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TC1 sucked his member tasting the


The Controller ------------- Chapter One : "Awakening"
======================== by DLG (DLG@DLG.ZZN.COM)

Codes : ------ MC (light), mf, oral (heavy), first time (almost)

Legal Stuff : ------------ Kids : OK brats, now this ain't for you, not
that it contains anything dangerous, but you're just not going to
understand much of it, and you'll end-up bored, so back off, and on to OK ?

Kids 2: OK so you want to keep on reading ? Fine by me ! But if that's
illegal by your home, at your age, that's not my problem, got it ? In my
opinion, if this interests you, then you're mature enough. Come on now :

Warning : This story contains graphical depiction of various violent
and/or sexual acts. The author is in no way promoting these, and wishes to
protect readers from psychological shock, so if you don't like this, or if
your country's laws forbid you to read such material, please take a step
backwards and go surfing somewhere else, for example

Disclaimer : The author of this story (DLG) takes no responsability
concerning your well-being, sanity or social/mental balance. By reading
further, you agree that the author may not be pursued as a result of
mental/physical damage done to you by reading this story. I also take no
responsability as for the well-being of your kids on

Copy & Archive notice : This story may be the subject of
reformating/scripting/scanning/printing/proofreading ... and any other
things in "ing" you might want to do with it, as long as these 5 paragraphs
and the author name (DLG) and e-mail address <> remain with
the main text body. Commercial use is prohibited. I mean prohibited, not
because i'm gonna sue you, but because if i ever see this, you're gonna
have a one hell of a problem : i've been in computers for 15 years, and
shall i decide to blast your site, i'll find a way that's gonna make you
regret not eating your own balls before you did this with my text.
Knowledge is power. I repeat, free reproduction is granted. (Except for

================= On to the story : =================

It was a nice summer evening, the air smelt of freshly cut grass and
candy. Mike and Mandy had just spent their days visiting the
filming-facilities of ******* located in california. Both in their 17th
year had just gotten a LOT more freedom from their parents.

Mike was your average high-school jock, active in the football team but
far from being quarterback in any chance. His friends had actually planned
their date (they thought him as clumsy with girls) and awaited at the Frat
house for a complete report of the events. Mike felt a bit awkward, Mandy
was a nice girl and he was cheating her on their first date. He was
overall a nice guy, listened to pop-soup, drove an old Dodge, tagged his
room with pin-ups and downed beer more easily than any of his pals. He was
studying field-science along with criminology, in the hope he'd made it to
be some kind of tech-expert on trials. His bulky frame (1.90m for 98 Kgs)
avoided most of the bullying, and he was not a bully himself, so he went
along quite well with most people. He was handsome, in a teddy bear kind
of way.

Mandy was from Irish ascent, her parents were strict catholics, and she
had had a mostly reclusive life before high-school. She had accepted the
phone date by dare. After many months at school she was still waiting for
someone to pick her up, and Mike had. Not that she was ugly, but her
conservative looks and strict "don't talk to me i'm busy with my studies"
look had gotten her the White Lamb reputation that ruined her social life.
She was someone nice too, witty, funny, her big green eyes full of
enlightenment, she was constantly marveling at simple things. She liked
Enya, Sarah McLachlan and other soft-voiced romantic singers. Her room was
the like of the sleeping beauty's and still contained most of her stuffed
toys, especially her teddy bear which she'd called Dennis, after the chosen
name of her small brother, which was deadborn. She studied sociology, in
particular things related to social behaviors in small groups.

As they stealthily moved past the closing barn and headed for the prop's
warehouse, she somehow felt very guilty. She had marveled at the things
they've discovered in there during the "regular" visit, and when she'd
mentionned it to Mike, he'd said "well, wanna come back when there's less
crowd ?". She'd flushed and nodded. Now she was far more than flushed,
the adrenalyn coursing her body heating her insides.

They closed behind the metal door that opened in the warehouse, the
evening's sun casting an eerie glow around the racks of strange objects,
like the warehouse was welcoming them.

