered why people were so out of touch with their emotions, that there
were so many internal conflicts that had to be overcome to experience
pleasure. But quickly dismissing these thought, he returned to the subject
at hand, remembering that it was the paradox of Domination that often drew
him more than the sensuality.

She started slowly, timidly undoing the buttons along the front of her
dress, and he thought that he could see a slight tremor of fear in her
hands as her fingers worked. She kept her eyes down turned, and though he
wanted to see the turmoil within them, he allowed her this privacy and
enjoyed the sight of her as she revealed it to him.

Slowly the dress parted, revealing a black lace camisole that barely
contained her breasts. Slowly she let the dress fall to the floor and she
gingerly stepped out of it, bending down to fold it and place it to one
side on the floor. Then she lifted the camisole up, revealing her breast in their glory to his eyes, pulling it up over her head and then neatly
placing it on top of the dress.

Before she could move to her garter belt, he stepped close to her and
touched her hand, causing her to involuntarily look up into his eyes. He
saw the need there, the desire to serve and satisfy, but the fear there as

"You can stop now and we can explore other parts of our relationship."
He said, "But if you truly want Me, want This, then there is no turning
back. I will have you and have you completely. While you may have the
power of the safe-word we agreed upon in your email, and it is your gift to
give, if we proceed, you will be Mine."

He watched her nod and the words that were trying to form on her lips.

"I know Milord, and it is what this one wants, to be yours, to try and
please you. Please accept this my gift to you, for this one has nothing
more worthwhile to give you than herself."

The pride welled up in him and his love for her doubled in that moment.
He lifted her chin and bending down, kissed her soft, warm lips. The kiss
lasted for a mere moment, but seemed to tell both of them more than they
had said in all the words they had used over the Internet. He felt the
love and passion that hid just beneath the surface, and the thought of
releasing that passion, made his longing all that more painful. It will
wait, though, because it is important to do this correctly.

He broke the kiss and stared deep into her eyes, seeing the blush spread
across her cheeks. He wondered if she would break the gaze as his hands
wondered across her cheeks, down her neck to her shoulders. From there to
her breasts, he lightly traced them, lightly outlining her nipples, cupping
them in his hands, weighing them and feeling their consistency.

As his thumbs brushed again across her nipples, she could no longer help
it and she looked down again. He continued to massage her breasts and
stimulate her nipples as her breathing sped, and then he stepped away.

"Continue to show your Lord your gift." He said as he returned to the
chair in front of where she was standing.

The black lace panties were where her hands returned and she slowly
pushed them down her legs and stepped out of them. The wetness of her
panties revealed her arousal and desire, and he reached out and took them
from her as she picked them up to put them with her dress and camisole.

He brought them to his face and smiled them, drinking in the smell of
her sex. He watched her blush again, and he smiled. He knew that she was
enjoying this as much as he, but he would see how she reacted to the rest
of the weekend's events that he had planned for her.

Next, her hands went to the garter belt, undoing the straps from her
hose, then unclasping it and placing it on top of her camisole. Then she
placed her foot on his knee and began to roll down her hose, allowing him
to see her sex and her legs in all their glory. First one leg was bared
and then the other, and soon she stood completely naked before him, a small
pile of neatly folded clothes on the floor beside her.

He sat there for a moment and admired her. He knew this was a struggle
for her, that these were new experiences for her. He was proud of her,
though, for no one could find a fault with her, for she stood with her feet
slightly apart, her back straight, her arms held behind her back causing
her breasts to ride high on her chest. Her head and eyes were lowered and
her face was beautifully framed by her long brown hair. That she had read
and studied and prepared herself for this evening was obvious.

He sat there for a minute more, just drinking in the beauty of her. his
mind raced with the possibilities and his desires, but he stayed true to
the plan he had worked on long before she had knocked on his door.

"Now, I want you to touch yourself, to pleasure yourself for My
enjoyment. I want you to taste your desire off your own fingers and then
to let me suck the cum from your fingers after I give you permission to

He watched the turmoil in her eyes. He knew that she loved the taste of
herself, and that she masturbated frequently. But to be forced to do so
here in front of him was taking its toll on her. The fact that she was
proud and so wanted to serve him soon won out and her right hand slowly
appeared from behind her back and went to touch her wet cunt.

He watched closely as her fingers parted the smoothly shaved and now
very wet lips of her cunt and expose her clit. He smiled as she spread her
legs wider and began to pleasure herself by rubbing her clit and then
sliding her finger into her wet depths.

Slowly she pulled her finger from her cunt and trailed it across her
stomach, between her breasts and to her mouth and he watched as she held
his gaze and sucked her own wetness from her fingers. A slight moan
escaped her lips and her tongue licked her lips involuntarily as her hand
returned to her clit and once again began to stimulate herself.

