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Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo Part Two


Disclaimer: No one under 18 is allowed to read this story... for adult
entertainment purposes, only.

Author's Note: This is a completely revised and largely rewritten story that I had originally posted on my website ages ago... some of you that
are familiar with my work might remember how the story was riddled with
poser renderings. My site version will continue to showcase some of this
poser art.

Special Note: This story combines lighthearted comedy with a touch of
sweet eroticism... may Suzi enjoy both.

Suzi Spice aka Super Bimbo by JR Parz

Chapter Two

Next Morning...

Suzi yawned... stretching out her arms... "Oh my GOD!" She cried out,
bolting upright! Was it a dream? Quickly, she twisted around to look at
her right butt cheek and there it was... the 'mark'... it looked like a
tattoo of a lightning bolt. Then she remembered her other one and opened
her legs... this tattoo was of a beautiful naked girl, kneeling in
submission. The girl resembled her and she blushed. She was about to
touch it when she remembered what affect it would have on her... better
not, she thought to herself. Quickly, she sprung out of bed to grab for
her cell.

"Hi Chris! Are you all right?" She asked... concern and apprehension
in her voice.

"Suzi! Of course I am... don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" She asked, not wanting to admit what she remembered.

"You... er... I mean... ah... Super Bimbo flew me home last night."


"Come on Suzi, don't you remember?"

Suzi remembered quite clearly...and she turned beat red. She remembered
how Super Bimbo stripped Chris of all his clothes... She remembered Super
Bimbo stretching him out on the bed... She remembered Super Bimbo kissing
him down below and how Chris sprung to attention in response. She
remembered flying back to her apartment, stripping off her costume, and
then her marathon masturbation session. She blushed as she recalled crying
out with one orgasm after another. She reached down with her hand and
still found herself 'wet'. "Chris... I'll talk to you later."

Suzi walked over to her closet... and there it was...her Super Bimbo
costume. Why did this alien pick a name like Super Bimbo? After carefully
scrutinizing the costume she couldn't get over the size of her cups. "She
must be a Double D!"

She thought about Chris again and giggled. So Chris was the only one
who knew that she and Super Bimbo were one in the same... well... not
exactly the same. She giggled again and walked over to the full-length
mirror. She glanced at her reflection and turned slightly to look at her
tattoo again... she was tempted to turn into Super Bimbo just for the
sheer coolness of it, but she remembered the alien telling her not to
transform into her super heroine alter ego unless the reason was valid.

She remembered the strangeness of being a passenger inside Super Bimbo's
body... she also remembered how horny she was. Super Bimbo wanted to fuck
Chris last night and she felt every bit of her arousal, but she knew if she
had allowed her too, it wouldn't have been Chris fucking Super Bimbo and
not her. She could only imagine how disastrous that would be to her

Suzi opened her legs to look down at her 'sex' tattoo... what else
could she call it? It was like she was wearing her 'g'-spot outside her
pussy and the thought that someone could render her a sex slave by merely
touching her there was making her 'wet'. Should she experiment? Instead
she decided to check out the rest of her tattoos. Using a hand mirror she
positioned it behind her neck... this tattoo was of a rose... then she
moved the mirror down till she reached the small of her back. This tattoo
was a symbol of some kind but she couldn't figure out exactly what.

She giggled at the thought that she possessed powers. The ones she knew
about were 'flying' and 'super strength'... plus some sort of ability to
alter perception and induce sleep. It occurred to her that she giggled
more. Did being Super Bimbo make her feel more bimbo-like as Suzi? Her
boss, Jim, was always telling her that it was very 'becoming' when she
giggled... and this thought elicit yet another giggle.

She hopped in the shower...smiling. She glanced back over her shoulder
to look down at her butt cheek again. All she had to do was say the magic
words while palming her ass and 'presto'... She giggled again.

*** (Same day, mid afternoon)

Across town a man and a woman were putting the final touches on their
brand new invention. The man smiled at what this device could do... and
they decided it was time to take it out for a 'test ride'.