Mike turned to her and said "well, did you really want to have a closer
look at all this, or did you just want us to be alone for awhile ?" She
giggled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, before running down the
first row of oddities. Mike's heart jumped. She was one sweet number.

He walked cautiously betwenn rows and rows of old and new props, fake
guns, fake cement blocks, costumes, accessories. He stopped in front of a
old mirror showing an old hag as a "ghost" over the reflected image. He
chuckled lightly.

"Mike ! Miiike ! Come over here !"

He'd been standing in reverie for a full minute and suddenly realised
she was calling for him. He ran down the rows to find her. After a few
second of searching, he found her lifting cautiously a sheet that had been
cast over a big cylindrical object. Size could have been for a coffin.

"What's that ?" "I don't know but the label on it says 'found during
dig, try to fit this in next SF'" "They must have stumbled upon that, let's
cast the veil will us ?" And with that he simply lifted his hands, pulling
the sheet from the object. "WOW !!!" "Yeah wow!!!" "What is that ?" "I
don't know, maybe some kind of cryo-tube like in Alien" "Stop kidding, and
help me look at those meters will you ?" The object was cylindrical, almost
8 feet long, 4 feet wide, seemingly made of copper or similar metal. His
side was studded with tiny gauges that indicated an activity. The front
(or rather up) held a glass cutout but the inside was fogged, and they
couldn't see much. Mandy stood near the side of the meters, and wiped one
with the side of her sleeve. "Hey, it's still working, the needle moves."
"Let me look at it" Mike looked at the meter, it was oscillating between
full left and full right. "What the..." He cleaned the plate underneath
the meter and his eyes suddenly bulged. "We must call the police now..."
Mandy's frightened look told the question before it ever passed her lips.
"It's a heartbeat. The meter's registering heartbeats." They covered the
thing and went to leave, hand in hand, hurrying to the metal door.

They reached the end of the row and stopped to cast a backwards glance.
Just as Mike tried reaching the doorknob, a powerful voice boomed in the


They tentatively looked at each other, the voice sounded fake.


Mandy was shivering from fear. The sun was now very low and casting
strange looking shadows over the warehouse. Mike picked up confidence. As
he started talking the voice boomed again.

AWAKEN.] "C..." [I will try to broadcast with lesser power if this
frightens you.] "Thank you" [You're welcome.]

A hissing noise erupted at the end of the ware house. They both gasped
upon hearing and sped towards the capsule...


The sheet had seemingly slipped from the cylinder, whose side was slowly
opening, revealing a light green glow that wasn't there a few minutes ago.
Mandy and Mike looked at each other, they both seemed confused.

[Do not worry, i mean you no harm.]

As the side panel slowly shifted, mist poured from the inside to crawl
over the floor, disolving a few meters away. They both peeked at what was
inside. It was a human body. The skin was real fair, and the body had
long hair, a beard and mustache that seemed unkempt for a long time.

[I have been trapped in this capsule for over two years now.] "W..." [My
underground laboratory was buried in the 1998 earthquake.] "C..." [Yes, i
will stop anticipating your questions, i sense this unnerves the both of

The body slowly moved, shifting it's legs until it was seating on the
bank of the capsule. It was naked, and the man caught hold of a sheet that
lay beneath him to cover himself, in a toga manner.

"Hello, Mike. Hello Mandy."

The two where flabbergasted. Mike thought his lucky day had come, he'd
have a hell of a story to tell his friends. Mandy was just overwhelmed by
the overall weirdness of the thing. She felt a strange feeling of
recognition, like she now had something that made her special.

"I suppose you have a zillion questions to ask, so go ahead..." The man said this gently, almost kindly. He ran a hand through his long hair and
shuffled his beard. "Wow, i guess i need a haircut ..." He chuckled.
"Grab chairs, we're in no hurry so..."

Mike went to fetch a couple of chairs, but finally pulled a nearby


Mike and Mandy sat. They shared a glance and turned to the man. Mike
began. "Who are you ?" "Of course, you have to get names don't you ? I'm
Nathan Krontz." The man got up, holding his toga in one hand, he extended
the other towards Mike.

