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Archived Sex Stories



by Headhunter
Jeff and Susan Phillips were driving back to their home in Dallas,
Texas with their four year old son Jeff Junior. The pretty brown
haired Susan called her boy Little Jeff. The family was driving up
the scenic roads in the high desert of Mexico heading towards the
U.S. border. They had been visiting the Aztec pyramids in the jungle
south of Mexico City. Jeff was an archeologist at Dallas University
and he had used this research trip as a family vacation.

They had spent a long weekend shopping in Mexico City and were now
halfway between the City and the U.S. Border. They were in the middle
of nowhere. The dusty high desert was hot and dry, but was beautiful
in a lonely way.

The 28 year old couple had been college sweet hearts. Jeff had gone
to graduate school while Susan had become a 1st grade teacher.
Eventually Jeff had gotten a job as an Assistant Professor at the
University. Susan had quit working when the baby was born. This trip
was during their summer vacation and the Mexican afternoon was
brutally hot.

Both Susan and Jeff were wearing shorts and tee shirts. Their luggage
and Jeff's research equipment was in the trunk and loaded on a car
top carrier. Jeff Junior slept in the back seat of the car in his
Mickey Mouse underpants.

Jeff had turned down a paved mining road, but after 20 miles the road
turned to dirt, after it passed an abandoned ore processing plant. A
faded sign on the side of the dirt road said, "La Casa Putas -- 20
kilometers". Jeff figured that was another 13 miles. Since the dirt
road was smooth and they were getting low on gas, he decided to keep
going deeper into the desert mountains. It was still early afternoon
and they had plenty of time to get back to the main road. That
decision would change the nice families life forever, but mostly
Susan's life.

Jeff hoped that there would be a cool restaurant and a gas station.
He also hoped the people would speak English. Neither he nor Susan
spoke Spanish. Everywhere they had been so far the people were
friendly and many spoke English.

After about 10 miles the road got bumpier and bumpier. When the car
finally had a small town in sight the road was barely passable. There
were about ten shack homes along the road. There was a closed general
store, but there was an adobe restaurant building that had a gas pump
out in front and what looked like rental cabins out back. There were
five dusty pick-up trucks parked in front. The sign said "Club
Cantina." Jeff recognized the word "Cantina", and said to Susan that
they could probably get a drink and something to eat inside. Jeff
pulled the car into the shade under the buildings overhang. This was
next to the gas pump. Little Jeff was still asleep. So the couple
rolled down the windows. Not much chance of a kidnapping in a sleepy
little Mexican village.

Jeff and Susan quietly closed to car doors and walked into the
"Cantina". The Cantina was very dark and cool. There were seven
Mexican men sitting at tables and at the long bar. Some were eating
and drinking beer. A large Mexican man worked behind the bar. Moving
around the room were two women cleaning tables and serving beer. A
pretty Mexican girl and a thin, wrinkled slow moving white woman,
whose age was hard to determine.

Jeff and Susan moved to an open spot at the bar and asked if they
could get a cold drink and gas for their car. The man behind the bar
said, that they could get a cold beer, but the gas pump didn't work.
He spoke in broken English. The men in the bar were eying Susan. The
man behind the bar got two beers out of a cooler and put them down in
front of the young couple. He then walked to a CB radio at the end of
the bar and spoke in rapid Spanish into the microphone. His huge
belly and size made him move slowly.

Susan looked at Jeff nervously and quietly said, "lets leave". "We
will just finish the beer and go", Jeff said, "We have enough gas to
get back to the main road."

The pretty Mexican girl can up behind Jeff and said, 'Hey gringo! you
want to have a good time with Juanita?"

Jeff blushed and said, "No thank you". She flipped her hips and
walked away.

Jeff and Susan heard a vehicle pull up in front of the Cantina and
they turned to the door. A stocky well groomed middle aged Mexican
man walked through the door. Everyone in the Cantina greeted the man
with much deference. He walked up to Jeff and Susan, and said,
"Hello, my Yankee friends! We are glad that you are visiting us. The
barman called me to tell me you were here. We don't get many visitors
in this isolated place. The last visitor was Marilyn over there, and
she decided to stay with us." He pointed his well manicured finger at
the old white woman cleaning tables. "She came to visit two years
ago. She was such a pretty young thing back then. She looked very
much like you my dear", he smiled a dazzling white teeth smile at
Susan. Jeff put his arm around Susan protectively.

