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TATIANA2 movie with John Clod and Missy


Tatiana Ch. 2
Rose Noire

As dusk approached, they got dressed and he walked her back to the gate.
Max told her that on the third Sundays of the month he would be the only
one there. Hurriedly she kissed him full on the mouth, grabbed his ass
and told him she'd visit again. She turned and left. She had to hurry
to get home for her date that night.

In an hour she was home. She felt a little peaked from the day's
excursion, so she put on a pot of coffee. She'd thought about her day
as she trotted home and though she felt sated, she wondered what tonight's
date with Brian would bring. She took a shower then drew a bath. He'd be
there in less than an hour. She had to hurry. She poured a few drops of
lavender oil into the water, then she lit a candle and turned out the lights.
She thought better of it and put a note on the front door.

"Brian, come on in. Help yourself to something to drink in the
kitchen. I'll be out soonest."

She went into the bath and got in. She reached over and turned on the radio.
She had it set to the jazz station. The scent of lavender relaxed her and she
leaned back with her eyes closed. Scenes from today's romp played across the
silver screen of her mind. Max seemed to have the ability to know her every
move before she made it, and her every thought. It was spooky. Those grey
eyes probed her inner thoughts. It seemed, as she reclined there reminiscing,
his eyes haunted her, boring even now into her soul.

Gently she massaged her breasts. Pinched half heartedly at her nipples. Her
thumbs absently stroked her globes. Hmm. She could almost recapture the feel
of his course hands as they explored her body. She shifted in the tub and drew
her knees up allowing her legs to open wide against the sides of the tub. Her
hand strayed to her pubic hairs and her fingers played amongst the curls. Hmm.
She'd have to trim it back a little when she got out of the tub. As she fingered
her clit she had vivid flashbacks of the sensation of his tongue on her slit. As
she fingered herself it seemed she felt his tongue. As she pinched at her pleasure
knob, she felt his teeth nibble her button. She sighed deeply; only vaguely aware
the door had closed in some other part of the house. Her pelvis rolled forward
and she recalled how he had teased her clit in retribution. She convulsed as she
climaxed and squeezed her thighs together in an effort to prolong the sensation.

Tati finished bathing, then got out of the tub and dried off. She reached for the
roll of butter rum life savers she kept on the shelf, inserted two into her
cunt, then trimmed her snatch and massaged lotion all over her skin. She then
her favorite perfume in a few choice spots, put on her makeup then her
clothes. She wore her eyelet peasant blouse that buttoned down the frontthe skirt
that wrapped around and was secured with only one tie. Eyelet lace ran all
along the hem. That done, she removed the life savers from their nesting place.

"So much for dessert." she thought.

She put on her lace underwear. She'd purposely put on a bra that was just a bit
small. Her bust was well defined beneath her blouse.

When she walked out into the living room she found Brian sitting there. He smiled
as he looked up from his magazine. She crossed over to him, and greeted him with
a kiss to the forehead, brushing back stray curls with her lips.

"Hi! How long have you been here?" She asked.

"Oh, about fifteen minutes or so." He said as he took a sip from his wine cooler.
"Where did you go today? I saw you walk by just as I was getting off from work."

"Just went for a walk." She went over to the bar to pour herself a cup of coffee.
She laced it with Grand Marnier and Amaretto. "Let's go Dutch tonight. I'm fairly

He came up from behind her and put his arm around her waist. "Where should I
throw this bottle?" She pointed to a box by a big palm like plant in the corner.
"Hmm, you smell great. What's that perfume you're wearing? Such a smoldering,
sensual scent. It suits you."

"Oh, Ombre Rose." She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. The opening in her
skirt fell open slightly. Brian sat down next to her, his knees just barely touching

"I never noticed your eyes are hazel. They're the most attractive color of yellow/
green. They were light brown today in the store. What does that mean your mood
is now?" He looked at her, a barely suppressed grin on his face.

