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Sweater Girl


Sweater girl (inc, con, young, Mf, tit-fuck, oral, MfF,
m+f, cum_eating){sort of rom in a wierd way}
by DemonBound

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and
interested in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read
them. I'm not advocating or promoting anything and no
real people are represented. My stories may contain
sexual situations you will find offensive, I try to
include content information in the parenthesis after
the titles, check those codes before reading, they are
pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the
content, so if you read my stories the consequences are
chosen and borne by you. With that in mind, please
take a walk on my Darkside and cum.
Kayla let her Dad's big prick push up between her
massive tits. The mushroom tip pushed in under her
little yellow top from underneath, to push out again at
the top of her cleavage, and on into her beautiful,
cock sucker's mouth. She eagerly swirled her tongue
around the tip, and suckled gently, just the way Daddy
liked. The long prick pulled out of her mouth with an
audible slurp and disappeared down into her cleavage
again. It pulled back almost out from between her tits
before it began the long journey back into her willing
mouth. Her Dad began rocking back and forth, fucking
her melons vigourously. Kayla was late for High School,
but it would only take 5 minutes or so of tit fucking
and sucking before her Dad shot his load, then he would
drive her to school.

Daddy had always been a tit man. Kayla remembered that
her mother had been big breasted, and even then, she
knew her father liked to tit-fuck because she could
still remember him pushing her mother down to her knees
and whipping his prick into her cleavage whenever he
felt like it, audience or no. But Kayla's mom had died
in a car accident when Kayla was 10, and Dad had never
really gotten over her death. She was sure that her
father had remained celebate for years after her mother
died. In fact it was only when he started noticing her
own tits that Kayla's father had seemed to reawaken to
the desires of sex.

At first, he had only looked at her, staring at her
growing chest as if he was measuring its increase.
Kayla hadn't really known what to do about it, she felt
uncomfortable, but this was her father and she loved
him, if he wanted to look, that was that. Besides, it
kind of made her feel grown up.

He'd tried to fight his sudden desire for his
daughter's tits by beginning to date a series of big
breasted older women. That hadn't made anyone happy.
Kayla wondered what she'd done wrong that her dad
wasn't paying attention to her anymore. Her dad wasn't
happy because what he really wanted was the young
version of his blonde, blue eyed wife, to which Kayla
bore an eerie resemblance. And the women he dated
mostly thought he was wierd because he always wanted to
tit-fuck instead of the 'normal' way.

Kayla's dad had finally given in to his perversion and
found an excuse to fondle his daughter under the guise
of checking her cup size so he could buy her a bra. He
became a regular at a discrete lingerie shop, and
started taking Kayla with him to shop. The shop
keeper, a mid-thirties busty brunette, apparently
didn't have a problem with Kayla's dad 'helping' her
try on the bras.

In fact, the shop keeper, Margo, had been the one to
first suggest the little, barely there, bare midriff
tops that would become so important to Kayla and her
father. Margo had helped he into the first one, an
angora top, with cute little sleeves and a neckline so
low and a hem so high that her cleavage was visible
both at top and bottom and it only just barely covered
her nipples. Kayla had been embaressed at first to
wear such a revealing top, and had tried to wear a bra
under it, but it had looked horrible that way. Margo
had taken her back into the dressing room and taken off
Kayla's top and the bra. She'd told Kayla she was only
massaging out the lines the tight bra had left in
Kayla's firm breasts. The she had stood behind Kayla
and helped her wiggle into the soft scrap of cloth
while looking in the tiny room's mirror. Margo had
squeezed and pinched Kayla's nipples into hardness,
saying that a woman's breasts always looked best when
her nipples were hard, and that her dad would love it.
He had loved it, so much so that his cock had gotten
hard right then and there.

Then Margo gave some great customer service by walking
the shy and blushing, blonde haired Kayla over to her
standing father and made her kneel. She had
demonstrated the ease with which Kayla's nipples could
be exposed, and then pointed out the soft, tight tunnel
formed by the top holding together Kayla's massive
knockers by pushing two fingers down between Kayla's

That had been the first time that her dad had tit
fucked Kayla. And when Kayla didn't quite know what to
do with the big cock pushing out from between her tits,
Margo had demonstrated how to take the head into her
mouth. Then while Daddy fucked her tits, Margo had
fingered her dripping virgin pussy until both father
and daughter had cum. It was Margo who had shown
Kayla the logical steps to keep her new top from being
stained by semen as well.

Now Kayla was a practiced cock sucker, and as he father
fucked her huge young breasts, the 15 year old girl
eagerly and expertly guided her father's cock head back
between her lips. She slurped loudly and swirled as
much saliva around the hard shaft as she could. She'd
learned that the secret to good tit-fucking was
lubrication. For these morning quickies her father
liked so well, she always made sure to start with some
straight cock sucking, licking and nibbling all up and
down the long hard shaft until it glistened and gleemed
and dripped with her spit. When they had more time she
had a collection of scented and flavored oils she would
coat her cleavage with, but those were messy and had to
be cleaned off or it would be obvious what she'd been
up to. Her latest trick had been to deep throat her
father's long prick until it was slick with mucus from
her throat, which made the slide through her breasts
that much more slippery.

Daddy didn't need to know how she'd learned to take a
big, long prick like his down her slender throat. She
didn't think he'd understand that she'd sucked off all
those boys at school just for him. She was getting a
bad reputation at school but she didn't care. Once
she'd been invited to a party to find that it was just
her and twenty boys. They'd wanted her to fuck them
all, but she was still a virgin and she didn't even
like the idea of some big prick poking into her down
there. But she'd made them all happy with just her
mouth and her huge tits. Her little crop top had been
ruined though, and she'd been covered in cum. It had
just been more than she could swallow, cum had coated
her lips and chin, spattered her top, clumped in her
blonde hair, and flowed like a river gone to flood over
her tits. She'd taken every prick though, some had been
very large, and that had been her graduation from deep
throating school.

Her Daddy's breathing was getting faster, and a little
ragged; it wouldn't be long now. The next time the
cock pulled out of her mouth she started talking dirty,
just the way he liked.

"Cum for me daddy" and she slurped his cock head again.

"Cum in your little girl's mouth" as he fucked between
her tightly encased melon sized breasts.

And as usual, that did it. Her Dad fucked forward once
more, Kayla dipped her head to take the tip in her
mouth, and the big prick shot its warm, salty load into
her willing mouth. Kayla felt the the hard shaft swell
between her breasts three times as her father shot
three big loads of pure protein down her 15 year old

Kayla smiled up at her dad, licked clean the head of
his cock and pulled back so it slid wetly back between
her breasts and out the bottom of her little yellow
crop top. She wiped a couple of drops of cum from her
lower lip and chin with her fingers and then licked her
fingers clean. She happily put her father's cock back
in his pants and stood up.

"Come ON, Dad...I'm late for school!"


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