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TATIANA1 movie town and its just


Rose Noire

Languishing in the warmth of the sun's touch Tatiana rolled slowly over
onto her back; somewhat reluctantly. She still felt the warmth in her
derriere where the sun had tenderly caressed them for the better part of an
hour. Today she had remembered to use a low factor sun screen on her
nipples. The extreme sensitivity she experienced Monday after a tryst with
her favorite lover, the sun, was still fresh in her memory. She found sun
bathing therapeutic and very relaxing. Slowly she floated off into an
abyss of tranquil lassitude as his gentle kisses aroused her inner fires.
To her, the sun's stroke was what every lover's touch should be. As she
rose gently from the depths of her fantasizing, she realized she was

On a Sunday afternoon in a small town like Portas, very few places were
open, because the local population was deeply Christian and paid their
weekly respects to their god. As she removed her robe she admired her all-
over tan in the mirror. Her curly dark brown hair was sun streaked with
light brown, gold and amber. Her hair fell just below her shoulders. With
a few touches of makeup, she was ready to go. She dressed in a pair of
jeans, a pretty lace top and sneakers then she headed for the sandwich

It was hot, as it usually is in this part of New Mexico excepting the one
month of temperate climate, and still. As she walked down Second Avenue,
she could only anticipate that first sip of lemonade she'd enjoy with her
sandwich. A vegetarian sandwich sounded very good. As she strolled into
the parking lot of the Subway, she noticed a well-built, statuesque male
just leaving.

He had curly, dark hair with touches of grey at the temples. Muscles
rippled along bare arms and were evident beneath the tight burgundy tank he
wore. His dancing blue eyes were set beneath heavy brows amongst very
European features. His deeply tanned complexion made his eyes seem even
more vivid and they appeared to flash as light reflected off ice when he
returned her smile. His lithe, 6'4" form slid gracefully into the seat
(leather she was sure) of his sapphire blue 95 Jaguar, the muscles of his
legs cutting beneath almost too tight jeans. Hmm, she'd have to keep a
look out for him in the future. It shouldn't be difficult in this podunk
town, if he were residing locally.

Inside when she got in line there were three other persons ahead of her.
She recognized one of the women from the last Spring semester. Her name
was Karey. Tati remembered that Karey was particularly well versed in
ancient Celtic mythology. Though she flashed a brief smile of greeting,
Karey seemed to not notice Tatiana. But, as she turned towards the clerk
behind the counter, Tatiana realized what had Karey's full attention.
Peter was working today. The few times Tati had come into the store
before, she'd noticed Peter's dark curly hair and dark eyes. Though he
wore extremely thick glasses, he was worth a second or third look.

When it was her turn to order, Brian, the other clerk, prepared her
sandwich. She had spent many lunch hours fantasizing about Brian while
consuming her lunch. As she chewed each bite, she explored the many
pleasures she imagined could be experienced
with him. He had very delicate, slender fingers, she was sure he was a
music major. She could envision his fingers playing out many intricate
measures of their own very special musical composition upon her bare flesh,
she could feel the rise and fall of her own inner passions as he progressed
towards the final crescendo of this musical masterpiece. As the final
strains waned, she looked up into sea green eyes framed by a mass of jet-
black curls. She caressed him absently, admiring the feel of his flesh and
the delicate hues of his mulatto skin. He had a sinewy build. Though his
frame was slight she could feel his strength as he held her in his arms,
supporting her through the tumult of her own orgasmic release. With the
last bite of her sandwich she was pulled from her reverie into the real
world, all the more aware of how starved she was for a good night (or
weekend if it wasn't asking too much) of love making. As she moved along
the counter towards the register, she was reminded of just how intensely
attracted she was to Brian. She decided to find out how accurate her
imagination was. When she returned from her erotic fantasizing, Tati
pondered the gravity of her situation. She was facing two and a half more
years of school in this little hole-in-the-wall town. With little to
recommend it to her in the way of social activity she found herself
terribly bored and horney most of the time. The "Dark Knight", as she had
fondly dubbed the hunk in the Jaguar; this icon of her dreams (waking and
sleeping) may prove to be the only distraction that might keep her
productively occupied. She decided to put her musings about school aside
for a while longer. She cleared the table where she'd been eating and went
back up to the counter. Brian was busily wiping down the counters and
restocking the cold cuts. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Hi Tati. What brings you in today?"

She leaned against the counter her bust just high enough to feel the
coolness of it's surface. The lace pulled tight, and revealed subtly the
fullness that was just barely
concealed. Her nipples (perpetually erect) were straining for release
from their prison. As she placed her arm on top of the counter her sleeve
slid from her shoulder exposing very smooth skin the color of cafe au
lait. She took her time adjusting her sleeve.