"My name is Juan and I run things around here. Is that your boy in
the car?" he asked. Jeff said that it was and they were just leaving.
"Too bad, but it seems a very bad man is taking your son in his
truck. You had better go stop him or you might lose your son." Susan
screamed and Jeff bolted for the door. He turned to see if Susan was
following, but Juan was holding her shoulders. Juan said, "you go
stop him, your wife will be safe here." Susan screamed at Jeff to go
after their son.

Jeff didn't know what to do he saw a thin Mexican man putting his son
into the cab of a pick up truck and start driving down the road that
Jeff and Susan had come into town on. Susan screamed at Jeff to go
after Little Jeff. Jeff ran to their car and took off down the road
after the pickup.

As Susan and Juan heard the car engines fade in the distance Juan
turned to Susan and said, "I'm so glad you are staying with us here
in "La Casa Putas", do you know what the name means?" Susan shook her
head no. Juan said, "Marilyn come tell Susan what this place is
called in English." Marilyn shuffled over to Susan, looked up at her
with a tear in her eye, and said, ""La Casa Putas" means "House of
Whores"". Everyone in the bar laughed.

Susan trembled as she was held by Juan, "will my husband and son be
all right?" "They will if they don't do anything stupid. I'm not
interested in them. It's you I want to get to know." Susan sighed
with relief when she heard her family would be OK, but then she
looked up at Juan and asked, "are you going to rape me?" Juan smiled
down as he wrapped both arms around Susan, "Yes my pet! You will be
raped today, but tomorrow you will be fucked, and the day after you
will willingly spread your white Yankee legs for any brown Mexican
cock that comes your way."

"Lets start your education right now," said Juan. He ripped off her
tee-shirt with one pull of his strong arms. Then he pushed her shorts
down without undoing them. He pushed so hard that her panties went
down with the shorts. Juan spun Susan around so that she was facing
the room of leering men and unsnapped her bra. He forcefully pulled
the bra away, picked up Susan and sat her on the bar. Juan told one
of the men at the bar to come over and untie her shoes and pull the
shoes, shorts and panties off. As the man worked on her shoe laces he
reached up and grabbed her white thigh with his brown fingers. Juan
slapped the invading hand away and told the man that he didn't get to
touch her until Juan was finished with her. Susan sat on the bar, one
arm covering her breasts the other hand hiding her brown pubic hair.

Juan slapped her hard across the face, "Don't hide your body, or I
will hurt you", he said. Susan answered, "go ahead, I won't make this
easy for you." Juan turned to the Bar man and said, "call Gomez on
the radio, tell him to leave the little boy out in the desert for the
wild dogs to find and tear apart." Hearing that Susan immediately
dropped her arms, displaying her considerable charms to a room of
cheering men. "You bastard", said Susan.

"That's better darling, if you cooperate, I promise your life will be
filled with pleasure, if you don't there will be much pain and your
little boy will suffer terribly", crowed Juan as he hefted Susan's
mature right tit in his hand.

Juan turned to the men who were all staring at the naked woman. "I
have decided that Susan is a rare jewel, I am going to have her to
myself for awhile. I want to have her while she still cares, I want
her to think of how her body betrays her Yankee husband. I want her
to understand with me, before her life becomes a blur of hard cocks
and potent Spanish seed spilling into her soft white belly." As he
said that, he took his other hand and rubbed her white stomach just
above her pubic hair. Then he asked the barman which cabin was empty.
He led the naked Susan through the seated men towards the back of the
Cantina. Dirty, calloused hands reached out and stroked her legs and
ass as she walked past. At the back door Juan turned and told Juanita
to give Susan's clothes to a village woman because "Susan won't be
needing them any more."

