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Summer Heat


Summer Heat by Alden Bradley Copyright March 2002

Dustin Dutton had been our neighbor for three years. He'd hinted about
his interest every so often, but never enough to become annoying. His
interest, apparently, was my wife.

Now Dustin wasn't a bad looking fellow. He was shorter than I, but
generally congenial. He sported a little goatee that he thought made him
look dangerous.

Keely was flattered by his attention but in conversation with me had
never revealed anything but a passing flirtation with Dustin. She'd told
me he'd kissed her once in the kitchen during a holiday get-together at his
home. She said it was innocent, probably just a bit more booze than she
should have had, and nothing had come of it.

Keely is blonde, about 5'8", with a nice enough figure. She's got great
hips, and a soft bosom that sags only slightly. At 34, she's quite
attractive, and particularly bright. She's got a bubbly personality, and
rarely is down about anything. Keely lifts my spirits when the woes of the
world seem to weigh to heavily on me. Her attitude about the stolen kiss
didn't surprise me. Keely would pass that kind of thing off as a funny
kind of accident and forget about it.

Leigh Dutton, Dustin's wife was physically the opposite of my Keely.
She was short, dark haired, dark eyed, compact little number. She attended
aerobics at the local spa three times a week, and her body was in terrific
shape. Leigh had a little snaggle-tooth thing going on that I found quite
attractive. I'd wondered what that little cross-over tooth might feel like
under my tongue. But unlike Dusting and Keely, Leigh and I had never
shared more than a peck on the cheek in the three years we'd been living
next to each other.

"Dustin and Leigh want us to come over and share their pool," Keely
announced on July Saturday afternoon. "You want to go?"

"I guess so," I said, somewhat noncommittally. "If you do."

"I think it would be fun," Keely said.

That's how we would up on Dustin's pool deck, sunning ourselves, with
the two women laying half naked on the loungers provided.

Keely demanded I spread the sun-block on her. I massaged the liquid
into her legs and back, my hands brushing under the strap of her bikini
top. She flipped over, and I covered the exposed portions of her flesh.
When I finished, I was stunned to hear Leigh say quietly, "My turn."

I tossed the bottle to Dustin. He heaved it back to me.

"I think she wants you to do it."

I couldn't see Leigh's eyes for the huge sunglasses she wore, but her
head and body language said she was staring at me, daring me to bathe her
with the lotion.

"Uh, Keely," I began.

"Oh, go ahead," my wife said. "Don't be such a prig."

"That's right, Warren," Leigh repeated, "don't be such a prig."

Leigh rolled over and I rubbed the lotion over her thighs and calves. I
particularly stayed away from those smooth, strong inner thighs. When I
began working on her back, Leigh stretched an arm behind her and pulled
loose the string holding her top. I had access to her entire back,
unencumbered by the tie. I got the surprise of my life when she rolled
over, leaving the top on the lounger, her breasts pointedly naked before
me. Once again, I got the impression she was staring at me from behind
those huge glasses, gauging my reaction. My reaction was not immediately
visible, but the swelling in my shorts threatened to give away my secret in
mere moments.

I squeeze a new application into my hand and began at her neck. I
trailed the flat of my hand down her chest and between those marvelous
breasts. Leigh grabbed my wrist with both hands and forced me to smear the
lotion across her breasts, the nipples hardening under the application.

"Oh dear," I whispered, my cock threatening to distend through the
opening in my trunks.

"What," Leigh said, with a hint of wickedness, "don't you like my

Keely looked over at her and smiled. "Of course he does," she said.
"He's just uncomfortable. Its all right, dear." Keely reached behind her
and undid the neck string of her bikini bra, pulling it down and exposing
her ample flesh. "Maybe you'd feel better if Dustin did me?"

Dustin sprang from his seat and snatched the bottle of lotion from my
hand. He applied a liberal portion to his palm, handed me the bottle and
rubbed his hands together. Then he sat on the lounger with Keely and
pressed his palms into the flesh of her breasts. Keely smiled broadly.

"Oh, that's delicious," she said with a deep sigh.

I watched transfixed for a few seconds, then felt the tug of Leigh's
hands on my wrist.

"Come on," she urged. "You don't want me to burn, do you?"

With renewed vigor, I applied the lotion all around her firm flesh, not
failing to completely cover those dollar-sized nipples.

"Don't forget," she whispered conspiratorially, "you've got my belly and
legs to do yet."

I squeezed a generous amount of lotion onto her flat belly, then rubbed
with energy. My fingers brushed along the top of her bikini bottom, then
around the side of her waist. Leigh raised her hips as I caressed her
waist. I skipped over the thin cloth of her suit, and began to massage her
strong thighs.

