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Suellens Wedding


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in
locations in which it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT
read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may by posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
non-commercial archive sights.

Copyright 1998 by E. Z. Riter.

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Dear Reader, This is a Texas tall tale, meaning over the top humor. I
hope you like it. E.Z.


When Jefferson Tolliver Winterbottom left the farm he was only twelve.
Like so many farm kids, he headed for the big city to make his fortune. In
this case, the city was Houston.

Houston was bustling. While J.T. looked like a frog, he was strong as
a mule, smart as a fox, and worked hard as an ox. He also was hung like a
horse, a champion stallion, to be exact. While J.T. appeared on the
surface to be among the ugliest of men, he had a magnetic personality which
brought him many male friends and unprecedented success with women.

Perhaps I should describe him. About five five, he weighted two hundred
pounds, looked like a frog with bug eyes and big lips, had huge ham-like
hands and a high pitched voice I swear could shatter glass. His frog eyes
looked evil, and, their placement on either side of a bulbous nose below a
bald head and low forehead, did nothing to enhance his looks.

By the time, he was eighteen, J.T. had amassed a small fortune. One
day, he decided to invest that fortune in an oil well being drilled by
Donovan Oil and Gas Company, owned by the Donovan family. Unbeknownst to
J.T., the deal was already a dry hole. In essence, the Donovan family cheated him out of the product of four long and difficult years.

J.T. may not have been the man who originated the saying, "Don't get
mad, get even." Whether he started it, he certainly believed it.

William Robert Donovan, Jr., was twenty-two, recently graduated from
Rice University with an engineering degree, and newly joined the family oil
company. He was a selfrighteous, pompous young man, filled with himself
and his overvalued apprisal of his own worth and abilities. William, as
his family called him, was an All-American quarterback as well as being a
Rhodes scholar. Looking like a Nordic god, he was tall and muscular, with
a huge shock of blonde hair and blue eyes.

He hated it but most people called him Billy Bob.

Needless to say, these good looks, coupled with his daddy's money, made
him irresistible to the ladies. To avoid some tramp getting her hooks into
the family heir, Big Bill (William's father), had arranged a marriage for
William with Suellen Marcus, whose family was every bit as rich and more
socially prominent.

While Billy Bob was an ass, Suellen was a goddess.

She was so pretty the year she entered the Miss Texas contest, they just
canceled the contest and gave her the crown, on the condition she never
enter again. The Miss America contest that year was really a contest for
runner-up because the judges all declared for Suellen when the event

Besides being unbelievably beautiful, Suellen was sweet and kind, a true
and classy lady in the greatest sense of the word.

Suellen was only nineteen and a virgin when the morning of her wedding
to William Robert Donovan, Junior, dawned bright and clear. The Fourth
Baptist Church was filled to the brim with every important person in town
at seven on that lovely Saturday evening. Suellen's bridesmaids slowly
marched down the aisle to the sound of the music from the Church's grand
organ. The groomsman were all polished and ramrod straight. The
groom-to-be shifted nervously from foot to foot as all grooms do when they
stand at the alter.

When the organist began The Wedding March, the congregation arose and
turned to the back as the big doors to the center aisle swung open.

What they saw was Suellen Marcus on her back, her legs wide and straight
up in the air, as J.T. Winterbottom fucked her to oblivion.

First, let me point out, when I said J.T. had unprecedented success
with the ladies, I understated a bit. J.T. had never met a woman he could
not fuck within five minutes of first laying eyes on them. "Laying eyes
on" is the proper expression. He would focus those frog eyes on a woman
and she would began to quiver as her eyes glazed over and her legs spread.
When J.T. could smell her pussy juices running down her legs, he'd grin
and reel her in.

It'd never failed.

The rumor was J.T. started very early in life seducing his second grade
teacher when he was only eight. That poor woman apparently fell under his
spell at recess, somewhere between the merry-go-round and the slide. story is she started following him around just so she would be available whenever
he wanted to fuck. It did take a load off J.T.'s mother when the teacher
moved in with them and helped with the cooking and cleaning.

By the time he was eleven, J.T. had made his mother his personal sex
slave, which bothered his father no little amount. But, they were poor
farm folk, so sharing of the women was common. When J.T. was twelve and
captured his little sister, his father was irate because Sis had been dear
old dad's private stock. That led to J.T. leaving home, although his
teacher, who shared his room, was pregnant at the time.

