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Swept Away



Caution, the material contained in this story is of an adult nature and
contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If you are not at least
eighteen years old, LEAVE NOW!


Pam was a rich and beautiful lady of leisure with a condo in New York, a
flat in the valley in California, and a hacienda in the Dominican Republic.
Her life of luxury was exciting and thrilling and ...boring her to death.
She couldn't remember when she had been laid last and her drooling pussy was constantly demanding that she attend to it. She was afraid of fucking
with just anybody because of the HIV scare. Also, the only thing she saw
men's eyes when they dated her were dollar signs as their eagerness to
please her belied their underlying greed. She was exceedingly rich an
could not hide from the fact. Consequently, she didn't even date that

She was complaining to a friend of hers, Sue, one day and Sue offered a
possible solution and gave her an address to go to and have a very
"relaxing experience." Pam called up the place, made an appointment.

When she arrived, it was a two story early 19th Century home in a
fashionable and quiet neighborhood. She told the limousine driver she
would call him when she needed him. She had her cell phone with her. A
knock on the front door produces a short wait and a very sexy young man answers. She tells him her name and mentions that she has an appointment.
He smiles, says little and delivers her to an office on the first floor
just off the entry hallway. After a few minutes, a beautiful, sweet
smelling, middle aged lady greets her with a smile and some questions.

"Pam?" she asks. "Yes," Pam answers

She sits at the desk. "Sue , said you were looking for a sexual
experience and you wanted to be used, but you didn't like pain. Is this

Pam says, "Yes," her voice trembling.

The nicely dressed lady assesses her from top to bottom, then sighs and
pushes back her chair from the desk. She says, in a somewhat stern voice,
"Remove your clothes. For the time you are here, you will not need them."
Pam meekly does so and hands them to the beautiful young man who met her at
the door. He has miraculously slipped back into the office without Pam
noticing it.

"Shaun will get you ready," She says, indicating the beautiful boy in
front of Pam. Then she smiles and Shawn shows Pam the way out of the
Library. Pam is led to what looks like a doctors exam room. She is told
to lay face up on the table and be examined. She doesn't protest.. Shaun
is gentle and quiet. She is in some gynecology stirrups with her feet at
the edge of the table, in the stirrups and her ass and cunt are exposed and
partially hanging over the edge. He lowers her ass with a section of the
table and gets a tube of lube and puts some in and on her ass hole. She
moans softly and he grins but keeps working. She is feeling so slutty
exposing her pussy and asshole to him, a total stranger. The feeling makes
her pussy run with juices.

He inserts a rubber tube in her ass and she wiggles around a bit as he
slowly slides the slippery tube up into the deepest part of her bowels. He
says to take a deep breath and relax as she feels warm fluid filling her
guts. She likes the warmth and the full feeling she gets as the water
trickles into her ass. She breathes deeply and relaxes. Then the cramps
start. She protests.

He shakes his head and rubs her stomach to relax her. He then removes
the tube and, before the water can come back out, he plugs the hole with
the tip of a vibrating ass plug and slowly pushes it in to her ass. The
size of the plug is unusually large as Pam is over six feet tall and has a
large capacity back there. Most tall women do. She begins to protest when
he gets to the widest part, but they both know that relief will soon come
to her after it slips in just a bit deeper. She cries out as the anal
muscles snap over the widest part and he is amazed to see her clasping ass
hole suck the rest of the dildo up in to the hilt in her ass. She feels
the vibes in her ass and the larger, full feeling the vibrations send
chills up and down her colon as the water is churned and stirred by the

He then gives her a warm and sweet smelling douche. It is relaxing and
she is in danger of falling asleep. He sees this and plays with her pussy and clit so she will stay excited and awake.

She looks at him. He smiles and says, "You smell so good. I could eat
you." She opens her legs wider and he kisses her on the inside of her
thighs and licks her pussy lips with passion. Then he grabs the base of
the butt plug and wiggles it around as he scrapes his teeth gently across
her clitty and begins to suck that delicate organ into his voracious mouth.

