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Title: Sweet Smell of Lust
Keywords: mc, mF, fF, inc, nc, bond, teen, mdom, mom, son, brother, sister, daughter, aunt, nephew
Author: Caesar

"A honeymoon couple named Kelly
Spent their honeymoon belly to belly
Because in their haste,
They used library paste
In the place of petroleum jelly."
-author unknown

The Sweet Smell of Lust

by Caesar, copyright 1995-2002

$Revision: 1.10 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:28 $

Part 1 - written 1995
Part 2 - written 1996
Part 3 - written 1999
Part 4 - written 2000
Part 5 - written 2001

The Sweet Smell of Lust - I (Part 1)

The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw out his latest
lab experiment. He only had a single beaker with the light-blue
concoction, and like the last half dozen tries, was about to be
flushed down the toilet. His current standing in Chemistry deemed a
successful completion to this experiment. Which was also his entry
into the High School Science Fair.

His experiment; to produce an aroma that allowed a change in mammals
behavior. Originally he thought it was a simple project, yet when
setting out to create a new scent, his experiment became increasingly

So far he was unsuccessful. His only pet, a Hamster by the name of
Fuzzy, never reacted any different than could be expected. And the
only reaction in mammals was his sister yelling about the awful stench
coming from the basement these last few weeks. David's mother had
agreed, but the family compromised and they would put up with it until
after the due date of his assignment.

Making his way upstairs, with the unstopped beaker, David grumbled
with disappointment that his "great" idea was not showing any results.
As he passed the breakfast nook in the kitchen, his sister broke his
thoughts, "What is that?" She asked while pointing directly at the

"Toilet water." Meaning this batch was about to join the porcelain
toilet, as had the last several. He hadn't even looked towards his
sister as he walked by.

The light blue liquid disappeared down the toilet with a dismal flush.
David sighed and resigned himself to return to his simple lab in the
basement. When he reached the basement, Kerry his sister was there
nosing about. Something she never did, come into his space, she
always thought of him as childish and his experiments as "nerdy".

"Do you have any more of that smell?" He pulled a book from her
hands, annoyed with her.

"What smell?" The question puzzled him. He brushed by her to sit
back on his stool before the unorganized wooden table.

"That blue one you just had? I liked that one." She smiled and
brushed a blonde hair from her face. Though he thought her as
irritating, he could not help but noticed the attractive slim lines to
her face, the way the swell of her breasts pressed against her shirt,
or the way her jeans curved about her hips. But, as a brother he would
never admit this interest to anyone, especially to himself.

"That one? I thought it stunk worse that the previous two." His
sisters eyes twinkled. "I threw it all out." He turned about,
thinking that was the end of the conversation.

"Could you make some more Davy?"

Davy? Why was she so interested in some noxious fumes that he could
barely stand? "I suppose so. But why?" He noticed she was twirling
a lock of hair before her face, almost shyly. David was irritated at
his sisters strange behavior, as well as her invasion into his "lab".

"I kind of liked it. Maybe I will use it as perfume."

She's gotta be kidding?! No one would get within thirty feet of her.
"I need to get some work done Kerry. Get out of here!" His voice was
beginning to rise, expecting the same from his normally abrasive
sister. Normally, they could barely stand in the same room this long
without a loud argument erupting.

Surprisingly, she simply put on a pouty face and disappeared from the
basement, allowing her brother to have the last word. A rarity, the
David never enjoyed.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - II (Part 1)

"What is that smell?" David entered the kitchen just as his mother was coming home from work and asked her query.

Kerry answered, "David's newest try. I kind of like this one don't
you?" He noticed his sister had changed into her night clothes
already, something she never did until minutes before going to bed.
Her long blonde hair was untidy and she looked like she had already
taken a shower.

"Oh yes. David", his mother smiled at him, "I don't know if you
succeeded this time but it does smell... different." Kerry nodded
enthusiastically. "Not a good, or bad, smell. Just different." She
hung up her coat and purse before helping out her daughter with

Still depressed from the failed experiments David snapped, "Well its
gone, I flushed it just like the rest." He sat at the table, mentally
tired from his hard work downstairs.

Kerry contributed, "He threw it all away. I asked him if he could
make more." The two ladies looked expectantly at him.

"That is a great idea, David why don't you make more of that batch?
What do you call it?" The two ladies looked expectantly at him.

The direction of the conversation surprised him, why did his sister and mother not leave the topic alone. Besides the last liquid stunk
awfully, didn't they realize that. "Toilet Water", he responded
thinking of the only thing that came to him. It really didn't matter,
since he hadn't any more. "I don't have time to make more, I have to
try getting my lab right and I don't have many more ideas."

Only a few minutes later, supper was on the table. David ate
heartily, and didn't notice that his sister barely touched her food or
that no one was speaking. Mentally, the youth went over the last few
tries of his experiment, and was puzzled that his hypotheses had been
wrong to date. According to his own theories, a scent was possible
within the boundaries of the last few tries. Again, he was excited at
the usage of such a success on his part; help people stop smoking,
decrease hunger in overweight people, make violent offenders more
agreeable, etc.

He suddenly stopped counting money that he had yet to earn. Irritated
at his own fantasies and disgusted at his last few failed lab

When finally David was finished his food, he looked up to find his
sister starring off into space, her hands below the table. While his
mother had unbuttoned the top of her blouse to gently scratch her
nails upon the skin of her upper chest. Her other hand absentmindedly
eating. Even though the two sets of clothes, the nipples of both
ladies was plainly seen poking through the fabric, which was so
evident that even the normally preoccupied teen noticed. Kerry was
obviously not wearing any bra beneath her nightshirt. And his
attractive slim mothers much larger breasts appeared to rise and fall
perceptibly with every breath she took.


She shook her head, "Yes dear?" Kerry also returned to the
conversation, her face flush and her hands shaking slightly. She
looked at him peculiar.

"Are you okay?"

"Hum... definitely yes." Then giggled. A sound David had never heard
from his mother, she also blushed. "I was thinking that I want you to
make more `Toilet Water'." She took a bite of food. Kerry looked
expectantly at her younger brother.

"Maybe next week." He was very puzzled. "After I hand in my

"Why so long?" Asked Kerry.

Before he could say anything, his mother interjected, "No that is
reasonable. After your due date then David."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - III (Part 1)

That very night, even before he fell asleep, David heard a noise. A
low moan coming from down the hall from his mothers room. At first he
tried to ignore it, then imagined she was simply having a dream. But,
ultimately he decided to see if she was all right. After the way the
two ladies of the household acted at supper, he wondered if they had
ate something rotten.

Outside his mothers door, he could hear the noise much easier. A low
moan that definitely came from his mother. She must be sick? In case
she was still asleep, David opened the door to her room slowly, only
enough to peek in.

His mother was alone. She lay in the middle of the bed, with the
covers up to her chin. Her legs were widely spread beneath the light
covering, and her knees bent. Between the gap of her legs, below her
stomach, her hands were moving beneath the bedspread. David's eyes
nearly popped when he realized his mother was masturbating.

Quickly closing the door in case she noticed her only son, he stood
trembling before his single parents room. He could still picture her
face as it was tightly clenched as if working mightily, which in a way
she was. The movements that he could only guess at, suggested his
mother had both her hands between her legs while her hips pressed
rhythmically upwards. The glistening of sweat upon her forehead her
tongue whipping out to lick her lips, flashed through his mind.

He was also amazed that he had a hard-on.

Quietly retreating, he stopped before Kerry's door and silently opened
it. At this point he was wondering why the two ladies were acting
differently this evening. His sister was not awake, yet neither was
she clothed.

Kerry lay naked upon her messy bed, a pillow stuffed between her legs,
and her back to the door. Only her white buttocks, and back, could be
seen. Quickly he closed the door to his sisters room.

The teen stood bewildered in the hallway for several minutes, the
sound of his mothers self pleasure getting louder. Why had they acted
different at supper? What changed that caused his mother to act so
brazenly before her children? Why had Kerry been uncharacteristically
docile with him? It didn't make sense to the youth.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - IV (Part 1)

The next day, everything was normal. So much so, that he sort of
missed the silent attention he was part of at supper the day before.
Kerry had screamed at him to get out of the bathroom, while his mother scolded both for not getting along with sister.

It was at school, in his Biology class that a hypotheses came to him.
Why his mother and sister acted strangely yesterday? The "Toilet
Water"! Didn't they consistently bring up his experiment, and that
they wanted him to make more of the foul smelling liquid?

David's instructor said, "Some smells get different reactions to
different animals." David decided to make more!

Yet, why did his mother and sister display symptoms of sexual
heightened awareness from the smell? It must have set off some
reaction of its own in the chemistry of their bodies. And what did
they have in common? Their sex, of course! Fuzzy was a male hamster
and it was obvious that the small mammal was not affected by the

Three o'clock took forever to come around, but when it did David ran
home to start another batch of "Toilet Water".
The Sweet Smell of Lust - V (Part 1)

Since his mother had showed more outward signs of the sweet smell of
his experiment, David decided to test it out upon her first. He
resolved not to carry the experiment too far, if indeed it worked as
he thought, he would halt the experiment and then document his lab.
He would be done.

It was just before bedtime and Kerry was in bed, his mother sat down
in the family room reading. David sat down across from her, his
experiment newly unstopped and open to the air on a tray hidden next
to a pile of magazines. He feigned reading.

Only a few seconds after sitting, his mother began to shift about.
Seemingly to get comfortable.

Then she undid a few extra buttons of her blouse while licking her
lips continuously.

Looking over the edge of the book, nothing else seemed to happen for
several minutes, and David began to wonder if he was wrong about the
aroma of this experiment. Then she moaned.

It wasn't a tired, or content moan. But a moan that he had heard last
evening. And he saw that her eyes were closed, though she still had
the book up pretending to read.

"Would you like something from the kitchen mom?" David put down his
book and stood up.

"Hum?" She opened her eyes and looked her son up and down minutely.
"Yes. Something wet dear." The word "wet" was emphasized.

He left her alone for about two minutes, another of his tests. When he
returned things seemed normal until he looked about. Sitting upon the
carpet, partially tucked under the couch was a pair of panties, most
probably his mothers. Her blouse now looked wrinkled, while her skirt
was pulled up above her knees.

The awful stench was plainly in the air, and his mother finally asked,
"Did you make more `Toilet Water' honey?" She looked feverish.

"Yea. I left it down here somewhere. Your right the smell isn't so
bad, what do you think maybe I should try it on Fuzzy again?"

She licked her lips, "I like it." She looked about the room, the said
quickly, "Maybe you should go to bed baby?"

"I'm not tired yet."

"Well, why don't you go and read in your room?" She was shifting her
weight constantly now. "I'm going soon, I just wanted to finish this
chapter." David realized she wanted to be alone, and wondered if he
should let her.

He made a decision and stood. "Okay mom." He bent forward and kissed
her cheek which caused a violent spasm to run through her body. It
didn't look painful, rather it looked like she was trying to control
herself but was barely succeeding.

Leaving the family room, David only went so far that he could not be
seen. Almost as soon as he was out of sight, the familiar moaning
began again. This time accompanied by the springs of the couch, which
suggested his mother was repeating the sight he saw her do the night

Again, his hard on reminded him that this was more than just an
experiment. Yet the young experimenter denied it to himself.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - VI (Part 1)

Since the next day was Saturday, David was working in his "lab" as
soon as he awoke. He found the evaporated beaker empty of "Toilet
Water" just where he left it. Evidence of his mothers self pleasure
was no where to be seen and neither was the discarded panties.

She hadn't come down for breakfast, but slept in until late in the
morning. And when she did awake, she purposely attempted to ignore
her son. Which he figured she did from embarrassment. So they both
went about there business for half the day. It was just early into the
afternoon when his mother came down into his "lab" while his sister was at her field hockey practice.

"David, dear."

Looking up surprised, "Oh, hi mom."

She looked and sounded nervous, "I was wondering..."


"...if you have any more `Toilet Water'?" She looked relieved that
she finally got the question out, but still would not meet her sons

This question took the teen by surprise, the fact that his mother appeared to enjoy the scent of his experiment, he would never have
guessed she would solicit him for it. Of course he had made a larger
batch for his experiment last night than what was actually used, but
was not sure if he should use it. He did grab a beaker from the shelf
and then look up at his mother.

"I have more, but I don't think I should let you have any." He felt
on unsure ground, since he was unsure how strongly she felt about his
experiment. Nor could he reveal to her, why he would not let her have
more of the liquid.

She looked desirable at the full beaker and licked her lips slowly.
"Yes that's it. David give it to me please." She attempted to look
stern at her only son, but he could see pleading in her eyes. "Listen
young man!" Uh, oh. "You will give me the `Toilet Water' this instant
or you're grounded for a week. Do you understand me?"

What was happening? His mother was never the stern one in the house,
nor had she ever spoken to him or Kerry in that voice either. A
defiance rose within, "No." She looked surprised. David was unsure
the scent was not causing any permanent damage to his mother, or
sister, and until he knew the extent of the liquid he did not want the
"Toilet Water" out of his controlled hands.

Something inside his mother changed, her eyes remained the same, but
she seemed to "soften". Her hand came down and rested upon his, the
other fell to his shoulder squeezing gently. She drew up close and
kissed him softly upon his brow then whispered into his ear, "Please
David." He didn't answer, but was only thinking of his experiment and
the actions it caused in the women of the house. Hoarsely, "I'll do
anything for you!"

Her emphasis on "anything" hadn't gotten by David. And for the first
time he realized what was going on, his own mother was trying to
seduce her son for more "Toilet Water". He felt a nervous shiver run
through him and he froze, never before had a woman proposition or
acted this way about him. Nor did he know how to handle it. Sure, he
had been excited after witnessing his mothers, and sisters, bodies.
But to actually think of a physical relationship with them never
crossed his mind.

His experiment had gotten out of control. His own mother was turning
into a addict for his lab attempt, and into a slut. David was more
than a little confused. He knew the right thing would be to destroy
the remaining "Water" and then rip apart his notes, but something
stopped him. Some inner voice or desire.

After the nervous silence, he could almost feel his mothers triumphant
smile beside him. "I just want a little bit baby." He hand moved down
from his shoulder to his strong hard chest. "I've seen you looking at
me, I'm not blind. What that delicious smell does to me. How it
makes me feel. You can see what I'm going through right darling?"
Her hand rubbing his stomach gently as he still sat frozen at his
bench facing his mother. "I know I am still attractive. Do you think
I am pretty David?" She only paused briefly, but he didn't answer.
His mothers hand slide down past his belt to firmly grasp his crotch,
she could feel his organ growing beneath the denim of his jeans. "What
you do not realize... is what I am willing to do for more `Toilet
Water'." This time she took her other hand and pulled his towards
her, she turned his palm until it was facing upwards then immediately
pressed it upwards into the crotch of her shorts. She also gave him a
meaningful squeeze, his cock painfully confined inside his pants. "Is
there anything you would like me to do for you baby?" She licked his
ear slowly and seductively and wiggled her hips grinding her covered
sex into his hand.

"Mother?!" He sat frozen, but realized he would do anything for this
woman now. His lack of experience with women did not help him with
this situation. Nor help him realize he held the "upper hand" and not

"Let me have some David, please!" He reluctantly pulled his hand from
between her legs and found a small vial and filled it with the foul
smelling liquid she so desired. When he unstopped the beaker, his
mother inhaled hugely and then sighed content. "Yes baby...", both her
hands fumbled with his jeans, "if you make your mother happy,
she'll...", her hands finally opened his pants and she pulled his rock
hard cock from its confines, "...make you happy." She immediately
dropped to her knees before him and pressed her face downwards his
cock sunk to the root inside her mouth. She moaned even as her face
began to move up and down, sucking him hungrily.

David gasped surprised, and excited beyond belief. A part of him felt
this was wrong, that it was not his mother sucking his cock, but his
experiment that had somehow altered her actions. Yet, another part of
him, the teenage hormones, the animal passion, the lustful bastard
within him won. He reached out and held his mothers head, not wanting
her to stop the delicious sensation. Though she showed no inclination
at stopping. In fact she was sucking with a passion that suggested
she needed this as much as David now did.

When his orgasm exploded, all his resistance and energy went with it.
His mother didn't miss a drop, instead swallowed loudly and hungrily.
It felt like an eternity when she finally stood, whipped her mouth
with the back of her hand, then grabbed for the small stopped vial and
quickly exited the small room. David sat gasping, contemplating his
thoughts and feelings of what just happened.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - VII (Part 1)

Perhaps an hour later, David stood before his mothers bedroom door.
Alone in the large house, David earlier could hear the sound of his
mothers pleasure. Her sobs, cries of passion, the squeaky bed, and
her loud sighs of pleasure. When finally the house was silent he
found himself upstairs.

The teen didn't knock upon the closed door, but he attempted to be
quiet, as he opened it slowly. Laying naked beneath a thin sheet upon
the bed was his mother. Her skin was glistening with sweat, her body
still quivered, and her eyes were starring up at the ceiling. David
also noticed several smells, his foul smelling experiment was obvious
as was the empty vial next to her bed, the smell of his mothers sweat,
but the smell that he could not place right away was the smell of his
mothers sexual heat and passion. Standing there in the doorway
looking at her, he again felt his penis rise.

The almost forty year-old woman slowly looked down from the ceiling
towards the foot of her bed. She looked her son over, her eyes no
longer had that peculiar look to them any longer, including the
obvious bulge in his pants. David watched as her eyes again returned
to his, then begin to water. She began to cry. A fountain of tears
flowed down her cheeks as she threw an oblong object previously hidden from his sight over to the corner. She tiredly rolled onto her side,
making sure her nakedness was fully covered from her son.

David looked at what she had thrown, it was a rubber cock, still
glistening with her wet juices. Feeling horny, David didn't move for
several minutes until guilt took over his previous emotions. Taking
his eyes from the bed and his mother, he took a few steps over to the
window and opened it wide, allowing fresh air to clean the large room.
Then he quickly departed, closing the door behind him. The sounds of
his mothers sobs replacing the passionate sounds from earlier.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - VIII (Part 1)

Two days went by, and David again threw himself into more attempts at
his lab experiments. He hide the "Toilet Water" behind some books in
his "lab", not wanting anyone to get their hands upon the dangerous
liquid. After the other days events, his guilt had not allowed him to
consider any further attempts upon the women in his household. He
loved them too much to make them do something they did not want to do.
His mother's tears were proof of that.

Lucky for David, his mother had not spoken about Saturdays incident in
his "lab". Nor had she said anything about the light blue liquid. He
felt a tension between them, but he was happy that she treated him
exactly the same as she always had. At least until her actions became
controlled by the "Toilet Water".

His sister was the only one to bring up his experiments, she inquired
into how long it was before his assignment was finished so he could
make more "Water"? His answer, since his mother had not been around
was a shrug then "soon". She smiled happily then left him alone - he
knew that Kerry's desires were fueled by the hungry for the "Water"
and was not acting herself. After she left, he resolved to never allow
either woman access to the liquid, under any circumstance.

A circumstance happened just Tuesday morning, hours before David's
alarm even went off. A voice in his ear awoke him, "Wake up darling."

In seconds, he realized his mother was in his bed, underneath the
covers with him. Her mouth almost against his ear, her right hand
already measuring his sex outside his underwear. He realized she was
wearing a silk nightgown, one that he knew she owned but had never
seen worn before. Probably because it was practically see through,
and his normally shy mother would never expose herself in front of her
children. Until "Toilet Water" that is.

"I know your awake." She squeezed his cock, "Your mommy wants more of
that wonderful scent." She quickly tongued his ear. "And you know
your mom will do anything to get it." Her hand drew out his penis,
and began to stroke it even as her pelvis began to press into her
son's hip. "Mommy knows what little boys want!" The wet tongue slid
down his neck.

David could feel the warmth of her crotch through the silk against his
hip. Still in a half sleep stage and against his better judgment, his
buttocks began to press up and down, his cock sliding back and forth
in his mothers hand. Yet, he was successful in muttering, "No",
several times.

"No?" She drew away from him, until she only lay next to him. Still
whispering, "Will you give me more `Toilet Water' David?"

She sounded like a little girl to David, wanting something she already
knew was bad for her. "Go back to bed mom." Those simple words were
very hard for him to say.

"Didn't you like my blowjob?" It was a rhetorical question - the
amount of sperm that shot out of him was proof enough to both. "I'll
do anything David." He was beginning to understand just how strong
those words were when the topic of his experiment came into play. "I
know you want me, I can see it in your eyes. Don't all young men want
to fuck their mother?" She quickly got off the bed and stood next to
it for several seconds. As if contemplating her next move.

David was about to again tell her to go to bed, that she was not going
to get any "Water" this evening. When she quickly pulled the sexy
silk nightgown up over her head and let it drop to the ground behind

Never before had he seen a frontal nude woman before, except in
pictures. And even though his mom was thirty eight years-old she had
a body on par with those young girls in magazines. She stood with the
outside light framing her body, she looked angelic and David felt his
desire rising and his ethical beliefs drop.

She didn't need to say anything, instead his mother began to roam her
own body with her hands. She began to put on a show for her only son.
To seduce him. To get what she wanted, "Toilet Water". She was the
addict and her son was the only outlet to this addiction.

David sat up in bed, near the edge, watching as his mom manipulated
her large breasts and the dark nipples. "Mom...?!" She reached out to
him, and drew his head to her bosom.

The nipple entered his mouth and he suckled from some natural
instinct. He could taste her salty skin, her stall perfume, and even
her sweat. David quivered in uncontrolled delight as the other breast was also presented to him. He brought up his hands to hold her heavy
breasts up and together, while her hands simply stroked his forehead
and hair lovingly.

When finally David sat back, taking his hands from her warm body, and
could see the glistening saliva he left upon her pale fleshy breasts.

His mother slowly turned until her back was to her son, then she bent
over at the waist. One of her hands reached around and pulled a cheek
apart, while the other reached between her legs to spread her vaginal
lips. Her exposure was complete, David could see everything even in
the dim light.

David extended one hand and touched his mothers warm smooth rear
thigh. She didn't move as his hand moved to her buttock, and pulled
it apart from the other. For almost a minute, he viewed the dimly lit
blonde pussy and asshole.

As he watched, the hand that was holding her outer vaginal lips apart
moved and he watched as two fingers disappeared into her sex. His
mother jack-hammered them into herself for several seconds then
brought them out. She stood back up and turned about facing her only
son, the slimy fingers were offered to him.

As he opened his lips, the juice covered fingers entered his mouth and
he could taste the peculiar, and sensual taste of his mothers sex.
She finally spoke after her long silence, "You can have this anytime
dear." He hungrily sucked her fingers clean. "But you know what I

It was simply too much for the teenager, a naked woman offering
herself to him was a dream come true. Even if it was his mother, his
hormones now controlled his actions. Reaching out, mesmerized by her
body, David slid a hand between her legs to cup her sex. He could
feel the moisture there, as well as the furry bush covering a warm
smooth slit.

The attractive woman lifted one leg to rest her foot on the edge of
the bed, giving more access for her son. "You like mommy's pussy baby?"

The vaginal slit seemed to lead him to the wonderful hole he had only
heard about. His middle finger entered her easily, all the way to the
knuckle. She moaned lightly and moved her hips forward to allow
easier access.

"Go get the "Toilet Water" and I'll let you fuck me dear." She smiled
uncertainly at her only son. He simply looked up and then quickly ran
from the room, his pussy juice covered finger already in this mouth.

It took only a few moments for him to return with another small vial
with a thimble full of his experiment. His mother spoke rapidly,
anxiously, "Open it David, hurry!" He did, then set it down next to
the bed.

David's mother inhaled deeply, taking in all the musk. He watched as
she began to tremble and concentrate upon the foul stench he could
smell. As was expected, David watched as his mother began to show
signs of her excitement. The hardened nipples, the tongue upon the
lips, the hard eyes, and the familiar scent of his mothers enjoyment.

She turned her head towards her only son and looked down at his cock.
Feverishly she jumped for the bed and stood next to it, bent over at
the waist, her bottom raised for her sons enjoyment. His mom was
breathing extremely fast, and could not wait for some pleasure and
began to use her own hand upon her wet sex.

David could barely hear her mumble as she masturbated before him, "I
don't care anymore I just want your cock baby!" And, "Fuck me David,
use me as your whore!"

As he stepped forward, she held open her vaginal lips to guide him to
the pleasure hole he sought. His hips shot forward and he found
himself inside his mothers sex. The squeals of delight she made was
proof enough that she enjoyed him inside her most private of places.

She screamed into a pillow, as her first orgasm came upon her. David
began to drive his hips back and forth, while looking down to watch
his hard prick slide in and out of the sloppy wet hole below the pale

It took only a few quick moments for his orgasm to begin, and he
flooded his mothers love channel with an abundant amount of
seed. While she ground her hips with enjoyment, and moaned out her
pleasure as she also felt the sperm enter deep inside her.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - IX (Part 1)

David awoke by the sharp noise of his alarm clock, then sat up to
contemplate what had happened to him the night before. Next to the bed
was the empty vial of "Toilet Water", and on the floor was the silk
nightgown his mother had worn. It was unmistakable what had happened
here not long ago.

Yet he was alone.

Something inside of him had changed, he knew it. The respectable
teenager whose morals included the acceptance of incest as a sin was
disintegrated. His morning hard on pulsated with the immoral thoughts
of his mothers sexy body. He also knew his mind wasn't altered by any
drug, but rather he had awakened to a new pleasure - sex.

Rising, he found his sister already hogging the bathroom and a note
from his mother saying she left for work early. After a shower, the
young man dressed and went down feeling superb.

If not for his sisters normal grumpy reaction to him first thing then,
he would have had a great day. Instead her initial snarl of
discontent was enough for him to smile a knowing smile and tell her to
"fuck off". She practically screamed for several moments at him.
Then he simply said, "I made more `Toilet Water'."

David received the reaction he was hoping for, his sister suddenly
became docile and smiled warmly at her younger brother. "Why didn't
you tell me David?"

"I just did."

"Silly! Where is it?" She asked, he eyes huge and expectant.

"I can get it - but are you sure you want me to?" He looked at the
clock, he had to leave within thirty minutes.

Kerry nodded earnestly. "Okay, but come down to the family room with
me." He disappeared into his lab and poured another small vial. His
sister was waiting for him as he had asked, and he could see that she
could hardly wait for the "Water" scent.

Unstopping it, he set it down on the coffee table, realizing that this
was the same place he had tested his mother with the liquid. As he
watched, Kerry's body relaxed and she lay back upon the couch - a huge
smile upon her face. Soon she began to wiggle her thighs together,
and giggle softly to herself. Nervously she looked over at her "baby"

David knelt next to his sexy slim sister and placed a hand upon her
breasts. Smaller than their mothers, it was also firm and the nipple
extremely pointy as it dug into his hand. "What are you doing David?"
She asked, while having trouble getting the words out as she breathed
hard. Yet she didn't remove his hand and just watched him with a
peculiar look in her eye.

"I'm playing with your boob. I have always liked your boobs Kerry."
He placed the other hand upon the free breast. She wiggled about
while looking nervously at her brother. He could tell she was enjoying
the attention yet knew she should not let her younger brother fondle
her chest - she just could not do anything about it.

"Please stop David!" She sounded very serious, yet did not make a
move to stop him. Nor did he intend to stop, the experiment continued
to heighten his sisters sexual senses and ultimately his own. Only
hours before his mother had taken his virginity. Applying his lust
towards Kerry did not seem wrong in any way. "You don't realize what
you are doing." Her lower half was wiggling about.

"Take off all your clothes sis." He said it simply and then sat back
taking his hands from her.

Kerry stared at him for several seconds, startled at her brothers
words. "No Davy its wrong!"

"If you ever want more `Toilet Water' you will do everything I say."
He spoke rather abruptly. And since Kerry's body was sexually excited
beyond her own control she had no choice but to accept her brothers
orders. Even if, under normal circumstances, she would have rebelled.

Kerry groaned in submission and then began to tear off her jeans,
T-shirt, and socks. Breathing hard, with only her bra and panties,
watching and waiting for her brother's interest she did not even
realize her left hand was gently rubbing outside her covered crotch.

"Don't forget your underwear. How am I going to fuck you if you are
wearing clothes?" Kerry had been reaching for the panties when she
heard the last sentence. Her face showed shock, but her hands
trembled and she scrambled to pull her cotton briefs off. Giggling she
rolled over onto her stomach and wiggled her pert young buttocks at
her younger brother.

David recognized his sisters nervousness and playfulness. He
concluded this strange reaction simply from her age. mother had been
older, more secure about her body and its responses. While his sister was youthful and still in the learning stages for her own sexual

Her sexual scent was strong in the large room, even overpowering the
rancid odor of his experiment. Unzipping his jeans, as well as
walking about the couch, behind his sister, he sharply slapped her
white buttock. She jumped and giggled nervously, then a long drawn
out moan escaped her lips. Surprised at this response, he again
spanked her bottom, enjoying the sight of her youthful buttocks
clenching and jerking. "Dave please!" Again the hand came down, and
again. Each time was even harder than the last. He realized he loved
spanking his sister, taking out the years of arguments and sibling
fights with every blow.

Gone was the giggling, now she was just rotating her hips while
pressing her pelvis against the hard cushion of the couch, her moaning
constant. It was obvious, she was close to orgasm. "Please what?"
David finally asked, baiting her.

Attempting to entice her brother she wiggled her buttocks up off the
couch in back and forth motions, "Hurry, put it in!" He hadn't moved,
but just enjoyed the sight of her blazing red ass that he had caused.
"Please David, fuck me!" She almost screamed out.

With that, he straddled his sisters thighs and used one hand to aim
his cock and the other to pull apart one of her ass cheeks. It took a
few long seconds until his aim found the overheated sexual hole that
easily accommodated him. "Thank you David! Thank you..." She sighed
very loudly then began to rotate her hips, anxious for his strokes.

Kerry, quickly began to scream out. Her body loosing all control and
trembling violently beneath him. She broke out in a sweat and
attempted to clench her muscles, as the orgasm overcame her senses.
The visually stunning orgasm also started her brothers. He pulled his
rock hard cock out of her and then placed it between the strong cheeks
of her ass. The damp valley was firmly pressed together but offered a
wonderful alternative to finish his strokes. His cock rode along her
ass crack for a few more seconds before he felt the explosion exit
from his body. Looking down he watched as his seed coated much of his
sisters tail bone and upper crack.

She moaned contentedly, happy to feel his hot sperm upon her skin.

Slowly standing up and stuffing his penis back into his pants he said,
"Your going to be late for school if you don't hurry up." He quickly
turned and began to leave her laying there.

"If you want, I'll be waiting here when you get back?" He turned
about to see her looking past her sweaty shoulder. "I'd like to do
this more often. How much more `Toilet Water' do you have?" He simply
smiled as a response then turned about and departed.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - X (Part 1)

David's day was spent reminiscing about the last few weeks with his
mother and sister. The differences in both, the similarities. For
instance; Kerry had a strong taunt body while his mother's was soft
and curvy, then the taste of his mothers sexual juices were stronger
and his sisters had a sharp taste, also the differences in the feel of
his cock inside of his mother was juicier while Kerry had a tight hot
pussy. The day disappeared in these memories.

After getting home, he settled down to distribute the `Toilet Water'
to several tumble sized vials. He was convinced his experiment was
successful. So much so, that he wanted to enjoy the benefits of his

The door opened and closed upstairs, and he heard the sound of his
mothers heels upon the hardwood floor of the kitchen. "Mom would you
come down here please?" He shouted up, then quickly hide the vials
about his lab in different places. He listened as the heels descended
the stairs towards him.

Without a word, his mom entered his small lab and stood before him,
her eyes looking everywhere but at her son. David openly enjoyed the
sight of his attractive mother in her "power" suit. The blazer and
skirt, the white silky blouse, white nylons and heels. She looked
professional and sexy, he realized. Also nervous.

Reaching out he placed his hand directly upon her buttock and rolled
it about her backside. She still didn't move. Ignoring her quiet
nervousness, he reached out and lifted her skirt up to her waist. The
white nylons covered her shapely backside and long legs all the way to
her waist. "I enjoyed last night mom." She still didn't move or say
anything. "I especially enjoyed watching you finger your wet pussy."
It looked like she was about to say something but bit her bottom lip
instead. "I would like to watch you rub your juicy cunt right now."
The words made her jerk her head back, and she tensed up her buttocks
beneath her sons hands.

He knew of her reluctance, the same emotion she showed the last time
he confronted her after an encounter. He also didn't care, his
desires controlled his emotions now. And he knew what controlled his
mother - his successful experiment. As long as there was a chance for
another "fix" she would put up with his attentions. And when the urge
was becoming unbearable, she used any means at her disposal to get it.

A hand came up before her to wave a small vial of light blue liquid.
His mother licked her lips hungrily and starred right at the liquid as
her son's other hand groped her shapely ass. He could tell all her
resistance suddenly disappeared after she saw the liquid. "I'll play
with myself anytime you want darling, but wouldn't you rather I suck
you off?" She turned towards him, using a sexy look that had worked
the night before.

Smiling in triumph at his own mother, "I don't' like your underwear
mom, take them off." She reached down and hooked both thumbs into the
elastic waist band for her nylons. While looking into her sons eyes,
she pushed then down and stepped out of her undergarments quickly.

Then still holding her skirt up to her waist, her hairy sex visible to
her son's lecherous eyes, "Where do you want me dear?" She smiled

Handing her the vial, "Here mom. Go upstairs and get ready for me."
She quickly grabbed the small vial and then nodded happily at her son
before rushing out of his lab and up the stairs. David felt his
hardened cock press painfully against his jeans, then smiled knowing
his loving mom would handle it for him.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XI (Part 1)

To put it bluntly, David had sex at least twice a day. With his
mother and sometimes with his sister. Anytime he wished, anywhere he
wished. Though he would never tell Kerry, he desired the incestuous
relationship with his mother more. She was easily more experienced,
but mostly because it seemed "wrong".

In only a few short days, they had become his sexual playmates. Living
only to please him so they can enjoy the scent of "Toilet Water".
Kerry knew that her brother was fucking their mom, but didn't seem to
care. While David's mother did not know about her daughter acting in
the same way she herself was doing.

David planned on changing that.

Opening a large dosage of "Toilet Water", his sister couldn't keep her
hands away from her sex. And though she attempted to entice her
brother to fuck her, he only watched for a few moments before leaving
her alone. Kerry moaned loudly but then put all her energy into her
cunt, and the huge sexual ache between her legs.

His mother awoke with her son's words, "Wake up mother." She realized
the covers were pulled back and her nightgown pulled up to her waist.
Then she smelled the scent, faintly.

Standing at the foot of the bed, David stood naked looking down at his
attractive mother. She smiled lovely at him before spreading her legs
and then using her hands to manipulate her sex. She did this both
from desire, as well as the knowledge her son loved to watch her play
with herself.

This show lasted for a few moments, until David saw, smelt, and heard
the juice from his mothers sex. Her body was reacting as normal, in
only a few moments she would be beyond control of her own body. "Get
up mom." She scrambled to comply. "And take that gown off, I want you
naked." She stood before her son naked, not even thinking about what
he had in store for her, just wondering where the wonderful scent of
the "Toilet Water" was coming from. One hand held her breast and the
other cupping her sex, they both helped her with the sexual urges she
felt and could not control.

"Come with me." She followed her son out of her room and down the
hallway. Before she even realized where she was, David had opened
Kerry's bedroom door and pushed his mom before him just inside the

Masturbating furiously was Kerry, the strong scent of pussy and
"Water" powerful and obvious in the air. David watched as the horror
and understanding came to his mother, it was written upon her face.
He also saw, that she could not stop playing with herself, even
standing watching her own daughter finger her sloppy cunt. The
experiment took hold of the middle aged woman and she did not resist
in any way, though her face revealed otherwise.

He held his mothers breasts in his young strong hands, enjoying the
texture and feel of her bountiful breasts. "Kerry?"

"Davy!" She opened her eyes, and after a brief glance of recognition
at her naked mother looked right into David's. "I need it baby
brother, come fuck me!" She whined and began to pump two fingers into
herself with earnest, obviously wanting to please her brother. She
also knew he liked to watch her masturbate. "I'm wet and ready for
your hard cock."

David's mom could not take her eyes from her daughter, and the words
from her mouth astonished and excited her. He knew she was almost at
the point where she would not be able to control herself until she had
at least one orgasm.

"Mom loves to use her mouth, don't you mom?" She simply ground her
ample buttocks into her son's hard on. Kerry again looked at her mom with a new interest. Taking one hand from her breast, David used it
to open her mouth. "Stick your tongue out mother, show Kerry what
your going to fuck her with." His mother complied.

Kerry groaned in anticipation. "Please mommy, fuck my pussy!" The
teenager opened the outer lips of her sex allowing the two in the
doorway an excellent view of her inner wet pink lips and hole. David
had guessed correctly, that his sister did not care where her orgasm
came from.

David felt his mom shudder also in anticipation. "Go ahead mom, I
think you know what to do." He pushed her forward. "Fuck our mothers
face Kerry and maybe I'll fuck your face at the same time." His mom knelt on the bed, her face quickly pressed between the youthful thighs
and Kerry's response told him that the tongue was inside his sister.

His moms head bobbed up and down as she tongue fucked her daughter even while her bottom was almost straight up. David could see that she
was still fingering her own vagina, unable to control her urges even

Kneeling next to his sister, he guided her face towards his cock, and
she eagerly took him in. The sight was fabulous and David moaned in
enjoyment - this little play that he had put together. Holding his
sisters head still, the youth began to slam in and out of her tiny
mouth. He heard Kerry gag several times when his dick was deeply
embedded down the back of her throat, but it still seemed to turn the
girl on. Even while bobbing her face between Kerry's thighs, his mom watched yearningly at her son fuck her daughters mouth. Perhaps she
wished it was she laying there.

Pulling from the wet mouth, David crawled about behind his mother.
She pulled apart her vagina to facilitate her son's access, while
wiggling her buttocks about enticingly. "What a wonderful sight
mother." David ran a single finger down the length of her ass crack
all the way past her flowered open wet vagina. He moved it back
upwards. "I wonder what it would be like to fuck you here?!" He
pressed the digit firmly into her rectum until the nail disappeared.

The youth bent forward and pressed his face into his moms crack, his
tongue finding her sweaty anus. She groaned out when his tongue slide
into her asshole, "Not there darling, in my cunt." She had returned
two fingers to her hole.

Her son took his face from behind her, "Have you ever been fucked in
the ass mom?"

"N... no."

"Well I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to take your virginity
like you took mine." Quickly the youth sat back onto his heels, and
aimed his saliva covered cock at the dark pink anal hole. The blunt
end entered with much resistance, until the head slipped past the
rectal ring and the shaft easily entered until he was embedded all the
way inside his moms bowels. "Fuck, your ass's tight!"

"Aggrhhh!" His mom could no longer continue with her mouth work and
simply moaned loudly. David thought she may have even orgasmed.

Kerry looked deliriously at the sight between her legs, her baby
brother had his cock inside their mom's wide ass, in her asshole. The
thought was turned her on deliciously and she crawled out from under
her mom. Laying practically upon her moms back, Kerry had her face
but six inches from the invaded bum, her brother slowly fucking the
tight cavity which clung to the sides of his hard cock.

The young woman quickly rolled off her mom and knelt next to her, she
want the same. Using her hands, she pulled apart the cheeks of her
ass and then said in a girlish voice, "Davy? Fuck my asshole too!"

The youth simply grinned then pulled out, with a slit pop, from the
tight confines of his moms butt hole. Quickly scurrying behind his
sister, he forced the head of his slimy cock into her asshole. She
groaned loudly from the pleasurable pain.

The "Toilet Water" controlled the actions of the two overheated women.
So much so that Kerry's perverse attraction to the sight of her
mother's sodomy caused a quick succession of orgasms to rocket through
her body. She practically convulsed for two minutes before collapsing
unable to move or say anything.

David pulled out from his sisters asshole, and saw that his mom was
still in the position he had left her in, but had two fingers again
inside her vagina. The woman could not get enough. David again knelt
behind his mom and aimed his cock back into the stretched anal hole.
"Thank god David!" She pressed back desperately when he again drove
his penis home.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XII (Part 1)

David's home life had become every teenage boy's fantasy. To screw
two attractive women at his discretion. In fact, his newest interest
was to watch his mother and sister eat the others pussy. This was
often a preliminary to his joining in. And as long as he had "Toilet
Water" about to reward the ladies, before or after the sexual session,
there was little he could not do with their lovely bodies.

About the house, the two women wore skimpy whorish clothing or
nothing. The two sets of breasts were never held by a bra, and the
only type of panty allowed to be worn was a skimpy high on the hips
bikini type. Outside the house, both were allowed to act and dress
"normal". Yet, a firm warning by David, telling his mom and sister that if they showed their any interest in another man, besides
himself, they would never smell the orgasm inducing scent again. He
threatened them by the simple fact that they could not control
themselves when under the influence, and someone else may take
advantage of this fact. The ladies became slaves to their own
heightened desires.

Mrs. Wilson was David's next attempt at control. The forty year-old
science teacher expected an assignment by her students, entries for
the lab that was due. When the teenager turned in a thimble sized
vial with light blue liquid and the twenty page document, the other
students in the class laughed. The minuscule size of the result of
week's of work came in such a small container, while others had to set
up complex exhibits. And David's teacher raised her eye brows when
she held the experiment.

David knew his experiment worked. Yet, others would also agree it was
an immoral drug that must be banned. Also, the addicted ladies of his
own household would be obvious under any scrutiny by authorities.
David would be held accountable, and he didn't hold any illusions to
the end result of that path.

Mrs. Wilson was a handsome, if not beautiful, woman. She always wore
her wire rimmed eye glasses, had her graying hair pulled back in a
bun, wore loose conservative clothing, and rarely showed any emotion
except at the brilliance of science - her first passion. She had been
married for twenty years, and had two daughters. David knew little
else about the women, other than that.

It usually took a week for any experiments to be marked and returned,
but it was only two days later that David knew she had "marked" his.
Nothing was obvious, but Mrs. Wilson had a peculiar look in her eyes.
"David may I talk to you after classes please?" He nodded in
agreement, anxious to resolve this newest test.

Only hours later, "David, I must commend you on a successful
experiment. It appears you did a comprehensive and in-depth analysis
of her hypothesis and ultimately your results." He sat in the front
row, and simply nodded, letting her take the initiative. "Yet, I
don't know how I can recommend you represent our school at the science
fair next month."

Feigning surprise, "Oh, way?"

"Ah...", she shifted uncontrollably, "well the lasting effects and the
end result of your experiment would be unprofessional to include with
the others."

"What affects are those Mrs. Wilson, my lab experiments showed it
controlled mammals wonderfully?"

"Yes, I'm sure it did." She rearranged the papers on her desk. "You
mention, only in passing, the heightened effect it had on your
animals?" He had never called his mammals, "animals", his mom and
sister deserved more respect that At the same time, he had never let
on in his experiment that a human was used. Again he nodded,
unsuccessfully hiding his smile. "Last night when I marked it..."

"Excuse me. Where did you mark it Mrs. Wilson?"

"In the teachers lounge. Anyway, as I was saying, last night I
noticed the affect on myself." She nervously cleared her throat.

Pretending surprise, David asked, "You mean, the smell excited you?"

She ignored the question. "And with this side affect, it would be
unseemingly to include your work with the others." She looked at him
sheepishly. After a few awkward seconds, after it was obvious David
wasn't about to say anything she continued with the main purpose of
this meeting. "There was so little, and it evaporated extremely
quickly, I had little time to test your experiment. Could you submit

He allowed the question to hang in the air for a few awkward seconds.
"Yes. In fact I have another vial with me." He pulled it from his
shoulder bag, which he had been carrying since handing in his
experiment. David saw the hungry look in his instructor's eyes. He
opened the vial and set it down on the desk before him.

Mrs. Wilson attempted to act normal, yet David could see the familiar
effect take hold of her. When it was obvious her self control was
teetering towards her sexual hunger, he spoke up again. "I was
wondering Mrs. Wilson, did you have to masturbate last night?" He
held her look expectantly.

A look of anger crossed her face, and then embarrassment. Mrs. Wilson
turned deep red then spoke softly, "I don't see how that is relevant."

"Then you don't have your hand between your legs right now?" David had
seen the familiar movements behind the desk, and realized her body
language spoke volumes. "Did you feel better after you fingered your
pussy last night, or did you have to go home and have sex with your

She blurted out, anxious to succeed on his mistake, "My husband was
out of town last night."

"Then you must have fingered yourself again?" The noise of her juicy
sex was now obvious in the classroom, and other than the fact she was
hidden behind the desk - Mrs. Wilson didn't attempt to hid the
obvious. She simply was not able to control herself.

"Actually I had to do it two more times." She was becoming indignant.

David stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. His teacher
looked extremely nervous the closer he came. "I like to watch women
play with themselves." She closed her eyes and moved her second hand
down between her legs. "In fact my mother becomes an animal when she
gets like this." Mrs. Wilson groaned, and then worked even harder on
her masturbation. Obviously the incestuous and immoral sex talk was
exciting her. "Last night it I had to fuck her twice before she was

She gritted her teeth then gasped, "I'm going to come!"

Bending behind his instructor, he placed his mouth next to her ear and
whispered, "This morning, mother rewarded my efforts by sucking me
off." Mrs. Wilson grunted and then stiffened noticeably. The sweat
upon her brow and the exhausted look in her eye was the after effects
of her orgasm.

David pulled his teachers chair out from her desk, and saw that
Mrs. Wilson had pulled her conservative skirt up to her waist and
pushed her nylons and panties down to her knees. Both her hands
covered her crotch, yet the smell drifted up to the teens nose - her
vaginal secretions. The teen stood before his tired instructor

She knew what there was no pretense now, she also knew the extent of
the "Toilet Water" and how much it would change her personality and
outlook. "Okay, what do you want David?"

"You. Oh, and a good mark in this course." He laughed softly.

Her exhaustion was already wearing off and was being replaced by the
power of the still prevalent scent. Taking a damp hand from between
her thighs she pulled up her blouse and bra showing a single pale
teat. The other hand spread the lips of her vagina while the knees
spread as far apart as the seat would allow. Nothing was now hidden from the youth. "Is there anything you want right now?" The tinkle
in her eye spoke volumes. Though she had much to learn about being

Laughing to himself, at his triumph, "Okay get up and bend over the
desk." She rushed to comply.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XIII (Part 1)

The other conquest for David was the hottest looking girl in the
school. She was a tall brunette that had a perfect figure and
beautiful face. Many of the other girls envied and were jealous of
her, while others outright hated the teen. The guys lusted and often
fantasized about the girl, but unless you came from a rich family and
drove a hot sports car, the girl would never even look twice.

She was also two years older than David, a senior. Leaving an
expensive bottle of perfume and an anonymous note in her locker seemed
to be a brilliant idea. Especially to David, since the girls vanity
and self righteousness would force her to flaunt and use the perfume.
Except, it wasn't perfume at all, but "Toilet Water", enough for two
thimble sized applications.

After a few days, the teens normal cold and aloof attitude changed.
She looked tired, desperate and hungry. No one really noticed, other
than a few of her closest friends, but they hadn't a need to say

David asked Mrs. Wilson to request a meeting with Virginia after
school several days later. He thought she had been forced to wait
long enough. His Chemistry teacher didn't care what was planned, just
that this occasion would promise more of his experiment for her
enjoyment. Nothing else mattered.

When Virginia finally entered the classroom, only a few moments late.
She found an underclassman, whom she didn't even know, seated behind
the teachers desk. "Hi. Is Mrs. Wilson here?" Nodding in agreement,
he waved her in. "Well," she snapped at him, "where is she?"