"Don't neglect the inside this time," Leigh directed.

My hands slid down the length of her tight legs to her ankles. I spread
the lotion over the tops of her feet and toes, then began to work my way
back up toward her thighs. As I approached her knees, Leigh spread her
legs to a nearly obscene angle and my hands slid up the inside of those
well-defined thighs. Just as I reached the top, Leigh closed her legs
down, forcing my hands into the moist nest of her pussy. I pulled back and
ran my hands over the tops of her thighs, brushing my fingertip under the
fabric of her suit.

By this time, my cock-head was protruding from the leg hole of my
trunks. I looked down to see a clear drop of pre-cum bubbling from the tip.
This could not be happening!

I looked at the lounger next to me and saw a sight that froze me.
Dustin had released his hold on Keely's breasts, had buried his chin into
the bottom of her bikini and was, as far as I could tell, lapping at her
pussy. Keely was watching me massage Leigh's legs while Dustin sucked and
ate her blonde pussy. Our eyes met. Keely smiled and reached out a hand
for me. When I took it she squeezed it very hard. Her hips began to
rotate up and down under Dustin's face. Her own face took on the
concentrated look she gets when her orgasm is approaching.

"Oh, my," she said, in a half whisper. "Oh, yes. Eat my cunny," she
ordered. "Lick my cunt!" Her grip on my hand became almost unbearable as
she squeezed herself toward the crest. Dustin licked like mad, his mouth
and tongue making sloppy, slathering noises. Keely tensed, her hips rising
off the lounger, her voice a strained groan. With a gasp, she indicated
the passage of her orgasm and Dustin backed away, his lips and chin shiny
with the juices of his effort.

Keely released my hand. "Oh, my, that was nice," she said, then turning
to Leigh, said, "You ought to try it."

"What do you say, sport?" Leigh challenged me. "Your wife says you like

"I'm, uh, yeah. Sure." I replied.

Leigh hitched her hips upward and pushed her bottoms down her thighs.
The smooth skin of her cleanly shaven pussy nearly glowed.

"Think you'll like this one?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah!"

They call it muff-diving, but there was no muff to dive into. My tongue
slid into the slick, warm, fragrant folds of my neighbor's puss. She
hitched her knees up, planted her feet on the lounger and humped her hips
upward, allowing me to coat my tongue with the pungent juices of her
womanhood. I groaned aloud at the sensation as my tongue penetrated her
folds and burrowed into her love tunnel. I withdrew and traced up the line
of her sex, seeking and finding the pulsing little bud of her clit. I
circled it with the tip of my tongue, then slid the flat of it along the
surface, making Leigh gasp with the sensation. Then I drove downward,
plunging once more into the slick opening of her love hole.

"Oh, yes," Leigh whimpered. "He is good! Suck me, baby," she ordered.
I sucked her little bud between my lips and gently licked at it with my

"Oh, shit!" Leigh cried. "There! Do that again!"

I repeated my motions time and again until I heard her scream.

"Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck, I'm cumming!" she wailed. I gave her the flat of
my tongue one more time then buried it inside her, wiggling it and waiting
for the series of contractions that indicated her climax. I felt the
squeeze of her muscles and the clamp of her thighs on my head, her hands
grasping at my hair as she bellowed.

When Leigh released her death grip on me, I backed away, my eyes
focusing on one more unbelievable sight.

Keely had propped herself up on the lounger. Dustin was straddling it,
his hands in my wife's hair as he propelled his meat into her mouth. My
neighbor was mouth-fucking my sweet wife out here in the open next to his
pool. By the way her hands clutched at his ass, I could tell she was
loving it.

"I want your cock," Leigh was saying to me. I looked at her as if I
hadn't known she was there.


"I want you to fuck me," Leigh said, with emphasis.

"But, Keely," I began. "I'm not…"

Leigh cut me off in mid-sentence. "Your Keely is sucking my husband's
cock. Do you think they're not going to fuck? I want you to fuck me," she

She rolled herself over on the lounger and knelt in front of me. "Like
this," she ordered. "From behind so we can both watch them." I dropped my
trunks. I approached her beautifully rounded ass and grabbed my throbbing
member. I slid it up and down the slippery slit of Leigh's cunt, then
positioned it at the entrance. She pushed back against me until the head
popped in.

"Good," she said. "Now the rest."

I pushed forward until my member was buried deep inside her.

"Oh, shit!" Leigh said. "That's great! Now fuck me, nice and slow."