*** (That Evening)

Chris was surprised and disappointed when Suzi told him that she'd be
flying on patrol and unable to see him tonight.

*** (Next Morning)

While Suzi headed towards the coffee shop to meet Shelly, she reflected
on last night. She found it absolutely amazing to know that she, or
rather, Super Bimbo, could fly from Massachusetts to Metropolitan in less
than twenty minutes. It would have taken three hours by car! What was
even more amazing was that while she was flying she almost bumped into this
guy wearing blue tights and a red cape. 'What a hunk!' she thought with a
giggle. She remembered how horny he made her feel from simply looking at
him! Maybe it was that Elvis hairdo thing he had going for him. The man asked her who she was supposed to be and she replied 'Super Bimbo'... then
giggled of course. He introduced himself as the 'Man of Steel' and then
scanned up and down her body as if he could actually see what she looked
like underneath her costume...and while he checked her out, her eyes were
drawn to his growing erection pressed hard against his skimpy red tights.
"What a body!" he finally proclaimed while she was thinking the same thing
about his cock, which elicited yet another giggle from her. He mumbled
something about a girl named Lois and then flew off. Super Bimbo was about
to fly after him until she realized that he flew faster than a speeding
bullet and there was no way she could keep up. So instead, she flew back
to her apartment to masturbate.

Just as she turned the corner to the coffee shop, she stopped dead in
her tracks. A man, holding a strange looking device, was aiming it right
at Shelly... a mere second later a beam of light enveloped her friend and
quite amazingly Shelly began to shrink! Smaller and smaller she shrunk and
didn't stop shrinking until she was no bigger than a 'Barbie Doll'. Suzi
was so stunned that she didn't even think about reacting until the man reached down and picked her up.

"Hey you!" She shouted. "Put down my friend!"

The man turned to her and smiled... and then she felt a presence behind
her. Suzi turned quickly around and saw a beautiful lady holding a device
aimed right at her! Before she had time to react a beam of light hit her
square in the chest and now SHE was shrinking! Smaller and smaller she
shrunk until she had reduced to the size of Shelly.

The lady walked over to her and picked her up.

"Put me down!" Suzi screamed at the top of her lungs. She was about to
transform into Super Bimbo but something inside her told her not too. Was
Super Bimbo communicating with her? Then it dawned on her that the best
way to save Shelly, and possibly others that might have received this same
fate was to allow herself to be captured.

The lady brought her up close in front of her face and smiled. Then she
reached into her pocket with her other hand and brought out a small spray
can. It almost looked like a can of Mace. The lady then sprayed a mist of
something directly into her face. In addition to coughing, Suzi breathed
in the sweet smelling scent and everything began to spin as a result.

"Wh... what did you do to me?" She groaned, while trying to fight the
ever-increasing lassitude... not to mention her newly awakened libido.
The lady loosened her grip and smiled but Suzi was too far 'gone' to take
advantage of the opportunity.

"You're going to make the sweetest pet." The lady giggled, and then
placed her inside her pocket. Thanks to the spray, Suzi was in no position
to do anything other than go along for the ride. In fact, she was so
incapacitated at the moment that she couldn't even muster the strength to
masturbate... and boy did she ever want to finger herself!


By the time Suzi was let out of the lady's pocket and placed on a
table... she was practically leaking with horniness. Out of the corner of
her eye she saw the man carry Shelly into a different room.

"What a sweet little girl... and just look at the lovely, little body.
I'm betting you're feeling the affects of that aphrodisiac spray, aren't
you?" The lady grinned with lust. Then added. "I expect you'll be
screaming for me to let you orgasm in a minute or so."

Suzi moaned when the lady nudged her legs open. She was worried that
the lady might touch her sex tattoo but there was little she could do about
it... the thought that the first person to touch her might be a woman
really bothered her. Then ever so lightly, the lady used her fingertips to
caress her groin area... and that was when it happened! Strong currents
of sexual arousal flooded her entire body eliciting a groan... she wanted
to be fucked... Needed to be fucked! Now it didn't matter that it was a
woman... she wanted her! "Pleeeeeeassssseee." She begged, opening her
legs up wider. "Please Fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk me!"

