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Summer Camp


Stories By Amy K.
"Summer Camp" (ff, teen, inc)
It was the summer of my thirteenth year, and my parents had decided to send me
to summer camp for two months. Fortunately, though, my cousin Samantha's
parent's also bestowed the same fate upon her, and the end result was that both
us were sent to the same camp. Little did we, nor our unsuspecting parents
realize, though, the lasting repercussions that their mutual decisions would


Things went fairly well, although somewhat uneventfully for the first three
weeks. Mostly we and the other mostly adolescent girls were arbitrarily
encouraged to participate in the standard group activities and attempt to make
new friends. Unfortunately, though, I was still at that awkward stage of my life
where I wasn't the most athletically inclined teenager, and making friends for
me was difficult due to my intense shyness. So mostly I found myself in the
presence of my cousin, and best friend, Samantha.

Several weeks before we had been sent to camp, Samantha and I had been beginning
to have rather, embarrassing at the time, conversations concerning sex. At that
point we hadn't discussed anything too wild, though. Mostly simple speculation
about boys, and the like. We had even experimentally kissed each other lightly
on the lips late one night on one of our frequent sleepovers the previous
summer, but it hadn't gone any farther than that. However, even in the light
these facts, I still had no conception of what was to come. Or become, of our

It was about one in the afternoon, and we were fortunate enough to have the
remainder of the day to entertain ourselves. This was due to the Camp's
Councilors having had some odd problem or other delegating responsibility, thus
no one had scheduled any arbitrary activities for us to participate in.

For the first time that summer I felt more at ease, knowing that I wouldn't have
to be in the company of strangers for at least part of the day if I didn't want
to, and I was looking forward to going swimming with Samantha. Unfortunately,
though, my cousin had pulled a disappearing act shortly after the announcement
had been made. Leaving me feeling somewhat lost and distraught without her.

So, after wandering around half aimlessly for twenty minutes, almost afraid to
approach any of the other girls about whether they'd seen Samantha or not, I
made my way back to the cabin we shared with three others in hopes of finding
her there.

Unfortunately, she was not to be found there either. What I did find,
though, was one of the other girls changing into her one-piece bathing suit. I
blushed a bright red as I entered the cabin and saw the fourteen-year-old girl
standing there before me, half naked except for the lower half of her bathing
suit which she was just pulling up to cover her small perky breasts.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry!" I stammered, but the girl merely shrugged, seeming
unconcerned by the presence of another female. But then, I myself was much more
self-conscious at that age, and the presence of another girl naked before made
me feel mildly uncomfortable. Although, in retrospect, I now know the real
reason for this...

"Um, have you seen Samantha around..?" I asked nervously, as she pulled her
bathing suit on the rest of the way, and I couldn't help but notice the way it
clung tightly to her slender body and the small twin bumps on her budding
breasts where her nipples pushed at the thin material.

The girl looked thoughtful for a moment and nodded her head nonchalantly. "Ya,"
she replied, "She was her a little while ago. 'Told me that there was a message
for you under your pillow." And with that, the girl raced off to join her

I thanked her and went over to my bed. The first thing that struck me was the
fact that someone had taken my blanket. I thought it a little odd, but lifted up
my pillow and retrieved the note from Samantha anyway.

I read it over and gave it a suspicious look. It read simply, "Go to the nature
trail from yesterday. Follow it, and turn off the path to the left at the huge
boulder. There you will find a big surprise. Yours truly, Samantha".

I shrugged to myself, and thought little of it. I assumed that my cousin had
simply found some secluded spot away from the others where we could just kinda
hang out and talk. So, with my innocence still in tact, I set off to follow my
cousin's directions into the woods along the nature trail...


After a short time, I found the large boulder that we had seen the day before on
our group excursion and as proscribed, turned off the path, through several
meters of semi-dense brush, into a grove of trees. I almost immediately
regretted wearing jean-shorts that day, as the sharp thorns of whatever I was
wading through seemed to reach out and grab at my legs, but I continued onward.
I trusted my cousin Samantha implicitly, and also, I had curiosity that was
dying to be satisfied.

Soon, I found Samantha in a small clearing within a grove of trees. She was
sitting cross-legged on my blanket, and hadn't seemed to have notice me as yet,
as her long red hair spilled over the paperback novel that she was reading.

