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TATIANA3 daughter died years ago Im


Tatiana, Ch. 3
Rose Noire

Tati rolled over and stretched. The bed was empty next to her. She rolled
over and hunkered down under the covers as she turned over the other way.
She could just make out Brian through sleep bleary eyes. He was sitting on
the floor in a lotus position in front of the aquarium.

"Hey there. What time is it?" she asked from beneath the covers.

"Oh, about 12:30. Did you sleep okay?" he asked as he turned to look at
her. "Oh, I guess it's a little on the cold side. I'll start the fire."

When the fire was started, he crawled back in under the covers next to her.
He wrapped his arms around her then snuggled his face in her hair. As she
drifted, she welcomed the warmth from his body. She turned over on her
other side as she started to come back awake and slipped her hands under
his shirt to feel the smoothness of his skin. Barely awake, she nuzzled his
mouth. As she smiled she drifted off to sleep again.

From the depths of her dreams she ascended to find her robe open. Brian
was laying on his side next to her. His head over her chest, he was
consuming every inch of her breasts. His hands, meanwhile, played with her
clit. She gradually became more alert she thrilled at the sensations that ran
through the body. Though her mind was yet foggy her flesh tingled with
delight. She purred softly. The wetness between her legs increased as her
arousal became more intense. His middle finger fucked her, and his thumb
and forefinger kneaded her button. She came with a shudder and rolled
over to put her arms around him.

"Well good morning to you, too! Gawd, I'm such a sleepy bear!" She

"We didn't sack out until after 3 a.m. I don't blame you at all. " He said as
he caressed her twin cheeks.

Aware Brian was very much awake, Tati rose up on her elbow and with the
other hand pushed him on to his back. She moved her leg over and pulled
herself on top of him.

"Hmm..." she said as she wiggled herself into position and took his shaft into
her still wet cunt. Pushing herself up she began to ride him. His hands
steadied her as they gripped her hips. First languidly she let her yoni stroke
his phallus. Then the tempo picked up as her body told her she was getting
closer. She came with a calm explosion that left her feeling very satisfied.

"Wow! That was a wonderful way to wake up." She kissed him deeply, then
got out of bed. The fire had warmed the room. She grabbed her bag and
clothes from the chair. She disappeared behind the divider.

"So what are your plans today, Tati?"

"Wait," she said with a mouth full of toothpaste. "I have a three o'clock class
and then I need to go over to the library. What are you gonna be doing?

"I have to practice with the chamber group and then I'll be in the practice
rooms 'til five tonight."

"Well," she said as she came back into the room, "I have to go. Let's do this
again, soonest. Call me when you have time or I'll call you when I get a
chance. I've gotta go over to the financial aid office to see if my scholarship
is in yet." She straddled his lap where he lay on the edge of the bed and
kissed him full on the mouth. She walked over to the door and let her self

Later, after her class, she headed over to see if her scholarships had come
in yet. As usual, financial aid was crowded. So, Tati took a number and
went down stairs for a soda and a bag of peanuts. When she returned there
were only four people in before her. Thirty minutes later she was at the

"Yeah, Tati, looks like the scholarships for both biology and anthropology are
in, you just need to declare your major. Here are the forms. We need them
within the week."

Tati took the forms the clerk handed her and read them as she walked out of
the office. "Geez! I'll have to make a decision quick. Oh, hell!" she
muttered under her breath. She walked down the hall and called Ray. She
got the machine and left a message.

On the way over to the food mall at the other end of the campus she passed
several acquaintances. She didn't fail to notice a pink and lime-green
mohawk atop a head that seemed to be protruding from the wall on the other
side of the water fountain. She walked over to it and sure enough it was
attached to the body of her friend Chuckles. He was sitting on the ground, in
front of the wall, playing jacks. The rest of his hair was pulled back in a
purple pony tail. He was dressed in his usual modified military surplus wear.
Despite the momentary question as to his sanity, he was known all over
campus as an electronic genius. Almost everybody sought his help math,
the hard sciences and yes, free advice on personal problems. More, yet, the
guy never seemed to sleep (except when he'd drank his fill of booze). Tati
knew, being a close personal friend, he didn't derive his energy from other
than what his body supplied from the foods he ate.

"Hey, Chuckles." she said as she leaned over to give him a peck on the

"Tati, darling. Where were you this weekend? There was a rodeo in town
and I wanted to go, but couldn't find you, Ray or anyone else for that matter."

"You mean I wasn't your only choice?" she asked as she rolled her eyes in
exaggeration. "I'm hurt. Actually, you wouldn't believe where I was. How
'bout you and Ray at my place Friday to shoot the shit and I'll fill you in."

"Only if you let me fill you in...NOT!" He reached up to slap her on the butt
then got to his feet and took off. He yelled over his shoulder that he 'd be
there and he'd let Ray know, too. He was her favorite buddy besides Ray,
her bestest buddy.

