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Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo Part One


Disclaimer: No one under 18 is allowed to read this story... for adult
entertainment purposes, only.

Author's Note: This is a completely revised and largely rewritten story that I had originally posted on my website ages ago... some of you that
are familiar with my work might remember how the story was riddled with
poser renderings. My site version will continue to showcase some of this
poser art.

Special Note: This story combines lighthearted comedy with a touch of
sweet eroticism... may Suzi enjoy both.

Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo by JR Parz

Chapter One:

Suzi yawned while she stretched... "Thank god it's Friday." she
proclaimed to no one in particular. Slowly, she slid her lithe naked body
out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. This particular week had been
more hectic than the usual due to various end-of-year reports and she was
really looked forward to the week being over.

Suzi Spice was what one would consider a 'hottie'... gorgeous face,
dark lively round eyes, short dark hair, pert perky breasts, hard 'abs' and
a well-rounded delicious ass. She took a quick peak at herself in the
mirror, giggled, and then sat down to pee.

As she sat to relieve herself, her mind touched on tonight's date.
Chris Spears had finally asked her out... something that had taken him a
whole year to do... and she smiled as she visualized an image of his hard
powerful body. Quickly, she dabbed herself and then went to stand before
the mirror. She absolutely loved what reflected back at her. She loved
everything about herself... except maybe her breasts. "At least they're
upturned and perky." She giggled, cupping them. They were small and her
obsessive workouts over the past six months had made them even smaller.
She used to be a full 'B' but now she wore nothing more than 'A' cups.
Lately, she'd been feeling self-conscious about them and found herself
'surfing' the 'Net' for ways to non-surgically enlarge them.

Suzi hopped into the shower and attempted to focus on her upcoming
presentation, but instead found her mind drifting back to Chris. The
thought of him, coupled with the pulsating spray against her hardening
nipples was exciting her. She was rapidly becoming horny and wished she
had time for the whirlpool. Maybe she'd let Chris seduce her tonight...
it certainly had been awhile since she'd last been laid. Usually, she'd
wait until the third date before 'giving it up' but with Chris she could
see herself making an exception... the image again played on her and she
felt an urge to touch herself. Did she have time? "Of course I do" She
giggled, and with that said she reached for the flexible shower massager,
while her other hand spread apart her 'petals'... "Unngghhhh." she
groaned, allowing the jet stream of water to massage her clit. Seconds
later she cried out in orgasm.

After Suzi came down from her sexual high, she sighed... masturbation
was good but it always left her 'needing' more. Simply put, it was never
enough and she preferred the 'real thing'. She smiled... Tonight she'd
have the real thing. Quickly, she finished up her shower and refocused on
this morning's presentation.


No sooner had she entered her office the intercom buzzed; "Suzi." she

"Hi Suzi...let's go for coffee." the soft sexy female voice said on the
other end.

"Oh, hi Shelly... I just got in. I'll meet you by the elevators." She
replied, giggling. While she was the dark haired voluptuous 'hottie',
Shelly was the blonde 'hottie' and everyone was constantly comparing them.

Suzi quickly ducked her head into her boss's office; "Hi Jim, you want a

Jim was on his computer... typing away. She often wondered what it was
he was typing. "Well good morning my most favorite Suzi... sure thing.
You know how I take it."

Suzi giggled, batted her eyes, and took off towards the elevators.
Having a boss like Jim meant total freedom to go and do what she wanted.
She remembered Jim telling her once that if anyone ever questioned her on
how little she worked that to tell them to see him... He was so protective
of her. When she got to the elevators Shelly was waiting and immediately
they began to giggle. They chatted about silly things that had no real
importance in life while heading to the coffee shop. In the two years that
they knew one another, they had established a very close friendship... and
were famous for producing non-stop giggling.


"So, how's my favorite Spice Girl?" Chris asked upon seeing her.

Suzi giggled in response. Like, how often had she heard that one? Of
course hearing it from Chris sounded much more pleasant.

Suzi was wearing a tight dress that clung to every curve and crevice of
her luscious form and based on how Chris couldn't take his eyes off of her
obviously meant that he liked it. Her day had been a huge success...
thanks to her excellent presentation... and now she wanted to reap the
pleasures of her 'hot' date.

When they got to the Club they ordered drinks and took a seat at a
table. "You know Suzi, I've been wanting to ask you out for the longest
time." Chris stated with a grin.

"Then what took you so long?" Suzi responded, smiling back at him.

"Are you kidding? You're the hottest female exec in the building...
you and Shelly Kennedy... I thought for sure that you had them lined up a
mile long."

