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TALENTS sucked and licked from the


This story contains sexual acts, words, and themes.
If you are under 21, or this is not appropriate for
your community, go away.

Any feedback is, as always, appreciated.

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Talents - by Pami ( (M/F)
"What about moving the desk over there?" she pointed
over to the corner of the room.

He looked in that direction and thought about it for a
moment. "Well....I suppose that would be ok, but then
there is this huge space over here," he replied
slowly, pointing to the middle of the room.

"Yes, but I thought the idea was to open the room up.
Make it seem more spacious. You know...let the light
shine in. What if there were a large Persian-type rug
in the center of the floor instead of the desk? And a
fake Ficus tree over against the edge of the desk? We
could put a painting on the wall across from the door
for interest," her tone was getting excited as she
could visualize the changes in the space.

He chuckled for a moment, and then couldn't resist.
"Can it be that print of the dogs playing poker?"

She looked at him and laughed with him. Then she got
serious again. "No."


He had wanted to redo his home office. He spent most
of his time in the room, since he worked out of his
house. He liked being home. Setting his own schedule
required self-discipline, but the advantages of being
there to parent his children outweighed any of the
disadvantages. He was divorced, but shared custody
with his ex-wife. After kicking the idea around for a
while and discussing the costs with his accountant,
they agreed that he could go ahead and make some
changes. Make the room more professional looking so
that he could bring clients in and maintain a
business-like atmosphere.

He knew he couldn't afford a professional interior
designer, but he knew that he didn't know enough about
color and light and wood and carpet to do it himself.
He thought about it for a while, and then, one day,
when he ran into his local computer store for some
diskettes, the thought struck him. He knew one of the
managers there. She was very knowledgeable about
everything that they carried, from paper clips to fax
machines to lamps to office furniture. He struck up a
conversation with her, and asked if she would consider
taking a look at his office and making some

She had been a bit taken aback at his request. She
knew this customer, and had bumped into him outside
the store occasionally, but it was unusual for someone
to ask her to redesign their entire office area. She
didn't even know if there was a company policy about
it, but she thought about the possible sales she might
get out of this and the excellent word-of-mouth if his
clients liked his new look, so she said she would take
a look at his space. Completely on her own, though,
she assured him. This was not store-related, she told
him, so there would be no problem in case he hated her

He smiled and they had set up an appointment for later
in the week. And so, three days later, they stood in
the room, discussing possibilities. She liked the
desk, she had told him. It was a rather large affair,
solid oak, and shaped in an "L". The bookcases were
ok, and she even smiled when she saw the small desk
off to the side for his kids to play with when he was


She opened up the rather large case that she had
brought with her, and pulled out a pad of graph paper.

"What's that for?" he asked her.

"To draw plans to scale," she replied. "It would suck
if we moved that huge desk and bought some other stuff
and then it didn't fit." She smiled up at him.

He grimaced. "Yep. That would suck. A lot."

She began to draw the room. Each square represented a
foot. He watched as she penciled in the windows and
door. And then she drew the outline of the desk over
in the corner. "Now, I was thinking that you might
want to get a small sofa. Maybe a loveseat, to put
over on that side of the room, with the chairs across
from it. Sort of a conversation area," she gestured
to the spot she was speaking of.

He hesitated. "Well, I don't really want a sofa in
here. The kids would just want to play on it all of
the time, and this is really supposed to be my work
space." He stopped and looked at her. "If you don't
mind, of course," he added.

She smiled at him. "Of course I don't mind. This is
YOUR office, not mine. And you don't even have to do
anything I suggest. I promise, I won't get mad, ok?"

He relaxed. His instincts were right. She was
definitely a nice person. He had hoped she
was hard to tell sometimes.

"Ok....hmmm...." she thought and looked around.
"Well, what if we put the desk in the corner, but have
one branch of the L wrap around so that you can sit
behind it and have your clients sit on the other side?
And then, over on that side of the room, maybe you
could put a computer workstation. Just for your
computer system, and printer, and fax, and copier, and
everything. You know, you might want to consider
getting an all-in-one machine for that. We have some
really nice ones."

He smiled at her, starting to visualize it himself.
"I see what you mean about the carpet. That would be
nice. But maybe not a Ficus about a stand
with some plants on it over in that corner?"

They both looked at each other, surprised to find that
they were operating on the same wavelength. She bent
over the pad and started drawing items into the room.

He watched her. Her long brown hair fell down her
back in rich waves, and he wondered how it smelled.
Fresh, he imagined. Not like hair spray. She didn't
wear much makeup either, but she didn't need it, he
idly reflected. Her creamy skin glowed all on its
own, and her large brown eyes sparkled. Her left hand
crept up and pushed her hair back out of her face, and
he found himself saying, "I can't believe you aren't
married. Are all of the single men blind or stupid?"

