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Archived Sex Stories

Sweet Sensations


Sweet Sensations by JR Parz


'A Witch's Potion' was scrawled out in fancy red letters across the
store's front window. He smiled, thinking that maybe in addition to
finding a gift for the girls, he'd purchase a spell or two. As he entered
he was pleased to see that the store carried a whole variety of different
items. Now, all he had to do was find a few in his price range.

He stopped to admire a doll collection and was awed by how life-like
they looked. He was so taken with them that he hadn't noticed the approach
of the saleslady.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"They're so real... so beautiful." He responded, entranced.

"For good reason." She replied.

Confused, he turned around to question her, and that was when he first
saw her. To say that she was attractive would have been an injustice. Her
hair was thick, dark and flowed like waves down her shoulders. She wore a
pitch-black dress that provided him a perfect view of her very shapely
breasts and possessed mesmerizing emerald-green eyes. "Ah... Hi... I'm
looking for..."

"...a gift for your girlfriend." The saleslady smiled as she finished
his sentence.

"Yeah... and two of her friends." He replied, wondering how she knew.

"I call it magic." The saleslady grinned.

"Call what magic?" He responded, confused. "What are you talking
about?" He asked.

"You were wondering how I knew." She smiled.

"Oh... I see."

"Do I detect a non believer?" She asked with a smirk.

"Look... It isn't that I... Okay... fine. If you want to make a
believer out of me... tell me the real reason I want to buy these gifts in
the first place." He responded... thinking that there was no way that he
was going to allow this beautiful woman to make a fool out of him.

"Certainly... You're planning on crashing your girlfriend's little
get-together in order to flirt with Catherine."


"How am I doing so far?"


"You like Catherine... don't you. No sense denying it because I can
see how you've wanted to fuck her ever since you met her." She added.

He stood there... stunned.

"Anyway... because you'll be breaking your promise to your girlfriend,
the gifts are your attempt at smoothing things over."

"How? How do you know all this?" He finally managed to ask.

"Didn't we just cover that? I could have sworn we just covered that...
We covered that. I know we did." She smirked.

"You're a witch!" He exclaimed.

"Like, duh." She responded.

"No! I mean a real witch!" He exclaimed again, feeling a need to
clarify himself.

"Not a smidgen of disbelief now, huh?"

"No." He whispered, blushing.

"In that case, I have the perfect gift for Dawn and her friends." The
witch replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Follow me." She instructed,
sounding like someone who was used to being obeyed.

As he followed the witch to the back of the store he was provided a
spectacular view of her very lovely ass and the words 'buns of steel' came
to mind. Then he noticed a 'Bargain Barrel' filled with all sorts of junk
and one item in particular caught his attention. Impressed with its
craftsmanship, he reached down and picked it up. It was an 'egg timer'...
and inside stood a sand statue of a man.

"Here it is!" The witch suddenly called out from the back room,
startling him so much that he dropped the 'egg timer'... and when he
picked it up, it had flipped upside down, causing the sand to start
reforming into a new statue... but this time in the likeness of a woman.

"Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea." The witch whispered into his ear
as she suddenly materializing right there beside him. He would have
dropped the thing again if she hadn't snatched it away from him. He
blushed, feeling like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Here." The witch smiled, handing him a fancy pink box.

He read 'Sweet Sensations' written in script across the cover and turned
back to the witch. "What's this?" He asked, confused.

"'Sweet Sensations'." She responded, grinning.

'I can see that.' He thought to himself and then did a 'double take'
when he noticed the witch looked younger. Much younger! And her hair was
blonde now and so much longer! Even her breasts appeared bigger!

"'Sweet Sensations' are the most delicious chocolates on the planet."
The young witch proclaimed in a soft sweet voice. "I can guarantee that
once Dawn and her friends eat them that your lives will never be the same."

"Well, it is true that girls love chocolates, but to tell you the truth,
I was hoping for something with a little more imagination." He responded.

"Trust me... these chocolates are filled with imagination." The witch
responded with a smirk. "But before I sell them to you I am obligated to
warn you."

"Warn me about what?" He asked.

"Warn you not to eat the chocolates." The young witch replied, giggling.

"Because they're specifically designed for girls."

"How can chocolates be specifically designed for girls?" He asked,

"They just are... So, you can't have any."

"Well, I wasn't planning on having any anyway." He mumbled.

"Good... don't." She insisted, smiling.

"How come I've never heard of 'Sweet Sensations'? Are they as good as
Russell Stover or Herbert candies?" He asked.

"These chocolates are tons more delicious and you haven't heard of them
before because they're made by witchcraft." The witch replied.

He found himself not paying attention to what the witch was saying
because he was too busy admiring how incredibly 'hot' she looked and
wondered if she was still in high school. Then he suddenly remembered that
Kim, one of Dawn's friends, was allergic to nuts. "Oh no, I forgot about

"Relax." The witch smiled. "Only one chocolate has nuts in it and I
believe Dawn will eat that one. Plus, there's a diagram on the back of the
box cover that shows you the location, ingredients, and affects of each

"Alright... How much?" He asked.


"What!?! $49.95!" He exclaimed in shock. "There can't be more than a
dozen inside this box!" He complained; holding the box up for emphasizes.

"13 to be exact. A baker's dozen." The witch replied, grinning.

"But I can get chocolates anywhere... and for about $40.00 cheaper!"

"Not 'Sweet Sensations' you can't... and besides, these chocolates are
the most delicious chocolates on the planet."

"So you've told me." He mumbled.

"I accept Master Card, Visa and American Express."

He looked at her again... even closer this time. He wished it was
easier to say 'no' to these high school girls... especially ones that
looked as sweet and as innocent as this one.

"I'll even gift-wrap it for you with a pretty pink ribbon." The witch

"Fine." He sighed, reaching for his wallet.


The three of them had been best friends since middle school. All
single, 28 years old, and all very, very beautiful. Dawn was the
unofficial leader of their little group and had been since high school.
Not only had she been the class Valedictorian but also the homecoming
queen. Her lethal combination of beauty and brains never took a backseat to
anyone... including her current boyfriend. She stood about 5'6",
possessed a slim sleek body, wore her brunette hair half way down her back
and sported a perky pair of apple-sized breasts. Simply put, she was
breathtaking... and right now she was dressed casual in a pair of jeans
and white tee shirt.

Catherine, nickname 'Cat', was the shy conservative one of the three.
She was also a brunette but wore her hair short like the actress Catherine
Bell. People were always mistaking her for the actress and having the same
first name certainly added to the mystique. She was slightly taller than
Dawn and possessed a nice plump pair (just like the actress) and an
incredibly shapely bottom (just like the actress). She looked delicious
and at the moment dressed in a pair of black slacks and yellow blouse.

Kimberly was the loud one... a true extrovert. Not to mention a tad
bit promiscuous. She loved sex but didn't much care for relationships,
indulging in her share of one-night stands. She was petite, standing 5'2",
possessed bleached blonde shoulder length hair and 'B' cups sized breasts.
She also wore skin tight 'Frankie B' jeans showcasing her very lovely
rounded bottom and a halter-top.

The girls were in the middle of discussing plans for Kim's upcoming
birthday celebration when Chris showed up.

"Hey, you're home early." Dawn complained, upset that he broke his

"I'm sorry... but I found this neat little shop in Sterling and
couldn't resist." He replied... then placed a pink box wrapped in pink
ribbon on top of the coffee table.

"You brought us a box of chocolates?" She questioned in disbelief...
not the least bit impressed. She knew damn well that the only reason Chris
was crashing her little get-together was so that he could flirt with Cat.

"Yeah... but not 'just' any chocolates. These are the most delicious
chocolates on the planet." Chris replied.

"Oh? And how would you know?" She challenged.

"Trust me... I was told this on good authority."

"Whose authority?" She asked. "Did this someone of good authority have
a nice pair of tits?" She added, sarcastically.

Chris blushed.

"And just how old was this salesgirl?" She asked.

"Sixteen... maybe seventeen. She was so sweet I couldn't say 'no'."

"I bet." She replied... rolling her eyes.

"Anyway... they're called 'Sweet Sensations' and they're the most
delicious chocolates on the planet." He reiterated.

"What'd the girl do, brainwash you?" She asked. "And if you think that
by bringing home a box of chocolates is going to make everything alright
between us you're sorely mistaken."

"Just try one, please." Chris sighed.

Dawn tore off the pink ribbon and opened the lid. She took a moment to
count fifteen individually wrapped pink-coated chocolates, which were all
tied in pink-laced ribbon. "Nice gimmick... color coat the chocolates
pink and wrap them up individually. I hope you didn't pay more than the
'norm' for these." She responded, glancing up at him... and catching him
eyeing Catherine.

"I don't know about anyone else, but I love chocolates." Catherine
announced in her soft sweet voice, totally oblivious of her boyfriend's

"Take one." Dawn offered, holding out the box.

Catherine reached for one.

"I hope there's some without nuts." Kim commented, leaning over for a
closer look.

"On the flip side of the box cover there's a diagram that shows you the
location and ingredients of each chocolate." Chris responded.

"Mmmmmmm... Delicious!" Catherine cooed, visibly enjoying the taste.

"What kind did you get?" Kim asked.

"A caramel one." Catherine replied.

Kim smiled and then went back to studying the diagram... then her eyes
lit up and she reached over and picked out an oval shaped one. "I was
hoping there was a chocolate covered cherry!" She exclaimed, giggling. She
took a bite. "And it's filled with light cream!" She added.

Dawn finally settled on a Pecan/English Walnut Cluster while cat and Kim
reached for another one.

"Hey, why aren't you having one?" Kim asked Chris.

"I'm not allowed." He replied.

"What do you mean; you're not allowed?" Dawn asked, confused.

"The wit... er... salesgirl... ah... she warned me that they're
specifically intended for girls." Chris responded.

"You're kidding." Kim giggled, chewing on a marshmallow filled

"Just because they're dipped in pink food coloring? That's ridiculous!
I never heard of such a thing!" Dawn responded.

"Maybe by eating one you'll become more in tune with your feminine
side." Kim giggled.

Chris picked up one of the oval-shaped ones and tossed it into his

"What kind did you get?" cat asked.

"Same as Kim... except mine has dark cream coating the cherry." Chris
replied. "Anyway, I need something to drink... anybody else?"

Both Kim and Catherine nodded their heads then returned to the box to
select another one.

'Just one more'. Dawn thought to herself and reached for her second one
before getting up to join Chris in the kitchen.

"Mmmmm, mint." She cooed, loving the taste. "It looks like your
chocolates are a hit." She yelled out to Chris, who was ahead of her...
and when she reached the kitchen she was startled to see Chris,
slumped-over and holding onto the counter. "What happened?!?" She cried
out, rushing over to him.

"I don't know... I feel... strange. Real strange."

Then there was a scream from the living room.

"Go!" Chris gestured. "I'll be fine."

