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TAG stretch her eyes which remained


Tag, You're IT
(M/F, fdom)
by Pami (

He knocked on the door to the apartment and felt a
trickle of perspiration run down his forehead. It was
hot enough to literally fry an egg on the sidewalk, he
decided. Anyone who said that this was NOT a hot
summer was certifiably insane, he laughed to himself.
Occasionally he wistfully thought of the somewhat
shorter and cooler summers 'up north' where he grew
up, but the mild winters of Georgia more than made up
for those moments.

His reverie was stopped when the door opened. A wave
of cool air blew over his heated body, and he smiled
at her. She was looking good enough to eat today. Of
course, he loved to eat her even when she wasn't
looking so perfect. It was one of their favorite
activities... he would kiss her wet pussy until she
squirmed and begged for his tongue. And when she
begged long enough, and when he felt she was worked up
enough, he would really dig in. He would send her
through the roof time and time again, thrilling every
time he felt her spasm with the force of her climax.
Orgasms that he gave her. She told him that no one
else had ever sucked and licked her in quite the same
way that he did, and that she couldn't get enough of
him. He believed every word. She had the most open,
honest face, and her every emotion was clearly
expressed through her eyes, even if she wasn't voicing
her thoughts. He had just had a long day teaching
summer school, and he had whiled away the morning
hours daydreaming of the bliss of giving her the
ecstasy that he knew she wanted, before he would even
think of allowing himself to come.

After he noticed how delectable she was looking, he
noticed the serious unsmiling face and her deep brown
eyes with absolutely no sparkle to them. He sighed.
She was also somewhat temperamental, and he resigned
himself to charming her into better spirits before
they got naked.

"Hey babe," he smiled at her, leaning forward to give
her a hello kiss. He was stopped when she abruptly
turned around and went down the hall before he could
touch her.

He followed her, after locking the front door. He
inhaled deeply, enjoying the faintly floral scent that
her apartment always had. The door to the spare
bedroom was closed, he observed, and he knew that
meant that she had confined her two almost overly-
friendly cats so they didn't have to worry about the
kitties. He entered the living room, and saw her
sitting on the recliner. He sighed again. If she
wasn't even sitting on the sofa, that meant he had to
do the pretty that much longer before they could do a
little horizontal mamboing. The coffee table was moved
to one side, and he wondered if she had been cleaning
or vacuuming before he showed up. Maybe he should
have called first, he thought.

Her eyes watched him, unblinking in their stare, and
he began to feel a little uncomfortable. He quickly
thought over anything that he might have done or not
done in the past few days that would have set her off.
She had a tendency to be moody, but her darker moods
were usually gone quickly, and the sunny moments more
than made up for the others. He was still standing in
the middle of the floor and he smiled somewhat more
hesitantly at her. "You know, I was thinking about
you all morning," he started.

"Did I give ANY indication that I wanted to talk,"
she interrupted him, a look of anger crossing her
face. "Did I, in any way, shape, or form, give you
any indication that I wanted you to come over today?"

He was confused. He knew that they had spoken the
day before, and she had told him that she was off from
work, and that she would be home, all alone, all day.
She had teased him by telling him that she thought she
might pull out her toys and have an all-day
climaxathon just to see how many times she could make
herself orgasm. He had told her that he would be done
work early and could be by sometime around 1, and she
had responded by telling him that if she didn't answer
the door, to just come on in and follow her scent.
Now HOW could he have misinterpreted that, he thought.

"Well, hon," he began again, "we WERE talking about
this last night, and," he stopped once more as she
held up her hand in a gesture of silence.

"I repeat. Did I ASK for your opinion? I think
not." She crossed her arms over her chest and glared
at him. All of a sudden, she smiled. It wasn't a nice
smile, he thought. It was more like a predatory, evil
smile, and a small chill ran up his spine. He hadn't
seen her like this before, and he wasn't sure he liked
this side of her. Whoever pissed her off was really a
shit, because now HE had to deal with her.

He tentatively smiled back, and her grin grew wider.
It didn't stretch to her eyes, which remained dark,
almost lifeless pools.

"Since you are here, you might as well be of SOME
help to me," she commented silkily. "Strip."

He looked at her for a long moment while her comment
sank in.

"I'm sorry. Didn't you hear me the first time?" she
asked, shifting in her chair to sit up straighter. "I
said, STRIP! Now!"