Juan and Susan emerged from the Cantina into the bright, hot Mexican
sun. He kicked at several mongrel dogs who were blocking the path.
The sun was so bright that Susan had to keep her eyes closed as Juan
led her to a small cabin. Juan said, "We must keep you out of this
hot sun. Mexican men like the pure white skin of you Yankee women. I
don't want you to begin getting dark like the local whores. If we
keep you out of the sun you will get even whiter, No?" They entered
the small dark room and Susan's eyes adjusted. It was a smelly adobe
room with a dirt floor. There was a broken down dresser on one wall,
a cracked mirror over it. The room was dominated by a sagging double
bed that almost filled the small room. There was one sheet on the
dirty mattress and it had a large yellow stain in the middle. Juan
roared out the door, "Marilyn bring some clean sheets in here,
Rapido! Rapido!

Marilyn soon appeared, took the old sheet off the bed and replaced it
with a clean white sheet. She glanced sadly at Susan then shuffled
off. Juan laughed, "She doesn't talk much, she's ashamed of her
mouth. You see Susan, she kept biting the Mexican cocks she was
supposed to suck. So I had Gomez pull every tooth from her head. Now
she is an expert cocksucker. men come for miles to have the Yankee
woman swallow their cum. But the last two years have been hard on

Juan pushed Susan onto the bed and gazed down almost lovingly at her.
"How many men have you been with my dear?", Juan asked. Susan
sheepishly answered, "only my husband. I have never been with any
other men." "Excellent! Now I won't need to wear protection. I
wouldn't want to catch anything. Of course after today it will be
different. How big is your husband's member?" Susan replied, "That's
none of your business." But the truth be know Jeff was only a
mediocre lover and he had a thin 6 inch penis. Juan began to remove
his clothes. When he dropped his expensive slacks his impressive cock
sprang into view. Susan couldn't help herself, she couldn't tear her
eyes away from the half hard cock. It was brown and smooth. Juan had
no pubic hair. No hair anywhere except the slicked back oily hair on
his head.

Juan laughed at Susan when he caught her staring. "Mexican men don't
have much body hair, and it's so hot, I like to keep myself shaved.
Also, I can see my cock at work much better without pubic hair. Very
erotic don't you think?" asked Juan. Susan didn't reply but continued
to watch has Juan's cock began to rise. It bounced upward every few
moments as Juan's heart pumped blood into it. The bounce of the
hardening cock mesmerized Susan. It grew until it stuck straight out
from Juan's stocky body. It was easily 8 inches long, but was also
very thick. It was uncircumcised. The first uncut cock Susan had ever

"Does your husband have a love muscle like this one?" asked Juan.
Susan didn't reply, but her continued stare told Juan she had never
seen a cock as magnificent as his. Juan thought to himself that if he
went slow this married bitch might turn out real good. She had
already stopped fighting and seemed really interested in his cock.
She couldn't keep her eyes off it.

As Susan laid on the dirty bed, she was thinking that she needed to
go along with this terrible man until she knew her family was safe.
Why had Jeff brought them here? She was mad at him for getting their
family into this, and she was worried about her son. But she couldn't
help herself as she continued to look at Juan's brown penis. She
didn't know that they came in different shapes and sizes. She only
had experience with Jeff.

Juan decided that he would be gentle and take his time. He decided to
be a great Spanish lover. The bed sagged even more as his weight
settled next to Susan. "What are you going to do?" Susan asked in a
whisper. "My darling we are going to make beautiful love. I guess you
could say I'm raping you, since you have no choice, but I want you to
enjoy this as much as possible", rasped Juan in Susan's ear. "I'm a
married lady, I won't enjoy being raped. But since you threaten my
family I will lay here and you can do what you will, but I won't
enjoy it", snapped Susan. "We'll see, We'll see", smiled Juan and he
began to gently stroke Susan's soft belly and breasts.

Juan was silent. It was quiet in the dark room except for the
breathing of Susan and Juan. Juan was infinitely patient. He stroked
and caressed Susan very gently for a long time. He told her to close
her eyes and imagine that she was with her husband. It was working.
Despite herself Juan could tell that her breathing was getting deeper
and faster. A light sheen of sweat was beginning to form on Susan
naked body. Juan had avoided touching Susan's nipples or pussy,
instead concentration on long slow sensual caresses of her arms,
legs, abdomen, and ass. He continued going slow, but noticed the
tell-tale flushing of Susan's cheeks, neck and breasts.