"I never knew having a miniature girl like you could be such a 'turn
on'... and look at how excited you've become." The lady smiled. Then the
lady bent down and sniffed her sex... Suzi blushed. Then the lady poked
her huge serpent-like tongue against her open 'V' and licked. "Oh myyyyy
gggoooodddd!" Suzi screamed! The lady again licked at her 'wet' little
hole and again she cried out... this time exploding with an orgasm!
"YES... YES...YES!" She panted while the lady continued to thrust up
against her swollen 'wet' lips until she screamed out one final time before
passing out.


Meanwhile, across the hall in another room, Shelly thought for sure she
was dreaming... The man had sprayed something at her making her feel all
giddy and tingly... and now she didn't care what he did to her.


Suzi woke up feeling spent... she had lost count at how many times she
came and now lay on the lady's chest with her head propped up against one
of her hill-sized tits. Slowly, she got to her feet and confronted the
giant. "Where's Shelly?" She asked with anger... "What have you done with

The lady simply smiled at her as if she were an insignificant little

Suzi reached behind and cupped her right ass cheek... "This is a job
for Super Bimbo!" and with that she heard the SNAP, CRACKLE, POP THUNDER
three times and where Suzi had stood, now stood the very beautiful, well
endowed, and very naked Super Bimbo!

Flanked by two huge breasts, Super Bimbo giggled, standing there in all
her naked splendor... the giantess looked shocked. "Look lady, you may
see me as a Barbie Doll <Super Bimbo giggled at the sudden image of being
dressed up as one> and I may not have my Super Bimbo costume on, but I am
Super Bimbo and you are in soooooo much trouble!"

"Look here, Super 'Bimbette'... or whatever it is you call yourself. I
don't care how you were able to transform from that cute little girl with
the dark hair into this blonde bimbo with large tits, but what I do care
about is how I'm suddenly in the mood for blonde pussy!" The lady
proclaimed and then swiped Super Bimbo up in her hand, taking a firm hold
of her. Super Bimbo had to apply her 'super duper bimbo' strength to pry
her vice-like grip apart and then flew straight up to the ceiling and
headed towards the door.

Super Bimbo giggled as the lady jumped up off the couch to pursue her...
and as she did, Super Bimbo was tempted to turn around and fly down right
between her legs and enter her... but when she heard Suzi protesting as
loud as she could, she decided against it. Of course she had Shelly to
think about, so she swooped down and used her 'super duper bimbo' strength
to break the door handle... and then headed down the hallway.

"Get back here you flying bimbo!" the lady shouted as she followed close
behind... Super Bimbo giggled in response and then flew into the first
room on the right, thinking that Shelly must be inside it, but then stopped
suddenly. 'HUH?' Shelley wasn't inside this room, but what was inside this
room stunned for a second... 'This is their laboratory!' she thought to
herself. Quickly, she flew around to take a look at all the various
gadgets and then spotted the device! "That's it!" She shouted out loud.

Super Bimbo landed on the device and saw the button for shrinking...
and just as she had hoped there was another button for restoring! Quickly,
she pressed the restore button and then flew in front of the device...
seconds later she grew bigger, bigger and bigger until she was normal! She
giggled while her hands roamed her restored body...

Just then the lady whipped around the corner and when she saw Super
Bimbo standing there, normal sized and still naked, she came to a
screeching halt! Super Bimbo smiled, picked up the device and aimed it
right at the lady.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo." The lady shouted as she rapidly shrunk.

'Too late' Super Bimbo giggled... while watching the evil lady shrink.
Then Super Bimbo picked her up and placed her inside a cage. The cage was
obviously meant for Suzi and Shelly. Super Bimbo then locked the cage and
then, with the device in hand, headed out of the room to find Shelly.

When Super Bimbo opened the door into another room, she found the
miniaturized Shelly, spread eagle lying on the man's open palm, getting a
major tongue job from the man.

"Pleeeeaaaaasssssseeeee, Harder! Harder! Make Me cum harder!!!" Shelly
cried out with passon.

