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Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo Part Three


Disclaimer: No one under 18 is allowed to read this story... for adult
entertainment purposes, only.

Author's Note: This is a completely revised and largely rewritten story that I had originally posted on my website ages ago... some of you that
are familiar with my work might remember how the story was riddled with
poser renderings. My site version will continue to showcase some of this
poser art.

Special Note: This story combines lighthearted comedy with a touch of
sweet eroticism... may Suzi enjoy both.

Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo by JR Parz

Chapter Three

Suzi heard the alarm clock and jumped! Huh!?! If she didn't know
better she'd swear the whole thing had been one crazy dream... but of
course she did know better. Speaking of dreams, Shelly would be the one
remembering the experience as a dream... an erotic dream... but a dream
nonetheless. She wondered how she was coping.

She blushed as she soaped her body... recalling, with excitement, how
hard she came from the woman's tongue... was it the arousal spray that
made her act that way? Or was it her sex tattoo? Either way the memory
was making her horny and her blush deepened. Did she harbor some latent
desire to be with a girl? Did she want to pursue this secret desire? She
knew that Super Bimbo wouldn't mind... the super bitch was insatiable!

"I know what I need." She suddenly realized. "I need Chris!"

She remembered how passionate their one time together had been and she
was angry that she didn't make time for another... being a super heroine
was certainly putting a damper on her sex life.

"This stops right now!" She proclaimed... and grinned at the
possibilities. She thought about how much easier it would be if she'd
simply allow Super Bimbo to fuck him.

When she was dressed in her business suit, looking incredibly sexy, she
giggled checking herself out... she just loved looking at her reflection
in the mirror.

When she finally pulled out of the parking lot of her apartment complex,
she called Shelly on her cell; "Hi Shell... Just wondering how you're

"Hi Suzi... <she giggled> you're not going to believe the incredible
dream I had last night!" Shelly replied, giggling again.

"Oh... You'll have to tell me at lunch... I'm treating today." She
replied... giggling herself.


When Suzi arrived at work, she passed Shelly's office and saw her
holding court with a group of her co-workers... She paused for a moment to
listen and giggled when she heard Shelly telling them how she was the size
of a Barbie doll... from what she could tell; it sounded like Shelly was
giving them the rated 'R' version. She looked forward to hearing the rated
'X' one at lunch.

"Hi Suzi!" Shelly exclaimed upon seeing her.

"Hi Shell... don't let me stop you." She replied, grinning.

"Oh, that's all right... I've told these guys all I'm about to tell
them anyway." she giggled.

"Look Shell... Jim needs my help on a special project this morning so
why don't I swing by your office at lunch time." Suzi suggested.

"I won't be here... I have a Doctor's appointment."

"Oh... then give me a call after you finish and we'll meet at the

"Which restaurant?" Shelly asked.

"How about that new 'Soups & Salad' place they opened up?"

"Okay, I'll give you a call when it looks like I'm done, okay?"

"Kewl." Suzi responded... then giggled. Shelly giggled, too.

Suzi was in a good mood when she reached her office and in even a better
mood when she saw that there was a voice mail from Chris. As expected,
Chris jumped at her offer to spend tomorrow morning together. Before she
headed to Jim's office, she thought about her relationship with Chris. Was
him knowing that she and Super Bimbo were one in the same a good thing? It
did make it more difficult in one respect... Super Bimbo wanted to fuck
him... something she didn't want to happen... at least not at the moment.

Suzi arrived at 'Soups & Salads' sooner than Shelly, so she took a
seat... and no sooner had she sat down when a man, who looked to be in his
late thirties, sat directly across from her.

"Excuse me... Do I know you?" She asked, surprised that the man would
sit down in her booth, uninvited.

"I'm sorry... I'm not normally this intrusive but I saw you arrive a
moment ago and I just had to talk to you..."

"What? Who are you?" She asked. She turned towards the door in hopes
of seeing Shelly... no Shelly. "I'm meeting someone... please leave."

"A guy or a girl?" the man asked.

"A girl... what does it matter." Suzi replied... then reprimanded
herself for not saying it was a guy.

"Then I'll stay... and let me introduce myself... my name is Alexander
Remmington and I'm a chemist."

"Look, I really don't care who you are... you're going to have to
leave." She replied, getting annoyed.

The man smiled at her but didn't budge.

'Why do I always attract these weirdoes?' She wondered. "Look, I'm
asking you to leave one more time and if you don't, I'm going to call the
manager." She stated... getting angrier by the second. Part of her wished
that she could simply turn into Super Bimbo and let her deal with this!

"No Miss." He responded. Then he pulled out a small bottle with a spray
pump attached to it.

Suzi had flashes of her experience last night and started to get
nervous. Then she thought the guy must be some pushy perfume salesman and

"I call this special formula 'Arousal'...and I've selected you to test
it on."