Pulling back the chair, Virginia saw the instructors head bobbing
before the scrawny youth. It was obvious, if not hard to believe,
what was going on. He placed a hand on the back of her tightly bound
hair and helped the middle-aged woman keep the pace. "As you can see
she is a bit busy right now." It looked like Virginia was about to run
out of the room. "Did you like the gift I sent you?" That halted her
right in her tracks.

After a few seconds of silence, which the beautiful teen was facing
the door uncertain of the next few moments, but unable to leave. "I
have more. Much more. At least for my friends."

Virginia turned about and attempted to ignore the head in his lap
while turning on her incredible charm. "It was very nice of you to
send me..."

"Ahh... god, I'm going to come soon!" He looked up in amusement at
the teen before him. "I don't have the patience to play any games
with you Virginia. In fact, I would like you to be my girlfriend?"

The repulsion on her face was obvious. "You can't be serious?"

"I can, and I am." He placed a small stopped vial upon the desk
before him, then pulled the lid from it. Virginia's eyes blazed at
the light blue liquid, her desire obvious. "If you want that,"
pointing at the vial, "then you have until I come into Mrs. Wilson's
sweet mouth to get over here and replace her. If you don't then you
will never get any more `perfume'."

Virginia spun about and opened the door to leave. That's where she
stopped, waited and thought, before turning and coming about the desk.
Still acting haughty, the youth knelt down and bent between David's

He pulled his frantically sucking teacher from his lap, using her
hair. Seconds later, Virginia replaced Mrs. Wilson and was sucking David's cock with less enthusiasm. He grabbed the back of the pretty
brunette head and forced her to speed up the tempo, her skill was less
than adequate. If not for his instructors earlier efforts, it would
have taken a very long time to come.

Holding her face against his crotch, he felt the jerks and spasms of
his penis as it shot the sperm into the cheerleaders mouth. She gagged
and coughed even while the head of his cock was deep in her throat.
Behind Virginia, Mrs. Wilson gasped and David watched as she finished
herself with her own hand - the skirt pulled up to her waist.

He pulled the pretty face from his lap, and noticed with amusement
that a large drop of sperm was attached to her lower lip. "That was
adequate, now go help Mrs. Wilson". He pushed her about towards the
sitting teacher. "Go ahead, eat her out!" Virginia made less fuss
about this assignment than her previous one, and quickly dived into
her work.

Mrs. Wilson cried out in enjoyment and pleasure. "My god! Thank you
David, thank you!"

David found himself a girlfriend.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XIV (Part 1)

It was Saturday morning. David awoke refreshed and pleased with the
last few weeks experiments. That was what he was calling them still,
"experiments". In truth they had become more than the test phase of
his lab, and he knew and understood this. The "Toilet Water"
controlled him also, not the same as it did the ladies in his life.

In fact reaching behind, he felt the warm skin of his sisters hip.
She lay on her side facing him, her body exhausted after last evenings
sexual bouts. The night stand next to his bed held an empty bottle of
the wonderful elixir that was becoming a constant addition to
enjoyment. Nothing was forbidden him, when the vapors from the
"Toilet Water" was inhaled by a woman. David smiled as he remembered
his mother was left in her room last night, tied up so as not to
interrupt his enjoyment. Whenever the smell reached her, she would do
anything to enjoy herself.

Quietly slipping out of bed, David did his toilet then slipped into
his mother's room. She was asleep, her naked body tied to the posts
spread-eagle, and a dark vibrator could be seen still between her legs
inside her sex. A cloth gag was stuffed into her mouth and David knew
she had suffered greatly by the lack of attention.

Gently kissing her breasts, which tasted like dried sweat and stale
perfume, he coaxed them to attention. The teen then pulled the gag
from his mothers mouth, which immediately awoke her. Tears quickly
formed, "Thank god David!"

Kissing her gently, "Its okay mother." He moved down to the knots at
her ankles and unbound her from the bed. It was the first time he
tied her, so his sister and him could be alone.

"I thought I would die! I hate what I'm becoming." The tears
increased and when she was unbound, turned to her side away from her
naked son.

"What are you becoming mom?" A tiny part of the youth felt some type
of remorse for his actions, but another part, a larger part looked
upon his mothers naked flanks and felt a stirring between his legs.

"A junky..." She sobbed. "...and a slut!"

"Then you want me to leave you alone? I can stop making any more
`Toilet Water'." She stiffened noticeable at the mention of her
burden. He smiled, "If that is what you want, I will of course follow
your wishes mother."

The sobbing had stopped, and his mom slowly turned back towards her
son. She looked directly into his eyes, "I hated being alone last
night." She had changed the subject!

"I wanted to enjoy Kerry by myself. You know that mother. And you
would not leave us alone." Reaching out and taking a single nipple
between his thumb and forefinger, "While other nights I like to be
alone with you, Kerry respects that."

"I can make you happy David." Jealousy? "I know what my darling baby
needs." She reached out and grasped his soft cock firmly, the message
undeniable. "Kerry hasn't the experience..."

Interrupting, "I thought you hated what you were becoming mom?"

She rapidly pulled her hand from his cock. Then slowly, he watched as
her body relaxed and shrunk in upon itself. "I need it David."
Meaning sex, and the experiment. "Just the mention of it gets me
excited, and to see or smell the perfume I loose all control." She
reached and grasped the hand which was fingering her nipple. His mom pushed his arm downwards until she pressed it between her closed
thighs, the dampness already coated his hand.

David smiled and easily slide two fingers into his moms vagina. "You
are a slut mom." She didn't say anything but smiled. "Are you my
slut mom?" She nodded. "Are you my little fuck toy?" Again a shy
smile and a nod.

"I'll do anything you want David, I'm your slave."

He smiled, "I like that, my `slave'." Pulling his hand from between
her thighs, "Well slave, go to my room and have my other slave, Kerry,
eat you out. I don't want to have any horny sluts about." He smiled
as his mom slide out of bed and then happily moved to comply.

As she passed her son on the way to the door, "I love you my son."

"I love you slave."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XV (Part 1)

David noticed and encouraged the rivalry between his mother and
sister. It resulted in his getting to be between two ladies who were
willing to do anything for his attentions. And that meant the winner
also received more of his mind controlling experiment. When Virginia
became a part of his life, he made it clear the beautiful woman could
have anything she wanted, that the two ladies of his house would also
be her slave.

It didn't go over well. Kerry pouted, while his mom simply became
angry and tried to ignore his instructions. They both did what was
expected from them, yet they did not have to like it. The first meal
Virginia attended at David's house was exquisite.

Wearing a wonderful black dress and heels, Virginia looked absolutely
gorgeous. David knew he had made the right choice with this beauty.
It amused him when he saw shock on her face as Kerry came to hang up
the girls jacket wearing only a gold chain about her neck. Then when
David introduced Virginia to his mom, the girls eyes could not believe
what they saw. His mom wore stockings and garters, with heels and an
apron. All white. Her large breasts swing freely about and often
could be seen outside the kitchen apron. To greet David's new friend,
his mom kissed the teen passionately for several long seconds, before
Kerry came in to do the same. He could see his girlfriend was
unsteady upon her feet. "Lets go into the living room and wait for
supper. How much longer mom?"

"Oh, about ten minutes. You kids go on and I'll call you when its
ready." She smiled pleasantly at the new woman in the house and then
turned back towards the kitchen. Her white buttocks swaying as she

Kerry spoke up, "Would you like anything to drink Virginia?"

"N... no thank you." She sat down on the large comfortable couch,
David sat next to her. "Don't you go to school with us?"

Giggling, "Yes I do. We don't hang around in the same crowds, but
everyone knows you." She knelt before the seated woman, hands upon
her legs. "David's lucky to be going out with the best looking girl at school." Virginia didn't respond. "Everyone's talking about you

Virginia winced noticeably.

Noticing the reaction, Kerry continued. "Oh, don't worry. All they
really know is that you and my brother are going together." She
reached out and took a shapely calf in her hand, in sort of a
compassionate hold - but she didn't let go. Rather, Kerry simply ran
her hand slowly up and down the shapely leg.

David interrupted, "They also know Virginia needs some practice
sucking cock, right babe?" He reached about and grasped his
girlfriends breast. "Kerry can you go see if mom is almost finished

"Sure!" She bounced up and left.

It was obvious what was expected from the teen, "Right here with your
mom in the next room?" He looked at her sternly - it was a stupid
question. She sighed then bent at the waist and pulled his soft cock
from his pants at the same time. As she knew what was expected from
her, Virginia attempted to use her mouth to great advantage. His soft
cock easily fit within her mouth, but as soon as she started to apply
suction - it began to grow quickly. Now, she used her head, moving it
up and down, to stimulate the cock inside her warm wet mouth.

David sighed and moved his hand down to cup one of his girlfriends
perfect buttocks. In the short time they had been together, she had
gotten better with her mouth. Especially since the one time he would
not give her a fix of "Toilet Water" for the pitiful performance that
she gave.

She knew that if she was to get a fix of the drug, she would have to
do the best she could with the cock. Though it was always easier to
allow him to simply fuck her, less involved for her. And when he
opened a vial of perfume at the same time, she finally knew happiness.
The two times he did that, she was in heaven. As long as she had his
cock inside her, she didn't much care.

"David, Virginia, supper time." The teen jerked her head up,
embarrassed to be seen by her boyfriends mom.

Looking calmly over his shoulder, David called out to his mom standing
in the doorway, "Thanks mom." Smiling at Virginia, "Well lets go
eat." She nodded affirmative.

Virginia and David sat at the table, she to his right. His mom began
to spoon various foods onto the two teens plates. Even though she
appeared to act normal, David's mom was seething with jealousy. She
didn't feel like this girl was good enough for her little boy, and
that with the addition of another woman in her son's life may lessen
the number of times she enjoyed her drug and his cock.

A few times David slid his hand down to his mom's exposed thigh or
buttock, enjoying a quick feel of her warm white skin. She encouraged
this behavior and often rubbed herself up against him. He knew of the
jealousy that his mom felt towards Virginia, and wanted to encourage
it even more.

"Kerry." He simply nodded at his sister, who was standing over by the
wall out of the way. She smiled then seductively walked over to the
other edge of the large hardwood table and began to climb on. Turning
towards Virginia as she was daintily eating, "My sister is going to
put on a show for us while we eat."

Slowly, with feline moves, the slim teenager moved about the table
until she eventually positioned her self according to her brothers
earlier orders. She lay upon her back, knees bent and legs spread to
either edge of the table. Kerry's hand began to slowly touch herself
as she gently masturbated herself to the small audience.

Virginia tried not too look, but when she turned the other way, she
saw David fondling his mothers generous bottom. Both sights sickened
and excited her. Then she noticed the faint odor of what David and
his family called "Toilet Water". The anticipated tingling between her
legs caused her to shift about. The teen beauty wondered if she would
become like David's mother and daughter, virtual slaves to his
desires. The smell again reached her nose and she felt her nipples
harden painfully, her vagina begin to moisten hotly, and her breathing
quicken, and she realized she was becoming a just such a slave.

"Are you enjoying your dinner Virginia?"

Momentarily lost in her thoughts, Virginia returned, "Oh. Yes, its
fine. Thank you." Taking a few more mouthfuls, while keeping half an
eye on Kerry's show. The girl was wiggling about enthusiastically,
her sex leaking great amounts of liquid, which Virginia found to be an
exciting sight.

David's mom nodded to her son and pointed him towards his girlfriend.
The attractive teen was cupping one of her full breasts while still
eating daintily. Her eyes, all the while, watching hungrily at Kerry.
David smiled lecherously, "Virginia?" She jumped and turned towards
her "master". "Is your mom as pretty as mine?" He gave the
middle-aged woman a smack upon her generous ass which caused his mom to giggle girlishly and wiggle her buttocks about.

Looking at his mom up and down, she finally answered, "Not near as
attractive. She could not take her eyes off the wide pink nipples,
which were easily the largest of the three ladies.

"You have three sisters, which ones do you think are pretty?"

She paused before answering, wondering why these questions. "Well my
older sister is beautiful, but I would say Samantha is the best
looking out of the four of us." She felt a lump in her stomach, a
part of her knew what was coming, and feared it.

David was again fondling his moms bottom. "How old is Samantha?"


"I was wondering which of your family I would like you to have an
affair with."

Virginia jerked her head up, unsure if she heard correctly. But she
saw the smirk on his moms face, and knew it was all true. She finally
realized David's mom didn't like her for some reason.

David took advantage of his girlfriends silence and continued,
"Samantha sounds great. Could you seduce her sometime within the next
month? I would like to add her to my harem." He laughed lightly. He
reached up and roughly squeezed his moms nipple, "Besides, mom has
Kerry. I think you should have someone." The teen felt her face
drain of blood and she froze. "You will, of course, be properly

The only answer she could manage was to nod. She was indeed becoming
his slave, and hated herself for it.

David noticed his sister's impending orgasm, and asked Virginia,
"Perhaps you should help her out?" Nodding towards his sister.

The beautiful teen wasn't sure what was expected of her, but knew she
had to participate in some way. So reaching out she easily slide her
index finger into Kerry's sloppy sex. Quickly using it as a small
cock, she helped Kerry achieve her orgasm only a few seconds later.

Kerry lay panting upon the table, regaining her strength. She ignored
his brother' girlfriend and the finger, but hoped David enjoyed the
show he had commanded. Since he controlled the flow of "Toilet
Water", it was only his opinion that mattered.

When the exhausted teen finally stopped spasming and groaning out,
Virginia retrieved her finger. Thinking no one was around, she
quickly slipped it into her mouth to taste the juices coating it.

David noticed and was amused. "So you like pussy huh?" Virginia
blushed but didn't react any other way. He already guessed his
girlfriend was sexually inclined towards other women. "I think mother would like you to eat her pussy?"

His mom licked her lips then moaned out, "I would love her tongue
inside me."

"See Virginia?" He motioned for his mom to climb up upon his lap.
Smiling, the middle-aged woman quickly complied. She straddled her
son's lap, facing away from him and then with his cock pointing out of
his pants, lowered herself upon him. "Get down between our legs and
eat mom out Virginia."

She complied, though she did it slowly. A large part of her was
sickened by these actions, another was extremely excited. She had
hoped her boyfriend would command her to eat out his sister Kerry.
She feared the older woman for some reason.

The beauty climbed beneath the table and crawled up between David's
legs. She pushed her face in towards the two joined bodies and saw
the junction where they were joined. Tentatively, she poked her tongue
into the top of the feminine slit, trying to match the slow speed the
two were moving.

"Come on honey, lick my clit." His mom reached down with both hands
and grabbed the teens head to force it roughly against her stomach and
sex. She felt the tongue finally reach the right spot. "Yes, that's
it. Fuck me with that pretty face of yours."

Kerry, finally recovered, had gotten off the table and came about
beside her brother. She wished it was her between the legs of her
brother and mom, she wanted to be part of the coupling in some way.
Her sex was responding yet again.

David saw his sister standing a foot from him, her hands again
manipulating her sex as she watched the show. Motioning to her, he
pulled Kerry next to him to allow her small hard nipple to enter his
mouth and his hand to reach between her sweaty thighs to replace her
frigging finger with his own.

The sounds of mounting excitement and pending orgasm was loud within
the room. It was even loud from beneath the table, her head between
two sets of thighs. The fingers in Virginia's hair felt like it was
ripping large chunks out, as they roughly forced her to eat out the
wet vagina. She could hardly breath as her forehead was pressed
against the lower stomach and her open mouth directly around the spot
of the woman's clitoris. The teens tongue manipulated the clitoris
quickly, and felt it grow. The smell of sex, the sound of sex, and
even the taste of sex was overwhelming.

David knew his mom was being rough with his girlfriend, but didn't
care. It actually excited him. His cock was speeding up, the
explosion soon approaching.

Kerry could tell this, by the speed of his fingers, as well as the
familiar noise her mom was making. Her mom and brother almost always
came together, and she was determined to also finish her orgasm with
her family.

The two ladies of David's family squealed and gasped out their passion
as orgasms finally reached them. David jerked and then froze his body
when his sperm began shooting out of his hard cock.

Virginia was thankful the episode was almost over, but felt herself
blanking out from the pain of her hair being pulled. When finally the
hands withdrew from her, and the body before her stopped spasming, she
finally sat back to catch her breath and wipe the large amount of
pussy juice covering her face.

It took a while before David asked his mom to move. With tired
muscles she complied. Moving the supper dishes out of the way, she
lay back onto the table, her buttocks at the edge. Then she spread her
legs and bent her knees before placing her heels also at the edge of
the table. This exposed her flowered open sex perfectly.

Virginia was still breathing heavily when she had an intimate view of
Kerry, as the other teen brought her mouth down to clean her brothers
cock. Lovingly she used her tongue and lips to, both, clean and
excite her brother.

"Virginia?" The beautiful teen crawled out from beneath the table and
stood next to her boyfriend. She could not help but notice the
bobbing head in his lap. "Clean mom's cunt." He smiled in her

She knelt next to Kerry, facing the other way, and brought her face
again between those familiar legs. Virginia could see the pearl
colored sperm seeping the sloppy wet wide cunt. Though she had tasted
both, and didn't fear either, the sight looked less than appealing.
Normally the sight of an attractive woman in such a position would
excite her, but this time it only caused a shiver of fear to run down
her spine.

He watched with amusement until he was satisfied his girlfriend had
cleaned his mom's sex thoroughly. Kerry was beginning to excite him
again, and he could tell his mom was also getting excited. "Well
Virginia?" His girlfriend brought her disheveled face up and wiped
her face. Kerry also looked up smiling with pleasure at her brother.
"I think its time we went upstairs and left these two alone." Kerry
made a pouting face.

He pulled a vial from his shirt pocket and placed it upon his mothers
sweaty stomach. All the females in the room looked at the liquid like
starving animals. "That's for you and Kerry, mom." He pulled out
another vial, "And this is for Virginia and I." Standing, "Come
Virginia lets go to my room, I want to introduce you to the joys of
anal sex." Reaching out he pulled her after him. Though she
willingly came, the young woman hadn't heard a word he said, all her
attention was focused upon the vial in his hand and the enjoyment she
would soon feel when it was unstopped.

It was a long evening.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XVI (Part 1)

It was Sunday morning and David watched as his girlfriend and sister seated themselves across from him upon the living room couch.
Virginia looked embarrassed while Kerry waited patiently for her
brother to talk.

"So, what are we going to do about this?" David resisted the smile
that started to appear. He doubted he could scare Kelly with this
attitude, knowing she would enjoy the punishment too much, but
Virginia may be a different story. Neither girl said anything, "Did I
not say I never want either of you to have sex with another person?"

It was Kerry that spoke up first, "Actually, you said we could not
have sex with guys?"


"Well, we didn't think there was anything wrong with what we were
doing." Kerry reached over and took Virginia's hand. While the
gorgeous teen simply nodded, the blood draining from her face. David
was the sole supply for the highly addictive drug that she now relied
upon and his displeasure could halt her supply indefinitely.

David wasn't mad at all, rather amused that at this situation. Both
young ladies were wearing oversized tee-shirts and socks, both white.
Only moments before he had found them laying side by side, with their
mouth pressed to the others mouth. A very exciting sight - yet David
wasn't sure if he wanted any of his ladies to have sex without his
knowledge. It was his mother that alerted him to what was happening
in his sisters room. He also knew why his mom told him, jealousy.

Before David could say anything, the doorbell upstairs went off. It
was the visitor he was waiting for. He looked to the girls and said,
"Mom will get it." He waited patiently, enjoying the discomfort of
his slaves.

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs caused all to look up.
The girls beauty was breathtaking. The young woman who descended
towards them, with a smile, looked almost like Virginia, but younger.
She looked innocent, ready for devouring by David and his slaves.

David pulled two vials from his pants and placed them on the coffee
table between him and the girls. Kerry already noticed the small vial
of "Toilet Water" and her eyes hungrily froze upon it. Virginia was
staring upwards towards her sister with surprise and horror.

David stood, "Hello. Its Samantha right?"

The girl came to the edge of the couch and smiled angelic at him,
"Yes." Her voice was tiny, quiet, shy. She looked to her sister, "Hi
Virginia?" The statement also had a question to it, her sister was
spending a lot of time away from home.

David yelled up towards the ceiling, "Mom?!" He waited a few moments
then heard his mom coming. When she finally appeared, he picked up
one vial and held it out to her, "Here mom, will you take Kerry
upstairs and leave us alone for a while?"

His mom smiled sweetly at her only son, "Of course dear." Then
reached for the vial. "Come on Kerry honey." Kerry stood up and
followed her mom, almost anxiously.

"Oh, and ladies, can you please keep the noise down?" They both
giggled as they ascended the stairs.

Samantha had taken Kerry's seat next to her sister. David also
noticed Virginia had finally seen the vial of "Toilet Water" and was
staring at it, but would look uncertainly at her sister infrequently.

David reached out and unstopped the vial and left it upon the table
between the two couches. Virginia took a deep breath to get as much
of the scent into her lungs as possible, then spoke gently and
seductively at her boyfriend, "Why don't we let Sam go home David?"
The younger sister was frowning while taking deep breaths, her knees
uncontrollably rubbed together. "I'll make sure you won't be
disappointed." The smile she gave would easily melt other men's
hearts - yet David could have her and her sister without any

"What is that smell?" Spoke the younger girl in a whisper.

They both ignored her. "My dear, don't you want to enjoy Samantha as
much as you have my sister Kerry?"

Virginia shivered uncontrollably, the scent quickly taking affect.
"She is not ready." The girl had trouble keeping her mind on her
objective to get rid of her sister, but the inhalant was winning.

"Of course she is ready, look at her!" Both turned to look upon the
violently shivering teenager. The girl was unconsciously squeezing a
single breast with her hand while rubbing her thighs together to
stimulate her vagina. Virginia lost what resolve she had left after
seeing her sexy young sister.

"Ready for what?" Everyone ignored the younger girl again, looking at
the two faces staring at her.

Virginia was lost in her addiction, nothing else mattered at the
moment. She moved next to her sister and then bent over and forced
her mouth upon the younger girls, a tongue quickly entering the pretty

Trying to push her sister away, "Virginia? Please!" She still fought
her sister until the elder girl pressed a hand between the younger
lady's thighs and pressed upwards into the crotch of her jeans. That
was all it took for Samantha to give up the fight and allow her elder
sister to return her tongue to its former spot.

It was not so much a learning lesson as much as an attack for
Samantha. Her elder sister's hands were everywhere, unbuttoning
shirts, unzipping pants, pulling off socks. All the while, the tongue
enjoyed Samantha's mouth, neck and ear. The young girl was surprised
at the assault, and embarrassed that her sisters boyfriend simply sat
watching the two girls with a smile. But the teen could not help
herself, never before had she felt such power and passion from

In only moments, Virginia lay upon her sister pressing her wet sex
against her sisters. They both were gasping for breath and humping
quickly like animals. Both desperate for a climax to their heightened
emotions. It didn't take long until the orgasm both were driving for
exploded within both bodies. They clenched, squealed, and clawed at
the other until the high ended and they lay in a sweaty heap in each
others arms.

Both came out of their clouded state when they heard someone clapping.
David gave applause at the enjoyable show he just saw. Virginia
smiled, while Samantha hid her face behind her sisters mane of hair in
embarrassment. "That was great!" He stood up and pulled his jeans
and T-shirt off. "But if your anything like your sister Samantha, you
also need to be properly fucked?"

Samantha was peeking from beneath her sisters hair, and gasped in fear
from his words. Though her eyes could not pull from the sight of his
hard cock and her inexperience obvious to all. Virginia surprised her
by groaning out, "I need it!" And then rolled off her sweaty young body.

The eldest sister, Virginia, crawled upon her knees to the youth. Her
tongue licking her lips in anticipation for the manly rod that thrust
forward from her boyfriend. Without any thought, the beautiful young woman hurriedly moved until she knelt almost beneath the standing man,
before moving her face up to take him into her mouth.

"I don't think so Virginia." David held her head back a few inches
from his cock. She whined slightly and looked up into his eyes with
pleading desire. Seeing that his desires were paramount, she
stretched out her tongue to flick the tip of it against the hard
underside of the manhood.

Smiling, knowing the situation, nor the scent, was finished with the
two ladies and David was about to take full advantage of it. Seeing
Samantha laying on her back, wide eyed and using both hands to
stimulate her young hard body, he knew what was next. Looking back
down at his horny girlfriend, "Position your sister over the couch,
ass up."

With but a quick apprehensive glance, the eldest girl crawled back to
the couch and man handled her sister about. Samantha simply panted
sensually when her sister approached and grasped a reaching hand to
press it into her overheated groin as an invitation for more feminine
contact. Virginia rushed to comply to her "masters" commands, feeling
the pressure in her sex from the powerful aphrodisiac in the air. She
forced her sister up upon her knees on the couch, facing towards the
rear of it. She made sure her sister's knees were well spread and the
back arched, so as to highlight the shapely teens ass.

With a sexual admiration, she hesitated, simply by looking at her
innocent and sexually excited sister.

"Make sure she is ready for me," David commanded.

Using her index finger, Virginia followed the trail of her sisters
spine down into the crack of her bottom. Past the tightly clenching
muscle of her anus. Until it traced itself through the thickly coated
lips of her sisters inner vaginal lips. And then finally down to the
protruding and enlarged clitoris.

All the while, Samantha as pressing her backside outwards, in a
natural rhythm which desired a more personal contact. The youth moaned
loudly, and pleasantly, at the incestuous touch. Her mind almost gone
to the heavy scent that delivered the most exquisite pleasure that she
had ever experienced.

David could see the juices running down the inside of the slim thighs.
The same juices that covered her sex and now her sisters hand. He
watched with amusement and excitement as Virginia could not control
herself, so aroused by "Toilet Water" that she knelt behind her sister and pressed her face into the flowered open sex.

"Yes! Yes, Virginia, yes!" The youth screamed out as she felt a
tongue enter the tight wet confines of her sex. Knowing that it was
her sister who was first to taste her nectar, and that simple
knowledge caused an extra shiver to run through her body. Two hands
pulled apart the muscled cheeks allowing easier access to the
treasures hidden there. The tongue now followed the same path the
finger had done earlier.

David took a few steps until he stood behind the kneeling girl. His
girlfriend took a loving hold upon his cock and aimed it towards the
readied sex. He lunged.

Samantha screamed loudly as the cock entered into her, her cherry
mercilessly broken. The scent made her head swim and the pain quickly
turned to pleasure. When a warm fuzzy object was thrust against her
face, she didn't realize it was her sisters pussy and kissed it
lovingly. A hand grabbed her hair and roughly pressed it into the
slimy cavern hidden beneath the hair, but still Samantha was unable to
comprehend what was expected of her. Instead she joyously groaned
loudly in unison with the thrusts of the cock into her.

Virginia was shivering in pent up desire, and began to wiggle her
clitoris against her sisters face. The nose and chin making the most
contact that sped up the inevitable release. David held her sisters
face steady as she pulled upon her own nipples, frantic for an orgasm.
The sweet smell thick in the air could be felt flowing through her
veins as her orgasm fast approached.

She hadn't even noticed David disengaged himself from Samantha until
she spoke, "Come here and clean me off Virginia." He was seated on the
table, his semi-soft cock hanging down between his legs. The traces
of Sam's virgin blood obvious. Yet, the beautiful woman didn't even
wait, she threw herself before her boyfriend and took his cock quickly
into her mouth. She relished the taste of female spend and virgin
blood. It excited her, knowing where this came from.

Virginia finished her orgasm with her hand.

After a few moments, "Come with me Samantha." David held out his hand
for the exhausted teen. Her elder sister curled up upon the carpet,
mindless to her surroundings. Obediently, not even conscious that she
wore no clothes, the pretty young girl followed him. Mingled juices
flowed from her sex down inside her thighs give her a shiver.

Samantha followed David up to the top level of the large house, and
could smell the faint odor of "Toilet Water", she inhaled hugely.
Then she noticed sounds of passion, the same sounds she had made
earlier with her own sister. She knew it was wrong, but her body
began to tingle enjoyably again, and desired another encounter with
her dark-haired sister.

David threw open the door to his mothers room. And held tiny Samantha
before him. "I've brought you a new toy ladies!"

His mom spoke up from between gasps as Kerry's head was pressed
between her sweaty thighs, "Bring the slut in."

Samantha's mind was again overwhelmed by the scent that would become
very familiar to her. She only barely noticed David gently press her
towards the soiled bed, and the two ladies. She was surprised when she
realized the woman reaching for her was David's mom. Hands guided her
face to the large breast and the wide nipple, and Sam's mouth opened
to take it voluntarily.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XVII (Part 1)

Virginia was obviously not happy with her sister joining David's
growing harem. In fact, she would attempt everything to seduce David
before his attentions focused towards the young teen, as they often
seemed to do. Every seductive move and action she attempted, often to
success. Only when the scent was upon her, did all her reasoning
leave and she, again, became her boyfriends slave.

Samantha, on the other hand, could not get enough. Fawning over David
and instantly doing whatever he wished. Her youthful energy and
bubbly personality drove her towards the life of debauchery that was
forced upon her. She volunteered to do anything, and when "Toilet
Water" was in the air, would fuck until she dropped from exhaustion.

This often made Virginia's' attempts at distracting David almost

Often, the sole man in the house watched as some or all of the ladies
attacked each others bodies. He especially enjoyed watching his
mother with both young girls. While his girlfriend used her mouth
upon him or sat astride him, even while watching the show.

More and more, Virginia became subservient at the orders of David. He
knew she did not like having her beautiful young sister used as a sex
toy by him and his mother. It was also obvious that his own mother pleased him in a way Virginia could never do. This in effect left the
eldest woman as over lord of the rest. Perhaps it had been her
attitude when she first met, the attitude she held for everyone not in
her circle of friends. The same friends she no longer had.

Virginia was also responsible for giving Mrs. Wilson a "fix" once a
week. David had attempted to ignore the elder teacher but found her
addiction far to uncontrollable. So with a simple promise and a
thimble size of "Toilet Water", she was a ductile slave, like the rest
of David's girls.

It was more interesting that David inadvertently taught his girlfriend
to control her urges when she delivered a vial to Mrs. Wilson.
Normally, the sight of the "Toilet Water" would send her in a desirous
passion that could only be fulfilled with the smell of his experiment.
Every Friday, Virginia delivered her small package to the forty
something year-old teacher with the promise of her own vial when she

"Here you go Mrs. Wilson." The gray haired instructor snatched the
vial from her hand. "David told me to tell you, he wants proof of
your desire for him."

Attempting to withhold her urges with the week long awaited drug in
her hands, the middle-aged woman nervously nodded. She looked upon the
beautiful teen, hardly waiting for her to leave so she could enjoy the
scent properly. "I'll make sure David has results for his
experiments. Do you know what he has in mind?"

The stress of being about the drug was heavy upon the teenager and she
was moving to leave. "He did mention something about you having

Mrs. Wilson gasped then looked down at her addiction in her quivering
hands. Her daughters were her only treasure in this world, but this
drug was more important than anything else she owned or loved.

Virginia knew the power of the drug and wasn't surprised when
Mrs. Wilson said, "Of course! Anything for David." It was time for
the teen to leave.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XVIII (Part 1)

Virginia awoke covered in dried love juices. Her own, her sisters,
David's, his mothers', his sister, and even Mrs. Wilson and her two
daughters. Sitting up, the beautiful teen vaguely remembered the orgy
of sexual debauchery that happened in David's family room only a few
hours before. She also remembered the sweet smell of "Toilet Water"
and shivered in disgust and desire.

Slowly, with quivering tired muscles, the slim teen crawled over to
the couch and sat next to it. Only one of her white stockings remained upon her body, with the garter belt still about her waist but
unattached to the legging. She wore no other garments. Virginia took
survey about the warm, pillow covered room. Her sister, Samantha, lay
on her side, tied facing Mrs. Wilson's youngest daughter, Jill. Both
young ladies, were inverted and faced the others pretty young pussies.
Which both were now well acquainted with. Mrs. Wilson's other
daughter, Mary, was cuddling with her naked mother. A wide nipple
still near her open mouth. Last night, Mary could not get enough of
her mothers mature body and devoted her incestuous desires solely upon
her mom. Kerry had slept cuddled with Virginia and was now sleeping
soundly in the fetal position.

Memories returned and the exhausted brunette shivered in disgust at
the actions she had no control to stop. David had retired, with his
mother, to her room hours before the other ladies had dropped from
exhaustion. Even with the only male in the group gone, the drug
induced desire of all the other ladies forced their actions.

Now that the drug was out of her system, but the memories could never
be erased, Virginia realized just how much she hated David. How could
anyone do this? The group of them had sat around and watched as Mrs.
Wilson and her two daughters fingered and licked themselves delirious
at David's directions. Later, David's mom had strapped on an
artificial cock and fucked both young newcomers as their mother, Mrs.
Wilson, held them down. All during this Kerry, the only person
Virginia actually felt attracted to, fingered and pawed her body. It
was a show put on by a drug that only David controlled.

Last evening, when a large vial of the potent aphrodisiac was opened,
Virginia attempted to control herself. It was useless, that much was
obvious to the beautiful teen. Again a shiver of disgust ran through
her as she remembered her own actions.

How many times her body was rocked by an orgasm was uncountable, since
she could only remember a part of the evening. The pain between her
legs reminded her of one event that had occurred. Virginia had sat
upon David's lap facing him, his hard cock inside her overheated
vagina. She was happily enjoying herself, bouncing wildly upon her
boyfriend, when his mom came up behind her and inserted the strapped
on dildo into her rectum. In her delirium, Virginia forgot the pain
and allowed the two "cocks" to fuck both her holes until the feeling
of David's hot sperm shooting into her womb caused her own orgasm to

Of course Virginia knew what caused her, and all the other ladies, to
act this way. The only thing she had not figured out yet, is why
David never seemed affected by the scent. She guessed it was his
experiment and he knew what to do to get the smell to affect others.
Since David definitely enjoyed female companionship, that seemed the
obvious reason it was never used on another male. The fact that it
only worked upon females never occurred to her.

Jill awoke silently and looked up from between the firm young thighs
towards the seated elder teenager. Virginia saw the wide friendly
eyes looking her over, with inviting desire they seemed to remember
how the elder girl had used her mouth to please her.

A movement for another portion of the room caused her to look at
Mrs. Wilson. The middle-aged woman slid out from her daughters grasp
and wrapped a blanket about her nudity. Shyly, with a nervous tired
body, the teacher backed out of the room. A few tears already coming
to her eyes. Virginia felt sorry for the science instructor, how she
had pimped her daughters sexuality for the pleasure David gave her
with "Toilet Water". Though, she realized, she had not fought very
hard when David had introduced Samantha into his "harem". Now,
remembering, she also felt sorry for herself.

Everyone in the room now appeared to be awake or beginning to rise.
Mary untied her sister and Samantha while Kerry leisurely rubbed
between her legs. It was the only sexual action in the room, and it
almost seemed out of place. Even with the tired, mostly naked bodies,
the young ladies did not seem to expel sexuality. Mary appeared to be
embarrassed, while her sister Jill like a kid that ate too much candy
but still wanted more. Samantha retired to the distant washroom.

Mrs. Wilson soon returned. She was again clothed in the skirt and
blouse she wore last evening when her sole desire was to seduce David
with her body, and her two daughters. Now, with the disheveled face
and hair, wrinkled skirt and untucked blouse, she looked like a woman
who was rushing home to her husband from her lovers arms. She stood
next to the couch, "Virginia, would you tell David I had to go? I
want to be home before my husband shows up." She was blushing

Virginia realized the older woman was ignoring her two daughters, even
though they appeared to be awaiting her attention. The things she did
to her daughters last night, it was no wonder she now acted this way.
"David likes us", she wanted to say `slaves' but caught herself in
time, "to say good-bye `properly'." He, in fact, often liked to view
his woman when the effects of the drug wore off.

At that moment David stepped into the family room, dressed and ready
for the day. His mother, also cleaned up and clothed, stood behind
her only son looking sternly at the lounging group of naked youths.

Everyone in the room seemed to notice him at the same time, and
Mrs. Wilson spoke quickly, "I thought you would be still asleep or I
would have come up to say good-bye. I have to get home." She appeared
even more nervous

Virginia noticed the two sets of reactions that the ladies in the room
did when the sole outlet for "Toilet Water" stepped into the room.
Even without the scent in the air, Kerry, Samantha, and Jill suddenly
focused all attention upon the "master". All sat straight, arched
their backs, pressed their chests out, lifted their chins, pouted
their lips, smiled sweetly, and struck a sexy pose. The other group,
appeared to be nervous and embarrassed, and attempted to hide from the
teenagers searching eyes.

David's girlfriend wondered what her initial reaction had been?

David's mom spoke to her son, "I don't think she had any intention of
saying good-bye." Virginia hated that attractive older woman almost
more than she hated David.

He smiled over his shoulder at his mom, love in his eyes, "No she
probably didn't. What do you think we should do to her?"

Before his mom could answer, Virginia spoke up, "We thought you were
still asleep David, or I think a few of us would have come up to join
you." She struck "the" pose for her boyfriend.

David smiled gently at her, almost knowingly, and it made the Virginia
shiver in fear. What would happen to her if he should ever stop
giving her "Toilet Water"?

The young man turned towards Jill who had been rolling a nipple
between two fingers while smiling sweetly at her possessor. "What
punishment should we give your mom Jill?"

Mrs. Wilson looked nervously at her daughter. Jill ignored her mom and concentrated on her masters attentions, "She used to spank us when
we were bad." The young woman beamed when David smiled with pleasure
at the statement.

"I think that is a wonderful idea. A spanking." Mrs. Wilson
shivered and stared down at her own feet. "But I think Mary should
deliver it." That shocked most in the room, except perhaps, David's
mom, his sister and Virginia.

Mrs. Wilson started to cry, and dropped to the couch next to Virginia,
holding her body in her own arms. Between sobs, "My god David please
let me go!? Don't make my own daughter spank me. I can't take any

Ignoring his instructor and speaking to her daughter who looked
startled. "Well Mary, do you think your mom should get a spanking?"

The cute young woman quickly stole at look at her sister, Jill, but
received no help there. Then she looked at Virginia, almost as if her
eyes were asking for help. Virginia simply nodded affirmative, it
would go easier on the older woman if David got his own way.

It was obvious why David had picked on Mrs. Wilson's
daughter. Everyone in the room saw how the cute, shy Mary had been
obsessed with her mom's naked body hours before. How she had degraded
herself for the pleasure of an incestuous joining with her own mom.

Mary may be shy, but she was bright. She knew why Virginia had nodded
for her to do the spanking. "Get on your knees mommy." Pointing,
"Over there against the couch." Mary walked over, now ignoring her
own nakedness, and helped her sobbing mother to kneel facing the

David's mom came over and handed Mary a light cord from the wall
coverings. It would take many strikes for the cord to harm the
middle-aged woman's buttocks. The current drama was more for effect
than to harm. Mary's shaking hand lifted her mom's loose skirt up
over her ass and lay it upon her back. Mrs. Wilson hadn't worn any
underwear last night, in her frantic obsession to enjoy the scent she
had only used infrequently. She now wished she had.

"Jill hold your moms head," ordered David's mom. The youth, knowing
who was in control in the room smiled as she complied. Jill sat before
her mom and held the others hands firmly. Mary whispered, though all
in the room could hear her, "I'm sorry mommy."

The first strike startled Mrs. Wilson and she jerked in response. Jill
pressed her moms head between her youthful upper thighs, inches from
her sex. The strikes continued, about two every ten seconds. A slow
torturous beating, by her own daughters caused Mrs. Wilson to cry
out, not from pain, but from humiliation. To stifle her cries, Jill
pulled her moms head the last few inches until it pressed right into
her newly excited sex.

Virginia felt her face smiling, but didn't feel happy in the least.
She knew if David had asked her to whip her own mother she would have
to take the place of Mary. A part of her was very glad her mother had
not aged well after several kids.

The spectators watched in silence - almost all were affected in some
way. David's mom hugged her son from behind, rubbing her body up and
down his back. Kerry and Samantha were openly fondling each other,
fingers manipulating the others sex. Virginia hated the sight she
watched, yet felt her own juices beginning to coat the inside of her

Mary began to sweat from the effort she put into each swing, but from
the look on her face she knew it did not hurt her mother and the she
was greatly enjoying herself. Jill was moaning while humping her
mothers face, the nose pressed into her tiny sensitive clitoris. Both
daughters didn't even notice anyone else in the room.

Finally David spoke up, "Stop!" Everyone turned their attention to
the single male in the room. "Jill, Mary, take your mother up to my
sisters room and enjoy her. On the table in the kitchen is another
vial of `Toilet Water'. Use it." Jill let go of her mom and quickly
stood up. Mary dropped the cord and then lovingly helped her mother up. Everyone in the room could see tears humiliation and her
daughters sexual coating upon Mrs. Wilson's bright red cheeks. It was
doubtful she would ever disobey her young student again.

This time, Mrs. Wilson didn't fight her directions. Jill ran over to
David and have him a devoted kiss before bouncing, happily, up the
stairs. Mary helped her mom's unsteady legs also go up the stairs.
The three of them were in for a long few more hours. Yet, the two
daughters both looked anxious rather than burdened.

David also turned to go, obviously with his mom. Since they were
dressed, Virginia guessed they were leaving the house. David's
girlfriend heard a familiar noise and turned to see her sister and
David's in a sixty nine. Both frantically humping the others face for
another orgasm.

Virginia stood and decided to clean the smell of sex from her body.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XIX (Part 1)

David's home had become a den of addicts and sexual deviants.

Within the household, every woman seemed to instinctively know the
hierarchal order of David's ladies. At the top of all the addicts,
was David's own mother. She had come to terms with her previous
worries and used her power, as mother, over her son. It gave her many
freedoms within the house, a few none other enjoyed. Also David
showed his mother more sexual attentions than any other woman that was
addicted to his lab experiment. The sexy older woman had proven
herself capable of doing any sexual action that her own son had an
interest in. These reasons coupled with the fact that David enjoyed
the sinful aspect of there relationship had given her also the power
over the other ladies within the household. Every woman in that house
knew of her power over her son.

It was only Virginia that challenged David's mom to the head position
within that house. Simply because, David showed great fondness
towards his schoolmate and girlfriend. In contrast to his mom,
David's girlfriend was probably had less sexual duties assigned to
her. Of course, Virginia still lost her self control and was willing
to do anything when the scent of "Toilet Water" came upon her. Yet,
those were more compassionate couplings, with mostly the other ladies.
Rarely did Virginia and David's mom ever acknowledge the other or have
intercourse. It was only David's explicit instructions or the sexual
drive of the drug that caused them to use the others body to release
sexual tensions. On the other hand, she had less freedom than any
other woman in the household also. David liked his girlfriend to keep
close by, practically at all times.

Since first becoming David's slave and girlfriend, Virginia's
expertise in giving oral sex had increased many times. This was true
in both the female and the male oral enjoyment. All but David's mom desired Virginia's mouth between their legs. And she was used this
way more than any other by her boyfriend.

"What do you think mom, is our house getting overly crowded?" David
groaned pleasantly while holding Virginia's head above his lap as it
moved rhythmically up and down.

The older woman smiled towards her only son and pulled apart
Samantha's buttocks so he could see between the youthful crack. There
was no "Toilet Water" in the air and the mature mother used the young teen more for her son's visual enjoyment than her own sexual pleasure.
Sitting back upon the couch, naked and looking sexy, David's mom had
strapped on a toy they had purchased a few weeks ago. It was a six
inch fake cock, with a leather belt that held the phallus in the
proper place. Straddling her thighs was the hard bodied young woman,
the fake cock inside her sex and her back to her sister and boyfriend.

Samantha groaned pleasantly. David's mom had told her to mount the
cock, and even without any scent in the air, the teenager gratefully
did it. She was conscious that David was in the room, and she wanted
to please him. Whoever pleased the only man of the house had an
endless supply of the "Water".

Looking over Samantha's shoulder, the middle-aged woman replied,
"Sometimes I think it is." She moved a finger further between the
tight buttocks and pressed the digit against the hard muscle of the
youthful anus. David smiled at the sight, just as his mother had
wished. "I always love being alone with you darling." The finger
pressed deeper into the tiny rectum as she spoke.

David smiled at his mothers comment, but his eyes hadn't left
Samantha's violated asshole. "Damn that looks hot mom!"

She giggled at his comment, the same girlish giggle David had first
heard the night after his mother had first smelled his experiment.
"Feels hot." The experienced woman began to fuck the young asshole
with the single index finger. "And tight too!" Samantha groaned out
in mixed pain and pleasure. Her young body still bouncing over the
synthetic cock. The young woman knew what it meant to disappoint
David or his mother.

Virginia heard her younger sisters groans of pain mixed with pleasure
and, again, felt sorry for the teen. She was an innocent in her eyes,
someone that David had involved simply because he desired another kink
to add into his very sexual lifestyle. She felt the throbbing member
slid back and forth between her lips and knew all she had to do was
bit down and it would all be over. Yet she also knew she could never
do that, not while he controlled the supply of "Toilet Water"

"Why don't you come over here dear?" Virginia could hear that certain
quality in the middle-aged woman's voice that she only used when
seducing her only son.

David pushed Virginia's face from his lap and quickly jumped across
the few feet to kneel behind Samantha. The older woman held the girl in place while also pulling apart her buttocks. Her son aimed his
cock and pressed it against the tight asshole.

Virginia watched in horror as her own sister was impaled from both
directions while she bit into the cushion of the couch to hold back
her cry of pain. David never seemed to notice when his enjoyment
conflicted others. While his mother watched the young girls face and
smiled maliciously.

Soon, the three on the couch were coupling to a new rhythm. On that
the young man led. "Fuck mom, I can feel you inside her!"

"Does it feel good baby?"

"Oh yea!" David sped up. Virginia knew from her own experience that
her boyfriend never lasted long whenever he enjoyed anal sex.

The older woman noticed the girlfriend kneeling on the floor watching
the affair and nodded for her to join in. Virginia pretended she
hadn't seen the look, when David's mom ordered her to, "Stick your
tongue up David's ass."

David grinned, "God your so kinky mom!" Virginia knew she had to
comply, and that her boyfriend would never had thought of her without
the parental help.

The older woman leaned over the young woman's shoulder to look into
her sons face. "And you love me don't you baby?"

Virginia pulled apart her boyfriend buttocks and stuck her tongue out.
She aimed her face and closed her eyes as she leaned forward to comply
with her orders.

"Yea mom. I love you." The tongue pressed against his hard virgin
asshole, the pleasant feeling surprised him. "I love your tits, I
love your ass, I love your legs", he groaned out as the tongue forced
itself a centimeter into his asshole, "and I especially love your

"Come here lover?"

David leaned towards his mothers face and allowed her tongue to slid
into his mouth. At that same time, he felt the familiar tightening of
his balls and the sudden clenching of the muscles in his cock. The
long awaited orgasm was upon him.

Virginia knew her boyfriend was shooting his sperm into her sisters
asshole, by the clenching of his own anal muscle, the grunting noise
he made, and the fake sounds of passion his mother made.

It wasn't long before Samantha felt the thick cock pull finally from
her sore rectum. It popped as it came out and the older woman's voice
beneath her spoke to her elder sister, "Why don't you clean your
sister up Virginia?"

After David had disengaged from the young teen, he rolled onto the
couch next to his mother. He was normally tired after an orgasm, but
usually had enough energy to enjoy a more gentler passion. His
mother, knowing exactly what pleased her son, reached over and grasped
the flaccid dirty penis and milked the remaining drops of come from
his body.

Seeing that Virginia was hesitant on following her wishes, David's
mom, added, "After that, come over here and clean my son up." The
middle-aged woman leaned sideways to bring her mouth to the young man's and kissed him gently. "How does that sound David?"