Dawn quickly ran back to the living room and stopped with sudden
shock... Shy, conservative, Catherine... lying back on the couch, openly
rubbing her breasts with one hand while rubbing her groin area with the
other! Then she turned to Kim, who was outright glowing! Transforming
right before her eyes! Getting younger and younger while her boobs grew
bigger and bigger and her hair turning brown before turning blonde again!


Chris had wanted to follow Dawn to see what had happened, but the
strangeness he felt started to spread. Then he started to glow and
shimmer... and shrink! Suddenly, he felt all tingly around his chest area
and when he looked down he saw two large breasts protruding against his tee
shirt! He brought his hands up to cup them and felt their heaviness! Then
he noticed hair falling like a wave down along his shoulders... and it was
blonde! "What the..." he started to say until he heard his soft feminine
voice. Then he felt a shifting sensation around his hips and ass and
quickly stripped off his pants and boxers, and felt somewhat relieved when
he saw that he still had his manhood, but then he felt a searing 'heat'
down there and instantly grew an erection! Then it started to shrink! Not
get soft... but shrink! And within seconds it disappeared inside what
appeared to be his vagina! Tentatively, he reached down to touch his new
vulva and screamed!

Dawn came flying around the corner, but stopped cold upon seeing him.
From the look on her face it was obvious that he hadn't been imagining

"Oh God." Dawn finally spoke. "Not you, too."

"What happened to me?!?" He asked, still freaked out by his feminine
voice. "One second I'm me and then the next second I'm this... this girl!
Look at the size of these!" He cried out, cupping his huge new tits.

"And you're not 28 anymore, either." Dawn mumbled, staring at him.

"I'm younger?" He asked, looking down at himself. "How much younger?"

"16... maybe 17. Kim's a teenager, too."

"Something happened to Kim, too? This is crazy! What about Cat?"

"She's the same age... but she's doing something pretty embarrassing."

"What?" He asked.


"Masturbating? Out in the open?" He asked, wishing he had an excuse to
go look.

"Yeah... and I don't think she's even aware of it."

"This is crazy." He mumbled again. Then it suddenly dawned on him that
everyone changed but... "Hey, what about you? How come you didn't

"I don't know." Dawn replied.

"What did you do to us!?!" He cried, knowing he was being irrational,
but feeling it wasn't fair that everyone changed but her.

"I didn't do anything, but I have a feeling it had something to do with
those chocolates you brought home."

"The chocolates? Yeah... maybe you're right, but didn't you have one,

"Yes... but what else could it be?"

"I don't know... but what I do know is that I have no desire to stay
like this! Nor let anyone see me like this!"

"Chris... Try and calm down and collect yourself... it could have been

"Worse? How could this have been worse?" He asked, getting heated.

"You could have turned into an ugly girl, but instead, you're
beautiful... I mean really, really beautiful. Hollywood beautiful." Dawn
replied, smiling.

"Thanks a lot." He blushed.

"Trust me... it'll make life easier." Dawn added.

Chris brought his hands up to cup his new breasts again, feeling their
weight tug against his chest.

"What's wrong?" Dawn asked, seeing his discomfort.

"These... they're huge!" He replied.

"Now, you can see why I never wanted breast implants and prefer having
small ones... anyway, they only feel huge on you because you have to get
used to them. I'm going to have to get you a bra."

"I'm not going to where a bra!" He snapped, cringing at the thought of

"Oh, yes you will... Once you start carrying those puppies around
you'll be begging me to go out and buy you one. They're probably a
'C'-cup... if not bigger."

It was then that he started to feel another sensation... something he
hadn't counted on just yet.

"What is it?" Dawn asked, concerned.

"My nipples are hard... I think I'm getting... uh... excited." He
replied, blushing.

"What?" Dawn asked.

"Horny! I'm getting... horny." He admitted, blush deepening. He was
beginning to understand the infamous 'wet' feeling between his new female

"I suggest you hide upstairs for awhile and give me some time to
think... You also might want to change given how ridiculous you look like
that." She added.

He looked down at himself and nodded. The over-sized tee shirt may have
looked sexy on his new female body but he certainly didn't want anyone
seeing him in it. Still, he wasn't quite sure he was ready to start
wearing his girlfriend's clothes.

He left the kitchen and headed upstairs... his new boobs swaying and
jiggling with every step. He had to palm them again in order to stop them
from bouncing around too much. Dawn was right... He needed a bra.


Catherine was slowly coming down from a sexual high when she noticed the
beautiful teenager sitting across from her. The girl was naked from the
waist up and playing with her rather large boobs. The sight of her playing
with them added to her constant arousal.

She remembered her marathon masturbation session and blushed. What had
made her so horny? And why was she still horny? She remembered how out of
control she'd been, crying out with one orgasm after another. "Oh, God."
She mumbled... wanting to touch herself again... but she was too
embarrassed with the teenager sitting across from her. Who was she? Why
was she here? Then it occurred to her that the girl looked a lot like Kim
did when she was a teenager. In fact, she could have passed for Kim's


Chris stood in front of the full-length mirror, naked. Dawn hadn't
exaggerated... he was beauty personified. How did this happen? How was
it possible to suddenly transform into a beautiful teenage girl? Slowly,
he brought his new dainty hands up to cup his new boobs again, something
that was becoming a habit. Then he glanced down at his long blonde hair,
which tickled his new, incredibly fine, ass. Instead of 'being' this
gorgeous female creature, he wanted to fuck her!

Slowly, he slipped his right hand down to touch himself... entering his
new folds. "Oh God!" He whimpered, feeling all 'wet'. He rushed to the
bed choosing to lie down for this...

Having fingered a few virgins during his high school years, he could
feel his hymen, realizing his new female body was virgin, but this didn't
stop him from fingering his new, very wet, slit... and within seconds he
was exploding to his first female orgasm.

After basking in the afterglow, he slowly climbed out of bed and made
his way to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror with
amazement... He was flush, spent, but still very, very beautiful. After
cleaning himself, he retrieved a pair of Dawn's plain white cotton panties,
which fit snug and tight around his new ass... but it was better than
wearing nothing at all. He then took a look-see through her closet until
spotting Dawn's jogging outfit.


"This is so kewl!" Kim giggled, cupping her new boobs. She was naked
from the waist up. "I'm so big!" She beamed with excitement.

Dawn looked over at her transformed friend and smiled. On one hand she
was happy for her, glad that she was taking her transformation so well, but
on the other hand she knew that her more bimbo-like personality was
artificially induced.

"I could play with my new boobies all day." Kim proclaimed, giggling

"Maybe I should find something for you to wear."

"If you want." Kim responded, giggling again.

Dawn then glanced over at Catherine, who was still sleeping.
Fortunately, she had passed out from her self-induced orgasm.

Magic... If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes she wouldn't have
believe it. She just wished that she had read the back cover more closely,
but then again, who in their right mind would have taken what was written,
seriously? Either magic caused this... or she was having one hell of a
nervous breakdown. She looked down at the remaining four chocolates and
decided that she needed to label and hide them... but first process of
elimination to see what had already been eaten and what would happen
because of it.

Each ingredient inside the chocolate carried a different
transformation... starting with the pink coating, that according to the
box, enhanced female beauty. In Catherine and Kim's case, she could see
that their natural beauty had in fact been enhanced, but in order to
enhance female beauty in Chris, the magic first had to transform him into a
female. In addition, the pink coating would also heighten their sex drive.
It was obvious that Catherine had eaten the caramel chocolate due to her
nonstop masturbation session from earlier... and the nuts that she had
eaten explained why she hadn't felt any of her changes yet, as they would
gradually take affect over time. What really concerned her most was the
mint chocolate she'd eaten, reading how it would render her totally
subjugated to the first man that gave her an orgasm. At least she could
choose. She wasn't sure to what extent this subjugation would be, or
whether it would be mental or physical or both, and this scared the hell
out of her. The cherry that Kim and Chris ate 'age-regressed' them back to
the day before they lost their virginity. Then her eyes lit up.

"What is it?" Kim asked, seeing her reaction.

"Did you eat either the fruit or the fudge?" She asked.

"No... I ate the cherry with light cream; a pink cream filled one and
the marshmallow one." Kim giggled.

"Those two must have been eaten by Cat... and she's not going to like
it." She responded.

"What's going to happen?" Kim asked with excitement.

"The fruit is going to make her fall madly in love with the first guy
she sees... and the fudge will physically transform her new lover's

"That's so sweet." Kim cooed.

"Sweet?!? That's not sweet! That's horrifying!" She responded.

"Hey, maybe cat will see Chris and fall madly in love with him." Kim

"I can guarantee that won't happen." Dawn replied, thinking of Chris's

"What about me? Am I going to change anymore?" Kim asked.

"Well, by eating the cherry you regained your virginity... which means
you're the exact age you were before you lost your cherry."

"That makes me 15!" Kim responded with excitement.

"Oh fuck... the author of this story doesn't like his female characters
dipping below the age of 16, so you'd better not go around advertising it."
She replied, then added. "And the light cream portion of the chocolate you
ate induces a more carefree, lighter personality... which is why you're
giggling a lot more and acting all bimbo-like."

"Kewl." Kim giggled.

"Oh no. The marshmallow one turned you into a lesbian!"

"So, that's why I've been feeling all horny towards you and Cat." Kim
replied with another giggle.

Dawn looked back at Kim... stunned, thinking that Kim's new personality
allowed her to take everything in stride.

"And remember, I also ate a pink cream filled one, too." Kim proclaimed
with a grin.

She had forgotten about that one and looked back down at the box.

"Well?" Kim asked.

"That one completely feminized you."

"Huh? What does that mean?" Kim asked, looking confused.

"Physically, it gave you bigger tits... while mentally, it made you all
girly, rendering you quite docile and passive... which means you're pretty
much a 'sub' now... You know... A submissive."

"I don't understand."

"More compliant... less argumentative." She replied.

"This is so kewl!" Kim exclaimed, giggling again. "What about
Catherine? Is she like this, too?"

"No. I don't think so."

"It was the caramel that made her all horny, right?" Kim asked.

"Yes. That did a number on her sex drive."

"I'll say." Kim giggled, then added. "I wonder if she'd let me make
love to her."


Catherine awoke... smiling. She had just experienced the most
pleasurable erotic dream of her life and "Oh my, God!" She cried out,
bolting in the upright position and looking down at herself. She was stark
naked! It hadn't been a dream! And why did her breasts appear bigger?!?

"Hi Cat." A young soft voice greeted her.

Startled, she covered her boobs and closed her legs... then looked over
at the girl across from her. It was the same teenager that she had seen
earlier. She blushed, remembering how she masturbated in front of her.
The teen was still naked from the waist up and still playing with huge
boobs. "Who are you?" She asked.

"Kimmie." The girl giggled in response.

"Kimmie?" She asked, confused. Was this really Kimberly Danvers? "Oh,
my God!" She cried out in shock.

"Yep, it's me!" The teen replied with a smile.

"But how?" She asked in disbelief.

"The chocolates we ate were magical. One of them turned me into a
teenager again."

"Magical?" She mumbled, still stunned beyond belief.

"Yep." Kim giggled.

