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SuziFucksHe Brothers


Suzi Fucks Her Brothers

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
It all started with my tits.

Up until age 12, I looked like a boy with long hair. Suddenly, my fairy
god mother touched me with her magic wand and I started to get curves
in all the right places. My boobs looked real nice and I loved looking
at them in the mirror while I played with my nipples and squeezed my
tits. I already figured out how to masturbate by then and this new game
got me hot fast as can be.

It wasn't just my boobs. My hips were rounding out nicely and my ass
was filling up my jeans real good. Some of my friends got embarrassed
when their bodies started to change, but not me. I loved every minute
of it. Going from, "How can we get rid of her?", to "Who is this babe?"
was just what this girl wanted to hear.

A lot of boys started to look at me which was nice, but I could hardly
believe it when my two older brothers started to check me out, too.
That was so weird.
"Suzi, I think you should wear a bra with that T-shirt."

"Oh, Mom, I hate wearing bras. They hurt and everything. It's just
around the house."

Besides, how could I show off my new talents if I had to put on a bra?

I decided that Billy and Bobby were my test bed and I'd be trying out
all my girls tricks on them first. I guess 14 and 15 year old boys
don't get much action so I could always tell what worked. Pretty much
everything worked, of course, and it almost got boring seeing how fast
I could get a bulge started in their pants.

At first I decided to run everywhere. My tits got to bouncing around
and stuff, but I felt stupid always being out of breath. Plus, it
really wasn't very lady like. Well, I soon figured out how to stomp
down on my heel as I walked along. Not enough to be noticed, but just
the right amount to get my boobies to bounce up and down. A real
attention getter.

Mom was always trying to put off buying me new clothes. That was true
right up until I started wearing last year's blouses that were so tight
they unbuttoned as I walked down stairs, or skirts that looked like
they were sprayed on my ass with a paint gun. I still wore stuff like
that whenever mom and Dad weren't around to remind my brothers I wasn't
a little girl anymore. The boys started walking around like they were
the Hunchback of Notre Dame replacements. I just loved it and never let
on I knew they were both hard as rocks all the time.

Watching television was the most fun. I'd lay on the couch in my
nightie and every now and then raise my legs up enough so the boys
could see I wasn't wearing any panties. They had a choice to make. They
could try to ignore me, or sneak a peak and get caught with boners when
my parents walked in the room. It was fun watching them scramble when
that happened.
My brothers tried everything they could think of to see what I looked
like naked. I pretended not to notice and they came up with all kinds
of tricks.

"Sorry, Suzi, I didn't know you were taking a bath. Uh, I'm uh, late
for a date and stuff. Would it be okay if I shaved now."

"Excuse me, Sis, I heard a noise and didn't realize you were in here
changing your clothes. Uh, when did you start wearing underwear like

"Let me open the door while you climb in the truck. Uh, I'm tryin' to
learn manners like mom says. Er, I sure think your mini-dress is cute."

Once I learned a new trick, I couldn't wait to try it out at school.
Middle school boys were just as easy as my brothers to get going. One
big break through came when I learned how to pick things up without
bending my knees. This was a very useful skill for a girl with a lower
level school locker. I'd see a bunch of boys making all the usual boy
noises as they walked down the hall and then I'd bend over to get a
book or something out of my locker just as they passed by. Silence as
they walked by and soon as they got to where they didn't think I could
hear them, it would be nothing but...

"Did you see Suzi's ass."

"Holy shit, would I love to fuck her."

"And, did you notice how her tits were hanging. She's got to have the
biggest boobs of any girl in school."
It was fun doing all stuff like that to the boys, but it was also
taking a toll on me. The more I teased, the hotter I got. It seemed
like I was spending half my life with my finger on my clit, and I was
really starting to get frustrated. I knew I'd have to do something
about it, and where better to start than with my brothers?
"I can't wait to tell Dad what you just did." I scarred the crap out of
them. They didn't hear me sneak into Bobby's room and I was able to
watch as they sent the story off to some newsgroup.

"Tell Dad what? You don't know shit, Suzi." Billy was smirking at me
after her turned off the computer monitor.

"Oh, yeah. Well, you two are the Slut Brothers. You write porn for the
web and have your own website. I even know the password is 'jism', so

"How did you find all that out?" Billy wasn't laughing at me anymore. I
got his attention and he could see Dad coming down on him real hard.

"What difference does it make." I said as I started to smile at their
predicament. "You shouldn't leave your computers turned on if you don't
want little sister to know your business."

