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Archived Sex Stories

Summer Consquences

Stories By Amy K. (IceSenshi@Yahoo.com)

"Summer Consequences" (Fff, Teen, Spank, NC, Inc, Dom, Bond, etc...)

As Amy and Samantha lay naked in each others arms on Amy's blanket in the woods
Samantha stirred long enough to pick up Camp Councilor Margo's book. The young
teenager sighed contentedly as Amy held her, and flipped lazily through the
pages of novel. Soon, she found the chapter she'd been reading and smiled
contentedly reading as her cousin dozed.

The chapter she had been reading depicted scene where a woman was dominating a
man sexually. Making him do all sorts of demeaning, humiliating and degrading
tasks. Most of which had sexual overtones. The woman, who had to be referred to
as "Mistress" at all times made the man cater to her every whim, be it suckling
her toes, or taking a strap on dildo up his ass.

The whole scene intrigued Samantha greatly, and as she read on she imagined
herself as the woman in the story. The thought of a man referring to her as
"Mistress Samantha" causing her young adolescent body to quiver with renewed

The girl sighed heavily, as she took the hand of her sleeping cousin in her own,
and moved it downward. Soon Samantha had maneuvered Amy's small hand down to
cover her pussy, and with the utmost care, as not to rose the sleeping little
girl, Samantha took Amy's index finger and rubbed it against her clit

Her cousin snuggled in closer in her sleep, brushing up against Samantha's
breast and rubbing her nipple as the girl's own finger was used to manipulate
Samantha's little clit. Sam then went back to her reading, as she used her
cousin's fingers to stimulate herself, and was soon panting quietly as she went.

As time progressed, Samantha found herself unable to contain her excitement, and
put down the book as she began pushing Amy's little finger inside of herself as
she fondled her left breast. Soon, Samantha's soft groans awakened Amy, and the
thirteen-year-old giggled as she found her wetted finger deep inside her
cousin's pussy, being vigorously thrust in and out almost against her will.

"Let me help you a little more," Amy offered with a giggle and began finger-
fucking Samantha on her own, leaving the girl to rub her clit. Amy smiled,
lowering her face to her cousin's unoccupied breast, and began to gently suckle
its hard little nipple, running her tongue in slow circles around it as she

"Samantha..." purred Amy, as she adjusted her fingers to rub Samantha's pussy
juices into the girl's clit.

"Yes..?" her cousin moaned in response as she gave Amy's round little ass a

"Please, read to me..." replied Amy, giving Samantha's clit a slight pinch.

"Oh-! Okay! Okay!" she laughed and picked up the book once again, "Just let me
find a good part... OH! Here we go...Well, there is this young little girl who
winds up going to a private school. But one day she gets caught listening in on
a faculty meeting and...OH! No, I don't think you can handle THAT, little

"Oh..." pouted Amy, kissing Samantha's neck, "Please don't tease me, Sam! It's
not fair..."

Samantha chuckled and looked deeply into Amy's blue/green eyes with adoration
before kissing the girl full upon the lips. Both girls sighed contentedly and
hugged each other closer as their tongues entwined.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart," said Samantha, once their lips had parted, "I just
like teasing you, I guess. You just look so cute when I do it... But, yes, I'll
read to you. Just lay back, and enjoy..."

Amy cuddled up closer and Samantha took a deep breath before preparing to read.
Unfortunately, as she opened her mouth, she gasped in horror. From the bushes a
figure emerged. It was the owner of the book Samantha now held. Councilor Margo.

The tall dark haired woman glared down contemptuously at the two little girls
who stared back up at her with shock and horror. "Just what do you two think
you're doing?!" the woman demanded, putting her hands on her hips and glaring

"I-! I-! I can explain!" stammered Amy, as tears formed in her eyes.

"No! It's-! It's ALL MY fault!" Samantha injected, hoping to protect her cousin
form he woman's wrath.

"Silence!" commanded Councilor Margo, pointing an accusing finger at Samantha,
and eyeing the stolen book. "So then!" she continued with grim satisfaction, "It
seems that you two are not only thieves, but little whores as well! Hm! Well,
then. I guess you two will just have to be punished twofold!"

"No! Please!" pleaded Samantha, dropping the book, "It's not as bad as it seems!
Honest! The whole thing is MY fault! I stole your book, I admit it... And I
seduced Amy as well. I'm sooo sorry! Just please...Don't tell our parents...
I'll do anything..."

"So! It's like THAT, is it?" commented Margo with a smirk, "Well, I guess I know
just how to punish naughty little girls like you, Miss Samantha!"

"No!" cried Amy, hugging her cousin protectively, "If you must to punish
someone, punish me!"

"Ha!" laughed Councilor Margo, looking lustily at the two young teens, "You
wouldn't last two minutes! However, I think I'll just punish BOTH of you!"

"Ohhh!" moaned both girls in unison holding each other close, tears welling up
in their innocent eyes.

"Come along now, little ones!" ordered Councilor Margo ushering the two girls to
their feet as she carefully examined their young bodies, "And don't bother with
your clothes! You won't be needing them where you're going..!"


For several long, arduous minutes, Margo led the two frightened thirteen-year-
olds farther down along the narrow winding path of the nature trail. Every
passing moment bringing them a greater and greater distance from the security of
their discarded clothing and the camp. As well as farther and farther away form
the comfort and security of their clothes.

As the forest fell silent of all other human sounds, the noises of the animals
increased in volume, causing the girls to shiver with fright as the trees seemed
to close in around them. Seeing this, Margo to snickered to herself, spurning
the girls onward with threats of further punishment were they to try to turn
back or try run.

Soon, though, they neared an old log cabin. Tall pine trees surrounded it and
the windows seemed to be covered by thick, heavy black curtains. The door was
made of heavy oak, and was locked by a huge deadbolt. It seemed as though no
human had been there in many years, which meant that the cabin was long since
forgotten. Thus no one was likely to happen by and come to the girl's rescue.

"Get inside!" ordered Margo once she had unlatched the lock and swung open the
door. The girls both nodded, squealing loudly as Margo gave them both a hard
slap across their small round asses.

Once inside, Margo slammed the door shut behind her, causing both young teens to
jump and cry out once again. The woman smirked at their frightened reactions,
locking the door before walking around to face the two young girls.

"So!" she began, pacing back and forth before them whist they attempted to hide
their bodies modestly. They both folded their arms across their chests and
squeezed their young legs closely together, but their efforts were mostly in
vane. "You little sluts think that stealing and lying naked in the woods
together, doing who knows what to each other is acceptable behavior for young
girls at this camp do you?!"

They both bowed their heads in shame as Margo continued, "And just how old are
you little whores anyway?"

