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TAHOETRIP camera and take off cover up


A trip to Tahoe

It was a perfect day for our trip. Warm and sunny, one of those lazy
summer mornings. I was letting the last of my small worries slide away as
we listened to the steady diesel purr of our truck. Sure our six year old will talk Gramma out of to many cookies and the teen-agers will live on
Pizza and microwave, but they were good kids and this was a treat for them
too. As I enjoy the feel of my husband's hand on my thigh, I think of how
much fun he will have this weekend. He is smiling and driving unaware of
my stare. I know he spent longer packing my cloths for me and his camera equipment than he did on his cloths. I am reasonably sure that I will be
able to find something to wear that is not to over the top. The concept of
letting him pack for me was a little hard to take but I did lose that bet
fair and square. If the outfit he had me wear is just a sample I was going
to spend most of the weekend with very little on. mom gave me quite a look
when we dropped off our youngest. With this short skirt and tight tank top
I feel like a teenager again. Just pondering the possibilities is making
me squirm just a touch in my seat. I will have to be careful not to let on
that I am getting as much out of this little game of Wilkie's as he is or
he will be unbearable for a month. The thought of wearing a skirt this
short and no pantyhose is actually a little exciting.

Ahhh the hotel. Wilkie will want me to get out with him and check in. I
will have to be careful sliding out of the truck. At the desk something
catches my eye hmmm. That guy is giving me the once over. I haven't been
checked out like this in ages. There stands my husband totally oblivious
of my embarrassment. I can see him scan from my pony tail, down my
shoulders, to my pale pink tank top through which my nipples are way to
prominent for a married lady, down to my hips and flowered silk skirt, to
my legs, thankfully the spa and hours of hard work have kept my butt and
legs in good shape, all the way to my high heels. I feel almost naked
wearing heels with no hose. He is pleasant looking 30ish black hair, minor
spare tire and a quick smile. I smile back and complete the registration
form. I wonder if that cute guy is trying to guess if I am wearing
panties. I will admit to swishing just a little as we walk to our room.

The room Wilkie reserved is very nice and I give him a big kiss and
thank him for the nice weekend we are going to share. he flops on the bed
and turns on the game as I bustle about unpacking and putting away the
bathroom stuff. As I survey the cloths my husband has selected for me I
smile inside. He has balanced the job very well. Included in the
miniskirts and leather tops are a few very nice cocktail dresses and along
with the lingerie is some reasonable underwear. With the string Bikinis
are a couple of nice one pieces to wear. I love him for his consideration.
Even though he knew I would pay off on this bet he still gave me choices I
could be comfortable with. As I close the drapes to the small patio to
change I notice that the nice young man is settling in to the room opposite
ours. I smile and wave and he returns my wave as I close the drapes of the
sliding glass door. Running across the room I jump on Wilkie full force
and slip my hand up his shirt and tweak his nipple.

"Aww Geeze Sunnie I was watching the game!"

" Well tell me what you want to do know or I will hurt you big boy." as
I roll his nipple.

" hmmm well lets go swimming." he exclaims with a sheepish grin.

"OK I will change. Last one to the pool is a rotten egg." I say as I
jump up and run to the bathroom. As I emerge from changing I realize he is
already gone. Ahhh crap he was wearing shorts already. I grab a towel and
head for the pool.

As I enter the pool gate I see my husband parked on a lounge grinning as
usual when he knows he got me. I saunter over to him as he cocks his
camera and take off my cover-up far enough away for him to get a picture.
The look on his face is pleasing. I couldn't quite talk myself into the
bikini but I hadn't worn one of my Gramma suits, as my husband called, them
either. I was wearing a black tank suit hi cut in the legs and low backed
with multi colored webbing down the sides. Just a little daring. Wilkie
and I jumped in and did a few laps then headed for the hot tub. Relaxing
in the hot water in my husband's arms was very cozy. Slowly the others in
the tub left leaving smittie and I alone. Wilkie slid around to where his
camera was sitting and shot a few frames. He looked at me and slyly

"Lower your top." he said.

"WILKIE " I whispered urgently.

"Come on sweetie no one is looking" he replied.

"Well ok" I said. I slid my straps down with my breasts below water and

" Higher" pleaded Wilkie. I raised enough for my breasts to come up.
Click, Click, as I posed. looking over my husband's shoulder I noticed the
pleasant stranger in the shallow end openly staring at me. For a second my
brain froze with terror. I realized that the growing warmth in my tummy
wasn't all from my show for my hubby but also from being seen by a total
stranger. I pulled my gaze back to my husband and pressed my breasts with
my inner arms knowing full well I was being watched. I smiled for the
camera, with my mouth getting dry and my nipples crinkling so tight they
actually ached.

"Wow." exclaimed my husband. Bringing me back to my senses. I flipped
up my straps and slid around the tub to embrace him.

"Time to shower honey we have a dinner reservation." I said.

"OK." he said with very little enthusiasm. We hopped out and headed for
our room.

After our showers I dressed in a leather top and a tight black mini with
black thitop hose and black ankle strap pumps. Getting many a second look
and a few squeezes from Wilkie. I did wear thong panties. I just couldn't
bring myself to go naked under that short of a skirt. We had a long and
pleasant dinner. Over desert I asked Wilkie the 2 dollar question.

" So dear, what little surprise have you cooked up for me this time?"

"Well" a pause "I kinda thought we could play a game. hehehe." he

"Ohhh and what might that be dear?" I asked with half a smile.

" I am going to sit here for a minute and you can slip into the Bar and
get some guy to buy you a drink." he said tentatively.

" You won't leave me there will you?" I asked. " Naw I will come and
pick you up as soon as I can't take it anymore." he said. " Well how much
do you think I am going to do with a perfect stranger?" I asked.

