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The following is a work of fiction. Intended for adults only. Comments to

Subscriber #14

March 7, 2000 -

My doorbell rang two and one half hours ago. I signed for and accepted
a federal express package addressed to me, Daniel Sullivan. Two and one
half hours later, the course of my life has changed and there's no going

When I opened the large, padded envelope, with no return address I found
two things: A plain, unlabeled VCR tape and a note. I read the note:

"Hi Dan, Congratulations. You are subscriber #14 to my very special
series of films. Within, I explore the theme of marriage, and what those
vows mean to many young women. Each month, you will receive a new
installment. And the best part is it's free! You have already paid in
full for the rest of the series. Enjoy to the fullest and hopefully learn
something too.


I couldn't quite remember if I have any friends or acquaintances named
James. Business contact maybe? Practical joke? Oh, well I figured, I
have a few free hours, let's pop this thing into the VCR and see what's up.

What I saw when I pressed the play button was a black screen, onto which
materialized a large red graphic that read "#1". This faded and was then
replaced with an extreme close-up camera shot of a pair of garishly made-up
red lips, female. The lips trembled slightly and mouthed something.

"What?", came a male voice from the background. "Please", the lips
spoke softly. "Please what" "Please fuck me again." "Like last night?"
"Yes please"

The camera pulled slowly back to reveal the face, the hair. The girl in
the picture was pretty...early 20's, with large brown eyes and full lips.
Her head appeared to be positioned so she was resting her cheek on a black
surface while she spoke. The voice from the background addressed her

"Describe what you want me to do." "PLEASE don't make me beg, you know I
am yours already. Fuck me, take me like you did last night."

The camera pulled back slowly to reveal the girl's body. It was now
clear that she had been placed on a low-table. She was on her knees on the
table, with her face resting on the table, her back arched such that her
ass was sticking straight up in the air. Her hands stretched behind her
towards her ass. The man with the camera began slowly circling the girl,
filming every curve of her lewdly displayed body. When he was positioned
directly behind her it was clear that her legs were placed perfectly
together, accentuating the shape of her lovely ass, and her hands, with
perfectly tipped blood red fingernails were grabbing and spreading her
asscheecks wide, totally exposing her asshole and cunt for the camera. The
girl was totally naked and unadorned, with the exception of a pair of shiny
black knee high boots with high heels that stuck out towards the carmera
positoned behind her. There was one other adornment, a small plain silver
ring was on one of those red tipped fingers.

My first though was "Thank God I'm alone." If Karen was home and saw
this, she'd think I was mail-ordering some amateur porno tapes or
something. Karen was my wife of six months, and I was due to pick her up at
the airport in four hours. It was actually the first time we'd been apart
since the wedding. Her company had sent her to Chicago for a convention.
Since I had ample time to dispose of the tape before heading out, I decided
to continue watching because , hey, I'm no prude. The camera guy continued
circling, doing extreme closeups of her body and face, while continuing to
encourage her to talk. She never moved out of her position. If she wasn't
naked and so damn sexy, that position might make one think that she was in
prayer to some idol or shrine.

"Julie. There's a wedding ring on you finger. You are married. Why
are you here on my table?" "James....please promise me he must never know
about this" "I told you that you may have the tape when we're through. Now
tell me why you're here." "I have to have your cock", She sounded almost
ashamed ... "But your husband has a cock, you know..." "Don't remind me,
please fuck me now...use whatever you want...I want your dick so

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'd never seen a girl so goddamn
desperate. Her thighs began trembling as the camera circled her.
Apparently, the camera guy had a free hand because as he moved he began to
drench her with some sort of oil from a bottle. All over her back, her
upturned ass and hands, her boot covered legs, ever her hair and face.
Then he started to rub the oil all over her with his free hand, which was
large, with big thick fingers. The man spoke no more during this, while
the girl kept up an unending filthy dialogue, begging and pleading for the
guy's dick. Instead he gave her fingers, stuck in her mouth, teasing her
tongue, messaging her cunt, penetrating her ass, while she squirmed and
squealed and asked to be fucked. Finally she just screamed.

"James...PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR COCK!!!" "As you wish..."

