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Summer Sex 3 of 3


The next morning when I woke up, everyone was gone - well, almost
everyone. Laying next to me was Jeff with his arm around me. He was
staring at me with a smile on his face.

Me: Why didn't you leave with everyone else?
Jeff: Well, cause you were laying on me and I
didn't want to wake you up. You looked so
Me: How long have you been awake?
Jeff: About an hour.

I jumped up off of him.

Me: I'm so sorry, you should've woken me up.
Jeff: Well, I almost did, but you looked so
beautiful, I just didn't have the heart.
Besides, I thought you might need some help
cleaning up the mess from last night.
Me: Thanks, but you don't have to, I can do it.
Jeff: I want to if you don't mind.
Me: No, I don't mind. I think its sweet.

Jeff smiled and blushed. So, we started cleaning up the whole house.
Jeff was a big help. We didn't talk much; we were too busy cleaning.

When we were done cleaning, we sat down and rested. I looked at Jeff,
and we both smiled. Then he kissed me. Then he realized what he did, and
looked away. He was blushing terribly. He was so cute. I turned his head
back towards me and kissed him. We kissed for awhile. He was a wonderful
kisser. I layed back on the couch and pulled him towards me. Then I
pulled off his shirt.

He had a great body. He wasn't too muscular, but not to chubby either.
I started rubbing my hands up and down his back, but concentrated on
kissing his mouth.

Then I let him take off my shirt. He was really gentle. Then I stopped
kissing him and suggested we go upstairs and take a shower together.

He blushed a little, but loved the idea. So, we went upstairs and
undressed completely. I turned on the water and we both got in.

I started kissing him again. This time I let my hands wander
everywhere. I didn't want to stop kissing him though.

His hands found my breasts and caressed them softly. He was so loving
and gentle with me. I wasn't used to this, but I loved it. He stopped
kissing me and moved his mouth down my body kissing every inch of it.

He started with my neck. He kissed and licked it. He even sucked on my
ear lobes for awhile which felt wonderful. Then, he moved down to my
breasts. He kissed and caressed them. Then, he started using his tongue
swirling it around my nipples. This made me tingle all through my body.
He concentrated on one breast and then the other, not missing an inch of

As he started sucking my nipples, I started moaning softly, and ran my
fingers through his soft, black hair. I could feel the warm water run down
my body.

Jeff started down my body again. this time he stopped at my navel. He
kissed around it and slowly swirled his tongue around and in it. He paid
so much attention to every part of my body. He even kissed up and down my

He started towards my pussy, but I pulled him back up. I wanted him
inside me now. i couldn't wait any longer.

When he was standing again, I started kissing him again. Then I reached
out to get the condom I had put on the toliet. I handed it to him and he
slipped it on.

Then he lifted me up and put me up against the shower wall. Then he
gently put his penis inside of me. He pumped slowly. As he pumped his
manliness into me, we held onto each other so tight. It felt like we were
making love rather than having sex.

After awhile, I got down and turned around. He entered me from behind
as the water poured down on our bodies. He never sped up. He just kept
his slow pace as he whispered my name in my ear over and over. I kept
moaning too.

Then I reached back and wrapped one arm around his head. I could feel
my orgasm coming. I asked him to hold me tighter and he did.

Then as I was cumming, he exploded into his orgasm at the same time. We
both started moaning loudly.

Afterwards, we finished our shower, soaping each other and washing our
hair. Then we got dressed, went downstairs, cuddled on the couch, and
watched a movie. It was probably the best day of my life!!
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