"I-I'm thirteen..." stammered Amy nervously, trying to hide behind her hair.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, cunt!" Margo demanded, before turned her
attention to Samantha, "And how about you, you little thieving slut?"

"I'll be fourteen in September," announced Samantha, looking boldly into
Councilor Margo's dark brown eyes.

Margo glared at the girl's defiant look and grabbed Samantha by the wrist,
pulling the girl towards her. "When you speak to me," the woman instructed,
pulling Samantha by the arm towards the kitchen table, which was in one corner
of the room, "You shall address me as Mistress! Is that understood, slut?!"

"Y-yes..." came Samantha's whispered reply as the woman forced her bend over the
table facing Amy.

"'Yes' what?!" the woman demanded, holding the girl down with a firm hand on the
back of her neck, and her other hand raised high above Samantha's ass.

Yes, Councilor Margo," replied the teenager defiantly, with a smirk.

"NO!" yelled Margo angrily, causing Amy to jump again, as Margo's hand slapped
down hard against her cousin's bottom. "You WILL refer to me as 'Mistress
Margo'! Is that understood, Miss Samantha the Slut?!"

"Yes...Mistress Margo..." murmured Samantha through gritted teeth.

"Infact," continued the woman with a cruel grin, "Your name is no longer
'Samantha'... It's 'Slut'! Do you understand this, Slut?!"

"Yes, Mistress Margo..." Samantha replied quietly.

"Good!" the woman laughed, and smacked her hand hard against Samantha's athletic
butt once again, causing the girl's body to jerk slightly against the pain.

"Oooh!" taunted Margo, squeezing the girl's reddened ass cheek, "You must get a
lot of exercise! Good... Because I like a girl who can take punishment!"

With that, the woman backed away, and turned to open a large trunk, which sat on
the floor near the table. From it she pulled four pairs of shiny metal
handcuffs. Margo smiled to herself as she looked over her shoulder at Amy. "Miss
Amy! Come here... NOW!"

Amy tried to look as sweet and innocent as possible, which for her wasn't
difficult, as she shuffled over to the woman nervously. "Y-yes, Mistress
Margo..?" came Amy's timid reply.

"Bind Slut's ankles to the table legs!" ordered Margo, handing Amy two pairs of
handcuffs, "And make it quick! Your parents are expecting you back in late
August after all!"

Amy shivered visibly, as a chill went down he spine. "Yes...Mistress Margo..."
she whimpered, kneeling down between her cousin's shapely legs. The girl
sniffled, wiping away a tear as she took hold of Samantha's right leg and pushed
it carefully against the table leg. Amy then obediently, but hesitantly fastened
one of the handcuffs to her cousin's ankle, and then to the table leg before
moving on to the next, leaving Samantha with her legs spread wide apart.

This done, Amy stood up once again and immediately stared wide-eyed down at her
cousin. "Oh my!" she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

"Don't you be getting any ideas!" commanded Margo, securing handcuffs on
Samantha's wrists, that she then bound to the other set of table legs. "Now,
this little cunt belongs to me!" Margo laughed, "Is that understood, you little

"Yes!" pleaded Amy, staring down at her cousin with mixed emotions.

"Yes?!" demanded Margo, grabbing something more out of the trunk, "What do you
mean 'Yes?!"

"OH!" cried Amy, looking up with tears in her pretty eyes, "I'm so sorry! I'm so
very sorry, Mistress Margo! Please forgive me!"

"Oh...I'll forgive you!" teased Margo, brandishing some odd bit of leather, "Now
why don't you be a good little cunt and go sit down in that nice little chair
for your Mistress!"

"You...You won't hurt us, will you, Mistress Margo?" inquired Amy nervously, in
her most sweet and innocent of voices before obediently taking a seat in the
hard wooden chair Margo had motioned to.

"Oh, no. Not at all, little one..." Margo commented condescendingly, stretching
out the length of leather that she had acquired as she walked behind the chair,
"I could never really hurt a sweet little girl like you!"

The woman then used the strip of leather to bind the girl's hands behind her,
before, threading it underneath the chair to bind Amy's ankles to the chair
legs. "Mmm... I have so much more interesting things planned for a sweet young
cunt like you, little girl!" continued Margo, "Infact, I think that I rather
like that name... From now on you are no longer 'Amy'. You are to be known as
'Cunt'! Understand? So! When I say, 'Hey, Cunt!', what are you gonna say?"

"Um... 'Yes, Mistress Margo?'" inquired Amy sheepishly, looking down at the

"Good!" laughed Margo, glancing over at her other captive, "Now we can almost
get started!"

With that, Margo walked over to the chest once again. "I ever do so hope that
your enjoying this, Slut," she commented, walking back to the chest to remove
several more objects from it, "because it's your turn next!"

Samantha merely narrowed her eyes defiantly at the woman's comment, and gritted
her teeth as Margo grabbed her by the hair before yanking the girl's head up in
order to jab a pillow underneath her chin in order to give Samantha a better

Margo then turned her attention towards Amy once more. On her face she wore an
almost sadistic grin as in each hand she held an open clothespin. "Wha-? What
are you gonna do with those?!" questioned Amy with a shaky voice and eyes wide
with fear.

Margo failed to reply immediately as she walked over to Amy and held the two
clothespins open over the girl's small pink nipples. "For this, of course!" she
finally announced as Amy started crying.

"NOOO!" the bound teenager cried, shaking her head violently from side to side,
Please! Don't, Mistress Margo! It'll hurt too much!"

"Oh, it will.... But only for a while!" laughed Margo, letting go of both
clothespins at the same time, and grinning broadly at her cruel handiwork as Amy
screamed and cried at the top of her lungs for several moments whilst Samantha
struggled against her bonds.

"You're going to far!" Samantha yelled but Margo merely laughed.

"You haven't seen how far I'm willing to go yet, Slut!" the woman replied with a
smirk, "But don't worry! Your turn is coming up shortly. So why don't you sit
tight and enjoy the show. Hopefully you'll learn something!"

As Amy's screams died down, Margo knelt down in front of the girl. "That's it,
Cunt," the woman said in a soothing voice, as she wiped away Amy's tears with
her hand, enjoying the soft texture of the young girl's skin, "Go ahead! Scream
all you want! Cry to your heart's content! I don't mind... And neither shall
anyone else. For you see, the walls are quite soundproof. Also, we're quite a
ways from camp, so I wouldn't bet on anyone else showing up to rescue you. So,
my advice to you, is to either relax and enjoy it... Or don't!

"Now, then I am fully aware that you little friend, Slut, is completely
responsible for all of this. She's the one who stole my little book, she's the
one who lured you out into the woods, and she's the one who seduced you. So
really, she's entirely to blame! Isn't that right, Cunt?!"

Amy shook her head as tears ran down her cute little face. "No!" she exclaimed
tearfully, "It was both of us!"