I quietly stepped forward and knelt before, causing my cousin to look up and
blush as smiled at me. "Hi, Sam!" I called sarcastically, moving her hair out of
the way so that I could look into her lovely green eyes, "What's this I hear
about a surprise?"

Samantha gave me a mischievous grin and put down the book. "Well," she explained
with a slyness in her voice, "You see, I've been reading this interesting novel
that I nipped from Councilor Margo. It's just so full of naughty things that two
little girls like us could do on a rainy day..."

"But it's not raining, Sam!" I laughed, foolishly interrupting her, "And
besides, won't you get in trouble for stealing?"

"I certainly hope so..." Samantha said seductively as she stood up, "Because
then maybe I'd get a good spanking!"

I couldn't help but laugh at her comment, but Samantha wasn't laughing, her deep
green eyes reflected a certain hunger that I had only begun to understand. It
was the hunger to touch, to feel, to experience some of the previously
unimagined acts of love that she'd been reading up on.

"You're too much!" I giggled, not yet catching on, and fell backwards on the
blanket to stare up at my cousin with innocent expectation. Mostly to see what
she'd say and do next, but also because I actually had a fondness for staring up
at my pretty adolescent cousin. I couldn't help but enjoy the gentle athletic
curves of her body, and the way she wore her aura of confidence proudly like a
second skin.

There was an awkward silence between us for several moments as I noticed the way
she looking at me. I had seen the look before, but had thought nothing of it,
but this time, I saw the desire in her eyes.

I also noticed the way her gaze slowly moved down my young body, assessing it
and making little judgements about my appearance as I could almost feel her lust
filled gaze upon me as she admired my body. The sweet innocence in my blue/green
eyes, the pale golden colour of my sun bleached hair that had been tied into a
single long ponytail, the look of complete trust and admiration on my youthful
face. The way my small breasts barely pushed up against my white T-shirt, the
way my loose fitting jean sorts came down to cover just the very top of my pale
soft skinned thighs, and down my short thin legs to by sandal clad feet.
Samantha smiled softly, obviously approving of my young, supple, adolescent
body, as she noticed that I was beginning to admire her's as well.

It was then that I caught myself looking back up at her with a touch of envy.
Although she was a mere eight months older than I was, Samantha was leaps and
bounds ahead of me developmentally. She well on her way to loosing most of
innocent looking features that a girl of her age possessed. Her more angular
facial features lacked my more rounded innocent look that I had, but it gave her
a look of authority and womanliness that made people mistake her for being
older. Even Samantha's self-assured grin detracted from the fact that she was
still a very young teenager, and the quickly developing rise of her firm bosom
just beneath her camp T-shirt added to the effect. She was also usually tall for
her age, with longish, beautifully athletic legs that marked her as an avid

My cousin tilted her head to one side, letting her long, curly red hair obscure
her face once again as we both suddenly spoke in unison. "Your beautiful..."
came our mutual reply, causing both of us to blush bright red, and me to cover
my face as I began giggling uncontrollably while Samantha bowed her head with a
nervous grin.

As I rolled around on the blanket, giggling like a schoolgirl, feeling terribly
embarrassed by our mutual admission, I felt soft cool fingers upon my left
wrist. I somehow found the strength to end my giggle fit, and peeked out shyly
from between my fingers up at Samantha once again.

What I saw was my cousin gently pulling one of my hands away from my face with a
look of nervous determination in her eyes as she carefully coaxed me into a
sitting position. I smiled, blushing again as I noticed that she'd practically
been lying over top of me when she had reached for my wrist.

Once we were both sitting cross-legged facing one another, Samantha began to
slowly lean forward towards me. I smiled mischievously, and leaned back as she
came towards me, inadvertently teasing my cousin. But soon I found her firm hand
just behind my head as I leaned back. Its presence stopped any further movement,
and I could feel her playfully taking hold of my ponytail.

"Sam, what are you doing?" I inquired, although I suspected that she would once
again kiss me, just as we had done the previous summer.

But my cousin was silent as she leaned ever closer to me, neglecting to answer
my question with words. I could now feel my pulse racing faster and faster as
the girl slowly and intently closed the gap between our young lips. All the
while my stomach tightened with nervous expectation, yet I felt no further
desire to end my cousin's slow advance, or to let that moment of strange comfort
pass too quickly.