Suellen was just another in a long series of conquests. But it was the
first in so public an arena.

IT SO.."

"Want to have my baby, Suellen?" he asked, his high voice reverberating
off the walls of the sanctuary.


Grunting like a wild pig and pounding like a steam-driven jackhammer,
J.T. filled Suellen up with his hot cum as she screeched "GOD HELP ME

Attendees collapsed in the pews when Suellen came, as if they too had
cum, just from watching this carnal vision. In fact, some of them had.
The groom, rather than destroyed by the open ravaging of his virgin bride
on his wedding day, had pulled out his cock, a fact noticed by the
maid-of-honor, Mary Jane Jamison, who was now sucking Billy Bob was

"J.T.," Suellen groaned. "I'm too hot. Get this dress off me!"

J.T. quickly shredded the twenty thousand dollar, hand made, Vera Wang
wedding dress, leaving Suellen in all the naked splendor that had won
America's hearts. She wrapped those lovely legs around his waist and her
beautiful arms around his neck.

"Play the goddamned music," J.T. shrieked.

The Wedding March began again, as J.T. solemnly marched down the aisle
with Suellen impaled on his cock and hanging on like a leech.

"Dum, dum, da, dum.

Dum, dum, da, dum."

"Yes. Oh, yes, J.T." Suellen was moaning as she experienced a series of
multiple orgasms perfectly timed to the hard down beat at the last "dum".
Her back was arching and relaxing, his perfect D breasts moving in unison,
as J.T. fucked her up the aisle, so to speak, and the congregation stared
at Suellen's impaled pussy and her juices dripping like rain water on the
red carpet.

When J.T. sat Suellen's ass down on the alter, she fell back with a
thump. Her head turned towards the attendees with a smile that could only
be described as holy. J.T. laid his bald head on her perfect breast and
began gnawing a nipple as Suellen rubbed his pate gently.

There was a hurried business conference as Big Bill and Walter Marcus,
Suellen's father, met with Billy Bob. The men had already started making
big plans for the combined fortune. But, some might say Suellen was
damaged goods now, so the negotiations were serious.

When J.T. pulled his monster out of Suellen, it sounded like a stump
being pulled out of a mud hole, and, caused forty-seven women, two of which
were over ninety, to faint. Within ten minutes over a million dollars had
been bet in the congregation on the sex and date of birth of Suellen's
first baby. Someone offered a hundred to one on the paternity but no one
would cover the bet.

With the whole congregation looking at her award winning body, Suellen
sat up on the alter, swinging her legs like an eight year old, giggling and
talking to the bridesmaids, all of whom were watching J.T. out of the
corner of their eyes.

The men had reached a decision, and, the Marcus family was going to have
to forfeit eight million dollars. But, Suellen was not only beautiful and
sweet, she had inherited her daddy's horse trading ability.

"Now, look Billy Bob," she said. "I know I'm not a virgin any more but
I'm still the best piece of pussy in the whole damned country. Remember
that blow job you got two nights ago? Well, my pussy's a whole lot better
than that! And my ass is just quivering it wants your cock so badly!"

Billy Bob started to twitch at that recollection and his cock, which had
been unloaded twice in Mary Jane's willing mouth, came to attention. Of
course, male groans came from the audience as they contemplated what it
might be like having their own peckers buried in Suellen's heat.

"I want to marry you, Billy Bob," Suellen continued, "Except for J.T.,
I'll be faithful. And we'll have plenty of children to raise: his and
yours. So, let's cut out the bullshit and get on with it!"

"But, the money..." Big Bill complained.

"Big Bill, shut up! We will sell the wedding pictures to Penthouse and
make up any economic loss."

After Suellen's wedding picture sale argument, the men reached an
agreement, allowing both the wedding and the merger of Donovan Oil and Gas
with Marcus Holdings to proceed.

J.T. was now trying to sneak out of the sanctuary which was difficult
since the bridesmaids had tackled him and were trying to get his jeans off.
People never have given J.T. enough credit for trying to do the right
thing. While the negotiations were in progress, he kept his back to the
audience, and, he put on his heavy sunglasses which he often wore so women
couldn't see his eyes. He wasn't trying to cause a panic as he easily
could have done.