"You forgot to say 'Mistress Margo'!" taunted the woman and gave one of the
clothespins a painful squeeze.

"Oww!" Amy cried as the woman twisted the clothespin, "Stop it! Please stop it,
Mistress Margo! It hurts!"

"That's better," commented Margo with a grin of satisfaction, letting go of the
clothespin and standing with her long tanned, athletic legs spread apart, and
her hands on her hips, "Now then, I have a confession to make... I REALLY like
my job. Especially the part about disciplining young, sweet, innocent,
adolescent girls like you, Cunt! I just adore sweet young pussies! And I think
that you're just ripe for the picking!"

Amy's eyes went wide and she blinked several times in confusion, the woman's
words making her quite speechless, but strangely aroused. Meanwhile, Margo took
hold of her Camp Councilor shirt and gave Amy a peculiar wink before pulling it
over her head.

The bound girl had to bite her lower lip as Margo's full firm breasts sprang
free of the confines of her dull green T-shirt. Amy was almost entranced by the
way the woman's nipples had hardened at the mere sight of her young thirteen-
year-old body, tied helplessly to a chair.

"Oh! So I see that I please you, Cunt!" chuckled Margo, discarding her T-shirt,
"Well then, we'll just have to play a little game that I like to play with all
the young little girls in my care! It goes like this. If cunt here can make me
cum, I'll just let her off with a good hard spanking. But, if she fails, I'll
put THIS to good use!"

Margo smiled triumphantly as she pulled a third clothespin from the pocket of
her jean shorts. "You know," she said sweetly, turning to face to Samantha,
"little girls have a third place where these can go! And you'd enjoy seeing
that. Wouldn't you, Slut?"

"No, Mistress Margo," replied Samantha with a bit of a smirk.

"I don't think that you're taking this at all seriously, Slut!" commented Margo
sternly, and walking over to a small fridge, "Well, in that case, I'll just have
to up the odds a little... Just to show you just how serious this situation is!"

Margo then opened up the freezer portion and pulled out an ice cube before
walking over to Samantha and continuing. "So, I'll just give you a time limit,
Cunt!" announced Margo as she took hold of Samantha's ass in one hand and spread
the girl's cheeks apart. The woman then gave a sinister grin before placing the
cold ice cube against Samantha's asshole and pushing against it until the girl
cried out and the object slid part way inside.

"There we go!" chuckled Margo triumphantly, taking her hands away, "The timer is
now set!"

"OH!" exclaimed Samantha, "It's sooo cold!"

"I should hope so!" laughed Margo, walking back over to Amy, "Now, the new rules
are as follows; If Slut somehow manages to pry loose that ice cube, you loose,
Cunt. And if the ice cube melts before I cum... Then you loose as well!
Understand, Cunt?"

"Y-yes, Mistress Margo..." answered Amy, shifting nervously in her seat.

"Good!" said Margo, unbuttoning her shorts, and pulling them down around her
ankles, revealing her lightly trimmed dark brown pussy hair to the girl.

Amy swallowed hard at the sight of the woman's beautiful body. Her lightly
tanned skin, her firm soft breasts topped by small erect nipples, her strong
athletic legs, and aura of power, beauty, and control.

She met the woman's gaze once more and opened her mouth to speak, but was far
too awed by the power the woman seemed to wield over her. "Speak, Cunt!" ordered
Margo, stepping forward so that her pussy was right in Amy's face.

"You... You're beautiful... Mistress Margo..." admitted the little teenager,
"Just like Samantha..."

"Of course I-! What?!" Margo exclaimed, startled by Amy's admission, and
grabbing the girl painfully by the hair. "What did you say, Cunt?!" she demanded
as Amy gritted her teeth, "What did you say to me you dirty, filthy little

"I-I'm sorry, Mistress Margo!" cried Amy, trying to keep still as the woman gave
her hair a sharp yank.

"Ah! I see that you've already started trying to get me to cum, little girl!"
chuckled Margo, "You have no idea how much you turn me on by just being so
sweet... And trying to act innocent! Well, I just can't wait to steal the rest
of that innocence, Cunt! Now then, lick! Lick my pussy, you little whore! Show
your Mistress just how much of a cunt hungry little slut you are!"

"Mmph!" Amy's muffled reply as Margo forced her groin against the teenager's
face. In response the girl cautiously stuck out her tongue and licked from
Margo's labia to the woman's clit in one long lick.

"Ooo!" teased Margo, reaching down to fondle one of Amy's perky little tits, and
occasionally twist the clothespin when the girl stopped licking.

"Ow!" the girl shrieked as both clothespins were suddenly pulled at the same
time for no reason, causing Amy to suck hard against the woman's clit in hopes
of ending the pain.

"Mm! Yes! That's it, Cunt!" exclaimed Margo, looking over her shoulder at
Samantha who glared back defiantly, "Keep licking and sucking, little girl! Show
me just how much of a horny little cunt you are! And then maybe I'll go easier
on your friend!"

"Oh!" exclaimed Amy, quickly picking up the pace by franticly licking the
woman's clit while sucking against it as hard as she could before coming up for
air. "Mmm! You taste sooo good Mistress Margo," she admitted in hopes of turning
the woman on further, "Do all girls taste as good as you and Sam?"

"Oh! Oh, no..." replied Margo between gasps as the girl slid her tongue as far
up inside her pussy as it would go, "Only the lucky ones! Oh! Baby, you're a
natural! OH! Oh fuck! Yessss... That's it little girl! Come on! Tongue fuck me!
Tongue fuck your Mistress, Cunt! Come on!"

Amy sucked at the woman's pussy as hard as she could and slid her little tongue
around inside. Her nose poking at Margo's clit, rubbing against it and driving
the woman crazy.

"You! You almost-! Have me!" groaned Margo as Amy nibbled at her pussy before
giving the woman's clit a deep kiss that ended in her flicking it repeatedly
with her tongue.

"No fair! OH!!!" Margo cried as Amy took her hardened clit carefully between her
teeth before licking and sucking it, apply just enough pressure to make it hurt
ever so slightly.

The woman grabbed Amy's hair and pulled at it painfully as she leaned over the
girl. Gritting her teeth against the sudden contracting of her muscles. She let
out a long moan as her juices washed over the thirteen year old's face while she
came, shaking slightly as her insides spasmed joyfully.

Margo hung on to Amy for several long moments as waves of ecstasy washed over
her, rubbing herself against the girl's face, smearing herself all over. It was
all that Amy could do just to keep up, trying to constantly reposition her head
as the woman jerked around. The girl found herself continually licking at
Margo's thighs or pubic hair, continually missing her mark, but almost always
lapping up some of Margo's juices.