Then the screen went black. The writhing goddess was replaced with a
large red "#2" Then again the lips...trembling. Except they were different

The same scenario play itself out again, except this girl was blond,
slightly older with a more slutty look and manner. She was adorned in the
same way as the other girl. Naked, except for the same shiny black boots,
same red nails and lips, and same wedding ring on one finger. The room was
the same, as was the large, low black table, on which her body was arranged
in the same position as the other girl.

The woman went though a similar series of filthy comments, asking to be

And after the woman had suitably ridiculed her husband and deified the
camera operator and his "incredible cock", the man again said, "As you
wish..." And the picture again faded...

I started to wonder what this was all about and who could have possibly
sent me this tape. Mentally, I considered the guys I knew, my friends and
whether they could have produced something like this. Probably not. I
don't think that any of my buddies even KNEW any women that looked like
these two. I was the one that had married a hottie. This was a complete
puzzle but one that I was enjoying. I did wish that I'd get to see some
actual sex, though.

In the meanwhile, on my tv screen, the parade of writhing, willing sexy
women continued...

#5 was a sultry brunette, who offered to take the camera operator home
"right now to suck your dick right in front of my husband. I want to show
him what a real man looks like."

#7 was a cute green eyed redhead, who kept sliding her fingers into her
own asshole, cooing and murmuring, "put in me...stick it in me...fill me".

#9 cried. Literally sobbed, while he made her talk about her husband,
who she said was a "great guy". Not too great apparently, because she
cried right through a thigh-quaking orgasm, while Mr. camera Guy spanked
her oiled ass with his free hand.

#12 was a foul-mouthed foxy blond punishment whore, asking the guy to
rape her ass and hurt her with his dick, to "use me like a sex toy.

Thirteen women. Thirteen wedding rings. Thirteen pairs of hot legs
encased in shiny black highheeled boots. Thirteen bodies. Thirteen asses
stuck high in the air, held spread wide open by thirteen pairs of red fingertipped hands.

My jaw dropped open in shock when I realized that the gorgeous, begging
pleading black haired women that he had labeled "#14" was my wife Karen.

The camera man circled slowly, almost lovingly. He showed the world
(how many people would see this?) every crack and crevice of my wife's
beautiful body. He teased her with the promise of his dick, while she
asked and asked and asked....

Of course he asked her about me.

"I don't want to talk about my husband." "Why not?" "Please just let me
have it." "No...I want to know about him." "Please..." "Karen do as your
told or you will leave this place." "What do you want to know?" "Tell me
about him." "I love my husband." "Then maybe you should go now, be with
him" "NO...I need more....please make me cum again like last night." "Is
his cock large?" "I used to think it was..." "Does he satisfy you
sexually?" "I used to think so...Please James...can you fuck me now?" "I
could my dear, but it sounds like you have a lovely relationship and I
wouldn't want to mess with that." "Dammit James...please forget about him,
please just make me take your cock....force me...use me...make me your
slut" "As you wish..."

And to add to this nightmare, this time the screen did not fade to
black. The camera operator set the camera down, apparently on a tripod
which was low to the ground, apparently about the same height as the low
table. My wife's whole body was captured on the screen. Then for the
first time, the man came into view. From behind, I could tell that he was
a much larger man than myself, maybe 6'2 and built thick like a linebacker,
about 210lbs. There was a black leather band tied around the back of his
head. He grabbed Karen roughly by the hair and dragged her down off the
table, bending her over it so her ass and the back of her legs faced the
camera. He forced his large fingers into her ass and pussy while she
moaned and writhed lewdly. Despite the rough treatment she gave back
actively, shaking her behind, impaling herself on his hand. He turned his
head toward the camera to reveal that he was wearing some sort of mask. It
was black, leather, vaguely skull shaped and it extended from his forehead
down to the tip of his nose, leaving his mouth and jaw exposed. He stared
silently at the camera, at ME, as he exposed and fingered my wife's cunt and ass. And she came.

I've never seen Karen cum so fast, with so little contract. She
screamed and babbled incoherently. I could see the back of her head move,
she tossed her hair and howled ass he manipulated her with his hand. He
gave her a moment then grasped her by the hair again and pulled her toward
the camera and placed her on her knees so that her beautiful face and chest
were visible to me.