Susan had done what Juan asked. As a defense, she lay still with her
eyes closed and imagined that it was Jeff touching her. But Jeff had
never been so patient. He was a "slam bam thank you madam" lover.
Susan caught herself enjoying this erotic massage. She tried to fight
it, but it felt so good, and there wasn't anything she could do. She
would pretend that this was Jeff, and when it was over she shouldn't
feel guilty because after all, this was rape.

Juan spent a long time whispering to and caressing Susan. He quietly
said, "My darling you are beautiful, you deserve a man like me, enjoy
the sensations. you were made for sex, you enjoy this, you enjoy
this, you enjoy this... .." Slowly Juan began to caress Susan's
nipples finally sucking one of the tight pink buds into his mouth.
Susan gave an involuntary shudder. Slowly Juan moved down Susan's
body, kissing gently as he went. Finally he reached her legs and
slowly parted her thighs. Susan was limp not fighting him, but not
helping him. Gently he blew on her brown furry mound. Then he stuck
out his tongue and it came in contact with her thick pussy lips.
Susan shuddered once again. She had never had anyone eat her. She and
Jeff hadn't ever performed oral sex on each other. She felt jolts of
electricity shoot through her body as Juan's tongue found her
sensitive clit.

She involuntarily opened her legs, just a little. Juan now knew that
he had her. He didn't really like to eat pussy, especially pussy
covered with pubic hair, but Susan's cunt tasted very sweet and he
knew that this was the best way to get her hot. Besides, she would
suck his cock hundreds of times before he was done with her, so one
good pussy licking was worth it.

As Juan's lapping tongue found its way to Susan's fuck hole, her legs
flopped wide open and she moaned out loud. She was getting very wet.
Juan's slow approach had worked. He began to kiss his way up Susan's
body and as he began to suck on her nipples again, he placed his cock
head at her wet opening. Slowly he entered her. Her vagina felt like
velvet around his Mexican cock. Never had he felt a pussy like this.
Too bad he couldn't keep her for himself.

Juan knew that to keep his power over this area of outback Mexico he
would have to give her to the men. His power came from keeping them
satisfied. Satisfied with women, drugs and money. Juan ran quite an
operation. He received most of his money from drug smuggling and
smuggling illegal workers into the U.S. He kept his men in line
through strong leadership and the rewards that he gave his men. Most
of the women working in the Cantina were pretty Mexican girls pulled
from the trucks of illegals heading for the U.S. border. Susan was a
lucky find for Juan and unfortunately she was destined to be one of
those rewards for his men.

As Juan's hairless balls nestled up against the crack of Susan's ass,
Juan smiled at his good fortune. At that exact moment, as Juan's hard
brown cock reached depth's in Susan's belly that Jeff had never
dreamed of, Jeff's car finally caught up to the pick-up truck with
his son in it. The chase had lasted over an hour. After getting back
to the paved road the pickup had turned off onto another dirt road
heading North behind the abandoned processing plant. This road was
rough and Jeff was barely able to keep up with the truck. Actually,
the pickup slowed down every time it looked like Jeff would fall to
far behind. The pick-up with Gomez driving was leading an
unsuspecting Jeff further into the back country.

Finally the truck stopped. Gomez got out with a shotgun under his
arm. "Senor you may have your son back," called Gomez. Little Jeff
ran to his father. Gomez went to the back of his truck and got out
two plastic milk containers full of water. He placed them on the
ground. He then aimed his shotgun at the father and son, who still
hugged each other. Gomez smiled then moved the barrel of the gun and
fired. The radiator of Jeff's car exploded. "Senor", Gomez called,
"If you wait until dark and follow the North Star you can reach the
highway in about 25 kilometers. Someone will pick you up. Travel at
night when it is cool. There is enough water for you and the little
boy to make it. Walk slowly and carefully, the snakes won't bother
you but don't step in a gopher or prairie dog hole. If you break your
leg you will surely die. If you are careful you and the boy will make
it safely. Going slowly it will take you only two nights. Don't go
back the way you came I will be watching and I would hate to kill

Jeff called out, "what about my wife?" Little Jeff cried, "I want my
Mommy!" Gomez smiled, "Senor, I'd forget about her if I were you. Get
your rich white Yankee ass back to your home. Take care of your boy.
Your wife will have a new life, one that I'm sure she will enjoy!"
Gomez got back in his truck and roared away back down the dusty road.