"Not again!" Suzi exclaimed... but before she could get up the man pressed the spray pump and a mist of a sweet smelling fragrance covered her
face... the suddenness of the act caught her off guard and she ended up
inhaling the aroma... and surprisingly, she liked it. "Mmmmm... Smells
nice...just like licorice..." She whispered.

"Thank you... I thought you'd like the smell. It's actually a
synthetic of the candy 'Good N Plenty'... I bet you weren't aware that
females find this candy's aroma very stimulating... were you?"

"I...I feel strange..." Suzi murmured. She wasn't sure what was
happening to her but whatever it was it did feel good... not to mention
horny. She remembered that the man called the formula 'Arousal' and

The man reached across the table and touched her hand... the contact
sparked an even greater 'need' and it now focused on the man in front of
her! "Ohhhhhhhhh... I... thisssss issssss incredddddibbbbblllllleeeeee."
She groaned.

"Yes... I can see from your reaction that my formula is working." The
man smiled, releasing her hand.

Suzi understood that she was under the affects of the spray but it
didn't matter... and the longer she looked at the man, the sexier he
became. She wished that he'd 'take' her right here and right now!

"What's your name?" The man asked, grinning.

"Suzi Spice." She whispered... then giggled.

"Suzi... Don't be afraid, okay."

Suzi nodded her head while wondering why she'd be afraid. The man sounded so manly... and looked so virile. She on the other
hand felt weak and docile. She blushed at how 'wet' she was.

"Are you horny?" The man asked, still smiling.

"Yesssss." Suzi whispered, nodding her head.

"What would you like to do?" He asked, grinning.

"Fuck." Suzi replied, then blushed... then giggled... then blushed

"Play with your tits for me, okay." He commanded, matter of fact like.

It didn't matter that she was in a public restaurant... she brought her
hands up and started to knead them, pinching her nipples. She moaned as a
rush of pleasure shot straight to her pussy, soaking her panties. God, did
she ever want of fuck him!

"Now that you're in the proper state of mind, I'm going to ask you some
questions... I need you to provide me some background... If you're a good
girl, we'll leave here and go back to my place for some afternoon
delight...okay sweetie?"

"Yessss... I...I...would like that..." She replied... really, really
wanting him.

"Good girl...I know you fact, until I give you an antidote,
you have no choice. You see Suzi... the formula is called 'arousal'
because it immediately attacks your sexual chemistry and places you in a
perpetual state of arousal. When I touched your hand I triggered a
chemical that directs this feeling towards me. It could be anyone... it
doesn't discriminate... and a side effect is that new docility of yours.

"Hi Suzi... Who's your friend?" A sweet voice interrupted them.

Suzi turned to see her best friend, Shelly... She thought she should
warn her but couldn't muster the words.

"Oh Suzi... Please introduce me to your lovely friend." The man commanded.

"Shelly... This is Alexander Remmington... Alexander, this is Shelly

"Nice to meet you..." Shelly replied with a giggle... although she did
look surprised.

The man smiled, glancing at both of them... "Time to start our second


Alexander Remmington was impressed with his new 'arousal' spray...
using it both on Suzi Spice and her best friend Shelly Kennedy... He took
them back to his apartment and preceded to fuck them over and over... they
couldn't get enough of him. Then he gave them an antidote to break their
obsession... but before they could recover, he sprayed them again... and
then made them touch each other!


Suzi moaned with pleasure at what was being done to her... Shelly,
fully under the affects of the 'arousal' spray, licked, sucked, nibbled,
and drank the river of cum that flowed from her... what was worse was that
Shelly had triggered her sex tattoo and she felt totally subjugated to her.
Shelly shifted around... never taking her mouth off her pussy... and
lowered her own pussy on top of her face. Suzi attacked it, hungering for
her like she never hungered before... soon they were crying out with one
orgasm after another... and by the time they passed out, both their faces
were coated in each other's cum.

When Suzi woke, she noted immediately that she'd been given the
antidote... but still felt the lingering affects of her sex tattoo.
Embarrassment was an understatement and she knew that Shelly was going to
be as equally embarrassed once she woke. Her attention then shifted to
Alex Remmington, who sat quietly in a chair by the bed.

"Success" he said with a grin. "You two proved that both my 'arousal
spray' and my antidote work."

"Wh...what are you going to do to us?" Suzi stammered, not trusting him.
She thought that this might be the appropriate time to turn into Super
Bimbo, given Shelly was still sleeping.

"As soon as your friend wakes you can both leave. I have all the
information that I need and if I'm ever in need of your services again I'll
just call. If you don't come, then I'll make you cum. Pun intended."

Suzi sighed in relief... if he was going to let them go than she
wouldn't have to blow her cover. Slowly, she slid out of bed and dressed.
She knew the guy was watching her but at this point she was beyond
embarrassment. When Shelly woke, she helped her with her clothes then they
left in silence.