"Wonderful mom." He never saw his mother's smile of triumph, nor
Virginia's sour face as she leaned into Samantha's spread cheeks to
tongue her sister clean.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XX (Part 1)

David noticed a lot of what was going on within the house. In
particular, the power struggle between his mother and his girlfriend.
He also knew that his mother was winning the struggle, while Virginia
became the confidant and friend to all the other females in his
household. A part of his animal aggression enjoyed the competition,
since he was the ultimate winner. Another part of him felt sorry for
his girlfriend, the same part that allowed her more freedom than he
would normally grant one of the addicted ladies.

David lay awake in his bed, warmly snuggled between Virginia and her
sister, Samantha. It had been months since his discovery of the
"Toilet Water" and the effect it had upon every females who smelt it.
Time had passed so quickly that he fully realized the total control he
now enjoyed over "his" ladies. A part of him, a distant part, felt a
small twinge of guilt at the actions he requested from every woman he
ever desired. Another part of him wondered just what the future held
for the ladies in the household.

Virginia had also been awake and watched David as he stroked her
sisters mane of hair and gently kissed her slim shoulder. Rarely did
he ever show such gentleness, and the attractive teenager wondered
what he was thinking.

The light of dawn was just starting to filter into the unshaded window
and David softly sat up in bed and looked back at the two sisters on
either side of him, they were still asleep. He smiled as he climbed
off the bed, remembering the passionate evening only hours before.
Then he opened his bedroom door and left to shower.

The elder teen also slide from the bed and silently exited the room.
She felt the dried proof of her boyfriends desire upon her smooth skin
and the ache in her well-used loins. David was taking a shower, the
water wasn't loud enough to hide his awful singing voice. Past the
closed door, Virginia was about to descend down the stairs when she
saw that the master bedroom door was still ajar. More inquisitive
than anything else, Virginia took the extra two steps until she could
stick her head into the dimly lit room.

David's mother lay in the middle of the large bed, her body covered in
glistening oil and several discarded toys lay beside and beneath her.
An empty vial, of the addictive scent, lay on the table next to the
bed. Sleeping at her feet was her daughter Kerry, also still covered
in massage oil but with her hands tied behind her back.

Virginia was about to depart, disgusted by the sight she saw, hating
the middle-aged woman who controlled her son and this house. The
wronged teen saw more of the cloth cords on the floor and stooped to
grab two of them. Bending over the bed, she slowly and gently tied
David's mother to the oak headboard above her. Virginia knew well how
much enjoyment the older woman extracted from her sexual play and
smiled knowing the older woman was exhausted. Then she found Kerry's
discarded French-cut panties and very quickly opened the woman's mouth
and stuffed it with her daughters undergarments.

The older woman hadn't time to scream out in surprise or anger. Nor
did she realize that she was tied until after Virginia sat next to
her, the attractive teenage eyes smiling. The middle-aged woman
didn't try to scream or escape, she only smoldered in her anger.
While fantasizing about the expected revenge she could extract. She
was surprised when her son's girlfriend simply sat up and walked out
of the room leaving her to quietly lay waiting for someone to untie

David felt the presence before he saw it, when the shower curtain
suddenly opened. "Hi! Can I join you?" It was, of course, Virginia,
but wearing a bubbly smile that he hadn't seen on her for months.

"Of course." She stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed
behind her. He, again, enjoyed a quick view of the toned sexy
teenager. Proud that the best looking girl in school was also his

Virginia stuck her head under the water and allowed her face and hair
to get wet. "Did you enjoy yourself last night Vee?" It was his pet
name for her.

The topic of conversation rarely changed within the house, and it was
almost always about sex. Virginia didn't tell him the truth, and
kissed his lips passionately. "You know I did silly. How did he",
she grasped his flaccid penis, "enjoy himself?" She then pressed her
wet smooth body against him and again meeting his lips with her own.

After they broke the lip lock he continued, "That question didn't need
an answer." They both laughed, though Virginia felt more like
cringing than laughing. His hands had found her firm round bottom and
preceded to fondle it mercilessly. "You haven't laughed like that in
weeks." More like months actually, she thought. "What do I owe this
honor to?"

She had to be careful, David was an intelligent, if not naive young man. He was an egghead before he ever discovered "Toilet Water".
Virginia hid her face from his eyes, worried that her hatred could
seen. "I was thinking about skipping school."


"I'd rather stay home and play some more. I was never very bright
anyway the only important class is Mrs. Wilson's." Nothing else
needed to be said in that area, both of them would excel in her class
without taking another step in her classroom. Before he could speak,
she feigned embarrassment and asked, "Could I have another vial
David?" Her hand felt between his legs and squeezed his manhood,
"Please honey?"

Laughing, more at his own importance than anything funny. "So your
just horny huh babe?" That was something that always disgusted
Virginia, how all guys seemed to be blatantly blunt about sex.

She pressed her full, but trimmed, bush against his thigh while still
stroking his cock. "I was thinking about making up with your mom."

He paused at that, then continued, "That's a good idea babe. But I
don't know if it will work?"

"I just thought it was worth a try... after the fun last night, I
wondered what it would be like to relax and enjoy a day with your
mom." A finger slide between her firm buttocks and pressed playfully
against her abused anus.

"Well, I guess its fine then. As long as you try to get along with
her okay?"

She nodded shyly into his shoulder. After these months of kinky
possession and sexual slavery to this teenager, she was starting to
knew how to get her way with him. In fact, she only had to watch his
mother to learn how to manipulate David. Playfully she reached for
the soap and asked if he missed any places. They spent a long twenty
minutes in the shower lathering up and enjoying the others wet body.
They didn't have intercourse, because his manhood was exhausted and
Virginia felt disgust at his "thing" again being inside her. Yet,
like she had learned from watching his mom, anything was possible when
he was in a good mood.

Virginia saw him to the back door, waving as he left in her sports car
for school. Finally when the squeal of tires could no longer be
heard, she against ascended the stairs. "Okay bitch, lets see if we
can't make up."

The older woman's eyes immediately found Virginia's as the door again
opened. The teenager opened her robe and let it drop to the floor.
In her hand was a vial, that was the moment when the middle-aged woman
became worried. "Well mom," everyone in the house had been calling
her that for over a month since David had called her the "den mother",
"today you are mine." Virginia opened the bottle and inhaled deeply
as she stepped into the room.

The scent quickly drifted into every corner of the master bedroom and
the three woman felt the desire within them rise. Only Kerry didn't
know what was going on, but even asleep her sex moistened and her mind
began to fantasize. David's mother pressed her thighs together,
moaning into the gag.

Virginia's hands reached for her sex and she tried to slow her fingers
manipulation of her clitoris. Stepping slowly towards the bed, "I'm
going to treat you like the slut you are mother dearest." She rolled
up onto the foot of the bed facing the bound woman. She pushed aside
a tiny vibrator and moved her foot up between the woman's rapidly
wetting sex. Her big toe easily found and entered into the loose
folds of the middle aged vagina. "You slut will have to learn your
place, right bitch?" She shoved her toe harshly into the cunt causing
a sharp reaction. "Your here for my pleasure today whore."

The movement beside her startled her, until Virginia saw that it was
Kerry watching everything while humping her young sex into the bed for
some type of stimulation. "Look at her mom, your slut of a daughter can't get enough." The laugh was malicious as Virginia grabbed the
older woman's closest foot and brought it to Kerry's face. The young woman attacked the toes with her mouth, hungry for any attention.

David's mother feared his son's girlfriend very much, but she could
not stop the desire she felt from the stimulating scent. When her
daughters warm wet mouth enclosed upon her big toe she thought she was
about to orgasm, but then the sharp pain of the other toe, inside her
sex, stilled that pleasure. She also saw, before Virginia did,
Samantha standing in the doorway frantically rubbing her own sex. The
still developing teen looked sexy with the weary worn look of the `day

"Sam, go get some clothes pins, a belt and a cloth." Ordered the
older sister. One thing about Samantha, she always did what she was
told. Virginia saw that the young teen quickly departed before
disengaging herself and jumped out of bed.

The tiny vibrator still on the bed gave her another idea, and Virginia
took it with a wicked smile on her face. Bending down over the bed
and between the older woman's attractive legs, the teenager brought
the dry plastic toy towards the humping sex. She bypassed the
flowered open very wet dark pink vaginal lips and pressed the pointed
tip against the dark wrinkled asshole down lower. The juices of the
woman's excitement had lubricated the area excessively and the fake
phallus easily entered into the mature woman's anus. The young woman
didn't stop pressing it into the hole until only the last centimeter
of it lay exposed.

David's mom was grunting now. Eager for an orgasm. From the hungry
mouth sucking mercilessly on her toe, to the rough handling of the
vibrator inside her asshole, she simply needed a gentle touch to her
clitoris to bring her off. Humping the air and pushing her toe into
Kerry's mouth, the woman was almost beyond reason as her sole thought
was of an orgasm.

The older vagina was very familiar to the young attractive teenager,
she had often serviced this `cunt' while being under the influence of
"Toilet Water". And when she pressed three fingers into it, she knew
it would be a tight fit. When the fourth finger stretched the skin
and forced itself into the hungry hole, David's mom screamed with
surprised pain into the dirty panty.

Virginia laughed as she added her thumb and felt the vaginal walls
holding her tightly until the knuckles slide passed the outer muscles
and her hand was immersed inside the attractive older woman. The
teenager could see the wide pain filled eyes of the bound mother, and
smiled to her. Even delirious from the passion brought on by the
scented stimulant, Virginia was amazed where her hand was.

Just about then, Virginia heard the gasp of astonishment quickly
followed by a moan of lust from her younger sister. Samantha held the
objects her sister requested but could not help but look dumbly at the
sight before her. "Sam, get over here and put those clothes pins on
the `Den Mothers' tits!"

Samantha quickly opened the first wood clip and let it close about the
hard nipple of the tortured middle-aged woman. The other quickly
followed. The young woman wasn't sure what to do since her sister was
taking great malicious pleasure in tormenting David's mom while
rubbing her own pussy with her free hand. Feeling the heat of her
loins drawing her towards some action, she saw that Kerry was faced
down and tied. She also saw the attractive round bottom as it ground
into the bed. Sam could hardly control herself and jumped behind
Kerry, quickly pulling the firm cheeks apart and spearing her tongue
into the tight muscle of the other's tiny anus.

Kerry simply groaned out her surprise and enjoyment from this
unanticipated attack and lifted her hips to allow her friend easier
access to her bottom. It was like her brothers hard cock, only
smaller and wetter - as it began to penetrate her body.

With disappointment, Virginia saw that David's mom was starting to
enjoy herself. And was humping her pelvis up to meet the thrusting
hand and fingers deep inside her body. Without any thought to the
older woman's pleasure, Virginia pulled her hand from the clenches of
the wet hot folds. The towel her sister had brought came in handy to
wipe off her hand.

The teen saw the older lady's eyes plead with her , she needed an
orgasm. This is how David feels, Virginia thought. This power and
control was almost as enjoyable as the orgasm which he often gave as
punishment or pleasure.

Her own body was frantic with the desire to climax. Virginia pulled
the damp panty from the older woman's mouth. "Make me come Virginia,
please!" The last word was almost a scream. Yet it still sounded like
an order. The very attractive teenager moved about upon the bed and
was soon able to straddle the bound woman's head. The woman tried to
move her face to the side, having a clue why her son's girlfriend was
mounting her head. The dripping sex lowered and forced itself
directly over her mouth.

Virginia motioned to the Kerry, "Suck you mother's cunt bitch!" The
young woman was only too pleased to follow that instruction and
crawled away from Samantha's mouth so she could place her own upon her
mothers hot sex.

When the young woman's mouth started to enjoy the sloppy sex of her
mother, Virginia felt the woman beneath her scream out in pleasure.
The sound dampened considerably by her own body. David's mom could
not stand it and shoved her tongue up inside the vagina above her.
Next, Samantha crawled around and pulled a clip from the nearest wide
nipple, her mouth quickly encircling and sucking the sensitive skin.

That was enough for the `Den Mother' and she began to orgasm loudly
and violently. Her body jerking about the three other teenagers until
she lay exhausted. Two mouths continued to lick and suck upon her
body, and a wet hot cunt was rubbing up and down her face quickly
making it difficult to breath. The older lady managed to get a few
words out, "Please... stop!"

Her own orgasm quickly approaching, Virginia heard the words and it
pulled her out of the luxurious fog of her excitement. The eldest
teen rolled off the sweaty cunt-juice covered face and immediately
thought of the next enjoyment. "Sam, Kerry...", she gave quick
detailed instructions to the two attractive girls. Then she leaned
over the glistening face of the `Den Mother' and asked, "Are you going
to do as I say or should I get nasty?" While she said this, her
fingers found and twisted the hard nipple which was still covered in
Samantha's saliva.

"I'll do anything! Anything you want Virginia. Please god, I'm so
horny!" It was partially the scent of the lab experiment and
partially the pain talking. The teen also wondered if she had found
the answer to the problem of this woman's dominance over the house -

Virginia untied the older woman's body than quickly gave her
instructions. After the woman was finished, it was amusing to be able
to see the older lady as she lay above her daughter. Upon their
backs, Samantha and Kerry pressed each wet sex together, their legs
intertwined like rope. Kerry's mom straddled her daughters head and
then bent over, her own face right in line with both young beavers.
What was more amusing about the situation, was the sight of the
phallus still sticking out of her bottom and the single clothes pin on
her hanging nipple.

As usually, Kerry could not control herself and immediately pushed her
face up into her mom's sex. Her youthful but energetic tongue easily
finding the enlarged and sensitive clitoris. This caused David's mom to groan out loudly and then press her own face down onto Samantha's
clitoris. Virginia simply fingered her own sensitive clit and found
her orgasm quickly approaching. She wanted something for all to
remember this moment by, for everyone here to know who was in charge.

Even as the belt landed upon the raised bottom, Virginia's orgasm

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXI (Part 2)

They were called pheromones.

Virginia sat in her old high school library and continued to research,
hoping to find something that gave her a way out of the life she now
led. She had found many references to animals being controlled by
scent but none that hinted at how to break them from their own savage
urges. The more she researched the deeper was her despair, there
appeared no answer to her dilemma.

Months had passed, and her boyfriend's house had changed but little.
David was the sole supplier for the addictive drug known by only a
handful as `Toilet Water'. He created it in his small basement lab
and behind locked doors distributed into small thimble sized
containers. It was given to the selected ladies in his house, to be
used as he saw fit. It was often a means of a reward and sometimes to

Though Virginia wanted to break her addiction to the delicious scent,
she had yet been able to control herself after the first distant smell
reached her nose. She tried to hold her breath, but her own urges
quickly changed her plan. So delirious for the liquid that she became
desperate whenever she saw it.

Her life had changed hugely by her uncaring boyfriend. Once, Virginia
was the queen of the high school social scene, but that soon changed
to being an outcast. None of her original friends accepted her new
relationship with David, at least the public relationship which they
knew about. He was not accepted in the crowd she once reigned in.
Yet, she had no choice. In fact, David often liked to show off his
mastery of the best looking girl in school. Necking in the hallways,
a fondle of her bottom all while one of her former friends stood by.
Virginia had no choice.

Her graduation from high school was barely noticed by anyone. Only
David missed her about the halls of his school, as he had two more
years to attend before also graduating. At his request she moved into
his house and slept in the converted family room in the basement. The
large private room had been converted into a huge plush comfortable
den for David's pleasure. Virginia rarely slept alone these days.

Samantha often slept over, with an anxious excitement that Virginia
wished she herself felt. Her parents, didn't like that she had moved
into her own place or that another of their daughters spent so much
time over there. Yet after meeting David and his polite assurance
that they had their own space, they conceded to their daughters
wishes. They were often too busy with work and their large family to
worry about one, or two, of their daughters private lifestyles.

What happened to Mrs. Wilson was what every woman who has tasted the
pleasure of `Toilet Water' feared. With David's direction she was
instructed to leave her husband and find her own apartment with her
two daughters. The apartment only had one bedroom but big enough for
a huge bed. She of course, followed his every wish. If she was not
summoned to her masters home on any given week, she would be given a
vial of the addictive scent to hold her over.

That was when she seemed to loose control of the fragile balance
between pleasure and sanity that they all lead. David dropped off the
vial to his instructor at school, as she often did, Mrs. Wilson
quickly opened it to enjoy the smell. Returning to retrieve his
forgotten books, David found the older woman kneeling naked in the
middle of three students. Each of the young men had their cocks out
and she was frantically sucking and stroking them. The scent driving
her passions past caring. That was the end of her pleasure and the
beginning of a torturous time.

Virginia suspected it was also an addition to the original experiment
to David. How would an addicted woman react when the flow of `Toilet
Water' was turned off - not well as was evident to how Mrs. Wilson
reacted. She was still a junkie, and the simple thought of the drug
would cause her to do just about anything. The last Virginia heard
was that she hitched her way south with two of her students where she
abandoned them for a truck driver. She was not heard of since. Her
two daughters, Jill and Mary, now lived with David.

David's sister Kerry was still the attentive and sexual object of
passion in the house. She loved her brother very much and gave him
any liberty with her person. In fact she loved to be taken advantage
of - to be used. She was still his biggest supporter for the
continuation of their current lifestyle.

David's mom had changed since that morning when Virginia lost control
and tormented her. The attractive teen felt remorse at what she had
done to the older woman, but realized her intentions had worked. No
longer was the middle-aged mother a domineering factor in Virginia's
life, rather she was very submissive with her son's girlfriend.

No other lady in the household could get away with anything when
David's mother was about, yet Virginia seemed separated from this
pressure. In fact, when the opportunity presented, the middle- aged
woman became quite submissive and desirable for Virginia. The young woman suspected it was her own show of force that seemed to set the
dominate role she now enjoyed.

Virginia was in fact embarrassed at what she did to the woman, and had
yet to again torment and pleasure her in the same was as that one
time. Sometimes the older woman begged to be spanked, and Virginia
had no qualms about delivering a firm open-handed spanking to the pale
round buttocks. But that was as far as she was prepared to go.
Unless provoked.

If things hadn't changed much in that house, it was because David
wanted them to stay just the way they were. He wanted to wake up in
the morning with one or two of the woman in his household. He wanted
to be able to fuck any woman, anytime, he wished. He usually liked
his ladies with nothing worn but a smile, other than his mother and
her sexy lingerie. Within his house, every action, every decision was
controlled by the only man in all those ladies lives.

David was a nerd in school, and it was obvious to Virginia, he was
also a nerd at home. He enjoyed playing little games with his ladies
while he watched. His high intelligence sometimes didn't help him to
understand women or the world in general. That is why he relied upon
his mother for guidance to keep the household running without any
interference from anyone not under his control.

Virginia knew money was starting to run thin. David's mom had missed
so many days from work while having many more mouths to feed that
simply paying the mortgage seemed to strain the budget. David was
even going to send Virginia out to get a job but she had overheard the
`den mother' convince her son not to. The teen was not sure why.

A pile of books lay before her, a pile of books that did little to
answer her questions. She felt like crying in frustration and anger.
Virginia didn't know what to do, how to break her addiction to `Toilet
Water'. Just sitting there alone thinking about it causes her to
quiver with delicious anticipation. Even while her mind is disgusted
with herself at her uncontrollable actions.

She stood to meet her boyfriend, as it was only moments before his
last class of the day.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXII (Part 2)

David sat smoldering with anger. In his hand was another overdue
bill, the hydroelectric bill. His mother sat across from him while
his girlfriend sat on his right side.

All were silent.

The young mans paradise was starting to fade. Real life was beginning
to interrupt his sexual island and he was not sure how to stop it. He
was angry not at anyone, since it was no ones fault but his own, but
he had no control over those outside this house.

His mom was still dressed in her business attire since she just got in
the door from work when David asked her into the kitchen. She cleared
her throat in preparation for breaking the silence. "We could move to
a smaller place?"

David noticed his girlfriend wince, the house was already becoming
cramped. "No, I don't think we can." He had to control his voice, or
it may tremble with anger.

Virginia, normally quiet about her boyfriend, added, "I agree. If
anything we need a larger house." The three of them nodded in

Money had become a touchy subject in the last month and now things
were coming to a conclusion. It was more than just one overdue bill.
"How much do we have left over this month mom?" He meant, how much
after they just paid the mortgage and purchased food.

She was reluctant to answer, "Not enough."

It was Kelly that interrupted with a suggestion, she had been lurking
near the fridge listening. "Why not get a rich woman to join us?"
She meant, join her brothers harem.

He looked over in surprise at the suggestion, again enjoying his
sisters youthful strong naked body. David saw his mother nod to
herself a small smile coming to her lips confirming her son's own
thoughts. He turned to Virginia, "Do you know anyone that we could
approach?" She had grown up in a different class of people than David
or his family had and he suspected she would come up with the perfect
woman who could solve all there problems.

He saw her hesitation and guessed she did not want to add another
woman to his household. David know of her dominance in the house and
since she didn't take advantage of it, allowed it to continue. He
thought she was hesitant because she was worried about loosing her

In fact he was wrong, she did not want to submit another woman to the
mental and physical torture she found herself in. "Its been a while
and I'm not sure of anyone that would fit."

Whatever the reason, her words were not believed. "Is Samantha out of
school yet?" Virginia nodded no, knowing he could not be stopped.
"Well have her come down to my lab as soon as she's here." He stood
up to leave, a new smile appearing on his face. "It may be fun having
another woman join us."

Kelly, ever the persistent and unsympathetic one asked, "Do you want
another girl or a old woman?" Her mom raised an eyebrow and David
laughed at his sisters blunt words. "We'll see."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXIII (Part 2)

The perfect woman was found, at least it sounded like the perfect
person to help with all their problems. The biggest problem was her
husband and family. Samantha, Kelly, and David had watched the woman
from a car while she shopped with a friend. The woman, Mrs. Gail
Deaumont, was smiling and generally looking like she hadn't a care in
the world. David appraised her, wondering at the things she would do
for him. She almost forty years old with auburn long hair and every
expensive immaculate clothing. Her face was attractive, but beginning
to show her age.

Kelly off-handily spoke about the woman as if she was already part of
their household. "Her legs are a bit thin but its not too noticeable
with her tiny waist. I wonder if she trims her pussy?"

Samantha, instructed to learn and tell David everything about Gail
also spoke, usually alternating with Kelly's foreword comments. "Jim
is her oldest boy, he is one year ahead of you in school David."

"Her breasts are kinda small..."

"Tony is her youngest, thirteen."

"... and that means her nipples are probably tiny."

"Mrs. Deaumont's husband retired a few years ago, and my mom says he
doesn't need to work because he's so rich."

"Do you like big or small nipples Davy?"

"They have two homes, one here on the mountain", that was the common
name for large expensive residences that overlooked most the town,
"and the other on the east coast somewhere."

"No matter." Kelly giggled. "I wonder what she tastes like?"

David interrupted, listening to both young woman, "What about her

Kelly smiled and also waited the answer. Samantha continued, "Her
name is Loni and she is some kind of swimsuit model in the city."

"And?" Kelly asked.

"She is nineteen years old but a bit snotty."

It was David's turn to snicker. No woman would resist him when he
offered them the nirvana of his experiment. He asked, his eyes not
coming off the woman across the road, "So how do we get her?"

Samantha was silent but not surprisingly Kelly had an idea. "We could
just grab her and give her some `Water'!"

It wasn't something he wanted to do, physically force a woman to do
what he wanted. There was no need, not with `Toilet Water' readably
available. "No. We have to give her the `Water' and have her come to

Kelly looked disappointed, she probably thought they could do the
capture right away. It was Samantha that spoke up, "How do we give it
to her?"

"That's the hard part. What does she do Samantha?"

The young girl bit her bottom lip trying to remember all the
information she had found out about the upper class woman. "Mostly
she likes throwing parties. At least that is what my mom says." She
saw David's look of impatience. "Well she is on some kind of chairman
for a local charity, `Helping Hand' I think."

David started to smile.

"Don't you think her ass is a little flat Davy? Not like moms' at
all." David started to laugh at his sisters words.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXIV (Part 2)

Virginia hated what she was about to do, but she was also very excited
that she was going to enjoy the vial of `Toilet Water' in her coat
pocket very soon. It was always torture when she was in possession of
some of the addictive elixir and instructed to give it to someone
else. Though her boyfriend always rewarded her and she was the only
woman in the household that could be trusted with a closed vial.

The bus ride downtown lasted forever. And the five minute walk
afterwards felt like ten miles. The feather light vial felt like
twenty pounds.

She was admitted into the office by a faceless secretary and Virginia
sat alone for almost a minute before Mrs. Deaumont came in. The
almost- forty year old woman smiled hugely and closed the door behind
her then extended her hand. "Hello Virginia! Its been months since I
saw you. How is your mother?"

Virginia felt the water in her mouth dry up, "She is doing fine
Mrs. Deaumont."

"Oh, please. Your a woman now, please call me Gail." She sat behind
her desk.

It was time, as per David's command. Mrs. Deaumont was seated and
they were alone. Virginia pulled the vial from her pocket and opened
the top and allowed it to drop to the floor. Immediately she noticed
the scent and felt her excitement run through her veins.

"What can I do for you my dear?" Gail frowned and breathed deeply.

"Well, I thought I would see you about a job. mom told me to come see
you." That was a lie, but her own sister had suggested this when the
plan was given to Virginia.

"I see." Virginia shifted in her seat, her hands grasping the arms of
the chair attempting to continue with her current composure. Mrs.
Deaumont also shifted and the teen noticed one hand drop beneath the
edge of the desk top. "Well of course I can help you if I can.
Normally", she stopped and sighed deeply then shook her head and
continued, "I don't do the hiring." She stopped and it looked like
she was trying to collect her thoughts. "Actually dear, if you would
go see my secretary she will help you."

Gail was trying to get rid of the young woman, but this was also
according to plan. Virginia stood up then came to the edge of the
desk and leaned over. "Please Gail, don't brush me off like that. I
really need this job." She saw the middle-aged woman trying not to
look down the front of the loose dress of her friends daughter. David
knew that the scent of his experiment did away with a woman's normal
inhibitions about homo sexuality. It was simply the pleasure received
from another person that was important.

"Please go." She was starting too lose control, thought Virginia, the
"Water" has her.

"Please Gail, I'll do anything for this chance!" That was when the
very pretty young woman leaned the last six inches foreword and placed
her lips on Mrs. Deaumont's.

Gail had her eyes wide open looking with surprise at the young lady.
Yet, she didn't resist when those same lips opened enough for a warm
moist tongue to slip into her mouth. In fact the older woman heard
the moan of pleasure come from her own throat. Barely noticeable, a
hand also squeezed one of her small still firm breasts. It was
delicious and she couldn't stop the moan of pleasure that she emitted.

Virginia fought the urge and power of the scent and pulled away from
the woman. There was one more act to this play. "Is that what I have
to do to get the job?" Virginia started to unbutton the front of her
loose summer dress. Mrs. Deaumont could do nothing but breath deeply
and watch the slow sexy disrobing as the perfect body of the beautiful
woman came into view.

"No..." Is all that the woman uttered. But it held no conviction,
she didn't believe it herself. Virginia simply ignored it.

The dress dropped to the floor revealing the wonderful smooth
nakedness beneath. Virginia had worn no undergarments and so lost in
the new adventure of sensuality, that Gail hadn't even noticed. "I'll
do anything you want Gail." She stood for only a few seconds before
again advancing toward the desk. Gail was silent in surprise and
unexpected excitement. The teen leaned over and pressed a large firm
breast against Gail's mouth.

The dry hot lips found and enclosed about the nipple before strongly
sucking. Virginia moaned with pleasure. The play was over - now it
was time to just enjoy the conclusion. Laying almost upon the desk,
Virginia slid a hand down to the other side and easily found the rich
woman's smooth hairless thigh. The older woman had not been able to
control her own urges and pulled up the mid-thigh skirt to her waist
to get a hand at her own sex. This allowed access to her crotch,
which made it easy for the experienced bisexual young woman.

Fingers fumbled with the panties before finding the small crevice and
moisture than dripped from it. Virginia spoke into the auburn hair,
"I'm going to eat you until you scream Gail." The groan of
pleasurable expectation was her answer. "You'll never have an orgasm
like the one I'm going to give you." Virginia pulled her own chest
from the hungry mouth.

Gail's face was wet with her own saliva and she gasped out, "Yes.
Make me come. Lick me Virginia, please!" The young woman came around
the desk and turned Gail's seat until she faced her. "I haven't been
had a tongue inside me for years dear, I need it so bad." She was
practically crying for release and Virginia hated herself for what she
was forced into doing to this friendly woman.

Kneeling before that wide leather chair, Virginia licked her lips in
anticipation for what was about to come. Even without any scent in
the air, Virginia always fantasized about licking another woman.
Though she had never once considered Mrs. Deaumont in her fantasies.
She now regretted that decision.

With hurried anticipation, Gail wiggled her bottom and slipped her
unattractive panties down her long slim legs. They were forgotten as
soon as they dropped to the floor. The mother of three bit her bottom
lip while placing her legs over the arms of her large comfortable
chair. The skirt was already pulled to her waist so there was no
longer anything to cover her sex.

Virginia saw the woman's sexual moisture as it dropped down and
created a small pool upon the dark leather. The woman had trimmed her
pussy enough that there were no hairs around the outer lips. The teen
had become familiar with several different female sexual organs these
last few months and found herself admiring this particular one.

"Please Virginia - don't make me wait!"

The teen couldn't control her own urges and found herself diving head
first between those pale slim thighs. Her tongue made first contact
with the enlarged clitoris and Gail jerked up in her seat. "Yes!" It
also pushed the head out from between the smooth thighs.

The older woman seemed to melt into her leather office seat, her ass
almost sliding off the edge. Virginia was confronted by an
unrestricted view of the trimmed pouting lips before her. They seemed
to quiver with their own erotic breath.

Virginia's mouth was only three inches from that frothing center of
delight. And her eyes watched in delight as a thick drop of clear
liquid dropped from the bottom of the dark pink vaginal hole, past the
wrinkled anus, to drip slowing to the floor below.

That was too much, Virginia leaned forward to catch the next drop
before it landed upon the floor. Mrs. Deaumont actually squealed when
the young woman's talented tongue moved up directly onto her sensitive
virgin ass hole. Any sexual contact was stimulating when under the
influence. Gail suddenly reached out and grabbed the back of the
teens head and pushed her mouth right over her burning itching
clitoris. When finally the tongue touched it, Mrs. Deaumont exploded
in orgasm.

It had to be the best orgasm she had ever felt, her body rocked with
the explosion of sexual pressure letting go. Virginia's mouth moved
lower and she tasted the extra liquid roll down her throat. The
thighs closed over the long naturally curly hair, crushing the pretty
face against the vibrating sex.

No cock had ever given her this pleasure, nor had any of her own self
induced orgasms. It was something totally unexpected and very

Virginia felt the muscles of the restraining thighs finally sag and
the legs fell back. The teen looked up and wondered if Mrs. Deaumont
had passed out. It didn't matter, her own senses were overtaken by
the smell that clouded her brain. She moved up and began to dive into
the older woman's clothes to get her tiny breasts. She wanted to
taste the nipples, feel them harden beneath her tongue.

The older woman was in no position to stop her. Virginia had her own
orgasm to enjoy, and Gail probably had at least one more. Already the
attractive woman seemed to be recovering, probably from the tearing at
the front of her clothes and the hairy wet pussy humping her leg.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXV (Part 2)

Gail knocked on the door and waited for an answer. What was she doing
here, why did she come? She had asked herself this several times
since Virginia had called her, requesting another more secluded
meeting. The first still amazed the forty year old woman, how she
orgasmed four times by that talented young lady. The things she did,
things she never once considered doing, caused her cheeks to blush

She told herself that this meeting would only allow her to let the
teen off easy, to let her know the last meeting should never have
turned out how it did. But, her memory of that first explosive orgasm
caused her knees to quiver.

When the door opened, Gail faced a mid-teen whom she had never seen
before. He held out his hand and smiled to the woman, "Please come in
Mrs. Deaumont." She saw that he was what her daughter would have
called a nerd, the description fit this young man.

"Yes." She stepped past the doorway and the young man. "Is Virginia

"No, but she will be back very soon." The young man smiled, "You are
early, couldn't wait huh?" He shut the door behind him.

"Pardon me?" She felt the blood rush to her face wondering if
Virginia had told anyone of what happened between them.

"Please come in. My name is David."

She nodded, then reluctantly told her name, "Gail."

"Anything to drink?"

"No thank you." She was lead into the living room and the young nerd
sat across from her staring intently at her body. When his eyes
wandered over her breasts and up and down her crossed legs, she
realized that he knew about her and Virginia. That knowledge caused
her blood to go cold.

"When did Virginia move here?" She looked about the room, attempting
to hide her embarrassment and to break the awkward silence. Also, she
wondered why that pretty young thing would move into a house like this
after living with at her parents large home for so long. It meant the
teenager was living a different life than the one she grew up in.

Then the smell hit her. Immediately it brought back detailed flashes
of her meeting with Virginia in her own office, and images of that
talented tongue pressed into her glistening folds came to mind.
Unconsciously she pressed her thighs together, trying to stifle the
tingling she felt in her groin.

That smell? She realized the only other place she had smelt it was in
her office almost a week ago, just before she had sampled the teens
wonderful body. It seemed to drift into her nasal passages and out
into every nerve of her body. Goose bumps appeared upon her skin, and
she trembled slightly. Her sex felt like it was flooding with hot
liquid and she knew the dampness would show through her panties and
slacks very soon. Again she squeezed her thighs together, but didn't
release them for a long time. What was that wonderful smell?

She saw David staring at her, smugly smiling, but otherwise just
looking at her impatiently. As if she was a painting or a flower
arrangement, she thought. When his eyes moved down to her ankles and
then started to move slowly up her slim legs she felt his gaze almost
as a physical touch on her skin. Her mind became clouded with her own
desirous needs and she could feel the beating of her heart quicken
when his gaze reached the spot between her legs.

Nothing could be seen of course, but she felt like she was totally
exposed to this nerd. Then the thought hit her, the nerd had a cock.
A hard throbbing teenage cock! She felt a hand grasping her left
breast and looking down realized it was her own hand. Her mouth was
watering just thinking about that cock between David's legs, only a
few feet from her.

"It would be easier if you took your clothing off."

Of course it would, she mentally snapped. Then she looked down and
found her trembling hands tearing at the buttons of her blouse. At
first she was shocked at the thought of disrobing now, here in front
of that young man. But at the same time, she felt a rush of
excitement. How deliciously wicked it would be to show the nerd her
body - he was probably a virgin and had never seen a real woman

When she finally threw her bra off her shoulders, Gail felt the
tightening of her nipples. They were so hard, she thought, like
rocks. The warm air brushed against her skin but she still trembled.

"Now for the pants."

She felt foolish, of course the pants. When she was wiggling the
slacks past her hips, she wondered again why she was doing this. Then
Gail saw her own secretions on the inside of her panties, a long
thread still clung to her sex, and she knew why. Sex!

Gail wanted to taste herself, wondered if she tasted anything like
that sweet juice of Virginia's. When Gail spread her legs wide on the
couch and slid a finger down between the hairless lips of her sex, a
loud groan escaped from her. She lifted the digit up and hungrily
sucked herself from it.

"Rub yourself Gail."

She didn't even think about what he said, it was too logical. She did
exactly as he asked and moved her hand back between her thighs and
started to manipulate herself with familiar movements. The mother and
wife could hear her loud quick breath as she started to work upon
herself. Your a slut Gail, she thought, a gorgeous desirable slut who
needs to come.

After a few seconds, when her eyes moved back up to the young man.
She was surprised to see the nerd naked only a foot before her. His
cock was hard and pointed almost right at her face. That sight caused
her first small orgasm. It was too much, cunt, cock, it didn't
matter. The forty year old just needed something to get fucked with.

"Cock!" She mumbled. "Gimmie!"

David actually laughed when he stepped foreword and Gail opened mouth
about the hard organ.

Any thoughts of family, marriage, or even propriety were gone. The
mature woman was a slut, hungry for an orgasm and desirous for any
sexual stimulation at all. The nerd who had been sitting in front of
her was now the most handsome hunk she had ever seen, who's cock was
the hardest she had ever witnessed, and she would do anything that
combination requested.

Her mind only registered some of the words his mouth was saying. So
intent upon savoring the hard manhood in her mouth, that she almost
missed words like "slave", "toy", and "money". Later, when some of
her senses returned she would remember them. Now, she was a sexual
deviant. Something she had never been, nor would she have considered

Gail barely noticed as the young man pulled her off the couch and
threw her on the floor. She didn't care, she simply watched that hard
cock of his and remembered the taste of him. Then he was close above
her, his cock slicing through her overheated folds until his pelvis
ground against hers. It was the first cock she has had in over a
month, and the feeling of him inside her was enough to bring about
another orgasm. Larger than the last, but not strong enough to dull
her senses. In other words she wanted, no needed, more of that cock.

She felt her legs pressed back, her knees against her tingling
nipples. She felt the cock driving her into oblivion and she was
conscious of her vulnerability in this position. And Gail loved the
feeling. Something was pressing into her anus, a finger pressed
passed her muscle and began to finger her in time with that driving
cock. The voice screaming for more, to be overwhelmed with cock, was
her own. Yet it only sounded like a distant echo.

That next orgasm was building and Gail felt her vagina quiver in pent
up expectation. All her senses focused upon that moment, when her
release would explode through her body. She needed it, wanted it to
happen, craved it. Nothing, not even the much loved cock inside her,
was as important as that next burst of sexual energy.

When it came, it rivaled the recent one with Virginia. She screamed
and tore at the cock welding teen above her. His cock didn't stop, it
just kept on pounding into her, back and forth even while her body
began to spasm and wildly gyrate beneath him.

The orgasm was huge but it the unending pleasure caused another to
explode right after, then another. Her body felt as if it floated
upon a sensual cloud of pleasure. After almost two minutes of
explosive orgasms and mind bending pleasure, Gail felt her body and
mind begin to slide towards sleep.

Nothing, not even the initial orgasm upon Virginia's tongue had given
her such pleasure. Her mind relived her own pleasure, even as it came
back to consciousness. Gail realized something was different, but
something was missing. It was the scent, the one she had smelt only
twice. Just a delicious smell that seemed to accompany the wildest
two fucks she had ever had.

Then she felt the pressure inside her rear passage and realized she
was upon her stomach. Her body felt slimy with perspiration, saliva,
and her own juices. And she couldn't phantom how much time had lapsed
since she awoke. But she knew the cock inside her ass was the nerds,
call it intuition. Gail always thought getting fucked in the ass
would be painful, that was why she never relented to her husbands
advances in that area, but she didn't feel any pain.

Slowly, the thick hard cock pulled out almost completely from her ass.
Then equally slowly, it again entered her. It was arousing, but not
nearly the heights of ecstasy that she had experienced earlier. The
feeling was also different than she would have imagined anal sex to

Nerves in her body told her she still lay upon the floor, but a large
pillow was placed beneath her hips. Her legs were together with hands
prying her cheeks apart. Instead of the wanton feeling of wildness
and exhibition she felt earlier she now felt violated. The teenager
was fucking her ass, taking advantage of her when she was passed out.
She was old enough to be his mother, she raged.

"Her eyes are opening." It was a female voice and it caused Gail's
blood to freeze. Who's was it, it wasn't Virginia that much she was
sure of.

Behind her, David replied, "Good." A hand came down and slapped her
bottom very firmly. "Turn your head Gail."

Not knowing why she did, her half open eyes saw a woman a few years
younger than herself seated on the couch. The attractive, voluptuous,
woman was dressed in only stockings and heels. She looked familiar,
but was sure she hadn't ever met the woman. The sexy woman had one
foot up on the edge of the couch and the other over the arm. She was
slowly stroking her moist slit watching the action upon the floor
before her.

Gail felt embarrassment, and just a little anger at herself. How
could she allow herself to get into this position, she wondered. In
fact she came to see Virginia, but she as yet not shown up.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the sexy woman spoke to the
teenager behind her, "Come in her ass David."

The lewd words and their intent scared her, Gail tried to roll over
but strong young hands held her hips in place. She grunted when the
cock suddenly sped up for two strokes letting her know who was in
charge here.

"Get used to it Gail, my son loves fucking a woman's ass."

What was that she heard? Gail looked closer, and realized the reason
the voluptuous woman looked familiar was because she looked much the
same as the young man now fucking into her bowels. She couldn't help
but grunt again as David started to go faster, get rougher with her.
At least she knew what to expect now, that of the familiar male signs
of impending orgasm.

The hard cock went into depths that no man has ever been, as David
forced himself against the Gail's backside. He groaned even as the
hot seed was felt somewhere deep inside her body.

With her eyes still open she would see David's mother slid two fingers
into her slippery vagina and another finger into her own ass hole. It
was a family of debauchery, she screamed to herself. What was
happening now was practically rape. It certainly wasn't consensual
Gail thought.

The cock stopped spasming against the stretched muscle of her ass and
began to quickly shrink. David then pulled his weight from her and
went over to stand next to his mother. Gail watched in amazement as
the woman took the dirty soft cock into her mouth and closed her eyes
as she cleaned him. All the while her hands moved even faster inside
herself, masturbating without a care of who saw her.

The only thought Gail had was to get out of here, to leave as fast as
she could. David's eyes watched her with amusement as she searched
for her rapidly discarded clothing and began to dress. "Are you going
somewhere Gail?"

"I have an appointment, I'm late..." She found her panties and
grimaced at the large wet spot in the middle. Evidence of her own
earlier enjoyment.

Gail saw David reach over to the coffee table out the corner of her
eye. "Before you go I have to show you something."

"Maybe next time, I..." She sat upon the floor and was trying to
hurriedly get her pants up her still quivering exhausted legs.

"I think you'll find this interesting." When she looked up, she saw a
small vial in David's hands. "This is called `Toilet Water'". He
pulled the stopper and Gail suddenly stopped her frantic rush to get
her pants on. It was that smell! The one that precluded each of her
sexual abandon escapades. She breathed deeply and saw that David's
mother did the same, her mouth now off of the tiny soft cock and
watching the vial intently. "And you will become very familiar with
its scent - if you want too." He smirked.

That was the source of that delicious smell, the reason of her
excursions into debauchery and lust. She found herself desiring that
smell even while she moved a hand down to squeeze her own panty covered crotch.

A door opened and two young teens stepped into the room, Gail noticed
that neither wore any clothing. She looked with lust at the youthful
tight bodies, and realized the girls must be sisters. They appeared
to be almost identical, except Gail guess one was a year or two older than the other simply by the development of her youthful body. The
girls stood there in the doorway looking at the vial in David's hand.

"No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want Gail." She again
turned back to David at the sound of her name. "You can leave
anytime. Or you can stay." He motioned to the two young teens, "This
is Jill and Mary - they want you to stay."

The young girls knelt on either side of the middle aged woman and
started to kiss her. Mary started upon the tiny hard nipples, using
slow circular tongue kisses. Jill licked then kissed the older woman's ear and neck. It was the first time Gail had felt two sets of
mouths upon her, and at that moment it didn't matter if was female
mouths or how old.

Gail allowed the two teens to push her back onto the floor, moaning in
enjoyment. Then another set of hands pulled off her panties and
another mouth pressed against her sex. David's mother hungrily tongue
fucked the older woman even while Jill and Mary worked upon the rest
of her body.

The mother and wife knew she wasn't going anywhere soon.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXVI (Part 2)

David greatly enjoyed his new toy, Gail Deaumont. It was like having
sex those first few months with his mother. He could see the guilt
and disgust in Gail's eyes before he opened a vial of his experiment
for her. Then she was much as his mother, unrelenting in her drive
for her desires to be fulfilled.

It was too easy, he thought.

Gail had not returned to his house for almost ten days after she
finally left. Yet, he was patient. Her desired addiction for more of
the drug would bring her back, it always did. When finally she came
to the door, much of her own inhibitions were gone - her week without
pleasure had made up any doubts she had in her mind. She desired the
pleasure the "Water" could deliver and there was only one place she
could get it.

Three times she had come after that, all within a week. She showed
surprise when she watched Samantha and Virginia copulate before her -
sisters and lovers. She also was fascinated at watching David with
his mother or sister. It was a new world to the high class woman, a
world that everyone knew she now belonged.

The money was easy. David had requested a large amount of money, and
she didn't bat an eye as she had turned over the trust to "Helping
Hand". It was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was, of
course, rewarded with a full evening simply for her pleasure.

David smiled as he knocked upon the three meter tall doors. It was
something his sister once said, that their own home was getting too

A gray haired older man answered, "Hello?"

"I'm David, to see Mrs. Deaumont please." The teenager felt like
laughing when he saw that the older man wore golf knickers.

He opened the door and then turned and bellowed up the curved stairs,
"Gail!" She appeared in seconds but her smile disappeared immediately
when she saw who it was.

"Honey you have a visitor." David guessed the old man to be her rich
husband. "Would you please come in." He closed the door behind
David. "I must be going. It was a pleasure to meet you," he held out
his hand, asking the youths name in a off hand way. David ignored the
question and simply shook hands.

The gray haired man frowned towards his wife who was silently
descending the stairs then turned and left through a large archway.
"A golfer huh?" David smiled, remembering those pants.

Gail ignored his question, "What are you doing here David?" He
shrugged and looked up to the doomed ceiling, three stories above.
"Please David my family is here." She was whispering.

A car purred out passed the front, and David guessed Mr. Deaumont was
on his way to play a round of golf. He had to say something he
thought, "I just came to look at how the other half lives."

"Well you've seen it. Now please leave." She moved towards the door
but David ignored her. "My god David, what am I going to tell Harry
when he asks who you were?"

"Tell him I'm your lover and master." David walked past the foyer and
into the arched room which looked to be an expensive living room.

Gail was white in the face and her voice quivered when she replied,
"I'll tell him no such thing." David knew that a woman in her place
was used to getting her own way, that she would not endanger the anger
of the single person who could give her pleasure or take it away. And
it all came back to that drug, the "Toilet Water".

David sat in a old rounded hard wood chair and surveyed the rest of
the room. Gail stood next to him, wishing she had never met the young man or any of the females in his household. "This house is a bit of a
museum, but it does have plenty of space. Twenty rooms right?"

"Twenty seven rooms." David could see the woman's confusion and
enjoyed it.

"Could you get me something to drink Gail, a ice tea please?" It was
more of a command than a question and she immediately left to get it.

When she returned her knees almost gave way when she saw David talking
with her youngest son Tony. She took a deep breath and went forward
to hand her lover his drink.

"Well speaking of the devil."

"Hi mom."

She ignored David and smiled at her son, "Hello dear. Home early are
you." He still wore his soccer uniform, dirty from practice. "Maybe
you should go get cleaned up." It wasn't a question.

David watched amused as the forty year old tried to maneuver her son
out of the room, but a quick change of topic stopped the youths
movement from his seat. "Gail, I was just telling Tony a bit about my

That was enough for Gail to loose her balance and she slowly dropped
to the wide couch next to her son. Her hand held the small of her
throat and she was nodding "no" towards David, hoping he would stop.

Tony missed his mothers ungraceful descent to the couch and turned and
asked, "Is that where you have been lately mother? We thought you
were at your charity."

She couldn't talk, David saw. "Tell your son about that show those
two girls put on for you last time." He waited but she wasn't about
to say anything.

"Your sisters David?"

"No. They are staying at my house - their mother abandoned them."

"That's terrible." The young man looked like he really cared. David
certainly didn't. "Are they talented actresses?"

David laughed, "Actresses - no, they don't act."

Gail interrupted strategically, "Tony would you like to have some ice

"No thank you mom."

It was almost time, David pulled the vial from his jacket pocket and
place it on the table before him. He saw Gail notice it and her
posture and facial features change. She kept looking nervously at her
son, and angrily at David, but her gaze was mostly upon that pale blue
liquid and what it could soon bring her.

"Tony. Go up to your room."

"Mom, I was talking with David."

Her voice took on a dangerous edge, "Now son!"