As Jeff and Jeff Junior watched the pickup drive away, Juan was still
in the dark cabin, still buried deep inside Susan, slowly,
centimeters at a time began to move his thick cock in and out of her
sweet white pussy. He could feel her getting wetter. Susan was trying
to fight the feeling, but Juan kept slowly moving and whispering to
her how good it felt, how wet she was, how much her body was liking
the sensations she was feeling. Juan began to pick up the pace. He
would withdraw his invading cock further and then stroke in deeper.
Susan lost finally lost control. She wrapped her legs around Juan's
ass and began to buck back against him. Now Juan changed his tactics.
From slow gentle lover her became a hard brutal fuck machine.
Screaming at Susan that she loved to fuck, that she was made for
screwing, that all men wanted her, that she was his whore.

As Juan slammed his engorged cock into Susan, he held back, not
allowing himself to cum. Watching her build to a huge orgasm. As she
began to shake, nearing her climax, Juan said, "tell me you are my
whore, my slut. Tell me what you are!! Tell me!!" Susan screamed,
"I'm a whore and slut. Fuck me harder. Oh! forgive me Jeff. Fuck me
harder Juan!" Juan smiled and stopped holding himself back. His red
hot poker of a cock blasted jism deep into Susan's belly. Susan
grabbed Juan tightly with her legs and arms, She hanging below his
stock body. Susan had the biggest orgasm of her life, in the arms of
a Mexican drug smuggler and pimp. All thoughts of her family were at
least temporarily forgotten.

As Susan and Juan laid on their backs looking at the stained ceiling
of the cabin, Susan began to cry. "Sex is nothing to cry about," said
Juan, "so you betrayed your husband with me. Does he make you feel
like Juan makes you feel? I told you you would enjoy it." Susan
sobbed. Juan got off the bed and began to dress. He told Susan that
he had business that he needed to attend to. He told her to stay in
the "crib" as he called it. He would send Marilyn in with some food.
She should rest and he would be back before dark, to make her forget
her family some more.

Susan laid back exhausted. She was full of mixed emotions. She had
really enjoyed Juan's "rape" of her. She had never felt like that
before. She also began to worry about Jeff and Little Jeff. Were they
OK. But soon visions of Juan's penis invaded her thoughts once again.
Maybe I really am just a slut and it took that greasy Juan to bring
it out in me. Marilyn was soon at the door. She brought in some
Mexican food and cold beer. Susan pulled the sheet over her naked
body. Marilyn laughed, "soon you will have no shame. I didn't." When
Susan tried to get Marilyn to talk the old woman covered her mouth
and didn't say much. She pulled a bucket and a full enema bag out of
her basket. "Douche with this, there is no running water in the
cribs. You can piss and shit in the bucket. Clean it out outside with
the hose on the back of the Cantina. You use the same hose to bath
yourself. Juan told me to remind you that you are to stay inside out
of the sun. He don't want anyone else messing with you and he wants
your skin to stay lily white." Marilyn walked out the door and over
her shoulder said, "don't try to run away, miles of desert in every
direction. There is no place to go."

Susan had a spark of hope. Maybe Juan had enjoyed sex with her so
much he would keep her for himself. Maybe she would be able to
convince him to let her family leave this horrible place together.
Susan decided that she would win Juan over. Susan ate the food, and
with her hunger gone used the douche to wash away Juan's big load of
jism. Susan thought, "Jeff never cums this much." She watched as the
white go ran from her distended pussy lips and into the bucket she
squatted over.

Susan began to feel light headed and sat on the bed. Juan had the
food laced with some powerful Mexican hash, and the water in the
douche was contaminated with juice from the prickly cactus. The
cactus juice produced an intense rash and itch on sensitive skin as a
natural defense. Now that juice as working on her pink cunt meat.
Susan's new life was about to begin.