Soon, as I closed my eyes in anticipation, I could feel Samantha's warm nervous
breath against my face, as her long hair tickled my nose. I then found myself
tilting my head to one side, almost instinctively as my cousin released my wrist
and brushed her long hair out of the way before tilting her head the opposite
way. Both of us slowly becoming oblivious to all other sounds except for the
soft noises of our mutually uneven breathing.

"I...I'm not sure that we should..." I whispered nervously, opening my eyes just
a little to look into my cousin's for reassurance. But found her finger placed
gently upon my lips.

"Shh..." she whispered, "It's alright..." and with her words in my ears I gave
her finger a soft kiss before it departed, trusting my cousin not to do anything
that we might regret later. After all she had been my best friend since

As I closed my eyes for the second time, I heard the sound of Samantha wetting
her full soft lips, just before I felt their gentle touch upon my own. My cousin
paused for a moment, just barely touching me. Waiting breathlessly for the
negative response that never came, before pressing her lips more tightly against
mine for long moment. She them pulled back ever so slightly and I feel a certain
sense of loss as our lips parted. Only to be replaced by the tip of her tongue
brushing a gentle path over my lips for the briefest moment.

The sensation sent an electric charge from mouth to my clit, as though it were a
lightning rod and I actually jerked back in surprise. I looked up at my cousin
once again and Samantha smiled lovingly down at me as she undid my ponytail
before moving in closer once again.

We both signed softly as our lips touched once again, and I brought my arms up
to embrace Samantha tightly. It felt so good, at that moment, to taste her lips
upon my own, that I leaned back once again, into a much more submissive posture,
inviting my cousin to show me what other surprises she had in store for me.

'This has got to be a dream...' I thought to myself, as Samantha ran her fingers
gently through my soft hair, but I didn't wake up. This was no definitely dream.
Infact, it was almost more real than anything I had experienced before.

I could then feel my cousin's other hand slowly caressing its way down my spine,
applying pressure in just the right way as to send chills through me as we
kissed. Then, taking advantage of the soft little moans that she was inducing,
Samantha let her tongue slide slowly and carefully between my slightly parted

I sighed contentedly as Samantha's strong fingers found all the sensitive areas
along my back while her exploring tongue slid along my lips, wetting them for
what was to come.

All the while I nervously copied some of my cousin's movements, running my hands
over her back at random, and once, experimentally giving her firm round ass a
slight squeeze before bringing my hands up to her hair. As the pleasure built
inside of me, I took twin handfuls of Samantha's hair and pressed my lips
tighter against her's as her tongue finally wove its way into my mouth and found
my own.

We held each other close once again, Samantha's hands still massaging my back,
occasionally running down to gently squeeze my bottom as our adolescent breasts
pushed against each other. I could feel my nipples harden as my cousin rubbed
herself against my smaller chest, whist I unconsciously pulled at her hair, with
just enough pressure to cause Samantha to realize that she enjoyed the

In response, my cousin gasped quietly, her lips parting from mine as she smiled
with genuine joy and began to untuck my T-shirt from my shorts. "What are you
doing, Sam?" I inquired playfully, leaning back just a little, to give her more
room in the front.

"Don't talk with your mouth full, little girl!" she chuckled, and kissed me
deeply once again, her tongue licking along my teeth teasingly.

'What a strange feeling..." I pondered wistfully, enjoying the way that my
cousin's hands and tongue made me feel, barely noticing the way all thoughts of
doubt or guilt had simply left my mind.

I soon found Samantha's hands underneath my shirt, slowly making their way up my
back. They were warm now, the chill from her initial nervousness had somehow
vanished as my cousin's hands explored my young adolescent body as though it
were the most natural thing in the world. Samantha then began moving them around
to the front, her palms suspended over my skin with just her finger tips running
over my ribs to slightly tickle and tease me as she went.

The sensation made me feel strangely vundrable, and I quickly grabbed my cousin
by the wrists, forcing her palms flat on my ticklish flanks. She giggled to
herself, knowing my weakness and found my tongue with her own to stop any
further protest.

But as she did so, I moved my hands up to her face, and gently caressed her soft
skinned, pale features before pulling her head back ever so slightly. Our
tongues reluctantly sliding from each other's mouths, before carefully and
tentatively touching one another in the space between our lips. At first we
simply touched with just the tips of our tongues, carefully experimenting with
every ounce of sensual pleasure that we could derive. But soon, I found myself
pushing forward just a little to entwine my tongue around my cousin's as best I

It was then that I noticed that Samantha's hands had crept up over my stomach,
and her fingertips were just starting to play along the undersides of my small
breasts. I couldn't help but jump a little at the sensation, and pull by mouth
away form Samantha's.