And then, right in front of the camera, right in front of me, on my
$1200 dollar television set, in my comfortable suburban home, he gave her
what she asked for. His cock.

Not that I've seen a whole lot of dicks in my life, but this guy was
huge. At least twice as long as my 6 inches, and so thick that I couldn't
imaging how he could have sex with a girl. And it was right in Karen's

As this whole scenario played out, I racked my brain tying to figure out
how this could be happening. Maybe she's been drugged. Maybe kidnapped
and forced. My wife would never do this, never act like this. All these
delusions evaporated in my mind as I saw her expression close up when
confronted with his massive dick. She was definitely alert and
heartbreakingly willing, with a mischievous sexy little smile, and sweet
little moans as she petted and tongued his cock. Unprovoked, she started
to talk to him, to it.

"Oh my God its so big...I just want it in my mouth." She alternated
between looking right into the camera, and gazing at his dick. I couldn't
believe what is was witnessing. Karen, although being a gorgeous, sexy,
intelligent, and good hearted woman (who I was hopelessly in love with),
had never expressed any desire to be treated roughly or dominated. In fact
during our lovemaking, she seemed to always control the game.

Now James moved his dick to her waiting mouth, let her suck it gently at
first. She alternated between licking up and down the giant shaft, and
opening wide to accept the huge head inside her mouth. Occasionally James
would grasp the base, and slap her lightly on the forehead, cheeks, lips
and tongue.

He began to build a momentum and rhythm. He made her hold her mouth
open as wide as she could, while he sawed his dick in and out, a little
deeper each time. He began to pull it entirely out on each stroke. Karen,
unable to close her mouth and confronted by such size, began to door
heavily, slobbering all over his dick. Her eyes opened impossibly wide
with as each stroke went deeper and deeper into her mouth, into her throat.
If she tried to close her eyes or look down, he would pull his dick out and
slap her face hard with it, instructing her to "look at my eyes". He
pushed her and pushed her, almost to the limit of suffocation, and on the
last few strokes, I swear she must have taken his entire dick down to the
balls. He grabbed her by the hair and thrust her face directly in front of
the camera, exhausted, muttering "ohmigod...ohmigod."

The rest went by like a blur...scene after scene, each lasting about two
or three minutes. Each scene a different position.

My wife on her back on the table, holding her legs pinned obscenely
behind her head (I didn't know she was that flexible), while he entered
her. She screamed and seemed to orgasm almost immediately as he forced
himself in to the root.

James holding my both my wife's legs up, his large hand grabbing both
ankles and holding them together, while he whacked her ass with the other.
She incredible pleading with him to be spanked harder.

My wife standing, with James standing behind her, bending her over at
the waist, but holding her head up by the hair, drilling that monster into
her while she wailed and wailed from pleasure, pain or both.

James standing with my 115 pound wide in his arms, her arms around his
neck, while he tossed her up and down like a rag doll, impaling her
repeatedly on his dick.

My wife on her knees on the table, with her ass facing the camera,
begging for anal sex like the slut that she now was (even I had never
fucked her in the ass). When he obliged her roughly, she let loose with a
litany of filthy talk. Mostly centering on how she'd "never been fucked so
good". On how his "cock is SO FUCKING THICK", and on how she couldn't
believe "I actually thought Dan was good!". I was getting sick.

The scenes whizzed by, countless different positions. Oral, anal,
vaginal. From mouth to ass to cunt and back. Over and over. I lost count
of just how many orgasms she had. He placed her on the table on her back.
I noticed in that this scene something was different. There was some sort
of long metal tool sticking up from the floor. It looked like one of those
pokers that you might find next to an old-fashioned fireplace. James
crouched above Karen's head in a catcher's position, while she sucked and
licked his dangling balls. Then in one motion, he pointed his cock
downward into her waiting mouth, turned her lower body toward the camera so
her oiled ass was visible and grabbed the tool. I could no see that end of
the tool, which was now visible was red, no orange. It was red hot. It
was a branding iron. James crouched lower and forced his huge dick deeper
into Karen's mouth. It acted as a gag while he pressed the branding iron
on to her right asscheek. She squirmed in pain, but her body was held
firmly in place by was hands and dick. He had branded a small "J" onto
her. My wife. When he let her up, tears were streaming down her face.
They looked at one another, face to face. She looked right into that black
mask, into his eyes and quitely whispered "Thank you. Now I belong to

