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A Surprising Evening (Rom?, MF)
by OneIdleHand

Her husband returned home from his business trip on time. He had
been away from for week. The kids had kept her busy enough, but
she had more or less been bored. During the week, while the kids
were in school, she started and finished two steamy romance
novels. Her sexual needs had grown throughout the week, and now,
with her husband home, she needed release. This night would be a
conclusion to what began as fantasies and ended as a formal plan.

As her husband entered from the basement, she welcomed him home
with a hug and a kiss. She told him that she had already dropped
the kids off at a friend's house who would keep them overnight.
She told him to take a short nap, because he usually returned
tired, and then they would go out to dinner and see a movie.

The dinner and conversation went really well. She had plenty of
news to catch him up on, and she was able to not betray the
nervous excitement building within her. After dinner, her husband
asked where she wanted to go. She told him to go to the movie
theater that they usually went to, and that she had picked out a
movie that would be a surprise. It was now dark outside, but the
streets were still well lit by all the streetlights. She leaned
over to his seat, and placed her hand over his cock. She
whispered in his ear, "I've been thinking about your cock all
week. I want you to promise to fuck me tonight." Feeling his
cock grow under her hand, he said, "Maybe we should skip the movie
and take advantage of our house with no kids."

This, of course, is what she had intended all along. "That sounds
good," she said, "but I'm horny enough tonight that I want to be
the aggressive one. Here, I'll show you." She unzipped the top
of her dress, which zipped in the front. She pulled the top part
aside, revealing her breasts. She was wearing a bra with holes
made for her nipples to poke through. She cupped a breast with
one hand and pulled her nipple hard with the other. "Now you have
to can't watch," she said. The remainder of the way
home, she had to remind him constantly to keep his eyes on the
road. She covered up whenever another vehicle was close enough to
see, but she kept playing with her nipples and rubbing her crotch
all the way home. As they neared their neighborhood, she even
slipped a finger in her sex and placed it in his mouth to suck.
As they drove down the driveway, she had him park in the driveway,
rather than in the garage.

"If you want any piece of me, tonight," she said, "then you have
to agree to do whatever I say. Agreed?"

"I'll agree if you promise that I do get a piece of you tonight,"
he replied.

"Okay, first I want all of your clothes, now," she said with a
grin. He began to wonder what she might have in mind, but
nevertheless removed his clothes. "That's very good, and that's
how you will stay the rest of the night. Now as a reward, you can
briefly suck a nipple." Which he did for a short time before she
pushed him away.

"Okay," she said, I'm going inside. Before you can come in,
though, I want you to get the small package I placed in the
mailbox before we left tonight. Bring it to the front porch and
open it. You'll know what to do with it. Then ring the
doorbell." With that she grabbed his clothes, opened the garage
door, went inside and closed the garage door again.

It was a dark night, warm, with a slight breeze. Storm clouds had
covered the sky, but it had not begun to rain. The cul-de-sac on
which they lived did not have a streetlight, although some light
shone from people's windows and exterior lampposts. Privately
wishing their roles were reversed, he decided against an all out
streak up the driveway. He started the car and backed it up the
driveway. He circled the car to get near the mailbox, but due to
the curve of the road, he could not get close enough to reach it
from the driver's window. So, he switched off the car's interior
light, opened the car door, and quickly retrieved the mail. All
was quiet on the street, and their closest neighbors did not
appear to be at home. Safe.

He drove back down the driveway, but stopped the car at the
sidewalk to reduce the distance to the front door. The
floodlights were not on, and, fortunately, she had not turned on
the front porch lights. He rolled down the window to listen if a
car was coming. One wasn't. He quickly rolled the window back
up, exited the car, and ran up the sidewalk to the front porch.
On the porch, he squatted behind the hedge, in relative safety.
He felt certain his wife was watching, but it was too dark to

He opened the large envelope, and found two items. One was a
blindfold, which they had used many times in their games. No
problem. The other, however... He had purchased it with the idea
of using it on her, but she had made it clear that she was not
interested. It had remained idle and forgotten. It included a
velcro strap that fastened around the neck, with a strap that hung
down the back. The strap on the back also included two additional
velcro loops through which the hands were tied. After it was on,
the hands are basically trapped behind the back.