"I'd been laying out in the sun and after a couple of hours found that I
was famished." She pretended to brush something from her chest -- thus
drawing attention to cleavage just visible through the intricate design of
her lace blouse. "I noticed a new face leaving as I walked in. The
European looking fellow in the blue Jag. Is he just passing through?"

She could tell by the look on his face the lack of bikini lines on her
bared shoulder and had been noticed by him before she replaced the sleeve.
"Oh! Him. That's Misha. His uncle teaches at the university. So he's
coming to live here for a while to get away from things. He's a writer,
you know." A smile played across his face. "He caught your attention, eh?
That's no easy task."

"For some people that's an easier task than they realize." She looked him
in the eyes barely smiling, her lips parted ever so slightly and her tongue
peeked out briefly from between two rows of flawlessly beautiful pearls.
She looked away slightly then returned her gaze to meet his and held it,
until he looked away and moved containers to the work space behind him.

"Is that so," he asked coming back to where she was. "I was beginning to
wonder if you ever paid any attention to more than your inner thoughts and
school work. I'd like a shot at trying to keep your attention for maybe a
brief time. Maybe, we can start with a movie tonight. There's a new
movie in town and it's just how I like them. Spicy! You still at the
apartment on 3rd?" She nodded as he continued. "How about if I come by
for you at 9 tonight? We can catch the late showing."

"I just might take you up on your offer," she replied. "Hmm, I have a
clear calendar tonight. I'll be ready," she said as she turned from the

What the hey she thought to herself as she walked out the door. She felt a
surge of anticipation at having agreed to meet him. She was pleased that
Misha would be around for a while. She made a mental note to pay close
attention. She wandered aimlessly and after only 15-20 minutes of walking
found herself at the outskirts of town. The scent of wild sage and sweet
grass was strong to her already charged senses.

She remembered that there was a dairy farm a few miles out and decided to
walk that far so she could look at the cows. She derived perverse pleasure
from knowing that once she left Portas he'd never smell or see another
bovine representative of the animal kingdom (maybe on a milk carton) again.
Forty-five minutes later she found herself at the farm and decided to find
a bathroom -- she really felt the need to relieve her bladder. She saw a
man on the side of the barn busily pitching hay and walked towards him.

As she neared the farm hand, his features came more clearly into view. She
saw that he had deep eyes embedded in a swarthy complexion. Continuing to
draw near, she saw wisps of long, curly, black hair escaping from
underneath a cap upon which the logo was still indiscernible. He looked up
and for a moment his gaze seemed to probe deep into her inner being. The
iron grey of his eyes exuded a strength that impressed her. She walked
over to stand in front of him and started to ask for a bathroom but he
pointed to a little shack butted up against the side of the barn before she
could finish speaking. She headed in that direction and looked back over
her shoulder at him, he'd taken off his cap to wipe his brow while he
leaned on the pitch fork this allowed shoulder-length curls to flow freely.

Pausing at the bathroom door, she looked around and saw several rows of
feed bags (the humongous, long white ones so common to farms in this part
of the world) out in the field behind the barn. She'd never been this
close to any even though she'd been curious about them since she'd lived
here. She opened the door to the shack and walked in. In the light from
the doorway she saw a spider skitter across the floor. The concrete floor
was dusty, there were spaces between the wood planks that formed the walls.

The hot, dusty smell was not unpleasant. The commode sat low to the floor
with a tank resting crookedly behind it. The tattered pin up of a long-
legged, full-busted majorette in the nude hung from the wall behind the
sink. She closed the door to find herself in almost complete darkness.
She moved towards the sink as her eyes adjusted. She found a coke cup in
the waste can underneath the sink (fortunately it was on top). She rinsed
it well, filled it with water and sat it on the sink in a location
reachable from the commode. She undid her jeans and allowed them to fall
to the floor as she turned to sit on the seat.

Finishing up the ritual of relieving herself, she reached for the cup on
the sink. There was a noise outside but she ignored it. Slowly, her legs
spread wide over the seat, she poured the water over her clit. She always
savored the feel of the water trickling over her pussy. She used her
fingers to massage her ever sensitive lips and the surrounding area. She
loved being pleasured orally and gagged mentally over the thought that she
might taste or smell of urine. She was amazed that Americans thought that
toilet paper is the be all and end all for cleaning after a repose on the
throne. She hoped bidets will become more popular - soon. Her own natural
musk had driven many a man wild as he'd feasted on these delicacies.
Noticing that the sun light was no longer coming in from around the cracks
in the door, she realized someone was standing outside.

"I knew you'd need me." he said as he opened the door.