He watched and was surprised at how quickly she seemed to reach her peak
arousal, for it was only a minute or two until she broke the silence.

"Please Milord" she said, her voice on edge, "Please allow me to cum."

"Not yet my dear." He answered and watched her back stiffen as she
realized that he was not going to let her have release. "I want you to
turn around, stand here over my knee and bend over, spreading your cheeks
in each hand and letting your Lord see all your treasures."

He watched as she clumsily turned and positioned herself, bending down
and reaching back with both hands to spread her cheeks and reveal her wet
and aroused cunt and puckered anus to his eyes. He made her stay like that
for a moment, watching as a small drop of her juices gathered at the edge
of her labia, before falling onto his leg.

He reached out and ran a finger along her slit, gently rubbing her clit
and then tracing her labia, letting his finger slip into her very wet cunt up to one knuckle, tracing the ring just inside her, then along to her
anus, where he gently slipped his finger into her, meeting little
resistance because of her own lubrication, but feeling her squeeze his
finger as she involuntarily tried to resist this invasion.

"Now you may cum, my dear" He whispered and watched as one hand returned
to her clit. He felt her anus tighten around his finger as he slowly
advanced it until it was buried inside her. And then her orgasm hit, and
he felt all her muscles tighten as it hit her, rolling over her in waves,
making her gasp for breath.

He watched her legs buckle beneath her, watched her struggle to hold her
balance, and he reached out with his hand to guide her onto his lap as he
removed his finger from her. He pulled her face close and kissed her
softly, looking into her lovely brown eyes, then taking her hand, he
brought it to his mouth and proceeded to suck the cum from her fingers.

He was surprised though, when she took his hand and licked the finger
that had been in her, cleaning it gently, her tongue washing it. He smiled
at her, his pride evident at that moment.

When her breathing had calmed, he helped her to stand and led her to the
bed, where he asked her to kneel on the edge of the bed facing him. He
stood in front of her and placed her head on the curve of his neck and
shoulder. Then he took his hand and running it along her inner thighs to
her cunt, began once again to stimulate her clit, rubbing it in little

He heard her gasp when he first touched her clit, and felt her body
tense as he stimulated her. He slipped two fingers into her cunt and he
felt her jaws clench as he finger fucked her and rubbed her clit.

Again he was surprised by how quickly she reached climax, and by
speeding his efforts, he brought her to orgasm before she realized that she
had forgotten to ask permission. He smiled to himself, her first mistake.
He would remember it for a long time, and was sure that she would too.

He continued to fuck her and rub her clit until she could no longer bear
it and tried to pull away from him. He knew her clit was very sensitive
and that she was feeling that exquisite feeling that was both painful and
pleasurable at the same time. With his free hand he held her tightly to
him so that she could not tear herself away, and as he continued to rub her
clit, he whispered in her ear, "I didn't hear you ask permission to cum."

"Oh God," she cried out, "Please Milord, please forgive me, please stop.
Oh God, no, don't stop, please let me cum again."

He smiled and slipped a third finger into her, his thumb gently stroking
her clit, holding the tissue of her cunt between his fingers, slowly
fucking her, bending down and lightly biting her neck. Then he whispered
in her ear, "Cum for me samantha, cum for your Lord."

And with that she shuddered and came for the third time, her body limply
falling against his, he supporting all of her weight as her knees gave way
and his fingers slipped from inside her. He held her there as she
trembled, as she cried, and hugged her tightly to his chest.

Then gently easing her to the bed, he lay down beside her and gently
stroked her cheek as he gazed into her faraway eyes, watching her recover,
her breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Thank you, Milord." she said as she closed her eyes and relaxed on the

He allowed her to drift off to sleep before gently easing himself from
the bed to prepare for her awakening.

A few hours later, he gently took her wrist and slipped the looped rope
around it and pulled it tight. He did the same to the other wrist and
before she could awaken fully, he had also secured one of her legs in the
same manner. He looked up and saw that she was fully awake as he secured
her other leg, getting no resistance from her at all.

He smiled as she looked around the room and fixed her eyes on the silver
candelabra that he had brought for this occasion. It gave the only light
in the room and he marveled at the way the flickering light played across
her skin, the light and shadow painting her in a tantalizing display.

He watched her eyes widen a little though, when he pulled one of the
candles out of the candelabra and hold it above her.

"I think you should know that I hate those no drip candles. I like
things that drip when they are on fire." He said with an evil grin across
his face. And with that they both watched in what seemed like an eternity
as the first hot drop of wax fell from the candle and onto the tender skin
between her breast.