Well, he thought, she's probably going to have fun watching this.
He first fastened the neck portion and fastened one hand behind
his back. Then he put the blindfold in place and tried,
unsuccessfully, to fasten his other hand behind him. Giving up,
he used his hand to find the wall and move to the front door,
where he rang the doorbell. Waiting for only an unanswered
moment, he rang it again. And again. "What do you want?" came
through the door.

"In!" he replied.

"You didn't fasten your other hand," she said.

He replied, "I tried, but I couldn't."

"Okay, but you'll have to pay a penalty." I haven't already, he

He could hear the door being unlatched and opened, so he stepped
back to make room for the storm door. Instead, he could see that
the porch light was now on through the bottom of his blindfold,
then heard the whiz and flash sounds of a Polaroid. The light
went off and the door opened. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"
she said as he entered.

She helped him up the stairs and then into the bathtub, and she
had him kneel on a pad. She started the water, which started cold
but grew warmer. She lathered up the wash-rag and began bathing
him, removing one arm at a time to get under the armpits. She
saved his cock for last. She took her fingers and pulled his cock
up by the head. With the other, she slowly traced the bar of soap
up and down the shaft and around his balls. She worked the soap
until his cock was covered with suds and slippery. His cock was
really hard, and she knew that he would cum if she continued much
longer. But she enjoyed the soapy feel of his cock and balls and
teased him for a while longer. Finally, she emptied a bucket of
cold water on his cock, which she had filled when the bath began.
"Whoa!" he yelled, and she watched as his cock quickly shrank.

She helped him from the tub and dried him off, kissing his body as
she did so. She gave his cock a couple of licks but decided she
had better stop now or she wouldn't get to her other plans. She
led him to the bedroom, where she placed a chair in front of the
TV. He sat down, but she had him scoot forward to the edge of the

She went to the bathroom and returned with a strap used for
holding sunglasses. She had seen him tie his cock and balls once,
but she hadn't done it before. "Tell me if I get this too tight."
She encircled the strap around the base of his cock, and pulled it
tight. He didn't say anything, so she pulled it tighter. She
watched as his cock head began to grow very large. She tied the
strap off so it wouldn't give. His cock appeared red and huge,
and she hoped it didn't hurt. She then used other straps to tie
his thighs to the chair, so he couldn't get up.

"Okay, I'm going to go take a shower. But, I did say I had a
special movie picked out for you." With that, she removed his
blindfold, turned on the VCR and TV, and hit `play.'

Hopelessly restrained, and mindful of a dull throb in his cock, he
watched. The movie began with a picture of their bathroom. The
shower curtain opened to reveal his wife taking a shower. She
made a careful show of herself, trying to keep the shower water in
the tub. She started with her face, and she worked her way
down. She took special attention to raise her arms as she washed
her face, which she knew would draw more attention to her breasts.
She took the bar of soap and lathered her breasts fully, then ran
her fingers over and around the nipples. She pulled her nipples
outward as she moved under the shower to rinse the soap.

As she worked towards her cunt, the space limitations made it
difficult for her to give much of a show. Still, she placed a
foot on the inside lip of the tub, so he could see as she ran the
wash-rag through her lips. After she finished washing, she turned
off the water and stepped out of the tub to dry herself. He
wished desperately that he could play with his cock.

He thought the movie might end there, but instead she sat on the
edge of the tub, facing the camera. She took shaving lotion, and,
spreading her legs wide, applied it to her pubic area. She picked
up a razor, and, using the water in the bathtub as a rinse, began
to shave her pussy. She had said before that she would never
again shave her self bare, because of the irritation when the hair
returned. True to her word, she shaped the hair into a slender
vertical strip, while leaving the area between her legs alone.
Beggars can't be choosers, he thought. She then pulled out some
wax strips, and finished the job off nicely, adding powder as she
finished. She placed a finger on her clit and massaged it slowly
for a moment. She then held up her index finger from her other
hand and curled it towards herself, inviting him. The movie
ended. His cock begged for attention.

