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Summer Sex 1 of 3


One Saturday night my friend Celine and I decided to go to a party right
down the street from my house. My boyfriend Simon had to work that night,
so I went with Celine's cousin Nathan as friends. Celine met her boyfriend
Tim there.

When we got to the party Tim and Celine got up to dance and Nathan got
us some beers. I didn't really want any, but Nathan said he didn't want to
drink alone.

As the night went on, Nathan and I flirted shamelessly. I'd had a crush
on Nathan for the longest time, but he had never seemed interested before.
Now he really seemed to be, and I was really enjoying the attention.
Nathan was so FINE!!

Nathan: You look really nice tonight Summer.
Me: Thanks Nathan.

We continued flirting throughout the night. As the party wound down, he
walked me home and I invited him in. We were talking, and he leaned in to
kiss me, but I stopped him.

Me: I have a boyfriend Nathan, I can't do this.
Nathan: So, he'll never know.
Me: What if he finds out?
Nathan: He won't, trust me.

Then he tried to kiss me again. At first I resisted, but then I let it
happen. His lips felt so good. At first, he was kissing me softly and
gently, and then a little harder. The harder he kissed, the more I liked
it. Then we went upstairs to my room. He laid me down on the bed and laid
down next to me. He started kissing my neck and all over my face. Soon he
was on top of me and we were undressing each other. He kissed me all over;
his kisses felt so good.

He started on my neck, and then worked his way down to my breasts,
kissing and caressing them. I started moaning softly. Then he started
sucking on my nipples softly and then a little harder. After that he
kissed my stomach and started back up, but I pushed his head down gently.
He looked up at me and smiled, and started back down again, kissing as he
went. When he got to my pussy, he kissed around it at first, teasing me,
until he heard me moan a little. Then he kissed it and started licking it.
It really felt good. Softly he started chewing on it. Then he started
really getting into it. He seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I was but
not quite.

I couldn't hold it anymore and started moaning louder and louder. The
louder I moaned, the harder he chewed and the faster he licked. I could
feel it all through my body. Then I reached down and took his dick into my
hand; it was throbbing. I started rubbing it slowly up and down, which
made him moan a little. It was throbbing so hard, I couldn't wait to get
his cock into my mouth. Then I felt the orgasm coming. I let go of his
dick and pushed his head further into my pussy. I came so hard, I screamed
with pleasure. It felt so wonderful. When my orgasm was over, he smiled
at me.

Then he slipped his wonderful throbbing cock into my mouth. I instantly
started licking and sucking on it. I knew Nathan was loving it - I could
hear him moaning. I felt him run his fingers through my hair. While he
was moaning, I heard him saying my name over and over. I loved the feeling
of his dick in my mouth and kept sucking harder and faster. Then I felt
his cum shoot into my mouth. It was warm and salty. He pulled my hair as
he came. That made me even more excited.

When he was done, he put on the condom, and I got on top of him. His
dick felt so good inside of me. I started riding him slowly. As I rode
him he kept carressing my breasts and kissing me. We stayed like that for
awhile. I just kept a steady pace on top of him moving back and forth as
he moved his hands all over my body. Every once in a while he would he
would lightly slap my ass. That really got me going and I would speed up
when he did that.

Then he rolled me over and took control. Once he had me pinned down, he
really started fucking me. He thrusted himself into me hard and fast. It
felt so good, I started screaming his name. He was sweating so much. It
made him sexier. He was moaning loud. I held on to him and started
scratching his back. He seemed to like that so i tried biting him. He
really liked that and got really exicted.

Then he flipped me over again and we started doggy style. He still
pumped hard and fast. I was lovong it. He was really rubbing my breast and pinching my nipples. It felt great. I was moaning so loud. Then we
both exploded into orgasm. We both screamed and grabbed on to each other.
Then we both collasped on to the bed, and fell asleep.

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