"I'm very selective." Suzi giggled... and then ordered another drink.


The alcohol had gone right to her head and she felt 'tipsy' prompting
Chris to drive her home.

"Would you like to come up?" She asked, giggling.

"Somebody better walk you up... otherwise you might fall." Chris
replied, smiling.

Chris proved the perfect gentleman and let her lean up against him
during the walk up to her apartment. She could feel the heat emanating
from his hard muscular body and he was noticeably 'hard'. She wished she
were bold enough to drop down to her knees and devour him.

While he made the coffee, she ducked into her bedroom to slip on
something more comfortable. Quickly, she stripped off her sexy dress;
followed by her thong panties and silk bra... she giggled at the thought
of prancing around stark naked. Instead, she put on her sexiest lingerie
and now stood before her mirror wearing her black embroidered satin
'teddy'. She especially loved this one because of the built-in wire
supports, which enhanced her breasts.

"You're beautiful." Chris proclaimed upon seeing her re-enter the living

"What I am is horny." She replied in a whisper, smiling... then took a
seat on the couch next to him. Then like sex starved lovers they attacked
one another... kissing, groping and 'wanting' each other desperately.

Chris then 'swooped' her up in his arms and carried her straight to her
bedroom. Unceremoniously, he dumped her on top of her bed and she gasped
when she saw his huge erection poking out from behind his boxers. Seconds
later they were both naked and in one swift motion he entered her...
sliding his cock deep inside of her. Suzi moaned, groaned, bucked and
whimpered as Chris thrust in and out of her... and then she exploded to an
incredible orgasm.


Suzi woke with a pounding headache... too much alcohol, she groaned.
She glanced to her Chris. She felt a sudden disappointment
until she realized it was nearly Noon! No wonder he left! Then she saw a
note and giggled, beaming with happiness. She didn't know why, but her
self-esteem always took a beating after she spread her legs.

As she retrieved the note she felt a slight pain... it had been awhile
since she'd been fucked that hard... and she blushed at the memory of
their lovemaking. Then again, she thought... could she even call what
they did 'lovemaking'? 'No way', she giggled. What they did was 'fuck'!

Suzi read the note: "Good Morning, Lover. I have a football game. I'll
call you this afternoon. You were 'hot' last night and I'd love to indulge
in your charms again... and again... and again. Think of me... I'm
thinking of you. Your lover, Chris."

Suzi beamed with joy... She had hoped that their time together meant
more than just 'great sex' and this proved it did.


"Hi'd your game go?" Suzi asked when Chris called her later
that afternoon.

"We won... I threw three touchdown passes in the second half and that's
all it took." Chris responded, boasting about his football prowess.

"Great... Would you like to come over?" She asked, hoping.

"Ah, bad news... I need to head out to Hicksville. My brother needs
help with a project he's working on so I'll have to take a rain check."

"Oh... all right." She replied, sounding disappointed. She never was
good at masking her feelings.

"Wait... I have an idea. I hope you don't think I'm moving too fast
but I'd really like to be with you... Would you like to come with me?"

"I'd love too!" She exclaimed, and added. "And you aren't moving too

"Great... put together an overnight bag and I'll be by within the

"I'll be ready." Suzi responded with excitement.


Hicksville was one of those small towns in the middle of nowhere... and
they were taking the back-roads to get there... but Suzi was having far
too much fun to care.

"How can you stand working for Jim?" Chris suddenly asked.

"Huh?" She replied, taken totally off guard.

"I heard that the guy never smiles... and he has the disposition of a
tyrant." Chris added.

"Oh, you just don't know him. Everyone has that impression until they
get to know him. He's really the best boss I've ever had... probably will
ever have. You just don't understand him." She emphasized.

"Well, if you ask me, I think he's an as..." Chris started to say before
he suddenly swerved to avoid hitting a deer... but in his attempt, the
car's two front wheels buckled and he skidded straight into an embankment.
Suzi felt like it was all happening in slow motion and her last thought was


"Wh...Where am I?" Suzi mumbled to herself. Slowly, she tried looking
around and found she couldn't move... it also dawned on her that she was
standing upright and very naked!

Then she saw 'him' approach... at least it appeared to be a 'he'. It
was an alien that stood about 4 feet tall. The alien stepped in front of
her and smiled. Suzi blushed, noting that the alien was about eye-level
with her exposed charms below.

"Welcome back Suzi Spice."

'Am I dreaming?' She wondered.

"No dream... and given 'time' isn't a commodity at the moment, I'll get
straight to the point. There's a new crop of super villains popping up all
over your planet and I've been sent here by my superiors to help counter
this new threat... this, dear, is where you come in. I'm an agent in the
protection of the Universe and you were simply in the right place at the
right time."