Super Bimbo didn't want to interrupt Shelly until after she 'came' so
she paused to enjoy the joy... she also found herself getting horny as she
watched the evil man stroke himself while licking Shelly.

"I'm commmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!" Shelly finally cried, prompting
Super Bimbo to make herself known.

"Put her down!" Super Bimbo commanded... pointing the device at the

Shelly was still riding her orgasm so it took a few moments to figure
out what was happening and when she did, she yelled. "No! I still need
him to lick me! I need more!"

"Sorry Shelly." Super Bimbo sighed... and trained the device on the
man. Moments later the man was reduced to the size of a doll. Then, using
her 'super bimbo' speed, she reached over and caught Shelly in the palm of
her hand.

"Who are you?" Shelly asked upon regaining her senses.

Super Bimbo placed Shelly down on a nearby table and told her that she
was a friend of Suzi's... then she pointed her finger at her and
commanded. "Stay put Shell... I've got to take care of that little man over there."

Super Bimbo quickly picked up the man, carried him back to the Lab, and
then placed him inside the cage with the evil woman. She giggled when she
spotted the aphrodisiac spray. "Now, I wonder what this does?" She asked
out loud... pretending she didn't know. Both the man and woman yelled
'NO' as she squirted the mist into the cage and then giggled when she saw
them fall on their butts... slowly, they started to play with themselves.

Super Bimbo flew out of the room and back to Shelly. She could see that
Shelly was still in 'need' and she considered having some 'fun' with her...
but of course Suzi protested again so instead she zapped her beautiful
little 'hottie' with a jolt of her telepathic bimbo power, sending her into

When Super Bimbo returned Shelly back to her apartment, she altered her
perception to make her think that the whole experience was an erotic
dream... she giggled when she saw the miniaturized girl slip her hand down
to masturbate. Super Bimbo then pointed the device at her and restored her
to normal size... not once did Shelly stop masturbating. Super Bimbo
looked down at her with hunger... she was tempted to kiss her. Suzi would
be pissed.

Super Bimbo flew back to the Lab and used her super bimbo strength to
destroy it... then picked up the cage and flew straight to the Police
Station. She giggled at the expression on their faces when she walked in,
stark naked, and placed the cage on their desk. Then giggled again when
she saw that the miniature man and miniature woman were busy fucking.

Quickly, she flew back home and deposited a total of 3 shrinking ray
devices and 5 bottles of the aphrodisiac spray inside the bottom of her
dresser drawer... then she collapsed on her bed, exhausted and incredibly
horny. She giggled at the thought that she was flying around town without
clothes on and she could sense that Suzi was embarrassed because of it. 'I
wonder if Chris is home?' she wondered... noticing how her sex continued
to throb. This time when she sensed Suzi protesting, she sent back,
mentally, that Suzi was a prude. She wondered how long it would take
before the poor girl would loosen up.

Super Bimbo reached down with her fingers and entered herself... 'Wet'
was an understatement... it was more like a flood down there. She giggled
and then proceeded to finger-fuck herself. "Oooohhhhhhhh." she groaned,
quickly coming to an orgasm. Her last thought before falling off to sleep
was that masturbation was getting old.


Meanwhile, Shelly was in the midst of enjoying an erotic dream... and
in this dream she found herself and Suzi, standing side by side, quite
naked and presenting themselves to someone! What was even stranger was
that her and Suzi were both miniaturized and standing in front of an old typewriter! She wasn't sure why they were there or for whom, but they both
appeared to be enjoying themselves. Shelly also found that she liked being
naked with Suzi, and couldn't help herself as she stole glances at her
naked friend. For the life of her she couldn't understand why she was
suddenly attracted to Suzi, but there was no denying the feelings
generating inside her pussy.

Back in the real world, Shelly slept on... with her hand buried deep
inside herself, moaning, while furiously working herself to orgasm.

The End of Chapter Two.

Feel free to email me.

In Chapter Three, Suzi is approached by a chemist... the scent of his
new formula not only smells heavenly, but it also renders one quite docile
and ever so horny.


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