He laughed to himself. He knew where this was coming
from. They had once idly talked about playing
dominant/submissive, and this was her attempt at
trying to be domme. "Well, since you say so,
Mistress," he accented the title, and couldn't keep
the sound of amusement out of his tone. He began to
pull his polo shirt over his head. It should be fun,
he thought. She would probably spank him a little
bit, and maybe tease him for a while. That would be a
nice change, and he knew they would both enjoy it.
But it was almost funny the way she was trying to be
all serious about it.

"Did I say something funny?" she asked, quietly. She
really sounded a little upset now, he thought, so he
backpedaled a little bit.

"No, mistress," he answered, trying to get into the
role, and not chuckle at her attempts.

She smiled again, briefly. "Don't call me mistress.
That's such a crock of crap. Call me by my real name.
So you know WHO your mistress is."

"Yes, Pami," he answered, by now down to just his
dockers and briefs. He unsnapped the fly and began to
unzip them, when he was possessed by a devil. "Are
you sure you want me completely naked, Pami?" he asked
teasingly as he smirked across the room at her.

"Fine, then," she said, shrugging her shoulders.
"Don't strip." She walked into the kitchen, around
the corner. "Just leave."

He stopped with his pants around his hips. "Did you
just tell me to leave?" he called after her. "Are you
sure that's what you want? You want me to go and
leave you alone here?" He was starting to get annoyed
now. Her petulance was getting to him.

She stalked back into the living room, a glass of ice
water in hand. There was silence as she slowly walked
up to him. They stood practically nose to nose, and
she said, very quietly, "That's your choice to make.
Either dress and leave, and that will be the end of
that, or strip and shut up. Your choice, not mine."

He stood there, eye to eye with her for a moment.
God dammit to hell, he wanted her anyway, he thought
to himself. Even when she was being a pissy bitch,
she still exuded an earthy sensuality that made him
wonder what heights they could reach together.

"Fine. I'll strip. Pami." He stressed her name,
making it sound like a title, and letting his own
displeasure with the game shine through.

She returned to her seat and once again resumed her
inspection. He resisted the urge to cover his cock
with his hands. It wasn't like she hadn't seen it
before, but it was unnerving having her just sit there
and stare at him.

"Turn. Slowly." She told him, twirling her finger
to demonstrate.

He sighed, and began to turn. He was facing the
sliding glass door when he heard her command. "Stop.
Now. Just stand there." And that was it. No
rustling sounds, no noises of any kind. He knew she
was just sitting there, sipping her water, staring at
his back and ass. And he started to wonder if he had
any blemishes of any kind on his skin. Now THAT would
be embarrassing, he considered.

Finally, after what seemed like ten minutes or more,
he heard her get up out of the chair. He heard a
small thud as she placed her cup of water down, but he
didn't move. He somehow knew that would set her off
again, and he didn't want to do that. He could feel
the warmth of her body as she stood closely behind him
but not quite touching him. And he heard her talking.
Not whispering, but talking. Almost matter of factly.

"You have such a nice ass, " she said as her cool
hand cupped his left cheek and squeezed. "And your
back is so strong and straight," she ran her fingers
up his spine quickly, and grabbed the hair at the nape
of his neck. She tugged on it firmly, until his head
tilted back, and then she leaned closer, flicking her
tongue into the shell of his ear. "Are you going to
be a good boy now?" she whispered as she took his
earlobe between her teeth and bit it firmly.

He swallowed, turned on almost despite himself.
"Yes, Pami. I will." He was surprised when he felt a
cool breeze across his back and his hair was released.
The chair rustled, and he heard her command him to
continue turning. "And put those hands at your sides,

He continued on his rotation, finally facing her
again, and was again disconcerted by her stare. This
time she was staring directly at his cock, which,
although it wasn't erect, was definitely not as soft
as when he had started his spin for her. As she
watched it intently, he was somewhat mesmerized by her
single-minded concentration. He stopped thinking
about it, and just let his cock continue to twitch and
pulse as it steadily rose to full mast.

Her eyes met his as his cock pointed straight at her.
"It likes me, eh," she smiled, almost like her
'normal' self, and he smiled back at her.

"You know it does. It LOVES you," he responded.

Smiling still, she beckoned him over. "Come here,

He did so, glad that all of this was out of the
way... he wanted her now. He stood in front of her,
prick pointing at her face, and he hoped against hope
that she would take the hint and suck it. He didn't
want to tell her to, since he didn't want to trigger
that nasty domme attempt again, but he was horny now,

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back as she
caressed him with one hand, and he reveled in the
sensation of her finger smearing a small drop of pre-
cum over the head of his cock. Then there was a
sensation he didn't recognize and he quickly opened
his eyes and looked down at her.