I pulled partially out of her, then eased back inside. Very slowly we
established an easy rhythm.

Meanwhile, Keely's tempo on Dustin's cock had become nearly frantic.
Her fingers found the crack in his ass and she pushed against his hole.
Dustin drove himself deeper into my wife's mouth, and when he withdrew,
Keely's finger sank inside him. Dustin groaned hugely.

"Oh, Fuck! I'm cumming!" he bellowed.

As I watched, Keely began to swallow his shots of warm cum. She moaned
as he filled her mouth with his spunk. A tiny dollop escaped from the
corner of her lip. Keely swallowed, then swallowed again, and a third
time, I saw the muscles in her throat working. My own cock, lodged deeply
in Leigh's warm, dark love tunnel swelled and ached with the vision.

When Keely released Dustin's cock, she took a finger and swept up that
drop of his cum that lay on her chin. She stuck that finger in her mouth
and smiled up at him.

"I guess I'll have to wait for you to fuck me," she said. I almost
burst right there.

"I'll get hard faster," Dustin said, "if I can eat that sweet pussy of
yours some more."

Keely let Dustin lay on a towel next to the pool. She straddled his
head, then lowered her pussy onto his face. An angelic look spread across
her face as Dustin went to work licking her and driving his tongue inside

"Dustin likes to make women come," his wife told me. "He'll be hard
enough to fuck her after she comes a couple of time."

I knew Dustin wouldn't have long to wait. Keely loved to have her pussy eaten. She came quite rapidly as a result of the oral sex.

"How?" I asked Leigh, continuing to thrust regularly in and out of her.
"How did this happen?"

"Not now," she said, her voice strained. "Fuck me now. Talk later."

I let Leigh set the pace, which began to quicken.

"Oh, damn, you feel good inside me," she told me. "Oh, yes. Just fuck

Leigh's muscles seemed to tighten on me with each stroke. I didn't
think it was an orgasm, but the squeezing action seemed to be hastening my

"I'm very close," I told her.

"Then fuck me hard," she directed.

I increased my pace and intensity. I drove my hips into her, my balls
slapping her bare pussy. Leigh put a hand to herself and tweaked her clit.

"Oh, shit!" she cried. "That's it. Fuck! Yes! Fuck me!"

With all my strength and self-control I fucked her. Within a dozen
strokes I felt the boiling in my balls. I knew I had almost achieved
release. Maybe five more strokes.

"I'm cumming," I announced.

"Inside me," Leigh directed. "I want your hot cum inside me."

Her muscles really tightened. I had to force my way inside her. My
cock felt the compression of her wet, warm walls its entire length. I
gasped as my asshole burned and my thighs tightened.

"Oh, shit!" I gasped as the first shot of cum raced up the length of my

"Oh, yes!" Leigh screamed. "Fuck me!" She drew out that last vowel in a
banshee shriek that would, I was sure, alert the neighbors to our
activities. My spunk pumped into her dark recesses, bathing her in my hot,
thick cream. Leigh's clamping cunt spasmed and milked every drop from
within me.

"Oh, fuck!" Leigh gasped, in a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure.
"That's good fucking."

I turned to see Keely's eyes on us. She smiled dreamily, her pussy being assaulted by the energetic tongue of our neighbor. Keely's hands
rested easily on her thighs as she rode Dustin's face. Her tits swayed
gently as she rocked forward and backward on his tongue.

"You two looked good together," she said, grinning, her voice coming in
quick pants as Dustin's ministrations began to have their effect on her.

"Mmmmm" she hummed. "I think I'm going to cum again," she whispered to
him. She lifted her hips, then sank back down. She began to twitch her
hips forward and back on his face. She made an "Ooo!" sound, and her face
became set with concentration once more. This time, a little cry broke
from her throat as she drooped her head forward, tossed it back and
groaned, pushing herself down on the hard-working Dustin.

"Inside," she whispered, urgently. "Just keep it inside. There's
another one there."

True to his word, Dustin's cock began to re-energize. It had been
laying limply on his thigh. I could see it pulse and begin to rise.

Keely rotated her hips, apparently on the talented tongue of our
neighbor. She twisted herself around the probing organ, giving off little
squeals of pleasure.

"That's it," she ordered him. "Make it hard and put it inside."

"Oh! Oh!" my wife cried. "Yes! Yes! That's it! There! There!"

She hitched her hips on his face again, with great force. Her voice
strained a hard groan and then broke with a gasp.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "Oh, that was perfect!"

Keely rocked forward, planting her hands on the mat and raising up off

"Are you ready?" Keely asked him. "I am so ready to be fucked."