"You're breasts... they're huge." She whispered, staring at them.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Kim responded, brining her hands up to cup
them. "Yours have grown a little, too."

She blushed again, nodding her head. From the feel of them, she thought
that she might need a cup larger in bra size.

"Would you like to play with my new boobs?" Kim asked, giggling.

"No!" She snapped... then looked around for her clothes. "Where's
Dawn?" She asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Upstairs." Kim giggled.

Catherine retrieved her clothes off the floor and rushed to the

"No need to be shy... I've already seen the show." Kim called out to
her, giggling.


When Dawn reached her bedroom she quietly knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" She heard a soft feminine voice ask.

"It's me... let me in." She replied.

A moment later Chris answered the door dressed in her jogging suit. He
looked incredibly beautiful in it as the material stretched along Chris's
new curves.

"Hi." She greeted him with a weak smile.

He blushed, nodding his head.

"How are you holding up?" She asked, walking into the bedroom.

"Fine... I guess." He whispered.

"So, what have you been doing?" She asked.

Chris blushed even more.

"Oh..." She responded... blushing now herself.

"Is everyone alright?" Chris asked, obviously wanting to change the

"Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. Kim's now a lesbian teenage bimbo... and Catherine's a nymphomaniac."

"The chocolates did this, didn't they?" Chris asked.

"Yeah." She responded. "And it was the pink coating that turned you
into a girl... and the cherry age regressed you back to when you were a

"How do you know all this?" Chris asked.

"The ingredients, along with the affects of each chocolate, are spelled
out on the back cover."

"Damn... The witch mentioned something about that but I thought she was
talking about the calories."

"The witch?" She asked, learning something new.

"The salesgirl... she's a witch." Chris replied.

"How come you didn't mention this earlier... Like before we ate the

"Why? Did you believe in witches before these transformations?" Chris

"No. I guess not." She sighed.

"We need to go to Sterling first thing tomorrow."

"I hope Catherine can hold out that long." She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"She has a couple more changes to undergo."

"What changes?"

"Well, first of all... She's going to fall madly in love with the first
man she sees."

"You're kidding! Does she know this?"

"Not yet. She's sleeping... or at least she was when I left her. I'll
tell her when she wakes up. She's also going to transform into the guy's
fantasy lover."

"Transform? How do you mean? Physically or mentally?" Chris asked.

"I don't know. Maybe both." She replied.

"Wasn't she seeing Jack awhile ago?"

"Yeah, but she broke up with him."

"Well, maybe we should call him over."

"No way... She hates Jack."

"She wouldn't after she sees him... and what would you rather have, she
falling in love with Jack or some stranger?"

"Jack's not the answer."

"Then I suggest you blindfold her."

"That's not a bad idea." She replied.

"Why haven't you changed?"

"The nuts I ate... they slowed down the process."

"Lucky you... So, what's going to happen to you?"

"Oh... ah... just some beauty enhancements." She replied.

"How many chocolates did you eat?"

"Just the Walnut Cluster." She lied.

"Well, I guess I'm ready to go downstairs. How do I look?"

"Beautiful." She replied, grinning.

"Shut up." He replied, blushing.

As they descended the stairs, Dawn found herself feeling slightly
jealous that Chris's new body filled out her jogging suit better than she
ever did... and he was just a teenager!


"Are you really Chris?" Kim asked the blonde teenager beside her. She
was even more beautiful than she was!

"Yeah." Chris replied, blushing. His new voice sounded soft, sweet and
oozed sensuality.

"Where's Catherine?" Dawn asked.

"She's in the bathroom." She replied... realizing now that something
wasn't happening that should have been. Something was different...
something off kilt.

"Stop staring at me... I'm not an alien." Chris mumbled, blushing.

"I'm sorry, Chris... it's just that you're so beautiful." She giggled,
and then added. "Are you completely female."

"You'll have to excuse her lack of sensitivity, Chris, it's her new
personality." Dawn interjected.

"Well Kim... If you're asking me whether I have a dick anymore... the
answer is no. I have a pussy now... a virgin one... just like yours."
Chris replied.

"And remember, Kim, although he may not look like it, he's still my
boyfriend." Dawn added.

"I don't think you have to worry about that." Kim replied, knowing that
Dawn was referring to her new attraction towards girls.

"Huh? How come?" Dawn asked.

"I'm not sure... but I think my body must somehow recognize Chris as a
guy... despite his wrappings. Otherwise, my new lesbian chemistry would
be responding to him... and it isn't." She responded... then giggled.


When Catherine walked back into the room she blushed.

"Hi Cat, how you feeling?" Dawn asked her, making room for her to sit

"Embarrassed... and strange." She replied in a whisper. She gave Kim a
weak smile before noticing the new girl... and then she lit up like a
torch! "Oh God!" She gasped, feeling a tidal wave of emotions.

"What is it?" Dawn asked, alarmed.

cat could feel her thoughts shifting and reshaping as love and lust
bombarded her to the very core... and it was now directed at the blonde before her.

"Are you alright?" The blonde girl asked, looking concerned. She
sounded so sweet... so heavenly. So very, very, sexy.

"I... I love you." She declared, blushing. "I love you more than I've
ever loved anyone in my life before."

"This wasn't supposed to happen, was it?" The blonde asked Dawn.

"No." Dawn replied, shaking her head in shock.

"Catherine... I'm Chris." The blonde girl announced.

"I... I love you Christine. I don't know why but I do." She whispered
in response.

"You don't understand... I'm not Christine... I'm Christopher... I'm
Christopher trapped inside this body... It was the chocolate I ate... It
turned me into a girl."

"It doesn't matter. I love you." She replied... blushing. Nothing
mattered more to her than the blonde girl named Chris... nothing. Not the
fact that Chris was a girl and that she hadn't ever been attracted to girls before... and not the fact that Chris was Dawn's boyfriend... as crazy as
that sounded.

"Now, I get it." Kim giggled.

They all turned to Kim.

"Cat just fell madly in love with the first guy she saw. It makes
perfect sense." Kim giggled.

"Explain yourself." Dawn responded, confused.

"Okay... Now that I'm a lesbian, I'm attracted to girls... and if
Chris were a girl, I'd be attracted to him, too, but his femininity is only
on the outside and he's very much Christopher on the inside. The spells
that cat and I are under obviously recognizes this." She explained with a

"You know, Kim, for a bimbo you certainly are smart." Chris replied,
shaking his pretty head in disbelief.

Then Catherine started to feel strange... and began to glow! Then
shimmer and morph! Her short black hair started to grow out and turn
blonde! Then she gasped when she felt her face tingle.

"Oh... my... God!" Chris exclaimed, staring at her.

"Please tell me I'm still pretty." She pleaded; knowing that she'd just
undergone a physical transformation of some sorts but not knowing what.

"You're beautiful... trust me." Chris replied, still looking at her in

She felt a rush of happiness from Chris's compliment and moved towards
him... He opened up his arms and allowed her to hug him. She nearly
'came' from the feel of their enhanced boobs crushing up against one


Chris felt amazing! There he stood... a beautiful teenaged girl and
there stood Catherine, his identical twin. Gone was the 28-year-old
Catherine he had known... gone was her dark short hair. Now, Catherine
possessed long blonde hair that ran down to her ass and a body of a

"I'm your twin!" Catherine exclaimed with excitement. Then they
attacked each other with passion, kissing and caressing like there was no
tomorrow. Given the fact that Catherine was under a love spell for him...
plus the perpetual state of arousal she was in, it quite literally reduced
her status to that of a sex slave.

He instructed her to strip, which she did so quickly. Her breasts were
nice and shapely and they pleased him, knowing that he sported the same.
They also jiggled and bounced with every breath she took. He then quickly
stripped off his jogging suit and now both of them were naked. It was like
looking in the mirror... identical in every way... except of course that
he was the dominant... and she the subservient.

He quickly stretched out on the bed and opened his legs. He felt hot
and tight 'down' there... not to mention very, very 'wet'. He knew it
wouldn't take much to make him cum and gestured for his new slave to join
him. He guessed that cat never went down on a girl before, but this didn't
seem to hamper her as she eagerly tongued his new pussy. Moments later
they both cried out with orgasms.


Dawn stared at herself in the mirror. The pink coating from the
chocolate was starting to work... her enhancements now noticeable. In
addition to the physical enhancements she also felt a growing 'need' to
fuck and she wondered how long it would take before she succumbed. Her
boyfriend, who she couldn't really call a boyfriend anymore, was in the
guestroom making love to Catherine... and despite understanding
Catherine's new need, she still found the whole thing unsettling.

Suddenly, there was a tap at her door.

"Dawn?" She heard Kim call out.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Can I come in?"

"Hold on... let me get something on."

"Don't do that on my account... I don't mind." She heard Kim say with a

Dawn put a bathrobe on and opened the door.

"I'm depressed." Kim pouted.


"No one wants me."

"I'm sorry Kim." She replied... opening her arms for Kim to hug her.
While doing so she felt herself responding as Kim's huge breasts crushed up
against her smaller ones. Surprisingly, she started to feel even more
aroused prompting her to break off the hug.

"That felt nice... Why did you stop?" Kim asked, looking hurt.
"Wouldn't you like to experiment?" Kim asked, hopeful.

"I'm sorry Kim. I... I'm not a lesbian."

"But I could tell you felt something when we hugged." Kim replied,

"I'll admit I'm horny... thanks to the chocolates... but I'm not a

"But..." Kim started to pout.

"Go back downstairs, Kim, and wait. Chris and Catherine should be done
shortly and I'll be down in a little while myself." She firmly instructed
Kim. She could see that Kim was on the verge of crying but her new
docile-like personality wouldn't allow her to argue.

After Kim left, she walked back over to the mirror... allowing her
bathrobe to slide off her body. Her breasts were really sensitive and
noticeably larger. Sure, she wasn't in the same league with Kim, but she
looked as big as Chris and Catherine. She figured them for 'C' cups,
now... and the extra weight of them actually felt nice. Thanks to Kim, she
was also feeling a stronger 'need'.

Then she started to dwell on the mint she ate... petrified as to what
would happen. Did this mean that she'd have to give up men? She thought
about Chris and wondered if she could actually make love to him in his new
female form. At the moment she could. Maybe she needed to relieve
herself... and walked over to the bed.

Then she heard another tap at the door.

"Who is it?" She asked, subconsciously hoping it was Kim again.

"It's Chris." A soft voice replied.

She quickly threw on her robe again and opened the door. It still
struck her as strange to see Chris like this... especially when he stood
there completely naked and smiling. Damn-it all if the sight of him didn't
have an affect on her.

"You could have put something on." She responded, a bit angry.

"Doesn't seeing me like this make you want to jump me?" He asked with a

"Not hardly." She lied, surprised at herself for being so angry with

"Too bad... because as nice a lay as cat is, it was like I was making
love to myself."

"And who do you have to blame for that?" She asked.

"How would I know that when I fantasized about fucking my own body that
it would turn Catherine into my twin?"

"You're supposed to be fantasizing about fucking me." She replied, hurt.