She looked intently into his eyes. Her leg relaxed against his knee. Her fingers
toyed lazily with the lace on her skirt. She leaned forward. Holding his gaze, her
lips parted revealing the tip of her tongue just between her teeth. Her breathing
thickened and she ran her finger up the leg of his trousers. She began to speak,
"We'd better leave. We'll be late." She hopped up from the couch, laughing,
grabbed him by his wrists and pulled him to his feet. She laughed as she grabbed
her keys and purse and ran out the door. He followed with a bewildered look on his

The lobby was crowded when they arrived, but after a few minutes they were able
to determine that it was the sci-fi flick that was the draw. Any number of pimple-
faced, school-aged kids stood around giggling and bull shitting as they waited for
the movie to open.

She and Brian stood close together, looking out the window, watching as cars drove
up and dropped people off. Occasionally, she would see someone she recognized.
As she was turning from the window she saw Misha walking up. Every bit as "drop
dead gorgeous" as on the first occasion she'd seen him. His arm was around the
waist of a tallish girl with below-the-waist length, blond, very curly hair. She
appeared to weigh about 250 lbs. She drew Brian's attention to the couple.

"Oh, I didn't tell you? He seems to prefer women who come wrapped in large
packages. When he first got here he was really putting the moves on Kelley from
down at the coffee shop. I don't understand him. Half the girls in town would do
anything for time with him and he's only got eyes for the other three-eigths of the
female population -- young fat broads. Oh, well to each their own." He had a smug
look on his face as he imparted this knowledge to Tati.

Annoyed, Tati determined to try her hand at getting Misha's attention. On that note
she slipped her hand into Brian's hand and led him in to see 'Summer Nights,' a
steamy movie with John Clod and Missy Piper. It was supposed to be a spy
adventure flick. Deliberately, she chose seats as close to dead center as possible.
She owed Brian a favor for his oversight. She sat on his left so the opening in her
skirt was out of reach.

Tati mentioned that she wanted popcorn and a soda. He decided to go for some
since there were still several minutes before the film actually started.

She watched as people drifted in. A couple sat five seats to her left and a threesome
sat in the center two rows in front of her. She turned to watch the giggling,
laughing bunch that sat behind them a few rows. Brian returned with a huge bag of
popcorn and two large soft drinks. The movie started and Tati leaned to her right
on the arm rest. Brian kindly held the popcorn for them. She was glad to see no
one had sat very close to them.

The movie progressed, John played the very typical lead male role of international,
distinguished, and wealthy stud. He had a woman waiting in every hotel, every
restaurant and even at the library. (Tati had never thought those stacks could be so
accommodating.) The real kicker was the scene in the bathroom aboard his flight
back to the States. She was impressed that Missy could wrap herself around him
like that while standing up in such a small place!

About 20 minutes from the end of the movie, Tati leaned over and whispered
something into Brian's ear. He looked at her and laughed. She looked at him.
"You don't believe She allowed her arm to fall over the arm of the chair. While
looking into his eyes, her hand slowly wandered over his thigh. Watching closely
for his reaction, she paused, ran her tongue slowly over her lips, then walked her
fingers up the fly of his pants.

He slid down slightly in his chair. He barely resisted the urge to turn to Tati and
kiss those most delectable lips. Because of the other persons sitting around, he
could not put his hands on Tati. He didn't want to get them kicked out for publicly
displaying affection (you know small, bible-belt towns). So he found himself in the
predicament of having to endure her attentions without reciprocating.

Her fingers deftly opened his fly and to her delighted surprise, he wore no
underwear. She had his very eager limb liberated in a second. Sure no one could
see what she was about, her right hand continued to play with his hardness, shaping
its fullness. She casually watched the movie, while her fingers worked expertly at
their task. Occasionally she looked at him to gauge his state of arousal. He was
hard pressed to sit in his seat as though nothing was happening. He nearly bit off his
lip trying to suppress a moan. As the movie was ending she looked over and saw
that his crisis was near at hand. She kissed her right index finger and touched it to
the weepy little eye of his friend. This having done, she tucked it away, zipped
up his fly, and smiled at him.