"What do you mean? What does this have to do with me? Super villains?
And why the hell am I NAKED?" She replied with venom.

"You're naked because I must prepare you for your new role... which
includes your physical transformation."

"New role?" She asked. "Transformation!?!"

"I've studied your er... um... intellect and personality and have come
up with a rather appropriate super alter ego for you. Anytime we select
someone to become a super hero... in your case a super heroine... I try
to combine your personality traits accordingly."

"What?" She whispered.

"Let me get started." He replied and then moved around behind her.

Suzi felt alarmed... not to mention embarrassed. "Are you going to
rape me?" She asked, her voice cracking. She could only imagine what he
was eyeing back there.

"Rape you? Hmmm. Although I admit to finding your human body quite
attractive and to steal the expression from your Earthmen, you're a 'fine
piece of ass', I hadn't planned on ravishing you. Understand this, though,
if I had planned on ravishing you, you wouldn't be screaming 'rape'...
you'd be 'screaming', but not 'rape'. Anyway, what I'm about to do is
'mark' you."

"Wh... what do you mean, 'mark' me?" Suzi mumbled... and then felt the
alien touch the back of her neck. If she could have moved, she would have
jumped! His 'touch' sent an electrical thrill throughout her and it didn't
stop until it reached her groin. She blushed at how suddenly aroused and
'wet' she felt and it was hard to catch her breath. "What did you do!?!"
She finally cried.

"What I did was provide you with a different mindset to assist you when
you're in your super heroine form. This way you won't be confused as to
how you go about battling these villains." The alien stated.

Then the alien touched her butt cheek, eliciting a gasp... and more
tingling down under. His touch was arousing her! "Wh... what are you
doing to me back there?" She asked, struggling to make sense of her
reaction. She hoped that she wasn't making it too obvious how she felt.

"This 'mark' provides you a means to transform."


"In order to transform from your current form to your new super heroine
form... you simply touch this 'mark' and proclaim the magic words."

Before Suzi could ask what he meant by 'magic words' she felt him touch
the small of her back, eliciting yet another gasp... and even more
arousal. She could tell that she was soaked down there and prayed that she
wouldn't start leaking.

"This 'mark' represents your powers." He stated and then finally walked
around to stand in front of her. "Now, for your final 'mark'.

Suddenly, Suzi felt a compulsion to spread her legs and turned 'beat
red' when she found herself complying... she knew she was 'wet' and by
exposing herself like this he would have a clear view of just how aroused
she was. In panic, she watched the alien move his fingers towards her
'wet' sex below and then she screamed out... with the most powerful orgasm
she ever experienced. Suzi must have passed out because next thing she saw
was the alien looking up at her, grinning. She blushed feeling her 'cum'
leak down the insides of her thighs.

"The final 'mark' suppresses your sexual inhibitions... at least while
you're in your super heroine form. This will help you 'deal' better with
bondage situations that you may come across when super villains capture

"What!?!" She replied.

"The hazards of being a 'hot' super heroine babe. Now, let me tell you
about an unfortunate side effect. You see... regardless which body you're
in you'll be carrying that sex 'mark' down there and if someone happens to
touch you 'there' you'll find yourself suddenly and overwhelmingly,
aroused. This desire will quite literally turn you into a nymphomaniac
until you've been sexually satisfied. Only then will you be able to
function again. Anyway, in your specific case it gets worse... this is
due to your latent personality trait. You see, not only will this touch
'heat' you up, but it will also render you quite docile and compliant."

"Docile?" She asked, confused.

"As in 'incredibly passive'. Don't blame me... its part of your own
sexual chemistry and it surfaced when we suppressed your sexual
inhibitions. You obviously had this latent desire to be totally dominated
and turned into a sex slave."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Suzi cried.

"Relax... every super hero has some sort of weakness... you know, like
Superman and Kryptonite. Anyway, your weakness happens to be located
between your legs... at least it'll be pleasurable when someone finds your

The mention of Superman sparked the memory of Chris. How could she
forget!?! "Where's Chris?"

"Unharmed... you'll be flying him home in a few moments."

"Why couldn't you have turned him into the super hero instead of me?"

"Now, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?"

Suzi blushed. Then she recalled the flying part. "I'll be able to
fly?" She asked, timidly.

"While inside your super heroine form, yes. Now, for your super heroine
costume." The alien stated and suddenly a very beautiful woman appeared
carrying a box.

Suzi blushed because she was still naked and this woman was wearing a
robe. There was something about her that looked familiar... "Angelina

"Well, actually she isn't but to make this a more pleasant experience
for you I gave this slave her image."