As she was mounting the stairs to the mall, who should come out the exit

"Ray!" She waved to him; got his attention and he started over towards her.
He was a tallish green-eyed dragon of a man. Great sense of humor and
smart as a whip. "Hey sis...where ya been? Couldn't find you this weekend.
I went to the rodeo to watch the locals act like maniacs. Not as though that's
not business as usual. I couldn't find Chuckles anywhere either. It was
okay, but now that's out of my system, I wanna have some real fun.
Whatcha doin' Saturday night?"

"Hey why don't you come over Friday? Chuckles will be over. Maybe you
can bring some booze. I haven't played quarters in a while."

"It's a deal. I bet tales of your weekend will be the highlight of the evening."

Friday evening found Tati in the kitchen getting snacks together for her and
the guys. She heard the front door open and saw a multicolored mohawk
reflected in the mirror. Chuck brought in four twelve-packs of beer and a few
bags of chips. He came in and gave her a peck on the forehead and a swat
on the behind. She smiled up at him and stuck out her tongue, but put it
back in when he bent over as though to kiss it.

"Horny are? When's the last time you got some, boyo?" She asked,
playfully poking him with the knife he wielded.

"Not since I had that twit, Djinny, over and tried to fuck her. It wasn't as if
you could call it getting laid. Where's Ray?"

"Don't know. He'll be here. Would you get the chug glasses off the shelf,
please? They need to be rinsed, too." She finished putting the snacks on
platters and took them to the other room and put them on the table.
"Considering the mood you're in, I should probably get out a few of the
sheep-skin rugs." She said from the other room

When she came back into the room Chuck had put the chug glasses down
on the table on their sides, so they wouldn't get knocked over. Just then the
frond door opened and in walked Ray.

"Hey, Ray." They said in unison.

"Hey. Got a small change in plans. Remember Kris? She showed up on
my door step today. She's got problems and drove all the way down from
Albiqui to get away from it all for a while. So, we're on our way to eat. I
guess I won't be able to be here tonight." He had an expectant look on his

"Don't be such a goose. Bring her in. Ya'll can eat here. Maybe it'll do her
some good."

Ray sighed in relief. "I'm glad you said that. I was hoping you'd offer, cause
see, I'm actually broke." He stepped back to the door and waved to the
occupant in the car to come in. She carried a bag with her.

Tati eyed the bag and smiled as Kris handed it to her. "Hey Kris. Long time
no see. Goodies?" She gave her a quick hug and then went off to the
kitchen; then called Ray. "Hey Ray, give me a hand here. "

"So, what's the story? Hmm. Can you hand me another chug glass?" She
removed the contents of the bag and licked her lips. Besides two bottles of
vodka and O.J., there were sardines, crackers and a few bags of cookies.

"Sure. It's Juaquin. She came home and found him fucking some bitch on
the floor. She left on the spot." He handed her the glass and continued as
she rinsed it. "She'd been thinking something was going on and decided to
come home from school early today. Well, now she knows. We all told her
he was a jerk." They walked out to join the others. The vodka went on the
stand with all the other liquor and she remembered to ask Chuckles to put
the other beer cans in the freezer.

"Well, tonight guys lets get down and dirty. " To emphasize her words, Tati
popped a porn flick in the machine. "Let's start with the chug contest to see
who starts strip quarters. Then if the nights' still young and we're feeling
kinda rowdy, we can switch to foreplay poker." The looks of mischief on the
faces of the two guys were what she wanted to see. She stopped when she
saw the look of uncertainty on Kris' face. "Are you gonna be up to this Kris?
You can always watch tv or something in my room if you aren't." Kris
nodded her head then shook her head causing her ass-length dreads to shift
around her body.

Tati filled the chug glasses to the brim, each taking three tall ones. She then
put a roll of quarters on the table and arranged the shot glasses on the floor,
right side up. They each grabbed their glasses by the skinny necks and
when Tati said go, they all tipped them up. Chuck had the lead then soon,
to everyone's surprise, Kris caught up to him and passed him by. Without
stopping for a breather, Kris was the winner by a long shot. Chuck just
stared at her in disbelief.

"A little thirsty, huh?" Chuck asked as he wiped the froth from his mouth on
the back of his hand.

"Maybe, and maybe not." She smiled back impishly.

"Okay, for the first round of drinks I serve. Then it's every one for herself.
What do ya'll want?" Kris wanted a double screw driver, Chuckles a couple
more beers and Ray a double vodka straight. Tati made herself a Grande
Amie with a side of water.

"Okay Kris, you first. Four glasses and four quarters." Tati said as she
seated herself cross-legged next to Ray. She followed his appreciative look
as Kris bent over to toss her quarters. She had a nice firm ass and smallish
but firm tits. Her cafe-au-lait colored skin gave her an exotic look when you
looked into her twinkling green eyes."

"Hey Tati, tell us about last weekend. I think you're the only one of us who
got laid." Chuckles said as he selected his quarters and marked them with
the blue marker.