He was about to stand and leave, as his mother had requested when
David spoke quietly. "No don't leave Tony, I want you to see

"David no!" Her voice had a pleading quality to it that David always
enjoyed on a woman.

Tony saw the vial his mother was staring intently at. "What is that

"Tony, I have a secret. Can you keep a secret?"


"No, I mean, can you keep a very big secret from everyone even your

"Like mom?"

"No, she is part of that secret. I mean like your father, older brother and all your friends. Do you think you could do that?"

"I guess."

Gail interrupted with a whispered plea, "David please?! Not here."

David nodded at Tony and motioned to the tiny vial between them.
"That is called "Toilet Water" and you can have any woman you want
with it."

"`Toilet' what?" Tony laughed, but soon stopped when no one else was
saying anything. He was only thirteen, even if he often felt much
more mature, his years didn't give him any experience in handling
awkward situations. "Your serious?"

"Of course. Ask your mother if it works?"

Tony turned to his mother and realized she looked scared but he hadn't
a clue from what, "It can't be true can it mother?"

Almost a minute passed until David spoke firmly but quietly to her,
"Answer Tony."

She immediately replied, "Yes its true. Tony please leave. For my
sake, please just go."

David again continued, "Do you know how she knows its true Tony?" He
nodded, uncertain of what was going on. "Because she's a woman and
that means she will do anything for what's in that vial."

David realized how strange this situation must feel to the young man,
only a few years younger than himself. Yet, it was fun watching how
the situation progressed. The tension in the room was thick, and
everyone knew it. Though Tony may not know why, he was certainly the
focus of it.

"Maybe I should be going." Tony stood up to leave and walked passed
his mother.

Just before he reached the arched doorway David spoke gently, "Your
mother told me about the panties." That froze the thirteen year old in his place. "Its natural to be interested in your mother. Hell,
Gail is a very attractive woman."

Tony turned about, his face red with embarrassment. The panties that
David mentioned was something Gail had told David's mother when
comparing notes about their families. That a pair of used panties were found beneath Tony's pillow, and they had semen stains upon them.
None in the room thought anyone else knew, especially Tony. It was
obvious that he thought it was a well kept secret of his.

The young man returned to his seat and quietly sat for a few moments.
Tony changed the subject back to the previous one, "This is all crazy.
How can something force someone to do something?"

"Oh, I didn't say force. In fact, they very much want whatever you
tell them. Isn't that right Gail?"

She could barely speak, so dry was her mouth. "Yes, that's right."

"Do you want me to open the vial Gail?"

"Yes." Again a whisper.

"Even with your own son in the room?"

The elder Deaumont turned to her son with a pained look then back to
the vial, and nodded. "Yes."

Tony, of course, didn't realize what that "yes" really meant. "You
mean if we open that glass thing mom will do whatever you say?" He
looked at her surprised, his mind wondering.

"In general yes. Isn't that so Gail?"

A mouse may have been louder, "Yes." She was every embarrassed and
also secretly excited to have that vial open.

"Like she will pretend she is a chicken or do silly tricks?"

David actually laughed, "I guess she would. But she won't be
hypnotized to do things unknowingly. She will be fully conscious of
what she does. In fact, she will very much want to do mostly

Tony still looked puzzled. "Like what?"

David thought for a few seconds then replied, "How would you like her
to hand you her panties right here and now?"

The young teenager was taken back and jerked his head towards his mom but she forced herself to only stare at the vial. "You would do that


"Yes what Gail?" Tony liked to push, to get the most out of his

"I would give you my panties if you wanted me too." She hadn't moved
her eyes, but all in the room could feel the brewing excitement in her
thirteen year old son.

His voice quickened as he asked, "Right now? You would take your
panties off and give them to me just like that?"

"Just like that."

David again interrupted, "Well not just like that actually. That vial
has to be open first." Now Tony looked at it with a new hunger.

The ultimate question, one that David had been expecting was asked,
"How? What's that blue stuff that would make my mom act like this?"

"Its kinda like a perfume I created. It stinks to you and me, but to
your mom it smells like nothing else she has ever known. It will make
her do whatever we wish. Act however we wish. And be whoever we
wish." David took a drink of iced tea, enjoying the tension in the
room. "Only one catch, your mother gets extremely excited when she
smells the `Toilet Water', and will do anything for pleasure."

Tony was swallowing constantly while looking from his mom to the
scent. "Have she tried this before?"

"You answer that Gail." David was enjoying himself immensely and
could not keep the smile from his face.

"Well mom, have you tried it before?"

"Yes Tony I have."

David added, "Several times also."

Tony sat back surprised and flabbergasted. Finally he asked, "Why are
you telling me this?"

"Because I need help. I need you to help me with my family Tony?"

"Help, how?" Gail also looked up surprised.

"Well, lets just say its more than one man can handle."

"You mean my mom?"

"Your mother, mine," Tony looked as surprised as Gail had that first
time when she realized the incestuous relationship David enjoyed, "my
sister, my girlfriend, and a few others."

It was too much for Tony and he simply sat there unbelieving, his
mouth hanging open. David thought better than telling him everything
he wanted, the youth had yet to be convinced it all was possible.

"Open the vial Tony and see that its all real." He looked at the vial
and at David but didn't move. "Maybe you should ask him Gail?"

After taking a large swallow to gain her composure and not to look too
anxious, Gail asked her son. "Open it Tony. Please!" This time,
that pleading voice David knew and enjoyed was used on her youngest
son. It was obvious the young man hadn't missed it either.

"You would really do whatever I ask mom?"

"Anything - just hurry honey!" She was biting her bottom lip, hating
David for bringing this encounter about.

That was when the young man reached out and grasped the vial. He
brought it up to his eyes and looked through it. "Nothing much to
look at."

David laughed, "And it stinks too."

"Open it Tony." Hissed the anxious woman.

Tony saw his mothers wide eyes as it never moved from the vial, and he
was watched her face as he pulled the stopper and let out the magic
that David and his mother assured him was in it. A part of him
thought this was all a joke, that they were playing with his emotions
somehow. People can't be controlled like that, the told himself.

Then he saw her eyes. His mothers eyes as she inhaled deeply, even
while he curled his nose at the stench of it. He saw how his mothers
face changed, how her body seemed to melt and get more relaxed and
something changed in that room.

"Well Tony, ask her." David was sipping his tea as if this was all
common place. Perhaps it was.

"Give me your panties mother?" Besides everything that had been said,
and all that he had heard and witnessed, Tony could not express his
astonishment as his attractive mother stood up and turned her back
before reaching up beneath her dress to pull her plain black panties down her long slim legs. She turned back to her son and handed the
warm undergarments to him.

Tony could see the dark moisture from the crotch section, and the new
smell drift from the garment in his hand. It was a much better smell
than that coming from the vial in his other hand.

It was no joke.

The thirteen year old just sat looking from his mother to the panties in his hand. The vial had fallen out of his hand to the Persian
carpet below. She stood shivering before him, as if waiting, forcing
herself to wait. That look in her eyes was new, a look that starred
intently at her youngest son.

"What else do you want her to do Tony?"

"You've done this with your mother?"

David laughed gently, "Oh yes. Much more actually."

"And she'll do anything I ask." He meant his mother.

"Yes she will. Look at her Tony, she can't wait for you to ask her to
do something." It was true. Tony's mother was rocking upon her feet,
both her thighs were rubbing together beneath her dark skirt and she
was gasping her hands together as if to control herself. "Will you
join me Tony? Will you help me do anything I want?"

Tony didn't respond immediately, his attention focused upon working up
the courage to tell his mother his next fantasy. Instead, Tony
reached out and grasped his mothers hands, one came away and held his.
He pulled her to him, and she dropped to her knees before her son.
Gail's eyes looking up with love and devotion, and unknowingly to
Tony, lust at her young son. The teen leaned over and was going to
kiss his mothers brow, instead her mouth moved and he found his lips
pressed to hers.

It was his first grownup kiss, and he was surprised when a tongue
slipped into his mouth and explored him brazenly. Tony pulled his
mouth from hers, and saw that she was panting and sweat was starting
to appear on her forehead. "I always imagined what you look like mom,
I've always had this fantasy of seeing you naked."

She nodded enthusiastically, "I want to be naked with you dear. I
want you to see me." Without standing or taking her eyes from his,
she started to unbutton and unzip her clothing. With trembling rushed
hands Tony watched as her body was quickly revealed to his gaze. She
was finally finished, and wore no clothing at all. "Do you find me
attractive honey? Am I as pretty as those young girls your own age?"

"God mom, your beautiful." He meant it. This was more than a
fantasy, this was a dream come true. He could see several thick drops
running down the insides of her thighs, almost as if she was peeing.

She saw his gaze and looked down. Gail smiled and took her son's hand
and rubbed it along one inner thigh then brought it back to her own
mouth. She sucked his fingers then licked his hand clean. "See how
excited I am Tony." She moved his hand back down onto her thigh, but
moved it upwards right into her over heated wet crotch. "See how much
I desire you baby?"

Tony was speechless.

Gail manipulated his hand until he felt his finger slid up and into
his mothers vagina. "Do you like mommy's cunt baby?" He simply
nodded as his mother moved his finger to a in and out motion within
her folds. "You can do anything you want with me Tony, just like
David said dear." Her hand caused Tony to jump as it suddenly grasped
the bulge in his soccer shorts.

"What is it you want mommy to do?" Tony looked into his mothers eyes,
his looking almost overwhelmed. Gail could not wait, the scent was
upon her and she needed to be satisfied, to enjoy even her own son.
She would have rather been alone with David, but no longer cared what
cock she used.

"What is it you fantasized about with mommy Tony? Have you thought
about fucking your mother baby? I'll do anything Tony. You can have
me any way you wish - my cunt, my ass, and my mouth are yours to use
dear!" Her voice was starting to quiver as her control was breaking

Her words seemed to stupefy her son more, this was beyond his
imagination, beyond fantasy. Yet, his mother couldn't wait any longer
for an answer and moved forward and moved her face to his lap. Tony
gasped out as his shorts were pulled to the side and his youthful cock
sprung up and directly into his mothers hungry mouth.

It would be very much to take if Tony had been older with more
experience but that was not the case. The young teen had never seen a
naked woman before let alone felt a set of lips loving his hard cock.
So inexperienced was he, that he had only just started experimenting
with masturbation only months ago.

It took less than a minute before that hungry mouth and bobbing head
to receive the first shot of youthful come. Gail swallowed loudly and
she felt a small orgasm rock through her body simply from the
nastiness of the current situation.

Tony was breathing heavy and tore his eyes from his smiling hungry
mother. David lifted his glass to the young man in tribute and
motioned for him to continue.

Youth does have its benefits, which compensates for the lack of
experience. Tony was still hard. Gail would probably have sucked him
off again, so lost in her own enjoyment of that hard little organ that
she had lost a part of reality when the scent overtook her. Instead,
her own desire of enjoyment caused her to lift her face off her
youngest sons cock.

"Mommy wants that cock in me." She began to crawl upwards towards her
son, her legs straddling his. "Mommy wants you to fuck her like the
slut she is. Do you want to fuck mommy Tony?" He simply nodded, now
looking up into her smiling face.

It was an easy maneuver, his four inch cock was already aimed directly
upwards and Gail's sex was extremely wet. The combination made it
easy for her to lower her body with her son's, joining them. She
began to move up and down before him, her hands on his shoulders for

"Fuck mommy's cunt!" Was her litany, as she repeated herself numerous

Tony saw her small conical breast moving before him and took the
initiative and inhaled one tiny pointy nipple. "Yes! Suck me Tony."
She grabbed his head and held her son to her breast while he sucked,
licked and played with his mother's nipples.

David watched silently, amused at the outcome of his maneuvers. He
contemplated taking Gail's bottom when she knelt before her son, but
he let this encounter to the young man - since it was his first. From
his vantage point, it looked like Gail was raping her own son. So
driven so enthusiastic and so slutty were her actions. Her tall thin
body was larger than her youngest child and with her straddling him
the way she was she looked like a amazon fucking her captured male.

The boy was not long in coming again, everything that had happened
since he got home was simply too much for his immature sex drive. His
mother felt the hot seed enter into her, and it caused another small
orgasm to rock her body.

David knew when she came, and he knew it wasn't going to satisfy the
forty year old addict. Gail loved to come, the bigger the better.

The hard cock didn't soften again, and Gail simply continued to bounce
upon it. Her eyes were closed and she focused her attention on her
filled cunt. She needed that orgasm, she deserved it. The mother and
wife used her youngest son mercilessly, or rather his young cock. It
didn't matter who's cock was inside her right then only that it was
hard and inside her body.

Gail's next orgasm was building, and she knew it was going to be a big
one. Not the overwhelming orgasm that David had given her, but big
enough to satisfy her. At least for a moment. She began to mumble
out, "My baby boy...", over and over. In her drug induced state, the
incest quality of this encounter was in itself stimulating. It was
nasty and degrading to the woman, that was what excited her. That her
young son found her attractive and desired her very much was also very
stimulating. Her age did matter to her and she could still excite a
thirteen year old, even one of her own family, she felt a certain
twitch deep inside her - down between her legs.

Tony's face was crushed between her breasts as her arms encircled his
head. His mother squealed and her whole body vibrated as he wondered
if he hurt her. Then after a few seconds she fell to the side, onto
the couch - her body and face looked tired. This movement disengaged
her body from his slimy cock and she lay upon her side facing the
inside of the couch. Her eyes looked into his but she didn't say

It was David who spoke after so long, "Your not finished yet Tony."
The little glistening cock was obvious as it stuck out from his lap.

"But mom looks tired. What happened?"

"She had an orgasm - kinda like your orgasms." David pointed to the
white ass on the edge of the couch. "Fuck her in the ass Tony - she
likes it."

This surprised the youth, "Her `ass'?"

"Yup. She did say you could have her ass, her cunt and her mouth.
You've had two out of three, its time for the last."

"But she's tired."

"She is. One way to get more energy into her is to get her excited -
a cock is probably the best way." Tony looked convinced but looked
down into his mothers eyes but she only stared back soberly.

The young man pushed her one draped leg off his lap and moved about,
kneeling on the floor behind his mothers bottom. He aimed his short
cock between those cheeks and pushed - it pressed into her thigh. It
took several moments of fumbling and poking before the head of his
cock pressed against a hard but moderately yielding muscle. He put
more pressure in the push and suddenly felt the head of his cock slip
past a ring of muscle before the rest of his manhood easily slid into

Tony looked triumphantly over at David and said, "I'm in."

"No mercy Tony, fuck her hard and fast." The boy started, his hips
jack-hammering pressing her pelvis against the smooth white skin of
his mothers buttocks. "Come in her ass Tony. Come in her ass and we
have a bargain. Think of it like a handshake." Tony smiled at the
joke even while David laughed maliciously.

The teen started grunting before he let go of his seed flooding his
mothers bowels.

The deal was struck.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXVII (Part 2)

Six weeks. That's how long it took before David and his family to
move into the Deaumont house. Six weeks is what it took for
Mr. Deaumont to move out east to his other house. Six weeks before
Gail Deaumont was officially separated from her surprised husband.
The kids were given the choice, Tony stayed with his mother, the
eldest choose neither since he simply left for college a few weeks
early, and the daughter lived in the city. Mrs. Deaumont, of course,
chose to stay in the house with David and the "Toilet Water".

Her plans were not exactly what David had in mind.

The forty year-old woman was rather depressed when David wasn't around
- then she put on an air of a "slut". She was a smart woman and knew
where her enjoyment came - Gail also knew she was addicted to "Toilet
Water" and couldn't phantom what life would be like without it.

Weeks before, she was a rich and powerful woman. On the board of two
corporations and head of several limited companies. Her life had been
pleasant, not great, but the alternative had always scared her. She
had grown up in a trailer park and since she left, Gail swore she
would never return. Now, she wondered if that life was not so bad
compared to her current one.

She silently watched as David transformed her house into his own
sanctuary for his harem of sexual drug addicts. The master bedroom,
her old room, was now David's. While she was placed in a room next to
David's mother. Gail participated in and watched as the lovely
females of the house degraded themselves and contested for David's

At night, it was the worst, she never slept alone. More times than
not, she slept with her youngest child - Tony. It didn't matter to
the youth if the scent of the drug was in the air before he enjoyed
his mother - he was very selfish in his enjoyment with her. And when
she wasn't under the influence, she felt repulsed at the intimate
touches and demands of her son. It was obvious to Gail, that Tony
enjoyed her own body even more than any of the other ladies in the
house, that David allows him access too. He too must feel the raw
passion of the sinful act of having sex with a parent. Gail also
hated herself, because, when she smelt the drug, she too desired that
same raw passion.

The only female that Gail Deaumont felt any bonding or attraction too,
outside of a drug induced state, was Virginia. At first she blamed
the older teen on the initial seduction and deceit that was used to
get her to this place in time. Soon, after spending time with David's
"family" she soon learned just how little a choice Virginia really

Virginia was obviously the favorite of the other girls and even with
David. She never abused this power or hurt any of the other ladies in
the house. She would approach David with concerns of any female in
the household, and her voice was often listened too. She was a
intelligent and very attractive woman, easily the prettiest in the
house, who used her power within the "family" sparingly.

Gail often found herself with Virginia when they initially setup the
household. Who slept where, etceteras. They spent time together and
they easily found a compatriot in the other and opened up. They even
became lovers.

Perhaps Gail only needed someone to cry with or to be able to talk
too, and she would never have guessed it would be a eighteen year old that comforted her. That consoled her with tender touches and kisses.
Virginia was the dominant of the two, taking the pinnacle role. It
was how Gail wanted it - she deferred to the teenager in all things.

It was the first woman Gail could ever say she loved, in a deep
emotion way. Virginia was also her first lesbian lover. And she
found this relationship often more fulfilling than the hardest cock.
Whenever they could meet in private, Gail was always ready to make
love if Virginia wished it. Which she rarely did. Their lifestyle
was based upon sex, and simply having time to cuddle and talk was
often the outcome of the more intimate moments.

"Hey mom!" Tony threw the door to her room open, ending Gail's somber
thoughts. "David wants to talk with us downstairs." She faked a
smile for her son and rolled off her bed.

Tony grabbed her ass as she walked by and asked her, "Nice outfit mom.
Meet me in my room after David is finished huh?"

She forced a smile and replied, "Sure Tony."

"And wear the black stockings." He followed her down the stairs and
into the large study where David awaited them.

Normally, Gail would be very embarrassed to be dressed in only a see
through teddy, as she was now, but after all the things she had done
with every person in the house - her naked body was the furthest thing
she needs to be embarrassed about.

David appraised her as she normally did any female in his house.
Mother and son took a seat next to each other facing David's, her
ex-husband's, desk. Tony casually reached over and laid his small
hand upon her thigh, stroking his own mothers smooth skin as David
looked up from some books he was searching in.

"Tell me about Loni?" He directed his question at Gail.

It was enough for the mother to begin quivering and her mouth dried up
in seconds. She felt she knew the reason for this question and in the
last month had dreaded this moment. Her daughter was a very
attractive young woman. And after David's own actions towards his own
family as well as others, she felt it was only a matter of time before
he focused his attention on her daughter.

David smiled, knowing her thoughts. "Your right Gail, I want her to
join our little family here." Tony squeezed her thigh firmly, but she
only looked down at the floor before her. "Tell her Tony." David sat
back and listened.

"It was my idea mom." That caught her unaware, and she turned her
head to look at her son in disgust. From David, she expected such
actions and thoughts, but from her own son it surprised her. She
thought his incestuous lust was fulfilled by her own body. Gail was
wrong. "Remember how I used to have a pair of your panties under my
pillow - well I also had another pair of Loni's under the bed."

She finally found the voice to speak, "Why Tony? My god she is your
own sister - why can't you be satisfied with just me?" It was a son
she didn't know, one that was being molded through his early teen
years by David. A young man who delighted in his sexual contests with
females of his own family.

He looked a little angry at the question. "Because I can mom. With
David's help I can have any woman I want too, fuck any woman I feel
like fucking, and she'll even beg for it. Just like you did,
remember?" She turned back to staring at the floor and felt her face
blush. She remembered - everything. In fact she couldn't stop

David broke the heavy silence, "And you will be the one that brings
her into our family Gail."

She looked up in disgust and saw that there was no amusement in
David's eyes, he was quite serious. Gail looked over into Tony's eyes
and saw the hungry look of his, that same look he often used upon her
before his lust was sated. She attempted to suppress her bodies
The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXVIII (Part 2)

Loni Deaumont came back home, to the house she spent most of her
childhood in. It was rarely a warm and inviting place but it was
always safe. These last two years she wanted to come back more often,
as a sanctuary from those people that wanted to use her beauty and her
talent as a model. She rarely did, her father was the one that told
her she must be strong if she wanted to succeed in the business world.

A month ago, it was her father that told her of the separation of her
parents. It didn't even surprise her. Her parents barely spoke these
last few years, and she wondered if they even shared the same bed.
She was also glad that her mom was able to keep the house and her
freedom. It was about time her mother got what she deserved.

The house looked busy, there was four vehicles parked out front and
many of the lights were on. Perhaps the separation had brought out
some of her mothers wild side, Loni thought with amusement. As if her
reserved mother had a wild side, she laughed to herself.

The model found the front door locked, and frowned when she was forced
to ring the bell. It opened in a few long seconds. Before her stood
a young woman, mid teens, vaguely familiar to the nearly returned

"Hello, you must be Loni. Come in please, we have been anxiously
awaiting you." The door was opened wide and Loni was surprised when
she saw the young woman who opened the door was not wearing anything.

Then a faint smell struck her.

"Oh, just leave your bags in the foyer. You were a little late so we
started without you. David said it wouldn't make a difference."

The very pretty teen saw the wide eyed looked that Loni gave her and
ignored it until finally the question was asked, "Who are you and what
are you doing here?"

"We met once, at one of your moms parties - I'm Samantha." Loni
vaguely remembered her. "And I live here with David and your mom."

"Pardon?" It was a bit of a surprise to the woman, as was the fact
she was having a discussion with a naked teenager. Perhaps her mother had gotten involved with a bunch of naturalists, she wondered. And
who was David, a new boyfriend? And what was that delicious smell?

Samantha again began to lead the woman through the house, "So your a
swimsuit model?"

Loni answer almost mechanically, "Yea, for almost a year now."

The smell was rapidly getting stronger and Samantha began to descend
down into the basement. "Why are we going downstairs - there's
nothing down there but storage?" It wasn't the homecoming she had

"David had it remodeled before we moved in." It was dark going down
the stairs but Loni hadn't seen a light switch to turn on.

The scent became almost like a wave when a wide wooden door was
opened. Her knees almost gave out and she felt her body shiver with
unwanted excitement. Then Loni heard a sound, like moaning. It was
the unmistakable sound of a woman at the height of pleasure. A sound
Loni hadn't heard in her presence for some time - being busy working
and between boyfriends these last few months.

Samantha held the door wide as Loni was drawn forward. She wanted to
run, felt that she should run away as fast as her legs would go, but
she knew she wouldn't. It was like an invisible cord attached to her,
pulling her through the doorway. Loni realized with a start, that the
invisible cord was connected to her vagina and that was what lead her

The large open room was uncomfortably warm and dimly light with
several candles. Had her mother joined some kind of cult Loni
wondered, not for the first time. Seated on a large wooden chair,
almost a throne, was a young man with glasses. He was also completely
nude. Before him, upon several cushions, lay Loni's mother.

She was naked as the rest, her middle-aged body still comparable with
Samantha's or even her own. Her mother was laying upon her back with
two young females against either side. They looked like twins, as
those two young naked girls used their tongues and lips upon the
sensitive skin of the elder Deaumont. Loni watched as one of the
young teens fingers traced from her mothers navel down to the sparse
growth between her legs. The same finger suddenly disappeared between
the shadows between those pale thighs and the older woman moaned
louder this time, her back arching up with pleasure at the intrusion
into her sex.

Loni felt hands upon her own body and looked at the owner, it was
Samantha and another teenager about the same age. They gently but
quickly pulled off all her clothing, even while Loni couldn't tear her
eyes from the sight of her mother and the two young teens.

Afterwards she would remember this moment and think that she was of
two minds. One, tried to get her to speak up to yell at her mother to
stop this insane coupling and to push the female hands from her own
body. The other watched the lesbian lovers with interest and desire,
wishing it was her in her mothers place. Her mind wasn't her own,
rather her overheated sex controlled her so much that she discovered a
longing to replace that young woman's finger with her own. The
thought, when it first came to her, excited and scared her.

The model's world was gone, nothing mattered but this dim room and the
sight of her attractive mother with those two girls. She barely
noticed a long curly haired beauty crawl up between the man's thighs
and immediately begin to suckle his cock. Or the other naked females
in the room and how they mirrored her own mothers enjoyment.

The hands had disappeared from her body and she realized the fingers
manipulating her breast and clitoris was her own. She never bothered
to stop, instead began to earnestly touch herself as only a woman can
enjoy her own body.

Like some unspoken command, the two young teens beside her mother sat
up and went over to the side to enjoy each other. The elder Deaumont
lay groaning with need and withering with expectation when Samantha
appeared behind Loni and pushed her forward.

At that moment, it didn't matter who lay upon those thick pillows,
only the urge to press her tongue deeply into those glistening
feminine folds. But Samantha brought her to the edge of the pillows,
her shins touching her mothers toes on the right foot, when she was
held back from continuing. This time it was Loni's need that caused
the groan to escape her lips. She needed to lick that woman's sex, to
tongue her mothers vagina.

The other teenager, the one that helped Samantha disrobe her, moved
forward and knelt on the pillows next to her mom. A two foot pink
pole was unceremoniously inserted between those widely stretched
thighs. Loni's mother went wild, squealing and wiggling wildly as the
teenager moved the imitation phallus back and forth inside her mothers

Samantha then lead her charge up upon the cushions to straddle her
mothers thighs. Hands held Loni's hips and she moved when they
directed her down. Other hands aimed the other end of the phallus
upwards between the slim attractive model thighs. Loni echoed her
mothers enjoyment when she felt the thick cock head enter into her own

Loni realized there were no longer any hands on her or her mother.
She squatted over her naked mother with a thick member between both
sets of female lips. Loni moved down until she was in a sit up
position above the groaning woman below her then she lifted her hips.

It was a masculine position and Loni loved the feeling it gave her,
like she was fucking her own mother. While it was both ladies that
felt a cock inside them, it was Loni that controlled the movement of
the thick plastic phallus. She looked down into the face of pleasure
as her mother looked up into her own. She wondered if she looked so
lost in pleasure, so excited that even the thought of lesbian incest didn't even matter?

When the elder Deaumont began to grunt, Loni knew her mother was about
to orgasm and doubled her efforts as to match her mothers orgasm with
her own. The two Deaumont females began to orgasm almost
simultaneously before collapsing in each others arms.

It was a quiet moment as both ladies breathed heavily into the others
ear. Both arms held the sweaty skin against the other and Loni felt
renewed desire at the contact. The phallus was still inside both of
their bodies and every twitch of a vaginal muscle was felt by the
other. Loni missed the words that came quietly from her mothers lips,
"I'm sorry Loni, I didn't want this!" But at almost the same moment,
someone had come up between the two sets of legs and pulled out the
pink double headed cock causing Loni to focus back to her sex.

A finger pressed into her, and by her mothers gasp beneath her, Loni
guessed the same was happening to her. It was a small finger, and
Loni didn't care whom it belonged just that it moved deliciously back
and forth inside her sensitive folds. She felt a desire and moved her
mouth against her mothers, it was received earnestly. Tongues dueled
and lips smashed while both ladies continued to get finger fucked.

It was only a few moments after the first orgasm when Loni realized
her mother was having another, though smaller, orgasm. God she wished
she could come that quickly, she thought enviously. When her mother finished screaming into her own daughters mouth, hands pulled upon
Loni's hips. Those same hands pulled her off her comatose mother and
onto her back beside her mom, just after the fingers pulled from her
sexual hole.

In her heightened state, she thought the young man descending towards
her looked familiar. He positioned himself much the same as she did
above her mother only several minutes ago before plunging his hard
cock into her recently well used sex. She looked up into those
familiar eyes and thought the young man looked like her brother, but
she thought that just could not be possible. Wasn't her brother just
entering into puberty or something, she wondered.

If not for her heightened state, Loni would not have enjoyed the young man's small penis as it pounded and out of her body. She looked back
over at her mom and saw that she was laying upon her side masturbating
to the sight of her daughter with the young man. It caused a jolt of
excitement to run through her body knowing that her own mother was
witness to this nameless fucking machine between her spread legs. He
certainly had the energy of youth, thought Loni, amused.

When she felt a familiar wash of warm liquid filling her up and the
young man above her grunt and become tense, Loni again orgasmed. It
wasn't a large or exhausting orgasm but one that kept her fulfilled
and wearing a pleased smile.

Time became a blur to the model as the teenager pulled away from her
and her own mother crawled up between her thighs. She thought, but
wasn't sure in her current state, that her mother began to lick and
suck at her vagina. Her hands pushed her daughters legs back until
the knees pressed against her small firm breasts. A tongue dived and
lips sucked out the thick hot man-cream for several minutes. Loni
felt her body beginning to respond and she barely noticed Samantha had
begun to suck upon one of her small pointy nipples. Another mouth
sucked upon her other breast, the other teenager who had undressed

Perhaps she had another orgasm, perhaps she simply fell into an
exhaustion and didn't notice anything for several minutes. Until that
same young man came up to her head, his eyes looked down with
amusement and Loni then realized it was indeed her brother. She
thought she should feel disgusted by what she did with him, but with
the attentions of the other three women she didn't even care. Tony
knelt on either side of his sisters pretty face and lowered his balls
into her slightly open mouth.

Loni opened and took his nuts into her mouth, one at a time. She
sucked and savored the young man balls while she realized another
woman was sucking his small penis back to its hard state. Catching
glimpses of the sight, she saw it was her mother that was doing the
mouthing of the thin shaft with as much enthusiasm as she had used
sucking the come from her daughters used cunt.

Again, Loni didn't care. Time blurred and she found that she lay
intertwined with five females, one which was her mother, and her
brother. She was the center of attention, with multiple lips,
fingers, tongues, and cunts touching her intimately everywhere. Loni
enjoyed several smaller orgasms before her brother again climbed
between her legs. He immediately started to slam back and forth
inside her. Even with its small size, she felt another tiny orgasm
approaching. Then she realized what came of her mother as a wet
vagina slowly descended towards her mouth.

That was the last Loni remembered before she awoke later. The sun was
streaming into the room as she felt the soft clean quilt covering her
long limbed naked body. The young woman realized she lay alone in one
of the rooms in the house. Was it all a dream, she thought? It was
too outrageous to be otherwise, yet it would have been delicious if it
had been real. She hadn't felt this good in years, before taking on
the responsibility of her own life and moving to the city.

"Good morning Loni." She quickly turned her head and gasped when she
realized who it was. It was the man from her dreams, the one seated
on the throne with that beautiful brunette sucking him. "You look
wonderfully rested this morning."

She covered her tiny breasts with the quilt and gasped, "It wasn't a
dream was it?"

He snickered, "No Loni, it wasn't. Every enjoyable moment was all

Loni felt the blood drain from her face as she remembered just a few
of the things she had done. "My mother!"

"She is sleeping soundly right now, getting back all her energy she
used last night with you."

She realized he was dressed in only a thick white terry cloth robe.
"Your David aren't you?" He nodded and sat down on the edge of her
bed. Loni wanted to be alone, but her mind flooded her senses with
erotic images from last night. "And my brother?"

"You exhausted him last night, he's probably sleeping right now also."
She breathed deeply to try and control her composure. "Please leave
me alone now."

"Well that's is what I came to talk to you about." She sighed,
knowing she wasn't about to be left alone. Loni wanted to cry, but
she wasn't going too with this geeky teenager in the room. "I thought
I would come wake you up and answer all your questions." He then
smiled hugely and continued, "Then I thought I'd fuck you." It was
spoken so calmly so rationally that Loni thought she must have been
mistaken at with his words.

She knew she hadn't.

Instead she tried something that usually worked with every man who she
had known, she got angry. "Get out! Get the fuck out of here. Leave
me alone you fucking pervert. I don't believe your nerve...", she was
puzzled at his amused look and the fact that he had even moved an

"Do you have any questions or are you just going to yell some more?"
She felt like her head was going to explode with pressure, but bit her
tongue. It appeared anger would not get anything resolved. "That's
better. Just for that little outburst, my first fuck is going to be
in your ass."

She opened her mouth to renew her shouting but he simply continued,
"What is it you wanted to know first? How you ended up fucking your
mother and brother in front of an audience."

That shut her up, his blunt words were correct, though she was only
remotely conscious that she had a audience last evening. "What
happened to me, it was like I was a different person or something."

David smiled knowingly then pulled out a small vial and Loni took it
from him. "Inside that is the answer to everything that you did. Did
you notice that you enjoyed every second last night?" She felt her
face again blush. "That anyone could have done anything to you and
you would have begged for it?"

She nodded, it was all true. And that scared her immensely.

"It's called `Toilet Water' and its something I made for Chemistry
class. Basically its a highly addictive drug that affects a females
mind and body until she can't control herself. In effect its an
aphrodisiac of huge proportions."

"So I couldn't have helped myself last night? It wasn't my fault?"

"Of course it wasn't anyone's fault - but you could have said no and
left the room if you wanted to. You didn't and loved every second of
what happened. In fact you want it to happen again don't you?" She
shivered and turned away as he started to laugh. "I bet your cunt is
getting wet just thinking about it?"

It was, Loni realized with disgust.

"The only way it will happen is with that." He pointed to the tiny
vial in her hands. "Open it and see if its true."

She threw it back to him and shouted, "Fuck you pervert. I don't want
to ever repeat what happened last night." She shivered, remembering
and knowing her own words were false. Yet, she wasn't about to allow
some dorky nerd to tell her how to act. "Whatever is in that bottle
could never cause me to do those things."

He tossed it back to her, "Open it and prove me wrong."

She grasped it and was about to pull of the cork stopper when she
looked up into David's eyes. Was it all true, would she do anything
if she opened this bottle, she wondered?

He suddenly laughed, "Open it or my cock in your ass won't feel near
as good!"

Just to prove to him, and probably to herself, that she couldn't be
controlled she opened it.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXIX (Part 3)

Tony held back the retort to David's latest command. It was
ridicules, Virginia already held too much power, he had always
thought. Instead of commenting, he simply brought up the glass of
wine and took a long slow slip. He realized he more frequently had to
bite his tongue when it came to some of the things David wanted done
with his Family.

"Have it taken care of will you Tony?" David looked wasted, half
asleep with large dark bags under his eyes and the whites of his eyes
red. It wasn't a new look for him, this was one of his better

Like a baron of old, David simply sat back and let others do his work
for him. His most trusted aid, Tony Deaumont, had faithfully done
everything asked of him these last several years. He, of course, was
well rewarded.

"Sure David." The older man pushed his trembling body upwards off the
huge leather seat his hands holding himself steady with the top of the
large desk. Even this early in the morning David was drunk, barely
able to walk.

While the ladies of his family were addicted to 'Toilet Water', David
had become addicted to alcohol. Tony didn't approve, but of course
never said a word.

It had gotten to the point that he had trouble performing with any of
the ladies and often resorted to more imaginative and sometimes
impossible requests and demands. Thankfully a few in the house knew
how to handle the head of the Family, to either work hard to get him
sexually appeased so he fell asleep or to give him more alcohol so he
fell asleep. Either way, everyone, including Tony, were given respite
from his demands when in this condition.

And more importantly, Tony was in complete autocratic control when
David was inebriated.

Tony put down his wine goblet and stood to help his friend and
compatriot. A arm about his thin shoulder was enough to hold David's
light frame. He started to lead him out of the room, and back to his

David surprised Tony with a question, "What we did was okay wasn't it

"'Okay', how?" It was a broad question.

"I mean the 'Water'?" This revealed a previously unseen streak of
guilt perhaps even compassion. It disgusted Tony, but he never said a

Out of the double doors, a unnamed slave quickly moved before them to
clear the way, and down the hallway to David's room they slowly went.
His room used to be on the top level, in the master suite, but with
his drinking it was nearly impossible to get him upstairs. "Yea, we
are doing great David."

David nearly dropped to the hardwood floor when his feet slipped on
the large throw rug beneath him, only Tony's strong arms held him up.

The slave looked startled when her Master nearly fell but beamed with
pride when he was saved from his fall. Tony barked at her, not being
able to remember her name, "You, cunt!"

"Master!" She came scurrying to his side, anxious to help.

"Get Mary to attend David right away and then send for Gail."

"Right away, yes sir!" She was very enthusiastic. And with a very
attractive round ass thought Tony, cataloging her for a future
evenings tumble.

Mary, Mrs. Wilson's cute daughter, had become David's nurse, of sorts.
Tending to his private needs with compassion and perseverance that few
could command.

Virginia came walking through an arch way towards them, dressed
impeccably and still the most attractive woman within David's Family.
"How are you David?"

"He's sick." Barked Tony. "I just sent for Mary."

Virginia nodded, understanding perhaps more than any other, then moved
to open the final doorway into David's room.

Tony eased David down into his huge very soft bed. It appeared that
he was already asleep, his eyes closed and his body limp. Tony turned
towards Virginia, the only woman in the family that Tony was not
permitted to touch, and barked, "David wanted to put you in charge of
the family sluts."

"Against your wishes."

"Against my wishes, yes."

Virginia always controlled her disgust of the younger man, the only
other male in the family other than David, at his lack of feelings
towards anything but himself. By putting her in charge of the ladies
of David's family it simply made official a position she had taken
years ago, when all the females looked to her for guidance and wisdom.

It also gave her the power, nearly at Tony's level as head of the
Family, for the direction and decisions took. This gave her the power
to do as she wished.

"I sent for your slut Mary." Again a small nod. Years ago, after the
accident, Virginia found compassion and gentleness with the, then,
young girl. They had shared their bed and their love for all this
time since.

Still tiny in frame and cute of face, Mary came rushing into the room.
"Oh Master," she bent down and brushed a lock of dirty hair from
David's face with extreme gentleness.

All had thought him asleep but David opened his eyes a crack and
lifted his head, "Mary dear, get me a bottle will you?"

"Certainly Master," she began to remove his clothing, "but first a
quick sponge bath and a few mouthfuls of food." Mary looked up at her
lover and asked, "Is Gail available?"

Intercepting the question, Tony growled, "Yes you cow, my mother has
been called!"

David started to cry, with tears rolling down his cheeks he tried to
hide his face in his hands as sobs overcame him.

Gail Deaumont appeared at the door and came rushing in. Years older than when David had first initiated her into the Family, she dressed
as she did back then. She wore a pale pink teddy, stockings, garters
and heels. She looked like some old whore, and she was.

Knowing why she had been called she came over and lay next to David,
her lips kissing his hands over his face. "There there darling, I'll
kiss it all better."

"Oh!" He moved his hands and reached for her old body. The two
embarrassed passionately and their tongues fondled in the air between
the open mouths.

Tony nodded disgusted, even he no longer found his mother attractive
enough to bed, turned and stalked out intending on finishing his days
business so he could attend to some pleasurable enjoyment.

Virginia watched silently while Mary prepared a bowl of water and rang
the kitchen for a bowl of broth, both for David. The tall very sexy
woman watched with pity when David slid a hand between Gail's old wrinkled thighs, anxious to get at her sex. She understood what was
happening to David, her Master. Most probably would understood,
except perhaps Tony who could care less.

It was the accident, the one that had killed both David's mother and
his sister Kerry. The police report stated their car swerved over
into the oncoming traffic and a semi trailer. Virginia guessed Kerry
was making a fuss and attacking her mother with hands and mouth,
anxious for more pleasure even while the elder drove.

It had destroyed David, both emotionally and intellectually. He
didn't blame himself for the accident, though perhaps he should she
thought, but he did blame himself for forcing them into a life they
may not have wanted to lead.

Other than David and Tony, Virginia knew the most about 'Toilet
Water', though not enough to create any, and knew that it caused any
woman that inhaled its strong odors to become its slave. Without
exception. Yet it also caused that woman's desire for its stench to
make her act different than another woman. Virginia guessed it was
something to do with the woman's original personality, one that simply
shaped itself to the situation that it was forced upon. Some woman,
when under the direct influence of the 'Water' became docile, some
submissive and others like excited children. It was a personality
strain that only seemed to appear when induced by the drug.

David's desire for Gail was a part of that guilt. It was also a part
of his love and continuing desire for his mother. When drunk, David
mistook Gail for his mother. Possibly the only time he was able to
get excited, even then it was rare, was when he was with his 'mother'.

Virginia felt pity for the man she called Master but she still felt
the old hatred burning within her.

Gail's hand stroked the semi-hard penis while sucking on her Master's
tongue as his fingers fingered her semi-wet vagina.

Even Virginia could not continue to watch, she turned and left.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXX (Part 3)

Tony had a small problem, it was his worry that no one else knew how
to produce the 'Toilet Water' besides David. His years of service,
his quick conversion to David's lifestyle and the strength of his
personality meant nothing when it all came down to the formula David
had created years ago.

Their names were mommy #4 and daughter #4. They were indeed mother and daughter, only sixteen years separating them. Of asian descent
the two ladies were both tiny replicas of the other. They're age
could barely be guessed and few could tell which was the parent.

Tony had several incestuous couples for his pleasure in the house.

Tony had sold a years supply of 'Water' for these two sexual dynamos
to mommy #4's husband and daughter #4's father.

The man had eagerly consented, using the drug to succumb his younger
daughter to his desires. It was one of the most lucrative part of
David's Family, the selling of large doses of 'Toilet Water' to the
elite of society. It had all, originally, been Tony's idea.

While David had kept his lust aimed towards his own mother, Tony had
been intrigued with forcing other families into such relationships.
Perhaps at one time David was interested in this particular kink, but
now, so many years later, his mind had no sexual thought but for the
long dead.

Naked and laying upon his huge sized bed with both naked females
sucking on either side of his hard cock, Tony ate an apple and
wondered how to get the formula from his long-time friend. Especially
before it was too late - David couldn't keep going on his current
path, that much was for certain.

Without that formula, he would loose everything. The family would
turn to dust. There would be thousands of women around the world that
would be strung out nympho addicts, humping anything that moved if
their supply disintegrated.

Several years ago, David had consented to a controlled test that Tony
wanted to do. They locked three different addicted females into three
different rooms. They had plenty of food and water but 'Toilet
Water'. It didn't take long for them to become strung out, craving
that which only the 'Water' could give. Soon even their sanity was in
question as they ran about their rooms attempting to get anything and
everything into their vaginas. Pressing their constantly wet sex
against any protruding angle. Their fingers repeatedly fondling
themselves. All without quenching that fire, a bonfire that only the
'Water' could deliver.

Two floors below him, he knew his mother was probably sucking David's
soft cock, fingering his friends anus as well as fucking his big toe
into her cunt. All to excite his near comatose body. It disgusted
the man that his slut mother was doing this, though he doubted anyone
else could.

He had to find some way to get that damn formula!

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXI (Part 3)

Virginia felt her skin crawl when Tony grasped her upper arm to stop
her from leaving. As quickly as he had grabbed her he let his hand
go. "Sorry! Just stop and listen will you."

"I am not going to trick David into doing anything." She stood with
arms crossed tapping a foot anxiously.

Tony only had a silk robe on and it was so loose, nothing was hidden beneath. "Don't you know what will happen if he dies?"

"David isn't going to die!" She didn't even believe the sound of her
own voice.

The middle-aged man shrugged, "Perhaps or perhaps he will. He is
certainly trying to kill himself." Virginia had no answer to that.

"I think the only thing that happens if David dies is that you will no
longer be able to rule..."

"... without the 'Water'." He finished for her.

That stopped her. "Don't you know how to make it?"

"That is the one thing that David never revealed, to me or to anyone.
I've looked though his private papers and nothing. Its stuck in his

Virginia turned and looked out the window to the windy fall day, two
female slaves were tending the fallen leaves. "This isn't good."

"Your finally figuring that out huh?"

She ignored his thrust. "Let me talk with Mary and see when is the
best time to talk with David."


Virginia spun about, "Listen Tony, I'm not going to trick David. I
have been with him too long to do something to hurt him."

"Then you will be crawling on the ground waiting for the next dog to
come along to fuck that cunt of yours." He wasn't being figurative
but very literal.

He never got away with talking with her like that, but this was
different, Tony was right. She had seen a couple of the women that
had not been able to get a fix of the mind controlling drug. It
caused a shiver of fear to run up her spin.

"Come to my office after lunch tomorrow." The door slammed as he

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXII (Part 3)

That same night Virginia lay naked in bed as Mary cuddled up into her
arm, her head upon the tall sexy woman's shoulders. For hours
Virginia could not sleep, could not get Tony's words out of her head.
For years she has fought for some semblance of normalcy in the family and other than the times when the drug was in the air, she had been

It had been crazy those first years after moving into this mansion.
Tony and David and fucked every female that moved. They both had a
particular like for incest, in their own families as well as others.
And the 'Water' give them the power to do anything they wished. It
was a crazy time, filled with evenings of orgies of naked female
bodies using every means at their disposal that fancied either male.

Mothers had been forced to fuck their sons, daughters fucked their
fathers, sisters and brothers, mothers and daughters and of course
sisters and sisters. Virginia shivered remembering how she had helped
David introduce Samantha into his Family.


A light sleeper she awoke easily enough, "Hum?"

"Is there a good time to reason with David?"

That caught her attention and Mary lifted her head up off the shoulder
to look into her lovers eyes. "Not really." It was a strange
question, one that Virginia already knew the question too.


"Well sometimes, but its hardly predictable."


Mary moved her hand to Virginia's still firm breast, "Why darling?"

Virginia couldn't tell even Mary she realized, the horror of it too
real and very probable. No, in fact she had to hid this from the
closest person in her life.

Instead Virginia turned her head and slipped her tongue between Mary's
lips. "I want to use the beaver."

Mary gasped and smiled hugely, the earlier questions already
forgotten. The 'beaver' was a strip of leather shaped like a beavers
tail, thus the name. It inevitably meant tying the person up and
spanking her body till the pain mixed with the pleasure that soon
followed. Virginia had never truly lost the urge to tie up a woman
and hurt her since she had done it so long ago to David's mom.

Reaching over, Virginia quickly unlocked the small cupboard and
extracted a small glass vial. She squeezed it between her strong
fingers and immediately the glass shattered and fell to the floor.
Both ladies found themselves inhaling deeply as the harsh stench of
the 'Toilet Water' quickly clouded their minds and moistened their

Roughly Virginia pushed off her lover, and rolled over to sit upon the
small of Mary's back. Mary only moaned in delight as her life-mate
roughly tied a satin sheet around her wrists behind her. Quickly,
feeling the heat of her loins spreading throughout her body, Virginia
retrieved the 'beaver' and knelt next to the round soft bottom of the
younger woman.

Even as her hand came down with the 'beaver' she felt a thread of fear
run through her body at the realization that she may soon find herself
without the 'Water'. Tears began to rain down her cheeks as Mary
cried out in pleasure and pain as her ass turned a bright red at the
beating she was receiving.

Possibly being the only woman that was allowed her own access to
'Toilet Water', Virginia never needed to abuse this privilege. She
didn't need too, there was always enough to quell her urges. At least
once per day she cracked a vial of the liquid and enjoyed its result.

Soon she may find herself in a brothel in the middle of the worst
jungle in the world, slobbered upon by the most grotesque of men. All
the while she would want more, beg for more cock, cunt, animal or
human. It wouldn't matter. She would hump, fuck or suck anything or
anybody. The lowest of the low for sluts.

Her hands trembling in fear and 'Water' induced excitement, Virginia
retrieved another toy. This one a strap-on penis that had an
attachment that caused vibration next to her clit each time she push
the head of the phallus into a woman. It was something that David had
had developed years before.