As a final humiliation, James came on my wife. Close up to the camera,
he shot his thick, white sperm in ropes. On her face, her hair, her
tongue. My wife, who always tried to avoid getting cum in her mouth, now
made sure that not a single drop landed any where but on her. She played
with it using her fingers, spreading it around her face, smiling,
swallowing, feeding herself. James disapeared for a few minutes while she
played in front of the camera, giving him what she thought he might want to
see. She turned her ass towards the camera and opened it, sticking gobs of
his cum into her cunt and ass, talking filthy, saying his name over and
over, calling herself "Jame's filthy little whore".

He came back into the picture, hardon softened now. Her on her knees
and him standing. "Open whore", he said. And he urinated into her open
mouth. Instead of being disgusted she let him. He pissed on her prone
body, from her head to her toes. She was soaked with it, and swallowed a
good amount. When he was finished, he stuck his now soft dick (which was
still larger than mine at full erection into her mouth and the screen
froze. red lettering appeared on top of the picture of my wife's face. The
pretty, perfect, covergirl face, now drenched with oil, cum, piss and
tears. The words rolled down the screen:

Disclaimer: As with all models in this series, I have no interest in any
further contract with #14. She has been provided with contact information
that is false and she will never be able to contact me again. The location
of my production facility is unknown to her, I've made sure of that. My
goals in this production are two fold. First, of course is my own sexual
pleasure. Second is the education of you, the subscriber. Now that you
are aware of what your marriage vows meant to your female, hopefully you
may plan the rest of your marriage accordingly. Thank you for watching.

I sat back in my chair, contemplating what to do. I was due to pick
Karen up from the airport. The only thing I knew about this guy was that
he was in Chicago. I was dazed, I mean what the fuck could I do or say?
What would YOU do?

April 17, 2000 - Epilogue

I think I made the right decision. I think I proved "James" wrong. The
vows do mean something. Something to me, and now I think they mean
something to Karen.

I picked Karen up from the airport, kissed her, and welcomed her home.
She looked lovely and glad to be home, if a little preoccupied. So
preoccupied in fact that she probably didn't notice that her husband didn't
try to have sex with her on her first night home from a weeklong trip. The
days passed, we worked, talked, slept like a normal couple. No sex though.
She didn't seem to mind, or even register that there was something out of
the ordinary in that. She was always careful not to undress in front of
me. I believe it was around the second week that she became agitated and
depressed, no doubt unable to contact James. I let her stew for another
week or so, then one day I sat her down and showed her the tape.

I excepted no explanation, no excuses, no words from her. I made HER
then make a decision.

"You have two choices, and think about them carefully. You may have a
divorce. If you choose that, you will leave right now, and have no further
contact with me, except through our lawyers. Your other choice is to honor
you marriage vows for the rest of your life and accept my punishment for
you transgression."

She thought for about a minute, realizing that her only contact with
James would be on video (one of which did arrive at our home every three
weeks or so, each with a different new woman featured) and with downcast
eyes she chose punishment.

Life is certainly different for me now. All that stuff about Love,
Honor and Obey seems a little hokey, but Love, Honor and Obey she does, in
spades. I have decided that I will never make love to Karen again, but I
do strap her to a table once in a while and fuck her asshole with a large
dildo that I bought from a local novelty store. But normally her
punishment is to sit in a corner and watch while I replay her adulterous
transgression nightly with a series of female friends, escorts, strippers,
and any woman that I can manage to pick up. It's not too difficult. I'm a
pretty good looking guy, or so I'm told. I've found that there are lots of
college -age girls around these parts that really get off on screwing a guy
while his wife looks on, shackled to a wall in their marriage bedroom. The
part the girls really seem to like is that after I'm done cumming on them,
a really pretty woman wearing nothing but a wedding ring will clean them
thoroughly. With her tongue.


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