She was intently wrapping his cock and balls with a
navy blue ribbon. He didn't move, but stared
wonderingly down at her fingers as they criss-crossed
the ribbon over and around his cock from the root to
just under the head, and then back again, wrapping it
around his scrotum a couple of times, even separating
his testicles into their own little pouch.

"Sweet... I have to ask..." he began, but then
stopped as she tied the ribbon off and looked up at
him. The softening in her eyes had been replaced by
almost a look of derision.

"Oh, your baby cock lookth tho pwetty," she lisped at
him in mockery.

He was shocked. She had never made fun of him
before. "Baby cock my ass," he thought, "She never
complained before and its thick enough to make her cry
for more when I fuck her." He felt the need to strike
back at her.

"You know, this really isn't very funny anymore.
You've had your fun. Can we end this now?" he asked
her in a serious tone of voice.

"Awwww, poor baby feelth tho bad he wantth big bad
Pami to untie hith pwetty baby cock and let him go
home..." she taunted him again.

He jerked away from her, and dropped his hand to the
ribbon. He yanked on the bow she had tied there, but
it didn't come untied. In fact, every time he pulled
on the end of the ribbon, it seemed to tighten or rub
over various spots on his prick, and the damn thing
didn't come untied. Her giggling didn't help him. He
reached down with his other hand, and began trying to
untie it in earnest now. The knot was tight enough
that there was no way he was going to undo it, and he
turned back to her.

"Would you?" he gestured to his cock.

"Would I what?"

"Would you... you know... take this freakin' ribbon
off me?!" he asked impatiently.

"Nope." She smirked at him. "I think you look
adorable all dressed up in your pwetty ribbon," she
laughed. "Besides, baby boy," she reached out and ran
her hand up and down his stiffie, "doesn't it feel
nice when I do this?" And she suddenly reached her
other hand up and cupped his balls in her palm while
she continued to stroke him.

He closed his eyes. It DID feel good. She knew it,
too. He knew the pleasure was written all over his
face. He was pissed at himself now. He was really
pretty ticked off at her, but he was pretty hot by
now, and he just wanted to have her continue doing
what she was doing until he exploded.

"Now, come with me, baby boy," she demanded as she
walked into the bedroom. He followed her like a
puppy, hoping that whatever else she had in mind was
as arousing as this. He couldn't resist reaching down
and rubbing the skin of his prick back and forth
against the constraint of the ribbon. She turned
around, and seeing what he was doing, she grabbed his
arm. "What the hell do you think you are doing?
That's MY toy... not yours, baby boy. I dressed it
up...its MINE."

He just looked at her, unsure of what he should do
next. "Now lie face down across the bed, baby," she
told him. "Spread eagled, please." And he did.
"See, now, you are being a good boy... and good boys get good things... I'm not going to restrain you, but
you should know that if you move off the bed, you can
just get dressed and leave. That's it. No more play.
No more sex. No more anything. EVER. I'm not
playing anymore. Don't test me..."

He thought about it for a moment. She did sound
serious, but surely if he stopped the play today, she
wouldn't REALLY want him out of her life. However, he
figured whatever her game was today, he could play
along... so far it was okay... and as long as he got
his rocks off, the next time he would make her beg and
plead and moan until he came all over her, and then
MAYBE he'd let her come. Once. Paybacks would be a
bitch, FOR a bitch, he thought smugly. Outwardly,
though, he agreed, "Yes, Pami. I won't move. I

"Good boy," she approved, and he felt her hand
running up and down his back again. She would run it
down and cup his ass, maybe flick against his balls a
couple of times, and then up and down again. Once,
she dug her nails into the bottom of his ass, and
raked them in one fell swoop all the way up and across
to his shoulder blade, and he felt his cock twitch
underneath his belly. He could feel the pre-cum moist
against his stomach, and he wondered about the spot on
the sheets. He reached down to re-adjust himself, but
was stopped by the sudden crack of a slapper against
his ass.

"Je-SUS!" he cried out, more in surprise than

"I told you that cock was MY toy, not yours. Don't
touch, baby boy," she said as she slapped his cheeks

"Uh," he grunted as the sting ran little shockwaves
through his body. He received the message loud and
clear and put his hand back up again the head board.

"Baby boy, baby boy... I WISH you would listen the
first time..." she calmly told him. "CCRACCK" the
slapper came down again, this time on the sweet spot
where his ass met his thighs and he started with the
shot of pain that came with it.

"God, Pami... What the fuck are you DOING?" he cried,
as he turned his head to look back at her.