Shortly afterwards, he heard the shower turn off. She finally
came out of the bathroom, wearing one of her light bathrobes. She
knelt down in front of him, and gave his cock one long lick, while
looking in his eyes. Then she picked up the blindfold and
replaced it over his eyes. She undid the straps around his legs,
and then continued to lick his cock. The strap around his cock
made his foreskin tight, so she couldn't pull on it very much.
She then played with it by batting it from side to side before
sucking the head for a few moments. After a minute of nothing, he
heard the sound of the Polaroid again. She then untied his cock
and massaged it for a minute before explaining her next plan.

"We're getting closer to the time when you can finally have me,"
she said. "But first, you have to solve a maze. I'm going to
leave a trail of panties and other underthings through the house.
They'll be spaced out no more than 3' from each other. When you
find the vibrator, you'll know you're at the end. Here, I'll help
you start." She picked up a garbage bag filled with her underwear
and dropped a bra in front of his chair. She then helped him from
the chair and onto the floor, and she finally let his arms loose.
The blindfold stayed on, however. She placed his hand on the
first undergarment. She quickly led a trail around the room and
over their bed, out the door and down the stairs. From there, she
led a trail to her desired finishing point. She then went to go
find her husband.

He was at the top of the steps and just figuring out that he had
to go down the steps. She was amused as his cock swayed as he
walked, crawled, and felt his way around, wearing nothing but his
birthday suit and a blindfold. He continued through the living
room, dining room, and kitchen until he found a bra stuck in the
door to the back deck. He paused long enough for her to step
closer, slap his butt, and open the door. She pushed him through,
and he gamely went searching for the next. She would never have
done that.

The timing of this was working really well, she knew. The
neighbors to the side that could see their deck showed no
indication of being home. Even if they were, the clouds had
blocked out any moonlight, and it was pitch black out. The only
light visible was that from their breakfast area, shining through
the window. She followed him out on the deck, until he reached a
swivel chair that she had moved to the center of the deck, near
the house. He found the vibrator and held it up.

"That's good," she said. "Now wait a minute while I get a couple
of things." She took the vibrator and went back inside and
gathered the restraint straps. She returned and tied him to the
chair. She kissed his mouth and face, and moved her hands and
fingers over his arms and body. She teased his cock, watching it
grow and decided it was time for the final act.

She removed his blindfold, and, facing away from him, removed her
bathrobe. She had thought of doing a strip tease, but she hadn't
been interested in getting dressed for it, and now was not in the
mood to delay things. She took several steps away, so that she
stepped into the light coming from their breakfast area.

As she turned, she grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them.
Then she pulled on her nipples hard, hard enough for him to see
them stretch. She sat in another chair she had placed facing him,
and spread her legs. She inserted her fingers into her cunt,
which was wet, and began to bring herself to orgasm. Just as she
was getting close, she stopped and reached for her vibrator. She
began working the vibrator in and out of her cunt, closing her
eyes, but knowing that he had wanted to see her play with herself
for a long time. She also knew that she had desired to show him
but was too shy. So now she went at it furiously, just as it
began to rain. Her passion resulted in groans, and she knew there
was no going back. Finally she came hard. She leaned back in the
chair, the vibrator still in her cunt, as the rain pelted her face
and chest. She opened her eyes, and met her husband's lustful

Walking over to her husband, carefully keeping the vibrator
between her legs, she released his bonds. "There's one more thing
before you fuck me," she said. "No there isn't!" he replied. He
grabbed her shoulders and moved her over to the deck rail.
Bending her over with her hands on the deck rail, he raised her
cunt toward himself. He reached under her and removed the
vibrator, and slipped his cock in. He thrust his cock in and out
very fast, and she thought he would cum any second. Although it
felt really good, she was hoping he would finish because her
groans had grown to chants of "Fuck Me!" which seemed to echo in
the yard. He finally shoved hard into her, and she could feel his
cum shoot into her cunt.

They remained together for a few moments, now with a steady rain
beating down on them. "My curiosity is getting the better of me,"
he said, "what was the `one more thing' you wanted?".

"Here, I'll show you," she said. She instructed him to lie down
on the deck. She pretended she was going to squat above his cock,
but she moved quickly to his face. She settled her cunt above his
mouth, and with her fingers, opened herself so their fluids
dripped out. She wiped them all over his face with her pussy, and
said, "only just that, except I was going to do it before you came
in me. But thanks! I like your idea better." As his cock was
hard again, she settled herself on top of it, and they made slow
love in the rain.
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