When her orgasm finally ceased, Margo slowly backed away, staring directly into
Amy's eyes passionately. "Oh... And another thing..." Margo sighed contentedly
giving Amy a soft kiss upon the lips, "No one makes me cum quite the way a young
little teenaged girl does... no one..."

Amy blushed and turned away smiling to herself, Margo's pussy juices still
dripping off her cute face. "Oh dear!" commented Margo, bending down to examine
it, "That's quite a mess I've made... Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to clean
it up then!"

The woman grinned broadly, and gave Amy's face a long slow lick, lapping up her
own juices. "Mmm! I DO taste good!" she laughed and began untying Amy from the
hard wooden chair, "Well, in that case, there's no sense in wasting it!"

After she stood to undo the leather strip from Amy's hands, Margo motioned for
the girl to follow her. Amy nodded and obediently stood. She grimaced against
the soreness of her butt after sitting in the hard chair for so long, but barely
noticed the clothespins upon her nipples anymore. She then followed Margo over
to where Samantha awaited still bound spread-eagle on the table.

Margo beamed with satisfaction as she poked at the mostly melted ice cube that
she's lodged in Samantha's tight little asshole until it melted away completely.
"It's your turn, Slut!" the woman taunted, "Now then, Cunt!"

"Yes, Mistress Margo?" inquired Amy politely, kneeling before the woman, "How
may I serve you, Mistress Margo?"

Margo smiled and patted the girl on the head. "Bend over in front of your
friend, Cunt. Facing her, though," ordered the woman.

Amy obeyed, and was soon bending over, her hands on the table for support, and
her eyes staring lovingly into her cousin's. "She's more than just my friend,
Mistress Margo..." Amy admitted as the two girls lips met for a brief moment,
causing Margo to shudder visibly.

"Oh?" the woman managed to say as she bit her lower lip.

"She's my cousin... And she's VERY special to me..." continued Amy.

"Oh really?!" exclaimed Margo, her face becoming flushed, "Well, in that case...
Slut! Be a good girl and lick your sweet little cousin's face clean! Lap up ALL
of my pussy juices from her pretty little face!"

Samantha's eyes widened, as a chill ran down her spine at this unique
opportunity. "Yes, Mistress Margo!" she replied eagerly, and tilted her head
slightly, before giving Amy's lips a long slow lick. Samantha closed her eyes as
Margo's flavor touched her lips, and made her smile.

"Mmm... You are yummy, Mistress Margo!" she commented and began licking around
Amy's lips, lapping the clear liquid off the girl's soft skin with barely
controlled enthusiasm.

"Of course!" commented Margo, as she began rubbing her pussy with her right
hand, and fondling one of her breasts with the other as she intently watched.

Amy blushed giggling as her cousin's tongue licked her ear lobe before nibbling
it playfully. "Shhh..." cautioned Samantha, moving to the other side of Amy's
face to find more of Margo's juices.

"Good!" announced Margo once Samantha had finished her task, "Cunt, I do believe
that you're ready for the next step!"

The woman grabbed Amy by the hair again, and pulled her over to where Samantha's
ass was displayed bent over the table. The woman gave it an appreciative look,
noticing the way the redness was fading away, and grabbed hold of it with her
free hand.

"Mmm... So round and firm..." Margo commented sincerely, "Don't you agree,

"Oh! Oh, yes... Very much so, Mistress Margo," Amy admitted, and lowered her
head to hide her embarrassment.

"Indeed!" said Margo, letting go of the girl's hair and Samantha's ass, "Now
then, watch and learn..."

The woman glanced sideways at Amy, who nodded and raised her hand once more. Amy
gasped as Margo's hand came down once again against Samantha's ass once more.
The girl responded with a grunt, causing to Margo glare at her.

"So! Getting used to it are we?!" the woman commented rhetorically, "Well then,
I'll just have to see just how much you can take! Cunt, spank her!"

"What?!" Amy exclaimed in surprise.

"You heard me, Cunt!" growled Margo, "Spank this dirty little slut's ass! And
don't stop until I tell you to!"

"But... But I don't want to hurt Sam... I-!" began Amy, but was cut off by
Margo's firm hand slapping her ass hard.

"Do as you are told, Cunt!" ordered Margo viciously, "Spank your cousin's ass or
I'll have her do it to you!"

"Mmmm!" came Samantha's reply, and Margo slapped her ass for it.

"Silence, Slut!" the woman ordered the bound teenager, grabbing Amy by the wrist
and holding it over her cousin' butt, "Now! Do it, Cunt! Spank her!"

Amy sobbed, but obeyed once she was released. Her small hand coming down against
her cousin's firm ass cheek with a soft "smack!" The force of her feeble blow
not causing her cousin to react in the slightest.

"Harder, Cunt!" ordered Margo, slapping Amy's ass to annunciate her words, and
casing the little teen to cry out.

"Okay! Okay!" Amy sobbed, and smacked Samantha's bare bottom once again. This
time with slightly more force, causing her cousin to flinch beneath her.

"I said harder!" demanded Margo, yelling loudly, and causing Amy to cower
slightly, "Hit her like this!"

The woman raised her hand, high in the air, and slapped her hand down as hard as
she could against Samantha's firm round, adolescent ass. This time, the teenager
shrieked, as the sound of the slap rang in her ears.

Amy nodded, and tried again. This time, she spanked her cousin with greater
force, and bringing a smile to Margo's lips as Samantha gasped. "Good!" the
woman commented, "Again!"

The girl smacked Samantha again, this time her response was a squeal of delight.
Margo laughed at the reaction, and began masturbating once again, as Amy
continued spanking her bound cousin.

"Oh, yes!" gasped Samantha, as each of her cousin's whacks was delivered with
more force than the last, and wetness began rising in her young, tight pussy,
"Yes! More, Amy! More! Harder! Come on!"

Amy found herself grinning broadly with naughty delight as she went, slapping
each of the bound girl's ass cheeks in turn, causing them both to turn a bright
red crimson. "OH! Oh ya! That's it! Ya! I-!" Samantha cried out, as she began
shaking and quivering. Her gasps and moans taking on a higher pitch and
frequency as she got off by simply being spanked.

The girl thrashed about almost uncontrollably as the four sets of handcuffs kept
her securely bound to the table while she came, harder and harder. The repeated
slaps to Samantha's reddened ass heightened her excitement, as her young body
found it's final peak and wracked her with an orgasm that lasted for a full

"Oooh, mmm..." moaned Margo watching intently, as she sucked her fingers,
"Beautiful! You can stop now...Mmf!"

Reluctantly, Amy complied, and took a step back as Samantha panted before her.
Her young adolescent body sweating profusely, and smiling broadly. Before she
calmed down completely, Margo retrieved a key from the trunk, and freed Samantha
from her binds just long enough to roll the girl over and refasten her to the
table. This time, the girl was on her back, her long legs bent over the edge,
and spread wide, while her arms were stretched above her head, and bound at the
wrists once more.