"Oh, yeah. On Sunday, I walked just outside of town and when I got to the
dairy farm I had to pee, so I just went up to the field hand there and he let
me use the John. Well, it wasn't long after I was on the throne that this guy
just sort of walks in and does me on the commode. Gawd, he was hung. I
haven't had dick like that since I left Europe (present company excluded)."

"You mean the old Dickson farm? The one with the double 'C' on the gate?
He's been really religious since his daughter died 6 years ago. I'm surprised
anyone was working that day at all. He usually has the hands put the cows
away with extra food and doesn't let anyone work on Sunday at all. The
farm's usually deserted. I know 'cause me and Twila drove out there one
evening to make out in the barn. She has this thing for farm smells; hay,
dung, etc. You know about what happened to his daughter don't you?"

"I remember." Chuck said as he tossed his last quarter. "It was sad really.
He didn't want her to be married to a common field hand. She'd taken up
with Max, a half breed Cheyenne who'd worked for him since he was a
teenager just out of correctional. They tried to elope one night after he
refused to let them marry. Well, the cops stopped them outside of town and
one cop got a little full of himself and his gun ended up going off, killing Max.
Dickson's daughter, Sarah, managed to get her hands on one of their guns
and ate a bullet right there. So much for our local constabulary."

"Yeah, that's right. I remember that. That was a long time ago." Kris piped

"That's funny this guy's name is Max too. He has gorgeous curly brown hair,
grey eyes that looked deep into my soul and he was built like a brick shit
house. He fucked me like he'd never be able to get enough." Tati told them
as she recalled that afternoon.

The all three looked at each other then back at Tati. Ray asked. "Tati, did
he have a brand on his right ass cheek?"

"I don't know. I don't recall seeing one. Why?"

"The Max we're talking about was branded by old Dickson when he first
found out he wanted to marry Sarah. He had some of his field hands hold
him down while he himself kissed him in the ass with a hot branding iron.
Though we don't know for sure, but rumour has it, he butt fucked him, too."
Then they drove him off the farm and dumped him out on the highway
somewhere. Remember Jeff? He and Andy were out cruising one night and
found him just laying there."

"Come on guys. It can't be the same guy. He's dead right? Well, this guy
was real enough. I had the orgasms to prove it. Damn, he made me come
like there was no tomorrow."

"Oh, looks like it's your turn Ray."

Ray stepped up to the line and squatted. "So Tati, that accounts for part of
the day, but what about the rest of that day and the next morning?" He
tossed is quarters then went over and sat next to Kris and began rubbing her

"Oh, that. I went to dinner with Peter from down at the sandwich shop. We
had a good time. He's not bad either. It was so late when we were done, I
just crashed at his place."

"Okay. But, what about the details?" Chuck asked, studying her face.

"There's not really much to tell. We fucked, we fucked and then we fucked
some more." She said and then went into the kitchen to get a plate of
sandwiches from the fridge.

"Anyone hungry?" She asked as she came back into the living room.
"Looks like my turn."

About an hour later found Kris the declared loser. She sat there with only a
toe ring on her left pinky, an earring in her navel, and an earring in her right
nipple. Chuckles sat next to her in his Mickey Mouse boxers. Ray was
down to his tie-dyed socks and Tati was down to her ankle bracelet, g-string
and demi bra.

Chuckles, about five beers and a screw driver later, was staring transfixed at
Kris' right nipple. Without warning he reached out and touched it. Then just
looked at her. She reached down and grabbed his other hand and placed it
on her left tit. Tati lay comfortably in Ray's lap and was languidly twirling
Ray's chest hair. The painted toes on one of her feet reached out and
began fondling Chuck's nads through his boxers.

"Well, looks like we can save the foreplay poker match for another day."
She said just before Ray leaned over and forced his tongue into her mouth.
Needless to say they were all pretty looped by then.

Kris was just in reach to run her nails down Ray's back. Shortly after they
had the couch bed open and Tati was on her knees on the bed with her
mouth on Chucks dick. Kris was sitting on Tati's hips with her legs spread to
Ray's eager tongue. He was entrenched to the balls in Tati's back door.
Chuckles was reaching around to fondle Kris' tits. Chuck was the first to
start spasms of orgasm with Kris close behind him. Tati was clenching and
unclenching her buttocks as Ray stroked in and out. He soon came leaving
Tati wanting. Kris, Chuck and Ray looked at each other then pinned Tati to
the bed. Needless to say she didn't resist. Kris straddled her face while
Chuck buried himself deep in her cunt. Ray worked on Tati's nipples. Not
long after, Tati came and then came again as they continued to pin her down
and make her crazy.

The four frolicked until the wee hours and then crashed in a heap on the
bed. The first rays of light shown on four naked bodies still entwined as they
slumbered through the morning. The sound of the phone ringing at two in
the afternoon woke them but not in time to pick up the receiver. After
making their rounds in the bathroom, the four found other ways to entertain
themselves through the rest of the afternoon.


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