He watched her eyes as she held her breath and fought to stay in control
as the hot wax that was burning her skin slowly cooled. He knew that soon
her every nerve would be on edge and he smiled at the promise of what that
might bring.

He watched her eyes plead with him not to let the next drop fall, but
her pride and her desire to please him would not let her speak, and he felt
her stiffen as the next drop of wax fell, this one landing just above her
nipple. Again he watched her struggle to maintain control, to not cry out,
and was pleased when she did not.

He gently caressed her face and looking into her eyes asked, "What do
you feel, my dear, tell Me what you are thinking."

Softly she said, "I wish only to please You, Milord. This pain is
pleasure to me if it pleases You and brings You happiness."

He wondered just for a second if she would ever relent, that was how
proud she was, but as the next drop of wax caught her by surprise and
landed right on her nipple, she jumped and allowed a slight yelp to escape
her lips.

He turned the candle now so that the flame caused more wax to drip and
he painted a line across her stomach to the top of her mons. He laughed at
the zigzag pattern of the line where she had squirmed to avoid the wax.

"Please Master, no, not there." she begged as he spread her lips and
exposed her clit. "Please do not burn me there." she begged.

He smiled and said nothing as a small drop of wax fell and landed right
on top of her clit, causing her to scream and rise up off the bed,
straining at the ropes that bound her. But the fear in her eyes grew even
more when he replaced the candle and pulled out the ice bucket.

"Ice is good for burns." He said slyly and proceeded to pull away the
now cool and hard wax and rub the ice over the tender red skin below.

As he moved from he breasts, across her stomach, her breathing grew
ragged and when the ice touched her clit, a moan escaped her and her eyes
closed. He gently pried the wax away and after rubbing her clit with the
ice, slipped what was left of the cube into her cunt.

Kneeling between her legs, he bent and began to suck on her breasts,
licking each of them, nibbling on each, massaging them with his hands.
Then letting his tongue trace the same line down to her clit, he began to
slowly lick her clit, letting his tongue trace along her slit up to her
clit, then repeating, licking up her juices and savoring her taste and

He let his tongue dive deep into her depths, and he felt her struggle to
spread her thighs and give him access to her depths. He let his tongue
plunge in and out of her, licking around the outside of her cunt, then
plunging back into her again. Over and over he repeated this, until she
was shaking with desire.

"Please, Milord, please let me cum." she cried out, and with a muffled
yes He gave her permission to cum as he continued to drink her juices.

It seemed to him, that each of her orgasms had built in strength, each a
little stronger than the previous one, and this one was not exception. He
felt her strain up to meet his tongue, felt her tug against her bonds, and
listened to her cry out as her feelings overcame her.

Slowly, gently removing himself from between her legs, he allowed her to
relax. She looked over at him with her love apparent in her eyes. She
smiled as she said, "May I say something to you?"

"You may always talk to Me after you have pleased Me." He replied

"I'm not sure how to say this," she started, "but that was the most
powerful orgasm I have had in a long time. It felt like every nerve in my
body was on fire.

"I have to admit that this was not exactly what I thought would happen
when I came down to meet you. That I would cum four times before You came
once. If there was any doubt that I wanted to be completely Yours, it is
gone completely."

Smiling down at her and tracing the shadows cast on her body by the
candles, he too felt a bond that he had not felt in a very long time. Then
reaching into the bag that lay on the floor beside the bed, he pulled out
two heavy silver balls.

"Do you know what these are?" He asked with a sly grin on his face.

"Yes I do, Milord. They are Ben Wa balls. Do You want me to carry

He smiled and said nothing, but his pleasure apparent, as he slipped the
first of the two balls into her cunt. When she relaxed again, he pushed
the other into her and seated them both deep inside of her with his

Then he reached over and untied her hands from the bedpost and freed her
legs as well. He stood and quickly removed the terrycloth robe he was
wearing and lay beside her on the bed.

"Now it is your turn to show Me just how much you meant what you said. I
want you to please Me as you think I would want. But, if those Ben Wa
balls fall out before four hours, I will have to whip you."

As he laid back on the bed, she knelt over him, looking at him and his
arousal. She leaned down, her long dark hair cascading across his chest
and whispered in his ear, "Master, may I please suck your cock today?"

"Yes, suck your Lord's cock and show him how you love him." He replied.

Moaning when she heard those words that sent chills through her, he
watched as she ran her hands along his thighs up to the waistband of his
black silk boxers, hooking her fingers in the band. She paused and bent to
lick his erection through his pants, tracing the outline of his hardness
through the material, biting down a little harder where her lips felt his
head. Fingers working quickly, her hands ran along his hips and thighs as
she pulled his boxers down. He could feel her nails scraping his skin,
causing faint red marks on his skin.