"You like a little pain. Don't you, Slut?" teased Margo, getting another ice
cube from the fridge, "Well, I think it's time we try the next phase of
punishment on for size! Don't you?"

Margo took a moment to appraise the girl's beautiful young body as it was
displayed before her so invitingly. The woman smiled appreciatively, before
sliding her middle finger deep inside of the girl's tight, wet pussy without
warning, causing Samantha to moan loudly. Margo then slid a second finger in
beside the first, causing the girl to cry out in surprise.

With a wide grin, Margo moved her two fingers apart, spreading and stretching
Samantha's labia as far apart as they'd go. "Ah! Stop it!" grunted Samantha,
gritting her teeth as the woman shoved both her fingers in as far as they'd go
and spread the girl's pussy open to its limit.

"I said stop! You're hurting me!" the girl cried, causing Amy to step back, her
eyes wide with fright and sympathy for her cherished cousin.

"That's it, Slut!" laughed Margo, "Scream! Yell! Squirm in your bonds, little
girl! Cry all you want, because there's no one here to save you! Besides... That
really turns me on!"

The woman chuckled as she stuck the ice cube between her spread fingers and
pushed the cold object right up against the girl's hymen before pulling her
fingers free of Samantha's wet pussy.

"OH! It's so cold!" the girl gasped as the chill hit her, "Please, Mistress
Margo! Take it out! Please!"

"Ha! In your dreams!" laughed Margo, enjoying the pained expression on
Samantha's face as she arched her back, causing her nipples to stick straight
out, "You have to melt that ice cube if you want it out! Good luck!"

With that, the woman turned to Amy and grabbed hold of the girl's thin wrists.
She then placed both of the whimpering girl's hands against her own budding
breasts and closed Amy's fingers around the clothespins that were firmly clamped
upon her pink little nipples.

"Now, sweetie," the woman the woman taunted, "This WILL hurt! A lot! But I think
that you can take it..."

"NO!" pleaded Amy, as tears rolled down her rounded cheeks, "Please don't make
me do this, Mistress Margo... I'll do anything!"

"Oh, that's right!" chuckled Margo cruelly, "You will!"

With that, Margo pushed down hard against Amy's little fingers, causing the
girl's small young nipples to become painfully free of the clothespins. In
response, the girl fell to the floor, clutching her chest protectively, and
screaming and crying at the top of her lungs as she thrashed about from side to

Margo smiled with satisfaction before turning to Samantha. "Now it's your turn,
Slut!" she announced, holding up the two clothespins that were once upon Amy's
now practically burning nipples.

Samantha's eyes followed them as the woman moved them closer and closer to her
erect nipples and gasped loudly as Margo held then open in place for a long
agonizing second before letting them go.

The thirteen-year old gritted her teeth and grunted against the pain for a
moment, before looking defiantly up at Margo once again. "That's better!" the
woman commented, running her finger tips up and down Samantha's taut thighs,
"And now to do something about that ice cube!"

Margo leaned forward and took a long lick, all the way from Samantha's tight
little asshole to her clit. All the while tasting the cool water as it mixed
with the teenager's pussy juices.

"Mmm... Oh, ya..." moaned Samantha, as the older woman moved forward and covered
Samantha's entire pussy with her mouth before sucking against it while nibbling
at her labia.

"Oh! Don't stop, Mistress Margo!" gasped Samantha as Margo's expert tongue
massaged the insides of the girl's pussy and pushed gently against the melting
ice cube. She then took a firm hold of Samantha's lovely thighs, digging in her
long fingernails, and sucked as hard as she could, drinking the combination of
hot and cold liquids.

"AH! Mistress!" Samantha exclaimed as the woman fingered her clit, "That's it!
Suck my little cunt! Please! Suck my little teenaged cunt and make me cum

"Oooh! You're a horny little one aren't you!?" chuckled Margo teasingly, "You
really are a hot and horny little slut! Aren't you!?"

"Yes, Mistress!" gasped Samantha, her lovely green eyes rolling back as she
arched herself into Margo's face. Her pussy half numbed by the melting ice cube,
but still begging for release.

"Yes, what?" demanded Margo, her finger on the verge of penetrating the young
girl's virgin pussy, "Tell me what you are... Say it!"

"I-! I'm a horny little slut!" gasped Samantha as Margo pushed her finger deep
inside expertly rotating the ice cube inside of her, causing the girl to pull
against her binds moaning, panting and gasping all the more.

"You're a horny little teenaged slut!" corrected Margo, painfully squeezing and
twisting one of the clothes pins on Samantha's nipples with her free hand.

"Ow! Oh, yes! I-! I'm a horny teenaged-! Oh! Ow! cunt hungry Slut!" managed
Samantha while her body trembled as she began to cum again.

"Good!" laughed Margo, descending upon the girl's hardened little clit with her
tongue as she vigorously finger-fucked Samantha's pussy, "Now! cum for me, Slut!
Cum for your Mistress, little girl! Do it for me! NOW!"

"I will! I will!" gasped Samantha, arching her back more and more as she
strained against the handcuffs, "I promise! I-! Oh, I'm so-! Close! OH!
Mistress! More! Please! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! Please!"

Margo obliged wholeheartedly, pleased with what she was hearing. She removed her
finger and slid it into the teenager's mouth so that Samantha could taste
herself, all the while licking the interior of the teen's now drooling pussy.

The woman sighed contentedly as the combination of cool water and hot adolescent
vaginal fluid soaked her face and hair while she licked and sucked the girl's
pussy. The woman then noticed that the girl had developed red marks on her
wrists from pulling against the handcuffs. Margo smiled delightedly at this,
reveling in her control over such a young girl.

Soon, though, the flow from Samantha's sweet, little cunt increased, as she
screamed, moaned, and struggled against her binds all the more, almost causing
the clothespins on her nipples to come loose. Margo was amazed by the almost
animal like display as the girl came over her waiting tongue, but happily lapped
up Samantha's juices without complaint.

"That's it, honey!" coaxed Margo, rubbing the girl's clit, almost to the point
of numbing it, while she licked and sucked Samantha's labia with great gusto,
"Just let go! Let me taste all of you! Let me taste all of your sweet, young
girl cum! Come on, Slut! That's it..!"

With that, Samantha did let go. Completely giving into Margo's touch as her body
spasmed, and she found herself making far more noise then anyone had
anticipated. "Oh wow!" exclaimed Amy, as she staggered to her feet to watch her
cousin's second orgasm, "she looks like she's going explode!"