She stopped what she was doing, and looked over at
him. "I guess I am just too picky," she smiled as she
said it. "I refuse to settle. I have seen too many
people who settled for less than true love, and they
end up regretting it later on."

She stood up and faced him, and the silence grew. She
wondered what on earth he was thinking, since he was
staring so intensely at her. His blue eyes were
completely serious. Then she impulsively added,
"Besides, I haven't yet found the man who can keep up
with me in bed." And she winked at him, breaking the

He laughed out loud. "Would you like something to
drink?" he asked her.

"Sure, what do you have?"

"Let me think... Ummm... beer, white wine, scotch,
coke, milk, orange juice, or water?" He held his
breath, wondering what direction this was going in,
but feeling compelled to continue down the road he had
started down with his impertinent question.

She smiled at him, and said, "Water would be just
fine, thank you. With a lot of ice in it, too, if you
don't mind."

"I'll be right back," he told her and left his office.

He wondered what he was doing. She was a nice woman,
he thought. Pretty, but not beautiful. Certainly not
the femme fatale type that he might expect to feel
this way with. Because he couldn't really deny it to
himself. He wanted her. Badly. He looked down at
his wedding band as he cracked the ice cube tray and
plunked five or six cubes into a glass. He had been
faithful to his wife for seventeen years, and he had
loved her. But things had been pretty routine between
them. Once a month or so, she had let him make love
to her. It was good. It was nice. But.he wanted
more. That was one of the reasons they had divorced.
He wondered what SHE would be like. From their
conversations in the past, he knew how smart and funny
she was. He knew that she worked hard. He knew that
she hated to wear a uniform to work. He knew that she
liked her job. But he wanted to know more. He wanted
to KNOW her. In the biblical sense. But was she
worth the risk? Doubtful. Would she even play? More

He grabbed the two glasses of ice water and went back
down the hall to his office. The door was wide open
and as he walked in, he saw her sitting on the edge of
his desk, facing him. Her feet were dangling down,
legs slightly parted, and she was leaning back a bit.
Inside, he walked over to her and handed her the

"Thanks," she smiled at him, as she raised the glass
to her lips. He watched her lips part as she took a
long sip.

"Ahhh," she said with a blissful look on her face. "I
was parched. You are a lifesaver."

He sipped at his own water. "You are welcome." And
then he stopped. He just couldn't think of a thing to
say. All conscious thoughts ran out of his mind as
she took his empty hand in hers, and raised it to her
face. He watched as her mouth opened, and then, the
next thing he knew, his forefinger was inside the wet
warmth of her mouth, and he could feel the hardness of
the roof of her mouth and the softness of her tongue
against his finger.

He moaned an inarticulate moan, and she pulled his
finger out. "Did you want me to stop?" she
mischievously asked him.

"No. Please. No." He stumbled over the words.

She licked her lips ostentatiously and then sucked his
finger inside again. His blue eyes met her brown ones
as he felt pinned by her gaze. He didn't want to
move. He knew he should, but it felt so GOOD. He
could feel the flicks of her tongue all over his
finger, and she sucked and licked it from the base to
the fingertip. Naturally, he wondered what her tongue
and mouth would feel like on his cock, and he moaned
again, feeling his cock growing in his pants. She
pulled his finger out of her mouth and then sucked his
middle finger in, giving it the same treatment as the
first. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the
sensations. She worked her way down his hand,
caressing each finger with her mouth and tongue, and
his prick kept growing.

When she finally pulled his little finger out of her
mouth, she took his hand and ran it down her body to
the swell of her breasts. She was well-endowed, and
he sighed as his hand cupped her pillowy softness. He
leaned down and kissed her.

She practically purred as she felt his tongue enter
her mouth. She didn't normally do things like this,
but for some reason, she had felt drawn to him. His
hand continued to massage her breast, and she felt his
other hand twine itself in her long hair and gently
but firmly pull it back, exposing her throat to his
gaze. His mouth left hers, only to lick its way along
the curve of her jaw to her ear, and as he flicked his
tongue into it, she shivered and arched toward him.
"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned.

Jesus she felt good, he marveled. He couldn't believe
how she was responding to his touch. Her entire body
seemed to radiate heat, and he just wanted to ravish
her right there. His hand found her nipple, and he
ran his fingers over it, feeling it grow hard through
the layers of clothing that separated them. Her
mouth had tasted so sweet, he hadn't wanted to stop
kissing her, but the thought of what else about her
might taste just as sweet compelled him to lick her
neck. Her shivers and moans were making his cock rock
hard, and it hurt, confined in his pants as it was, so
he reached down to adjust it.