But some folks can not leave well enough alone.

Mrs. Annamae Marcus, Suellen's mother, who had only one daughter to
marry off in the pompous and sophisticated fashion she herself had been wed
to Suellen's father many years ago, cared one whole hell of a lot that this
ceremony was not going as planned. She rose to her full height of five
feet and glared at J.T. just as he was released by the bridesmaids, all of
whom he had promised to fuck after the reception.

"Young man," she said pompously, "What have you to say for yourself."

J.T. smiled but did not answer.

"Take off those sunglasses when I am talking to you, boy!" Annamae

J.T. did as he was told.

Slowly, evenly, J.T.'s frog eyes moved across the congregation. Women
began whimpering. You could hear the sounds of zippers going down and the
whispered battles between husbands and wives over the wives desire to
spread 'em for J.T.

Then, J.T. focused on Annamae, whose knees failed her as she dropped to
kneel. He patted the alter.

"Annamae, get naked and on your back right here so I can fuck you."

It was Suellen herself who stopped the whole damn incident.

"J.T., mama's a slut and you can fuck her anytime. This is my wedding
and I want to get on with it!"

"I'm sorry, Suellen. Please. Forgive me," J.T. said humbly. He put
on his glasses and quickly exited.

"Alright, Billy Bob. You want me still?"

"Yes, Suellen. But, don't call me Billy Bob."

"Billy Bob it is," she snapped.

"Yes, hurry up with this wedding," Annamae said, thinking she would fuck
J.T. after the ceremony and being unwilling to wait much longer.

Suellen stood, the bridesmaids tried to get their dresses in order, and
the proceedings resumed.

Suellen was naked as the day she was born, with the inside of her thighs
covered in white as if Huck Finn himself has whitewashed them. Just before
she said "I do", Suellen raised one leg and shimmed, releasing a glob of
J.T's cum which landed on the brick floor with a plop that sounded like a
cow patty hitting a hot rock.

Billy Bob was all grins in spite of Suellen's indiscretion. He never
did stick his cock back in his pants and it stood at attention the whole
ceremony, a fact not lost of any of the females present. It should be
noted that while Billy Bob was not in J.T.'s class as a cocksman, his nine
and one half inches still could be appreciated by the ladies.

A disinterested observer might have noted that the entire wedding party
and most of the congregation was in one state of sexual arousal or another
throughout the ceremony. The preacher had to turn the PA system to high to
overcome groans and other random noises from the attendees and the whimpers
from the bridesmaids.

When the preacher said "You may now kiss the bride", Suellen said, "I
want to be fucked, not kissed," grabbed Billy Bob around the neck, threw
her legs around him and impaled herself on his cock, screaming like a
banshee as Billy Bob slid into home on a sea of J.T.'s making.

The groomsmen lost it and assaulted the bridesmaids, or, visa versa.
Witnesses were not sure who was assaulting whom.

The preacher, minding his own business as he stood behind the alter
petrified by the sights around him, never had a chance. Mary Jane Jamison,
Mary Elizabeth Easterwood and Mary Sue Sherman charged the groomsmen like
the Denver Broncos on a Super Bowl blitz, taking out the preacher, knocking
him asshole over teacup into the baptismal well. The church organist,
fearing for the preacher's life, dove in after him, where they could be
heard reverently calling the lord's name together.

Nine months to the day from that date, Suellen gave birth to three
adorable little girls, all spitting images of their mother, which she
named, Billy Ann, Billy Beth, and Billy Jean, although no one ever believed
Billy Bob was the father. Many other children were born about the same
time but space requirements prevents me listing all that here. Suffice to
say, the child birth section of the Houston newspaper was four pages longer
than usual.

The pictures were sold to Penthouse for four million dollars with an
extra two million for the video that went on the Internet. Penthouse had
the largest single issue sales record of any magazine in the history of
publishing. And, the Donovan-Marcus Corporation grew in leaps and bounds.

J.T. may have really loved Suellen. He did his best to make her life
happy, even lying low to avoid further scandal, although from that time
own, he spent at least one weekend a month with her without further issue

This is not the end of J.T. or of Suellen and Billy Bob.

But you knew that, didn't you.

Please! Give me your comments!

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