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"Suite Swell of Success"

Alecia D <AleciaD@altavista.com>

My story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
activity of all types and should only be read by
adults who are interested in such material. It's
also part of the Conjugate Nave Nymphomaniac
Challenge. There are a number of such stories
and these can be found on Rui Jorge's web site
at www.asstr.org.

The story is my copyright and should not be
placed on any commercial web site without my
written permission. It may be downloaded and
archived elsewhere as long as it is unchanged
and all author and copyright information remains
in tact.


"What's all the white stuff coming out of your
great big dick thingie, Mr. Smith?"

"Arrrgh, uggggh, oooow. Uh, uh, uuuuh.


I was getting tired of listening to the guy
heavy breathing and slobbering into the phone.
Four bucks a minute is an incentive to keep a
customer on the line, but sometimes enough is
enough. Glad to get rid of him. Funny how they
hang up at those romantic moments.

Phone sex is an easy way to make a living. I get
60% of the money and only work when I feel like
it which is usually less than 25 hours in a
week. This beats any job I've ever had and I can
work here at home or go into the office if I get

"Hi there Missy X. It's me Big Randy. You think
you can handle me little girl?"

"You're soooo big, Big Randy. I just don't know,
but I'll try to do my best."

"Don't worry Missy, I'll be gentle. Okay, now
tell me about the time you were visited by two
repair men when your parents weren't home. Make
sure one of them is a good looking guy of 5' 6"
and 197 pounds. Got it?"

Of course I got it. It's right here in the story
handbook except the part where I have to add the
fat guy to the story. No sweat. This is one of
my regular customers and I've never had a
problem with him.


I wonder who's at the door? Oh goodie. It's the
phone repair guys and about time. My phone's
been broken all day and I have to call my girl
friends and talk about 'N Sync and everything
important. Gosh, I just jumped out of the shower
but I have to answer the door before the men go
away. I'm sure they have daughters and see them
in towels all the time so no problem.

"Hello there little girl. My name is repairman
Randy and this is my partner Bob. We're here to
fix the phone."

The great big guys followed me to where the
phone was. It was exciting having them in the
house. I really liked that Randy guy. He was
easily 5' 6" and just towered over me. The other
guy wasn't as good looking but he did have

They were looking at me in a funny way. My ass
was sticking out of the bottom of the towel, but
that shouldn't be a problem. I mean they're
adults. I'm sure a really nice guy like Big
Randy wouldn't take advantage of a 14 year old

"Were going to need your help on this one,
Missy. The problem is in the extension cord and
you'll have to hold it up over your head."

He handed me the cord and pushed my arms up. I
felt silly standing there in nothing but a towel
with my hands over my head holding the phone
cord, but I was glad to assist in any way I
could. I didn't understand how jumping up and
down would help find the problem, but I did what
I was told since Big Randy seemed so smart and
virile. The men were watching closely so I knew
it must be helping them somehow.

When the towel fell off, Big Randy told me to
keep jumping up and down because they almost had
it figured out. I turned red when my big pillow
size breasts started to bounce around and I
could feel my ass jiggling as well. If my
parents came in, they'd think I was a slut, so
it was a good thing they weren't going to be
back for a couple of hours.

I noticed a large swelling at the front of Big
Randy's pants and suspected he might be having
bad thoughts. I knew he'd never get the phone
fixed if he kept thinking about sex. Bob seemed
to be having the same problem. Swell. Now I'll
never be able to call up Ashley and ask her what
she's doing.

I had an idea.

Yesterday when the other two repairmen came by,
they showed me some things I could do to help
men in need. Well, it might work even though I'd
hate taking advantage of a nice person like Big

The men were kind of disappointed when I stopped
jumping up and down, but they got over it when I
told them my idea.

"I see you guys got hard-ons. Do you want me to
do something about it?"

Well, of course they did. I had Big Randy sit
down on the couch and I pulled his pants and
boxers off. My, he has a wonderful looking cock.
It must be at least three or four inches long
and very slender. How perfect. Just the kind
that women adore.

He was ready to go so I knelt down between his
legs and started sucking him off. His great big
dick almost filled my mouth, but somehow I was
able to get most of it down my throat. I bobbed
my head up and down very slowly as Big Randy
seemed to be getting into it.

When I glanced over to where Bob was standing, I
noticed his pants and shorts were down around
his ankles and he had a giant erection, but not
as big as the impressive one Big Randy had of

"Bob, I'm a virgin so I can't let you fuck me
since I'm saving it for my wedding day. Maybe
you'd like to stick me in the ass instead?"