"Poor baby, are you in pain," she murmured, as her
hand brushed his aside, and she grasped his manhood
through his pants. He thought he would die from the
pleasure as he felt her hand massaging his cock from
the head down to his balls. And he KNEW he was going
to leave a wet spot on his pants if she kept it up.
So, to distract her, and himself, he leaned his head
further down and latched his teeth onto her engorged
nipple, nibbling on it.

She had moaned loudly at that. "Please...Please...."
she started to say as the sensations in her teat
overwhelmed her. She acted quickly, pulling him off
of her, and unbuttoning her blouse to the waist. He
wanted to touch her as well, and he quickly pulled the
cups down, exposing her bountiful breasts to his gaze.

He was speechless. They were milky white and had
faint bluish veins running down to the dark pink
nipples, and those nipples were amazing. They were
huge and he couldn't wait any longer to find out what
they tasted like. He pushed her back on the desk and
bent over her as she lay flat on her back. Her tits stood up like two pillows, waiting for him to go to
sleep on. But sleep was the farthest thing from his
mind as he licked the one closest to him. He traced
around and around the areola, watching it harden and
ripple before his eyes. Then he took as much into his
mouth as he could, enjoying the feel of the nipple
against his tongue.

She arched her back, pushing her breasts at him. She
wanted him to keep making her feel good, so she took
his other hand and positioned it over her neglected
nipple, hoping that he would get the hint. He did,
quickly cupping and kneading her breast. Fondling it
and pulling on the nipple in time with his sucks on
the one in his mouth.

They both watched as he switched breasts, pulling the
other one into his mouth quickly. Their eyes met as
he closed his teeth over the tip of her nipple and
began pulling up on it, away from her breast. It was
an amazing sight for him, and an amazing feeling for
her. He let it snap back, and they watched her tit
jiggle as it regained its former shape. He buried his
entire face deep into her cleavage, feeling the
softness of her breasts against his cheeks, and
inhaling the scent of her through his nose.

He stood up, suddenly, and unzipped his pants. He
couldn't wait anymore to feel her touch. She watched
as his pants fell to the floor. He wasn't wearing any
underwear, and she smiled. His cock stood practically
straight out, pointing at her. It had a slight tilt
upward, and she couldn't resist mocking him slightly.
"I guess you are excited to see me?"

He laughed with her, and then he stopped as her hand
reached out and she traced the head of his cock with
one finger. They both felt the pre-cum at the tip,
and he watched as she withdrew the finger to her mouth
and sucked the wetness off of it.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, as she sat up, still sucking on
her finger. He tasted good. She wouldn't mind having
some more of that, she decided, as she reached down
and wrapped her entire hand around him. She stroked
back and forth, and their eyes locked as both
concentrated on the sensations. She established a
rhythm, and he found his hips moving along with her

It felt wonderful to be in her hand, he thought, as he
felt his cock harden even more, if that was possible.
He reached out with both of his hands and each found a
nipple and began pinching and twisting in time with
her tempo on his prick. They stared into each other's
eyes, as they both began panting. He felt himself
growing closer to orgasm when suddenly she stopped.
He continued tormenting her nipples, but looked at her
with a quizzical gaze.

She smiled sexily at him. "It was getting a little
dry down there. Wouldn't want to give you rug burn or
anything. Hmmm.... I know." And with that, she
wriggled her ass so that her skirt was raised to her
hips. His eyes were drawn to the neatly trimmed pussy
that she exposed to his gaze, and the smell of her
excitement wafted up to his nose. She spread her legs
and rubbed her hand between them. He could see the
wetness that shone as she withdrew her hand and
grabbed his cock again. It was his turn to moan as he
watched her coat his cock with her hot juices, and he
convulsively pinched her nipples hard enough to make
her gasp with pain.

"Sorry," he croaked, and he rubbed her tits lightly in

She pulled his head down and kissed him deeply.
"Don't be sorry. Do it again. Just not QUITE so
hard. Did I mention I am kind of kinky?" she told him
as he looked somewhat amazed at her comment. He
smiled. "Whatever you want, dear." He was thinking
that this was one of the hottest scenarios he could
ever have dreamed up and this one was REAL!

"Anything?" she purred, with a mysterious smile on his

He felt a momentary quaver, but pushed it away.

She pushed him away from her and jumped down off of
the desk. He stood there, wondering what he did
wrong, and then she moved behind him. She kissed his
shoulder as her hands reached around and began pulling
on his dick again. He moaned as one of her hands
dropped down and caressed his balls.

