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Summer Sex 2 of 3


When I woke up the next morning, Nathan was gone already. I didn't see
him again for another couple of weeks, and by then Simon and I had broken

I was having a get together at my house. We were barbequing and
drinking, laughing and talking. Nathan was there with a couple of his
friends and I had a couple of my friends there.

After a while, we all went in the living room to watch a movie, and
opened up the couch bed so we could get more comfortable.

Then I went to go get a drink and my friend Selena came with me. As we
were getting our drinks, we were talking. Then all of the sudden, I leaned
over and kissed Selena. I'm not sure why, but she looked so beautiful
standing there. She had shoulder length auburn hair, perfectly firm
breasts, and golden brown skin.

She didn't resist at all. She just put her arms around me, and started
kissing me as hard as I was kissing her. We were for a while, and
eventually Nathan came looking for us. When he came into the kitchen and
saw us kissing, he came over and gently started kissing the back of my
neck. I concentrated on Selena. I moved my hands up and down her back,
occasionally squeezing her ass. Nathan put his arms around me and his
hands found my breasts. He started rubbing and squeezing them, at first
over my shirt, and then he decided to take my shirt off.

Selena and I kept kissing, but our hands started wandering everywhere.
We all decided to go somewhere more comfortable.

Nathan: How about back on the couch?
Selena: If you guys don't mind an audience, I don't mind.
Me: Let's go.

So, we all went into the living room. There was a whole lot of action
going on in there. My sister Aubrey and her boyfriend Mark were kissing
and starting to undressing each other. And Celine and her newest boyfriend
Richard were already half naked.

There was one other guy in the room named Jeff. He was a rather shy
guy. He was good looking though with black hair and broad shoulders.

Nathan laid out a blanket on the floor, and we all sat down on it. The
second we were down, me and Selena were all over each other again. Nathan
laid down with us and every once in a while, one of us would kiss him.
Then I looked over and saw Jeff staring at us. I called him over to us.
He walked over slowly, and sat down. He looked rather lost. So, Selena
and I looked at each other and smiled. We both stood up and undressed
totally. Then we laid the two guys down and starting undressing them while
kissing them everywhere.

When we were all completely naked, Selena and I starting kissing again.
I laid Selena down on the blanket and started kissing her everywhere. Then
I stopped and concentrated on her breasts. I motioned to Jeff to come help
me; I licked and sucked one of her breasts while he took care of the other.
Nathan was kissing and touching me all over my body. Then I started moving
down Selena's body, kissing as I went. I stopped again at her stomach.
She really started moaning while I kissed her there. Then I moved one of
my hands slowly down to her pussy. She was so wet. When Nathan noticed
what I was doing, he started doing the same to me.

After a while, I could tell that Selena was close to cumming so I moved
my whole body down, and softly started kissing her pussy. Then I started
licking and sucking at her clit. I had never been with another woman
before so this was really exciting for me. I was so excited I started
licking faster and sucking harder. Soon I felt Selena's legs shaking and
bucking. Her cum squirted everywhere. As she finished cumming, I kept
licking her gently.

Then I rolled over and Selena started on me. She kissed me everywhere.
Selena wasted no time, she went directly down to my clit and started
licking and sucking instantly. While she did that, Nathan slipped his cock
into my mouth. With Selena on top of me, I couldn't move much, so i let
Nathan move his cock in and out of my mouth as I sucked on it as hard as I
could. He came hard and fast. His cum shot into my mouth.

Then I felt myself cumming. My legs started shaking and bucking and I
started moaning loudly. Selena just kept licking faster and faster.

When my orgasm was over, I looked over and saw Jeff masturbating and
watching us. I went over to him and pushed him down onto the blanket. I
got on top of him and started kissing him everywhere. He was moaning. I
took the condom and slipped it onto his dick with my mouth. He really
liked that. He was as hard as a rock. I mounted him carefully and started
moving myself back and forth slowly. Then I started pumping myself faster
and harder. Jeff was loving it. He was moaning my name over and over. I
looked over at Nathan and Selena - they were fucking as hard as Jeff and I
were. I felt myself cumming, and screamed in pleasure. I started slowing
down a little, but Jeff didn't want that.

All of a sudden, Jeff flipped me over and took total control. He pumped
into me hard and fast. he held my hands down so I couldn't move at all.
His total burst of control really had me excited. I couldn't move, but I
was moaning so loud. Then I felt him tense and knew he was cumming too.
He let out this long and loud moan and then fell onto me and pumped real

When he was finished, he lifted himself up, looked at me and smiled.

I looked over at Nathan and Selena. It looked like they were finishing
too. Then Nathan rolled off my Selena. Selena looked at me and I kissed
her softly.

When I looked around the room, everyone was naked and sleeping. So, I
rooled over and cuddled into Jeff and fell asleep too. I had no idea how
tired I was.

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