Margo chuckled at this, enjoying the way Samantha's entire body seemed to become
flushed, covered with a thin sheen of sweat as she continued to shudder and
moan. "Mmm! You like cumming don't you, Slut?" observed Margo, pleased with her
handiwork as Samantha slowly came back down to earth, her gasps and moans
becoming a steady panting mixed with contented sighs.

"Mmm... So good..." moaned the girl, all the energy drained from her body.

"Hey, now!" warned Margo, "Don't give up on me yet, you cunt hungry whore! I'm
not finished with you yet!"

Margo chuckled to herself as Samantha tried to nod, but couldn't find the
strength. "Fine, then," the woman commented, "Take a five minute break, but when
I come back, we're finishing this!" She then unbound Samantha and headed off to
the bathroom, leaving the two young teenagers alone together once again.

"Amy..." whispered Samantha, after the door had closed.

"Yes, dear?" inquired the girl, feeling half-sorry for and half-envious of her
exhausted cousin.

"Please... Hold me..." Samantha replied, and Amy smiled sweetly in reply before
joining her on the table. The two young girls then embraced, and held each other
for what seemed like an eternity...


Several minutes later, after Samantha had caught her breath, and Amy had almost
fallen asleep in her cousin's arms, Margo reentered the room, her hands behind
her back, and a stern expression upon her face.

"You there! Cunt!" the woman called out, "Remove the clothespins from Slut's

"But... But, I don't want to hurt her..." pleaded Amy, sitting up with a
panicked expression.

"Do I look like I care what you want?!" demanded Margo rhetorically, "Just do
it, Cunt! Or they'll go back on you!"

Amy looked downcast for a moment, before turning to Samantha. "I... I'm
sorry..." she whimpered, taking hold of the clothespins.

"It's okay..." Samantha said breathlessly, "Just do it!"

Amy gulped and squeezed both clothespins at once, causing Samantha to
immediately cry out in pain, as her crushed nipples were released. Her young
athletic body thrashed about as she shrieked and swore like no little thirteen-
year-old should, causing Amy to feel horribly guilty.

"I'm so sorry!" the girl cried, grabbing hold of her cousin, trying to keep her
from falling off the table.

"That's it!" laughed Margo, "Cry, scream and thrash about! Not so defiant now!
Are you, Slut!?"

"You're mean!" sobbed Amy, holding Samantha tightly, and glaring over her
shoulder at Margo through her cousin's messed up hair.

"Oh! Am I now?!" the woman commented sarcastically, "Well then, I guess I'll
just have to be punished as well!"

Amy gasped, and Samantha caught her breath at the woman's words, but both girls
were enveloped by wide-eyed shock when they saw what Margo was concealing behind
her back.

In her hands Margo held a pair of strap on dildos. Each was nine inches long,
and made of thick, hard black plastic, each widening at the end, so that they
closely resembled male penises.

"What-! What are THOSE for?!" exclaimed Amy, her voice quavering with a new

"For me!" announced Margo, holding the two phalluses in the air, "And you two
sweet young girls are going to use them! Now, doesn't that sound like a nice way
to end the day?"

The two girls looked at each other with wide-eyed expressions for a moment, and
then both burst into giggles. Margo gave them a stern look, and called them
over. "Now stop that!" she scolded, handing each of them a strap on dildo, "Now,
I'll just help you these on, and then we can get started!"

"What... What do you want us to do with these, anyway?" inquired Amy innocently.

"Hm! Don't give me that!" scolded Margo, fastening the phallus around the girl's
waist, "As much as it turns me on when you give me the sweet and innocent act,
don't bother trying to be nave about this! I own that little book you two were
reading! I know that you two little girl's are wiser than you're letting on!"

Amy merely shook her head forlornly, giving up on the idea of making the woman
believe her, as Margo attached the other strap on dildo around Samantha's waist.
The girl smiled as the plastic phallus was attached. And genuinely seemed to be
enjoying the prospects ahead.

"There we go," commented Margo once her work was done, and stood up straight,
"We're just about ready. Just let me get comfortable, and then have fun!"

The woman lay down on the floor, bending her knees, and spreading her long
tanned legs invitingly, the dark brown curls of her pubic hair clearly visible
above her pussy.

"So?" inquired Margo sarcastically, "What are you two waiting for? Come service
your Mistress! NOW!"

Samantha was the first to oblige the woman. With a hungry grin, the girl walked
over to Margo, and got down on the floor to begin franticly lapping at the
woman's pussy.

Amy, though, was a little more nervous and self-conscious about the large
plastic object she now held between her legs. Carefully, she waddled clumsily
over to the waiting woman and knelt beside her, watching intently as Samantha
licked and sucked Margo's hungry pussy.

"Come on!" ordered Margo, forcing Amy's head down upon her groin, "I need both
you young cunts to lick my pussy!"

Reluctantly, but obediently, Amy began tonguing Margo's clit, making careful
little circles around it for several seconds before flicking it several times
with her tongue, as her cousin started sliding her middle finger up inside the
woman's asshole.

"Oh!" gasped Margo as Samantha's finger reached the second knuckle, "You ARE a
nasty little slut! Aren't you!?"

"Mm, hmm!" responded Samantha as she buried her hot little tongue deep inside of
Margo, causing the woman to gasp loudly, and let out a long slow moan as Amy
nibbled at her clit.

As they played, Margo reached down, and grabbed both girls by the hair. "Oh ya!"
she exclaimed, "Come on, girl's! Get me nice and wet!"

Obediently, Amy and Samantha continued, their tongues soon meeting over Margo's
clit, giving them the opportunity to French kiss each other as they both licked
the woman's pussy. They then both began trying to slide fingers up inside of
her. First Samantha with her index finger, then Amy with hers. Then Samantha put
in her middle finger, and Amy found that she had to push hard to squeeze hers in
beside the others. All this attention, though, lubricated Margo to the point
where both girls wound up finger fucking Margo with three fingers each, before
they each slid a finger up her ass, and began finger fucking both of her holes.

"Oooh! Oh ya!" squealed Amy, as she suddenly found Margo's finger rubbing her
clit form behind. In response, the girl moved a little, breaking her kiss with
Samantha, and began voraciously sucking and nibbling at the woman's rock hard

"Oh! No fair!" exclaimed Margo, moving her hand farther up, under Amy, and
grabbed one of her small perky breasts. She rubbed her wetted fingers around the
girl's nipple, and gave it a hard squeeze as she pulled at Samantha's hair.

Meanwhile, Samantha gave Margo's pussy a long lick. She made sure to let her
tongue slip between Margo's pussy lips and come up to lick her cousin's tongue
as Amy continued to circle the woman's clit. Samantha then looked up, and smiled
as the woman's eyes rolled back, pulling the girl's hair all the more.