She arches her back and cums mightily! She keeps relatively silent as
he continues to scrape across her pussy lips and lick back over the spots
he scraped with his teeth. These are mock scrapes designed to arouse.
They are working. Before long, she cums again. This time she lets out a
yell and becomes very vocal about it. She reaches down and grabs his head
and holds it in place as her arching body spasms into a third orgasm that
takes her breath away. When she releases his head, he leaves her and the
room without a word.

As she lays there, the vibes and the water in her ass finally bring on
some serious cramps and she moans in near pain, but on the verge of another
orgasm. He slips back into the room, sees her predicament and slips the
butt plug back out of her ass hole and holds a basin to catch the water.
He tells her it is OK to release the water. When she gratefully does, she
cums again as the relief from the cramps and the rush of water throughout
the anus was just the stimulus to bring her over the top again. She asks
him to fuck her very hard, "right now."

He frowns and tells her to take a shower and he drys her off. She is
led to a darkened room and told to lay on a table face up. Her legs and
arms are strapped down, not tightly but she can't move very far. She is
spread eagle and feels a cool breeze on her wet pussy. She is then

She hears footsteps approach and hands touching and probing her private
parts. She jumps at the first touch, but then relaxes as the touches all
turn out to be eliciting a pleasurable response from her body. She moans
as the hands begin to really turn her on in her pussy and a deep probe that
is not a finger slickly slides on a coating of lube into her ass. The
person doing that to her moans and grunts in approval that she is enjoying
it so obviously that she is slick and running with pussy juices.

Several different sizes and widths are inserted into her pussy and lube
is added to her ass hole as a large object is slowly forced into her ass.
This time, instead of being a butt plug, it is a long tube-like device that
vibrates and is merely tapered a bit at the base to help keep it in and
force it upward constantly as she clenches her ass muscle around the base.
She feels it inserted way up high into her colon and is grateful for her
natural height that gives her such a deep ass to fuck like this. The tube
begins to vibrate on a low setting. She can tell it is very powerful. She
can also feel the wire leading to the wall plug and she knows this one will
never get weak. Sweat breaks out all over her body. Her ass cramps around
the over large intruder, and her pussy juices even more and her clitty
twitches in preparation of a large cum. She feels like the well used slut
she dreams of being.

She moans, "More please, more, oh, yes, more..." as a hand slowly opens
her pussy and another over large dildo is slipped into her pussy with a low
vibration and a wire leading to a wall socket. This time, the length is
pushed so high that she feels it at the back of her vagina and then some
and moans again even as she involuntarily jerks away from the pressure of
the long obdurator stretching and vibrating her cunt walls. As her pussy is filled to capacity her body takes over with a jerk and she is surprised
at the great strength of the orgasm that wracks her body and over comes her
senses. Her entire world is centered on the vibes now buzzing at half
speed in her ass and pussy. She is snapped into another cum, and another
right after that one. She cums until she is not sure she can stay
conscious, but she loves it and wants it to continue.

In her weakened state, she just barely feels the vibrators go dead and
be pulled out of her pussy and ass. She is cleaned, the gag is removed. A
cool breeze causes her to shiver as it runs across her body. A hand turns
her over and begins playing with her ass hole and pussy lips again. Her
body responds in spite of it's current level of energy depletion and she
struggles to stay horny for whoever is arousing her. She is brought up to
a kneeling position at the end of the bed and she feels a large cock pushed
up into her ass as a hand grips her hip and slides around to play with her
pussy lips. Then she feels a body slither under hers, taking some time to
suck and nibble at her hanging breasts and bite gently on her nipples
before sliding down to her naval. A tongue is sent deep into he naval as
the dick in her ass slowly slides home in her ass. She moans again.