As Susan was sitting on her crib's bed getting higher and higher,
Jeff and Little Jeff were beginning their walk North. It was just
getting to be dusk and the temperature was dropping. The father
helped the boy, walking slowly and carefully. Jeff could just make
out the North Star. He was worried about Susan, but he had to get his
son to safety first. Susan sat naked on her bed, she was feeling
giddy and happy, but she had a terrible itch. She sat on the bed
crosslegged, Indian style, rubbing her pubic hair. Finally she
couldn't stand the itch anymore and she dipped a finger into her
reddening pussy.

Just then the door opened and Juan walked in. Susan looked up with
dilated eyes and smiled, "here is my lover." Juan smiled down at her
and said "Sweet Susan, I can see that you are feeling fine after our
afternoon fuck." "Yes! you made me feel like I never have before."
Susan's clouded mind knew what she was saying was wrong, she was
married to... what was his name... Oh yes! Jeff. But all of her
inhibitions were down because of the drugs, and because she felt that
she had already betrayed her family by responding to Juan's "rape?".

Susan giggled, "my vagina itches." Juan stripped off his clothes and
said OLet me take care of that itch. Let me make you feel wonderful
again." Susan flopped back on the bed smiling. Her mature breasts
dancing in circles as she came to rest. "No! Susan first you must do
something for me", said Juan sternly. "First you must make love to my
manhood with your mouth." Juan was now naked and his flaccid brown
penis hung over Susan's face. "I never kissed Jeff's peepee", a
childlike Susan said, "Hurry, I'm all itchy." Juan replied, "Not
until you kiss my peepee." He thought he might get further using her

Susan sat up, still giggling and quickly pecked the hardening pecker
with her lips. "No, No Susan open your mouth and suck it like a
lollipop." With glazed eyes Susan opened her mouth. Juan stabbed his
cock between her lips. Juan took a few minutes to instruct Susan on
the fine art of cocksucking. "Susan, my Yankee Puta, you are becoming
a good little cocksucker. " Susan labored over Juan's cock her cheeks
hollowing and filling as she labored over Juan's uncut cock. He told
her how to run her tongue under the skin that covered his dickhead.
He instructed her how to take his balls in her mouth and roll them
around with her tongue. Finally she pulled away, "Help me Juan my
pussy is on fire."

Juan smiled, positioned Susan onto her hands and knees, and entered
her doggy-style. Susan groggily said, "Thank you Juan, that feels
much better." Juan laughed out loud. In just 6 hours Juan had this
sweet, pure, American housewife and mother sucking his cock and
thanking him for fucking her. He reached forward and grabbed one of
her dangling boobs. It took him a moment to grab it, because as he
pounded into her from behind Susan's tits were swinging wildly.

He came quickly. Sadly, he thought this was his last fuck with Susan.
After tonight he would no longer put his "pride and joy", his cock
into Susan. After tonight she wouldn't ever be clean enough for him
to fuck. But he smiled to himself, he could continue to teach her how
to suck cock. In Juan's warped mind her mouth could be clean enough
for him but not her pussy.

Juan helped Susan out of the bed and told her that they were going to
the Cantina with the other girls. The Mexican crib girls slept all
day in the cabins and went to the Cantina at night. Taking customers
back and forth to their cribs for "10 dollar American fucks and
sucks." Juan kept the money. He fed the girls and gave them drugs so
they would perform all sorts of perverted tricks for the men in the
Cantina. Susan was to become Juan's newest "crib girl". But first she
would be a reward for his men. Many of his men had come to the
Cantina because word of the new Yankee puta had spread quickly.

Through drugged eyes Susan saw several other girls walking from
cabins toward the back door of the Cantina. They were all small dark
Mexican women.

As Susan was led naked into the Cantina a great roar went up from a
large crowd of men. The lights in the Cantina were bright and the
room was filled with heavy marijuana and hash smoke. The dope smell
even overpowered the the rank smell of sweat and male bodies that had
not washed in days.