He let out an anguished groan.

The house lights came on. He sat there for a few minutes with his soft-drink cup
resting on his groin. Tati looked at him and said, "Believe me now?" She stood and
gathered their trash and her purse. "Are you ready?"

He followed her and deposited his cup in the waste can on the way out the door.
"Whew!" he exclaimed as they exitted, "You are quite something! Let's go for
something to eat, I'm starved! How about Japanese? Shoggi's in Cloven should still
be open."

She agreed and they headed that way, stopping at the convenience store to pick up
some breath mints. The drive to Cloven was short. There were few people on the
road. There was a rodeo in town, which probably accounted for it. The restaurant
was also fairly empty. They were able to get a private room for their dinner. These
rooms are usually booked for banquets and special parties, but since Brian was a
regular and there were few people in at the time, they got lucky.
The room was arranged in a traditional Japanese style with tatami flooring and
zabutan cushions on the floor around the low oriental table. There were flower
arrangements around the room and a stereo and tv at one end of the room were
visible in an open cabinet. They ordered an appetizer of sushi and entrées of
sukiyaki and teriyaki chicken.

When they were alone, he turned to her and asked, "Where'd you learn to do that,

"What?" She responded as she reached for a piece of Sushi.

"How could you tell how close I was to cumming? You stopped seconds before
that critical moment!"

"That's my secret. It should give you some idea what I'm capable of." She looked
at him and smiled her most demure smile. "I think you've learned to believe what I
say to you, haven't you?"

"I guess. You know you've been quite the tease all night. However, I bet you can
be a realdiversion when you choose to be. I've not come across someone that can
be as provocative so naturally!"

"I try my best."

When they'd finished eating, Brian ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter knew
Brian's tastes and thus didn't need to ask which bottle to bring. He returned with a
bottle and glasses. He told Brian to press the buzzer when he needed something.

"So Tati, what's your major?"

"I've not decided yet. I'll need to decide next semester since my general studies
requirements are almost met. What's yours?"

"Music. I've played the piano since I was a child and I also play the flute and violin.
I plan to go to Europe next summer to study."

"That should be fun. I spent time in Italy and France when I was younger. I really
miss it. My father was in the diplomatic service at the time."

"My father was a fireman," he told her, "and my mother was a maid at the resort
hotel in Hiltonhead, S. C. where we lived. She always loved music and encouraged
me to pursue my talents. Before she died, my father promised her he'd always
encourage me after she was gone. She died of Leukemia."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It must have been hard. How old were you?"

"Ten. I remember it because I had my birthday the week before. She'd been in
remission and when it became active again she deteriorated quickly."

"My folks divorced when I was 14. I regret it because my life changed drastically
on a social and economic level. On the other hand, my mother was happier and so
was I. She never liked those dinners, and banquets and society do's that were
mandatory for my father's job. My mother wanted to utilize her medical
background. She moved to New Mexico to work on a Navajo reservation in the
northwestern part of the state."

"You know Tati, you're so different than these small-town girls here. I don't know
what I'd do if I didn't have my music and karate to occupy my time."

"Well, life in Portas is different but, I'm adapting slowly. That's actually kind of
scary. Let's talk about something else."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something." She turned to him, and put her hand on his
shoulder, then leaned over to him and kissed him gently on the mouth. Her tongue
glided slowly over his lips."

"Uh huh, let's..." She straddled his lap while on her knees and drew his face to her,
her fingers fondled his ears. His hands roamed tentatively as they explored her body
until he found the opening in her skirt. He caressed the lace of her underwear with
one hand and the other one continued to explore her body through her clothes.
When he found her breasts he cupped them (as though weighing them), kneaded
them, and rubbed at the nipples. She was busy getting to know his body as well.
She had the buttons of is shirt undone and was caressing him through the tee he
wore She kissed him hotly. Her tongue played "footsie" with his.