"Bu... But why?" Suzi stammered.

"Because you've always been drawn to her... that's why." The alien

"Suzi blushed but didn't respond. Instead she looked into the box.
There was a mini skirt, cape, boots, and a halter-top with the big letters
"S B" embroidered across the chest. The halter-top had built in cups that
looked five sizes too big for... "Ah... hate to tell you this... but I'm
going to be swimming inside these cups." She stated, gesturing towards the
cups built into the halter-top.

"Not after your transformation."

"Wh...what do you mean?"

"Look at your right butt cheek." The alien replied.

Suzi looked over her shoulder and saw a small tattoo of a lightning

"Now, place your hand over the 'mark'." he added.

Suzi placed her palm over it, blushing.

"Now say the magic words."

She wasn't sure how she knew, but out loud she proclaimed... "This is a
job for Super Bimbo!" and with that said there was a large CRACKLE POP
had stood, instead stood a blonde goddess of absolute beauty!

Suzi heard herself giggle, feeling her new Super Bimbo persona wash over
her. She brought her hands up to 'cup' her new, incredibly large breasts,
and giggled, feeling their firmness. "I love my new boobs... they're so,
so sensitive!" She cooed, caressing her hardening nipples. Then she
noticed that her hair was blonde and hung down past her shoulders. She
giggled again. Then she glanced over her shoulder to check out her 'new'
ass and giggled again. Her body looked like a work of erotic art.

"Walk over to the reflection glass." The alien commanded.

Suzi complied and walked over to the mirror... then gasped! She looked
like a cross between the most beautiful Playboy Centerfold there ever was
and a naked Amazon Warrioress... she also giggled when she noticed that
she was a natural blonde. "I'm a blonde Bimbo." She whispered, giggling.

"Yes... but not just 'a' Bimbo... the one and only, Super Bimbo! It
would have been Super girl but that name was already taken. Anyway, this
name fits your personality much better."

Then it suddenly 'HIT' her... she wasn't in control. It was actually
Super Bimbo that controlled her movements! She also noticed how horny this
was making her and how her hand had already crept down below and started
playing with herself. Suzi screamed at Super Bimbo to stop touching
herself and was surprised when Super Bimbo withdrew her sticky fingers.

Slowly, Super Bimbo started to dress... the costume couldn't have
looked any skimpier. When she was done, she giggled and returned to the
mirror. Suzi thought she looked like an exaggerated erotic caricature of a
super heroine.

"While your inside this costume you aren't allowed to wear panties...
not even thongs." The woman replied, smiling.

"Oh." Super Bimbo giggled... looking like an erotic caricature of a
super heroine.

Suzi tried analyzing the way she felt. On one hand she really did feel
like Super Bimbo and could feel a whole different set of values and
priorities dominate her way of thinking... not to mention how incredibly
horny she felt while inside this body. She fully comprehended her new role
in life and felt very comfortable in her new form. Then on the other hand
she felt her 'true' persona simmering just below the 'Super Bimbo' persona.
"Now, I'd like you to tell me your new mission in life." The alien
stated, smiling.

Suzi was perplexed as to what he meant but 'Super Bimbo' obviously
knew... and in that ever so sweet, soft, sexy voice, she proclaimed. "For
I am Super Bimbo... ruler of blonde bimbos everywhere... I'm a fighter
for bimbo truth... bimbo justice... in the bimbo way!" Then, of course,
giggled. If Suzi could have rolled her eyes, she would have.

"Now, that's my favorite bimbo." The alien replied with a smile.

Super Bimbo giggled at the alien and then suddenly a couch materialized
to the right of her. Chris was sleeping on it! He still had his clothes
on and Suzi could sense Super Bimbo's disappointment. She also felt Super
Bimbo's urge to try out her new body. 'No' Suzi projected. She felt
relieved as Super Bimbo complied.

Super Bimbo walked over to Chris and picked him up... his weight felt
like a feather given her new super bimbo strength. "Up...up...and away."
She whispered in a soft sexy voice and then giggled as they took flight.
Suzi wondered exactly where it was she heard that before as she flew
through the night air... Chris was waking up but Super Bimbo kept him
snuggled close against her huge boobs. She made sure to position his mouth
right next to one of her hardened nipples. Suzi protested again... but
only for a moment, giving in to the pleasurable tingling it generated.

The End of Chapter One.

Feel free to e-mail me your thoughts...

In Chapter Two Suzi must rescue her best friend Shelly from two mad
scientists... but in order to do so, she has to allow her own capture!


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