Bob grabbed my hips as I continued sucking on
Big Randy's cock. I felt Bob's dick slide easily
into my tiny asshole and he soon was pumping
away. One of the things that impressed me about
these two studs was the way they got right to
it. Neither one of them wasted a second on
foreplay or silly things like that.

We got into a perfect rhythm with Bob pounding
my ass while I sucked Big Randy's jumbo man meat
as if I was a high powered vacuum cleaner. I
slipped my hand under Big Randy's balls and let
one of my fingers touch his asshole. I moved my
finger around a little bit, and...


"Arrrgh, uggggh, oooow. Uh, uh, uuuuh.

I'm going to have slow things down with that
guy. Less than five minutes and he's off the
"Hi Roger. How nice. You brought me a glass of
white wine. You're so sweet."

My boyfriend thinks the phone sex thing is just
outrageous. He comes in sometimes and listens to
me on the phone and we have a big laugh about it
afterwards. He loves it when I pretend to be an
innocent blonde nymphomaniac or something else
just as ridiculous. I figure if a guy is going
to pay four dollars a minute he gets what he
wants to hear.
Rog calls my office the "Sex Suite" and me a
pornographer, but he never says anything bad
about the money I make from these horney people.


"Hi Gloria Jean. I'm kind of in a hurry here so
tell me about the time the two girls tricked you
into having hot lesbian sex with them."

I think I've told this guy the same story four
or five times and I never seem to make it to the
end. Roger heard this one already and he starts
heading for the door with a big smile on his
face. I can't wait till later when we have some
hot sex of our own. His cute smile always gets
me going.


"Gloria Jean, the only way you're going to learn
how to kiss is by doing it. It's okay to French
another girl if you're just practicing."

Maybe Katie was right. It seemed it might be
okay, but I still worried about kissing another
girl. My two new friends Cindy and Katie stopped
by after school today and somehow we ended up
talking about boys. Next thing I knew, I'm
thinking about French Kissing a girl.

While I was making up my mind, Katie grabbed me
and forced her tongue into my mouth. I was
scarred at first, but then started to like it. I
always wondered what a French Kiss would feel
like and now I knew.

We kissed for a long time.

I guess it was too long because Cindy broke us
up and she took her turn Frenching me right
there on the couch. Somehow her hand ended up on
my over sized tit and she just naturally started
squeezing it. I couldn't say anything because
her tongue was still in my mouth. I wanted to
tell her it was wrong, but it was feeling kind
of good and I went with the feeling.

Katie was sitting on my other side and still
holding me. I felt her hand pull up my pleated
skirt and next thing I knew she had her hand in
my white cotton under panties. I wanted to say
something, but I couldn't talk with Cindy's
tongue trying to get down my throat. Cindy took
advantage of the situation and was able to
unbutton my white school uniform blouse before I
even noticed she did it. There I was with my
blouse wide open and skirt pulled up around my
waist. I was so embarrassed.

Cindy was pushing her little hand into my
matching white bra and Katie was doing the same
at the front of my panties. All the kissing and
touching got me very confused. Somehow my
panties ended up on the floor and my tits got
pulled out of the bra.

Once the other girls had me in that condition,
they wouldn't stop. Cindy was sucking on my hard
nipples and Katie had two fingers in my pussy
where she jacked me off. I knew this wasn't
right, but it turned me on so much I just kept
letting the other two girls take advantage of my
inexperience. Something very strange happened to
me. I think it was called an orgasm or something
like that. It happened several times.

Before I knew what they were doing, the other
girls had me stripped to the skin and on my
knees. I found out that Katie wasn't wearing
panties after she pushed my head between her
legs. I decided it was only fair for me to put
my tongue into Katie's pussy because the girls
had done so much for me. I started going down on
her and she seemed to like what I was doing and
kept saying things like, "Fuck me. Eat me. Make
me cum."

I felt Cindy pull my hand in between her legs
where she forced one of my tiny fingers into her
snatch. I don't know how I was able to do it,
but I soon was masturbating her while I ate
Katie out. The two of them had an orgasm at
exactly the same time and that got me off, too.
What a sight, three very young girls screaming
in delight as they...


"Arrrgh, uggggh, oooow. Uh, uh, uuuuh.

That was a little better. Kept the guy on the
phone for almost six minutes which is about
right I guess. I sometimes think I could just
make tapes and play them instead of wasting my
time talking, but I haven't tried it yet.