"Well, I'm all for it now... are you going to let me in?" Chris asked.

"I'm not in the mood to fuck but I'll let you in." She mumbled, opening
the door wider for him to enter. "How's cat coping with this?" She asked,
changing the subject.

"Fine. Why wouldn't she be?"

"I would think that this is pretty hard on her." She responded,
surprised at his lack of sensitivity.

"The only way it's hard for her is if I reject her."

"Well, keep in mind she's not your slave."

"Tell her that." Chris replied with a giggle. "Her need to please me
pretty much outweighs everything else."

"Well, everything will be back to normal tomorrow." She responded.

"I hate to burst your bubble but did it ever occur to you that this may
be permanent?" Chris asked with a smile.

"You almost say that like you don't want to change back."

"Well, it has been rather exciting."

"Are you trying to tell me that you'd trade our former lives for a
little sexual gratification." She replied... surprised that he would even
hit as such a thing.

"Look, I'm just saying why not make the best out of this experience."
Chris smiled in response.

"I bet you love having Catherine at your beckon call... don't you? In
fact, you're probably getting off on having a slave, aren't you?"

"What guy wouldn't? In fact, what girl wouldn't? Catherine makes a
very beautiful sex slave." Chris replied, smiling.

"Someone with morals wouldn't... That's who!" She responded with venom.

"Oh puleeeaaaase... I bet deep down Catherine loves being a slave. All
girls are subs deep down. It's the female in you."

"How can you say that?!?"

"I bet you're a 'sub', too."

"Fuck you."

"How about you let me prove it."

"Fuck you!" She said louder... looking at him and adding. "You've

"Changed? How?" Chris asked.

"You've become a real asshole." She replied.

"Because I'm not acting all depressed?"

"Listen to yourself... as far as your concerned everything is fine.
Did you know that the dark cream that you ate surfaced your darker side?"

"So." He replied, smiling.

"Chris, you've never had a dominant personality before... and that was
what I loved about you. Now, you want to treat women as slaves."

"You know what I've always loved about you, Dawn? It's the fact that
you're smart... and always have all the answers." Chris remarked...
grinning. Then he reached over and pulled down her bathrobe.

"Hey!" She shouted in response... shocked that he would do such a
thing. She used her hands to cover herself.

"Smart and sexy... not to mention downright 'fuckable'"! Chris added
with an evil looking grin.

"Leave me alone!" She shouted, backing up against her bureau.

Chris just smiled at her with a goofy expression on his pretty face.

"Get out!" She screamed.

"First, we fuck."

"I'm not a lesbian! I don't want to do this."

"I'm a guy, remember? Ask Kim, she'll tell you." Chris replied, still

"You're not a guy in that body!" She responded.

"Hey..." He suddenly paused, scrutinizing her chest and then her whole
body. Despite her attempts to hide her body she knew he was looking at her
changes. "Your tits... they're bigger! In fact, you look more shapely...
more voluptuous. I like it."

She blushed.

"Let's fuck."

"No." She shook her head... but the truth of the matter was that she
was so horny that moment that she could feel her juices leaking down the
insides of her thighs.

"That may be what your mind is telling you... but it certainly isn't
what your body is saying." Chris replied with a smile.

"I'm not a lesbian!" She argued.

"I bet I can still make you cum." Chris smirked, just before drawing her
in close for a kiss. At first, she tried breaking free but he was right,
she needed his touch... so, instead of pushing him away like she had
intended to do, she was eagerly kissing him back! She nearly came on the
spot when she felt his soft, female, hands, cupping and squeezing her ass.
She cooed.

"On the bed." He whispered into her ear.

She felt weak as she allowed him to push her back on the bed.

"First, I'm going to make you cum... then I'm going to have you return
the favor." He whispered with a smile.

Never had she felt more desire than she did now, groaning with
unbearable 'need'. Chris positioned his lovely new form in-between her
legs... and then entered her with his tongue.

"Unnnggghhhhhhhh!" She cried out, exploding to orgasm... drenching
Chris's pretty face with her juices.

Later, totally spent and blushing, her eyes lit up when Chris said "my

Intellectually, she thought that it was one thing to be on the receiving
end of a first time lesbian experience, but an altogether different thing
to be 'going down' on a girl. Especially when she wasn't a lesbian! But
strangely, she found her body responding and repositioned herself between
Chris's legs.

"That's it, dear... start licking." Chris cooed, as she eagerly licked
Chris's new pussy... and when Chris finally did explode to an orgasm, she
found herself swallowing up every drop of his female cum.


Kim was feeling left out... and pouted. Here she was a 'hot' lesbian without a sex partner. Catherine would have made the ideal lover,
especially given her constant state of arousal, but now due to a spell she
only had eyes for Chris. And speaking of Chris, who would have gone down
on her in a heartbeat, his new female body was a he and didn't do a damn
thing for her... then finally, Dawn, who hurt her by rejecting her.

As she sat and pouted, she looked up to see Chris, wrapped in a bright
red towel, walking down the stairs. The sight of her aroused her and she
realized it wasn't Chris, but Catherine that descended the stairs. She
giggled at the thought that she might be the only one that could tell them

"Hi Cat!" She exclaimed... giggling.

"Hi Kim." Catherine replied, blushing. "How did you know it was me?"

"I'm a lesbian, remember? My body must have a tuning fork inside of
it." She replied.

"But me and Chris are identical."

"Hell if I can explain it." She giggled.

"I can't believe what's happened to us... can you?"

"No... but ain't it kewl being a teenager again!?!" She replied with

"Yeah." Catherine admitted with a blush.

"So, how was it?"

"Incredible. I never thought I could love so much." cat responded,
smiling. "I just hope Dawn's not upset."

"If she is, she'll get over it. So, you really have it bad for Chris,

"Yeah... I know it's the spell but she... er... he... makes me so

"It must have felt strange making love to your twin, huh?" She replied,

"It's strange but I don't see myself looking anything at all like him. I
know we're identical, but there's something in my chemistry that doesn't
allow me to see him the way you do." cat responded.

"You know, Cat, if Dawn ever gets over her phobia about making it with
another chick, you might have to share Chris with her." She commented.

"I think she already did... and I don't mind."


"I heard them making love when I walked by their bedroom."

"You mean they're upstairs fucking?!?" She asked in disbelief.

"I think so."

Now she felt even more hurt.

"What's the matter?" cat asked.

"Oh... nothing." She lied, pouting on the inside.

XIV. (Next Morning)

Everything Dawn owned felt tight on her... thanks to her rounder,
shapelier curves. As she gazed at her reflection she wondered if the witch
would be able to change everyone back. If not, the first thing she'd have
to do is go out and buy a new wardrobe, starting with a bra to fit her new
boobs... Still, it could have been worse... thinking of Kim's new boobs.

Everyone was a teenager now, except her. Everyone possessed long blonde hair, except her. Kim was a bimbo, 'Cat' a sex slave, and Chris scared the
hell out of her with his new dominant personality. She blushed at how
passive she felt with him and hated how her body responded to him.

She had experienced multiple orgasms last night and again this morning.
Chris, in his new female body, had made her cum harder than she ever came
before and now she wondered if she might be 'bi'? Was this a side affect
from the chocolates? She also remembered being jealous when Chris left her
bed last night to spend time with Cat... and this still bothered her.

She put the finishing touches to her makeup and headed downstairs.
Everyone was waiting on her but because she opted for a bath instead of a
shower, she was the last one to be ready... and why did she take a bath
instead of a shower? She remembered Chris casually suggesting a long
leisurely bath and damn-it all if a bath didn't suddenly appeal to her.

As soon as she entered the living room, she saw Catherine down by
Chris's feet. He was abusing his power over her, taking an extra pleasure
from her subservience. She wondered how long it would be before Chris
started dressing up like a dominatrix.

"Are we all set?" She asked in general.

"First, there are a few things I'd like to discuss." Chris responded,
suddenly looking serious.

"What's that?" She asked, only wanting to leave. At this rate it would
be noon by the time they got to Sterling.

"Sit down for a few minutes." Chris responded, pointing to the couch.

She was about to argue but instead found herself walking to where he
pointed and taking a seat. She didn't like his attitude but figured that
she'd better let him have his say.

"I want to ask everyone a few questions and I'd like everyone to be
completely honest." Chris announced, then he turned to Cat. "First you,
Catherine. Are you happy?"

"God, yes! More happier than I've ever been in my life." cat beamed,
looking up at him like someone deeply in love.

"Come on, Chris... She's only saying that because of the spell." She
responded. "I bet deep down she's hating this." She added.

"That's not true!" cat replied, looking like she was about to cry.

"Be quiet, Dawn. Your turn will come soon enough. Tell me,
Catherine... Is it the spell making you feel this way or is it how you
truly feel?" Chris asked.

"I truly love you! I... I admit that it isn't the life I envisioned
for myself but before my transformation I had doubts about myself. Now, I
don't have any doubts because I don't have to decide... you decide
everything. Now I have real purpose in life... and I love my new role. I
love my new beautiful body because it pleases you. I love you. I love
pleasing you and being with you." cat gushed.

Dawn wanted to say something but something stopped her... then like a
tidal wave it 'hit' her! The mint!

"If you could change back, would you?" Chris asked Cat.

"Never." Catherine replied.

"And you, Kim?"

"I'm not sure... I was fine with myself before the transformation but
getting to be a teenager again is so kewl." She replied, then added. "I
just wish that I had myself a sex partner."

"Oh, trust me... you'll have your share of lovers with a 'bod' like
that." Chris replied to Kim... then turned to her. "And you, Dawn?"

She blushed, knowing she had no choice but to tell the truth... and she
wondered how long she'd be able to get away with this before Chris caught
on. "I... I like my new boobs." She admitted, blushing even more. "I
also like looking sexier and more attractive... I like my new voluptuous
look rather than being slim."

"So, are you saying you wouldn't mind staying this way?" Chris asked.

"No. I'd give up my new boobs and curves in a heartbeat for everything
to be back to normal." She replied. "I don't like the fact that you're a
girl instead of my boyfriend. And I don't like that everyone's a teenager
but me."

"You know... I wish you were a teenager, too, but..." Chris started to
say when she suddenly felt something happening to her. Strange sensations
enveloped her entire body and she started to glow... within seconds she
age regressed back to a teenager!

"Holy fuck!" Chris screamed out in shock.

She looked at Chris in confusion.

"You're a teenager!" Kim shouted out with excitement, giggling.
Catherine just stared at her with her mouth open.

"How did this happen?" Chris asked with excitement.

"It was the mint." She responded, having no choice but to answer him.

"Huh? You told me you only had one chocolate."

"I lied." She blushed.

"Then why aren't you lying now?"

"You told me to be honest." She blushed even more.

"What? What the hell did the mint do to you?" Chris asked.

"I... ah... the mint caused me this when I came last night."

"You mean I've had control of you since last night?"

"Yes. That's why I didn't refuse to go down on you last night... and
why I was compelled to take a long bath instead of a quick shower this
morning... that's why I'm telling you the truth." She confessed, blushing
deep red.