I picked up the hard copy of the story they just posted and started to
read it.

"Give me that story, Suzi." Bobby was starting to panic and this was
what I was waiting for.

"I have another copy so it doesn't matter if you take this one from me
or not. You guys think you're so smart trying to look down my blouse
and up my skirt all the time. I've seen you with boners pushing out
your pants."

They sure were surprised to find I knew everything they were doing.
They went from big brothers to whipped puppies in two shakes of a lambs
tail. I felt like I was the queen of power instead of little sister.

"You can't tell, Dad you know all this stuff. He'll kill us." It was
beginning to sink in and Bobby understood his problem.

I decided it was time to spring my little trap. "Well, maybe if you
boys cooperate, I won't say anything."

They bought into me wanting to see what they looked like without their
clothes on. They had some problems with me wanting to read them their
story out loud while they stroked their cocks. I think I just had to
say the word 'Dad' once more before they decided to strip down and go
for it.

The story was hot and I had no problem getting into it. I wasn't very
experienced talking sex to guys, but it didn't seem to matter to them
very much. After two minutes Billy shot his stuff half way across the
room. Soon as Bobby saw that, he joined in and the two of them were
spurting all over the place.

"You guys ruined everything by coming so fast. I'm giving you one more
chance and if you come again, that's it. I'm telling Dad."

I started reading and they started stroking.

It didn't seem like a lot of time passed before my brothers were both
ready to go again. I was getting hot looking at them even though I
pretended to be into the story. They both had the kind of bodies I
liked to look at. I'd seen picture of big dicks in magazines of course,
but this was the first time I got to look at one up close and personal.

Half way through the story I was wishing I'd made the stakes something
different. Here the boys were getting off for the second time and I was
only watching.

Getting off was right. They both came again in less than five minutes.
Not as much stuff shot out, but they didn't seem to care.

"That's it. You guys have no control and I'm giving up. The deal is off
and I'm going to tell Daddy about your story, and you making me watch
while you jacked off."

"You bitch." Bobby looked so cute when he was mad. "We did what you
said and you'll be sorry if you try to tell Dad anything."

"Ha, there's nothing you can do about it."

"Oh yeah?"

Next thing I knew, Billy threw me on the bed and was unbuttoning my
white blouse while Bobby pushed my pleated skirt up around my waist. I
felt Billy pulling my blouse off as Bobby slid my panties down my legs.
I wasn't wearing a bra, so I was left with nothing, but saddle shoes,
white socks and my tiny skirt wrapped around my waist like a
cloth belt.

I'd heard that boys could only 'do it' so much before they couldn't get
it up again. I guess no one told that to Billy and Bobby because they
both were ready to go again in no time flat. I pretended that I was
outraged and started telling them to stop and whatever else came to
mind. I didn't say it to loud because I was afraid someone would hear

"Now it's my turn to have some fun." Bobby spread my legs and pulled
them into the air. He lowered himself on top of me and used a hand to
guide his cock to my virgin pussy. I was so wet and turned on that I
hardly felt my cherry when it popped.

I got right into it as Bobby started thrusting his body against mine. I
felt my lower half press back at him and I seemed to lose control. Just
passion at the wheel and lust in the tank.

"Hey, Bobby, save some of that for me."

I opened my eyes and saw Billy's dick right next to my face. He held my
head with two hands and pushed his dick into my mouth. As soon as he
started to fuck my face, I knew what to do. I started sucking on his
cock as he fucked my face in time to what Bobby was doing to my pussy.
I went from a virgin to a slut in five minutes.

A lot more happened that afternoon. Fucking, blow jobs, hand jobs,
taking it up the ass, all of that. The boys had a lot saved up and I
wanted every bit of it. After my fist orgasm, I couldn't stop coming.
It turned my brothers on to see me lose control and they got into it
more, more , more.

I felt a mouth on my breast. A hand in my pussy. A finger in my
asshole. Kissing my brothers never felt like this before. There was not
a part of my body unloved. I got to learn plenty about boys and how
they worked, how they felt, and how they tasted.

I can't remember much after that except for hearing my Dad's car pull
into the garage and me rushing back to my room with my clothes in my
hand. I looked a mess when I saw myself in the mirror, but I didn't
feel that way. This was all new and different and something I wanted to
do again and again.

I didn't know what my brothers thought about the whole thing, but I
figured Bobby might get some ideas when he noticed my panties tucked
under his pillow.
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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