Mike got up and shook his hand. "I'm..." "Don't bother to tell me, i've
looked in your mind remember ? Nice to meet you Mike." He turned to Mandy.
"Hi Mandy ?" She raised and shook his hand, then they both retreated to the
couch as Nathan sat on the floor in front of them. This tranquilized them
both. He didn't seem that impressive now.

Mandy blurted out. "So what were you doing in there ?" She pointed to
the capsule. "I guess it's almost a B-Movie theme, I was experimenting a
brain-wave transmitter when the earthquake started. I couldn't interupt
the operation once inside. Something went amok and the transmitter started
picking out random nearby thoughts. I was shocked at first, but then, i
don't know. I realized my situation, but somehow felt safe. I wondered
for a long time if i'd gone mad. After a few hours, getting other people's
thoughts may really ruin you. And then it happened..." "What happened ?"
asked Mike. "I started adapting to the flow of thoughts in my head, i
guess my brain got overloaded and unlocked the famed 85%..." "85 % ?" "Yes,
you see, normal people use about 8-12 % of their brains, 15% in the case of
real geniuses. My brain got 'unlocked' in a strange way, maybe trying to
process so many thoughts at one time was too much back then. Fact is,
after a few hours, i could completely understand everything that went
around me. The people, the animals, the objects, everything has a slight
trace of mind. I quickly began meditating on my fate and realized that,
using my body chemistry, i could reduce my breathing, my water consumption,
and that gave me a few more days to think. Rapidly, i mastered my own body
to the molecule level, and was able to completeley suppress the need to
either breathe or feed. From that point on, i experimented with my
newfound abilities, and had quite a few nice experiments. I could free
myself at any point, but i wasn't confident enough to let out upon the
world that a single scientist had discovered and mastered the mind's
secrets. I knew even then i'd have to watch out for CIA, FBI and other
agencies from around the world. This thing is too much to put in the hands
of someone mundane to it. To easy to get powerlust. And then, they
finally unearthed the capsule. I patiently waited for them to tire, they
couldn't open it and none of the meters were working. One of them thougt
about alerting authorities, but i diverted his mind to the cost of the
props they use in sci-fi nowadays, and he quickly saw the interest. Did
you know junk like that cost them around 20 000$ a piece ? So they
discarded me in this pile of junk, and i started to re-awaken my body then.
That's when you two came in this place." "Wow" "Yeah, right, wow !"


Mike seemed fascinated, Mandy was lost in her thougts. Nathan just
looked at them with what seemed to be a benevolent gaze. "Pretty neat
story guy, so you got powers ? like the X-Men and such ?" "Well shortly
put, that's it." "Could you give us a demo ? Not that i don't believe you,
you seemed to read me all right. But, I mean, can you do something
physical ?" "Sure, look." Nathan turned to gaze at a nearby chair. The
chair instantly tokk off, drifting through the room to halt in front of the
young couple, floating slightly. It was a classic plastic-metal chair,
with the plastic seat molded and metal legs. The legs began to twitch and
the chair slowly came down. The legs of the chair flexed once and it began
to walk around the couch in a dog manner. "Pretty neat" said Mike. "Oh
no..." Mandy started sobbing. "Mandy, what's wrong ?" "He's gonna kill us
!" an she exploded, crying like a lost soul. Mike turned at Nathan.
Nathan stared back with a sad smile. Mike was dumbfounded. "No, i'm not
going to kill you. But she's right in a sense." "What do you mean ?" Mandy
exploded again. "Didn't you get it ? We're witnesses ! We know he's
there and he can't take the risk of us revealing it !" "But" "No Mike, you
wouldn't keep the secret. And I know it." "Wait, you can't..." "Oh I can,
that's not the matter." "You said you wouldn't do it !" "And i will keep my
word. I'm gonna grant each of you a wish. Your secret one. The one that
makes your heart go BANG. But after that, i'll have to remove any memories
of me from your psyche. You'll never remember me." "But..." "Don't try
arguing with me. You know I know the truths in your hearts..."