"And turning into a teenager?" Chris asked.

"It must be part of the spell."

"This is fucking incredible!" Chris replied, beaming. "Are there any
more surprises?"

"What?" She asked, not sure what Chris meant.

"Are all the spells complete now?" Chris rephrased his question.

"As far as I know, yes." She replied.

"We're all teenage 'hotties' now! This is so cool! God, I wish I could
be a guy again so I could fuck the three of you! But I'm not
complaining... I've never had this much fun in my whole life... and being
a beautiful 16 year old girl will certainly have its advantages." Chris

"Are you saying that we aren't going to Sterling?" She asked, fearfully.

"Yes dear... Sterling is out." Chris replied.

"No. You can't do that. If you don't want to change back, fine... but
I do!"

"Sorry, I can't allow it. Not part of the plans anymore."

"This isn't fair! I'm not telling you how to live your life but I want
mine back! I'll just have to go find the place myself." She responded in a

"Stop being selfish and think about everyone else for a change."

Suddenly, she did just that and thought about how happy everyone was.
Maybe Chris was right. Maybe she was being selfish and thinking only about
herself... but then again, why would her changing back have anything to do
with them? "Chris... I do feel happy for you. I also feel happy for
Catherine and Kim. If you want to stay like this, fine. I won't
interfere... but I don't see where me changing back has anything to do
with you."

"You don't get it, Dawn... we're in this together."

"I'm sorry Chris, but I'm leaving." She replied, and started to head
towards the door.

"Stop and turn around... until I say otherwise stand at attention
before me." Chris suddenly commanded.

Dawn suddenly stopped, turned around and walked back over to Chris.
Now, she was feeling afraid of just how much power Chris had over her...
and it was scaring the hell out of her! She couldn't move and just as she
was about to try pleading with him he put his finger up to indicate no

"You know, your old high school pictures don't do you justice. You
really were a 'hottie' back then... but then again maybe the pink coating
has something to do with your new look." Chris remarked, smirking.
"Incidentally, there is one thing that I'd like to improve on... do you
know what it is?" Chris asked, then added. "Oops... I forgot... You can
talk but nothing louder than a whisper."

"Bigger breasts." She whispered, blushing. She hated having to tell him
the truth but the way he stared at her chest he was making it pretty
obvious what he was referring too.

"Like I've said... always the smart one. Yep, I realize your tits have
already grown some but I'd like to see them grow to Kim's size." Chris
responded... and just like that she felt them start to grow!

She was already wearing a loose sweater but going from a pair of 'C-cup'
sized tits to a pair of 'Double D's' suddenly stretched against the fabric
of her sweater, eliciting a gasp. She brought her hands up to cup them and
was amazed at their new size and weight.

"I hate you! Why did you do this to me?!?" She whispered, nearly

"Oh stop whining... Now, let me rectify something else... Everyone but
Kim has had sex in their new body and I think its time we change that...
and I thought that you could be her partner." Chris replied... looking at
her with a smirk.

"Why are you doing this to me? How can you be so mean? I... I'm not a
lesbian. I might have cum with you last night but it's the chocolates that
made me so horny... not you. I don't want to have sex with Kim... or any
other girl for that matter. I want to go to Sterling and change everything
back to the way it was. I loved the old you. I don't know the new you and
I don't like the new you. The old Chris would never hold me against my
will." She replied, whispering the whole time. She saw Kim on the verge of
crying and added. "I'm sorry, Kim."

"Dawn... I'm in charge of this family now and you're upsetting
everyone. I know what's best for you and everyone else and I say we're
going to be one big happy family." Chris responded.

"Have Catherine make love to Kim." She replied, still whispering.

"Eventually, she will... but you, first."

"I don't want this! I won't like it!" She whispered as loud as she
could, shaking her head 'no'.

"I can change that, remember? I can make your new life easier. I can
make you feel love, lust, ill, sad, cry, aroused, anything." Chris
proclaimed with a smile.

"Please don't." She whispered in response.

"Take off your sweater... I want to see your new boobs. In fact, why
don't you take off all your clothes."

"Fuck you!" She whispered, angrily... but this didn't stop her from
pulling over her sweater, springing free her incredibly new globes and
sliding down her baggy pants.

"Wow." he commented with a smile. "They look beautiful."

"No!" She whispered, tearing up, sliding down her panties. Now, she
stood completely naked awaiting her new fate.

"Now, let me make a few adjustments." Chris stated.

"Please don't tamper with my head." She pleaded.

He turned to Kim. "Kim... are you with me on this?" He asked.

"I'm with you." Kim replied before turning towards her. "I'm sorry
Dawn... but Chris is doing this for your own good."

"Strip out of your clothes, Kim." Chris commanded.

Kim quickly complied... and within seconds she sat on the couch looking
splendid in her nudity. Catherine remained quiet during the whole ordeal.

"Dawn... I want you to go down on Kim."

"No!" She yelled in a whisper as she walked in front of Kim... then
dropped down to her knees and moved in-between Kim's legs. Without even
the slightest hesitation, she buried her face in Kim's crotch and started
to lick her pussy, licking and sucking like a seasoned lesbian. Despite
not really feeling anything sexual towards Kim, she was surprised to find
that she actually enjoyed the taste of her and felt not at all unpleasant
going down on her.

"I'm going to cum!" Kim suddenly screamed... and moments later she
flooded her face with her juices.

"Did you enjoy that?" Chris asked her, allowing her time to recover.
She remained on her knees looking up at him, nodding her head 'yes' with
embarrassment. She could feel Kim's juices smeared all over her face.

"That's because I allowed you to enjoy it the taste of Kim. Now, let me
do a few other things for you... You love the taste of pussy... and crave
it. You love Kim and feel sexually aroused every time you think of her...
and even more aroused when you see her or hear her. You get more and more
excited every time she touches you. You still like guys but at the moment
you prefer attractive girls, but especially Kim."

Dawn could feel her thoughts shifting and twisting while Chris spoke,
knowing that every word he was saying was suddenly becoming true. She did
like the taste of Kim but now she loved it and licked her lips, savoring
her remaining juices. She gazed up at Kim with adoration, loving her big
beautiful boobs and reached up to play with them. Kim was everything to
her... beautiful... sweet... and ever so sexy. She got up from the
floor and straddled her... planting a hot passionate kiss on her lips.
Kim groaned, moaned and cooed, basking in her new attention. She knew that
she was acting this way because of what Chris had said but there wasn't a
thing that she could do about it.


After she made love to Kim on the couch, she begged Chris to allow them
to go upstairs to her bedroom for more. She then brought Kim to several
more orgasms while basking in several of her own. She was still angry with
Chris for doing this to her but she knew that she was powerless to act out
on it... and as she and Kim made love, she could hear Chris and Catherine
partaking in their own lovemaking across the hall.

Later on, Chris joined her. Kim had already gone off to take a shower
and she was waiting her turn.

"Now, do you wish to change back?" Chris asked her, grinning.

"Yes, Chris... I do." She replied in a whisper... "I'll always want
that." She added.

"Are you kidding? Even after all that great sex you just had with Kim?"

"But that isn't real... It's artificial." She responded.

"I can make you believe it's real... but that would be tampering with
your true beliefs and I find you much more entertaining this way." Chris
replied, smiling.

"Don't you see how you've changed? This isn't you... The chocolates
have turned you into a monster." She whispered.

"Why? Just because I'm more bossier?" He asked.

"I hate you." She whispered.

"Sure you do... and now I'm getting tired of you telling me so... So,
until I say otherwise, you're not allowed to say that to me again. In
fact, if anyone ever asks, you simply say that you love me... and feel an
incredible need to please me." Chris responded.

She looked at him with even more hatred but she could actually feel her
face relax and smile.


"Well what?" She whispered, grinning.

"Do you still hate me?"

"No way... I... I love you." She whispered, knowing it was untrue but
unable to respond differently. "And I want to please you." She added,

"And you never want to hurt me." He responded, still smiling.

"And I never want to hurt you." She whispered, still blushing.

"So... Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror?"

"Yes." She blushed.

"How does it feel to be a teenager again?"

"I like it... but I still would trade everything for things to be as
they were." She whispered.

"Too bad." Chris grinned, then added. "I'm getting hungry... So, why
don't you wiggle that pretty behind of yours downstairs and make everyone
something to eat." Chris commanded.

She knew that she was powerless to disobey him and turned around to
reach for her panties but a simple hand gesture suddenly stopped her.

"I like you naked, so until I say otherwise... stay this way."

She blushed; looking down at her new self... then proceeded out the
door... not realizing that as she did this, she wiggled her 'tush' quite


Chris basically kept her in slave-mode all week... forcing her not only
to cook, but also to clean, yard work, and even having her run errands out
of the house. Of course, he altered her appearance back to her true form
before sending her out in public.

Thankfully, Chris didn't tamper with her IQ and this enabled her to
think things out. She knew damn well that she couldn't break free of
Chris's control, nor hurt him in any way, but she did have a trump card and
it was time that she play it.

She smiled as she poured fudge into a small pot... heating it up. Then
she retrieved one of the 'Sweet Sensations' from her hiding place. This
specific one was pink cream filled and if this worked the way she expected
it would, she'd be eliminating Chris's male persona, and turning him
completely female. It wouldn't hurt him; otherwise she wouldn't be able to
do it. But it would change him... and if her hunch proved right, it would
not only allow her to break free from the subjugation spell that she was
under, but also allow Catherine to break free from the love spell she was
under. After the fudge and 'sensation' cooled off, she poured it into a
coffee mug... added whip cream... and then brought it out to Chris on a


Chris looked down into the mug and smiled. Dawn was always trying to
please him... and now she was attempting to do so with this calorie-ridden
chocolate drink, thank God his new body couldn't gain weight.

"It looks delicious... have you tried it yourself?" He asked her,

"No." Dawn replied shyly with downcast eyes.

"You first." He smiled.

Dawn took a sip from the mug, smiled, and then looked up at him... and
just as she was about to take another sip, he stopped her.

"I'll have the rest of it... thank you very much." He stated, taking
the mug away from her. "You're right... it is delicious!" He responded
after taking a few sips.


"Hi." Chris greeted Kim as she entered the bedroom. "Oops... sorry."
She giggled, having just walked in on Kim's masturbation session. Kim and
Dawn were roommates while she roomed with cat and this wasn't the first
time that they had interrupted each other while masturbating.

"Hi." Kim replied, slipping her fingers out of her pussy and putting her
book down.

"Oh, don't stop on my account."

"I've got something better in mind." Kim smiled.

"What are you reading?" She asked, glancing down at the book.

"'Cassandra - Vampiress'" Kim replied, adding. "It made me so horny."

"I love that book!" She exclaimed. "What chapter you on?"

"I'm on the 7th chapter where Theresa seduces Carla." She replied.

"Oh, I remember that scene well." She responded, smiling.

"Hey Cat, how about you replace my finger with your tongue?" Kim asked
with a giggle.