Mexican music played on an old juke box in the corner. The Mexican
crib girls had already moved into the crowd of men and were being
openly grabbed and fondled. Marilyn was on her knees next to a fat
smelly Mexican slurping on his short dirty cock. She looked up at the
naked Susan was steered through the throng by Juan. Marilyn dropped
the cock she was sucking from her mouth and gave Susan a toothless
smile. Marilyn immediately went back to work on the cock as it began
to shoot cum onto her face.

The itch had returned to Susan's vagina. Juan lifted Susan onto the
bar where she had sat naked earlier in the day. Juan raised his arms
and the crowd became quiet. "My friends, this is a Yankee puta.
Before today she had only been in her husband's bed. Now he has left
her with us." Juan turned to Susan and pulled the wedding ring from
her finger. Juan continued as he held her rings up for the crowd to
see, "I declare that she no longer belongs to her husband, now she
belongs to all of the men who have faithfully served me. Have fun
with her tonight as a present from me. Tomorrow she goes to work in a
crib and you will have to pay to enjoy her white yankee body".

Susan was grabbed by several of the men and laid across a table. a
line formed at her head and between her outstretched legs. Roughly a
penis was thrust into both her mouth and her pussy. Susan's drug
clouded mind knew enough not to bite down with her teeth she didn't
want to end up without any teeth like Marilyn. The cock in her cunt
helped sooth the terrible itch in her cunt. As load after load of
sperm was deposited into her the itch was soothed. The men in the
Cantina periodically gave her a crack or hash pipe to smoke and
Susan's mind floated around enjoying the sensations of dozens of
hands touching her and dozens of cocks penetrating her.

As dawn broke over the Cantina Susan was taken out back of the
Cantina. The huge barman who had fucked her at least twice during the
night held her up while the other crib girls hosed her off. She was
covered in white jism. She looked as if her body had been painted in
sperm. Finally the hose was jammed up her loosely flapping pussy and
her belly was washed out. Susan was dumped back into the bed in "her
crib" and she slept the day away. Juan told Marilyn to get her up a
few hours before dusk. "Make her look like the whore she is," he

Late in the day Susan's sore body was taken to a small room behind
the bar in the Cantina. First she was given more drugs. As she sat
giggling in a drug induced stupor, her crotch was shaved, her brown
hair was bleached almost white blonde (the Mexican men preferred
their Caucasian women blonde), her left nipple was pierced and a
large hoop earing was hung on her tit. Finally, Marilyn applied thick
makeup, in the style she knew the local men liked on their whores.
Susan giggled when she saw herself in the mirror above the bar, "am I
going to fuck some more?" she asked in an innocent little girl voice.

That night Susan began her new career. Like the other crib girls,
Susan would circulate around the Cantina and when a man wanted her he
would go to the Barman give him $10 American cash and pull Susan to
her crib. She would either fuck or suck him, then return to the
Cantina. Susan quickly learned that if she got the man off quickly,
the barman would give her a long drag on a dope pipe when she got
back inside. This kept her feeling good and helped her forget what
she was doing. By morning she was enjoying her numerous trips from
the Cantina to her crib and back again.

She slept during the day. The next night the routine continued.
Except in order to increase business Juan had Susan and one of the
other Mexican bar girls put on sex shows for the men. The women would
eat each other out and even used empty beer bottles as dildoes on
each other. Susan had been fucked so many times that the long necked
bottles slid easily into her snatch. If they put on a particularly
good show the men in the bar would throw money to the barman and he
would give the girls a hit from the ever present drug pipe.

The third day after her new life began, Jeff showed up. He and Jeff
Junior had made it to the highway and had been picked up by an older
American couple. He had asked them to take Jeff Junior to his parents
house in Dallas. They had agreed and at the next large town Jeff had
gone to the local police station. He got no help from the police.
They didn't want to make Juan mad, and besides, Juan was bribing them
to look the other way when drug or illegal alien shipments came

Jeff rented a Pickup truck and drove back to the Cantina himself to
get Susan.

Jeff arrived at the almost empty Cantina in mid-afternoon. Little did
he know that Susan's abused body was sleeping just a few steps away
in a crib.

Juan was immediately called and when he arrived at the Cantina the
fat Barman already held a shot gun on Jeff.