"Mmmm!" moaned Samantha as Margo got a better grip on the girl's long red locks,
and began pushing and pulling her head up and down as Samantha licked the length
of Margo's pussy.

"Oh! So you like it a little rough, do you?" inquired Margo, struggling to sit
up, and giving Amy's breast a squeeze before letting go, "Well then, Slut, I'll
just have to accommodate you! And give you exactly what you want!"

Samantha giggled in reply, and slid her fingers out of Margo so that she could
make a show of licking and sucking the woman's juices off of them. She then
grabbed Amy's hand, and began sucking the girl's fingers, causing Margo's body
to quiver with ecstasy.

"S...Stop that!" the woman ordered with a shaky voice, "S-Slut! On your feet!
There are other things I want you to be doing right now! And, Cunt... Keep

Samantha obediently got to her feet, the entire time staring into Margo's eyes
with a mischievous grin, with one of her long fingers girlishly poised between
her teeth. "No problem, Mistress Margo," she said with a slight giggle, causing
the woman to take a deep breath before speaking.

"You're very well developed for a girl your age. Aren't you, Slut?" the woman
said as more of a statement.

"Yes, Mistress Margo," replied Samantha, taking one of her little tits in each
hand, and squeezing them gently to make their nipples stick out at Margo.

The woman became a little more flushed and replied, "Some day, you may even be
able to lick them yourself... Now come a little closer..."

Samantha smiled sweetly, and walked over to Margo. She then got down, and knelt
upon her knees so that the woman could reach up and touch her. "Good girl..."
purred Margo, reaching up and grabbing one of Samantha's nipples before giving
it a hard squeeze.

"OW!" yelped Samantha, as the woman leaned in to kiss the twisted nipple better.

"You like that, don't you, Slut?" commented Margo, with an odd look upon her
face, "It's fun being a nasty little slut, isn't it?"

Samantha breathed in loudly, throwing her head back as Margo gave her nipple a
lick and an gentle nibble. "YES!" she exclaimed, taking hold of the back of
Margo's head and leaning down do kiss her full upon the lips.

The woman's words of protest were quickly stifled as Samantha's tongue wove its
way into Margo's mouth. All the while, the woman fondled the teenager's breasts,
as Amy had to shuffle over to continue her licking of Margo's pussy.

For several moments Samantha continued kissing Margo passionately, enjoying the
feeling that came form being the aggressor. Finally, though, Margo found the
strength to pull away from the teenager's advances, pulling Samantha's head back
by the hair.

"Now, now, you show promise, Slut! But let's not get too hasty!" commented
Margo, catching her breath, "I can just imagine what you'll be like with a man!"

Samantha blushed at this, but tried to hide it by leaning forward and taking
Margo's nipple in her mouth and suckling hard, while she caressed the opposite
breast. "Whoa! Okay!" Margo exclaimed, pushing the young teenager away, "I think
that it's time you both learned your next lesson!"

Margo pushed Amy away and got onto her hands and knees. Both girls gave her
confused looks, but she merely smiled up at them as she explained what she had
in mind. "Slut!" she ordered, "Lay on your back..."

"Yes, Mistress Margo," Samantha replied with a smirk, before obeying the command
and lying spread out on the floor.

"Good..." purred Margo, crawling over the girl and smiling down at her with a
sly grin, "Now, Cunt, put your dildo inside me."

"What?!" exclaimed Amy, her eyes going wide with disbelief.

"You heard me!" growled Margo, "Now do it! Both of you!"

"I... I'm not sure how to..." commented Amy nervously, staring forlornly down at
the dildo that stuck out from between her legs.

"It's easy!" replied Margo, reaching underneath and grabbing the end of the
plastic phallus, "Just like you, Cunt!"

Amy blushed, trying to turn away as Margo pulled the girl closer by the dildo.
"Oh! Are you sure that this will fit?! It's so... big! It might... Hurt..."

"Only a little!" laughed Margo, guiding the black dildo up to the entrance of
her wet pussy, and rubbing it up and down over her labia, before pulling the
large head against herself, and finally in.

"Oh ya!" gasped Margo, closing her eyes, and panting a little, "Now! Push, Cunt!
Push it in! Fuck your Mistress! Fuck her good, Cunt! Come on!"

Amy gulped down her nervousness and began to slowly lean forward, watching with
amazement as the woman's pussy stretched to accommodate the huge black shaft.
"Mmm! Oh ya!" moaned Margo, panting as Amy pushed the dildo in deeper, "That's
it, Cunt! Now fuck me! You can do it! In and out! You can do it!"

"Oh... But what about me, Mistress Margo..?" Samantha inquired with a pouty
look, trying to look as innocent and forlorn as possible.

"Oh! You'll get your chance, Slut!" promised Margo, leaning down to brush her
nipples against Samantha's, "Just as soon as your cousin gets her dildo good and
wet with my juices! Then I'll have another place for her to put it... And then
my pussy is all yours Slut!"

"Oh, thank you, Mistress Margo!" exclaimed Samantha with half false sincerity,
as she grabbed the woman's dangling breasts, and squeezing Margo's nipples
between her fingers, while she moved other fingers in an alternating pattern to
fondle the remainder of the woman's breasts.

"Oooh... Your getting really good at this, Slut..." purred Margo, kissing the
girl gently upon the lips, as Amy slowly moved her inexperienced little hips
back and forth, driving the dildo in and out of the woman, "I'll be so sorry to
see you go..."

"I guess I'll just have little Amy all to myself then!" teased Samantha as Margo
gritted her teeth against the increasing pace with which Amy was fucking her.
The girl staring down in amazement at the glistening shaft as it deeply
penetrated the older woman, and made her body quiver every time she pushed it in
a little farther.

"Mmm... I hope you teach her everything you know, Slut," commented Margo between
moans as she looked over at Amy, "Okay, Cunt! It's time to get serious... Take
out the dildo. There we go, good girl! Now place the end of it against my

Amy gave Margo an astonished look and spent a moment in speechless shock, before
taking the dildo out, and placing it against the woman's tight asshole. Margo
smiled and turned back to Samantha with a look satisfaction as she reached back
to take hold of both her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart.

The girl shuffled a little as she took better aim, and pushed the head of the
dildo firmly against the tight little opening, a look of uncertainty crossing
her face. Margo sighed almost contentedly as the warm shaft was pressed against
her sensitive asshole.

"What are you waiting for, Cunt?" inquired Margo, spreading her cheeks wider
apart, "Put it in! Don't be so timid!"

"Y-Yes, Mistress Margo," stammered Amy, slowly leaning forward, and pushing the
dildo in farther, until the large fat head disappeared inside the woman's tight
asshole. Amy gave an astonished gasp, as the woman's own juices lubricated the
way and the shaft slid in a full inch with relative ease.