"Oh no you don't!" she teased, quickly holding me at the sides once more, so
that I was forced to remain in place as she leaned forward to kiss me once more,
lest she tickle again.

Her kiss was light upon my lips, and was followed up by a playful lick across my
lips. My cousin then pulled back of her own volition as I rested my hands upon
her bare thighs, experimentally running them down to her knees and back up

"That's nice," whispered Samantha, glancing downward to watch my small hands
caress her athletic thighs and give her knees a gentle squeeze.

"And so are your legs..." I replied, blushing at my admission, and turning my
head away just as she leaned in to kiss me.

"Oh, you tease!" my cousin joked as she caught a mouthful of hair, causing me to
giggle as she made a show of removing it from her mouth.

As if in response to my feigned reluctance to let Samantha kiss me, my cousin
moved my hair aside to reveal my ear. She then gave it a careful kiss and ran
her tongue across it, tracing the path of my ear lobe.

I could then hear Samantha's giggle as I gasped loudly at the newly found
sensation, and dug my little fingers into thighs as her tongue continued along
its chosen path. She then dragged it down past my ear, and over my neck. Making
me tilt my head farther over, before making her way back up by placing soft
loving kisses upon my neck all the way back along a different route, past and
over my chin to my waiting lips.

"That'll teach you!" she chuckled, as her hands resumed their ascent up towards
my breasts, using only her fingertips.

"Mmm, I don't know about that," I commented teasingly, as I glanced at her
through my longish bangs.

"Oh, really!" Samantha laughed, feeling my hands taking hold of her ass once
again to give it a firm squeeze, "Now who's taking advantage of who?"

"Oh, I think that it's pretty much mutual!" I giggled, and leaned forward to
slide my tongue playfully into Samantha's earlobe.

The girl almost lost it right then and there. I could feel her hands grab hold
of my breasts a little too roughly, and squeeze my nipples between her fingers
with enough pressure to cause me to cry out in a sudden wave of unknown

"OH!" I gasped, loving the sensation of another girl's hands upon my tits as my
nipples were squeezed just enough, "I-! I-! Don't stop!"

"You are sooo bad!" Samantha gasped as I hugged myself against her, "I
think I may have to take you over my knee!"

Upon hearing my cousin's words, combined with the way she began a much more
gentle fondling of small adolescent bosom, I felt a strange pressure building
inside of me as the muscles in my pussy clenched. I could almost feel the way my
clit rubbed against my panties as I shuddered and panted, on the verge of
screaming against the force of my first orgasm.

After I had calmed down somewhat, and my breathing slowed, I found myself
laughing with my head against Samantha's shoulder. I sat up straight and looked
her in the eyes as I giggled almost uncontrollably, but she only stared back at
me in amazement. Her deep green eyes full of envious wonder.

"Wow..." my cousin mused, her hands dropping to her sides, "It really doesn't
take you all that long, does it?"

At her comment, I burst out laughing even harder, and fell back onto my blanket,
holding my stomach with one hand and covering my face with the other to hide my

"Hey!" she said slyly, trying to sound hurt, "No fair! You're being mean and not

I peeked out form between my little fingers and soon my giggles turned into a
gasp. "Don't you want me?" she inquired, in her sweetest and most seductively
innocent voice, as she slowly lifted her camp T-shirt up past her stomach and
over her young adolescent breasts.

My cousin wore no bra underneath, so my view if her truly beautifully
developing bosom was uninhibited. They stood almost straight out, topped by
small, hardened reddish nipples and seemed to me to be so much more captivating
than mine could ever be.

I stammered for a moment, unable to properly articulate my thoughts, as my
cousin completely removed her top, and knelt half-naked before me. Even though I
had seen a similar sight may times before as we were growing up, I still found
myself staring in awe at Samantha's near nakedness.

"Amy," she whispered, looking me directly in the eyes as she tossed her shirt
aside, "I want you..."

I listened to her almost pleading voice, as though it were the most beautiful
sound imaginable. And at that moment, it was. "What... What do you want me to
do..?" I asked somewhat timidly.