"Senor, you should not have come back", said Juan. "I came for my
wife", yelled Jeff. Juan smiled, "She doesn't want to be your wife
anymore. I should kill you, but I think that I will do something much
worse to you. I will let you live. I will let you see first hand what
you wife and the mother of your son has become. Then I hope you live
a long life with that image in you mind."

Juan had the barman tie Jeff to a chair in a dark corner of the
Cantina. "In a couple of hours you will see your sweet Susan",
laughed Juan.

Jeff sat there as the Cantina filled up with Mexican men. Some of
them came over to him and spit on him, others laughed and said his
wife was the best Yankee puta in Mexico.

Finally the Mexican crib girls swayed sexily into the room. At the
end of the line, a head taller, was a naked Susan, smiling and
giggling. Jeff immediately noticed her blonde hair, shaved pussy and
gold ring hanging from her nipple. Juan walked up to Susan and
clipped a dog leash to her nipple ring. He led her through the crowd
of men who grabbed at her. Susan laughed as rough, calloused, dirty
hands came in contact with her tits, cunt and ass. Occasionally a
finger would worm its way into her pussy. Susan would stop and squat
a little giving the hand free access. Then Juan would tug on the
leash, her boob would be pulled out and then bounce back as she moved

Juan brought Susan to the table where Jeff sat in the dark corner.
She did not see him or didn't recognize him if she did. Four men sat
at the table. Juan said, "free blowjobs for everyone at this table."
He pushed Susan under the table and said, "suck them off Yankee
whore." Susan immediately unzipped the pants of the first Mexican. He
reached down and fingered her breasts as she licked his cock and
balls. She quickly got to work and one after another she sucked each
man off, swallowing as much jism as she could, the rest running down
her chin and landing on her bent legs.

At the end of the line was Jeff. Without looking up Susan unzipped
his pants, pulled out his cock, and for the first time in her life
took her husband's cock between her cum covered lips. She sucked
happily away, not even recognizing her husband's penis. Even though
he fought it, Jeff felt his cock cock get hard. Susan gave his cock
and balls a tongue bath, and in only moments Jeff's wife was drinking
his jism. Susan immediately licked his cock clean put it back in his
pants. Susan then walked with her ass swinging in a hookers walk,
over to the barman for a drug hit.

Juan was not done. He had Susan perform a sex show with Juanita on
the bar. The end of the show had Susan squatting over a beer bottle
until it completely disappeared inside of her.

Juan left Jeff tied for most of the night and he was forced to watch
Susan leave the Cantina every 30 minutes or so with a different man.
Finally, Juan untied Jeff and led him out back to Susan's crib. They
peered through a small, dirty window and Jeff saw Susan grunting as
she bounced up and down on a fat Mexican laying on his back. He
reached up and played with her tits as she bounced. Finally both the
man and Susan groaned in orgasm, and Susan flopped down on the bed
beside him.

Juan looked at Jeff, "Senor, you should be proud, I have never known
a woman who loves a hard cock as much as your wife. Just look at her
door." On the door was a piece of notebook paper tacked up. A stubby
pencil hung next to it on a string. Juan continued, "this is my
weekly tally. To make sure I am not cheated the girls must make a
tally mark on this sheet every time they bring a man to her crib.
Susan has only been here four nights, and look there are hundreds of
tally marks."

Jeff hung his head. "May I leave now", he asked. Juan laughed, "Yes
my Yankee husband, If you ever get married again, please bring your
next wife for a visit, you have good taste. If not don't ever come

As Jeff drove away he wondered what he would say to Jeff Junior.

Two years later a blonde white woman, old before her time, was wiping
tables in a backwoods Mexican Cantina. She had the mind of a twelve
year old from all the drugs that she had taken. She hoped that some
man would want to fuck her tonight. Recently her only satisfaction
had come from the sex shows she put on with the big stray dog that
hung around the Cantina. She wouldn't get to smoke the crack pipe if
she couldn't get a man to pay $10 American for her.

Just then the door to the Cantina opened and a middle aged man, his
attractive wife, and their 16 year old, blonde daughter entered the
Cantina. The man said, "We seem to be lost."

The barman picked up the CB radio...


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