"Huh?" She responded. It was the first time that Kim had ever mistaken
her for being Catherine... and then it hit her! She was referring to
herself as a 'she'!

"Are you alright?"

"I... I'm not Catherine." She mumbled before adding. "I'm Christine."

"You mean, Christopher?" Kim asked, confused.

"No. I used to be Christopher but somehow I know I'm Christine now."

"But... but how's that possible?" Kim asked, still appearing confused.

"I don't know." She whispered.


Catherine didn't understand it... something had happened but she wasn't
sure what. All she knew was that when she looked at Chris now, that she
felt... nothing. Not a single spark. Then she felt the other thing,
recognizing the symptoms! She could tell she was glowing and morphing,
transforming where she stood! Her long blonde hair suddenly turned darker
and receded back into her scalp. She stripped down her jeans just before
she started to grow taller and more voluptuous. She looked across the
living room at the mirror and saw her reflection! "I'm me!" She cried out
with a smile, and without saying another word, she ran upstairs.

After dressing in her old clothes, she quickly ran back downstairs and
into the living room to retrieve her keys. "Are you angry with me?" She
heard Dawn ask Chris. She wasn't sure what they were talking about but she
didn't care. All she wanted to do was leave.

"I'm out of here!" She called out to them, grabbing for her car keys.

"Wait! It may be dangerous." Dawn called out to her.

She ignored her friend and left the house... quickly climbing into her
car, she started to back out of the driveway when she spotted a teenager
mowing his lawn... and then it 'hit' again. "Oh, no." She gasped, all too
familiar with the symptoms.

She immediately moved the car back into the driveway before her body
began to glow. The boy triggered this and she was powerless to do anything
about it as she felt herself shrinking, her boobs getting smaller and her
hair growing at a rapid rate while turning reddish brown. By the time she
stepped out of her car, her clothes looked silly on her and she giggled...
in fact, everything felt silly to her. She thought for a second that she
should go inside and put something else on but the pull from her growing
attraction made any detour impossible.

When the boy noticed her approaching, he stopped what he was doing and
turned off the lawnmower. She knew what he was seeing was her ideal lover,
so she wasn't worried about being rejected. He smiled at her, and the
smile alone was enough to make her start 'creaming' inside her loose
panties. She'd never seen a more 'handsomer' boy in all her life and
quickly kneeled down in front of the boy... unzipped his shorts... and
pulled out his hardening member. She then used her tongue to tease his tip
before taking all of him, allowing his member to slide down her throat.
She licked and sucked, bobbing her head up and down, as she ran her tongue
all along his hardened shaft... and when he shot his load down her throat,
she eagerly swallowed every drop of him.

XVII. A Week Later

"Hi... ah... I'm here to see Dawn." Danny remarked, taken by surprise
at seeing the teenaged beauty answer the door.

"Aunt Dawn... Some guy is at the door." The young 'hottie' responded,
smiling and allowing him in.

"You have me at a disadvantage." He smiled at the girl, stealing glances
at her rather large set of tits.

"My name's Christine."

"Hi Chris."

"That will be all Christine." Dawn suddenly interrupted, entering the
living room. He saw Chris pout before she left the room.

"Hi Dawn." He greeted.

"Hi Danny... thanks for coming over."

"I didn't know you had a niece."

"Yeah... who would have 'thunk'." Dawn replied with a smile.

"So, what's the emergency that made you call me out of the blue?"

"Did you get a hold of Jared?"

"Yeah... he had to work today. He'll be over right after."


"So, what's all this about?" He asked, following Dawn over to the couch.
It was then that he noticed a small plate with four pink-coated chocolates
on it.

"Help yourself." Dawn offered, holding the plate up to him.

"Don't mind if I do." He replied, smiling, and added. "They look

"Finish them... I've already had more than I can afford." Dawn replied.

He looked at the pink coating on each chocolate and smirked, wondering
why someone would make them pink. He popped the first one into his mouth
and frowned... marshmallow wasn't his favorite.

"Do you remember Kim Danvers?" Dawn asked, taking him slightly by

"Yeah, of course I do..." He responded while eating a chocolate covered
cherry with light cream. "Damn these are good... Best I've ever tasted."
He added, meaning it. "Are you sure Christine wouldn't want these last
couple?" He asked, trying to be polite.

"No, she's watching her weight." Dawn replied with a smile.

He shook his head thinking that teen girls were way too concerned about
their weight. This time he bit into a mint one.

"So, what about Kim?" He asked, curious.

"Her birthday's today." Dawn replied with a smile.

"What's that got to do with me?" He asked, feeling strange all of a

"You're her birthday present." Dawn replied, still smiling.

"Huh? Unnngggghhhhh... something... something is happening to me." He
mumbled, incoherently.

Suddenly, his hair started to grow and fall over his shoulders and down
his back... and then he felt female breasts suddenly push out from his
chest... Then he started to shrink and feel really strange, especially
around his waist, ass and hips.

"What's happening to me?" He asked in alarm, and then gasped at hearing
his new higher voice. Dawn smiled in response.

Then he suddenly felt aroused and could feel an erection growing inside
his trousers... then felt it shrinking and when he looked down he saw that
the bulge had disappeared completely.

"Kim's going to love her." Christine proclaimed as she reentered the
room with a giggle.

"I... What happened to me?" He whispered, shaking his head in denial.


Jason thrust into the young 'hottie' over and over again! It was like
his fantasy lover had come to life! She was his age... sixteen...
possessed long auburn hair, and had the hottest little twat he ever could
have imagined... not mentioning the hottest pair of little titties! He
didn't like big tits on a girl, although they looked good on Kim and
Christine, Dawn's friends. Still, he preferred Catherine's everything...
and there wasn't a sexual act she wouldn't perform for him.

"I'm going to cum again!" cat cried out... thrashing back and forth
underneath him.

"Don't let me stop you." He grunted with a chuckle... continuing to
slam deep inside of her.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk." She


cat basked in her brand new life. Jason was everything to her. She
loved him more than she had loved Chris and now that she had a hard cock
all to her own she wondered how she could possibly preferred pussy. She
reached down to touch herself... feeling slightly sore. Jason had popped
her cherry last week, taking ownership of her... body and soul. He was
soooo big and she felt soooo weak. She loved how he mastered her.

Jason lived with his great, great aunt... and the very same day that
she declared her love for him, he allowed her to move in with them. A
whole weak of 'non stop' love making followed! In fact, the only time she
wasn't by Jason's side was when she was hanging out with Kim and Christine.
Christine was so much nicer now that she was really a girl.

Just then the doorbell rang...

"Go get it... its probably Kim or Christine." Jason grinned.

She quickly threw on one of Jason's oversized tee shirts and pranced out
to the kitchen to see who it was.

"Hi Kim!" She greeted her friend. She blushed when Kim eyed her naked
form beneath the tee shirt she wore.

"Hi Cat... I see you and Jason were at it again."

"I can't get enough of him... I love him so much." She replied,

"Dawn's having a little party for my birthday and she told me to come
over here and invite you."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!" She responded with excitement. "Let
me get Jason's permission." She added, letting Kim in. She knew that Kim
was peaking at her naked ass as she headed towards Jason's room, so she
gave it a little wiggle for her benefit.

As she entered Jason's bedroom her eyes were immediately drawn to his
cock, that at the moment lay limp along his thigh. She giggled when she
saw it stir at the mere sight of her.

"Jason, Kim's having a birthday party... can I go to it?" She asked,
still finding it difficult to tear her eyes away from Jason's cock.

"Sure, my horny little honey... but remember how you get when you're
away from this too long." He replied, pointing to his growing erection.

"How could I forget." She replied, giggling... and then running over to
give it a kiss.


Danny sat on the couch completely confused... dressed only in his
boxers and tee shirt, which looked very silly on his gorgeous female form.
"What have you done to me?" He asked, hoping this was all a dream.

"Doing you a favor." Dawn replied with a smile.

"How do you call this doing a favor?" He asked, sarcastically.

"You've always had a thing for Kim... now you'll have her."

Like this?!?"

"She's a lesbian... and now you are, too." Dawn responded.

He blushed, noting the rather 'wet' feeling between his legs from being
this close to Dawn. Christine was looking good to her, too. These were
strange feelings when comparing it with a hard-on.

Just then the door opened up and in walked two teenagers. Both
knockouts! It seemed that Dawn was the only adult in this household.

"Danny... this is Kim and her friend, Catherine. Kim, Happy Birthday!"
Dawn exclaimed.

"She's beautiful on the outside... but... uh... it ain't going to
work." Kim replied. "Who was he?"

"Danny Zanetti!" He replied with anger.

"Oh my, God! Danny?!? Is that really you? It's me, Kim Danvers!" The
blonde exclaimed with a smile.

"I know who you are." He responded with venom.

"He isn't too happy at the moment."

"I'm sorry Danny." Kim giggled.

"Change me back!" He shouted, having enough of this nightmare.

"Not a problem." Dawn smiled, pointing to the lone chocolate left on the

He looked at the chocolate and then back at Dawn, suspiciously. "If you
think that I'm going to eat anymore chocolates after what's happened so
far, you're crazy!" He stated.

"If you want to change back you will." Dawn replied with a grin.

"Why did you change me in the first place?" He asked, reaching for the

"I thought Kim would be happy." Dawn replied, grinning.

'Did he have a choice?' He wondered. He popped the remaining chocolate
into his mouth... this one was a pink creamed filled one.

"Do you want her here or upstairs?" Dawn asked Kim.

"Right here!" Kim exclaimed, gushing.

Danielle blushed, feeling even stranger... and suddenly very, very
attracted to Kim. She also felt her breasts getting fuller and rounder and
wondered what was happening.

"The pink creamed filled chocolates have a habit of enlarging the
breasts... I have a feeling their going to get as big as Christine's did.
She also found it strange that she was allowing them to strip her of her
boxers and tee shirt.

"Why can't we have privacy?" She whined to Kim.

"Because you're my birthday present and the least I can do is eat you
right here in front of my family." Kim responded as she kneeled down in
front of her, opened her naked legs, and mouthed her new, steaming hot
pussy. It was just then that she realized she wasn't a 'he' anymore!

Kim didn't give her a chance to dwell on it as she used her tongue on
her new clit. She cried out from the intensity of her new pleasure, and
within seconds she exploded to her first female orgasm!

Soon Kim was just as naked as she was and they were on the couch '69'ing
each other... lapping... sucking... kissing. The audience had long
since become non-existent and the only thing that mattered was coming over
and over again. They ended up passing out with their heads buried deep
inside each other's crotch.


"Do you realize how crazy you girls sound?" Jared asked, amazed at what
they were telling him. "Let me get this right... Christine, you were once
a 28 year old guy named Chris, right?"

"Yes." Christine blushed.

"And you Kim... also 28, right?"

"Yes." Kim giggled.

"What's going on here, Dawn?" He asked his former girlfriend.

"Everything is true... but there's more." Dawn replied.


"Yes... Danni come in here." Dawn called out.

From the backroom, another teenage girl, also very pretty... with long
dark hair, walked into the room.