"Doing? I'm having fun. Aren't you?" she smiled
down at him. And he watched her hand bring the
slapper down yet again, this time against the fullness
of his right asscheek. He turned his head into the
pillow and felt eight or so more smacks across his
buttocks. Finally, there was a pause, and he looked
back at her. She leaned in towards him and he
flinched away this time, afraid of another smack.
Instead he felt her fingers, lightly running over the
warmth of his bottom where she had marked it. Her
touch felt cool and soothing, and he found himself
arching up into her hand.

"Awww, baby, do you like Pami's touch?" she cooed as
she soothed him.

His breath caught in his throat as she dug her nails
into the welts she had raised on him, and he moaned as
the pain rose up again. It wasn't an overwhelming
hurt, but it stung enough to make him doubly aware of
her when she leaned closer and kissed the firm
roundness of his ass. And when he felt the tip of the
slapper touch his be-ribboned balls between his legs,
he wasn't sure whether to get up and run screaming
from the room, or beg her not to hurt him there, or
tell her to go ahead and do whatever she pleased with

"Turn over for me, baby," she whispered into his ear
as she licked it.

He hurried to do as she asked, happy to have his
weight off of his still erect and pulsing cock. He
felt the cool breeze from the air conditioner waft
across the wet spot he had left on himself, and he
winced slightly as he settled back down on his still
burning butt.

She smiled down at him, and he smiled back at her,
happy to have pleased her. He watched as she reached
down and began tweaking his nipples. He loved to have
his nipples played with almost as much as she did, and
he closed his eyes to better enjoy the sensations.
Her fingers circled him over and over, slowly drawing closer to the very tip of his tits, and she reached
both simultaneously and pinched them with almost the
exact same measure of firmness. It was strong enough
to make him gasp and open his eyes to see hers looking
into his, and see her vaguely predatory smile as he
flinched. "Don't move, baby," she reminded him.

He smiled at her, and didn't answer, concentrating
now on staying still despite the twinges of pain from
her now twisting fingertips. The side of the bed
sagged as she sank down next to him. Still fully
clothed, she leaned down and took his right nipple in
her mouth and bit it firmly. He groaned and felt a
line of fire run from his chest down to his balls to
the tip of his cock. He looked down at her face and
watched as she took the nipple between her teeth and
then flicked her tongue back and forth over the tip
quickly, and he moaned with the pleasure of it all.

She sat up. "Are you enjoying being my plaything,
baby boy?" she inquired silkily as she stood back up.
He nodded. "I can't hear you, baby... answer me..."
she asked again as she pulled harshly on his closest
nipple in reprimand.

"Yes, Pami." He swallowed and answered her. He
watched as he eyebrows raised and then he inhaled
sharply as she reached down and twisted his tit again.
"Yes, Pami. I am enjoying being your plaything." He
saw her smile, and he quickly improvised, "Do whatever
you want to me. Please, Pami." And he saw her smile

"VERY good, baby boy," she beamed. "That means we
can go a little further, eh?" And she walked across
the room, opened up a cabinet, and withdrew something
black from it. He was trying to figure out what it
was, when she tapped his left leg. "Bend please. Put
your foot flat on the bed, and grab your ankle with
your hand, please." So he did. He felt the leather
cuffs being attached to his wrist, and then his ankle.
"Right leg and hand, please," she walked to the other
side of the bed and attached cuffs to those as well.

"Beautiful, baby boy.... Beautiful," she commented as
she seemed to glow. He was uncomfortable with the
position and moved to unbend his right leg, only to
pull his right arm with it. He twisted and looked
more closely at his cuffs. "They are permanently
connected, baby. Your ankle and wrist are going to
stay that way for a while. Isn't that amazing? I saw
these and I KNEW I would have the perfect opportunity
to use them with you. You see, you can move your arms
and legs, but they always have to move together. Now
try this," he looked up at her in a sort of daze. He
watched as she raised her arms over her head. "Raise
your arms up, baby." He did. And as he did, he felt
his knees spreading wide, showing off his cock and
balls and the bottom of his ass to her as she stood at
the foot of the bed.

"Oh, baby..." she reached out and cupped his balls.
"What a view." She ran her hand up his still confined
cock. "Mmmmm...what's this?" She pulled the drop of
pre-cum off the head of his member and licked it.
"Yummy," she said as she made a production of smacking
her lips.

She ran her hand from his balls down the crack of his
ass till she found his little rosebud and she circled
it with her fingertip. He moaned at the sensation.
They had discussed ass-play, but he hadn't really
thought about it seriously. But when she twitched her
finger back and forth over the sensitive area, he
stopped thinking and just felt. "You like that, baby
boy?" she cooed at him. "You like Pami to play with
your bottom?" He squirmed as she pushed lightly at
the hole, seeming like she was going to penetrate him.
"Oh yes, I think you DO like it when Pami does that."
But then she stopped.