He slid in, his frame a silhouette in the doorway, and closed it behind
him. He latched the door. Tati was not embarrassed to be found with her
hand in her crotch by this perfect stranger. She replaced the cup on the
sink. She knew he knew where he was needed. She watched as he opened the
fly of his pants and liberated (he wore no underwear) his well-favored
appendage. He removed his shoes, then his pants. He folded them and placed
them on the floor in front of the commode. He was sweaty from the work
he'd been doing but his scent as he approached was not offensive. It was
erotic. His grey eyes captured her senses and he bored into her thoughts,
as he radiated sensuality and sexuality all the while.

She didn't move.

He kneeled slowly before her. He reached under her buns and lifted,
supported her upward and pulled her toward him as his face moved closer to
her belly. His tongue played briefly with her navel then traveled down to
her neatly cropped pillow of fur. He kissed her then. His tongue sought
out her clit. She gasped.

"Oh, gawd!"

His tongue played with her clit and lapped at her engorged lips. Her lips
parted slowly. She could feel the point of his tongue as it darted in and
out of her gateway. She gradually began to arch and roll forward with her
hips. His fingers gripped her ass tightly but his hands moved with her
rhythm. She felt the tide roll in. It ebbed slightly and returned in
greater strength as it reached out to the shore. He played his tongue in
and out, around and nibbled delicately on her clit.


His eyes met hers occasionally as he came up for a breather. Her fingers
strayed to her nipples, then she gripped the edge of the toilet on both
sides. Her thighs clamped around his ears. She exploded like a well-made
pinwheel. The view screen of her mind went from red to blue to green to
white. She sat there gasping for breath as he moved forward pulling her
bottom a little closer to him. He inserted his key into her key hole then
pushed gently, yet firmly inward. So doing he released the latch on the
gate to her garden.

She surfaced mentally; enough to feel the fullness of his dick as it
explored her inner sanctum. Slowly he retreated; slowly he surged forward.
She brought her legs up over his shoulders and fixed her gaze into the
depth of those rivetting pools of iron grey. His pleasure became her
pleasure, his sensations her sensations. His excitement mounted and
continued to climb as he dispatched this catalyst to his explosion. Hers
rose in sync with his. She used his shoulders to pull herself to him,
marrying her bottom to his groin. He plunged into her as his eyes bore
into the depth of her being. She knew his time was drawing near. As the
tempo quickened, so approached the much awaited eruption. With one final
excursion inward, he poured his essence into her garden.

His grip relaxed, he retreated slowly and sat back on his heels. She had
come again right after him and felt herself to be in a more languid state
of mind. Her legs dropped to the floor and she sat back against the tank.
His rough hands massaged her cheeks before he released them. As everything
settled back to a coherent level, she reached for the cup she'd placed on
the sink. He stood and walked over to the faucet. He washed his rod as
she poured water over her clit, using her hands to clean, gently kneading
her very much alive pussy. Clothes adjusted, they walked out into the
daylight. Though it was overcast, it was blinding.

Tati wanted to get a closer look at those feed bags. She figured this was
as good a time as any to abate her curiosity. She turned to him and asked
him his name.

"Max." he said as he walked along next to her.

She started to walk in the direction of the feed bags as she walked through
the door.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I just wanted to look around over there. I've been curious about these
damn bags since I've been here. Wanna go with?"

"Work can wait. Sure. One of them is open, you can get a look at the
stuff inside. You know we go through one of these every year and a half.
I myself prefer organically fed beef but well I only work here. I don't
buy the beef."

As they walked around a couple rows Tatiana was struck by the enormity of
these containers. She'd never seen plastic bags this huge. The end of one
of the bags was open and she bent down to get a hand full of feed she
looked at it then smelled of it.

While she was there on her hands and knees playing with the feed, Max came
up from behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I've never seen someone as fascinated by feed as you are. I would prefer
hay as it smells better and has more than one practical use. But, then I
can't say I've given a pile of feed the same consideration that I've given
hay. Uhm, why don't you just lean forward a bit?"

Gently he nudged her shoulders forward until she was on her hands and
knees. He reached under her stomach and unfastened her pants. He pulled
them down to mid thigh. She found she couldn't spread her legs apart. He
bent over and pushed her shirt up. With one hand massaging her breasts and
one finger buried deep within her cunt he ran his tongue attentively down
her back. Tracing circles then lapping like a dog, tickling and then
repeating the whole effort. He paid attention to her neck as well. He
managed to have her dripping wet in no time. She soon felt the head of his
baton poised, ready for entry. Instead of breaching the inlet he tickled
her clit and lips
deliberately with the tip of his tool. His rough hands chafed the globes
of her bottom. Warming, searing them with the heat of his desire. In an
attempt to spear herself on his skewer, she rolled her hips up and moved
back. For that, she was rewarded with a pinch to her nipples.