"I...I...don't understand what happened back there." Shelly stammered,
as they exited the building. "But I never came so much in my life before."
She blushed.

"It was the formula... it made us feel that way... I guarantee Mr.
Remmington will get his. In fact, real soon."

Minutes after the cab dropped Shelly off, Suzi slid her hand underneath
her skirt and cupped her ass cheek. "This is a job for Super Bimbo!" she
proclaimed, and there was a CRACK of thunder and a thunderbolt.


"Damn!" Super Bimbo giggled. "I'm naked!"

The driver had stopped the cab and Super Bimbo saw his mouth wide open
and staring at her. 'Poor guy probably never saw a naked blonde bimbo with
huge tits before.' She thought with a giggle. Then she climbed out of the
cab and took to the air.

Super Bimbo didn't think much of it, but while she headed straight for
Alex Remmington's apartment, she was flying through an electrical storm...
and a bolt of lightning 'hit' her in the back of the neck! She passed out
long before she 'hit' the ground, putting a dent in the earth's surface.

When she came too, she saw that a crowd had gathered around her... Here
she was, stark naked, and being gawked at... She giggled as she stood up,
feeling slightly dizzy, then took to the air again... but this time she
flew back to her apartment. She collapsed on her bed and passed out.


Before Suzi passed out, she remembered being just as confused as Super
Bimbo... then when she saw her reflection pass by her bedroom mirror, she
gasped. Super Bimbo was inside her body! She blushed at the thought that
it was 'her' that flew around town naked.

*** (The Next Morning)

When Suzi opened her eyes she remembered that Super Bimbo had been in
her body, so she wasn't totally surprised to see herself with long blonde hair and gigantic tits! She was stunned at how beautiful she looked as she
gazed in front of her mirror and then giggled at how ample her well-rounded
ass looked! She giggled, cooed, and acted in a very bimbo-like fashion,
inheriting Super Bimbo's 'bimboism'... not to mention her healthy sex

Thank God it was the weekend where she didn't have to go to work because
she certainly couldn't go looking like this! After going through her
closets, the only thing that fit her was a robe... unless she wanted to
put on Super Bimbo's costume. Her tits amazed her... and her nipples were
so sensitive. Then she wondered... did she possess Super Bimbo's powers?


Suzi sat on the couch uncomfortably, explaining what she knew to Chris.
She was uncomfortable because the robe she wore was too tight... and her
panties were soaked!

"So, you aren't Super Bimbo?" Chris asked, trying to make sense of

"No. I'm Suzi." She responded in her new breathless sexy voice. Then
she giggled.

"You certainly sound like Super Bimbo." Chris replied with a grin.

"I told you... I can't help giggling." She giggled again.

"And this happened when the lightning struck you... er... I mean,
Super Bimbo, right?"

"Yes, last night during the electrical storm."

"Why were you... I mean... why was Super Bimbo flying around out
during an electrical storm?"

"I... I'm not sure... there seems to be a memory lapse. Maybe the
lightning had something to do with it."

"Does this mean when you transform into Super Bimbo that she'll be
wearing your body?"

"I think so... she was last night." She replied.

"Do you have her powers?"

"No... just her giggling personality and her... well... her
appetite." She blushed... then giggled. "Earlier I tried to bend steel
with my own hands but it didn't work."

"This is unbelievable." He remarked.

"There's one other thing." She responded.

"What's that?" He asked.

"I need you to fuck me." She whispered... blushing.


"I'm horny... I mean, really, really horny." She re-emphasized.


Chris was in complete 'awe' as he talked with Super Bimbo... er Suzi.
As much as Suzi was a 'hottie', he found himself incredibly turned on with
this blonde goddess that sat beside him. He had wanted to fuck her the
very first night she flew him home... and now that Suzi was at the
controls, he was going to get his chance.


Suzi gasped when Chris slid his hands inside her robe... he started by
caressing her 'globes' and then along her shapely new contours. Then he
slipped the robe off of her and twisted her around... using on hand to cup
her ample butt cheek, then tease her 'crack'. He kissed her neck... her
earlobe... while his other hand pinched her nipples. His other hand left
her backside to run along her inner thigh... and that was when he grazed
her sex tattoo! Liquid heat spread throughout like wildfire! She couldn't
help it now as she begged and whimpered for him to fuck her. He smiled at
her sudden outburst and lifted her up, leaned forward and then entered her
with one thrust! She cried out, exploding with an orgasm... feeling
penetrated like never before... she groaned and moaned with every one of
his thrusts and continued to plead for him to fuck her harder! Then the
next thing she knew she was being carried off to her bedroom where he made
her his slave. Never had she felt so dominated... so female... so

The End of Chapter Three.

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In the 4th chapter, Suzi and Super Bimbo head to the beach with Chris
trying to deal with their new predicament... while Supernatural forces
move in to take advantage.


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