He looked between his upraised legs and watched her
walk back over to the cabinet. She withdrew something
and held it up to him. "See what this is, baby? It's
a teeny tiny little vibrator. Well, maybe not SO
teeny...See the ripples on it? You know what THIS is
for, don't you? Its for me to slide deep inside you
and fuck you with." He moaned at the thought, aroused
at the mental picture. "I can slide this so very
sslllowwllyy inside you, and then, once I get it all
the way in... I am going to turn it on... and let you
feel the vibrations from it... and then... when you
are squirming and moaning like I know you are going to
do... I am going to slowly start to fuck you with
it... very ssslllowwwllllyyy... and then pick up speed
a little faster and a little faster... until you are
moaning like a bitch in heat, and then... and then,
baby boy... you are going to come without anyone even
touching your pwetty wittle cock..."

He was mesmerized by her words, and by the mental
picture she drew for him. He couldn't imagine coming
without even a touch on his cock, but he was willing
to see what happened. He could admit it to himself;
he wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked. She
knew that was a fantasy of his, and he supposed maybe
someday she would pull out a strap on and do him like
he told her he wanted. But this... this was a start,
and he couldn't wait.

"Oh Pami. Please." He begged as he watched her drip
a clear lubricant on the dildo. He watched her use
her fingertips to completely coat the flesh colored
rod so that it glistened in the light. "Paammmiii,
please... fuck me..."

He saw her grin widen like a Cheshire cat and she
took her place at the foot of the bed. "Now, you keep
those legs raised for Pami like a good boy, okay,
baby, and you will get what you need." And she
reached down with the dildo and ran it over his
tightened testicles in their confined sack. He
groaned at the feeling. Everything on his body seemed
hyper-sensitive and he squirmed.

Slowly, he felt her begin to run the toy down an
inch, back up a half inch, down a hair, up a little...
and he wanted to scream at her to hurry up and fuck
him already. But he somehow knew that if he did, she
would stop and that would be it. He couldn't take the
risk. His moans grew in volume as he suddenly felt
the rounded tip prodding at his backdoor. "Relax
baby... relax... and push just a little bit.... let me
in..." her voice was soothing and low as he felt the
prodding growing stronger. It circled and danced over
his opening and then they both moaned as it suddenly
slipped in.

"Oh, baby... that's it. Let me in... can you feel it
inside you? Can you feel it filling you up as I slide
it into you?"

It had to be a rhetorical question, he thought,
because there was no way he could frame a coherent
answer. It felt incredible as he felt his sphincter
close over one of the ripples and then stretch to let
the next inch of the toy into him... and so on... No
wonder his past lovers all loved to be fucked so much,
was the thought that flashed through his mind right
before he felt the base of the probe against his

"Good boy... oh yes... it is all the way in you. Do
you like it? Tell me baby. Tell Pami what you feel."

"Pami," he panted as he felt his breath coming in
short spurts. "Pami, oh GAWD..." he trailed off as
the toy sprang to life inside his ass. The vibrations
felt like they were rubbing his cock from the inside.
"Oh Gaawwwdddd" he babbled as he felt it slide out and
then back into his tight hole. The ripples felt
incredible, and the constant throbbing from the motor
in his butt made him feel like he was melting.
"Aaahhh..." he moaned and shut his eyes to enjoy every
moment of this unique ecstasy.

The movements in and out of his ass picked up speed,
as she said they would. He could vaguely hear her
murmuring in the background of his consciousness,
telling him what a hot bitch he was being. He thought
he heard her laughing as he begged her to fuck him
faster and harder.

And then, when he felt like he couldn't take any
more, he felt the ribbon confining his cock and balls
slacken suddenly. He looked down and saw she had
somehow untied it with one hand while continuing to
ram the toy in and out of him. His balls seemed to
ignite from the inside out and he screamed as the come
spurted out the end of his cock so hard it hit him in
the forehead with the first spurt. Six, seven, eight
huge jets of semen hit him everywhere from his face to
his bellybutton, and his entire body shook with the
force of his climax.

As he came down from the orgasmic high, he felt the
rod in his hole suddenly go motionless. The bed
sagged as she sat down next to his exhausted body.
She leaned down and kissed him for the first time that

"Next time, baby boy... next time its MY turn..."
They smiled at each other in silent agreement.


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