Fueled by her impassioned blood, Virginia knelt behind her long time
lover and aimed maliciously. She drove herself and the phallus down
into Mary's anus, which immediately produced a scream of pain and

Tomorrow, when the drug wore off, Mary would be very sore for several
days. Not for years has she been treated like this, this rough and
forcibly. Virginia liked soft gentle love making, where tongue and
fingers did the work. Where lingerie was the only addition to their
bed-time play. Evidently, it wasn't enough this night.

Fueled by 'Toilet Water' Virginia started to push her hips back and
forth behind her lovers with such force it was pushing the plump cute
woman upwards in the bed. Again and again she pounded her cock into
Mary, the produced vibrations feeling like nirvana.

Worry and excitement started to overwhelm her and Virginia began to
see spots before her eyes.

Later, much later, Virginia awoke naked and sweating upon the wide
bed. Her sex was sore from its abuse and sensitive from several
orgasms. She looked over at Mary and found the woman still laying as
she had been earlier, on her stomach with her hands bound behind her.
Mary also had the now unlatched strap-on cock still in her rectum.

The tiny woman looked abused, spent and well fucked. With regret
Virginia knew Mary would be very sore when she awoke. The scent of
the 'Water' was no longer clouding her judgment and she knew, without
a doubt now, that her principles had to be ignored and her lust for
'Toilet Water' forced her to join camps with Tony. Already, her fear
was already changing her disposition.

Somehow they had to get the formula out of David.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXIII (Part 3)

"Okay, I figure we put a secret camera in the lab", an area in the
basement next to the 'dungeon', "and watch exactly what David does."

Virginia just nodded her head back and forth, she knew it wouldn't
work. "David doesn't label his vials and he isn't neat enough to keep
things in one place." And she knew all the vials looked the same.

Years ago Virginia wanted to get out of David's family so bad she had
thought for years how to get the formula off him. Even then she knew
that it was impossible for her to leave her addiction and David. She
tried so many different things, without jeopardizing her position with
the Family. All to no effect.

"Besides, we have enough supply of 'Toilet Water' to last us and our
clients for nearly three more years." And Virginia could not imagine
what life would be like if she knew at the end of the three years she
would be a zombie of lust, looking for anything to quench the fire
between her legs, and never succeeding. "Who knows when he will next
go to the lab."

Tony took this as an offense, Virginia had trashed his ideas so
quickly. And to make matters worse, she was right.

They sat in the glass partitioned dining room. Alone and seated
across the table. Each hating the other but also both needing the
others participation, if not for different reasons.

"Well what is your idea?" She stared past him, fear again nearly
overwhelming her. She had no other ideas.

Then Gail walked by, looking like she had a long difficult night.
Virginia watched her walk, with pity, knowing she had been with David
the night before.

Tony seeing her gaze change from a far-away look to one that watched
and followed someone behind him, saw his mother also. "Slut", he
mumbled. He too understood where she had just come from.

"I think Gail is the answer."

That caused Tony to frown, he could barely stand to be in the same
room any longer with his mother. And too think of her as his
salvation seemed a little too much for him. "You have to be joking?"

"No! I think that is exactly what will work." Virginia ventured a
smile, her new idea taking shape in her mind.

Tony was getting angry, "Well what the fuck is it?"

"David's mother."

He shook his head as if to clear it, "What of her."

"Thats the answer."

"The sluts been dead for years, how is that supposed to help us?"

"Who is the one person that David reveres above all others? The one
that even drives him to drink himself senseless each night? His mom."


"So... if we can find someone that looks like her ...!"

"...he will think the slut is his mother and give the formula to her."
He took another quick sip of is brandy, "Hardly, he never gave the
formula to her when she was alive, I doubt if he would do it now."

"She never asked."

That froze Tony in place, indeed David's mother never asked her son
for the formula. In his current drunken depressed condition he may
just mistake her as his mother.

He couldn't help but sneer, "I thought you didn't want to trick him?"

Virginia couldn't meet his face but felt a tear slip from one eye.

Tony stood to leave, "With all your holier than thou ways Virginia
your just like David and I. If you had only been born with a

He laughed all the way to the glass doorway, "Look though the Family's
girls to see if we have one in stock that looks like the old hen, or
find one. I could care less who, just find the cunt. And fast!" He
slammed the door nearly enough to break the glass.

Dealing with Virginia always left him feeling like he needed to fuck
the shit out of some slut, Tony made his way to the dungeon for some

Virginia only sat in place, hating herself and the life she was forced
into. If the actress couldn't get David to give out the formula then
at least it may give him enough of a jolt to wake him from this living
dead imitation. Perhaps this had a chance in helping David as well as
preserving the 'Water' for the ladies of the Family.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXIV (Part 3)

Virginia could not find a single female that looked like David's dead

She had inspected every woman in the family household. Every female
in the family that had duties off the family compound. And each that
had been sent out under contract for the Family.


Tony was becoming livid with his rush to get this plan moving, David
seemed to be deteriorating daily.

Every photo, very video and every drawing that had the likeness of the
dead woman was collected and analyzed by a group of ladies that had
known her. Within the half-dozen ladies, it included Loni, Tony's
sister, and Jill, Mary's sister. None were told why they needed to
find a substitute for the long dead woman but only that it was

It was Virginia's idea to focus on looking for a woman about the same
age as the year David first discovered the 'Toilet Water' rather than
closer to the age of her death. She, of all people, understood
David's apathy towards himself, his disgust and desire mixed together,
and his guilt at what he had first done initially in his own

David had created a dynasty but it was now in danger of crumbling.

Several came close, close enough for Tony at least, but none were
close enough for Virginia's taste. She had known the woman, she had
hated her and loved her. She had also felt sorry for the woman as
well as envied her position over her only son. Virginia had also
dominated the woman both under the influence of the 'Water' as well as
in private. David's mom learned to love the taste of leather upon her
bottom, to be bound as orgasm overcame her, and to even feel
humiliation towards Virginia, her son's girlfriend.

For years she had been her son's staunchest supporter. Driving him on
towards new and amazing heights of lust and lewdness. His mother joined him in so many orgies and initiations of new family members
that she was intimately known by nearly every female in the house at
that time. All had tasted from the sex of the woman who had born
their master.

Tony had arrived moments before, in the tiny spare room that had been
turned into an office for the search. He didn't hide the reason why
he had come, he wanted to take his sister Loni to his bed for the
evening and was anxious to get started. The slightly older woman had
been flown in from the family run brothel in the south of France. To
many of the ladies, it was the one family run business that was
considered one of the beast duties to be sent too. One that only the
privileged were given the honor to work there.

Virginia on the other hand, felt this was an intrusion upon her
mandate. Each of the research group had been promised extra dosages
of 'Toilet Water' and as many of the household females for their
pleasure, if only they focused and worked towards the known goal.

It had been a week since they had started and nothing had been

"What about her?"

It was Jill's normally enthusiastic voice that had spoken. It was a
question that was asked many many times in the last week, so it wasn't
something to get excited about. Virginia went over to the makeshift
desk and looked down at the paper in the woman's hand. In it was a
article and a picture from some newspaper, in the picture was a mature but attractive woman standing just behind two men smiling and shaking

Expensively dressed, jewels, different hair and less makeup perhaps,
but it was the eyes that caught Virginia's attention. The eyes were
the same. "Oh my god." It came out nearly a whisper but all in the
room stopped and looked towards the tall sexy woman.

It was Tony that finally grunted, "What?"

Holding the paper out to Tony she said with a smile of triumph, "Its

He studied the picture for nearly a minute as the other ladies in the
room congratulated Jill on her find, an unknown prize was to be
awarded to the one that had found her. His frown of displeasure
started to soften and then finally he smiled, a thing that was rare

Tony too saw the resemblance. "Who is the slut?"

Virginia took back the paper and quickly scanned the article. Her joy
turning quickly to disappointment, "She is the wife of some American

It had been ordered that no public person or person of power could be
approached to join in the Family. It was too dangerous, as David
understood that his family only thrived in obscurity.

"So?" Tony too knew the order given.

Virginia frowned, "Your call?"

It would have to be his decision and his alone, this was outside her
power to have influence in. Virginia was only powerful within the
Family not out.

"Get her. We can't chance letting this woman get away from us, just
get the cunt." He motioned for Loni towards him, she ran to her
brother knowing the dangers in angering him, and pulled the woman's
skirt up to give his fingers access to her sex.

"I'll tell Acquisition." It was the department within the family that
Tony was also the head of, a few women who's primary job was to get
persons that David or Tony had a desire for. These were primarily
ladies who didn't mind snatching young teenagers or mothers from their

"No." Loni was beginning to pump her hips even as her brother had two
fingers inside her vagina, her body responding as it had been trained
for the last many years. "You do it Virginia, I don't trust anyone
else in this matter!"

Virginia was surprised but knew exactly why Tony told her to do this,
if it didn't work, Tony could point the finger at Virginia. So far
his involvement was minimal.

She nodded her acceptance, even with his snakish and obvious
intentions, Tony was right this was just too important. "Then I want
Loni to help?"

That got a frown from him, "Why?" His sister was gasping and pumping
herself on her brothers fingers, her orgasm fast approaching.

"She has spent years servicing women of all ages and with all types of
desires." At her brothel in the south of France, its clientele was
primarily the upper crust of society. Women only.

It was true. "You get her tomorrow."

Virginia could see that this was not an issue the Tony would give on,
his little family reunion later was an event that left her with a
feeling of compassion for Loni. Tony's desires could sometimes be on
the rough and imaginative side.

Tony left with but a smile, his fingers pulling his sister by her
vagina. She didn't notice as she tried hard to push more of her
brother into her as she struggled to follow him.

Virginia turned back to the five others in the analysis group, "Okay,
now I want to concentrate on cataloging everything we can about
David's mother. Jill, I want you to discretely find out where I can
find this Senator's wife?"

"No problem Virginia."

"And Jill," the outgoing personality with the same body as her tiny
round sister, looked suddenly somber at Virginia's warning, "I said

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXV (Part 3)

Setting down the phone, Virginia looked at the scratch pad with the
notes she just wrote down. "Anything?" Asked Loni, laying naked upon
the large queen sized hotel bed they shared.

"Only a phone number. I don't like this." Virginia also was naked,
just having woken up.

"Like what?" They two had become lovers in their travels to the
United States, forced upon them by the scent of the 'Water' rations
Virginia brought with them. Every woman in the household needed
someone to enjoy their addiction with, be they compatible or not, the
'Toilet Water' was the ultimate leveler.

It had not totally be disagreeable, Virginia had found Loni's
expertise in eating pussy a perfection. The woman had been trained
nearly since her introduction into David's family so many years ago,
to enjoy giving pleasure to women. It was how she got off. It was
part of the reason she was in the south of France.

Other than a few group sessions years ago, Virginia and Loni had never
truly been intimate. Virginia had learned, quickly in the last ten
days, to regret that.

"This! Seducing Senator Benson's wife!" Virginia sat heavily down
upon the bed and reached for the phone while Loni knelt behind her
mistress and started to massage her shoulders and lower back with her
expert hands.

Even in her fowl mood, Virginia still had to do her duty. The
consequences of failure a living horror too nasty to imagine. Nearly.
Those images came to easily, too fast when the thought of the 'Water'
drying up. It scared her like nothing ever had. More than her life

She called a number at a prearranged location in Iceland, one that
rerouted the line to five different locations around the globe. After
several clicks she heard the dial tone and then dialed the number that
had been given to her by Jill back at the family compound.

"Yes, hello. May I speak to Mrs. Benson please?" Her voice was now
soft, relaxed. She had to do her best acting if she and all other
addicted ladies were to survive. "No, I'm sorry she doesn't."

A long minute of waiting.

"Hello, Mrs. Benson?" Loni climbed off the bed and smiled hugely,
knowing that the first contact with their quarry was successful. She
pressed Virginia's thighs apart and slide her face between.

Knowing the pleasures that Loni could deliver Virginia never pushed
her head out from between her legs but instead spread them even
further and lay back. A tongue began a taunting expression of lust
and eloquence as it danced upon the sex before it.

"My name is Ms. Lovell and I was told you and your husband, the
Senator, have an interest in our children's education?" She already
felt the pressures begin between her legs, it never failed to amaze
her how expert Loni was in using her tongue. And Virginia, whom had
sex with over a thousand different ladies, was no slouch in herself.

"No, I've no link to that group. I represent a private interest that
is willing to spend large sums in getting their point across." It had
been Tony's only contribution to this plan, that money is the door
opener for all. "Of course Mrs. Benson... Yvonne. Thank you."

Virginia hung up the phone and grabbed the back of Loni's head. "You
slut, couldn't wait for me to finish this call could you?" Loni just
smiled without breaking stride in the work she so much enjoyed.

Virginia reached for her bag and another vial of 'Toilet Water', the
fire between her legs would consume her with that familiar scent in
the air. And she needed to forget what she was down here to do.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXVI (Part 3)

Yvonne Benson looked just like the pictures that Yvonne's analysis
group had compiled. The eyes were exact to David's mother, so close,
that standing here in the garden it caused a reaction between her legs
when looking into them. Her sex never forgot it seemed.

Yvonne sat on the marble bench listening to the two ladies politely,
attempting to decide of they were worth the Senator's time. "That is
all well and fine my dear but you still have not told me exactly what
you have what my husband to accomplish for this new relationship we
could build?" In other words, what did Virginia want in exchange for
contributing large sums to the Senator.

It wasn't a question that she had planned well, "I shall reveal that
in time Yvonne." It didn't sit well with the woman, approximately the
same age as Virginia, agreeing to so much money without knowing the
terms it was given at. Yet again, it was a heck of a lot of money,
even to a woman like Yvonne Benson that had lived a life of luxury.

Since they were outside, the meeting place had not been well planned,
Virginia could not break a vial of 'Toilet Water'. The light wind
would take its addictive scent fast from their vicinity. She could
see that Loni was practically itching for it to be broken, for her to
dive between the shapely thighs of the Senator's wife. It had been
her duty, why she was brought - for her to use her expert tongue in
fast-tracking the seduction of the Yvonne Benson.

It was not to be.

Hours later, on the phone back to the family compound, Virginia
listened to Tony's loud and descriptive disgust at the lack of
progress at the first meeting. In getting a woman into the family it
was always the most desirable if she could be seduced gently by
inadvertently letting her enjoy the effects of the 'Water'. Just as
Virginia had done years before to Tony's own mother, Gail.

Finally, after venting for several moments, Tony finally ordered,
"Listen cunt, call that slut and tell her I want a meeting, in
private, with her fucking husband!"

"Why don't we try one more time Tony?" To be truthful, Virginia had
no idea why Tony wanted to talk with Yvonne's husband but could only
assume he had discovered some piece of information that could be used
as leverage.

"No. If my meeting doesn't work we will have to send a team in to
snatch her." The last desperate plan, one that was very undesirable
when dealing with this wife of a powerful man. "Then your job will be
much easier right Virginia?" He was taunting her, making fun that she
could not seduce Yvonne at the first meeting. "Give the phone to my
slut sister."

"Yes Master?" Virginia watched Loni's face drain of all blood and her
body seemed to turn into a scared little girl. Whatever her brother was telling her, scared her immensely. When they had left the day
after discovering Mrs. Benson, Loni's arse could not be touched for
days and her vagina had bruising that could be seen since she had no
hair below her head. Loni was a woman that was very scared of her own
brother and the Family's second in charge. Finally she set down the

"Master ordered me to ask you to spank me." She looked humbled,

"I don't take orders from Tony."

"He predicted you may say that and told me to tell you that if you do
not beat me each day before we return home that he will... he
will...!" Loni began to cry, for her, the holiday was over.

Virginia was too compassionate with all the ladies of the family to
send a woman into Tony's jaws if she had the power to stop it. This
time she did. She held Loni as she sobbed, knowing that she would
have to use the other woman in ways that she privately enjoyed. Her
sex was moistening in anticipation.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXVII (Part 3)

Tony sat in a large leather chair next before the huge domineering
desk. Beside him sat a young woman, early teenager really, that he
had brought with him for a specific purpose. Though he understood,
Tony didn't like the cloak and dagger of seducing a woman. He much
preferred the direct method. As for snatching, it was too dirty even
for him.

Finally, "I'm sorry I kept you waiting."

Senator Benson finally strode in, closing his door behind him came
over and sitting down in his old worn but comfortable leather chair
behind the desk. He wore his politician's smile, one that disgusted
Tony. "Thank you so much for the contribution you brought today. It
will go well towards the goals of the people of..."

"Shut the fuck up Ben." No one ever spoke to the Senator like that,
no one. In fact it stunned him silent for a brief few seconds.
"Listen to me you old pervert, I know about the girls."

Tony had come to the office, with only Virginia's recommendation to
Yvonne Benson. And a very large check. The money meant nothing to
Tony, it just got him the 5 minutes he requested alone with the

The Senator's jowls began to shake in barely pent up rage, "What
girls?" He spat the last word out.

Tony only smiled, he was back in his world. A degenerate world where
sex ruled the wills of men and women. "I know about Shirley and her
younger sister Anne, Senator. The polariods that you took. The
little trips that you arrange for the three of you. How you share
them with friends with similar tastes!" That was exactly how Tony
came across the information, a poor but high class individual from
Italy gave the information freely when a huge sum was given as an

The older man looked as if he was about to have a heart attack, he was
talking but no sound was coming out all the while he was thumping his
chest. It was comical, it was also irrelevant to Tony. If the old man died, it would solve his problem also.

"I also know you and your wife sleep in separate rooms, when you are
even in the same city, which is rare."

The old man was calming down, his face a bright red though, and he sat
back wide eyed and looking very angry. "Who the hell are you?"

Tony smiled and shrugged, "Doesn't matter." He turned to the teenager
next to him, "Get naked Shirley." The girl didn't say a word but
stood up and started to remove her clothing.

The Senator watched amazed, "What is this? If this is blackmail...!"

"Its not Senator Benson, think of this slut as a small gift from me to
you." The older man looked at Tony briefly till returning his gaze to
the very attractive girl. "Senator, I have a proposal. A trade of

This was more in line with how this politician operated, something
never came for nothing. "What sort of trade?"

Shirley stood naked, thin gangly limbs, hairless between her legs, and
only small bumps on her chest indicating her new puberty. As she had
been told earlier by her Master, Shirley sat back in her chair, placed
both her legs over the arms of it and began to leisurely masturbate.

"My god! She is a 'gift'?"

Tony ignored the young girl and the Senators last question. "Its easy
Senator, I want your wife." Simple thought Tony.

The older white haired man turned back to Tony and smirked, "Yvonne?
If you want my guest." It was obvious that he was implying
that no one gets their way with his wife, normally he would probably
be right. This wasn't your normal situation. His gaze turned again
to Shirley's slow moving fingers and the picture of pleasure written
upon her face.

"I shall take that as an agreement then?" Tony wasn't in the mood to
mince words.

"How old is she?" He was asking about Shirley.


"Where did she come from? Ukrainian orphanage?"

Tony figured that must be an area where men of power and wealth were
able to acquire certain desires, though Tony had never heard of it
before. "No, just a normal middle class teenager who had an
attractive mother."

"Her mother knows?"

"Shirley's mother is normally on my left while this slut is on my
right side." mother #8 and daughter #8 actually.

The Senator frowned, "Your joking?" He of course didn't take his eyes
from the masturbating teenager.

"Listen Senator, I really don't want to play word games. I want you
to give me your wife."

"What do you mean?"

Shirley's sex was so wet it was making sounds as two fingers plunged
in and out of herself. The young girl reach around her raised thigh
with her free hand and started to worm her index finger into her anus.

"All you have to do is agree and you shall never see or hear from her

Even with the great show Senator Benson was witnessing he turned his
head towards Tony, "Are you going to kill her?"


"Then why?" It was irrational that he should be here chatting so
calmly about making his wife disappear. Though, it did make his heart
rush with excitement at the thought.

"Lets just say I have a use for her."

"What will I tell our friends, my..."

"Not my problem."

"Will she be raped if I agree?" He looked like the concept would
please him.

Tony smiled like the evil snake about to watch Eve take a bite of the
apple, "Yvonne won't be raped, but she will ... she will be just like
Shirley here." The teenager was fast approaching her orgasm, her flat
stomach was doing contortions and her body trembling.

"I don't believe you, my wife would never..." Both men watched the
teenager as she began to squeal and clench as the orgasm shot through
her body. "My god!"

"She is a beautiful piece of cunt isn't she?" Senator Benson only
nodded his acceptance. "Shirley is all yours if you agree, in a week
her mom will show up if you want her also."

Since Shirley had not been given the command to stop she continued to
stimulate herself. She alternated from licking her own juices from
her fingers, plunging them deep to again get them wet, to lubricating
her asshole directly from her vagina. Both hands were busy smearing
her juices about parts of her body.

"There is one catch though."

"I knew it!" The Senator automatically assumed there would be.

"Shirley and her mom are addicted to something that they need at least
once every couple of days. Lets say it helps their motivation."

The older man just frowned.

"In fact, for your wife you get Shirley, her mom - both trained to
pleasure you however way you may want - as well as enough of the drug
for one year for both of them and enough to addict two other ladies.
That is the really what our bargain is about."

Tony reached over and roughly pinched Shirley's nipple to get her
attention, "Get over there and suck your new Master's cock slut."

She squeaked at the pain but then slipped off her chair and crawled
about the large desk. Tony could hear the slacks as Shirley unzipped
the old man, he held his question till the man sighed loudly with the
pleasure of the teenage experienced mouth upon him. "Do we have a
deal Senator?"

"Yes. Oh god yes!" The old man was already shooting his load right
into the back of the girls throat.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXVIII (Part 3)

Virginia could not believe Yvonne's own husband simply traded his wife of many years off like some piece of meat. Tony had taken pleasure in
relating everything an hour after the meeting concluded, explaining in
detail how Senator Benson's body shook as if he was about to pass away
even as he came into the young girls throat.

It was crazy to make that sort of deal, dangerous too. Crazy since
the drug was so addictive that once it was used upon a woman just
once, she would forever need its strong scent within her body else she
became a raving animal for her cunts pleasure. Tony had not given the
Senator a way to contact him for more 'Water' after the years supply
was over. In this way he was ensuring a living hell for Shirley and
her mother. It was dangerous because of the power this man held, he
lived in a different world than David's family lived in.

Evidently, Tony could care less about both.

Behind the huge hanging curtain Virginia waited, as planned, in the
private bedroom of Yvonne Benson. Only hours before, unknown to the
woman, her husband of several years had just bartered her ass away for
the pleasure of having his cock plunge into the depths of a teenage
girls body and a drug to give him more young pussy than even he could

Sex made people behave very strangely Virginia knew.

Tony sat upon a chair, also behind the curtain with Virginia. He had
insisted upon coming, but acknowledged that it was Virginia's

It seemed like hours, but it was probably only many minutes when the
door to the huge bedroom opened and Yvonne came strolling in. Even
after all these years the sound of that tiny glass cylinder breaking
excited Virginia, as she knew the pleasures that were soon upon her.
Tony broke a two vials, just to be sure, and relaxed in his chair and

It was Yvonne that was to make the first move and she did, eventually.
Since it was a large room, it must have taken a few moments till the
smell permeated throughout. As Mrs. Benson set down her half empty
wine goblet and kicked off her heels. Another long day for a
Senator's wife, at least she had the privacy and sanctuary of her
bedroom to retreat from. No one dared enter her room without her
express permission, and all that knew Yvonne Benson knew better than
to interrupt.

It had been weeks but the sexy mature woman was feeling frisky,
perhaps from the wine she thought. God her nipples were already
itching for attention, perhaps she better use the Beast Master tonight
she thought laughing to herself.

Virginia watched, her own body quickly responding to the stimuli of
the 'Water', as Yvonne went to her bed side table and pulled out a
thick black mechanicalized dildo. She wanted to rush in right now to
use that thick beast in her own aching cunt, but she had to force
herself to wait. Her fingers helped ease the initial pressure.

The only thing Senator Benson had to do for Tony was tell him when his
wife went to bed, where her room was and to keep that end of the
mansion empty till midnight.

When she saw the slick black surface of her dildo, Yvonne realized
that her sex was a virtual fire that could not wait for her usual slow
hot bath and a sexy self seductive dance before teasing her body with
her own fingers. No, this demanded a more immediate solution!

The middle-aged woman hiked up her skirt till it bunched about her
waist, pushed down her nylons and panties to her calves and dropped to
her knees on the hardwood floor before her night stand. Trembling
with desire she drove the phallus between her legs and began to fuck
herself with a passion that she had never experienced before.

Tony kept looking at his watch, anxious for this evenings chores to be
finished so he could return to his private jet and his waiting sister.
He was bored at the show Yvonne was unwittingly putting on for him.

While Virginia could not contain herself, the beautiful woman plunging
that fuck stick in and out of herself was just too much for her. She
began to rape her sex with her own fingers, anxious to feel that big
black cock plunging into her sex that Yvonne held in her hands.

So lost in the heat of her own pleasure, Yvonne did not hear the
sounds of fingers manipulating and plunging into a hot wet cunt or the
sighs of pleasure coming from behind the large full height hanging
curtains. Even if she did, she probably would not even care, so lost
in that place close to nirvana that she was in.

The orgasm came fast, faster than Yvonne had ever experienced before.
It also felt the most explosive mind blowing orgasm that she had ever
had. Her body shook as if the floor below her was shaking, her mind
plunged in and out of consciousness just as the Beast Master was
plunging into her depths.

With her orgasm over she realized that it wasn't enough, the most
powerful orgasm of her life, better than she had even imagined was
simply not enough. Tired of limb but the fire between her legs
driving her determined mind, Yvonne pulled the fuck stick from her
hole and began to slobber over it with her tongue. Pleasure running
through her at the intimate taste of her own sex, a taste that till
this evening had never interested her. It now tasted better than a
perfect wine, like ambrosia of the gods.

Still not enough, Yvonne tore at her clothing, the Beast Master
forgotten upon the floor momentarily, as she had a passion to torture
her normally sensitive nipples. Wiggling like a dog upon the floor,
the Senator's wife released one breast from behind her bra and blouse
and began to twist and pinch it mercilessly. The pain clouded her
mind and it felt like pleasure, she used more pressure wanting more

Something was pulling at the binding at her feet, her forgotten
undergarments, until her ankles were finally free. Yvonne never even
felt the warm hands push apart her knees or push her thighs back up to
her chest, as the pleasure from her puffy pleasure-pain filled nipples
rocked her mind with excitement.

Yvonne did feel the tongue attack her sex, so much so she actually
screamed out as her body and mind reached a plateau of pleasure that
could not even be imagined. Orgasm after orgasm hit her body as the
tongue raped her clitoris her vagina and her anus.

Nor did it register when a well-trimmed very hot wet cunt was placed
over her mouth, Yvonne only felt a new unexplored pleasure from the
new smell and taste of that body above her. She immediately did what
was natural, she opened her mouth and attempted to get as much of that
dripping mixture into her. That wasn't enough, she began to dig it
out with the extended tip of her tongue. She was so thirsty for the
liquid she dived into the hole and crack it came from.

Tony smiled at the sight, standing a couple feet away from the two
bodies intertwined in a fierce sixty-nine as they rolled about upon
the hard floor. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to use two vials,
he thought amused, they would not be much use for at least an hour.
And after that, it would be doubtful if either Yvonne or Virginia
could even walk.

It was a guy thing, as much as he hated Virginia he saw her naked
loins rolling about above Yvonne and his cock began to harden. He
wanted the bitch. Right now, under the 'Waters' influence, she would
beg for him. It didn't hurt that Virginia was a very beautiful woman,
even with so many years in the family and long past her prime. That
sexy perfect ass of hers called him.

Tony took his clothes off leisurely, knowing the two would continue to
attack each other to quench that unqueanchable fire for longer than he
would care.

Virginia was experienced enough to realized what was going on, whom
she licked and whom was licking her. Though it never mattered any if
she knew who lay below her or not. Only the burning in her loins and
the flush of excitement in her mind mattered. She knew when a long
hard phallus entered her whom its owner was, but she never cared.
Virginia only thought how exquisite that cock felt at that exact
moment, as if it was the most important thing in the world to her.

Tony grabbed the soft hips and began to pound his cock into Virginia's
raised body, her sex already making loud noises at his vigorous fuck.
"I'm fucking you cunt... lousy cunt licking slut...!" Her body shock
with the force of his thrusts and it in turn shook the body beneath

Yvonne felt the hardness slip past her forehead and push its way into
the grotto where her tongue had just been. At first she felt mild
disappointment till she saw with perfect imagery just what was going
on above her. The sounds, smells, taste and sight was all sex. It
was nirvana, heaven where only pleasure mattered. The middle-aged
woman began to lick everywhere, the clitoris, the sucking inner lips
of the other woman's sex, the slippery hard plunging cock, the
swinging balls beneath.

With this renewed attack upon her sex, Virginia could only take a few
seconds till her body exploded in another orgasm. She knew that it
was the pleasure inducing 'Toilet Water' but it never mattered, only
her mind numbing pleasure mattered.

The cock withdrew from her body and left a void that was suddenly
filled by a hot plunging tongue. Virginia again pushed her head
between the sweaty thighs and her mouth over the hairy pussy below,
her teeth nibbling on the clitoris heartily.

Tony sneered knowing Virginia would not resist him, could not resist
him, as he aimed his cock once more. The saliva, pussy juice and
sweaty asshole was resistant to his advances initially. Then it
suddenly opened and allowed the hard long cock to enter into its tight
dark depths. Tony again grabbed at Virginia's thighs and started to
fuck his family member with abandon, hoping to hurt her enough that
she would remember his intrusion whenever she sat down for the next
couple of days.

He wasn't disappointed.

Nearing his own explosion, mostly from his malicious pleasure in
raping the holes before him, he pulled out and pushed the two bodies
upon their side. It was only right if he welcomed Yvonne into the
Family properly he thought as he moved her upper leg and pushed his
cock into her sex.

It was like the sky opened up and the light shone down upon her. A
new world opened revealed itself and her earthly life no longer
mattered as that cock filled her.

With a single plunge her body began to shake with orgasm, the largest
yet, and continued as the pumping seed filled her.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXIX (Part 3)

It was elementary to get Yvonne back to the family compound. It was
easy to keep her in a delirium of 'Toilet Water' and endless female
flesh. Where her only world was of pleasurable sex and sleep. With
only ten days back she was becoming conditioned to respond to the
simplest sexual touch or word, anything could sex her body and mind
off onto an exciting adventure that left her in nirvana.

Yvonne never knew where she was, nor who she was, nor whom she had
been. Only the now mattered and only the next pleasure mattered. It
was the most aggressive training Tony had ever ordered.

"Its dangerous!" Virginia stood at the foot of Yvonne's bed, arms
crossed over her chest looking pitifully down at the sleeping woman.

"Its necessary." Tony was clothed only in a silk robe, his body still
sweaty from a recent tumble with an unknown family slave. Virginia
didn't want to know who.

"She is not used to this, no one is!" She couldn't look at him, nor
had she since that evening when the two of them first gave Yvonne a
smell of the 'Toilet Water'. Instead of angrily confronting Tony with
his actions during that session, she had ignored it. Though David
decreed she be free from Tony's demands, he was no longer available to
protect her. In a way she felt violated, but knew better than to say
a word. At the time it had been consensual. Hell, she thought
ironically, it has been years since she had felt a real man inside
her. Without the 'Water' to cloud her judgment, a part of her wanted
to feel his cock yet again enter her. Though she would never reveal
this to anyone, it would give Tony extra power over her in the Family.
Something that she could not let happen.

"When the slut thinks she is David's mother then it will be time."

"But when will that happen?"

"The Trainer said very soon, Yvonne was ripe for the plucking."
Virginia knew what he meant, that Yvonne was a woman just past her
prime that had not been sexually active most of her life. A fake cock
was no equal to a real man's member. When she finally felt a man enter her she was grateful and filled with pleasure, two initial
emotions that helped them now create her into the image of David's

An argument had ensued when they had at first brought her to the
compound, if she needed to think she was the long dead mother or if
she just went along with it. Virginia was of the latter thinking
while Tony was of the former. With his knowing smile and amused look
she remembered his plunging cock and the pleasure she derived from
that and had allowed his idea to win over hers. That was when she
first feared that his dominance may rule the Family.

"I need you to ensure the Trainer is doing her job, she doesn't
understand the importance of this mission." Only Yvonne and Tony did,
and they wanted no one else to know.

"'Ensure' how?" Virginia asked nervously, not sure what Tony meant.

"Keep an eye on the training and schedule." He watched Yvonne too,
thinking that perhaps he should include his cock in the schedule for
her training. He fondly remembered her abnormally tight vagina and
the heat and clenching as she came, he wanted to again experience it.

Soon he just may, he realized!

"I can do that." Yvonne stirred in her sleep bringing a bound hand
between her legs to press against her sex. "Its nearly time to

"Yes." As an afterthought, "You may want to start including lingerie
into her training, David's mom wore it frequently."

"True. I'll see to it today." Virginia hated the sound of her voice,
hoping it did not sound as subservient to Tony as it did to her.

"I think she should start learning on real cocks and not just those
strap-ons the Trainer and her girls are using."

That surprised Virginia, normally other males were never allowed
within the compound. "Is that a good idea?"

He shrugged, "She has to pleasure a real cock not some fake one, and
David's mom was very experienced in pleasing her son."

"True. How do you think we can accomplish this?" Again they were to
go against David's wishes, a thing that normally shot fear though her
body. Yet she was surprised at how easy it was after each time they
went against David's family orders.

"Get some boys from the local school or something. Don't do it at the
compound though." She knew he didn't want any outside knowledge of
anything that went on in the compound. "I want her", he meant Yvonne,
"to become the slut that David's mom was." Tony sounded almost
envious of David, as if his own mother wasn't a slut herself.
Perhaps, Virginia thought, he was envious of David's love and desire
that he had held for his mother even after her death.

"Make sure she learns properly Virginia, I want her to think she is
David's mother."

Virginia thought he sounded almost desperate and was rather surprised.
"Certainly Tony." She realized he was just as scared of loosing the
'Toilet Water' as she was, if not for different reasons.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXX (Part 3)

Virginia watched the one-way glass as Yvonne began to suck the eighth
cock in less than an hour. The naked teenage boy pumped his hips
vigorously, though without any semblance of patience or knowledge, his
cock ploughing fast in and out of the hungry female mouth.

It was the boys fourth visit, the second time within her mouth. The
first time in Yvonne's vagina and the last in her asshole.

Her face a mess of male spend, her body sweaty and trembling for a
release of her own, but Yvonne's whole manner was centered on the cock
that she orally pleasured.

The Trainer stood next to Virginia, "Its going good I think?"

Virginia only grunted, "Does she know who 'Yvonne' is?"

"No, she only answers to 'slut', 'cunt', 'slave', 'mom' and 'mommy'."
The Trainer was a woman in her early thirties that was discovered to
contain an innornament about of patience and a passion for dominance.
It was Tony's idea a couple of years ago to gave her an outlet to
punish and train the girls in the family that needed her special
attention. She had been hugely successful each time.

Again Virginia nodded. "And does she know who David is?"

"Yes, every cock, every man that uses her is her one and only son
'David'. He is her 'master' and she does anything that he requests."
The Trainer added with a smirk, "She would never let another man near
her but her own son."

"Anything?" Virginia turned to the trainer and raised an eyebrow, she
wondered how far Tony intended on this going.

"I don't doubt she would kill herself if commanded." It shouldn't
surprise Virginia but it did.

"And Yvonne Benson?"

"No longer exists." The Trainer smiled hugely, proud at her success
while wishing she was dealing with Tony. He knew how to treat a woman
not this holier-than-thou strumpet.

"What of the girls that she plays with?"

The Trainer shrugged, "They are her son's 'toys' and she may make use
of them as she wishes."

Virginia was impressed, "She really is David's mother." Yvonne tilted
her head back and opened her mouth as the cock above her began to
spurt its orgasm over her face and chest.

The house was just a normal middle class residence that had been owned
by the Family, from acquiring a woman and her daughter years ago.
With a couple of quick renovations so that it was literally a huge
room for pleasure and a smaller space to the side that was merely for
watching and analyzing. The basement had been turned into a small gym
so Yvonne's body could be sculptured into the curves that David's
mother had. Even her food intake was measured so she gained just the
right amount of extra food so those hips filled out while her stomach
flattened and the thighs firmed.

It had only been a month and Virginia guessed Yvonne was nearly ready
to head back to the compound.

"Since it was years ago that she had last been in the Family, we only
had to add your likeness to her programming."

It was the one thing that made Virginia wince, the only other person
Yvonne would know when she returned to the compound was Virginia.
Both of their images were ingrained upon her mind. Her son was the
ultimate man, her image of god on earth, and she loved him and his
cock. Virginia was her son's mate, the head of the slaves whom could
hurt or pleasure her as needed. They both had total control of her
body and soul, her mind though independent only thought how to give
both of them pleasure that they may want.

There was one last item to do before the project could be claimed
finished, Virginia had to again punish Yvonne as she had done years
ago to David's mom. It was something that could not be told or
taught, that fear and love for the pain-pleasure that her son's lover
could only give.

The teenage boy left with a huge smile as another immediately stepped
into the room with an equally large grin, his cock already hard and
aiming at the mature woman kneeling before him. This was his heaven
on earth and his sixth time with Yvonne.

Virginia returned to the handwritten notes that the Trainer and
several of her girls had taken while the trainer watched as Yvonne
made love the the ninth cock in just over an hour.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXI (Part 3)

It had been a couple of days since a woman has visited her, and nearly
a full day since David had come to her. But when her son's mistress,
his mate, came into her room she bolted upright in bed. Already her
nipples hardened and her sex tingle at the visit.

"Oh Virginia," the middle-aged woman rolled off the bed and quickly
opened a drawer filled with lingerie, she sat down on a chair next to
the dresser and began to pull on stockings. She looked embarrassed to
be seen without her lingerie for her son's girlfriend. She was
conscious of her aging body and knew both her son and his girlfriend
enjoyed her in sexy lingerie.

"Please come in dear, I never expected you."

"Thats fine." Virginia came over and stood next to the woman watching
her rush to put on her fine undergarments. "I wanted to chat with you
about David."

She looked up at her son's first love and saw that the woman was
almost sad and it puzzled her, how could anyone be sad when they were
the most important person in her son's Family?

"Hand me those white stockings mom." She gave Virginia the extra pair
and then finished pulling on her own black set.

A hand came down upon her head and stroked her hair gently, "Your son
loves you very much." She beamed with pleasure at the woman, wanting
her son to love her forever, she would do anything to accomplish this.

The hand turned to a claw and yanked back the head. Virginia's mouth
came down and a tongue was roughly inserted into the surprised woman's
mouth. "That was so you to remember who is in charge around here

She gasped, her lips still tingling from the kiss, "David is in

A hand came around and slapped her face, "Who is in charge when our
Master is not here?"

She paused long enough for the hand to again strike her painfully.
Virginia growled through clenched teeth and began to drag the woman
back to bed by her disheveled hair. "You are one slut that needs to
learn her place!"

Virginia threw the woman upon the bed and jumped upon her back.
"Please Virginia!" Hands roughly pulled her arms back and she felt
her own stocking binding her wrists together. My god, what has gotten
into her son's girlfriend! Virginia can't do this, she was David's

Virginia stood back off the bed and off the surprised bound woman and
began to remove her very stylish and sexy dress skirt and blouse.
"I'm going to teach you just who is more important to David than you

The skirt had a cloth belt that Virginia retrieved when she was
finally naked. "Bitch!" The arm came around and the cloth bit into
the soft flesh of the raised bottom.

She screamed a piercing scream, hoping her son would hear and save her
from his girlfriends torture. Again and again the hand descended
until it felt as if her ass was raw. It never stopped, no matter what
she screamed or how loud she begged, Virginia seemed uncaring. It
wasn't the woman that she had come to love as her son had.

It seemed like only a second passed when something was pushing roughly
into her anus. Virginia shoved without reservation the tiny white
smooth vibrator till only the last half inch of it was outside of the
tiny tight round muscle.

The screaming became a shriek when small clamps were applied to either
outer lips of her vagina. Virginia again started to beat the woman
with the cloth whip, the blows raining down upon the white exposed
skin while leaving only a red mark.

"Had enough slut?" She caught a look at the fierce sad eyes of her
son's girlfriend and her own fear doubled. She knew her torture was
not yet over.

"Please Virginia... please don't hurt me any more!" Tears were
rolling down her eyes, this pleading was not faked.

"Do you think I like to hurt you mother?" Virginia forced two of her
fingers into the vaginal hole and began to fuck her hard and fast.
"Do you think I enjoy doing this to you?" A hand reached beneath her
body and suddenly her nipples exploded with pain, fingernails bite
into her flesh.

Again she began to scream.

"Wake up and tell me who is 'First Cunt' in our family mom?" She
realized she had passed out, the pain, the humiliation and the
degradation just too much. The voice was her son's girlfriend, why
was she doing this? She knew the answer though, "You Virginia... you
are the 'First'!"

The clamps were removed from her vagina, "Good slut." Lips kissed her
tear stained cheeks. They felt so good, so warm and inviting.

"Please Virginia...?"

"Please what slut?"

"...Make love to me please!" She needed it. She wanted to feel like
a woman, to pleasure her son's mate. She started to push her sex
back, wanting the fingers to continue to pound into her. She needed
this pleasure so bad her sex was a furnace of pent up sexual heat.

Virginia's hand came down and she stroked the top of the bound woman's
head, "Good slut." She was already starting to moan with pleasure
just from squeezing the muscles in her love box and the gentle touch
of Virginia's petting hand.

The fingers were quickly withdrawn and the hand again turned into a
claw and lifted her head up, "I never gave you permission to orgasm
you slut!" She just whimpered as a response. "I'll let you come if
you tell me what I want to know."

The hand slipped between the cheeks of her bottom to begin fondling
her anus. Her son loved her asshole and thus it was very sensitive,
she could orgasm just from getting a good ass fucking. A finger began
to fuck her anus while that sexy moist tongue again slide between her
lips to fondle her tongue.

So close, she was so damn close to her orgasm. All it would take is a
few more seconds...! Hands were withdrawn and a foot kicked her body
over onto its side and again to push her up onto her back in an
awkward position as her hands were trapped behind her. A shuffling of
bodies and warm thighs pressed against her cheeks as a very wet well
trimmed pussy was placed just above her face.

"Tell me slut!" Two hands roughly twisted her nipples till she began
to scream. The body above lowered and her screams were instantly
muffled by the wet hot female flesh above her. She couldn't breath
and inadvertently tried to kick and bounce out from beneath the female
flesh to no success.

Virginia lifted herself from the woman's face and she gulped in the
air. Between gasps she asked, "What is it Virginia what is it you
want me to tell you?"

Again the pussy descended and didn't lift until David's mother thought
she could not last another second. "You know what it is you slut!
Just tell me!" Again she was suffocated by the beautiful vagina.

Again gasping, "I don't know, really I don't!" She was crying now,
not able to understand why her son's beautiful and loving girlfriend
would try to kill her.

"You don't?" The voice was softer, gentler, and the body didn't

"No! God help me, its true!"

The slim sexy naked body slid off her, spun and lay down above her.
This time it was gentle, softer feminine touch as Virginia gently
rubbed her trimmed bush into the softer volumptious woman's below her.

That scent! Again it was beginning to fill the air in the room,
heightening her sexual awareness. Her body was already responding,
her nipples feeling like iron nails pushing into Virginia's body
above, her sex that had been very wet and hot suddenly over boiled
with its new temperature. She knew what it was called, she craved it,
lived for it. And it had been her beautiful and thoughtful son that
had created it for her, for her to enjoy it. God she loved him,
lusted after him!

Virginia began to wiggle above her, her sex pressing into her own.
Both body broke out in a sweat and and either sex was hyper sensitive
to stimulation.

"Ask David", gasped Virginia nearly lost to the scent, "how to make
more 'Toilet Water'!" Was that what she had hurt her about, what her
son's lover wanted to know? Only that? Her mouth began to kiss and
suck the smooth shoulder of the other woman while her legs wrapped
around the tiny waist above her. She was so close, her orgasm fast

"Anything Virginia... just make me come!" The two ladies screamed out
in unison.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXII (Part 3)

Tony smiled watching the video of Yvonne and Virginia while Virginia
sat across from him, ignoring the television. "She really thinks
she's David's mom huh?"

"Completely." She knew her face was flush from his watching her in
the throes of the 'Waters' passion. Silly of course, she knew, since
nothing like modesty was worth keeping as a member of the Family.

"You did a great job with her." Tony reached down and squeezed his
hard shaft and heard Virginia gasp. Looking up towards her, Virginia
was watching his hand, licking her lips.

She was acting like a new addition to the Family, she felt her body
respond without the incentive of the 'Water' just with the knowledge
that Tony, the only cock really left in the Family, was sexually
excited at watching her perform with Yvonne.

"She looks different?"

What? Oh Yvonne on the video. Virginia remembered that Tony had not
seen the Senator's wife for several weeks. "Yes, wider of hips and a
flatter stomach. The trainer did a great job."

Tony know her gaze was focused upon his sex and he nonchalantly opened
his robe and began to stroke his cock.

Virginia remembered the feel of that hard cock as it had invaded her
body, how it set off a score of orgasms through her. Of course she
had been under the influence, but it had felt wonderful all the same.
She pulled her eyes from him and looked out the wide window and
watched the billowing snow. "To her, she is David's mother."

"And your age difference?"

Virginia shrugged, while thinking of that cock forcing itself past her
anal ring remembering that exquisite pain, "She isn't really his mom,
to her my age is exactly what it should be." She froze when she heard
Tony moan lightly, obviously from his self manipulation. "If this
works David will be deluded into thinking it is the past while Yvonne
will think it is the present."

"Perfect. Anything else I should know?"

How much I want your cock in me, thought Virginia? "No, nothing.
Yvonne is ready."

What is the matter with me, she thought, I hate Tony's guts!

"Then we are finished, we can proceed with the final step?"


"Than there is really only one thing I want you to do, get your ass
over here and suck me off."

She had heard correctly and it made her feel both angry and incredible
at the same time. The nerve of Tony, contradicting David's explicit
orders so blatantly!

Virginia felt her feet turn her about but she could only look down at
the carpet and not at Tony as she took the few steps to return before
him. In her expensive skirt and blouse suit with matching lingerie
and heels, she knelt down and didn't hesitate to take the man's cock
into her mouth, the one whom she feared and hated all at once.

There was no water in the air to cloud her judgment, nor was she under
any power that Tony possessed, she only answered to David. Virginia
began to give the best blowjob of her life, wanting to pleasure this
wonderful cock in a way that felt natural to her. She needed a man,
any man, it had been too long that she has slept with only women.

Up and down, slowly. Side to side. Tony responded by pumping his
hips in time with her movements. Virginia fondled his balls in one of
her free hands while the other slide up her skirt, into her French cut
panties and fucked herself with two fingers even as Tony's cock fucked
her face.

It took a long while, and didn't have the rushed anxiousness of the
'Waters' persuasion, until Tony grasped Virginia's head in both hands
and began to shoot his sperm against the back of her throat.

She loved it.

His strong hands, his pulsating member, the thick salty spend filling
her mouth and stomach. This was her place.

"Aggrhhh, that was great!" She licked him clean, feeling wonderful at
the compliment. "You haven't lost your touch after licking all that
pussy rather than sucking cock." Virginia simply smiled at him as she
sat back on her heels and wiped the saliva and male sperm from her
lips and chin. "When this is all over I may actually keep your old cunt as a plaything!"

Tony's bare foot came up and non too gently kicked Virginia backwards
upon her ass a few feet away. She sat stunned both by his words and
actions. He, on the other hand, laughed as he stood, retied his robe
and left the room.