"Hi." He smiled, being polite. Much like the other girls, she too was
well endowed.

"Hi." The girl smiled, blushing.

"This girl here used to be Danny Zanetti." Dawn added.

"No fucking way." He responded.

The girl nodded her head, blushing.

"Now, I have a proposition if you're interested." Dawn offered.

"I'm not sure what's going on here... but I'm listening." He responded,
allowing Dawn to lead him into a side room. The teens remained behind.

The room had two chairs, directly facing across from one another. They
both sat down. He had a hard-on that wouldn't quit.

"This is all going to sound like something out of the 'Twilight Zone'
but understand, it's true and I've selected you for a very important
position if you're interested." Dawn started out saying.

"Why me?" He asked.

"Because I've always loved you... and I know at one time, you loved

"Then why did you leave me?"

"You were too... ah... dominating... too controlling. I had my goals
and my own life to live. I needed my space."

"So, what's changed?"

"I have. You see... ah... well... I've kind of lost my independent
streak sort of speak. Due to an unfortunate incident earlier in the week,
I find myself craving a more... uh... submissive role."

He started to laugh.

"I don't think its funny." Dawn whispered, blushing.

"I'm sorry Dawn... but it really is. Anyway, how has all this

"Magic." She whispered.

"So, what are you offering me?"

"The power to control me... subjugate me. But before I submit to you,
I want you to promise me a few things." Dawn replied.

"You have my undivided attention." He replied, smirking.

"Kimberly is a submissive for the same reasons I am, but because she was
heavily dosed, she's a lot more compliant than I am. Christine and
Danielle are also 'subs' but more on the level as I am. Kim and Danielle
are lesbians... Kim's been one for a couple of weeks now and Danielle just
turned one today. I don't want you messing around with their lesbian relationship."

"So, the brunette babe in the next room really is Danny Zanetti?"

"Yes... but with an 'i'. She's all female now... inside and out...
and like Kim, she's a lesbian."


Christine was my boyfriend Chris... You never met him. Anyway, just
like Danielle, he's totally a she now. Unlike Danielle, though, Chris is
pure heterosexual."

"Are you telling me that your former boyfriend is now into guys?" He
asked, confused.

"Very much so... part of the transformation. Remember that Danielle
and Christine possess female persona's now... and their former male sides
no longer exist. The only reason Danielle isn't into guys is because magic
transformed her into a lesbian."

"What else should I know?"

"There's another girl... remember Catherine?"

"Yeah. Very attractive girl with short black hair."

"She's been transformed into a teenager, too... and has fallen madly in
love with the teenage boy across the street."

"You're kidding?!?"

"Nope... and she lives with the boy."

"Amazing! What about the kids parents?"

"No parents... just an elderly aunt, which is also blind as a bat." She
replied, smiling.

"And you?"

"Ever since I turned passive, I haven't been able to get my mind off of
you." Dawn blushed.

"So, you want us to be a couple?" He asked.

"I guess I'm saying that if someone has to have this power over me... I
want it to be you."

"Alright... I'll accept all your conditions... now what?" He replied,

"In order to trigger me, all you have to do is bring me to orgasm." Dawn
whispered, blushing.

"Then you can start stripping." He commanded, starting to strip himself.
He eyed her the whole time... while she eased down her jeans, pulled off
her sweater, releasing her full ample breasts, and then she slid down her
thong panties. They both stood there facing each other... completely

"Did you get a boob job?" He asked, admiring her new globes.

"A magical one... yeah." She smiled, blushing.

"You look... different... even more beautiful than I remember."

"Please hurry." Dawn whispered.

Without another word, he stripped off his own clothes... and then
turned her around, facing her towards the wall... then he used his right
hand to pin both her hands above her head while using his right foot to
kick open her legs more. In one swift motion he entered her, eliciting a
squeal of passion! Then he proceeded to move in and out of her as she
whimpered and groaned, working her harder and faster with every thrust...
until they both exploded to orgasms. The second he withdrew from her, she
slid down to the floor in exhaustion.

"While you're down there... why don't you put your mouth to use and
clean me up." He smirked, and he was slightly surprised when she struggled
up to her knees and did what she was told... and by the time she was done
cleaning his cock, he was 'hard' again.

"This is incredible! Do you have to do everything I say?"

"Every command... every suggestion... everything. I feel everything
you want me to feel and will physically alter in any way you wish me to


"It's easier to understand if you do it to me."

"Sure... ah... Okay... You now have blonde hair... just like Kim and

Quite suddenly, Dawn turned from a brunette into a blonde... just like

"Kneel before me and beg for me to fuck you again." He commanded,

Dawn quickly prostrated herself before him and started to beg for him to
fuck her again.

"Holy Christ!" He responded, stunned with amazement.

"You're horny... Real horny... Play with yourself." He added,

Dawn immediately started to masturbate, finger fucking herself as hard
as she could. He could tell from the noise of her slippery cunt that she
was soaked down there... and her moans and groans proved she was horny.

"Stop masturbating!" He commanded, now convinced of everything.

Dawn suddenly stopped, turning 'beet' red.

"Interesting." He smiled.

Dawn slowly rose to her feet.

"I won't go as far as making you call me your Lord and Master... but I
will insist you feel like I am, understand?"

"Yes." She whispered, blushing, with downcast eyes.

"Now, tell me everything... Start to finish... Don't forget one little
detail." He added with a grin.


Dawn found Jared very demanding... and found the stricter he was, the
more submissive she became. She also found that she was constantly 'wet'
and eager to please him in any way. Of course, with the subjugation power
he had over her, there wasn't a thing she wouldn't about it... and he
certainly had fun transforming her into a whole variety of different women.

She told Jared how she hid the remaining 'Sweet Sensations' and used
them to turn the table on Chris... and then how she transformed Danny into
Danielle for the sake of Kimberly. Although she hadn't originally wanted
to, she also told Jared how Danielle was under the same subjugation spell
that she was under... except for the fact that Danielle was a lesbian and
probably would never have an orgasm by a male. Of course, Jared wasn't
about to miss out on the opportunity to have himself another slave and
although he didn't outright fuck her, given her lesbianism, he did finger
her to an orgasm... and now Danielle was under his power much like she

Jared played on everyone's submissive side and basically controlled the
household, although he did help her by transforming Danielle into an adult
from time to time to help with the chores outside the home.

Sexually, she was his slave and loved every second of it... basking in
countless orgasms. Like he promised, he left Kim and Danielle alone, but
he did seduce Christine into giving him 'blow-jobs' almost daily.


Derek was coming out of the food court when he spotted them. Endowed
and incredibly gorgeous... all four of them! He had just graduated high
school and recently dumped Cheryl in favor of finding some new pussy...
and right now he couldn't think of any finer.

"Hi." He greeted them with a smile. He knew that he was all that, being
6'3" and weighing 240 pounds of solid muscle. The truth of the matter was
that he considered himself God's gift to every girl he crossed paths with.

All four of them giggled as they greeted him back... smiling, flirting,
and oozing sex appeal. Unfortunately, two of them told him that they were
lesbian lovers and then another one said she had a lover back home. This
left a shy blonde, who gave new meaning to the words, 'blonde hottie'.

"So, why haven't you been snatched up?" He asked the blonde, taking a
good look at her ample charms.

"I guess I just haven't met Mr. Right." She giggled, blushing.

"You have now." He replied.

"You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" The blonde responded.


Christine couldn't get over how 'wet' she was having never felt like
this before... even Jared didn't invoke the same level of 'desire' as she
felt now. She was still a virgin because Jared did everything BUT fuck
her, but she had a sneaking suspicion that her virginal minutes were

Derek was so confident... so manly... and she felt so incredibly
passive in his presence. Part of her wanted to be swept off her feet and
ravished, while another part of her screamed 'run'.

"We need to see each other." He spoke, stepping closer to her. He
casually rested his hands on her hips and even this was doing a number on
her. "I want to fuck you." He added, grinning.

She blushed and was slightly surprised that she didn't become angry at
the crude way he was talking to her.

"Excuse us, girls." He stated, directing this at her friend. He then
led her out of the mall.

Once they reached his car he instructed her to climb into the backseat
and she wondered if this was it? Was she really going to lose her
virginity in the backseat of a car?

"Strip." He ordered her.

She could see that the parking lot was still busy but there didn't seem
to be a thing she could do about resisting him, as she started fumbling
with her clothes. When she started to struggle with her bra he reached
behind her and unsnapped it, springing free her huge globes. His eyes lit
up with appreciation at their size and he started to caress them.

"I... I'm a virgin." She whispered, lifting her rump up off the seat so
he could slide her jeans down... followed by her thongs.

"Not for too much longer." He chuckled.

When she was completely naked, he started to unzip his fly and she felt
disappointed that he wasn't stripping completely naked, but when she saw
the size of his cock, she gasped, forgetting all about everything else and
couldn't imagine fitting that thing inside of her.

"Don't be scared." He whispered into her ear, noting how afraid she

"There's no way that will fit." She whimpered in response, making an
effort to close her legs.

"Trust me... I'll make it fit." He smiled, nudging her legs apart. He
poked at her entrance... teasing her for a few and then in one swift
motion he plunged into her... breaking through her hymen. She cried
out... then whimpered with a mixture of pain and pleasure, as he continued
to ram in and out of her and eventually the pain disappeared, and only
pleasure remained.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" She cried out with her legs wrapped around
his ass.

She must have passed out because the next thing she knew she was waking
up completely sore and totally spent. Slowly, she moved up to the sitting
position in the backseat of the car. She heard some giggling from outside
and was embarrassed to see that their coupling had gained an audience. She
looked over at the boy that deflowered her and smiled.

"Are you on the pill?" He asked.

"No." She whispered.

"When did you have your last period?" He asked... sounding slightly

"I... I'm not sure." She mumbled as she reached for her panties.

"Better hope you're not pregnant."

She blushed.


"It happens." Dawn whispered, soothing her with a hug.

"I... I'm so embarrassed... I couldn't help myself." She sniffled,
having a tough time controlling her emotions.

"Yeah... a guy can have that kind of affect on you." Dawn replied.

"Maybe the tests are wrong." She suggested, desperate.

"We've already spent $60 on four tests... trust me... they're not

"I have to tell Derek."

"Yeah... but based on what you've told me about him, I don't think he's
going to be too supportive."

"How can you say that? He's nice and wouldn't have had sex with me if
he didn't care!" She snapped back, defensively.

"Did he tell you he loved you?" Jared asked, breaking his silence.

"No, but some guys have trouble saying those words." She replied.

"Look Chris... The shoes on the other foot now and we're just trying to
prepare you for the worst."

"But why would he fuck me if he didn't... if he didn't... love me?"

"I suggest you invite him over... that way we're around."


"Because if you two are alone again, he'll most likely fuck you again."
Jared commented.

"If he doesn't love me than he can go fuck himself!" She responded,

"It doesn't work that way." Dawn interjected.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"Pheromones." Jared stated, smiling.