>From where she sat on his lap she felt signs of life beneath her crotch. "As I recall,
I have some unfinished business." She said as she moved backwards pushing the
table further behind her. She bent down and nibbled the fly of his pants. Making
eye contact with him, she was pleased to see a grin on his face. She turned to the
table and dabbed a little wasabi (Just a touch!) on her tongue. With a demonic grin
on her face she opened his fly and extracted his tool. She licked the base first, then
ran her tongue to just below the head. Then she sucked at the head."

"Oh, that nice!" He bent over to kiss her on the lips. He leaned back on
his elbows to let her resume playing with his friend. She toyed and sucked and rode
it with her mouth, her tongue caressing it fervently. She turned around briefly for
some of the pickled ginger and chewed it, then began her efforts again. The
forward rolling motion of his hips plunged his pacifier ever deeper into her mouth.
As the burning subsided it was replaced with a cooler sensation. Gripping the base
of his cock she sucked expertly alternating with flicks of her tongue around the rim.
He attempted to pull out just before he exploded into her mouth and found that she
held him immobile just where she wanted him. After the last gush she swallowed
and turned demurely to the table.

"So very luscious! Couldn't go making a mess on your pants." She said as she
dabbed at the corners of her mouth.

"Gawd! Where did you ever learn to do that!?" He was amazed and rather
pleasantly surprised.

"One of my more natural talents." She refilled the two wine glasses. "I'm not all
tease, now am I?"

As he sipped his wine, he looked pensively at her. "You know, if Portas had one,
you'd be very popular with an escort service."

"I've considered that option for when I move to a real city." She didn't seem at all
repulsed by his suggestion.

His hands stroked the smooth skin beneath her shirt absently. "Let's finish this
bottle and then head back. Would you like to come up to my place to listen to

"That would be nice. Let's go by my place first."

When they finished, they split the tab and tipped the waiter. His discretion in not
disturbing them was generously rewarded.

On the way back they passed several cars stopped here and there by cops. finally he
pulled up to her place and they went in.

"I'll be a few minutes. Help yourself." In her room, she grabbed the carry all she
kept packed with over-night necessities and threw her purse and make-up bag
inside. She changed into a pair of pants and a baggy sweater, as she checked her
messages. She grabbed a jacket and went back out to the living room. She'd have
to remember to call Rae, her best buddy, tomorrow. Brian was drinking a glass of
milk and reading the same magazine he'd been reading earlier."

"I'm ready. Would you like me to bring anything?"

"Nope, just you!"

His apartment was a studio located in the upstairs, rear portion of a "storybook"
house. She followed him up the rickety stairs. When she walked in she was
surprised by how neat and organized his place was. On the far side of the room was
a huge tropical-fish tank that took up a majority of the width of the wall.
She walked over to it to look at the fish -- she counted ten different kinds.

"This is wonderful!" She exclaimed.

"Yes, I just sit here for hours sometimes staring into the tank. It relaxes me
tremendously." He stood behind her, his hands rubbing her tummy from behind.

"I'll be right back." He disappeared behind a divider positioned catty-corner to the
room. The fireplace and fish tank walls were adjacent
to it. When he returned from behind the divider he was wearing baggy flannel jams
and an oversized silk shirt. "Oh, it's a bit cold in here. Let me light the fire. Make
yourself comfy."

Tati was so entranced with the fish tank that she appeared not to notice that he'd
returned. When she did finally look around the room, she noticed bookshelves on
another wall and a doorway next to them. She walked over to check out the books
and knick knacks. She saw a small kitchen through the doorway that was barely
large enough for the stove and refrigerator. On the wall across from the fish tank
was small couch and a Native American design rug on the floor in front of it. The
couch was centered under the only window in the apartment. She set her bag down
on the easy chair next to the sofa and went over to kneel next to the fire place while
Brian built the fire. As the flames started to rise she turned to him.

"You have a nice place here."

"Thanks. Would you like something to drink? I have beer and milk, water and a
few sodas."

"I'll take a beer," she said as he walked towards the kitchen. She went back over to
the fish tank and noticed the huge sheepskin rug on the floor in front of it for the
first time. She was entranced by this water world and determined that she'd set one
up at her place, on a smaller scale of course.

