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TAMI3 girls after him but would



Tami Chapter 3

Susan arrived as we started to carry the lunch out to the
pool. Susan looked equally sexy as Tami in her bikini. Hell it
really hid nothing as it hung loosely on her charms. As the
door closed Susan hugged Tami closely and then said, "I want to
thank you for a great night with your husband. It was fabulous.
I hope you let me borrow him again sometime."

Tami laughed and was stroking Susan's bare ass as she said,
"Jim told me all about it and I was sorry I couldn't watch. I
hope you will correct that this afternoon. I really want to
watch Jim fuck you Susan".

Susan smiled and hugged Tami closer saying, "Anything you
want my dear friend, anything".

Lunch was skipped as we went straight to the bed. It took
only seconds until Susan and I were busy trying to stuff her hot
cunt with my raging hard cock. After we came and collapsed on
the bed I felt Tami join us. She kissed me deeply and then
looked Susan over lovingly and their lips met in a deep
passionate kiss. When it broke Tami slid lower until her lips
were locked on one of Susan's hard nipples. Susan moaned and
pulled Tami tightly to her tit as I moved out of their way. Then
Tami moved again and Susan screamed with delight as Tami's mouth
and tongue found her clit. Obviously Tami was doing it very well
as Susan screamed and came over and over. When they finally
subsided briefly Susan reversed the situation and it was Tami who
was screaming wildly and cumming repeatedly. After enjoying
watching for a while I couldn't resist joining as I slipped my
cock into Susan's hot cunt for the second time that afternoon.
She raised her head up from Tami's wet cunt only long enough to
say to me, "Oh yes lover, that feels great. Fuck me hard while I
eat your wife's sweet cunt", and she resumed her task to Tami's

The afternoon and entire night went that way.
Susan Pays Her Debt

The next morning the three of us awoke. We showered and
Tami kissed each of us warmly and headed for the kitchen to start
breakfast leaving Susan and I behind toweling each other off.
As I kneeled before Susan alternately kissing and toweling her
mons I looked up at her and said, "Susan my love, I want to repay
Tami for her generosity. I know she loves to fuck two men at the
same time. Do you have a male lover that might be willing to
join Tami and I or maybe all three of us sometime?"

Susan smiled as I stood up and she kissed my lips tenderly
then said, "I do love you Jim. I love the way you take care of
your lady. Would you like a second wife?" Then before I could
answer she said, "I have just the guy you want, my brother. He
lives here in town and is a great fuck, clean, safe and he has a
great cock that Tami will love. I have been fucking my sweet
little brother ever since we were in high school. He will love

Susan went to the phone and called Sam. I listened as
Susan explained it all to him, giving him all the details about
our trip and the last 24 hours. As she hung up the phone she
smiled and said, "He will be here within the hour," and we went
down to join Tami, all of us dressed in these thin light short
robes that just barely came below the essentials when standing.
Sitting could reveal everything nicely.

As we ate I smiled and said, "Oh Tami love, Susan's younger
brother is going to drop by in a little while to talk to Susan.
Just thought you should know."

Tami looked at Susan and asked, "Should we get dressed
before he arrives"?

Susan smiled and said, "No don't bother. He doesn't know
we don't have anything on under these robes. Besides he is one
horny young bastard. He will enjoy any glimpse he can get of you
Tami darling. He would die to fuck you. He is a good looking
young stud and he has lots of girls after him, but he would go
crazy to fuck your hot cunt."

Then Jim spoke up saying, "Tami darling, would you like to
see if Susan's brother would like to join our party? I would love
to watch you fuck him. Specially if he is anything like our hot
fucking Susan".

Tami laughed and looked at Susan with an unspoken

Tami smiled as the door bell rang and went to answer it.
Susan and I waited and waited and when they didn't return we got
up to go look for them. As we got to the door, Tami was sitting
on a small seat in the entry way. Her robe was wide open and Sam
was on his knees his face buried in Tami's cunt. As we walked up
Tami smiled and said huskily as Sam ate her pussy,

"Hi guys, we started without you."

end chapter 3


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