Behind her Virginia was making grunting noises upon the television as
Yvonne was sucking on her ear. Tears came to her eyes and her passion
for cock disintegrated.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXIII (Part 3)

It was nearly done. The future of the family depended upon the
successful completion of their plan. Tony stood off to the side of
the room watching nervously as Virginia helped Yvonne to dress in an
outfit that David's mother had worn just after he had developed the
'Toilet Water' so many years before.

With gentle touches, little kisses and small complimentary comments
Virginia helped Yvonne dress for her 'son'.

Yvonne on the other hand, was extremely excited, her son had called
for her, wanted her. Her body was already trembling, her sex had
drenched the inside of her naked thighs and even the top of the
stockings, the nipples threatened to poke through the chemise.

Her son's girlfriend didn't help when she frequently tweaked those
nipples through the fabric, tickled the enlarged clitoris and pinched
her bottom. And both ladies could not get enough of the others mouth,
as they engulfed either tongue and lips. Virginia was naked and acted
like she was a servant helping the King's mistress to dress, with a
giggle David's mother realized this had some truth in it.

It had been her son's friend, the man in the corner, that had come to
tell her to prepare herself for her son. It had only been a couple of
days since she tasted and enjoyed her son's cock, it had been too long
for her. Every so often Virginia would whisper in her ear, "Don't
forget about the 'Toilet Water'." God, how could she! Other than
David, it was the next most important thing in her life.

She would do what Virginia wanted though, not wanting to be punished
again as she had been before. What did it matter to her if she asked
her son for the silly formula or not.

Virginia stood back and appraised Yvonne and knew she was as ready as
she would ever be. She nodded to Tony and he nodded back before
turning and leaving the room.

"Through here." Virginia guided the woman to a single small door in
the room and told her, "He's probably asleep, but I think his mother knows how to wake him up." The two ladies laughed gently, sharing a
moments look.

David's mother wrapped her arms about Virginia and gave her a big hug
before she whispered in the woman's ear, "I love you like a daughter Virginia." She let the woman go and pulled open the door.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXIV (Part 3)

David awoke and smelled a familiar scent from his distant past,
perfume and clean skin. A warm body lay snuggled next to his and a
soft hand fondled his flaccid cock. A tongue traced the shape of his
ear and a warm fresh breath breathed upon him. It was strange, it
reminded him of something. Someone.

Turning his head he saw his mother's face with her closed eyes and
open mouth. "Mom!" A wave of love and lust shot through him.

Virginia watched very nervous from beyond the new one-way mirror that
had been installed. Tony was the only other person in the room with

Through the speaker below the window Yvonne's voice came out loud and
clear as she whispered to her 'son', "Morning honey. Did you miss
mommy?" She pressed her lips to David's.

Behind the kiss he asked, "But...!" Her tongue spared with his and
her warm soft body against his was causing a reaction long thought

"Hush," she whispered her face an inch from his, "I have missed you so
much." David's eyes closed and he was still laying back with mouth
open, as Yvonne had left him.

Virginia saw that Yvonne's hand was filling with the rapidly growing
cock between David's legs. It was something David's mistress had not
seen for a very long time.

"Mommy needs her little boys pee-pee so bad darling!" She was rubbing
the head of his cock around her damp inner thigh, smearing it with her

David opened his mouth and looked down incredulously at the hand that
could not reach all the way around his hard cock. Then he looked back
at his mother with a look of such lust that Virginia felt a wave of
shame for tricking him this way.

It had been a very long time, and even with his near intoxicated state
David was able to push his mother onto her back, slip between her
thighs and immediately insert himself into her vagina. Virginia
watched as David started to cry, his tears pouring down his cheeks in
confused happiness, even as his cock began to saw back and forth into
Yvonne's body.

Virginia stole a look at Tony and saw that he was watching intently
but it seemed like he could be watching television rather than a live
sex show. She was also well aware that if this plan succeeded, Tony
may well be the new head of the Family. And next to not having any
'Toilet Water' at all that was the most fearsome thought to her.

His dirty thin body moved back and forth between the voluptuous
thighs, his hard cock like iron as it brought extreme pleasure to the
woman below.

"Fill me David, please come in me!" Wailed the lingerie clad
middle-aged woman.

"So fucking good, so hot... so wet...!"

"For you baby, I'm wet for you David!"

Virginia felt her own tears rolling down her cheeks as the couple in
the next room continued to rock the huge bed. Since she was a pivotal
person in the plan that created this moment, she was directly
responsible for it. For that Virginia felt only humiliating shame.

The sight disgusted her.

"Oh god, I'm coming mom!"

"Yes David, come in mommy!" A second before David began to jerk his
body with is cocks release, Yvonne began to tremble with her own

Mother and son groaned and gasped with each spasm until they lay, side
by side facing each other, already spent.

Yvonne moved forwards and again slipped her tongue into David's
mouth. "Hum... that was great baby." She kissed his tears from his
cheeks without saying a word.

"Ask him cunt!" Growled Tony, though it was impossible for her to
hear him.

"Would you like to...", David giggled, a sound not heard for years in
the house, and Virginia guessed that Yvonne had clenched his softened
member within her womanly folds for the rest of the question.

"I'm not sure if I can mom. Oh!"

Virginia saw Yvonne's buttocks clench again and again as she squeezed
David's cock within her cunt. "Oh mommy!" His hips began to pump and
Yvonne smiled hugely at her success.

She rolled her 'son' onto his back and straddled his hips, Yvonne
began to fuck the man beneath her with a renewed vigor. Her
volumptious body bouncing with a lewd seductiveness. David played
with Yvonne's breasts and nipples all the while she was bouncing up
and down upon his body.

"I'm going to come again mom!" So soon, thought Virginia? David used
to be able to last half an evening of straight fucking just before his
mother and sister died.

"Come on mummies titties baby!"

"Okay mom, hurry I'm close!" He was practically shouting.

Yvonne scrambled off and wrapped her medium sized soft breasts about
his slimy cock even as the first spurt hit her chin. Again and again
Virginia could see it shoot its seed upon Yvonne's chest and breasts until David again stopped pumping his hips and Yvonne stopped jerking
his shaft with her flesh globes.

"Damn was that great!"

"Was it ever darling."

Yvonne was rubbing the sperm into the white smooth flesh of her round
breasts and David watched every second. She then angled down and
began to lap at her son's cock and balls like a puppy dog, all the
while moaning at the great taste of his and her mingled.

Finally it was over, David was finished for some time to come. Yvonne
lay between his legs, her face so close to his crotch that his soft
member was laying upon her cheek and ear.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXV (Part 3)


"Here it comes," said Virginia.

"About fucking time," growled Tony.

"How do you make the 'Toilet Water'?"

David sat up on his elbows and looked down at the content well-fucked
woman and frowned.

"Oh shit!" Tony knew that this was the moment, all hinged on this one

Virginia imagined that a cloud that had been over David's eyes lifted
and he looked sternly down at the woman between his legs. She knew a
second before Tony, it had not worked!

"What did you say?"

"I'm just wondering how do you make 'Toilet Water' honey?"

"Leave!" It was the voice of David from years past, dominant and it
didn't leave room for discussion.

Tony turned and left the room with a fierce, "Fuck!" He was not happy
at all!

Yvonne looked surprised at her 'son's order but smiled sweetly at him
before crawling off the bed and leaving by the same way she had come
in by. David was her Master after all!

A few seconds after the door closed Virginia came walking into the
room through another door. "David." She said simply, terrified.

He looked up at his girlfriend angrily and didn't even seem to notice
she was naked.

"Are you responsible for this fiasco?"

Virginia sunk to her knees before him, her head at the top of his
feet. She trembled and answered, "Yes Master."

"What is her name?"

"Yvonne Benson." He nodded and silently stood and pulled on some
loose pants and tee-shirt.

David looked less than pleased. "Did Tony help you?"

"It was the both of our ideas Master." She felt scared, knowing that
the awful outcome of her life could become reality with only a word
from David. Virginia would be an sexual animal without the 'Water' to
sustain her.

He had just been told that his best friend and girlfriend, the two
sub-chiefs of the family conspired to undermine him. The two
individuals he most trusted!

She saw his feet as he stood next to her and Virginia dared look up
and was startled to see that he was as white as a sheet and clenching
his chest.

David fell back upon the hard floor as Virginia scrambled to his side.
"Master", she screamed?

The door was jerked open and Tony came running in with Yvonne and Mary
in tow. The two ladies looked horrified as Tony screamed out, "The
formula David... what's the formula?"

Before any of them reached his side, David pulled Virginia's face down
to him and he whispered into her ear.

With a gasp of air escaping from his lungs, David fell back to the
floor as the bodies rushed to his side.

David was dead.

Mary began to cry loudly and violently. Yvonne screamed a long
terrible wail that seemed to go on forever. In the doorway, three
other slaves clenched each other and sobbed.

Tony shouted, "Damn damn damn...!"

Then he saw Virginia's shocked sad look and stopped shouting. "What
happened you bitch, what did David say?"

Virginia could barely hear him through the sounds of grief in the
room. Almost a whisper she replied, "David told me the secret of
'Toilet Water'."

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXVI (Part 4)

The first time Nolan noticed a change around his home was when his mom and dad were starting to argue nearly each day. At first they tried
to keep their voices down and to keep their disagreements behind
closed doors. Within a few weeks the arguments had turned to
screaming and would erupt anywhere within their house, often before
their son in the living room or at a meal. It was embarrassing and
very troubling, to the teenager, to say the least.

Mom, soon, started to sleep in the spare room. Dad worked longer
hours and Nolan rarely saw him any longer as he avoided his wife and
his home as much as possible.

This was all going on during a time that should be one of the happiest
of Nolan's life. Just a month before the arguments began, Nolan was
accepted into the prestigious school for gifted minds. At fifteen
years old he already had one doctorate in Chemistry and half finished
another in Biology. His favorite topic in school was DNA.

It didn't take long for the gifted young man to learn the reason of
the arguments, or at least the main reason that they argued, it was
sex. Or lack thereof.

Thinking back about the time when the arguments started behind closed
doors, Nolan realized his mother had started to change in some way.
Around her home she dressed in a way that most would consider "over
dressed", with expensive fashionable clothing, jewelry and well
applied make-up. She also catered to her only child much more,
attending to his every need without his even asking. On top of all
that, she put distance between her friends and family, until they
became virtual strangers in only a matter of weeks. It was done so
subtle that Nolan didn't even notice until after the shouting started.

From all the fragments of screaming matches Nolan has been able to
listen too, it seems that his father suspects his mother of having an
affair because she will no longer "make love" with him. Remembering
the recent changes in his mother, Nolan suspects it may be true.

"There are a couple of people coming over tonight, can you be home
honey?" His dad was out of town, which was happening more times than
not in the last short while, and his mother stood looking anxiously in
his doorway.

Nolan, though brilliant, was still a teenager with all the trials and
tribulations thereof. He made sure his skin magazine was properly
hidden beneath a pile of clothing before he nodded to his mother.

"And Nolan, please dress nice. These are very important people."

"Okay mom." Though he should have thought more about it, he was too
preoccupied with his dirty magazine and his throbbing cock to realize
no meeting like this one has ever happened before.

She turned about but suddenly stopped and made one final, puzzling
statement. "Whatever happens tonight dear, just remember I love you."
He thought he saw a tear in her eye as she closed the door behind her.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXVII (Part 4)

Nolan stood when the small group of ladies came into the living room.
His mother was smiling hugely, proudly, towards her son as she
directed the ladies from the foyer. "Here he is."

For some strange reason, Nolan felt as if he was a prize mare being
shown off.

A very old woman, possibly even in her seventies, came forward and
extended her hand. Nolan took it immediately and found her long slim
hand to be strong but cold. He looked up into the woman's intelligent
and commanding eyes and realized this was the woman whom his mother was fawning over. Whomever she was, he thought, she was used to
getting her own way.

For a very long awkward moment, her piercing gaze looked into Nolan's
brown eyes, as if to assess him.

Finally she pulled her hand from his and turned to sit in the sun by
the window. Nolan realized that the woman, though ancient by his
standards, was probably very attractive in her younger years. She
wore expensive and immaculate clothing that seemed to accentuate her
tall slim figure.

His mother came to stand next to him and placed her arm about his
shoulder proudly, "Nolan I'd like you to meet Virginia." The older woman wore a slight smile and was watching him like a predator.

Within her commanding gaze he noted, with surprise, what could only be
a deep sadness.

"Nice to meet you Virginia." He turned to the others but found that
they had already found a seat or were standing behind Virginia. All
were older than his mother but each was attractive in some mature way.

His mom directed him to a seat next to the old woman and sat next to
him, holding his hand in both hers on her lap.

The setting and the actions of those about him caused the hairs on the
back of his neck to stand up and he realized he was afraid.

No one spoke and all seemed to be waiting on Virginia to say
something, anything. The large grandfather clock in the corner ticked

Finally, she spoke, "I've come a long way to meet you Nolan."

This only puzzled him further. "Yes mamme."

"Is there anything in life you want Nolan?"

Strange question, "I am not sure I understand?"

She thought for a second, "If I could grant you anything you want what
would that be?"

Nolan the teenager answered with a smile, "I always wanted to be a
rock star!"

It seemed as if the air in the room became thick and all the ladies
held their breath and looked at Virginia, waiting. Suddenly the old woman began to break out laughing, with the others joining in. The
awkwardness disappeared as soon as Virginia had started to laugh.

Finally settling down Virginia asked, "Why do you want to be a rock
star Nolan?"

Was she serious he thought? It wasn't a question he ever thought
about. He certainly never wanted to be a rock star just to make music
or even to be a celebrity. He knew why. With a shrug he answered,
"Rock stars get lots of girls."

He expected the ladies to again break out laughing and was surprised
when they only just smiled sweetly at him. His mother pressed his
hand into her lap fiercely.

Virginia sat looking again at him for several minutes before slowly
standing, "I think you and your mother should come visit me my dear, I
think we both can learn much from each other."

Nolan stood and took the offered hand for a brief handshake.
Virginia, followed by the other ladies left. His mother also
following. He could hear them parting at the door before his mother returned.

"That was strange." It had been.

She looked nervous and tried to smile, "I think you will like where
Virginia lives dear. I've never been there but I'm told its an island
somewheres off the west coast." His mom came up to him and gave him a
big motherly hug and whispered in his ear, "I'm so proud of you Nolan
and I love you so much."

He hugged her back, still puzzled, "I love you too mom."

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XXXXVIII (Part 4)

Nolan sat at the window seat and watched as the plane banked to
starboard as it descended for a landing. His mother next to him was
looking over his shoulder.

What he saw was a small island, but still several kilometers wide,
with bright green ancient trees and bright white sandy beaches and
gray rocky spurts that could almost be called mountains. It was, by
anyones standards, beautiful. There was a large compound with small
communities with comfortable houses leading up from the south beach to
a huge home nearly at the top of the cliff and at the edge of the
large compound. He saw tiny ants that could only be people moving
about, not many but enough. The island was certainly not crowded.

This was the first time he had ever been out of his own country and
expected Canada to be colder with snow, even in the middle of August,
with primitive dwellings and vehicles. What he has seen so far was
more luxurious than even his own grand home and neighborhood.

His mother, having not said a thing since they boarded the smaller but
still comfortable plane in Vancouver. She seemed nervous, scared
while also being anxious.

Virginia, it seemed, was a very powerful and rich woman whom even put
his own mother on awkward footing.

As the plane came down and bounced a few times upon the four foot
waves, Nolan watched his mother. She looked more nervous the closer
they had come to this island but each query had resulted in nothing to
give a reason for her attitude.

Eventually the plane taxied to a long floating dock, stopped and was
tied up. Several ladies stood in the breezy morning waiting for him
and his mother to reveal themselves.

Nolan was nearly to the open hatch when his mother stopped him
suddenly and turned to force her son to look her in the eye. "I don't
know why Virginia wanted you Nolan, but promise me that when we leave
here you will love and respect me?"

The comment, request, startled him. "Of course mom."

She shook him with her strong hands, "Promise me!"

"Okay ok, I promise." She let him go.

As soon as he was standing upon the rocky dock a very attractive woman
came forwards to shake his hand, "You must be Nolan. We have all been
very anxious for your arrival!" She had a warm hand but not as warm
as those green eyes of hers, he thought. "These ladies will see that
your baggage will follow us."

She turned and lead him to the shore and a waiting Hummer. "My name
is Rachel by the way." She saw that he was looking over his shoulder
for his mom, "Not to worry, she will also follow us soon enough.
Another girl will guide her."

Rachel drove like a crazy woman up the winding hill towards the top of
the mountain, though the compound gates and directly towards the huge
house. She kept giving him small glances at every opportunity, while
biting her bottom lip.

"Does this place have a name?"

Rachel nodded, "It used to have an old Indian name but now we call it
'Isle of the Sisterhood' but some of the older ladies call it the
'Family Isle'."

Nolan watched the scenery as they drove quickly by. With all its
comfortable splendor and expensive, but subtle, elegance he was
startled that he only saw women! And of those, most of them were in
their forties and above.

He started to think this was some type of female cult yet he had to
ask, "Is there no men here?"

Rachel seemed amused by the question, "Oh sometimes we have a couple
guests for a few days but there hasn't been a man here in nearly a
year. And never has a man lived here with us."

She spun the wide vehicle and skidded to a stop next to a tall totem
pole. Rachel saw his interest and said, "Keeps evil from entering."
She took his hand and practically skipped as she lead him to the wide
open porch and huge doors.

It opened before they got there, "Nolan, a pleasure." One of the
ladies that had accompanied Virginia but had said nothing, she must
have been in her sixties, short round of face but with a pleasant
smile on her lips. "I'm Mary, Virginia is reading in the garden."

Rachel let go of his hand and started to back away, "I hope I'll see
you later Nolan. It was a pleasure to meet you." She winked, "If you
want to see me again don't forget my name."

She left before he had a chance to say goodbye.

"That girl has so much energy." Laughed Mary. "Come in. Come in!"

She linked her arm into his and used his youth and strength while
leading him through the wide hallways of the huge house. "Since our
visit a week ago I had a house prepared for you. I'm sure you will be
happy with the arrangement."

"What about mom?"

"Oh hush. Your mom is fine." Her way had a calming effect upon him
and Nolan found himself immediately enjoying Mary's company. "Its you
that interests Virginia."

Several minutes later the wall opened up and he found himself standing
in a huge lush forest. Birds were squawking and the insects were
buzzing and crawling about while the wind sang through the dense
vegetation. It wasn't just a garden, it was a virtual forest thought
the teenager.

A thin path lead them through winding obstacles till Mary and Nolan
emerged into a grass cleaning with a natural fountain. Virginia was
seated upon a thick blanket reading a small book while another older woman was sipping wine and drawing a sketch of a bird a few feet away
on a tree limb.

Mary cleared her throat but Virginia never even looked up, it was the
other woman that did. "Oh my." She put down her pencil and paper and
reached out to take the elder woman's ankle in a soft touch. "Our
esteemed visitor is here dear."

Finally Virginia looked up. "Nolan! A pleasure." She slowly stood
up upon her bare feet and came towards him while patting down her long
skirt, "Your trip was uneventful I assume?"

"Yes mamme."

She laughed lightly, "Call me Virginia dear, after all its my name."
The other two ladies laughed gently at this joke. "Come, let us see
about getting some food for lunch, you must be starved."

Still feeling out of his element, Nolan walked next to Virginia while
Mary trailed a few feet behind. Virginia asked about the flight and
then about his schooling, he answered all her questions. When she
asked about girls, he only blushed and answered honestly that he
didn't have a girlfriend.

Virginia laughed and leaned down to whisper none too quietly in his
ear, "Not to worry dear, I'm sure any woman on this island would love
to be your girlfriend."

He thought she was joking.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - IL (Part 4)

It had only been the three of them during lunch, which consisted
mostly of fruit and salads. Another woman served them and then
discreetly disappeared.

As the time expanded Nolan found himself becoming relaxed about
Virginia and opened up with his answers to her many questions. Mary
and Virginia often made small jokes that, at first, he didn't
understand. But soon he understood the delicate humor of their jokes
and he found himself laughing along by the end of the meal.

Whenever he asked anything about the island or about the ladies upon
it, Virginia only said, "Tomorrow dear, you just rest tonight. All
will be answered tomorrow."

Later, Virginia and Mary walked him about the huge house, larger than
even he thought as much of it was built into the mountain, and showed
him many different things. There was expensive artifacts from
historical periods that Nolan had studied in school. There was even
an abundant amount of gems and minerals laying about, gold and silver
to be exact. No one seemed to think anything about the wealth
presented so openly.

It was one long hallway that Nolan found himself so interested in, it
was filled with pictures. "Yes, that was me... many many years ago."
Nolan had been right, Virginia had been a very attractive woman.

Not to be outdone, Mary waved Nolan over, "That was me." She pointed
to a picture. While Virginia had been gorgeous, Mary had been cute.
Nolan guessed Mary had been in her teens when the picture was taken.

"Who is the girl standing next to you?"

Mary smiled and stared at the picture, her mind far away, "My sister."

Nearly all the photos had women in them, and only women. At the end
of the hallway a young man smiled at the head of a table with four
others, including a very young sexy Virginia, his eyes twinkling
towards the camera.

"Who is this?" It was the only male that he had yet noticed in any of
the pictures.

Virginia answered somberly, "That was David. I will tell you all
about him tomorrow Nolan." She lead him away.

An hour later with his feet and legs aching, Nolan hugged both Mary
and Virginia as they took their leave of them. A older woman silently
lead him out of the house and down the hill to a moderate sized log
house. She simply opened the door waited till he entered and then
turned about to walk back up the hill.

Inside he found a teenage girl smiling hugely at him, "Oh Nolan-san,
very pleased to meet you." Getting closer, he discovered that she was
Asian and by her first comment, Japanese. "My name is April."

"Hi April."

"I am to make you happy and see that you do not need anything while
you stay here."

"I'm fine thank you April." She turned a light on and the shadows
disappeared to reveal her tiny frame with short black hair and big
bright brown eyes. "I am a little tired."

"Of course Nolan-san. This way please." She wore a loose long skirt
that seemed to float about her as she walked, she was very fluid in
her movements, as she lead him up the stairs to a large very
comfortable room.

Nolan even tired as he was could not help but appreciated Aprils
natural beauty or her pleasant manner.

A bed had already been turned down for him, "My I please you more

He wasn't sure what she meant but thought it better not to assume.
"Is mom staying here April?"

She looked puzzled, "I am sorry Nolan-san, I do not know where you
momma stays tonight."

He felt a little anxious not knowing where his mother was, but he had
come to trust Virginia and knew that she would not allow anything
untoward to happen to his mother. "I guess thats okay, I'll find out
tomorrow. Thanks April."

She beamed, "No. Thank you Nolan-sama." Her teeth were bright white
and he liked her smile very much.

A few seconds passed and there was awkwardness suddenly, Nolan wanted
to get undressed and go to bed but April still stood smiling before
him. "Anything else April?"

"Thank you, no, Nolan-san." She suddenly noticed his eyes shifting
about and realized what he wanted, or thought she did. "May I help?"
She made motions with her hands as if to help him undress.

Nervously and a little quick he answered, "No. Thank you. I am fine

She nodded her smile slowly dissolving, "I be in room next door if you
desire anything Nolan-san."

"Thank you again, guess I'll see you tomorrow morning?"

She left with a puzzled look on her face.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - L (Part 4)

The fresh air and quiet of the island, other than nature, seemed to
cause Nolan to have one of the best night sleeps in memory. He took a
long hot shower in the private bathroom, dressed in clothes that had
been set out from his suitcase and descended downstairs.

Rachel was setting the table while April was feeding a bird that sat
on the sill of the open window. "Morning."

They both spun about and both smiled hugely. "Morning Nolan!"

"Morning Nolan-san."

"You slept late and we didn't know what you liked for breakfast?"
Asked Rachel.

He sat at the table and replied, "Normally I just have a bowl of
cereal or something."

"Coming right up Nolan-san." April flowed out of the dining room

Rachel came over and sat near him. "Sleep well?"

"Very." For some reason he felt very pleased with himself, must have
been the good night sleep. "I'm surprised to see you so soon." He
had thought she was a driver or something and never gave her parting
comment any thought.

She smiled, "Pleased to see me?"

He shrugged, "Sure."

"April was concerned since you did not enjoy her last night, she
thought maybe I would be more to your liking." Rachel was sitting
forwards, her face expectant.

Nolan was suddenly confused, how was he supposed to enjoy April last
evening, he wondered? And how could Rachel be more to his liking?

Rachel saw his confusion and misunderstood, "She thought you did not
like Japanese girls."

That caused a frown in Nolan. A genius he may be but he was
completely naive when it came to women.

Rachel understood suddenly and explained once more, bluntly, "That you
did not take her to bed with you, she thought you did not like her."

Now he understood, April had thought to join him last night! She was
not just a maid or a servant but also was a bed companion. He could
have had intercourse with her last night. On top of that, Rachel was
here now to also be available to him if he wanted her.

He sat there with mouth open in total astonishment. Even in his
wildest fantasies he never imagined something so blatantly sexual.
The two women, April probably his age and Rachel ten years older, were
more than happy to sleep with him.

Not sleep, Nolan corrected himself, but to fuck.

That last word blasted his consciousness and he sat stunned.

April appeared and set a bowl and spoon before him, then she set a
large glass of orange juicee next to that. All the while he sat wide
eyed and open mouth.

It had to be some type of strange cult was what he was thinking,
because women don't act like this where he lived.

Rachel was confused at his response and retreated to the kitchen, with
April, to retrieve their meals.

Soon they joined him and the three ate in silence.

Only when he was finished did Rachel finally mention, "Virginia
requested that you join her when your finished your meal Nolan."

He nodded and allowed Rachel to lead him back up the hill to the large

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LI (Part 4)

Nolan was left waiting by himself for a long while in a large well
furnished library until Virginia finally joined him. She came in
wearing a flowing white silk robe that billowed about her as she came
in. He was startled to realize Virginia wore nothing beneath it and
with the light just right the silk was translucent enough to see
through. Her old body was exposed if he choose to look, which he
found that he couldn't help it.

"Ah Nolan dear." She sat down across from him and set the tray of tea
down between them. Virginia began to pour two cups for them. "One
lump or two?"

He suddenly blushed and thought she was speaking of Rachel and April.

"The tea dear, sugar?" He nodded and she handed him the cup and

She took her own and sat back, crossed her legs which exposed one long
limb nearly to her hip, and watched him minutely. "We need your help
Nolan, and I'm going to convince you to stay and join us before
telling you what we need from you."

Nolan sat silently remembering that Rachel said only girls lived on
the island. "But I'm a guy?"

Virginia smiled privately, "One of the requirements that was necessary
when we went looking for you."

It was all very puzzling to him, as he knew it was supposed to be.
Nolan also knew it was pointless to ask what the help was, instead he
asked, "What are you going to do to convince me to stay?"

Virginia smiled and answered honestly, "By telling you all our

Some kind of secret woman cult he thought, "What secrets?"

"That every woman on this island is a slave to something called
'Toilet Water'." She watched him very closely.


Virginia continued, "You remember that photo yesterday, of that
smiling young man in the picture - that was David. He created the
'Toilet Water' many years ago by mistake. I don't presume he was as
intelligent as you are Nolan, but he was a very bright young man."


"He died a few years ago." She looked down at her cup and was
suddenly saddened. After a deep breath she continued, "The scent of
'Toilet Water' did strange things to the ladies around him..."

"Do you mean you Virginia?"

"Yes I was one of first." Another sip. "... it heightened their
sexuality until they became fanatical for pleasure." He looked
confused and Virginia reworded what she said, "Every woman that
smelled the scent became very sexually excited."

She continued, "And every woman that smelled its scent, even once, was
immediately addicted and had to have a constant diet of the fumes
regularly. The odd thing, except to David, was that it only had this
affect on women never on men."

This whole trip, right down to this surreal conversation was like
being in some strange dream. This like this don't just happen in the
world Nolan lived in.

"Time went by and David claimed many women for his slaves, he even
created a discreet business that sold 'Toilet Water' only to the
super-rich so they too could have slaves."

"When he died, David told me the formula that created this addictive
musk. I changed how David's 'Family' was and now we live in a nearly
man-free society."

Birds were singing outside the window and a kite could be seen flying
upon the breeze somewheres down the hill.

Lets just pretend everything Virginia said was true Nolan thought,
"Why me?"

"Because of your abilities, your genius in Bio-Chemistry and because
your a man." She hide nothing from him. "We rarely acquire new
ladies for our Sisterhood but we seduced your mother to have her
complacent in introducing you to me and to have you travel to my

Nolan's heart beat faster and he felt suddenly scared, "Seduced?"

Virginia nodded, "Yes Nolan. She too is addicted to 'Toilet Water'."

It hit him hard, she was given this addictive drug because of his
abilities. Nolan prayed this was all some joke or a dream, anything
but reality.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LII (Part 4)

Nolan's mother had taken her son out of school, yes genius's go to
school during the summer, and on this small trip. A "short trip" she
had called it, but Virginia had promised that he would enjoy it so
much he would not ever want to leave. The young man wanted to leave
right now actually.

"Would you like to see your mother dear?" Asked the old, anything but
matronly woman.

He nodded, anxious to see a familiar face, anxious to know if his
mother was okay.

A second later Nolan's mom came into the room staring at the floor
before her. Virginia never said a word but continued to sip her tea
as the younger woman came forward to stand between the two couches and
the two seated people.

Nolan looked at his mom and saw that she was wearing her nicest
outfit, expensive and seductive. It highlighted her amble breasts,
shapely legs and small waist he was startle to notice. She wore no
jewelry and her makeup was done sparsely.

"Have you never noticed dear, that your mother is a very attractive
woman?" Virginia was watching him watch her, while his mother only
watched her own feet in her black heels.

He never said anything but it was true, he never honestly noticed how
attractive she was. Oh, of course he knew she was pretty - the
prettiest mother at his school - yet not in a way that a man admires a

It startled him that he looked at her like that now.

Virginia, still looking at Nolan, ordered, "Tell your son what you
were doing since he last saw you?"

Without hesitation but in a tiny voice, "I have been in training to be
a good slave."

"Though we have not seduced many ladies in recent years, April being
the last, we have not forgotten the old ways."

"Tell your son what you will do for more 'Water'."

His mom never moved, "I would do anything."

"Do you know why we made you a slave?"

"To help convince my son to stay and help the Sisterhood."

"Only partially correct, what is the rest slave!" Virginia's voice
had taken on a new harsher quality to it.

"To make him happy."

Nolan had to break this spell she was in and his voice cracked, "Mom?"

She whispered in response, "Yes master?"

He sat back, his amazement complete. That word was so foreign to him,
coming from his own mother.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LIII (Part 4)

Virginia sat forwards and put both tea cups on the tray, stood, and
left silently with the tray in hand. Nolan was alone with his mother whom had just confessed her only child as her 'Master'.

The air was suddenly thick, the sounds outside the room loud, his
mother rubbing her palms on the outside of her thighs.

"She is gone mom, you don't have to play this game any more?"

It was a futile attempt.

She finally looked up into her son's eyes and asked, "Is that what you
think? That this is all some type of game?" She sounded almost angry
with him.

He shrugged helplessly. "Mom, I don't know what they expect of
me...?" Or of her he wanted to add.

Her gaze softened and she smiled gently, "I was not sure when the
Sisterhood asked, but they were sure after this morning that you are
still a virgin right Nolan?"

He felt the blood flow to his cheeks, he felt embarrassed at his lack
of knowledge with regards to April and Rachel. He croaked, "Yes."

"Then they expect you to sit back and enjoy loosing your virginity
with me." She had said it so calmly, gently. As if she was
explaining the most mundane thing to a child.

She was his mother but all he could say, "What about dad?"

His mom came towards him till she stood above his seated form and
shrugged, "What about him. I no longer belong to him, only to the
Sisterhood... and you if you want me."

As if they had a will of their own, his eyes slowly descended and
again looked at his mother in a very naughty sort of way. She wore
black three-inch heels that highlighted her slim feet, tiny ankles and
shapely calves perfectly. The white colored nylons lead up to the hem
of her smoke colored skirt that started just above her knee. It was
tight without being obvious, and showed off her sexy hips, small round
stomach and tiny waist. A white blouse that was translucent enough to
reveal her white bra and silk undershirt beneath. It was a very
expensive outfit, as he knew his father had complained bitterly at her
expenses the last few weeks, but this looked fabulous in it.

When he was finished with his appraisal he returned to find her
smiling proudly at him. "I'm very glad you find me attractive honey."
She licked her lips and slowly bent forwards, eyes closing.

Nolan sat stunned as his own mother came face to face with him and her
lips suddenly touched his own. They were very moist, he remembered
the sight of her pink tongue as they licked at them, they were also
soft and very hot. Never before had the teenager been kissed by a

It was a sparse kiss, gentle with a promise of more. She pulled back
opened her eyes and smiled gently at her only child. "Did you like?"

He only nodded. He had, he was embarrassed to admit.

She stood back straight and without taking her eyes from his, she
lifted the hem of her skirt slowly till it rose just below the
junction where her thighs met her torso. It also revealed the nylons
were of the stocking type, that stopped mid-thigh and looked
incredible upon her. Those were what his favorite models in those
nude magazines wore and it caused a heated bolt of flame to shoot
through his body.

Slowly, she put both hands upon his slim shoulders then placed one
knee next to him then the other. His mother was suddenly seated
directly upon his lap, her face an inch from his. It was lewd, it was
immoral but he was startled to admit, it was very sexy.

She wiggled towards him slightly and he nearly jumped when he felt the
heat of her crotch press against his own. Rapidly his cock began to
fill and harden against her hot mound.

Blood again came to his face in embarrassment but his mom again leaned
in and he found her lips upon his own to distract him. This time the
kiss lasted longer, it was a kiss he had only imagined in fantasy. An
open mouthed kiss from a sexy woman.

Nolan knew he was awkward but she helped him without being obvious.
When his lips didn't part for her kiss, a tiny pink tongue gently
pried his dry lips apart and her head tilted so they lock mouths
perfectly. Then that same tongue, unexpectedly, slipped past both set
of lips and he felt it upon his own. It tasted wonderful, it felt

With both her hands she took his wrists in a feather touch and lifted
them from the couch. Slowly, simultaneously, she lowered them upon
her and placed her hands again upon his shoulders. Nolan found his
hands were touching her warm smooth sexy thighs and nylon stocking.
As a test he moved one up and the tips of his fingers felt bare skin
where the stocking ended.

As a response, his mother moaned lightly into his mouth and ground her
crotch into his own.

Soon, he was generously fondling her thighs, the first intimate touch
of a woman that his hands had ever experienced. He marveled in the
sexy nylon stockings but was thrilled every time he touched her bare
intimate skin. Especially since, each time he did she again moaned
and ground her hot sex mound into his painfully-hard cock.

When she finally pulled her face from him, he saw his saliva upon her
chin and that also caused his cock to jerk against her. She smiled
happily and asked, "How about we retire to your house?" Her eyes
spoke volumes and for once he wasn't embarrassed but excited.

"Okay." He realized he could barely speak, so excited that his one
word came out cracked.

She slowly stood back up and pulled her skirt back down her thighs.
But not before her son got a glimpse of her white panties and the dark
dampness between her thighs. She held a hand out to help him up, to
lead him to a moment in history for the young man.

He took it but asked as he was hauled up, "Mom are you under the drug
right now?" Nolan had to know if it was the 'Toilet Water' or him
that had caused her excitement.

She smiled sweetly and understood, his mom wrapped her arms about his
neck and pressed her sex body against his. Their faces were at the
same level without her heels on so she stood slightly higher than
Nolan. A soft kiss, a lovers kiss. "There is no 'Water' in the air
my love only the smell of my lust."

Nolan was confused until he realized there was a smell in the air, it
was a distinctive scent that was impossible to explain. Though he now
knew exactly what it was and it caused his cock to stay hard all the
way down the hill to his house.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LIV (Part 4)

Thankfully April nor Rachel were anywhere to be found, but they had
left the bedroom prepared for Nolan's return. The bed had been made
up but the sheets turned down. The windows were wide open to allow
the summer warmth in as well as the refreshing sea breeze. A tray of
fruit, water and small bite-sized cakes lay beside the bed.

It embarrassed him to know that someone knew of this union with his
own mother, he knew the taboo's placed upon his lust by society.
Though, probably not this society corrected Nolan.

His mother, on the other hand, came in and kicked off her shoes so she
was the same height at her son and again wrapped her arms about his
neck and pressed her body against his.

"Kiss me my lover!" His lips found hers and her tongue again slide
into his mouth. He pulled his lips from hers and began to kiss her
face and neck, it only seemed natural. She guided his face while
whispering, "I'm yours forever my son... lover... master! I'll do
anything to make you happy..."

She took one of his hands and pulled it behind her and placed it upon
her own ass. Nolan felt the soft firmness beneath his hand and forgot
her inviting neck as he tested and felt the one feminine check beneath
his hand.

The other hand, anxious now with the first taste of her bottom, began
to fumble with the buttons on the side of her skirt. She knew of his
haste but also of his inexperience. Gently she pulled away and stood
before the large open window, the sea at her back.

With a seductive smile both her hands began to slowly undo her gray
skirt while her only child practically panted with lust as he watched
her. She spread her legs wide allowing the bright sunshine to hint at
the curves still hidden by her skirt. Her son fell backwards until he
sat comically upon the end of the bed.

Nolan began to unbutton his own shirt, unzip his pants and pull his
clothing from his body as his mother stood a meter away. She didn't
dance about nor did she wink seductively, she never needed too. Her
slow deliberate motions revealed her sexy mature body inch by inch and
her patience had her son panting with desire.

When the skirt ended at her feet even the unexperienced Nolan knew the
dark patch upon her simple white cotton panties were from her own
desire. The knowledge gave him the last bit of nerve to drop his
underwear to the floor and leave him totally naked.

At seeing her son's thrusting hard penis, the middle-aged mother and
wife paused and stared. It was enough to again cause embarrassment in
the teenager and Nolan grabbed at the bedspread to cover his crotch.
Certainly it was a small cock, four and a half inches hard, and even
the genius Nolan had always been conscious of his size in relation to
those stories in some of his adult magazines.

With only her bra, panties and stockings Nolan's mom was a very
attractive sight. Her pause in the strip tease and its reaction in
her son finally registered and she realized what he must be thinking.

Nolan watched as she took the two steps to stand just before him,
"Darling?" She placed a hand upon his shoulder and shook him gently,
trying to get his gaze up to her own. "Honey, what's wrong?"

Nolan shrugged.

She tried to lift his chin so her son would look at her, to no
success. "Darling is it because I starred at you?"

He nodded affirmative.

His semi clothed mother smiled and reached down to one hand, ensuring
that his other still held the pillow in place. It would not do to
force him under any circumstances. Turning his palm upwards she
placed it between her thighs and pulled upwards until it seated
against her crotch.

Nolan looked up at the sight of his hand upon the hot very wet white

"This is what the sight of your cock does to me dear!" She ground her
pelvis into his hand. Even through the panties his hand was already

She pushed his hand away and her son watched as she quickly pushed her
panties to her ankles. "Now touch me my love. See exactly what you
do to me!"

When Nolan returned his hand to her crotch he felt the incredible body
of a woman. His excited and sexy mother actually. "Oh my god!"

At his exclamation, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back as
her son explored about her crotch.

Nolan was staring at the hairless mound of his own mother, and she was
devouring his attentions. Accidentally a finger slipped between the
sloppy wet lips of her sex and she groaned out, "Yes Nolan, yes!"
Instead of pulling it out he pushed it in further and added another

"Fuck me darling, fuck my cunt!" She practically screamed out between
heavy pants.

Nolan stole a look up at her face and saw that her eyes were closed
tight and her head lolling about on her shoulders. He finally let go
of the blanket between his legs and reached up to her still covered
breast to squeeze it tightly.

"Fuck my cunt, pinch my nipples... oh my god!" With trembling hands
she reached behind herself and unbuckled the brassiere and let it fall
between them.

Nolan stared at the first naked woman of his life, other than the very
erotic white stockings she still wore. It was also the most important
woman in his life, his very own mother, the woman who had given birth
to him.

It was perhaps a strange time to think of such things, but Nolan was
reminded at the actions he was currently doing to her body was called
incest. It was illegal and possibly immoral. It was also the most
erotic thing in his young life.

With each slow lunge of his fingers she threw her head about. With
each squeeze upon her soft white breast she mewed. She desired him,
wanted him to touch her, finger her. Possibly even fuck her.

He knew this wasn't the mother he had grown up with. The woman whom
had breast fed him, changed his diaper, walked him to his first day at
school or who had clapped frantically at his first music concert with
other gifted students. No, it was a woman whom had been perverted
with the 'Toilet Water', a drug that was swimming in her system that
caused her to do things she normally would not do.

Yet, contrary to all these things, it was a mother that he had not
seriously considered. A woman, a sexual toy, for his pleasure.
Something normally incomprehensible was made possible by this
addictive drug. She was a woman that now excited him stronger than
anything else in his young life.

With his sexual energy driving his passions and perverting his mind
and heart, Nolan knew he wanted his own mother as a slave. A sex
slave! It had been planned this way, by Virginia the head of the
Sisterhood, yet he didn't feel anger or resentment. Only hot red passion to see this sexy mature woman, and perhaps others latter,
enjoy giving him pleasure.


She pulled her head back from her neck and opened her wide-looking
eyes to stare into her son's, "Yes baby, anything?"

Nolan pulled his fingers and hands from her body and looked right into
her eyes, "I want you mom."

She smiled hugely, gently pushed her son down upon his back on the bed
while whispering, "God yes!"

There was no patience or seductiveness now. The woman formally known
as his mother quickly climbed up above him, grabbed his teenage cock
and stabbed herself in the cunt with it.

For the first time of his life, Nolan was inside a woman. He was no
longer a virgin.

His mother placed both her hands next to her son's head and began to
moved rapidly up and down. Her body engulfing his hard member, again
and again. Her wetness coating his crotch and even the bed beneath
him. The coupling loud with her juiciness. Her breather labored and
fast. Even the smell of her body both familiar and new, all seemed to
add to the rhythm of this first time.

Nolan just watched and experienced.

It was the best day of his young life.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LV (Part 4)

Nolan was eating an nectarine as his mother ate his cock. They both
made a lot of noise and slurped at the abundant juices.

It had only been a few minutes ago when Nolan had lost his virginity
to his mother. A minute later he had begun his orgasm deep within the
woman who had given birth to him, her own immediately following. It
was the most powerful of his sexual life, the first with a woman.

Seconds had past and they had lain panting with each other, her body
sticky with sweat and stuck to his own. He loved it. He loved her.
He lusted for more.

Nolan's penis only went half hard and his mother looked up into her
son's eyes and saw that he still desired her. It was her only charge
in her life, to pleasure her son and she took much enjoyment that he
found her sexy enough to still desire her. Her only other male lover,
her husband, so far away and now forgotten, never desired her after he
finished. It always had signaled the end of the coupling. Of course
the Sisterhood had prepared her, told her what to do, to give up her
modesty and her inhibitions so that she now lived in a world of
pleasure. It mattered none that it took the 'Water' to help that
process along. She was her son's property now and she lived for his

Gently she slid her sweaty body off him and crawled down. She needed
to see it, feel it, smell it and especially taste it. It was a new
experience, using her mouth, that the Sisterhood had taught her. It
stood slimy and pink a right angle to him, and it was the most
beautiful thing she had ever seen in the world. Nothing would stop
her, could stop her desire as she moved her face forwards and began to
lick the length of it.

The taste of the both of them excited her even more but she tried to
ignore it until he made a motion that he wanted her. So she closed
her eyes and made love with her mouth to her son's cock.

Nolan watched for several minutes then reached for a piece of fruit by
the bed to eat. It would be this way for as long as he helped the
Sisterhood, gave them what they wanted.

Or would it?

A woman, especially his own mother, pleasuring him with her mouth.
Even the stories in the adult magazines were never so graphic, so
visual to even hint at the pleasure of this moment. It was the
perfect day; the perfect room, the sexy woman, the woman of
unmentionable fantasies begging for him.

Nolan felt her sex press against the top of his foot and felt her
grind against him. She still wanted him! Even without the 'Toilet
Water' she desired her own son, her offspring, even to the point of
sucking his cock and humping his leg.

This was the life that Virginia had lived, had promised him. It was
his heaven.

"Come up here mom." She opened her eyes and rushed to comply. A
smile upon her lips the whole time.

She lay next to her son and watched as he held the fruit an inch above
her nipples until a thick cold drop fell upon her. It caused an
electric reaction to run through her body and another when Nolan
leaned over and licked her nipple clean. He moved the juicy fruit to
her other nipple and repeated the performance. "Oh god!"

Then he placed it above his semi-erect penis and allowed a drip to
land upon the head of his cock. Her son instructed, "Your turn." She
scrambled about until she was inverted to him and licked him firmly
and slowly just as he had done to her nipples.


She looked down between them at her son and saw his furled brow. "Yes
my love?"

"What exactly did the Sisterhood do to you to get you to...?" He was
staring embarrassed at his fruit.

She knew what he was asking, "To turn me into your lover?" He nodded

"Yes. I'd like to know please." She again turned about on the bed
and pressed her body against his.

"Anything Nolan, anything you want."

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LVI (Part 4)

She placed her head upon his chest and allowed her hand to gently
grasp his penis and stroke it softly. "It started only a few months
ago. A woman my own age came to my door unexpectedly. As we talked I
suddenly felt very aroused to the point that I felt as if I would rape
the unknown woman before me. I had never even considered another
woman as a lover, nor had a thought about cheating on your father."

Nolan shifted nervously, she had just cheated on his father, with him.

"This woman simply stepped forwards and suddenly kissed me. I flung
my arms around her as she pushed be back into my own house where we
fell upon the floor in the foyer and she licked me to oblivion." She
giggled gently, "The door was even left open but I never even
noticed." His mom licked her palm and returned it to his cock and
began to stroke him with more earnest energy. "Its hard to explain.
I never felt so excited so out of control so wanton, so sexy. This
woman felt it also, I found out later, and I returned the pleasure she
had given me."

"It was hours that I had sex with that woman and I awoke alone and
naked in the living room. The smell of female pussy", Nolan could
smell hers right now actually, "was strong and I knew it wasn't all a
dream." His mom tried to move her head down to his cock but he wanted
to hear this story and held her head against his chest.

"Keep going mom."

"The next day another woman came to my door and within a few minutes I
was kneeling between her legs and licking like some dyke maniac. It
seemed impossible to me latter as I remembered it all. The next day a
young teenager had come to my door, April I later learned, and I was
again given to my passions. This continued for nearly a month until I
was looking forwards to the ring of my doorbell and an unknown woman
waiting outside. Then none showed up for nearly a week and I was
going crazy. I must have fucked your father four times that last
weekend but never enjoyed a second of it. It was the last time I let
him touch me." She sounded embarrassed, nearly as much as Nolan was
to listen.

"Then a very old woman showed up at my door and not caring about her
age was expecting to succumb to my passion. Instead she came to talk.
I don't remember too much but she explained that I was addicted to a
drug and that they wanted me to help seduce you. I through a fit and
screamed for the bitch to leave... then she crushed a vial and I was
between her old legs licking like a mad woman."

"As it had been early in the day I soon found myself the center of a
multitude of naked females. Our living room had turned into a lesbian orgy without me even noticing. I was passed around by many of the
ladies that had come to my door in the weeks previous. I only
remember endless pussy and numerous orgasms."

"Alone and very tired I lay in a puddle of my own spend with my body
covered with uncountable other ladies juices. I knew then that I
needed this; I don't mean the drug or the pussy, but I need this
pleasure in my life. That was when I knew I would help them seduce
you. I would later learn they also expected me to be your slave."