He came back with her beer and handed it to her. He sat on the rug and leaned back
to look at the tank. He reached his hand up to her as she turned towards him.

Sitting down she smiled at him then turned back to the tank. They sat there for
several minutes and it would seem their vibes meshed on the same plane. She
turned back to him to find him staring at her.

He smiled. "This is nice." He reached over and brushed her hair over her shoulder.
"It would seem I've had all the fun tonight. It's your turn. He scooted closer to her
and kissed her neck. His tongue tickled a trail up to her ear and explored it. Her
perfume was still so intoxicating. He turned on his hip and placed his right knee
over her legs. His right hand traced the outline of her form.

She looked at him all yearning. She wanted him now. Her game playing earlier in
the evening had left her all afire. Deep in his eyes she could see how sensitively
passionate he was. As his hand stroked her thighs she felt her own desires

Her finger traced the pattern of his lips. She wanted him now but she was satisfied
to let him stoke her fires ever so gradually. He rolled over on to his knees, thus
freeing her legs. He grasped the hem of her sweater and raised it slowly, each
centimeter of revealed flesh inciting him to raise it further. She raised her arms over
her head to accommodate his efforts. As her bust became visible he paused with the
sweater partially over her head and kissed her chest. He sighed in adoration. He
sucked at her nipples through the lace of her bra. Her breathing stopped for a
moment as a shock went through her from head to toe. He laid it behind her as it
came free of her arms. He laid her back gently, her head coming to rest on the
balled up sweater. The wool of the rug felt cool to her skin.

"I'm yours... do what you want." She said, looking into his eyes.

The depth of her arousal excited him. He used his mouth and tongue to get to
know this unexplored territory. She writhed in her pleasure. He sat astride her and
opened her bra releasing her twin melons. They were flushed in her excitement.
Her nipples were erect. He kissed her lips and followed the ridge of her teeth
with his tongue. Not satisfied to taste only one of her delicacies, he ran his tongue
over to her ear and nibbled on the lobe and then traced a path down her neck. She
sighed with delight, her eyes, half open.

Seemingly unaware of what she was doing, she unbuttoned his shirt and clawed
gently at his chest. She could feel his attentions increasing the tempest within her
and all she could do was flow along with him. He was in control now. When he
reached her breasts she fumbled for the drawstring of his pants. She reached
inside and her nails gripped the tight ass inside.

His experienced tongue sought to know every crevice of her body. He traced the
outline of her form. Gently tonguing first one side then another. His tongue lazily
lolled around her belly button. When it arrived at the snap of her fly, he paused to
look at her. Her eyes pleaded for him to continue.

With deliberation he undid her pants. She raised her hips to accommodate him as he
pulled them over her slender hips. He removed her shoes then pulled them the rest
of the way off. She was wearing hose beneath. His index fingers ran over the soles
of her feet. She curled her toes. He rolled the hose down over her legs then pulled
them off. Then he leaned over and nibbled at her snatch through her lace bikinis.
Deftly he slipped his fingers under the elastic band and had them off in seconds.

He pulled her legs together then sat astride them looking at her, as though finished -
- a smile toyed at the corners of his mouth. As realization sank in, a look of sheer
anguish played across her face.

He laughed at that then spread her legs and bent over the delta of her Nile. With
fingers entwined in her snatch she touched his tongue to the tip of her clit. A
shudder shook her whole body. As he ran his tongue over the lips of her cunt he
paused...looked at her with a question in his eyes that asked...

"Butter rum?"

Her eyes twinkled, but she did not reply. His tongue delved deeply into her inner
recesses wriggling like a snake. She arched her back and cried out.

"Yes, eat me..."

He needed no encouragement as he proceeded with his exploration. He ran his
tongue around her outer lips. Then he progressed to nibbling them, licking them,
then sucking on her little button of joy.