His baton was replaced with a tongue. He teased unmercifully. He sucked
and licked her clit. He feinted just at the threshold of her garden's
entry way only to retreat and pause to blow warm air gently on her aroused
clit and lips. She writhed on the verge and wanted the fullness of his
pleasure stick within her. Again she felt the knocking of his baton upon
her gateway. She tensed, afraid again to be denied what she really wanted
at that moment. He plunged inward without pausing. He seemed to reach into
her very depths. She came when he'd reached his limit. She came with one
great shudder and fell forward onto her elbows. Her ass rose higher,
making her more accessible. Her knees still close together, he fucked her
like pistons fuck engine valves in a race car going down route 66. He
plunged in as if racing to the end. In -- out; he din not stop. He did
not slow the velocity. Frankly, he fucked her with a fervor she'd never
experienced before.


She felt his full weight suddenly upon her as he crushed her to the ground.
After a minute or two he rolled over and disengaged his semi-limp cock from
her dripping cunt. He cupped his hand up over his dick, gently fondling it
and put his right arm under his head. She watched as those soft grey eyes
hardened to their normal iron grey. She rolled over on her back and hiked
her pants up over her ass leaving them unfastened. She could feel bits and
pieces of feed in her pants and knew it was in the curls of her hair. When
she sat up, the round of her belly was framed in the "V" of her open pants.
She looked at him as he lay there with his eyes half open his eyes half

She smiled and said, "I needed that too!" She rose to her feet and walked
around to the side of the feed bag facing the now visible, though setting,
sun. She leaned with her back against its side and removed her shoes. She
pulled off her pants and shook them out. She took off her blouse, also,
and shook it out. She shook herself all over fluffing her hair to get the
chips out. Her breasts swayed gently and her nipples were still erect,
crying for attention. She turned to her right to lean against the side as
she pulled on her pants only to find Max watching, staring at her standing
there all starkers. He walked over to her.

"I guess silage does have more than one use. It's a little more aromatic
than hay, but it obviously has its uses. Wait!" He said.

He reached out and cupped her breasts in his callused but very strong
hands. She leaned back and closed her eyes ever so slightly. Though his
hands were rough, she thrilled at the feel of his fingers kneading her
tits. She could feel goose flesh as he rubbed and massaged, bending over
periodically to lick and kiss them. She leaned back and closed her eyes
ever so slightly. Through slits, she saw a body well developed from hard
work standing in front of her. She opened her eyes and took his full
physique into view. She reached forward to his shirt hem and pulled his tee
over his head and dropped it to the ground next to them (he was tanned all
over) his hands released her breasts briefly and pulled her unfastened
pants down over her hips. He ran his tongue over her breast bone. He
pulled her pants to the ground. He then untied her shoes and removed them.
Then he removed her pants and then her underwear. He had a washer-board
stomach a smooth hairless chest in fact he seemed to be virtually hairless
except for his pubic hair and his long curly hair that crowned him.

She opened his pants and bent forward and ran her tongue from his navel to
the "V" of the opening of his pants. She pulled them down over well-formed
glutes and thickly muscled thighs. He had no tan lines on his ass and his
legs were as dark as his face. She dug her nails into his ass as she
kneeled to the ground. His penis was semi-hard. It jumped as she flicked
her tongue over its eye. His hand moved along her back as she continued to
explore his stanchion orally. Her tongue ran along the crooked vein
running from its head to its balls. She licked at, sucked at his balls.
Then took its head into her mouth. She paused, looked at him then touched
it gently with her teeth.

He sucked in his breath and hissed, "Yessssssss."

She gripped his cock at its base then proceeded to ride his dick with her
mouth. As she mounted it to its full length, she sucked as though
attempting to suck a pea through a straw. She gripped tighter, sucked
harder; then paused. She looked at him and didn't move until he attempted
to thrust forward into her mouth. Her grip tightened and she started to
flick her tongue around his cock in a spiraling motion up, then down. The
scent of his sweat and musk mingling in the still, hot air was driving her
mad. She didn't know if she could hold out much longer. She wanted to
ride him with her legs wrapped around his waist and her back against the
wall of the bag.

Suddenly he grabbed her. He pulled her completely off the ground. She
wrapped her legs around his waist. With one push, of her hips she
completely engulfed his probe. She squeezed as she rode him up and down.
She released his dick only to clamp down again. She felt a tickling then a
tightening in her groin. With one motion she bucked up, totally engulfing
his cock and came with a force that left her weak. He moved forward to
keep her from falling to the ground. Then plunged forward -- he twisted
his hips in an attempt to skewer her then pushed forward with one mighty
thrust. He spewed his wad deep into her cunt. He fell forward
(fortunately or she would have fallen) and pinned her to the bag.


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