"Oh, that feels so good," he told her. "Please.

She laughed throatily behind him, and the hand
caressing his balls was gone. She continued to jack
him off, her fingernails lightly tracing the veins
running up and down his cock. She pulled him around
by his prick and led him a few step away to his office
chair. She sat down and pulled him in front of her,
still stroking him. She positioned him sideways in
front of her, so that his profile was facing her, and
his right hand wound its way through her silky hair as
her right hand teased him ever closer to coming.

Crack... The noise rang through the room, and it took
him a moment to process the sudden burst of pain on
his ass. She had slapped him! He looked down at her,
and he saw her beautiful brown eyes looking up at him,
searching his expression.

She held her breath as she looked at his face. She
wanted him to like this. She knew he was straight as
an arrow and had never really tried anything like this
before, and she wanted him to enjoy it. His blue eyes
were slightly wary at first, but then, as he looked
into her eyes, he nodded, and turned his head away.
She smiled.

Crack... another small burst of flame on his other
cheek. He had never thought about spanking before,
but the feelings in his cock seemed to be increased
each time she smacked him. And it wasn't really hard,
but just enough to bring his attention to where her
hand was. After each smack, she ran her hand over the
area, and over his entire ass. The caressing felt
almost as good as her hand pulling on his dick. She
landed about ten swats to his ass when he could take
no more. He stepped aside, and pulled her to her
feet. She let go of his cock, and wrapped her arms
around his partially clothed body as they kissed

"Now," he told her. "I have to have you. Now. You
had better have a condom with you."

She smiled, glad that her preparedness paid off, and
she reached into her purse, which was still on the
desk, withdrawing the small package. He tore it open
and together they unrolled the thin layer over his
throbbing cock. He was almost glad it was there,
because he didn't know how long he would be able to
last inside her without SOMETHING to deaden the

He bent her over the desk and pushed her skirt over
her shapely ass. He saw the pinkness of her pussy,
and ran his cock teasingly up and down the crack
there, feeling the heat of her scorch him.

She moaned and twitched her ass back and forth.
"Please. Now. Fuck me. Now." He smiled and sank
his hardness deep into her in one thrust. They both
groaned aloud with the feeling. He was a bit larger
than she was used to, and she asked him to hold it
there for a minute so she could get used to the
feeling of being stretched around him. He was glad to
hold it there, loving the feeling of the tightness
around him. He shivered as he felt her tighten her
walls around him. She did it several times, and he
realized she was massaging him from inside her on
purpose, that it was no accident.

"Oh my God," he moaned into her ear, "How do you do

She laughed and replied, "Only one of my many

He told her he couldn't wait to see the rest, and then
he began to slowly pull out of her and then thrust
back in. He watched her ass jiggle slightly every
time his pelvis hit her buttocks, and he wondered.
They fell into a rhythm, and he was enjoying her moans
and the feel of her pussy contracting around him.

She was loving the stretching feeling inside her, and
as he thrust into her, she bounced lightly back and
forth. Her tits hung down, and the nipples scraped
across his desk, increasing the sensations in her
body. She knew she was going to come quickly.

"More!" she cried out. "Harder. Deeper. Yes, fuck
me..." and right as she was about to go over the edge,
she felt it.

Crack....his hand fell on her right buttock.

"OH," she yelled, startled by the smack.

"Just a little kinky, dear," he panted into her ear as
he kept fucking her.

"Mmmmmmm" she moaned back at him, as she kept pushing
herself back at him.

He was getting close to the edge himself, and he
distracted himself by counting. Every five thrusts,
he would spank her ass. He loved it when he did - her
pussy would squeeze him extra tight as a sort of

She was lost in the sensations now. Her moans made no
sense now, and she was beyond phrasing a sentence.
Her ass was hot, and her pussy was hot, and her tits
were hot, and his cock was the only thing that kept
her from flying away. His balls slapped her clit
every time he sank deep into her, and it was only a
matter of time before she melted.

Finally, after about ten minutes of fucking and
spanking, he reached down between her legs and found
her engorged clit.

She screamed as his fingers slid over her pearl, and
she erupted into a mind-blowing climax. He held off
as best he could, continuing to rub her clit to extend
her orgasm, but the snapping of her pussy was too much
for him and he yelled as his peak hit as well. He
held himself inside her, closing his eyes and just
concentrating on the intense pleasure that was
flooding through his body.

He sighed as he felt himself soften inside her and he
slowly pulled out of her. She looked over her
shoulder at him and smiled the smile of a satiated

"So, that was just ONE of your many talents, eh?" he
asked her tiredly.

"Wait till you see the rest," she chuckled back at
him, equally exhausted. For the moment.


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