I poured myself another glass of wine and waited
for the phone to ring again. I passed the time
looking through my story book. Kind of
interesting stuff. We get a book of stories from
the agency when we start working for them. When
someone asks us to tell him something we haven't
heard before, it's usually in the book. Nothing
to it then.

I can't believe some of these stories. I wonder
who writes this crap?

"Hi Chrissie. It's Studly here. I want to hear
about how you got that A in Middle School

This is one of my most popular stories. I always
have to watch myself when I tell it because I
get so bored, I add things that make it sound
stupid. Ha ha, more stupid than it already is,


"I'm sorry, Mr Studly, I forgot my homework
again and didn't have time to study so I think I
flunked my final exam just like I flunked the
mid-term. I hope this doesn't mean I'll be
getting a bad grade. I have to get at least a D
Minus if I want to be a cheer leader."

Studly just laughed at me. We both knew that I
was failing the class based on doing nothing but
bad work the whole term.

I planned this meeting for a couple of days and
knew I looked hot.

I was wearing my best silk mini-dress and high
heels. Not the kind adult women wear of course.
These were only three inches high which is what
all the girls in Middle School wear. I thought I
looked pretty good even though my dress was very
tight. Most of my clothes seem tight now that my
tits are so big. It's embarrassing to have the
biggest boobs in middle school and not be
allowed to wear a bra. My mother says that I'll
have to wait until I get to high school before
she'll get me a trainer. Everyone makes fun of
me bouncing up and down every time I take a
step, and there is always some boy following me
all around the school grounds trying to squeeze
my boobs.

"Chrissie, there's only one way you can pass
this course and that's on your back where you
belong, you little bitch. Take off your clothes
nice and slow while I watch you strip if you
want to pass this course."

He watched me take off each piece of my clothing
one item at a time. I had to start with my mini-
dress first and he found out that my mother made
me wear old fashion underwear. I bet I'm the
only little girl who wears a corset with
suspenders and black seamed silk stockings. The
corset makes my tits look even bigger with my
waist pinched together like that.

He made me tear my panties off and then rub them
between my legs. When I put the little fluffy
into his hand, he held it up to his nose and
inhaled deeply. He let out a sigh when he got a
good shot of little girl sex and I could see
from the front of his pants that he had more
than sniffing in mind.

He made me lay down on his desk and fucked me
for about two minutes before he came. His
powerful dick didn't even seem to notice and it
was still ready to go. I had to turn over next
and he jammed that big thing into my tiny little
asshole. He gave my brown spot quite a work out.
I'd already made up my mind I'd do anything Mr.
Studly wanted so I'd get a passing grade in his
class. Well, he certainly knew what he wanted
and came in my asshole two minutes later.

He made me clean off his dick with a warm towel
he just happened to have handy and then forced
me to give him a blow job. I found out that I
liked having his cock in my mouth and decided I
would really make him feel good. I sucked very
hard and moved my head up and down slowly in
time with his breathing. Since I was kneeling in
front of him, it was pretty easy to play with
his balls with one hand and his ass with my
other one. I was determined to make this last a
long time since this would be his third time
getting off in about five minutes. My gawd, what
a stud. Suddenly...


"Arrrgh, uggggh, oooow. Uh, uh, uuuuh.

Thank goodness.

I figured that was about all I handle for one
day and decided to call the agency and have them
mark me out of service.

Now where is Roger when I need some action?
"Come on Rog, let's go up to the bedroom and do
it the old fashion way by sticking something
into something or other."

He's not really hard to convince, and I know
we'll soon have some very hot sex going on.
That's about the only way I can get the phone
stuff out of my mind. It doesn't hurt that Roger
actually has a big cock and knows how to use it

He's much better than any of the fantasies I
tell my customers.

We stood by the bed and kissed. I could feel him
getting very hard. He makes me hot, hot, hot.

"I don't know how those guys can take you
seriously. You're 32 years old and somehow got
them thinking you some sort of blonde teen nymph
of 14. If they only knew what you really looked
like, I don't think it would be same for them,

The people who call me have something in mind
and don't pay that much attention to anything,
but getting off. I just have to raise my voice a
bit and sound like a Valley girl. That's all it
takes, and they're off in their little fantasy

"Some one is going to find out about you and
then what are going to do?"

I didn't have time to answer Roger because I had
more interesting things on my mind. He already
dropped my pants and I could feel his hand
searching for my cock which was swelling in
anticipation of what was to come.

The End
Alecia D <AleciaD@altavista.com>

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