" Just flirt a little and maybe Dance, and then I will be your stud and
pick you up ok?" he asked with a tone of excitement showing through.

" OK but don't take to long or I will just leave." I chided. I stood
and gave him a quick kiss and headed for the Hotel Lounge. I felt a
mixture of fear and anxiety mixed with anticipation and a wild case of the

AS I entered the Bar I stood for a sec to adjust to the lighting level.
I walked to the Bar and ordered a tonic with a twist. Before I could even
get my wallet out I heard a man say."Allow me."

"Thankyou." was my reply as I spun to see who was nice enough to buy me
a drink. My heart leapt to my mouth. It was our handsome stranger.

" Hello, my name is Ben. " he said offering me his hand.

"Hi, Sunnie." I replied. He sat down next to me after taking a look at
my outfit. I could almost feel his eyes traveling over my cleavage that
was so prominent in this lace up leather top. Down to the hint of lace
stocking top at my hem. Finally to my ankle strap heels that make my legs
look so long.

" I always appreciate a lady with........ well turned ankles." he
quipped. Blushing a little to deeply I replied "thankyou." We did a short
set of polite small talk and I noticed Wilkie slip into the Bar. I looked
directly at Ben and said "Ben, I am going to be very direct with you, and
completely honest." patting his hand. He looked at me in wonder and said "
go for it Babe."

" Ben I don't fool around. I am just playing a game with my husband and
you are being a good sport by playing along but I can't let you think we
are going any further than maybe a nice Dance." I blurted out. He looked at
me again and swished his ice a bit then he leaned closer and said " Hmmm it
is the least I can do for the show you put on for me today at the pool." I
blushed to my roots but my nipples also sent little lightening bolts down
to my pussy and made me a little dizzy with passion. " Well at least you
should get a good slow dance."

"I can't dance for beans." he said meekly I chuckled and grabbed his
hand and led him to the floor as the strains of a Gloria Estaphan tune
threaded it's way through the air. We did a slow close shuffle, close
enough for him to smell my perfume and me to feel his reaction to it. Not
a word was said. As the Dance ended I realized his hand was firmly
grasping my butt. We walked over to the Bar and Wilkie walked up and said

"Hey buddy mind if I cut in?"

" It's ok by me if the lady doesn't mind." Ben replied Gallantly Wilkie
and I danced for at least an hour. my skirt creeped up higher than I cared
to admit and Wilkie copped a few feels in sight of the other Bar patrons
but our handsome Stranger was gone.

"I have plans for you. Let's go." said my husband.

On the way to the room Wilkie was all hands. We kissed in the hall and
got very bold in the elevator. He slid my skirt up and stuffed his hand in
my panties as he held me against the wall of the elevator. I stood there
on the brink of Orgasm praying the door wouldn't open and secretly hoping
it would. As we got to the room I pushed Wilkie out to the middle and
dropped to my knees. I looked up at him as I worked his belt loose. When
his cock popped out I could see a little spot of moisture on the tip.

He looked down at me and said " no hands" I gazed up at him and put my
hands behind my back. He grasped his cock with his hand and my hair with
the other and slowly rubbed the tip of it over my relaxing lips. He
roughly rolled my head back and stuffed his dick into my mouth until he
felt it bump the back of my throat. I willed my throat to relax even more
and flattened my tongue. He slowly began sliding my head back and forth
with his hand wrapped in my hair. With every stroke it impaled my throat a
little deeper until I could feel my nose buried in his course pubs and his
balls gently slap my chin. He stopped abruptly and stood me up by my hair.
Reaching to my waist he whisked off my top. He stood for a moment and
slowly caressed my tits with his palm and his eyes. Then he turned me
around and pushed me to the bed. I landed in a submissive pose with my
elbows on the bed and my knees spread wide. Wilkie stepped up behind me
and reached under my skirt and ripped off my flimsy thong. He pushed
firmly on my lower back to get my ass at the angle he wanted and entered me
with one quick thrust. The force of the penetration sent my first orgasm
thundering through my body. Wilkie reached over me and stuffed my wet
panties in to my mouth and held them there as he fucked me with long full
strokes. As my next Orgasm was building, small little warnings kept
running through my head and then I realized what was troubling me. The
drapes were still open and the foyer light was on. If our handsome
stranger, Ben, was in his room he was seeing me get the fucking of my life.
I felt totally wanton and passed the brink of orgasm watching the drapes of
the dark room rustle ever so slightly. Wilkie pulled out and placed the
tip of his Iron hard cock at my tiny asshole. I knew it was useless to
resist at this point and focused on the window across the breezeway. He
reached forward and wrapped his hand in my hair and slowly leaned all his
weight against my sphincter. It popped in and slid to the base. I let out
a tiny gasp and clutched the blanket in my hands. Ever so slowly my
husband slid his cock in and out of my loosening ass. I moaned and he
reached around and placed his hand over my mouth firmly holding my panties in place. I could feel his approaching Orgasm and found myself thinking of
how nasty this must look to Ben. My eyes went half shut and began to
flutter as my third Orgasm began to build. Wilkie pulled out and shot a
geyser of hot cum all over my ass and back and I quacked with a very
intense release. I came so hard that I found it difficult to remember to
breathe. We collapsed on the bed and passed out for several minutes. I
awoke wrapped in my lovers arms. Rising I walked to the sliding glass door
and stood there wearing only heels and stockings with a gold necklace, and
enjoying the late evening breeze. I gazed across the breeze way toward my
imaginary lover. Then with a small wave good night I closed the drapes. "
Last one in the shower is a rotten egg." I yelled as a sprinted for the

" Hey no fair you got a head start." yelled Wilkie in response as he
jumped off the bed.


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