"I think we can manage," Dustin mumbled.

Keely crawled backward along Dustin's body. He held his semi-erect cock
up toward her. When Keely felt it bob at the entrance to her pussy, she
reached her hand back between them to take hold of it. She rubbed it
around her damp entrance, then slid her body down on top of him. As I
stood there, my own cock shrinking inside of Leigh, Keely sank herself down
on Dustin's cock.

Dustin reached up and grabbed a breast in each hand. I knew from
experience that Keely's breasts were very sensitive. She could cum from a
breast massage, especially if you paid particular attention to the nipples.

What amazed me was the endurance of my neighbor. Perhaps it was because
he had cum from the blowjob Keely had given him. Whatever the reason,
Keely and Dustin stayed locked together, fucking each other, for close to a
half hour. Keely had nearly a dozen orgasms by my count. Dustin was
expert at bringing her close, then backing off, then assaulting those
sensitive nipples until Keely came, screaming and weeping. Yet, she didn't
stop humping his cock, hitching and twitching her hips on him, rising up
and dropping down on his rod, his meat splitting the pink folds of her
cunt. I was transfixed watching my neighbor's manhood penetrate my wife,
over and over again.

Leigh pulled away from me, grabbed a towel and cleaned us off. Then she
invited me to sit on the lounger with her while we watched our spouses in
their marathon fuck.

"She is beautiful when she's cumming," Leigh remarked.

"Aren't all women beautiful when they're consumed by lust?" I asked.

After a few minutes and several more orgasms, Leigh said, "She really
likes to fuck, doesn't she?"

"Things have been somewhat routine at our place until the last several
weeks," I told her. "I don't know what's come over her lately. It seems
like all she wants to do is fuck."

"That's our fault," Leigh admitted. "We've been planning this for a
couple of months."

"You have?" I was flabbergasted.

"We thought you guys would like to have some fun, you know, outside the
normal day-to-day. Keely came around slowly. She took some real

"I imagine so. What made the difference?"

"We made love to her."

"Who did? What do you mean?"

"It's complicated. First, we let her watch some tapes, you know. Tapes
of us. Dustin and me, together."


"Yes. Then we let her watch us together in the flesh. Eventually, she
joined in."

"You mean, this isn't the first time she's done this with him?"

"Actually, it is. We only let her go so far. I would suck him for a
while, then I let her try it. He kissed her tits, and fingered her. Made
her cum a couple of times. He ate her pussy once or twice. But, he never
screwed her before today. I think that's why she was so ready for him."

"Holy smoke!"

"It would probably explain why she's been so hot at home."

"I am dumbstruck."

"Don't get all wiggly. Remember, you had no prep and were quick enough
to jump my bones."

"I only did it because I saw her, you know, like that."

"That was the idea, bucko. I knew you'd be easy once she got going."

"I'll be goddamned."

"It's okay, Warren. I wanted you, too, you know."

"You did?"

"Sure. So, see? It's just fucking. It all worked out. And, it's

"I guess."

"So, tell me. Aren't you glad we got to fuck?"

"Well, sure."

"And, we're going to do it again, aren't we?"

"Are we?"

"If I have my way. So, watch how hot your wife is, and think about how
you and me are going to fuck each other again. I'll bet you're hard in no

Leigh was right. I watched Keely bounce and pound on Dustin's cock, her
tits captured in his firm grasp, her breath coming in gasps, squeals and
moans. She was hot. I had to admit. And, when I though of Leigh's
smoothly shaved pussy, the warm, moist envelope of her vagina, my cock
began to twitch and swell. Leigh took it in her soft, warm hand and
stroked it gently. The pressure was exquisite. The feelings were
glorious. I no longer saw my wife as the woman who kept my home and made my
meals. I saw a new Keely that day. She'd become a hot, desirable, lusty
woman, who gave superb blowjobs and truly liked to fuck. And, what was
even better, liked for me to fuck, too.

Leigh straddled my hips, facing the pair on the mat and lowered herself
on my now-stiff cock. As I slid deep inside her, I was grateful for these
neighbors who took the time to indoctrinate my wife in a new way of life.
As Leigh slid herself on and off of me, cupping my balls in her fingers and
propelling me to new sexual experiences, I was thrilled to watch my wife's
face in the clutches of yet another orgasm. The vision of Dustin's cock
sliding in and out of her, slick and shiny with her juices swelled my own
rod within the velvet-like walls of my new lover. What was it Leigh had

It was just fucking. And it was, after all, a lot of fun.

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