"And?" Nolan was stroking the upper side of her breast as his cock
thrust firmly towards the ceiling.

She was silent for a time then continued. "It was then that I began
to train. I was to show up at a house not far from our own where I
would be told to do things... all things. All holes were used and I
learned to enjoy any sexual attention at these places. I was bound
and gagged and trained to enjoy being spanked and hurt. I was
humiliated and treated like a dog to the point that I would get wet
just by the feeling of a collar about my neck."

"So many woman with fake cocks used me that I could not remember even
a dozen of their names. I loved every second. I was given endless
amounts of 'Water' when I was good and when I was bad I had to beg
even to be allowed to touch my own body. Then, when I was nearly a
machine or toy for anyone or thing that wanted me, they started to
condition me for you."


"Yes darling, you." She gulped and continued, "They told me they used
to do this, a man named Tony had developed the technique, to train a
woman to be the total slut and then to condition her to be a slut only
for one person. It was how the Family, what the Sisterhood used to be
called, used to make their money; selling conditioned women to wealthy
men. It always worked, and it worked in me too. I was a slave to
only one man, you Nolan."

"Wow. When did you know all this? That you were to be for me?"

"Nearly from the beginning but never knew when until Virginia invited
us to this island."

The silence was thick until Nolan ended it, "I'm glad it worked out
this way mom." He was able to reach far enough to gently pinch a

She squealed and jerked against him, her sloppy wet sex grinding the
hair near his head. "Oh honey, I'm so glad too!"

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LVII (Part 4)

Nolan set down his fork and waited for Virginia to finish her dessert.
His mother had opted to eat nothing and sat in silence.

The three of them shared an intimate, but delicious, meal by the
fireplace the very night of the loss of Nolan's virginity. Virginia
sat upon a wide soft chair, just like his own, across from him. While
his mother knelt at her son's feet, her head upon one knee.

His initial questions had been deflected by the older woman, till
after the meal was finished. It was uncivilized she had said.

With the dessert complete, Virginia set aside her plate and fork,
smiling with pleasure of the exquisite meal. "Now young Nolan, I
believe you are very anxious to learn more?" She didn't even allow
any time for him to say anything. "There is not much to tell; but I
suppose you should know that I am to be away for a short while,
'Family Business'."

"How long will you be gone Virginia?"

"At least a week, possibly more. I'm going to leave you in charge of
the Isle during that time."

Nolan couldn't hide his surprise, "What? I don't know the first

"Hush young man." She was smiling even though her words chastised the
teenager. "Never been given a bit of responsibility have you?"
Virginia glared at his mom for a brief second. "Mary and the other
senior ladies will attend to the day to day workings of the Isle. Its
nearly self-sufficient anyways."

Virginia took a sip of wine and smiled at the young man. "Nothing to
worry about Nolan, I think you may enjoy yourself."

Nolan realized she was talking about the scantily clad middle-aged
woman at his feet, his own mother, and blushed furiously. His mother had only worn a loose summer dress than came to mid-thigh and showed
off ample cleavage. All that looked upon her would have known she was
naked beneath. His mom had asked him what he thought of the dress,
when she initially modeled it for him an hour before, and with his
positive reaction insisted she wear it for him. He wished she hadn't,
if for no other reason than it was distracting.

He had to change the subject and asked, "You picked me because I'm
male and have a high IQ?"

"An exceptional IQ, yes."

"In bio-chemistry?"

"Correct." Virginia smiled softly, she enjoyed watching the young man voice his thoughts in the form of questions.

"I can guess why you wanted a male; because I can not be seduced by
'Toilet Water' right?"

"Again correct Nolan."

"But why a teenager?"

"A teenager with a very attractive mother." She paused dramatically
and looked down at the sexy exposed limbs of the middle-aged woman
kneeling at Nolan's feet.

"But why?"

A big sigh, "Some men have certain appetites."

Again a wide blush, "How did you know I would find my mother attractive?"

Virginia laughed lightly, "Because your a man Nolan. Besides, she is
very pretty, with her naked and begging for you, how could you not
find her attractive."

She was right, that was just how it happened. His mother had seduced
him into the ways of incest and eroticism.

"Okay, so that explains why you wanted a man, but 'bio-chemistry'?"

Virginia set down her wine goblet and looked suddenly very serious, "I
want you to find an antidote for 'Toilet Water'."

The answer was simple but it stunned him. After the day he had just
experienced, all resulting from 'Toilet Water', he was hard pressed to
understand a reason to reverse the addictive scent. Without it, he
would not have spent the afternoon in bed with his own mother.

Virginia watched him very closely.

"You are leaving me in charge of this island and its inhabitants...?"


"... and you want me to find a cure to the addiction of 'Toilet

"Easy right?"

"What about if I don't want to find a cure?"

Virginia sighed heavily and shrugged, "Then our lives go on as they
have been for many many years."

Nolan couldn't help but look down at his own mother and suddenly could
not imagine giving up the pleasure that she had introduced him too.

Virginia understood, "A cure does not mean it needs to be used on
everyone that is addicted."

If he had created a cure how could he not help his own mother, Nolan
thought to himself?

She continued, "In fact I doubt one in ten ladies here on the Isle
would want to be cured."

That surprised him, "Your kidding?"

"Ask her?" She nodded at his kneeling mother.

"Mom?" She lifted her pretty face from his lap and smiled up at her
son. "Do you like your life now or would you like to go back to the
way it was before 'Toilet Water'?"

The middle-aged woman thought for a brief second before answering, "I
love my new life. I feel more like a woman than I ever did before I
joined the Sisterhood."

"Even though it was against your will?"

She shrugged and one sexy shoulder was suddenly exposed when her
neckline slid down to her elbow. "I really don't care how I came to
be your slave or a member of this island, only that I am here now. I
actually thank Virginia and all the other girls that trained me. I
love my new life and duties."

Nolan knew what those duties were, and contrary to the serious
conversation him and Virginia were partaking in, the sight of his
mothers newly exposed smooth shoulder and upper swell of her breast caused his cock to grow.

"If I told you that you did not have to be addicted to 'Toilet Water'
any more, what would you say?"

His mom shrugged and frowned, "I love how much pleasure I get when I
do smell it, but if I could keep my current life without it I think I
would." She didn't sound too certain.

If Nolan had heard right his mother had just admitted that she would
give up the 'Toilet Water' but she did not want to give up her
submissive new position to her very own son.

Virginia finally interrupted, "Well?"

Nolan still was not convinced, "What happens if I do make the cure?"

The ancient woman stared hard at the young man and spoke firmly,
"Then, for the first time since I was a teenager I could live without
the constant urge for it!"

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LVIII (Part 4)

That very night, the island was long since silent, Nolan lay in bed
looking out the window at the bright blue-gray moon. His mother,
naked as he was, lay cuddled in his arms, she had fallen asleep after
their love-play was over.

Upon returning from supper, where Virginia had said her last goodbyes,
his mother had asked her son if they she could have some 'Toilet
Water' when they returned to his house. After a few questions from
him, Nolan realized she was feeling withdrawal and needed her
addictive fix from the drug. It was her suggestion that they include
it with their love-play.

Nolan has smelt the scent for the first time, noting its retch and
offensive oder. His mother, on the other hand, never smelt anything
so heavenly, and said so. Before his very eyes he watched the woman
of his whole life dissolve into a mass of lust and pure uninhibited
desire. It was a different woman whom had lain with him that very
afternoon, this one was panting with need. A need that could not be
found and though she screamed with pleasure each time her son invaded
her body with his cock it was never enough. She needed more. Until
finally the evening breeze had dissolved all traces of the scent and
the bed post could no longer be humped by the middle-aged woman, that
she crawled up into her son's arms and fell into a deep exhausted

So that was 'Toilet Water' thought the brilliant young man. There was
little doubt that nothing would have been forbidden him if he only
requested it. In fact she had begged for him to fuck her harder, to
shove his cock into her asshole, to spank her, to pull her hair and
even to come over her tits. He hadn't, though it had sounded like
delicious ideas, it was startling to see her like that.

As he lay awake, he wondered back to a time when that young man in the
picture had discovered 'Toilet Water' and had used it for the first
time. Had he watched surprised as the woman became a mass of pleasure
and lust or had he put a bridle upon her and trained her as a cowboy would with a wild horse.

Nolan, for one, wasn't sure how he would "bridle" his mother when she
was under the drug. Yet, the thought did have some interesting
positive imagery to it, thought the young man.

He slipped out of bed and walked naked to the wide living room and
stood before the wide windows.

"Excuse me Nolan-san?"

Nolan nearly jumped in surprise, he had thought his mother and him
alone in the house. "Oh god, April, you scared me!"

She bowed smoothly, "My apologies Nolan-san. Do you need me for

His surprise had initially turned to embarrassment at his own nudity
and then to the remembrances of his mothers uninhibited noises
earlier. Then he noticed the tiny framed young asian woman, her
pretty face and wide eyes waiting for his answer.

Looking out the window, Nolan asked, "April, you have had sex with my
mother didn't you?"

She didn't even hesitate, "Yes Nolan-san." Nolan was learning that
anything of a sexual nature and of nudity was natural on this island.
All the inhabitants were addicted to the same drug evidently, why
would they need to be embarrassed when most of them had probably lain
with most of the other inhabitants. "It was part of her training."

The image of his sexy mother with this tiny boyish-framed woman
excited him. In his magazines, lesbianism had always excited him.

"Have you had sex with many ladies April?"

"Yes Nolan-san." He stole a look at her face and realized she was
being partient with him, since she did not understand why he asked
these questions.

"How did my mother fair?"

April shrugged, "She was always eager to learn but the scent inhibited
any technique she may have used." He thought he understood,
especially after watching his mother under the influence only a few
hours before, patience and empathy were forgotten when the 'Water' was
in the air. He was glad his first time was without the smell to
inhibit her actions.

As he watched a small cloud slowly pass the glow of the moon he felt
the small cool hands encircle his waist. Lips kissed at his shoulder
while one hand gently fondled his penis. "Is there anything else

He realized, with pleasure, that she had shrugged off her night coat
and was pressing her tiny naked body against his own.

Within her arms he spun about, finding pleasure in a woman smaller
than himself. April stood upon her toes and brought her lips to his
and he could feel the coarse pubic hair between her legs tickle his
soft penis.

"Oh Nolan-san!"

His hands sought out her body and one grasped a tiny hard buttock
while the other slide between the two naked bodies and between her
firm small thighs. She sighed into her mouth as he sucked upon her
tongue and slid a finger into her sex. It abruptly stopped an inch
within and Nolan was startled to discover this slave was a virgin.

Nolan pulled his face back to look into her eyes, "Yes Nolan-san, I
have not been with a man before only other women."

"Are you sure you want...?"

"Oh please Nolan-sama, more than life!" April suddenly slide down his
body her lips coming within an inch of his still-soft member. "I have
thought of nothing else since your arrival, I want you so!"

The tiny polite mouth began to suck upon his penis, which was rapidly
growing. Even after the last sexually active day that he had just
experienced and the last place his penis had been, within his own
mothers cunt, his cock grew rapidly, hungry for this pretty damsel.

She only sucked him till he was fully hard, her technique not as
experienced as his own mothers Nolan thought with a chuckle, before
climbing back up his body. April seemed desperate to get him inside
her, to lose her virginity and her trembling limbs and panting mouth
reminded him of his mother under the influence of the 'Toilet Water'.
But that is where the similarity ended.

The young woman knew what she wanted evidently, and simply stood still
as the tiny asian practically climbed upon his body. Nolan knew not
how she had accomplished it with toppling the both of them, but he was
pleased to find that he stood with the sexy young woman wrapped about
him, their sexes joined.

April fiercely grasped him, possibly afraid to fall and desperate not
to loose the first taste of cock within her vagina. Nolan held her
tiny hard buttocks, holding much of her weight in his strong teenage

Her sex was tight, much tighter than his only other conquest. It was
also hot, like a furnace.

Even when he moved an inch April would grasp him firmly and whimper
into his chest.

"Did it hurt?"

"Oh yes Nolan-sama! It hurt so good." She was whispering so that he
could barely hear her.

Then she began to move, her whole torso moving up and down, so that
her sex nearly expelled the intruder before again plunging down. This
time Nolan let out a moan of delight.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LIX (Part 4)

Nolan turned bright red when he opened his eyes and found his
nearly-naked mother standing over him and April. His mother only wore
a white bed sheet and had a wild tired look about her, a look he would
come to learn as a newly-fucked look. Turning to the still sleeping
April, he saw that she looked similar, beautiful.


"Nolan", she whispered, not wanting to wake the younger girl, "Mary is
waiting for you in the foyer."

"Mom I'm sorry!" He nodded to the sleeping Asian.

His mother frowned for a second and then brightened up, amused even.
"Oh Nolan darling. I care not if you have other lovers, I expect and
will help you actually, only hope that you visit your mother as
frequently as you may." Nolan noticed that his mothers nipples stood
hard against the soiled white sheet and wondered if her conditioning
had also entranced this into her mind.

Mary was seated wearing her normal soft smile as she looked out at the
new morning sun. "Morning Mary?" Nolan had adorned a tee-shirt and
jeans before appearing in his foyer.

"Oh Nolan, a pleasure!" Mary stood rapidly and smiled hugely at the
young man. "I am sorry to come so early, but we have a small dilemma
that should be attended too."

It was like a rock hit him in the chest, Mary was here because he had
been left in charge of the island by Virginia. Now the authority
granted by the older matron needed to be exercised - Nolan wasn't so
certain that he was qualified.

"It is Tony." She made a sour face, comically. "Again."

"Tony?" He remembered his mother mentioning that name, something
about training a woman to be totally submissive.

She frowned, a little surprised. "Tony's mom was one of David's
slaves and when he discovered the benefits of 'Toilet Water' and being
a man...!" Mary frowned, much to Nolan's discomfort. She was
talking, with candor and a little smile, about a woman and her son
having sex. "When David became sick, Tony and Virginia ran the family for several years."

"Is he not part of the family any longer? I thought I am the only

"Oh most certainly," she winked at him playfully, "you are the only
male here on the island. No, Tony lives on an estate Virginia granted
him many years ago."

"What is his duties within the Family?" Nolan also wanted to ask if
there was any other men, but didn't , at least not yet.

"None. He is simply to keep out of trouble."

"Then what has he done?"

"He sent an ultimatum to Virginia; that she grant him audience or he
will go public about 'Toilet Water'." Mary looked disgusted. "We
received it just this morning, so I came to you." Since Virginia
wasn't available and he was in charge, she didn't add.

"Is he dangerous?"

"Tony? Only when he has power." Like I now do, thought the young man.

"Grant him his audience then, but don't tell him Virginia isn't

Mary nodded, her smile gone and she didn't look pleased with his
directive. "He will be here tonight then." She turned and exited his

It was evident to Nolan, that Mary didn't care to see this man Tony.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LX (Part 4)

That morning, Nolan had three senior women come to his home to ask his
direction on various matters. One so he could give his approval on a
marriage between two local ladies, an act that surprised the teenager.
Another to agree on a punishment for a woman whom had stolen another
of her Sisterhood's Water, nothing harsh. The third to go over the
budget for that month, most of which Nolan didn't understand.

Lunch was a quiet affair, Nolan and his mother, with April serving.
April had this constant smile and catered upon Nolan's every wish
expectantly. His mom, on the other hand, was listening patiently to
her son discuss the discoveries of his morning, particularly of the
lesbian marriage.

Nolan was explaining how some of the islands money was being spent
when he felt a foot slip gently against the inside of his thigh. He
shut his mouth and looked surprised at his mother, across the table
from him. The foot moved higher until he felt the toes wiggling about
the bulge of his jeans.

"Mom?" She was smiling deviously and he saw that her nipples were
beacons of her excitement. His cock was slowly raising to the
fumbling attentions of the toes.

"Yes honey?"

April came in and refilled Nolan's glass of milk and his moms water
goblet. Nolan looked embarrassed at the younger woman waiting for her
to leave before answering.

When April disappeared into the kitchen, his mom asked, "Why were you
embarrassed darling?" The toes were actually stroking his cock with
great expertise, considering. "After this morning, I would think you
may like her to join in?"

Wow, thought the teenager, did he just hear his mother right? "Join

"I love you honey."

"I love you too mom."

"And I want to make you happy." She smiled gently even while her toes
were moving up and down the length of his cock beneath his jeans.
"Haven't you even thought about what it must have been like when April
and I had sex?" He nodded affirmatively, ever since he had heard the
tale he had thought of the image. "Wouldn't you like to see us do
that again... and join in when you felt like it?"

His mouth was suddenly dry.

April came back in with a dry of various desserts, she paused at a
look from Nolan's mom. "April darling, my son would like you and I to
put a show on for him?"

"Truly Nolan-san?"

"How about we meet you in the front room honey." The foot disengaged
and his mom stood up with a smile towards April. "Don't be too long

April ran through the arch way towards the front room, excitement
evident by her anxious excited movements. His mom followed much
slower, with a slow roll of her buttocks that could not be ignored.

Nolan gulped down his glass of milk and took a deep breath. These
last few days had been amazing to the teenager.

He stood and followed within a few long moments.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXI (Part 4)

The two ladies were kissing and grappling aggressively, his mother often looking past her lesbian lover to ensure her only son enjoyed
the show, while April had her eyes closed and was enjoying every

Nolan sat in a large easy chair and imagined himself as a Roman
emperor watching two slaves enjoy each other. As an emperor he could
do anything to these two ladies, he could even have more attend to him
as he watched this show. He suddenly thought of Rachel and thought
about what she must look like naked, what her lips would feel about
the shaft of his cock, her tongue dancing with the head of his penis.

As he understood it, if toilet water had been in the air these two
ladies would not be patient so willing to simply enjoy the others
tongue. Rather, they would be attempting to get head-first into the
others vagina, to slip their fingers tongue and even toys in the
others asshole or cunt.

Nolan enjoyed how the scent reacted with his mom but he also enjoyed
how she was without its mind numbing scent. Could he create an
antidote or at least make the scent non-addictive - that was another
solution that he had come up with himself, one that Virginia had not
spoken to him about.

Oh certainly a woman, his mother for instance, would and could be
mentally addicted to the smell and the pleasures they felt during drug
induced orgies. Yet their bodies did not crave it, they need not be
coherced into acts that they thought despicable.

Did his mother think fucking him was despicable, thought Nolan

Both ladies had not worn much in the way of clothing, neither had worn
undergarments - so it was only a minute that they lay intertwined and
naked, humping the other rhythmically.

The teenager watched fascinated at the two different bodies couple,
his mothers larger whiter softer body very sexy and April's thin
almost boyish body. He unzipped his jeans and allowed his cock to
stand up straight and free.

They ground and jerked upon the floor, his mother's hairless crack
grinding into the other short black pussy. The evidence of their
pleasure obvious with the amount of clear shiny liquid coating both

It had not been long when both ladies started the final assent to
nirvana. His mother watching his hard cock without blinking, April
hiding her face between his mothers bountiful breasts. They both let
out a feminine scream, clenched and then finally relaxed panting.

His mom was the quicker to recover, "Well darling?" Nolan only smiled
at his mom. "I can see you enjoyed the show - could we help you with
that?" She nodded at his stiff hard teenage cock.

April looked up at what the older lady was looking at and then began
to crawl out from her tanglement, Nolan's mom not far behind. Two
sexy naked sweaty bodies crawled to him opening their mouths as they

It was an incredible sight, and Nolan removed his hand as the two lips
seemed to engulfed his sex. His mother swallowed his prick to the
root while April took one ball deep into her mouth - both sucked instantly.

The teenager was startled to see Rachel walk into the room and
silently seat herself near the doorway. Nolan thought of his earlier
images and felt a sudden embarrassment but that quickly vanished when
he realized that the twenty-something year old was watching him get a
blow job by his own mother.

Yet, Rachel seemed patient enough to wait for the only man on the
islands pleasure to end. And as the seconds ticked past, one of her
own hands slipped into her khaki jeans, between her thighs and Nolan
watched amazed knowing that the woman was masturbating to the show she
was watching.

The familiar feeling in his balls startled him, so that he again
looked down to see that it was April's mouth that was sucking his
shaft. He allowed the sperm to release, not even stopping to warn the
tiny teenage lover, the spurts of life giving juices filling the tiny

It was over rather quickly, and without much ceremony, it had been
only a simple blowjob. Nolan's mother released his balls and pulled
April's mouth from him, her lips again locked with the teenage
lesbians. They shared his orgasm as Nolan watched Rachel have a small
self induced orgasm across the room.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXII (Part 4)

Tony looked dangerous thought the teenager, as they shook hands down
by the docks. Most of the islands inhabitants were not to be seen, as
if the island was closed up prepared for a storm. Perhaps it was
thought Nolan.

Mary suggested he was not allowed any further on the island, it seemed
most of the ladies seemed to think unkindly of the elderly man. She
and Rachel were the only two females in attendance, not counting the
float planes crew.

"So your the new boy toy huh? Have you fucked your mother yet?"

The second question startled the teenager and he felt the blood fill
his cheeks.

Tony only laughed knowingly, "I taught Virginia every nasty thing she
knows. Have you fucked mommy up the ass yet - it was one pleasure
zone that was focused on in all ladies I trained?"

"What is it you want Tony?" His voice sounded raspy even to himself.

He didn't change the subject, "Those ladies with virgin assholes
trained the best." He looked up at the sky as if gauging if it will
rain or not. "If I know our Virginia, she made sure your mommy had a
virgin asshole before training her."

"Leave my mother out of this!"

Tony chuckled, "Of course... Nolan."

Mary shuffled on her feet and Tony turned his attention to her, "Ah
Mary - you fat slut, how are you doing? Want to come and give me a
kiss for old times sake?"

She didn't say a word but hung her head and started to move towards
Tony, this only frustrated Nolan and he moved between the two,
stopping the older ladies movement. "What is it you want?"

"And that peach", he nodded towards Rachel, "I hope you poked that
slut as there are not many fuckable sluts left on this island?"

Nolan only glared at him and he was surprised to see Rachel turn red and turn away to look at the far away beach.

"No? Then mind if I have a tumble with her?" He chuckled

There was silence for a couple of minutes as the two men glared at
each other.

"The family has a new head-cock huh?" He stepped back and sat down
upon one of the wide logs about the gravel path. Tony was getting
old, and he looked it. When Nolan didn't reply, Tony sighed and
finally asked, "I want back in." It wasn't a question.

Then he commented, "Do you know where Virginia is?"

Nolan stole a look over his shoulder at Mary but she was staring at
her feet.

"No? Well let me just tell you something Nolan - I was one of the
founding members of this Family. Have they told you that?" No
answer. "And it was me that helped put us here today!" The old man was nearly screaming. "Tell that old cunt that I'm going public if I
don't get the reigns of power once again." He started to laugh and
commented, "What have I got to loose? I have only a couple of years
left to live and I want to enslave as many sluts as I can in that time
and to fuck each and every one of them!" He was shouting again.

Nolan began to believe Tony was insane, but dangerous. Watching
Rachel and Mary, it had to be true he knew.

"I'll make you a deal young man, we shall out that old slut Virginia
and share the top seat together huh? Again make the family into
something of power." Even in Tony's ranting he noticed his argument
was not having any effect on the teenager. "Think of any slut, why
not every one that you jerked off too - your teacher, some slut on the
television, your aunt or sister, maybe just some old cow next door who
used to tease you - wouldn't you like to fuck each and every one of

Tony saw Nolan's eyes loose some of their defiance and he knew this
was his opportunity. "Do you have a sister Nolan?" Tony's voice had
lost most of its venom and was simply asking politely.


"A cousin?"

Nolan was not stupid enough not to see what Tony was doing, yet the
images coming to his minds eye seduced him. He whispered, "Yes."

"She is pretty isn't she?" Nolan only nodded. "Younger, older?"

"A year younger."

"I bet her breasts are just right, with long youthful legs and an ass
that only a young woman can have right?" Tony was leaning forwards,
his eyes sparkling.

Everything Tony said was true and Nolan had thought of his cousin on
more than one occasion as he fantasized, "Yes."

"She is polite to you, smiles and laughs but she is also a bitch that
barely knows your alive right?"

True, Nolan nodded.

"What is her name son?"


"Hum... a very fine name. 'Slave' Shelly." Tony sat back and licked
his lips while staring up at the sky. "Now that you know some of the
power behind the 'Water' can you imagine what it would be like to have
that young beauty beg for you?" He didn't say a word so Tony
continued, "She would do anything, you realize that don't you? I mean
anything that you want - only to have another taste of the 'Toilet

Tony changed tactics, "I'm sorry about what I said regarding your
mother Nolan - mother's are sacred aren't they?"

Nolan was trying to imagine his cousin's face approaching his spread
knees, his mother next to her, as both mouths opened to engulf his
cock. His mothers hands behind that tight teen ass and teased the
slit while both mouths pleasured him.

"David never let any man touch his mother."

"David's mother?"

"Oh yes - that is where it all started. Didn't Virginia tell you?"
Nolan didn't say anything but he had lost the image in his mind. "It
was how David had me join, by giving me possession of my mother. She
was a slut."

David nodded agreeing before he realized what he was doing, it was not
his mothers fault that she was addicted to the 'Water' or that she had
been conditioned as a pleasure slave for her only son. Then he
remembered her face as she orgasmed beneath him or as she shared his
spunk with April - she loved her new position as ... 'slut'!

"Virginia came a little latter, after David made his sister and mother slaves. And you know what that is like don't you son?"

This time Nolan met Tony's eyes, the first time since they had shook

"I'll tell you what... let me stay here with you on the island at
least till Virginia returns?" Tony added almost as an afterthought,
"I'll be good."

Mary was grasping her hands frantically hoping that Nolan would see
her even as the young man nodded positively.

"Good lad. I think you'll really enjoy some of the stories I've got
to tell you." Nolan actually smiled with Tony.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXIII (Part 4)

Virginia returned to the island and felt it immediately, knew
something was wrong. Mary told her everything at the dock and didn't
stop talking even as they took the Hummer up the mountain.

The angry older woman stormed through her home till she entered the
large lounge that had often been a scene of orgies. That was what it
was currently being used for.

Virginia stood in the doorway so angry that she could barely talk and
looked down at the scene before her. Tony was seated in a chair, his
naked old body disgusting to her, though Rachel didn't seem to mind as
she knelt naked between his knees sucking on his old knob. Behind her
April pumped a fake phallus, attached by a belt to her hips, into the
sexy woman's cunt. Behind her Nolan's mother, also with a strap on
cock, fucked April. And behind her, Nolan fucked his mother. Tony
was smoking a cigar, a habit he took to hide the scent of the 'Water'
from his nostrils, and telling the story about how they had purchased
an American Senator's wife. Nolan was smiling as he pumped into his
mother, finding the story very humorous.

Virginia noticed other ladies within the room, at least a dozen more.
Ten of which she noticed as the most comely women of the island, none
below the age of forty. There was two other ladies, one a young teenager that four of the ladies were ganging up with and the other
looked in her middle thirties, who had the remainder of the lesbians for her pleasure.

The 'Toilet Water' was thick in the air.

Virginia closed the door and felt her hands trembling, she wanted to
enter and join, to take a deep breath of the scent and fall to the
floor to wrap her body in female flesh. The sight of Nolan's young cock, as it pistoned in and out of his mother, brought another urge to
the old woman.

She stumbled through the huge house till she collapsed upon the floor
before her private room. Virginia tried to yell out but the trembling
in her limbs had turned to incredible pain in her chest.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXIV (Part 4)

Nolan watched as two of the islands medical staff, yes the island its
own small hospital, complete with nurses and a doctor, carefully took
Virginia out of the house. The islands matriarch had a massive heart
attack and only the quick actions of her loving Mary had saved her
life, though the doctor had said the older woman may never fully

Tony was still in the lounge, popping pills to help him keep his hard
on as he enjoyed Rachel for the countless time in the last ten days.

Nolan's mother stood behind him, her hand upon his shoulder as they
rolled the delicate old woman from the house. He was feeling
extremely guilty, while he pleasured himself Virginia had lain out
here on the cold marble alone.

Then they were gone and Nolan was left with only his mother and the
sounds of the islands forests.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXV (Part 4)

Nolan retired back to the small house he had first inhabited when he
came to the island, the same room that his mother and he had first

Nolan's mother attended to him, every one else was ordered to leave
them alone and not to disturb him. For days his mother cooked and
cleaned the house for her son, and each night she lay alone as her son
did not request her presence. She offered herself, always and several
times each day, but nothing she could do would seduce her son to have
her return to his bed. She felt old and useless, her son was in pain
and she could not do anything to help. He had also ordered her not to
talk unless spoken too, so she walked about the house in silence and

For the first week Nolan stared out of a bay window to the forest and
ocean beyond, speaking to no one and asking for nothing. His mother simply brought food, left it on the table next to him and then left.
She would return later to find him seated exactly the same position
but with the plate empty.

Each day he sent his mother to the hospital and each day she returned
to say that Virginia was still on life-support and it was not known if
she would live.

After that first week, Nolan sent his mother to return with the papers
that Virginia had told him about. Now he spent every waking minute
reading and re-reading the formula to the Families power. He lost
himself in the pen written scratch that was half a century old, a man that used power to fulfill his lusts.

Surprisingly Tony didn't come to the house or acknowledge even Nolan's
loss. He did go to the hospital and stood above the silent woman as
he gloated her attack and the powerless new leader, Nolan. He fucked
every woman that moved on the island, except the one sleeping in the
room next to Nolan - his mother, and the one in a coma - Virginia.

The two new ladies, both that Tony suggested he include in the Family,
Nolan's cousin Shelly and her mom, his aunt, Jennifer, anxiously
attended each orgy that Tony had, hungry for more of that new and
exciting scent.

New slaves were appearing on the island, and all the ladies now wore
collars, though solid gold, while Nolan never made notice of it and
studied. He ordered some bio-chemistry books from the mainland, as
well as some tools, his mother met the boat and returned with several
boxes that he had requested.

Things were changing, even Nolan had to notice when he looked out his
window at the clouds and ocean. There was a new wooden chair upon a
platform down near the docks, that was being used as a punishment.
Always one of the islands original inhabitants, one per day sometimes
more, were tied upon this chair. Seated thus, the woman would have a
large phallus inserted beneath the chair into her vagina another into
her anus and a mask for a third to insert into her mouth. These fake
cocks were powered by the islands generators and would move within the
woman. At first it was pleasurable and then later, remember there was
no scent in the air, it became painful and not much longer torturous.
Tony watched each punishment with a handful of his chosen harem.

More ladies came to the island, mothers with young daughters,
teenagers and co-eds. Each had to crawl from the plane or boat as a
whip-mistress, as they were now called, hit them with leather straps.
Each one that came was already addicted, each a slave.

Then came the men, mostly older expensively dressed men looking
nervous but leaving later with huge smiles. There was not many of
these, but enough.

Nolan had stopped reading David and Virginia's notes regarding the
'Water' after a month and again returned to looking out his window -
purposely ignoring all that happened on the island.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXVI (Part 4)

Nolan stood sheepishly next to the white bed, looking down at the
ancient and bedridden face of the woman that had introduced him to the
Family. The same woman that had raped his mother by forcing an
addictive substance down his throat. Also the same woman that he now
felt extreme guilt for.

"Nolan?" He tired to smile but failed.

Nolan had been told hours before that Virginia was awake and taken off
the life-support equipment, then stood here until she had acknowledged

"Mary sat by my side nearly the whole time I was sick." In a coma,
but Nolan was not prepared to correct her. Mary sat on the other side
of the bed, holding her mistress's hand lovingly. Behind him, Nolan's
mother waited anxiously.Virginia looked at the soft round old face and
a smile passed between the two, a smile that only two people that had
been intimate for a very long time could share.

"She has told me about what Tony is doing, you must stop this
madness!" Virginia started to cough violently.

She misunderstood Nolan's silence, everyone but maybe his mother did,
"I'm so sorry Virginia."

The woman smiled after Mary whipped the spittle from her chin. "I was
not wrong about you - you have the heart to release my Family's soul
from our bane."

Nolan nodded negatively, "Its not about the 'Toilet Water'..."

"Its all about the 'Toilet Water'!" Snapped Virginia. She took a
deep breath and looked to Nolan's mother and Mary, "Leave us please."
They did.

"Do you think Tony's madness has nothing to do with the 'Water'?"

"I think his madness lies in the power he craves."

"True! Yet what gives him that power?" She chuckled, and Nolan felt
that she understood the weight upon his heart and soul.

"Do you know what caused my heart attack?"

Nolan nodded his face turning red, "The party Tony had thrown and
which you walked into."

"Wrong!" She smiled triumphant, "I had opened the door and saw the
orgy that Tony had always enjoyed - I had known the seduction of the
flesh for a man of your age and stamina." She again chuckled and he
turned even an darker shade of red. "No! It was my desire to join in
that caused my attack, the personal battle within me." He sat open
mouthed stunned. "I don't have the strength I used to have. The last
thought that I remember is about your cock, hard and wet from your
mothers juices. I craved it so!"

Nolan dropped back into a chair and stared in surprise at the older woman.

"So you see young man, its all about the 'Water'. Even now my old cunt remembers and wants that cock in me." He couldn't help it but
stole a look down at the strategic spot in the blanket.

Virginia's voice softened, "I know the urges of the flesh Nolan, lord
knows all that I have enjoyed. I would have granted you Shelly and
Jennifer without a thought, your work is much more important than two
other additions to the Sisterhood."

"Find a cure for my Sisterhood Nolan, allow us to grow past this
addictive drug created by a horny teen hungry for his mothers flesh?"
She was nearly pleading with him and Nolan realized this woman
probably never begged anything from anyone.

"And Tony?"

She shrugged, "He is nothing, simply another addict of the 'Water' but
different of course."

Virginia was looking tired, "Mary said he has not found it?"

Nolan knew immediately what she referred too. "I have them." The
papers, the formula to the 'Toilet Water'. Nolan had sent for them
within days of Virginia's heart attack, Tony's celebration orgy had
only been winding down at that point and he didn't yet think about the

She smiled, "Then you have the power over all of us Nolan. Please
send in Mary and your mother."

They returned, along with the doctor and two nurses. "Before everyone
here, I formally resign my position as the head of the Sisterhood and
give total rights to each and every one of us to Nolan. He is now the
head of our Family."

Nolan sat stunned with his mouth open. The ladies standing around the
clean white room, all but Nolan's mother now wearing the gold collar,
listened but did not believe a teen boy could best Tony.

Virginia fell immediately asleep, a smile upon her lips.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXVII (Part 4)

It was only minutes after Nolan returned to his house that he spun his
mother about and wrapped his arms about her, he kissed her with a
passion that she once gave him. Her startled impotence quickly
overcome she returned the passion of the kiss with her own. Hands
grappled and clothing tore, Nolan and his mother ripped the others
covering off.

On the floor, in the entrance to his little house, Nolan pumped his
young hard cock within his mothers sex. Both of them half wearing
some of the clothing that they had donned to the hospital. Her sex
was hot and wet, his cock hard and throbbing. It was her body that
released first, and she screamed with pleasure. His followed less
than a minute later.

Both of them lay panting, his cock still submerged, when the older woman gently kissed her son's brow, "I'm proud of you my son."

Tears came to his eyes and Nolan whispered into his mothers bosom, "I
don't want to be the head of the family mom, I don't want to be
responsible for all these people!" She didn't say anything but
brushed his brow and kissed his head.

Silence and only the birds outside sung till Nolan asked, "How did you
fare without...?" He was asking what did she do without the scent to
quell her urges these last weeks.

"I have a small supply that I used, when you slept." He didn't say
anything so she added, "Every object resembling... ever wonder why I
had so many candles in my room?"

Nolan began to laugh and his mother kissed his brow, knowing all was
to be okay.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXVIII (Part 4)

It took exactly two hours till Tony sent Rachel and April to the house
that Nolan and his mother shared. Two hours since Virginia had
granted the head of the family to Nolan.

Rachel and April stood wearing nothing but their collars and sandals,
a chain locking the two necks two feet apart, "Master Tony demands
your immediate attendance!" Rachel had the louder voice and her
message reverberated off the walls.

Nolan and his mother started to laugh up at the naked slaves, as they
cuddled naked as well upon the futon in the room that Nolan had spent
so much time in these last weeks. Nolan laughed louder, his mothers
more reserved.

April and Rachel looked nervous and scared, it would probably be the
public chair as a punishment if they did not have Nolan return to
their master immediately.

"I acknowledge no one as 'master' Rachel." The sexy woman stood wide
eyed with surprise and unsure of what else to do.

It was April that spoke up, "Please Nolan-san, he will hurt us?"

Nolan nodded negatively, "I'm sorry April, but I am not coming to the
house till I am ready." He seemed to think a second before adding,
"Neither are you." The two slaves looked at each other with fear and
puzzlement, neither knew what to do.

His mother spoke up, "Come here girls, you must be cold?" It was a
chilly day indeed, the winter was approaching. This was something
that they were used too, direct orders. Rachel and April, bound by
the neck climbed upon the foot of the futon as Nolan and his mother directed both mouths between their legs.

Rachel went between Nolan's legs and immediately took his soft soiled
cock into her mouth, thankful that the decision was taken away from

April slipped between the soft sexy thighs of the older woman and
immediately began to lap at the familiar slit before her, as always
the youngest woman in the room loved anything sexual and immediately
forgot everything else as she licked.

Nolan reached over and squeezed his mothers breast firmly, "After I
attend to Tony I want to try something new with you mom?"

She signed and then answered her son, "Anything my love?"

"I want to fuck your asshole."

She gasped out and pressed her sex against the youthful lips, suddenly
wanting that tongue lower down, upon her anus. "God I would love that
my darling son!" She grasped the tiny face with both her hands and
guided the open mouth and dainty expert tongue to her asshole.

Nolan smiled, anxious to attend to that pleasure while also
acknowledging the truth of Tony's words.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXIX (Part 4)

He left April and Rachel to continue to pleasure his mother, even
opening up a vial of 'Water' to keep them busy for a while longer, as
he walked up the mountain. The sounds of his mothers pleasure screams
music to his ears.

Things had indeed changed, he realized, as if for the first time. It
was a different island than the one that he had first landed upon.
There was fear here now, instead of comfort and peace. Virginia was
right, it wasn't just Tony, it was the 'Water' - or rather, how it was

Not all Masters were as benevolent as Virginia had been. Tony
certainly was not!

Nolan was a different man than the one that landed upon the island,
let alone the one that secluded himself in his villa while the world
around him tore itself apart. He passed much that concerned him,
things that should not be - but with Tony's demented touch had

No woman that Nolan passed was dressed, even the old wore nothing but
foot covering and their gold collars. There were many new faces,
younger pretty faces that passed him - faces that looked upon him
strangely as if they did not know there was another male upon the

Nolan ignored all these distractions and finally came to the home upon
the top of the mountain.

Without hesitation Nolan swung open the large front door and stepped
into the warm house. In the large foyer, the fountain was gone and
replaced by two lesbian slaves fornicating upon a pedestal, they were
both painted bright blue.

Shelly came at a half run into the room and stopped wide-eyed at her
cousin, "Nolan!"

He stormed past her, "Nolan, please not now he is so angry that you
did not show up latter."

Virginia had told him his desires were expected, normal, that his
introduction of Shelly and his aunt were part of the power of the
'Toilet Water'. Nolan stopped just next to her and slipped a hand
between her naked thighs cupping her hairless lolita loins. "When
this is finished you and I will have to properly enjoy ourselves?"

They had certainly fucked, numerous times, but always within the
attendance of numerous others, including Tony. Nolan wanted to enjoy
this fantasy woman alone and saw the flush to her face and instant
wetness between her legs to confirm her response.

He turned and immediately forgot her, Nolan had business with Tony.

Nolan was prepared for another orgy, they had countless while Virginia
was away, and both men had certainly enjoyed themselves. Yet he was
not ready for a different Tony, as he sat alone in the same garden
that Virginia had once greeted Nolan, trying to read between hacking
and coughing.

Tony looked his age, older perhaps.


The old man looked up, smiled gently and put the book aside. "Ah,
finally. Nolan, I have been waiting for you?"

They had shared much Nolan remembered, they had fucked many the same
slave over the ten days they had spent together. If not for
Virginia's heart attack Nolan doubted he would have adverted his
hungry teen eyes from the pleasures that Tony had presented.

He was glad he had.

A personal battle had waged within him, one that Nolan had
misunderstood. It was not about lust but about power. Virginia had
told him he need never give up lust no matter what the future lay for
him and the Family.

"I heard about what Virginia had granted you?" As always the old man rarely waited for a question to be answered before continuing, "And I

That startled Nolan and he waited to see what else the slippery old man had to say.

"I think its time to pass the reigns of power onto you - new and fresh
blood." He smiled and Nolan felt like slapping the old man, to break
that creased smile from his lips. "I would like to be your friend and
mentor of course."

That did it, the power behind the throne Nolan thought disgusted.

"Never Tony - your out."

The old face turned nasty, his mouth widening like a snake about to
strike, "Listen you little punk...!"

"You listen! Leave by nightfall Tony."

"Or what?" His voice was crackling and loud.

"I plan on giving the antidote to each and every slave." Tony sat
wide eyed, unsuspecting that answer. "I'll collect every slave that
you punished and let them have you at sundown."

Tony didn't seem to hear the last threat only the first, the basis of
all the power he and the family enjoyed. "There is no antidote!"

Nolan laughed, "Did you not know why Virginia invited me to join her
Sisterhood - of my background in bio-chemistry? Well I found it."
The chemicals that composed the 'Toilet Water' were all common place,
though fifty years ago it would have been impossible to counter the
addictive qualities of the 'Water'. Today, the addictive component
had a counter agent for many years. If the formula for the 'Water'
had not been so secret, it would have been known by now. Nolan had
quickly discovered this and had already made a large batch of both the
counter agent in a solution and more unaddictive 'Water'.

Nolan had watched the old man's eyes, and saw that his world was
tumbling down. "You return to the home Virginia had granted you and I
do not want to hear a peep from you."

Tony suddenly knew he was lost and simply nodded.

Nolan immediately turned and left his presence.

The two men never again met.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXX (Part 5)

Rachel wadded through the crowded hallway after seeing the long hair
of her target. The young man, a teenager really, had grown taller
since she first met him, his face becoming more handsome and mature within the last year. Of course that was irrelevant to the sexy
twenty-something, to her, he was nearly a god.

He had freed her from the black hole of her enslavement.

Classes had been let out and all the university students were anxious
to begin their weekend. So the hallway was loud with the crowd of
young people moving very quickly. Chaotic could easily describe it.

"Nolan?" Rachel was a few feet away from the head of the Family, and
saw that he was retrieving his jacket from a locker, to leave.

Not unexpectedly Nolan was a loner, even here in this crowded learning
centre. He could probably purchase the school and enslave every
female in it, but of course he did not do that. Instead he was nearly
finished his second doctorate, in Biology.

"Nolan!" He hadn't heard the first call and there was a thick crowd
of jocks between her and the family head. Rachel pressed against
them, attempting to slip between their thick bodies.

In the confusion she felt a hand grasp her buttock roughly - the
high-spirited Scottish lass spun around and glared at the owner of the
paw. "Fuck off shit-for-brains!" Rachel hated leaving the Island.

The pimply jock turned bright red while a handful of his friends that
had heard the exchange laughed maliciously. They parted for the sexy
woman. Rachel saw that Nolan was closing his locker, his jacket and
book bag in hand.


This time he heard it and spun around. Nolan's face brightened up
upon seeing Rachel. "Master!" She whispered after rushing into his
arms, her lips right below his ear. He had grown in the last year and
they were approximately the same height.

"What's up Rachel?" He was concerned, she saw it on his face as they
pulled away, they hadn't seen each other in the last several months.
It was his standing order that he only be disturbed at school for
emergencies. Rachel appearing meant there was an emergency.

"Oh master!" Her lips moved to his, and she slipped her tongue into
his mouth. The last time she had felt a man, between her legs or even
upon her lips, was the last time she had seen Nolan. In some ways,
her female lovers could not compete. And she only desired Nolan, the
only man she could even imagine being intimate with.

Certainly, after Nolan released all the enslaved woman of the
Sisterhood, some chose to leave the Island and the family and its
rules. But most did not, it was the only family they now knew - the
only one that could except from after horrors of their enslavement.
And as a family group the future seemed much rosier than it had ever

Rachel, with her close relationship with Nolan, had garnered herself a
high position in the new family - Nolan preferred 'Family' to
'Sisterhood' - and thus she was tied even closer to the man who once
had enslaved her. Of course, she was no longer addicted to 'Toilet
Water' and her ties with the family and Nolan was now fully

Nolan had to push Rachel's shoulders back to release her lips, "What's
wrong Rachel?"

She stared into his brown eyes then slipped the letter into his free

Nolan simply stared at it, "What's this?" His voice had even
deepened, thought Rachel with a definite tingling between her legs.

She looked about, the crowd still thick and previously forgotten, was
now obvious. He understood - "Come home with me." It wasn't a
question, his previous domination of every female in the family was
hard to forget, and as head of that family he had gotten used to
getting his way.

He turned about and with his arm about her curvy waist, which she very
much enjoyed, they wadded through the hallway.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXI (Part 5)

Teri greeted Rachel with surprise and a firm warm hug. Nolan's mother saw the green eyes of the feisty red-head turn back to her son and she
saw the desire and love within them - and she relaxed.

Ever the protective mother.

Though her son's lover, and she was no longer addicted to the 'Water',
Teri had been conditioned so thoroughly that she was still devoted to
her son's pleasure. And her motherly instinct continually wanted to
protect him, and thus her evaluation of Rachel.

Weekly a report would arrive from Jennifer, her sister upon the
Island. Teri would review and tell her son only the parts that she
deemed necessary - often he didn't even have to do any family business
for weeks at a time.

It was her duty to protect and pleasure her son, and if Nolan had to
comment, he would say she was doing a very good job.

Rachel was lead in and sat down in the warm comfortable family room of
Nolan's house. A house Nolan, his mother and April occupied. An
average but well manufactured home with all the gadgets that a teenage
boy would ever want. Nolan opened a small fridge behind the bar and
pulled out a soft drink before sitting in a wide easy chair
perpendicular to the red headed lass.

He opened the sealed envelope with two sets of eyes watching him, and
he seemed a little put off at being intruded upon. family business
ran fine, with his original mandates, without him - just as he wished.

Nolan read the three page letter twice.

April had come into the room, saw the newcomer, and smiled a warm
welcome but stayed silent and waited for Nolan to speak.

Nolan put down the pages and asked Rachel, "Do you know what is in

"Yes Master." Though he was no longer anyone's master, the ladies in
his life and most in the family chose to call him thus. He was the
head of their family as well as the one who had released them from the
mind numbing addiction of the 'Water'.

Teri had to bite her lip from asking the obvious.

He continued, "It seems some of our previous customers don't like our
new product." It was not only the slaves of the Sisterhood that had
been released but also the slaves of every man whom had purchased the
'Water' from the family to enslave their own. All had been released
per Nolan's orders. According to the customers original contracts
they had to keep getting the 'Water', the contract was just not
specific enough to which version of the 'Water'. The 'New Version'
was what Nolan had called it, which was a very potent aphrodisiac that
worked on females only but it had no addictive qualities, was now
given rather than the original formula.

Upon the Island, every inhabitant now had an unlimited supply of the
'New Water' - and though there were less inhabitants than a year
before, the consumption was actually up from a year ago. It seems the
Family's ex-slaves still enjoyed the side-affects of inhaling the
powerful odour - sex was rampant on the island, addicted or not.

Virginia had warned Nolan, had suggested he only free some of the
Sisterhood and none of their customers slaves. It was bad for
business and could only broker resentment and ill feelings. Nolan had
been unmoved and freed all.