His erection sprang out of his pants and she opened her mouth to suck
the head in, stopping it from bobbing around. He felt her tongue explore
every surface of the head of his cock, the smooth skin around the tip, the
indentation and the hole where his cum will explode. Then the line that
runs down the underside to the spot where she knows he is sensitive and
around the hard rim.

The sensations were too powerful and he took her head in his hands,
forcing her to take his cock in her mouth, but she twists away, letting the
head of his cock fall from her mouth. She turns and lowers her head to
lick the crease of his thigh while her hair falls over the now wet head of
his cock and sticks to it.

He felt her tongue explore his body, moving around the base of his cock
through his hair, taking a second to pull some with her mouth, then licking
around the other side and sucking hard on his skin in the crease of his

He looked down and saw her dark hair stuck to the wet head of his cock,
and watches as she moves back up to his shaft. He sees her pause for just
a moment, watching his cock pulsating, then she resumes by licking the
veins that look like they are going to bust out of his skin.

He feels her trace up his cock from his body, where his balls start,
back up to the head of his cock where her hair is trying to strangling it.
She slowly pulls her hair off and opens her mouth just over his head.

He is amazed by her talent, and she is noticeably excited and breathing
heavy. He can feel her breath almost all the way down his shaft. He moans
as she pauses, just waiting, testing to see how patient he is.

Not very patient she finds as she feels his hands on each side of her
head again, forcing her to take inch by inch of his cock into her mouth.
She moans as he does and then starts to voluntarily take more and more of
his cock into her mouth.

His hands then drift down and take her breasts in his hands, caressing
them, massaging them, pinching and twisting her nipples, causing her to
moan again. The sensations of her moaning as his cock lies deep in her
mouth feel incredible and he twists her nipples once more to get that
feeling again.

His cock slowly slides deeper into her hot mouth, her mouth open wide,
her eyes closed as she moans aloud again. This time she rams her head down
on him, jamming the head of his cock in her throat, her mouth closing
around his cock.

He feels her start to suck hard, her nails digging into his thighs. He
moans and runs his fingers through her hair, urging her onward. He feels
his cock start to swell, his balls drawn up close to the base of his cock
as his passion builds.

Starting to suck his cock for all she's worth, keeping her lips tight
around his cock as they move up and down his shaft. He feels her hands
relax their grip on his thighs, sliding down around the base of his cock
that is all wet with her saliva now. Starting to jerk him off with two
hands, she lets the tip of his head fuck her lips. How she loves to hold
him holding like this.

He feels her stop stroking, sensing that he was getting close. Moving
her fingers down to his balls, she gently scratches them with her nails.
Then running one finger down along his crack to the skin just under his
balls, her mouth once again begins to move up and down his cock.

He knows that he cannot last much longer and he is pleased by her
ability to please him so. He watches, amazed at the beauty and talent of
this woman, only to lose himself again in the sensations she was producing
in him.

Slurping noises are the only things louder then her moans in the room as
she cups her hands, holding his cum filled balls in her hand, gently
rubbing the skin back and forth over them. How badly she wants to feel
them start to pump, wants to feel them contract as they start to churn hot
cum up the length of his cock.

He feels her sucking him hard and fast, her tongue flicking up and down
on the underside of his cock as it's buried in her throat. He cannot hold
out any longer and puts his hands on her head, shoving his cock deep in her

He hears her moan as she feels the first hot jet of cum hit the back of
her throat. Closing her mouth to suck the rest out, she sucks like she's
nursing on his cock. His cum fills her mouth, runs over and drips down the
sides of his cock and out the corners of her mouth onto him. Holding him
deep in her mouth until she feels him stop contracting, she feel overjoyed
that she could please him in this way.

Watching her swallow as much as she can and licking up the rest, he
smiles that she knew to clean the cum from his cock and his body. He
watches as she finishes by kissing his cock, body, thighs and stomach,
making sure it's all clean of cum.

Kissing her way up his body she wonders if he is alive since she has
seen no response from him. When she climbs into his lap, holding his face
in her hands and kissing him deeply on the mouth, she feels his lips met
hers, sees the joy in his eyes and knows that he is well and very pleased
with Her.

They roll to the side, he still holding this precious sub in his arms
and looking into Her eyes. He reaches down and whispers in her ear to give
him the Ben Wa balls back. He watches as she strains to expel them,
catching them as the slip out of her cunt, and then giving them to her to
lick clean before returning them to his bag.

He smiles at her, holds her close and they both drift slowly off to


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