"Oooh! Right there, little girl!" moaned Margo, letting go of her ass cheeks,
"Now it's your turn, Slut!"

Margo took hold of Samantha's dildo, and pushed it against her moist cunt-lips.
"It's your turn to fuck your Mistress, Slut!" she announced, closing her eyes
tightly as the dildo filled her pussy, and the peculiar feeling of double
penetration filled her mind with ecstasy, "Time to fuck me like you mean it!"

Samantha gave a sly grin, and grabbed Margo's ass cheeks, spreading them apart
as she pulled the woman closer to shove her own dildo in farther. With gritted
teeth, Samantha backed upwards against Margo, as Amy pushed faster and farther
in with each stroke. Sweat began to form on Margo's brow as her body shuddered,
as she attempted to remain in control, while Samantha fucked her for all she was

The woman's breathing became almost instantly ragged, as she panted and moaned,
almost crying out as both girls began thrusting in and out in unison. Margo then
let out a loud shriek of joy as Samantha gave the woman's ass a hard slap,
followed by Amy.

By this time the woman's pussy and asshole began convulsing and spasming as hot
wet pussy juices oozed out from around Samantha's thrusting dildo. The woman
thoroughly caught in the throws of passion as she screamed and moaned. Pulling
at Samantha's hair and kissing the girl by pressing her lips forcefully against
the Samantha's for a few seconds at a time, before throwing her head back to
moan, cry out or simply grunt, almost like an animal.

Soon, as the two girls mercilessly pounded the two dildos in and out of their
camp councilor's pussy and asshole with greater speed and force with each hard
thrust, Margo collapsed on top of Samantha. She panted and almost wined, as the
two girls refuse to let up. Amy with her nails dug into Margo's ass cheeks for
support, and Samantha with a clump of Margo's brown hair in one hand, and her
nails tracing streaks down the woman's back in order to keep her from
extricating herself.

"OH! I-! No-! I-! Oh! YES! FUCK! Um!" she stammered, gasping for air and letting
out loud incoherent shouts as she attempted to tell the girl's to stop, but
couldn't bring herself to end the experience.

"You like! Don't you!" taunted Samantha, grunting every so often from the effort
of pushing against the woman, and twisting her hips up and forward to drive the
dildo in more firmly, "Say it! Come on!"

Margo smiled as she breathed loudly through her mouth and gasped uncontrollably,
as both dildos somehow found a way to push themselves in another inch. "Y-
Yesss!" she stammered, "I-! I love it!!! AH! Oh..!"

Samantha laughed with satisfaction, reveling in the feeling of power. "Now
who's-! Uh! Oh, ya! Who's the Mistress now, Slave?!" demanded Samantha with a
sly grin, reaching up to grab hold of Amy's ass and pull the girl closer, and
drive her dildo farther up Margo's ass.

"Oh-! I-! Oh! You little-! Oh fuck!" stammered Margo as her whole body tingled,
the combined sweat of three bodies mixed as Margo's pussy dribbled down and
found Samantha's.

"Oh, I think she-! OH! Likes it way too much!" laughed Samantha, truly beginning
to feel the power of control, "Come on, cuz! Fuck this cunt as hard as you can!
Really give it to this whore!"

"I-! Uh, don't know-! If I can!" grunted Amy, sweating profusely, her cheeks
flushed, and panting from the exertion, her whole body aching from the strain.

"Just keep fucking her! Mmf! Oh-! Come on, honey!" urged Samantha, "Just think-!
Ah! Just think about how much those clothespins-! How much they-! Oh, my! They

Amy gritted her teeth, as Margo gasped in surprise as a new burst of adrenaline
filled the little girl, and she began picking up speed, pounding the long
plastic phallus harder and faster. Pistoning in and out of the older woman's
asshole mercilessly until she started screaming for the girl to stop.

"Oh! No! Please-!" Margo cried, as the two cousins ravished her body, their
strap on dildos only separated by a thin barrier as they pumped in and out in an
alternating sequence, "Just stop! I-! I'll do anything!!!"

"No! No way!" laughed Samantha, as she continued her mad vengeful fucking, "It's
your turn to suffer!"

"No! Please!" pleaded Margo, finding even the slight weight of Amy too much to
bear atop of her as the girl leaned forward, "Just tell me what you want! I-!
I'll do anything! Just take-! Just take them-! OUT! OH! AH!!!"

"Really?!" inquired Samantha, "Then let-! Let us go-! Uh! And we-! Mmm! Get to
keep-! Keep your book!"

"Oh! Anything!" cried Margo with tears in her eyes, "Anything!"

"Good!" exclaimed Samantha with a wide grin, "Amy! STOP!!!"

The exhausted teenager smiled thankfully, and slowly leaned way back, falling
over and pulling her dildo free of Margo's asshole, leaving the woman with a
peculiar hollow feeling. Margo gasped as the phallus dislodged, and hugged
Samantha tightly, crying as the girl ceased her thrusting.

"Get up!" ordered Samantha, "And take off these contraptions!"

"Yes..." sobbed Margo, stumbling to her feet, and moaning as the dildo pulled
free of her now dry pussy.

"Yes what?!" demanded Samantha with a wry grin.

"Yes... Mistress Samantha..." muttered Margo defeatedly, as she undid the strap
on dildo from Samantha.

"Ha! Good!" laughed the delighted girl, before turning to her exhausted cousin,
"Did you have fun, sweetie?"

"...Oh...Oh, yes..." panted Amy as she lay on the floor, unable to move while
Margo removed he dildo before literally crawling out of the room so that she
could leave the two teenagers alone and find some way to sooth her aching body.

"It... Was amazing..." Amy sighed, as Samantha crawled over and held her close,
"But I'm sooo tired!"

"I know, sweetheart," soothed Samantha, "It's okay now... Just rest..."

"Tha... Thank you, Sam..." Amy muttered into the girl's ear, and kissed it
lightly before laying her head against Samantha's arm, "Thank you so much..."

"No problem, dearest..." responded her cousin, enjoying the feel of Amy's small,
sweaty body against her, held protectively in her arms, "Anytime..."


"Well? Whatcha' think?" inquired Samantha as she put down the book.

"Oh, I think that you enjoyed reading that way TOO much!" giggled Amy, kissing
her cousin's earlobe affectionately as they held each other.

"Hmm..." contemplated Samantha, "Maybe I can find another good one in here..."

"Later... Much later!" Amy sighed wistfully, as she snuggled in closer, and
closed her eyes, "But right now, I really need a nap..!"

"Then rest," Samantha told her, giving the girl a gentle hug, and went back to
reading from Councilor Margo's book, as they lied together alone, on Amy's
blanket, in the woods...

Written by Amy K. (IceSenshi@Yahoo.com)
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)

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