The person under her finally moves down to her drooling pussy and she is
aware of a standing cock near her mouth. She inhales the manly smell of
him just before she gulps down his raging tower of flesh. Just then, he
reaches up to her clitty and clamps his teeth threateningly around it. He
slides his slick tongue over it a time or two and bites down just hard
enough to let her know that he can hurt her if she hurts him. She gushes
another cum with the faster strokes of the dick in her ass and his tongue
and lips sucking the orgasms right out of her body. She feels completely
disconnected from her body and is confused about the pain and the pleasure
he is giving her with his teeth and lips on her clit. The dick in her ass
is in constant motion now and the cock lodged half way down her throat is
beginning to leak pre-cum fluids copiously.

As the speed of the ass fuck increases, so too does the licking and
nipping of her cunt lips and clitty. She surges through one cum, then
another breaks over like a bucket of feelings, and yet another drops down
on her head and threatens to knock her senseless. She squeals like a stuck
pig and tightens up her entire body. The ass clench is all it takes to
wring the cum out of the cock in her ass hole. She feels herself being
filled with his seed. It is another warm enema that she enjoys thoroughly.
The dick in her mouth expands to gigantic size and a hand comes down to
force her head deeper onto the turgid penis as it spews his sperm into her
mouth and deep into her throat. She moans at the use being made of her
body. She feels so slutty and it is a great feeling to her.

The ass fucker leaves her and almost immediately another large prick is
pushed into her pussy. She reacts like a love starved woman greedy for any
cock. She pushes back and can feel the prick in her mouth lurch as the man under her gets a full eye view of her cunt being filled and emptied. She
sucks his flaccid cock deep into her throat and it begins to fill with
fluids once again. The rear entry pussy fuck takes on a life of it's own
as her lover now shifts into high gear and speeds up his pussy action with
her. She tries to keep up and pushes back in counter rhythm to his
thrusts. A crescendo orgasm rolls over her senses and the lover in her
pussy just keeps fucking her higher until tit happens again and once more.
She is exhausted and thrilled at the same time.

The prick in her mouth is hard again, and she sucks voraciously to get
another load of cum on her tongue. But just as she feels the prick in her
pussy burst forth it's cream deep inside her, the guy under her crawls out
from under her and takes the pussy prick's place. He commences to fuck her
in long, languid strokes that have her cuming again in just a few strokes.
The cums are not very far apart now and she is almost continually in
orgasmic heaven. A prick is placed under her nose and she smells her own
fuck juices from the meat that had just pleasured her so well. Eagerly,
she sucks it into her mouth and begins slurping all of her own flavor off
of it. She loves the way she tastes this way.

After one particularly hard cum on her part, the fucker in her pussy and
the one in her mouth both dump their loads and leave her alone. When the
blindfold is removed there is only Shaun to see. He helps her bathe and
helps her sit in the hot tub for a while. She is dreamy when is through.
She is led naked back downstairs to the office. Shawn hands her clothes to
her. She automatically dresses as she enjoys the dreamy after affects of
her excursion.

She sees the pretty lady she met when she walked in to the house. The
lady looks up from her desk and smiles." How was your day with us??"

" Day? she replied somewhat stupidly.

She looks at the clock and it is 6 p.m. She was shocked. She had been
there almost 8 hours.

Pam smiles and says, "Yes I guess it has been a whole day. I enjoyed my
self very much. Thank you."

The young man hands her a purse. It is hers.

The pretty lady says, "I hope you will come and visit us again?" She
smiles expecting an answer.

"I will," Pam promises, meaning it.

She hates to ask, but asks anyway, "How much is the bill?"

The pretty lady beams a beautiful smile as she says, "Its been taken
care off."

Pam asks, curiously, "May I ask by whom? Please"

The lady replies, "Your friend Stacy."

Pam smiles and nods and says, with a knowing look, "I will be back.
Thank you for the very pleasant day."

She walks out the door while fishing in her purse for the cell phone.
No need to fuss, the limousine is already there for her and she is swept
away by it. She has also been swept away by the day she had.


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