"Chris... Your body has already been dosed with his scent... and now
his smell... his touch... even the sound of his voice is enough to
trigger your desire for him. You'll spread your legs for him again in a
heartbeat, regardless what your mind is telling you." Dawn added.

"How can you say that? You act like I'm a real teenager... remember, I
still have all my previous memories."

"Chris... as far as coping with female arousal your past won't be able
to help you... and if he catches you alone again, he'll fuck you... plain
and simple." Jared responded, while Dawn nodded her head agreeing.

"That's not true! I hate you! You don't know what you're talking
about." Chris replied and stormed off to be alone.


"Oh God, Derek! Harder! Harder! Fuck me, harder!" The blonde 'hottie'
screamed out at the top of her lungs while thrashing around in ecstasy!

Derek looked down at the bitch and smiled... they were all the same...
they always started out wanting to talk but a few touches here... a few
touches there... and soon he had them begging for his cock.

XXVII. (The next morning)

Dawn hated to leave Chris in such a state... but she felt it was
necessary. Chris, of course, learned the hard way and went out with Derek.
After they fucked, he dumped her and now Kim, Catherine and Danielle were
all taking turns trying to comfort her.

The only thing she could think of that might help was to visit the
little store that started it all, 'A Witch's Potion'.

"Hi." She greeted the middle-aged woman.

"Hi Dawn... how's Chris?" She asked, surprising her.

"How did? Do you know Chris?"

"Of course I do... I sold him the 'Sweet Sensations'."

"Oh... I expected someone younger." Dawn replied, smiling.

"With as many transformations as you've gone through... I'm surprised
you're surprised." The woman responded.

"Touché'... anyway, Christine's in kind of a predicament."

"Yeah... I saw how Derek's been treating her."

"How did you know?"

"Come now... every witch has a crystal ball."

"Oh... Then you know why I'm here?"

"Yeah... and I have just the thing."

"Thanks." She replied, waiting patiently for the woman to return from
the backroom.

The lady came out and handed her a small tube of lipstick.

"What's this do?" She asked.

"Have Christine put one application on before she kisses Derek. He'll
then understand everything that Chris feels."

"Is it a love spell?"


"But what if he doesn't care how she feels?"

"Oh, trust me... he'll care."

"Is this like the mint chocolate I ate?"

"Do you mean, mind control?"

"Yeah... you know... the subjugation of his will?"

"Nah... Despite the author's preferences for those type of stories,
this is definitely not mind control."

"Huh? Uh... never mind. How much?" She asked.

"$5.00." The lady replied with a smile.

"Why so little?" She asked.

"Its only good for two applications." The lady replied.


"Look Christine... You're hot and a great lay... but I need to move
on." Derek stated. "The only reason I agreed to see tonight was to tell
you in person it's over." Derek added. He was parked in front of
Christine's house.

"But I'm pregnant... how can you just dump me like this?" Christine

"Nothing personal... and if you need some money, my family is rich and
they'll pay for anything you need."

"I don't want your money, I want you!" Christine begged.

"Out." He responded, getting out of the car to open the door for her.

Christine remained seated, refusing to budge.


"Only if you give me a goodbye kiss."

"Sure baby. Like I said, nothing personal."

He leaned in to kiss Christine... noting the taste of her new
lipstick... and then he broke off the kiss and stepped back. "That's
enough, Christine... now, forget about me."

Christine looked at him with a smile.

He shrugged, thinking the girl was strange and then just as he was about
to head back to the drivers side, he suddenly felt dizzy and dropped down
to his knees. Then he felt a strange disorientation and closed his eyes.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes again and what he saw didn't
make sense! He saw himself kneeling down across from him! "Who are..." He
started to ask, but was startled when he heard a soft female voice come out
of his throat. Then he looked down, seeing two huge breasts sticking
straight out from his chest and screamed!

"What happened to me!?!" He cried out in his new female voice. By this
time his former body was off the ground and standing over him while he
stood there in disbelief.

"Body transfer." He heard his former voice respond.

Then his former self grabbed his female hand and led him into the house.
He felt so small... so weak... and because of it, he realized it made him

"Now, you're going to know how I feel... and I mean... completely."
Christine declared.

"No! Change me back! I don't want to be you!"

"Sorry... We won't be switching back until you fully understand how I

"But I'm a guy! I'm not a girl!" His soft female voice argued.

"I bet this huge dick of yours soon has you whimpering like one."
Christine laughed in a booming loud voice.

"You can't do that! I'll yell rape."

Chris suddenly swung him around to face him. "Look, bitch. You'll do
as you're told! If you don't, I'll make sure you remain in that body
throughout the pregnancy until after you give birth, understand?"

His eyes lit up with alarm... and he nodded his head.

"Behave yourself."

XXIX. (Three months later)

"Oh Fuck! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh God!" Derek whimpered and
groaned, basking in every thrust from Chris's huge member. Then he cried
out in orgasm... and seconds later, Chris pulled out and sprayed cum all
over his huge tits and pregnant belly, coating his female body completely.

Later... while they both basked in the pleasurable afterglow. He
played with his former chest hairs with his new dainty fingers... spent,
exhausted, and feeling fat due to his pregnancy. It was three months now
and he wondered if Chris would ever switch them back.

Chris looked at him and chuckled.

He blushed... not sure what she was laughing about but not daring to
question her. Chris could do anything to his new female form he wanted and
he had no say in the matter.

"Are you ready to switch." She asked him.

"Really!?!" He exclaimed with excitement.

"Yeah... I think you've learned your lesson."

"More than you could ever imagine." He replied, beaming.

"Then we'll switch." She replied, getting up. He watched his old body
walk over to the dresser, open a drawer, and pull out a tube of lipstick.
Then she walked over to him and handed it to him. "Put this on."

He complied... having learned how to apply lipstick. He wasn't sure
why he was doing this but there was no way he'd question her. Then Chris
leaned down and lifted him up... placing him down in front of her. He
felt small and weak, not to mention incredibly 'wet'.

"Aren't you going to miss fucking me?" He asked, wondering.

"We're still going to fuck... what do you mean?" She replied.

"I mean fucking me with a cock."

"Not at all."

"I thought with you being male before that you might change your mind
about switching back." He commented.

"You're forgetting one thing." She replied in her deep voice.

"What's that?"

"My earlier transformation turned me 100% female... and that meant
outside and inside. This wasn't the case with you, although, you were able
to respond sexually because of this specific spell."

"Then you haven't really enjoyed this?"

"As much as it was part of my past... it didn't do a damn thing for
during these past few months... The spell allowed me a hard-on and ability
to cum, but I'm female and not a lesbian. I agreed to this spell to teach
you a lesson."

"Lesson learned." He replied, giggling.

Then Chris reached down... tilted his head... and kissed him on the
lips. He suddenly felt a vertigo sensation and closed his eyes... and
then when the dizziness passed, he opened his eyes and looked down at
Christine, in all her female beauty.

"I'm back!" He cried out with happiness... smiling. He immediately
felt his hard-on poking Christine in the stomach... and nearly came when
she reached down to grab it.

"Feel better?" She asked with a smirk.

"Much!" He cried out... feeling more in love than he ever felt

"So, I see." Christine replied... giggling as she stroked him.

"And now I'm going to fuck my new bride to be!" He declared, leading
Christine over to the bed. He then climbed on it first, stretching out on
his back, remembering that while he was in Christine's body, he preferred
being on top. "Climb aboard!" He gestured, pointing to his cock.

Slowly, Christine lowered her hot steaming pussy over him, inserting him
into her. The sensations were incredible!

XXX. (Happy Ending Epilogue)

Derek's family being rich was an understatement... they had billions...
and as a result, Derek was able to convince his parents to buy him and his
new family a mansion.

Jared was the boss of the family and what he said became law. Dawn was
the queen except in the bedroom, where she played the part of a submissive
sex slave.

Derek and Christine had their baby and another baby... and another
baby... and lived happily ever after. Although reluctant at first,
Christine still performed orally for Jared from time to time.

Jason soon made Catherine pregnant and they had themselves twins and
lived happily ever after.

Kimberly and Danielle lived happily ever after... and thanks to Jared's
transformation powers over Danielle, he let Kim make occasional
transformations to her lover putting a tad bit more variety in their sex

And oh yeah... while Dawn was inside 'A Witch's Potion' the last
time... the witch had asked her if she wished that everything could be back
to normal... giving her an opportunity to right wrong sort of speak. Dawn
didn't even hesitate in refusing, saying that she had never felt more
'alive' before in her life as she did being a submissive to Jared.

The end.

Quick note: Hopefully, this will make up for my last (very short) story,
"Sorcerer's Curse". This was a fun story to write but very hard to stay
consistent with all the transformations. Much more thought into this story than my usual story. I'd really like to hear... er... read what you
think, so go ahead and e-mail me your thoughts at

Here are some notes I had to use to stay on track of the thirteen
(baker's dozen) chocolates...

The Pink coating on each chocolate enhanced female beauty and increases
sex drive. If a male ate a chocolate in order to enhance his female
beauty, it would physically transform him into a beautiful female.
Enhanced libido due to increased sexual sensitivity to erogenous zones.

Kim: Ate three chocolates (Cherry w/light cream, a Marshmallow and a
Pink Cream).

Cherry w/light cream = Age regressed to virginal age and induces
lighter, carefree personality. Marshmallow = Transforms sexual orientation
into a lesbian. Pink Cream = Floods inner being with pure femaleness;
Induces docility and submissiveness; and enhances physical attributes that
define body as female.

Catherine: Ate three chocolates (Fruit, Caramel and Fudge)

Fruit = Love at first sight of male. Caramel = Induces near nymphomania
state. Fudge = Physically transforms body into lover's fantasy.

Dawn: Ate two chocolates (Pecan/English Walnut Cluster and Mint)

Pecan/English Walnut Cluster = slows down all transformations to a
gradual rate. Mint = Induces complete subjugation to the first male that
gives her an orgasm. (* Later on during the story, Dawn took a sip of pink
creamed chocolate and this surfaced a latent docile, submissive

Chris: Ate one (Cherry w/dark Cream)

Cherry w/dark cream = Age regressed to virginal age and induces
darker/opposite personality traits.

Remaining four Chocolates after first wave of transformations are...

Pink Cream Filled Pink Cream Filled Cherry w/light cream Marshmallow

Chris was slipped one of the pink-cream filled ones, which rendered him
female on the inside, altering "him" to a "her", and changing his sexual
orientation accordingly.

Dan(ielle) ate three chocolates (pink cream filled, cherry w/light
cream, marshmallow)

Pink Cream = If man eats this chocolate it will change him mentally from
a man to a woman, while also rendering her docile and submissive. Cherry
w/light cream = Age regressed to virginal age and induces lighter, carefree
personality. Marshmallow = Transforms sexual orientation into a lesbian.

Notes; Kimberly and Danielle pretty much have the same personality...
and because they both prefer being the "female" in their lesbian relationship, they agreed to take a schedule where Kim is the "female"
(sub) during the even days and Danielle is the "female" (sub) during the
odd days.


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