The letter was from Virginia.

"Tell them Rachel."

She sat forwards and could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as
she paraphrased the contents of the letter. "A group of our customers
had joined forces and, initially, demanded the original 'Water' from
the family months before. Two days ago a group of an unknown size
snuck onto the Island, assaulted the Manor killing eighteen and
attempted to find the formula's. They did not succeed and the Manor
was burnt to the ground. We assume it was mercenaries hired from that

It did not need to be spoken, as Nolan had the formula's well hidden and no longer on the Island, but only the ladies, and Virginia, in
this room knew this.

April ran forwards to wrap her thin arms about her ex-lesbian-lover,
the two ladies cried for the loss of life.

Teri was looking very scared and stared at her son, her thoughts
obvious - her son could have been been in the Manor, could have been

Nolan on the other hand, looked very angry. His hopes to free all the
non consensual woman that had smelt that rancid odour were honourable
but dangerous. The loss of life in his hands.

"I'm going back... tonight!" He stood and stormed out of there.

Teri screamed unheard by her son, "No!"

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXII (Part 5)

Virginia did not look surprised to see the young man before her bed, a
large comfortable hospital room that she was now confined in, as she
was expecting him. The former head of the family had dispatched
Rachel with the dire news, in the hopes that their leader would return
and lead them in this dark hour.

Flying in, Nolan had seen the destruction of the Manor on the top of
the low mountain. Fully destroyed, at least all parts not built into
the rock and with a good portion of the surrounding forest also gone
by the ensuing fire. The helicopter had circled numerous times, and
Nolan noted even the destruction of the large totem pole before the
main doors.

"How are you feeling Virginia?"

There was certainly no love loss between the two, as Virginia had
enslaved his mother and had brought him into this life that he did not
desire. Yet she was also a very wise and intelligent woman, one whom
was needed for her counsel. She had been part of this family from the
beginning and had lead it for much of her life, she knew the dangerous
power that was contained in the 'Water'.

She ignored his question, "They got Mary."

He nodded, "I'm sorry." Rachel had told him. She had also told him
that his cousin and aunt had been out of the Manor that evening as
they had attended one of the frequent lesbian orgies that happened
each night. Though no longer addicted, the sheer passion that a woman
enjoy while smelling the 'New Water' was still nirvana, and most did
not want too lose that passion - something they had not ever had
before they became a Family-member.

So, Mary was the only one of the victims that he had known which had
died in that assault. Alongside of Virginia, she had been the next
oldest living member in the Family.

"I assume your mom didn't want you to come?"

It was irrelevant and they both knew it. "Do we know who did this?"
Nolan could barely contain his anger.

"We know of one."

That got his attention, and she continued, "He had been particularly
harsh with his slave before she had been 'released'." Evidently this
woman had overheard or had seen something and had told a member of the
Family as a way to thank them for releasing her from the horrors of
the addiction.

Most slaves had run after discovering their souls were not locked to a
scent that their wealthy owners no longer possessed. Some came to the
Island, a few stayed with their masters, but most just disappeared -
Nolan believed their previous masters had them destroyed.

"Is she on the Island?"

"Yes, and I have had her questioned thoroughly." He doubted it not.

"I want to call a meeting of the heads of the family this afternoon,
two." She nodded and he spun about and left.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXIII (Part 5)

Teri sucked on the five inch cock with love and devotion, wanting to
pleasure her son as she so expertly knew how. She knew ever bump,
every millimetre of that penis and would be able to describe its shape
and even its taste to perfection.

Her son loved her as a mother but also loved her as a slave, and she
would never want to be deemed an equal. This is what she wanted, to
kneel naked before her only son and pleasure him. Her mouth, as she
well knew, could bring him this pleasure for virtually hours.

Every inch of her body had felt the touch of his sperm, every inch of
her body had been touched by his cock, his hands and even his tongue.
She pretended to be his equal in the matters of the heart, as she knew
he wanted this but in her own soul she was but a lowly slave, a slut.
Her son's slut. At that very moment, her only purpose in life was to
suck that beautiful teenage cock.

Nolan had one hand upon the top of his mothers head, surprised that he
did not resist when she came naked to him and knelt, obvious of her
intentions. Even with the emotions that now surrounded everyone upon
the Island, he felt the need to have her suckle him. He was glad for
it, it comforted him and bought a moments piece to his harsh thoughts.

Rachel waited outside the room, watching from the hallway - her body
aching for Nolan's cock, her mouth salivating, her nipples tight and
painful, and her sex a river of desire. She waited with more
documents that he had requested, and to walk him up to the remains of
the Manor. It was nearly time for the meeting.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXIV (Part 5)

There was nearly a dozen ladies in the room, some faces notably
missing. Killed.

Nolan had ordered the meeting in one of the deep conference rooms
within the mountain, behind the Manor, in the rock. It had been
untouched but each person had to pass the destruction of the lethal
assault to get to the room. Nolan had entered, with a protective
Rachel, and sat at the head of the oval table.

It was very silent, most eyes looked fearful and humble.

Nolan nodded down the table to Virginia, where she sat in her custom
wheelchair. Of the other faces, he knew only one other, Jennifer, his
mother's sister.

"I would not think ill of any woman that wanted to leave this Island?"
He looked at each and none could keep his gaze. Several boats had
already left, but mostly it had been women that had joined the
inhabitants after being freed from the 'Water'. Joined for the
blissful orgies, and for the life of non-judgemental life upon the

When he came to his aunt he watched her for a long time, expecting her
to be the one that wanted to bail. After being freed from her
addiction, Jennifer had quickly left the Island and even her daughter,
to try and return to her husband and her 'normal' life. It could not
be, there was no longer a 'normal' life for a woman that had tasted
the horror and the joy of 'Toilet Water'. Could she sleep in her
husbands bed when she remembered the taste of her daughters sex or the
plunge of her nephews cock within her - knowing that the pleasure,
without the horror, was readily available. She had returned to the
Island and the family within the month, and Nolan had made use of her
intelligence and experience in running this Family.

None in the room opted to leave, they were a part of the family and no
life existed outside it.

Nolan felt pity for them, knowing the ladies were enslaved to him and
the family just as strong as they had been a year before - though it
was much more subtle.

"What do you think our response should be Virginia?" She was the
eldest in the group, the most experienced in ruling and probably the
wisest. As well she was Nolan's primary counsellor, though the two
often had different opinions.

"We have considerable resources, we hit them and we hit them hard."
Several in the room nodded in agreement. After most of her years
being in the Family, Virginia was also very cold hearted when she
needed to be, Nolan thought.

Rachel was one of those that had not nodded, "Rachel - what are your
thoughts?" She had been given the job of keeping the family and the
events of the Island quiet, that none outside a very select circle
knew about.

She didn't look too sure, perhaps it was her age as she was the
youngest female in the room. "Many of our original customers adapted
to our 'New Water', had realized its benefits." A girl would succumb
to the power of the 'Water' if it was addictive or not, simply open a
vial and watch as the strictest virgin turned into the lowest slut.
Besides, caring for a slave for the rest of her years can be very
cumbersome and expensive. A notable few wanted the extra power of the
addiction, and demanded that it was the primary agent that they had
purchased. "Perhaps we could give those that don't, the original

A couple of other heads nodded, even Virginia's.

Two other council members spoke up. Then Jennifer did, "I think we
have more options than revenge or giving into their terrorist
demands." Everyone listened carefully and this time Nolan nodded.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXV (Part 5)

They sat about the table and talked animatedly. April, with Rachel's
help, served the food and kept the glasses filled. Nolan and his
family; Teri, Shelly and Jennifer.

Shelly was eyeing her older cousin hungrily, ignoring her food for
sinful thoughts for the only man on the Island. After being released,
Shelly had fought with her mothers demands that they both leave the
Island. The younger woman loved the freedom, the passion that she had
while living here and she also loved her cousin. She had won and her
mother had left without her, abandoning her to this life. Nolan and
Shelly had frequently spent those cold winter evenings together,
before he left to return to school and knew the pleasures of his hard
cock within every hole of her body. She loved him and only wanted to
again pleasure him.

Jennifer was talking about some of the more ludicrous expenditures
that the Island spent to her sister and the two were laughing loudly.
She was the financial controller and with a large staff kept track of
all of the Families mountains of cash.

Nolan was lost in thought, staring at his food, though his cousin
attempted to gain his attention.

The air in the house was tense, sexually so, as every woman wanted to
have that hard teenage cock within her, but none said a word. Even as
Jennifer and Teri laughed and told their stories, they often stole
glances back to the young man.

Regardless of the dangers of the day, it was now night and they had to
sleep or at least retire to the bedroom. Each wanted the privilege of
having their 'Master' to themselves.

Nolan, often introverted and introspective, did not miss the obvious.
He was a teenage boy after all and had already decided whom would
sleep where for the night, only he was not able to release his
thoughts as easily as Jennifer seemed to be.

For one, Nolan wanted to ensure that there was no more blood shed, and
felt he would decide on Virginia's drastic council if there was. As
well he did not want to give into the demands of men that wanted to
enslave women and had killed to further this desire.

The council had talked for two hours and Nolan had spoken little, but
had left after giving some orders about the security and rebuilding of
both the Island and the Manor. It only took money, and the family had
huge amounts of that.

To pull his thoughts away from the dark thoughts the teenager bartered
the possible pleasures that the ladies about him could offer. Oh
certainly he had already chosen, but his mind weighed each woman
against the other, comparing what they had to offer to the desire he
felt within himself that evening.

His thoughts amused him and his mother noticed the change in his
facial expressions. "Finished your supper darling?" She had
interrupted yet another accounting tale from her sister to query her

He looked up and every eye was upon him, "It was fine."

The anxious tension built and even April and Rachel stood still,
awaiting the sleeping arrangements.

Things on the Island had changed in the last year, no longer could a
person of seniority demand the sexual favours of another. Often with
the use of the 'Water' to ensure their demands are met. Tony had been
famous at pushing the envelope at what a woman deemed moral, and it
was the secret to his success at breaking new slaves. Yet, every
woman in that room would walk into a bullet for Nolan and would jump
at the chance to pleasure him in any way imaginable.

The silence was unbearable to every woman in the room and it was Teri,
Nolan's mother that broke it, "Darling, whom do you desire tonight?"
She hopped that she could be with her son, but doubted it since there
were ladies that he has not tasted for some time waiting but a nod.

Nolan smiled, which only increased the tension, remembering some of
the fun Tony had shown Nolan.


"Master?" It was a slip of the tongue and Jennifer frowned at the
younger woman.

"You have some 'Water' in the house don't you?"

Rachel was practically beaming with pleasure, "Oh yes Nolan, as much
as we need."

"Good. I want you and April to take Shelly upstairs and keep her
occupied till morning." Shelly looked openly disappointed, and Rachel
marginally less, but all three nodded in acceptance. It would be a
night of 'Water' induced lesbian lust.

Each gave Nolan a kiss upon his lips, Shelly lingering, as they
departed. He was left with his mother and aunt. They both looked

"I was remembering some of what we did so many months ago, do you

They nodded, Teri now biting her lip, a nervous habit. Jennifer spoke
up, "Most of it, yes."

"Did you enjoy it aunt Jennifer?"

She could barely look into his brown eyes for a few seconds before she
felt the flow between her legs dampen her panties. Jennifer had to
turn her eyes away. "Very much Nolan."

Instead of a command to crawl to him, suck his cock and lick each
others faces, as the two ladies expected, he asked, "Did we do the
right thing?"

Teri frowned, not understanding. But Jennifer thought she did, "I
hope so." His gaze turned serious and his aunt could not even look
into his eyes for a brief second.

"Aunt Jennifer, you left us but returned very quickly. Why?" Nolan
thought he knew, but he could never understand it - how could he, he
was never addicted to the 'Water'.

Jennifer toyed with her food and felt her younger sister and her
nephews eyes upon her, awaiting an answer. "Its the only place I now

"Because Tony had brought you here for me?" After revealing a small
piece of Nolan's psych, Tony had sent a team to retrieve Jennifer and
her daughter, enslaving them with the 'Toilet Water' - forever
changing their lives. It had been his method of befriending Nolan.

She nodded slowly, "Partially."

"Why did you come back, why don't you leave now?"

A tear came to Jennifer's eye, and her sister reached out to grasp her
hand. "I can never leave, when I first smelt the 'Water' the life
that I had known was but a memory."

It was tragic, and each of the three knew it, Jennifer had a good life
with a fine husband. The 'Water' had taken everything from her,
including her life as a mother, since she and her daughter often
'performed' for Tony and eventually Nolan. How could their
relationship ever be the same?

Nolan frowned, "Would it have been easier if you didn't have the
choice to leave?"

Jennifer again looked into her nephew's eye surprised, "I suppose."

"And mom?" Teri quickly turned her gaze to her son. "Did you ever
think about my sexual pleasure before you smelt the 'Water'?"

Nolan had never seen his mother blush, and he had seen her do and act
rather bawdy, but she turned her eyes down to her own plate and
whispered, "I wondered."

"How so?"

It took a few awkward seconds before she answered, "I wondered if you
had enough time to date." He was about to ask another question when
she continued, "If there was a special girl in your life. I sometimes
even wondered about what you did to... relieve yourself." Her face
was bright red. She had just acknowledged that she had thought sexual
thoughts of her son before she had been 'conditioned' to think that

Nolan was rather surprised, "Did anyone ever ask this of you when you
were being trained?" She nodded positively. He knew that her
training may not have been as difficult has he had always imagined.

"Aunt Jenn," his pet name for her and the older woman felt her sex
twitch in response, "if I was to hand you two vials of 'Water', one
the original the another the new batch - and I told you that you had
to chose the remainder of your life by choosing one. Which would you

It was a complex question, and Nolan didn't think it came out right
but Jennifer frowned. "To live the life of an addictive slave or...?"

"Or to be turned out of the Family", both ladies inhaled shapely, "but
have an endless supply of the new version of 'Toilet Water'."

The silence was thick but it was interrupted by the sudden squeal of
pleasure from somewhere upstairs - Shelly most probably.

Jennifer had stated that she had no other life but the one that she
lived with the Family, and she now enjoyed her new life. Though she
also regretted the loss of the former as well.

"I would take the addictive one, the original 'Water'." Nolan didn't
try to hide his surprise.

"Aunty Jenn! You of all people?" She was a mature intelligent woman
with a lot going for her, Nolan had thought the answer would have been
to live outside the Island and to enjoy the scent as often as she

"Its now my family." Teri nodded in agreement, her sister defending
her answer. "And you are the head of my family Nolan."

"What does that mean to you Jenn?"

Another twitch, this time her sister saw the sudden clench of her
mature thighs and smiled knowingly. "It means...", she paused and
looked down at her own thighs, clenching lewdly, "... it means I would
do anything for you."

"Anything?" He wore a half smile again, his thoughts turning away
from the burden as head of the 'Family'.

Jennifer stood up and motioned to her obvious damp spot on the front
of her skirt where her own hand had pressed the cloth between her
thighs, "This needs you so bad Master." She began to disrobe before
the two other family members while talking. "I have done some
incredible stuff, things I would not have even imagined but in
retrospect would not change for anything."

Teri was clenching her own thighs while watching her elder sister disrobe, "Like what sis?"

Jennifer looked down amused at the game her sister was playing. "I
have fucked my nephew, I have licked his sperm from my daughters three
holes, I have intimately explored my own sisters cunt and asshole...!"
Both ladies were panting - and though Jennifer had done much more
under the command of Tony, it didn't seem like the place to voice it.

Standing straight, naked and very aroused, "It means, most of all
Master, that I desire you. I need you, my body needs you. I live now
only for you. My previous life was nothing... only now do I truly
live!" Her breasts were large, like her sisters, but looked older.
Her thighs wider and her ass more generous and lower. She looked
older, and probably took less care of her body than Teri did. Yet
both people in that room wanted her very much at that moment.

Jennifer pushed the soiled dishes from the large wooden table, many
crashing to shards upon the floor, and climbed slowly upon it. Nolan
and his mother watched, one with a hard cock and the other with a wet
pussy. When the ascent was complete, Nolan's aunt lay upon her back
with legs spread wide, with feet over either side of the table. She
slipped both hands between her legs and began to fondle herself.

"My darling nephew... without the addictive properties of the toilet Water, I still need to be with you. My body is only for you my love."
Two fingers slipped into her vagina and a finger from the other hand
slipped her her anus.

Teri began to crawl upon the table, her face over her sisters,
inverted. No words needed to be said as the elder leaned down and
began to kiss passionately with the hungry mouth below. Nolan watched
with hunger in his eyes, his aunts sex a few feet from him.

Nolan's mom had taken the initiative and broke the kiss, her eyes
lifting up her sisters body to the hands busy between the spread soft
thighs. She began to crawl up the body, raining kisses on the pale
soft skin.

Jennifer groaned out loudly as her older sister didn't hesitate to
take her enlarged and sensitive clitoris between her lips and suck.
After that first wave of pleasure, a deep seated need to taste the
woman, her own sister above her, was paramount and she removed her
hands from her body and fumbled with the loose skirt that covered her

Nolan sat, his mind returning to the conversation from earlier while
his aunt's face pressed upwards into the hidden valley beneath his
mothers pleated skirt. Both elder ladies began to suck, lick and
tongue every tasty and sensitive millimetre of the others sex.

This, what was happening on the table before him, would it have ever
happened if not for the toilet Water? Nolan knew it would not. Yet,
the 'Water' was not even in the air - and these two women were so
passionate that they committed incest willingly and even aggressively,
if his aunt was any indication.

Was the situation before he 'cured the slaves' of the family better
than it was now? Was it better when the women had no choice but had
to submit to him better than it was now? Or was it like his aunt had
essentially said, that she still had no choice, though her situation
has changed, and was still a submissive to his every whim.

Teri looked up from between her sisters thighs, her face coated in the
tangy spend, intending on seducing her son with a soiled smile -
something that had worked so often in the past. Yet, he was not in
his chair, and looking about it was evident that he was no longer
within the dining room.

The elder woman froze, worry immediately coming to mind. But a gentle
bite between the teeth of her sister brought her back to reality and
her passion. If her son did not desire to be with them, his will was
to be accepted if not understood, then his own mother must learn to
simply enjoy the moment.

Teri's grin had disappeared and though she lost the edge of her
enjoyment, and would not feel the tremors of orgasm this evening, she
give her sister hours of pleasure.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXVI (Part 5)

"Hello... Nolan, Master?" It was a tiny voice, submissive, that
brought him out of his mental cloud.

A woman, with a tiny body to match the voice stood upon the rocks, her
face in shadow. She shuffled nervously and seemed embarrassed to
interrupt the head of the family as he sat on the beach beneath the
half moon.

"Yes? Who is it?"

She came closer, having to step down to the cool sand but stayed
between two large sand cliffs so her face and body stayed in the
shadow. "My name is Tuesday."

Strange name, thought Nolan. "May I help you?" He remembered the
scene of his aunt and mother upon the dinning room table, what he had
given up to get privacy - only to have it now interrupted. Thus, his
voice was not very polite in his query.

"I am sorry." Tuesday turned to leave, evidently to climb barefoot up
the sandy cliffs behind her.

"Stop." His voice had taken on the note of a command, something he
had learnt to do since he first stepped foot on this island. She
again turned. "Come here." He pointed to the sand a meter before
him, nearly in the surf.

Tuesday hesitated then strode silently forwards, her movement and
steps silent with the loud crashing of the waves. He saw that she
wore no shoes and a flowing loose summer dress, that blew against her
small frame with the warm south westerly wind.

Nolan looked up to see that she had long, to her tail bone, flowing
blond hair that seemed to glow as it flew horizontal with the wind.
But when his eyes came to her face, he saw that she had been recently
scared - from jaw to mouth - with the stitches visible.

When he saw the harm that had recently come to her, he stood up and
leaned in to see her marred face. Only when he was inches from her
cheek, did he see that she was a very beautiful woman - before the
cut, possibly his own age or a couple years younger. She looked
embarrassed at his scrutiny.

"Did that happen during the assault?"

"No Master, my father had done this to me."

Her father! "Explain."

What came from her, reluctantly and had to have it drawn out of her
continuously, was nothing less than tragic. Tuesday was an orphan of
Toilet Water - of all these games of power that Nolan had been
contemplating only minutes before. Here was the flesh and blood
example of how the use of power can affect others.

Tuesday was named for the day of the week that she was ordered to
attend to her father, her Master at that time. She had been born a
slave, her mother being the niece of the same man, but she had been
conceived before toilet Water had been forced upon her mother. It had
been a way to silence a incestuous relationship that would have harmed
her father politically and possibly financially. The daughter that
was born lived her early life as an object, with no friends nor any
schooling of any sort, all she had was the work that was assigned to
her by her father. When she was eleven, before she hit puberty, her
father had raped her - her mother would help him. It happened more
times than the young teenager could count. When she no longer
screamed out or fought her mother or father, she had been exposed to
the drug that her mother was so intimate with. Then she found herself
in a cloud of sex mingled with days of hard work about the huge
mansion. Tuesday was the day that she attended to her fathers every
whim, mostly sexual, some not. On other days she lived in a large
room, with only pillows for furniture with six other girls - one being
her mother. Her life was for the pleasure of her father.

Then one day, a party that father was hosting for some friends, the
vials of scent were opened and Tuesday was instructed to sit upon her
mothers face as she sucked Thursday's nipples - she did this with lust
and desire, as she always did when the scent was in the air. The
other girls copulating with the individual guests, her father watching
his successful party with pride.

When the scent had disintegrated and her body began to quiver with
exhaustion Tuesday realized that a part of her was missing - the
indescribably desire for more of that delicious smell was gone. Her
father grunted for his only daughter to come and suck him, she then
spoke what would ultimately change her life, "Please daddy", he liked
to be called 'daddy' especially when others were witness to his
domination of his own flesh and blood, "I am too tired!" She lay
exhausted upon her mothers body, their flesh stuck together with
sweat, saliva and female spend.

Tuesday can still remember her fathers eyes as they blazed with anger,
for it was the first time that he had been disobeyed.

Nolan understood what had happened, that his antidote of toilet Water
was given out without knowledge by his patrons, and given to the
multitudes of slaves out there. What happened next was disgusting.

Two of the slaves were killed by her father that evening...
strangulation. Then, it being Tuesday, he bound his daughter to a
chair and raped her numerous times while screaming and hitting her.
Months went by, of dirty cells, often with other women huddled naked
together to keep warm, barely enough food for one let alone for the
five of them, of humiliating actions with her father or for unknown
sized groups, like being used as a toilet by over a dozen men.
Another gathering, only two others besides her father, when Tuesday
and her mother were bound next to each other over a large wooden
bench. Both raised bottoms were used numerous times, in either hole,
until the pain blacked her mother out. That was when Tuesday heard
her father talk about their plan to hit the family as vengeance for
the changing of Water, to demand the old formula back, to perhaps even
find it. Obviously they thought Tuesday was also blacked out, as she
hung lifeless upon the bench.

Then, for bravado's sake to brag to the other men, her father simply
shoved a long spiked pole into her mothers rectum and pressed it till
it exposed just below her skull - killing her soundlessly. The men laughed and Tuesday screamed in terror.

Then she remembered her father coming toward her with a large shiny
knife and then nothing, till she woke up in the hospital on this very

But when Tuesday finally spoke up, voicing what she had come to him
for, it broke his heart. "I just wanted to ... to thank you for
freeing me Master." Her beautiful blue eyes were pouring with tears.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXVII (Part 5)

Rachel sat behind Nolan with a demure Tuesday standing beside her.
Nolan sat at the head of the huge conference table, on top of the tall
office building in a large city within the United States. Before him,
about the table, sat many clients to the family - powerful and very
rich men.

They were nodding in agreement with what Nolan had just related, a
speech that Jennifer helped compile for him. About how the family was
changing, but was keeping its clients in mind, reducing prices, while
strengthening the ties with the oldest and best clients - these men.

Rachel took the notes from Nolan, acting as secretary for this
gathering. Tuesday, feeling very out of place and scared, had only
the duty to stay near her Master.

Things were going to change and with Jennifer orchestrating the
changes and Nolan enacting them, the family was about undergo another
radical change.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXVIII (Part 5)

Tuesday slept in the large soft bed next to Nolan, her exposed chest
rising and falling slowly. He sat and watched her, always amazed at
the strength this ex-slave possessed.

She was also extremely beautiful, if you looked past the scar upon her
face. Tiny of frame, with petite facial features to match, maybe five
feet tall. She weighed nothing. Had small conical, but exquisite,
breasts. Smooth feminine curves. Skin that seemed to have a
perpetual tan, that highlighted her blonde hair to perfection. She
was Nolan's' age, but looked a couple of years younger.

In truth she could not read or write, she did not know the simplest of
transactions with money, or even the simplest edict. Since her birth,
she had been treated as property, working for her masters household -
since puberty, as sexual chattel. Even before that first rape, she
had been taught to be conscious of her body, as a tool to pleasure
another, to learn to be gentle and quiet while hard enough to handle
the roughest of treatment.

That first night, over a month before, when she had come to him on the
beach - too embarrassed to appear before him with others that may see
her imperfection - he had felt something in his heart that he had not
ever felt for another woman before. Nolan wanted to protect Tuesday,
to keep her safe from monsters like her father - while knowing that
her training from birth kept her vulnerable to such a beast.

Was he like that man? Was Nolan a monster in a different skin?

Had she not submitted to him that first night - much to his disgust
for his actions afterword's? Did she not scream out with passion when
his seed flooded inside her?

It was her nature - what she needed to be alive. If only she had not
ended up with the man she had, her own father. To feel again, she
needed someone to submit too, to give and receive pleasure as she had
been taught since before she could walk.

She clung to him and cried for such a long time afterwords, begging
his forgiveness - of all things! He knew then, felt it within his
heart, that he wanted to protect her - knowing that she needed
someone, probably anyone, to submit too - to love her.

To stop her tears, Nolan rolled her over upon the wet sand and felt
his cock again enter her. She screamed with joy as he again plowed
above her - again flooding her with his spend.

The plane banked and Nolan was brought of his thoughts, if only for a
moment. Life was so strange - he had so many women that wanted
nothing more than to be with him in this bed, to feel his manhood
within them, that he should feel so enamoured with only one woman.

Tuesdays eyes opened and saw that her Master was awake and she awoke
fully, remembering the sounds and feeling of his pleasure that she had
given him hours before - the lingering taste of his seed still upon
her tongue.

"Master?" She smiled shyly - hoping that he would again want her to
pleasure him.

"Morning Tuesday. Did you sleep well?"

Never had she been given such tender affection, such devotion and
protection. Though well trained, she was used to harsh touches,
forced cocks, smelling cunts, and that irresistible desire from the
Toilet Water forcing her to want more. Nolan had been a different
person than she had ever known - her joy was endless.

She nodded and stretched, looking almost feline, Nolan thought. "Are
we nearly home Master?" She meant the island.

"Over Washington state." Though Tuesday had no knowledge of geography
she nodded and smiled, and Nolan knew that it did not matter to her
where they were - only that she was with her Master and that he was

A knock came to the thin wooden door, "Nolan, are you awake?" Rachel
stuck her head in and smiled at the couple. She had a stack of emails
that appeared to look important. The voluptuous redhead stilled the
pang of jealousy that came to her at seeing Nolan so happy with
another. "I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't important?" She also
felt extreme pleasure at Nolan's obvious love.

"I'm sure it is Rachel." Nolan lay back and sighed extravagantly,
"Come in."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXIX (Part 5)

Teri was brushing the long blonde hair with soft gentle strokes, with
her son watching from the couch beneath the window. It had not been
so long ago that she had taken her son's virginity in this very room -
and the middle-aged woman felt a tremor as her sex liquefied at the
memory. To her, it was not the addiction to the 'Water' that had
altered her life, but the night she first had relations with her own

She knew of his passion and even love for this tiny woman who sat
before her. So unlike any person that Nolan could have ever known -
but a product of his, and the Families, actions. Certainly she was a
beauty, the scar easily lost when looking into those wide innocent
blue eyes.

Tuesday was like a lost child, clinging to Nolan's leg begging not to
be let go if only she could give him one more moments pleasure. Well,
thought Teri, it wasn't exactly true - but it could appear that way to
someone that didn't know that it was her son that also held tightly.

Since that first evening when Nolan had disappeared leaving her alone
with her sister, he has not had need for his own mother to attend his
needs. It was Teri that felt it necessary to press the issue - though
humiliating herself, having always thought it was for her son that she
bedded with him.

Rachel and Jennifer had told her what was going on, with regards to
the family business. It startled her that her own son could be so
cold, while seated now behind her, appeared so lost in love for this
small creature before her, that he could command such acts.

They were in a war, and Nolan appeared as if he was on his honeymoon.

"Honey?" She looked up into the mirror and saw that her son looked
back. Teri's hands continued to comb the thick long hair of her sons

"Will you need anything else before bed?"

Nolan saw his mother flush with embarrassment, and knew what she was
asking and knew of her need. Tuesday, not understanding opened her
eyes and innocently looked up into the elder womans face in the

"I don't believe so mother." It amused him that she was putting
herself in this situation.

A few more brush strokes before she again spoke, "I could have April
cut some fruit up or..."

"No mother." His eyes were firmer and glaring at her in the mirror.
Tuesday, not understanding the exchange, only heard the displeasure in
her Masters voice and froze. Nolan and his mother noticed her sudden
tense movement.

Though not able to again look her son in the eye, she had to ask again
- more blatantly this time, "Would you like me to attend to you this
evening my darling?"

They had spent so much time together since that first afternoon not so
long ago, his seed had filled her soul and Teri found that she
desperately needed it like breath itself.

Before Nolan could reply, was about to order her to retrieve April and
perhaps the two of them could relieve his mothers tensions, Tuesday
spoke softly. "Teri?"

Tuesday turned about and the older woman saw the compassion and
understanding in the youngster's eyes, she did not resist when a tiny
soft hand reached up to caress her cheek.

Nolan watched amazed as his mother lowered her face, with the guidance
of his new lovers hand, so that their lips touched. Tuesday kissed so
softly that it almost looked like they did not touch, but he could
hear his mothers throaty sigh of pleasure.

Tuesday continued to kiss as she turned about and then slowly stood
up, her gown falling to the floor at her feet with barely a whisper.
Her tiny naked body looking so youthful yet so sexy that it continued
to enthral her Master.

Teri followed the moist warm lips with her own, her eyes closed and
her mind uncaring where she should lead. She needed this to continue,
passion mixed with more... love. It was for her son, she knew, that
the pleasure was for - though another woman was kissing her, it was as
if she kissed her son. She knew him better than to open her eyes to
find out if he enjoyed this - his silence was enough.

Those lips never left and she felt like she was floating on a cloud,
with only a part of her brain realizing that delicate gentle hands
were systematically removing every article of clothing from her body.

The lips lowered and Teri followed, till she felt the wooden floor
upon her naked back and ass, the small body moving above her.

Then Tuesday spoke, nearly whispering to the older woman - "Relax
mother... enjoy." Feather touches, lips, moved lower down her body.
Not even noticing that the woman had called her 'mother' for the first

Nolan had to move to the end of the bed to watch what was happening
with his mother and Tuesday, amazed at how gentle and serene it all
looked. Tuesday lingered her mouth upon his mothers thrusting
breasts, the nipples looking about to crack with tension. Her dainty
tongue thrusting into the groove of mothers navel and mother was going
crazy, twisting upon the floor, moaning and sighing as if she was
seconds away from an orgasm. It amazed him that she responded this
way, and without the scent of the Water in the air.

Tuesday then moved lower, skipping over the exposed needy loins and
moving to the feet. Nolan had not seen a woman orally pleasure the
feet of another - but his mother evidently loved it.

Then upwards, it seemed to take an eternity, the calves and then
behind the knees. Then Tuesday spent an intolerable amount of time
upon his mothers soft inviting white thighs - raining kisses and and
soft touches till it appeared as if his mother was loosing her mind
with the passion that she endured.

Then, finally, Tuesday moved her face the last couple of centimetres
and the small dainty tongue slipped out of the tiny mouth and slipped
into the top of that very wet hot groove and the thrusting button.

Teri exploded in orgasm, screaming and crying out with such a pleasure
that she had not ever achieved, without toilet Water of course.

Tuesday didn't wait for her to end her pleasure, but slipped quickly
up and pressed her tiny body against the white flesh below. The two
groins touching, and as had been the rainfall of kisses, the younger
began to rotate and thrust gently with her excited vagina pleasuring
the older woman's below.

What happened next amazed her son, as the new feeling of her clitoris
mashing expertly against the other, renewed her pleasure and instead
of dropping from the heights of orgasm, she danced about the summit as
more climaxes smashed through her happy body. Teri was experiencing
multiple orgasms by another woman, a mere youth, as her son sat
watching with wide hungry eyes and a smile.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXX (Part 5)

The new product was shipping, in addition to the normal 'Water' that
the clients paid huge sums for. The new product was for specific
clients - rich and powerful clients. Dangerous clients.

Nolan personally ensured Tuesday's father received this new product.

So, in the first week only a limited amount was being shipped out. By
the end of the month is was ten times what it had started at. And at
exorbitant prices as well.

Nolan then ordered the shipments to cease to only one client,
Tuesday's father.

Private messages went out to a dozen others.

Virginia sat in her wheelchair frowning, she never smiled nice Mary
had been killed, and stared with her hard powerful gaze at the head of
the Family. What Nolan was doing went against her judgement and
thought it dangerous, in the very least.

Nolan stood by the wide window, staring down the hill and over the
ocean as the sun set with glossy colours.

If truth be told, Virginia did not think the young man had the 'balls'
to do what he was doing - and accredited this change in demeanour to
the appearance of Tuesday.

"Damn it Nolan, I asked you a question!"

When he turned his eyes were colder than she ever remembered them and
it caused a shiver to run through her old tiny frame.

"Its too late Virginia - what's done is done."

She huffed and struck the arm of her chair. Two female attendants
over by the doorway shuffled their feet and looked like they would
like to be anywhere but there. They were of the new batch of
arrivals, the ones that Tony had added to the family before being
excommunicated for good this time.

Jennifer reached out and grasped her nephews arm, giving him a
squeeze. Perhaps it was to calm him down perhaps it was to give him
support - but it only made him madder, interrupting his confrontation
with the family matriarch, the one who had seduced him and raped his
mother to this new lifestyle.

"You should be too busy with your new job to worry about 'Water'

The old woman huffed again and glared at the young man, "That's
another thing Nolan...!"

Nolan could not take it any longer - Tuesday had been enslaved with
the 'Toilet Water' when Virginia had been head of the Family. It had
been this old woman that had produced and sold the addictive water to
keep the family coffers filled. To him, she was the same as Tony,
only in a different shell.

"Shut up!" It was the first time that Nolan had shouted at another
person and every one within that large room froze and starred at the
only man on the island.

"Listen to me Virginia - whatever you may have been, that's over. I
no longer seek or want your advice. Do you understand me?"

He eyes were like black coal, unblinking for nearly a full minute
before she nodded.

"Contrary to my wishes, I was convinced in giving you some formal
job", Jennifer looked down at her shoes and wished the same wish as
the two attendants had done earlier, "to keep you busy enough to keep
you out of trouble."

Virginia had seen Nolan's aunt turn gray at the mention of 'advice'
and understood whom had protected her from being completely ostracized
from the inner circle of the Family. She would not forget that

Finally, "I... thank you Nolan... Master." Virginia turned her gaze
away from the angry young man, realizing with a start, that he had
grown up considerably since he had first come to the island.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXXI (Part 5)

The house was rebuilt and Nolan moved in with those closest to him,
along with a company of trained female guards. Virginia had rebuild
over the damaged sections. It was her duty now, design the
infrastructure of the island to the specifications that Nolan had set

When the communication finally arrived, Nolan seemed to fall into a
black pit of depression.

That very day another man walked upon the island - the only person
alive that Nolan wanted to kill.

That would not be necessary, not after what Nolan had done with him.

The man was naked and shackled, his arms behind his back and his feet
only a meter apart. No one helped him, as he hobbled up the long
winding road to the large house at the top. It was the home of the
man he had tried to destroy.

A room had been prepared for such audiences - and the man was forced
to his knees before a bench. The room was white marble and with
little else. He knelt there shivering violently, tears of humiliation
and possibly rage rolling down his dirty cheeks.

The heads of the family stood around the circumference of the room.
Most with their backs to the cold marble. Even those woman whom had
agreed with Nolan on his course of action felt there resolve crumble
at facing the reality of it.

Teri came through a doorway behind the single bench, holding Tuesdays
hand, the young woman looking deathly frightened. Nolan's mother had
to hold the young woman in her arms as they stood to the side of the
bench. April came gliding in from the same door, her hand holding a
small glass of water, and strode over to Teri and Tuesday. The petite ex-slave gently helped Tuesday to drink from her glass.

The man never even looked up at as the room was filling - only
wallowing in his self-pity and despair.

Then Rachel and Jennifer came in through another doorway, and strode
to the other side of the bench. Rachel, particularly, had the
harshest look - starring almost with rage at the naked bound man on
the floor before her. Her Celtic anger surfacing.

Nolan came in finally, and though no one had said a word, the small
sounds had ceased. Every eye, including the naked soiled man,
followed the teenage boy as he strode slowly and confidently into the
room, and sat upon the wide white marble bench.

It was deathly quiet in the chamber and not one person understood what
was about to happen, knew what was in their Master's heart or his
mind. Most understood his rage though, much of it aimed at the bound
man before him.

Nolan looked up at the stain-glass dome above all their heads and took
a deep breath. Before coming here, he had to control himself, to
still his rage and try to use his mind rather than his heart.

The young head of the family had power absolute over everyone on the
island - and he knew it, now more than at any other time since his
mother seduced him to the pleasures the family promised. Virginia had
a hard cold heart, from years of servitude of watching good people
enslaved for the pleasures of others - Nolan understood her more now
than at any other time. Understood her loneliness as well.

Finally, his breathing under control, the young man looked right at
the dirty face of the middle-aged naked man kneeling before him.

"Say hello to your daughter."

Tuesday sobbed and the man's eyes followed the sound and his face
looking shocked at her appearance before him. Teri and April held the
young girl in a compassionate embrace, lending her their strength to
get through this trying time.

"Tuesay...?" His voice was like sandpaper, ill used of late except to
scream out his pain and loss.

More than one eye in the room held tears.

"You are fortunate to be part of this momentous change of the Family."
No one said a word, nothing was spoken, even breathing seemed to have
stopped. "Where 'slave' takes upon a whole new meaning."

Nolan reached into his pocket and withdrew a small vial, it contained
a clear blue liquid. The man looked feverish at Nolan's hand and the

"From now on our enemies", at this Nolan smiled down at Tuesday's
father, "will understand what built this Family." Nolan tossed the
vial in the air and caught it.

"We were built on the foundation of sex and submission", incest as
well, but he thought it best not to mention that subject, " based
wholly upon 'Toilet Water'." He was making speeches, not only for the
bound dirty man in the middle of the room but for all the heads of his
Family. "To add power to the Family, 'Toilet Water' was distributed,
for a price, to those rich enough to pay. And pay they did!"

Again he tossed it into the air.

"When I removed the destructive powers from the 'Toilet Water', the
addictive quality of it, some were angry, while others saw the wisdom
in this."

At the far end of the room Virginia rolled into the room on her
wheelchair and Nolan paused till she settled herself.

"A handful of the angry clients brought violence and death to his
island, to this Family!" Nolan was getting angry again, his voice
getting louder and louder so that it reverberated off the large
rectangular room.

"Here is one of them." He pointed downwards and all eyes looked at
the disgusting creature on the floor. "Here is another addict of
'Toilet Water', only one of a dozen men that are now addicted to the
Family's legacy!"

"His supply was cut off two weeks ago - and like many women slaves
before him, he knows the torture of his addiction." He was the only
one to have his supply cut off, the others found ways to meet the
increasing price of their addiction - or else, they would face the
fate of their compatriot.

Nolan held the vial between thumb and forefinger, "This is the last of
the 'Toilet Water' that you will ever see... the rest of your days
will be in madness and loss."

Tears were rolling down the mans eyes but he watched the blue liquid

Every woman in the room watched the drama and understood that at some
time in their past, it was they who had knelt and who would do
anything for only another hit of the heavenly scent. Nolan had
delivered them from that wasteland of addiction - while he had also
re-introduced it again for his enemies.

The vial flew from Nolan's hand and in a slow arch, flew before the
kneeling addict. As if in slow motion, nearly every eye watched its
descent knowing it would disintegrate upon the hard shiny marble.

It shattered a meter before the bound man and he crawled upon his
knees before the small puddle of glass and liquid before dropping to
his stomach his face on the marble. The man sighed hugely and started
to move his hips, pressing his groin against the marble beneath him.
Blood from tiny cuts upon his face and chest caused the blue liquid to
take on a ghoulish colour when mixed with his blood.

Every eye in the room watched the drama, every eye was now dry. The
man humping the floor was one of the worst offenders, one who had
killed to ensure his use of 'Toilet Water'. It was a pathetic
spectacle but it was also a rebirth to those who saw it.

Nolan turned and strode quickly from the room. His mother and April
lead the silent Tuesday after him.

All of the senior members of the family strode from the room leaving
Virginia seated alone watching one of her ex-customers attain his
orgasm upon the tiles. He was grunting and spitting as he shot is
come between his hairy belly and the marble.

Then, even she, turned her chair around and wheeled out of the room
that Nolan had aptly named "Hall of Justice".

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXXII (Part 5)

Shelly walked down the docks from the sea-plane that had just
deposited her onto the family island. Its was the first time in three
years since she had set foot on the place where so much of her life
was turned around.

Jennifer, Shelly's mom ran forwards with a squeal of delight. "Where
is he?"

Shelly smiled at her mother's obvious happiness and held out the
bundle in her hands. "Mom meet my son Joseph."

Jennifer pulled aside the edge of the wrap and stared down into the
cherub face of the five month old baby. The older woman had tears in
her eyes. The adoption agency had brought the newborn to Shelly and
her husband, the perfect parents by all accounts, though they could
not have children of their own.

Shelly looked up from her happy parent to the middle-aged woman
waiting patiently at the end of the dock - and she knew this was the
woman whom her mom had made a commitment too, her lover, her wife.
They shared a polite introductory smile.

Teri appeared with Rachel and both were smiling hugely. Jennifer
looked over at her sister and with tears in her eyes, "Look what my
daughter has gone and done - she brought me my grandchild!" Teri
wrapped her arms about her sisters shoulder and kissed the side of her
face tenderly.

Shelly asked quietly, so not to disturb her mother or her child.
"Where is he?"

Rachel leaned in to answer, "With Tuesday down by the south bay."

"How is he doing?"

Rachel shrugged and looked suddenly saddened.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXXIII (Part 5)

Rachel and Shelly carefully walked across the natural pathway of round
slick rocks, that were revealed with the low tides. "Nolan!"

He was seated on a huge log, his feet in a pool of sea water and
weeds. Tuesday, who had was wadding up to her knees in the water,
turned quickly at the call and waved happily. Nolan only turned his
head and gave a bare smile and watched his cousin approach him.

Shelly came over and sat down by her cousin while Rachel went to
Tuesday, to give the two space to talk. "I told you I would return",
she told him.

He did not look pleased, "I thought you might."

Three years ago Shelly had left and swore she would be back, Nolan
asked her never to return.

"How is the Family?"

He was the uncontested head of the family now - Virginia having passed
away five years ago, and Tony just last year. And in truth, no one
else wanted the burden that seemed to weigh down Nolan.

Nolan finally shrugged, "Good... quiet."

"I brought my son!" She was beaming proudly and Nolan smiled
genuinely for the first time since she appeared.

"I bet he is beautiful?" Any woman that tasted the scent of the
'Water' could never have children - so Shelly's adoption of her son
was rare gift to any ex-slave.

It had been five years ago when Nolan had coldly dealt with the family enemies, addicting seventeen powerful men to a male version of 'Toilet
Water'. That in itself was not the catalyst to the end of the reign
of lust, but the sight of that single powerful man humiliated before
the very women whom he had enslaved. The elders that had viewed it
had passed it quickly down to the other family women till each heard
the tale - and none that heard it was the same afterwords. It was an
awakening to the women, that their lives need not be controlled by
another, that what they feared and obeyed may only be fear itself.
Without the addictive quality to the 'Water', they were free to do
what they wished.

Shelly suddenly stopped smiling and reached for her cousins hand, "I'm
sorry Nolan."

That surprised him. "'Sorry' for what Shelly?"

She shrugged and had to think long before the ability to put into
words what she felt, "'Sorry' that you gave up everything so that the
rest of us could be free?" Every inhabitant of the Island thought of
Nolan as the last victim of the addictive scent.

They looked into each others eyes for a long moment before Nolan's
started to cloud up with tears.

Since that fateful day five years before, the family had changed
significantly. No new clients were sought after for their product,
while money flowed in through legitimate endeavours as well as through
their previous clientele. Every woman that had been addicted to the
'Water' was a member of the Family, and as such gained in any benefits
that were supplied. One of those benefits was this island - a
paradise of solitude and relaxation. No man, excluding Nolan, could
live here yet any female family member could live without a care in
the world for as long as they wished on the island.

Both cousins looked out toward the duo, Tuesday and Rachel, as they
stomped around on their bare feet looking for oysters - Nolan loved
them both.

Tuesday was the last slave, in all respects. Her life was Nolan - and
this one time he did not contest this position but rather revelled in
the passions it promised.

Shelly leaned in and kissed her cousins cheek and whispered, "May I be
with you tonight Nolan?"

He turned, a little surprised at the offer. "What of your husband?"

She shrugged, "Here on the island, all that matters is the Family."
And he was now the family - no woman that had been a slave to the
sweet smell of lust would ever deny this young many anything,
especially their bodies. It was now almost religious the way they
canonized the only man in their Family. He was their god.

Shelly lay her head on his shoulder, hoping he will desire her. She
was realistic enough to understand that his guilt and pain could not
be relieved by anything she did, but at least she would do her best to
ensure he forgot it for a short while.

One of his familiar hands slipped down her back to slip beneath the
waistband of her shorts and Tuesday sighed with pleasure knowing from
experience that her offer was accepted.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXXIX (Part 5)

Jennifer dropped heavily down onto the couch next to her sister and
sighed with exhaustion, "I forgot how much work babies are!"

Teri giggled, both knowing the pleasures and disappointments of
children. Both having known theirs intimately.

"It was good to see Shelly - she looks so happy."

Jennifer nodded and reached for her wine glass, "I am glad she was
able to have a 'normal' life after... you know." Teri did but only
sipped from her glass in answer. "Her husband is such a good man."

The two sisters had attended the wedding on the mainland, and were
witness to Shelly's love. Both knew, but neither were puzzled, that
Shelly was right now at the top of the hill with her cousin.

Jennifer had married as well, barely a year ago, to another ex-slave
of approximately the same age as her. Strangely her wife looked
incredibly like her sister Teri - but no one ever mentioned it. While
her sister Teri had devoted her whole life and soul to her son, she
never regretted it for a second.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight Jenn?"

The middle-aged woman, the matriarch of the Family, looked at her
sister above the rim of her glass and accepted with only a look in her
eyes - rarely did she deny her sister anything.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - LXXXX (Part 5)

April knelt upon the mat with the canvas propped up before her, she
stared carefully at the setting sun before bringing her brush up to
the canvas. Her life now was painting and Nolan-san, she desired
nothing else.

Rachel sat behind the petite woman and marvelled at Aprils ability to
capture feelings as well as images with her brush. "Its beautiful
April." The brown eyes turned toward Rachel's green orbs and they
shared a long loving look together.

The two ladies leaned toward each other and their soft lips met. The
slow loving kiss quickly turned passionate. The brush dropped from
April's hand to the floor, already forgotten - tomorrow there will be
another sunset.



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