She couldn't take anymore. She bucked up and amidst the fireworks that exploded
in her head she realized that those sensations were not subsiding. They were
becoming more intense. Attempting to rise onto her elbows, she realized that he
was exerting enough pressure on her tummy to keep her from doing so.
Relentlessly he teased on. Within minutes she came again. She dug her heals into
the floor and arched up. When the stars in her head faded she looked up to see him
kneeling over her with his thick rod pleading for attention. Where his tongue had
wreaked havoc with her nervous system she soon felt a knob knocking at her
gateway. Slowly he entered and pushed forward as though he had all the time in the
world. Every centimeter or so he'd pause, look at her as though asking...

"Should I continue?"

She could only stare back at him, begging in her eyes, as she nodded her head. He
continued to advance until entrenched to his balls in her little chinese puzzle. He
then began to retreat and advance. With his legs together he was soon plunging into
her with the regularity of a drill pumping oil. He drove in slowly and retreated
slowly...he allowed his orgasm to creep up on him and peaked as she passed out
from the intensity of her climax.

When she came to, she lay there for several minutes before moving. She rolled over
to find him resting on his elbow staring at her. She looked into his eyes and said,
"Gawd, that was great!" Her cunt throbbed from the recent attention it had
received and her flesh tingled all over.

"Butter rum?" He asked.

She smiled. No response.

"Let's take a bath together." As he got up, he helped her to her feet. She was a
little shaky. She allowed her bra to drop to the ground. She followed him over to
behind the divider. In the corner was a triangle-shaped bathtub that easily
accommodated two. Adjacent on one wall was a sink; adjacent on the other was a
commode. In front of the tub, against the divider was a bureau.

He started the water and asked her if it was a good temperature. It was fine with
her. He got out a few towels and wash cloths and wrapped her in one of the towels.

"Hold on, I'll be right back." She could hear him moving around doing something
amidst a few thuds. When he came back he had a bathrobe which he handed to her
and a pair of boxers for himself.

They got in while the water was still running. She stretched out and lounged on her
side. The water slowly brought her senses back into balance. Lazily she toyed with
the sparse hair on his chest as she lay there facing him. When the tub finished filling
he turned off the water. He reached for the soap. He lathered the wash towel then
slowly massaged her body with the soapy cloth, stopping to toy with her breasts and
belly button then each leg as he held it up over his shoulder.

"Sit here." He patted the ledge. She sat thereon then he gently spread her legs
open. He reached behind her and pulled her bottom almost to the ledge. Gently he
soaped her inner thighs then her rose bud. Her lips still pouted. He tossed the
towel into the sink then took the cup that was resting on the back of the commode
and filled it with water from the tub. He poured the water slowly over her clit,
fingers playing with the wet curls on her mound. She relaxed back and enjoyed.
Soon she realized the water had stopped and that there was a digit traipsing
over her pussy. Through half closed eyes she saw his head buried between her legs.
Slowly the tide rolled in, but before it could roll back out to sea carrying her with it,
she raised his head and slid back into the water pushinghim away gently.

"Sit back." She said as she straddled his thighs. She held herself over him then
impaled herself on his wooden stake. It felt so good as she engulfed it. She leaned
against him; her nipples touching his chest. She began to ride him. She increased
the tempo gradually, spurred on by the sound of the water lapping against the sides
of the tub. He tensed beneath her, then she felt his fountain deep within her cubby.
She trembled as she came then collapsed against him. Moments later she rolled over
and began to soap him all over. When they'd finished bathing they dried each other
off. He helped her into his bathrobe. When she walked around the corner she saw
that he'd pulled the couch bed out.

"Would you like to crash here tonight?"


"I have some ice cream in the freezer. Would you like some?"

"Hmm, that sounds good."

She walked over to the tank as he disappeared into the kitchen. He returned with
two bowls full of French Vanilla ice cream. He handed her one, then led her over to
the sofa bed. As they ate their ice cream they talked about trivial things, both too
tired to really hold much of a conversation. He sat their bowls down on the floor
when they were done, then pulled back the covers. They snuggled down together
and soon both of them drifted off to sleep.


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