"I want you to touch me," responded Samantha, taking her breasts in her hands in
an attempt to augment their size by pushing them out towards me as best she
could, "I want you to make love to me, Amy... And I want to do the same for

I nodded slowly, my pulse racing with nervousness as I adjusted myself so that I
was kneeling before her, and leaned far forward, my lips not far from her
stomach. From this vantage point I was able to place a timid kiss upon
Samantha's navel, and slid my tongue out to teasingly enter her there. For a few
moments I giggled as my cousin tried not to laugh as I tickled her with my
tongue before making my way slowly up, over her flat stomach. All the while, I
could feel her long fingers running affectionately through my hair.

"Keep going..." I heard Samantha sigh as I ran my slightly parted lips ever up
wards. Pausing to kiss her soft skin every so often, as my cousin moaned softly
in anticipation.

As I went higher, I placed my hands on Samantha's bare thighs once again, and
experimentally slid my hands forward, squeezing and kneading her athletic thighs
until my finger tips disappeared underneath the legs of her shorts. I smiled as
I could feel the goose bumps rising under my fingers as I found that my cousin
had neglected to wear panties.

By this time I had neared Samantha's breasts, and I playfully gave each of her
nipples a light kiss as I slid my hands a little farther inside her shorts. I
could feel the sparse of curls of her dark red pubic hair just above her pussy
as I ran my thumbs over it, unwittingly coming dangerously close to her clit.

I looked up from my cousin's breasts and looked longingly into her deep green
eyes. "Do you like it?" I inquired shyly.

Samantha opened her mouth as if to say something, and smiled sarcastically
before taking my face in her hands and kissing me hard upon the lips. I could
feel her tongue slide forcefully into my mouth, and I sent my own to join it
without hesitation. Little knowing that I had managed to induce a small orgasm
within Samantha.

"I want you so much!" the girl managed as she caught her breath, and pushed
against my shoulders until I fell carefully backwards onto my blanket. Once
there, my cousin began franticly struggling to pull down my zipper, and unbutton
my jean shorts. In her eyes there was a look of almost pure animal lust as she
pulled off my shorts to reveal my simple white panties.

"What's the rush?" I inquired teasingly, propping myself up on my elbows as I
watched mer with a bemused expression.

Samantha paused, just as she was reaching up to take down my undergarments and
nodded. "I'm sorry," she replied nodding, "It's just that it's getting late, and
I just wanted to try something..."

"Be my guest!" I giggled as my cousin shuffled down and began kissing my thighs
where they met my panties, with long, slow, sensuous kisses.

The effect was almost immediate. As she ran the tip of her tongue down my inner
thigh, I began moaning softly. My body quivering with ecstasy as Samantha made
her way down one leg, and up the other before tracing a path over both legs with
the tip of her tongue, following the line of my panties.

All the while my moans increased in pitch as I began periodic short little cries
of ecstasy, only occasionally articulating my feelings with breathlessly gasped
words. "OH! It's so-! Good!" I managed as Samantha hands found their way up over
my chest, to cup my small breasts lightly, before squeezing my nipples with a
gentle pressure.

I could almost feel her watching me, with a wide grin of satisfaction as I
writhed beneath her sensual onslaught. All the while her merciless tongue
continued its work, carefully poking and prodding at my virgin pussy through my
panties until a dampness soaked though.

Soon my body began to shudder, and I began clutching and pulling at Samantha's
long red hair for support, which only seemed to spur her on. She then chose to
slowly pull my panties down over my developing hips and began running her tongue
through my sparse, downy yellow pubic hair until she found my clit. And with
that, I let go completely.

I nearly screamed a the top of my lungs as the purest joy exploded within me,
and Samantha soon found her chin drenched by my clear sticky pussy juices. In
response, my cousin quickly moved over top of me and covered my mouth with her
own to muffle my screams. As a side effect of her action, I tasted myself upon
her lips as my juices that were upon her chin followed gravity to our tightly
pressed together lips. But this only heightened my excitement as I grabbed hold
of my cousin, hugging her tightly as I slowly calmed back down...


For the remainder of our time before dinner call, we lay together on my blanket,
on the ground in the woods. I felt as though we were the last two humanbeings in
the world, and for several long, comforting minutes we were. I lay with my head
against my cousin's chest, as she held me tightly, and I tried to sort through
my mixed emotions as I took comfort in the sound of her heartbeat and the warmth
of her soft skin until it was time go...
The End

Written by Amy K. (
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)


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