The chair stopped in front of Nathan, who scratched it's back like it
was a dog. The chair rubbed against his naked legs. He stood, and
suddenly the air around him was a blur. When it dissipated they could see
he now wore a black tunic, black, tight-fitting pants. His beard was
trimmed and his hair, which were waist length before were now cut to his

"From now on, you'll not be able to express anything but the truth
behind your masks." Suddenly both of them felt light-headed, like all
worries had gone from their mind.

"Mike, i wanna hear you first. What is your dream ?" This seemed to
trigger a struggle in Mike. He grabbed his head in both hands. Thoughts
stormed in his head. Visions of cars, money, chicks, his friends...
Suddenly he came to a halt, and stood.

"I want to feel good. I've been uneasy since i've come to high-school.
Like I have something to prove. I want these feelings gone." "You want to
be self-assured. You want to stop being dwarfed by your friends, you want
to tell them you're their equal right ?" "Yeah" "You want to prove them you
don't need them to live your life." "Yeah" "I can give you that." And a
mischievous smile crossed his face. "Mandy, do you like Mike ?" "W.. What
?" "Mandy, our friend here needs to build up his self-confidence. And you
know why his friends are overprotective don't you ?" "I.. No, i don't
think" "Mandy, you are yourself quite uneasy at school aren't you ?" "Yes
but..." "Why ?" "B... Because..." Mandy struggled in turn, she doubled and
gripped at her head. After a few moments, she straightened. "Because i'm
a virgin !"


"Yes" "I'm still a virgin too." Mike said, almost sadly. "Now Mandy,
are you attracted physically to Mike ?" "I... He's nice but..." "What is
the but ?" "Well, i intend to remain virgin till the day i marry the right
one. And though you're so very kind Mike. It is not you." "I
understand..." "Yes, so do i. Mandy, would it be right for you if you both
came to have intercourse, but still remain a technical virgin ?" "What do
you mean ?" "What's done can be undone. I can leave your body without any
trace of ever having sex with our friend here. I can technically 'heal'
your maidenhead. And as things goes, you'll not remember having sex with
each other, though your minds will act like you've already experienced it
..." "Ohh...." "Oohhh..." They both shared a look of mutual understanding.
A white flash blinded them for a second. When they both regained their
sights, they stood in a white room, in the center was a large four poster
bed. Some furnitures (all of them white) decorated the room, and on a
table, a vase contained some white roses. Nathan was gone. They looked at
each other tenderly. Mandy approached Mike and he took her in his arms.
He tentatively bowed his head, and they kissed for the first time. It was
a nice, gentle kiss. At first. Soon they were kissing and kissing. The
new sensation was overwhelming for both of them, and soon, lips parted.
They shared a few open-mouthed kiss, before Mandy's tongue tentatively
touched Mike's lips. He quickly caught up and soon they were tongue

Their hands, furtively at first, roamed each other's body. She felt his
pecs, his shoulders, followed the line of his back to linger a moment on
his kidneys, then went down to grab his firm ass. In turn, his hands
carressed her face, her neck, shoulders and back. He grabbed her ass
through her robe as her hands found his. The heat flushed them both, they
felt dizzy.

He reached up with his right hand, caressing her side until he came to
rest on her breast. It felt round and firm. He wondered how he'd never
realized she had nice breasts. He quickly dismissed the idea though,
enjoying the feeling in his hand. She moved up and began tugging on his
jacket, which was soon dropped and joined quickly by his sweater. In turn
he began unbuttoning her dress, revealing the top of her creamy breasts and
the lacy white bra that held them. At the view, he bowed his head and
kissed her cleavage. She moaned softly, putting he hands to hold his head
on her tits. He kissed the firm mounds and the vally between them. She
reached behind and unbuckled the bra, lowering the straps. Mike stood back
a little enjoying the vision of her naked chest. "My god" he thought
"those dresses don't show much of her for sure". Her breasts were proud,
full and firm. Big enough for the usual "more than a handful", yet didn't
sag a bit. He looked up to her face, which was now flushed and red, her
breathing ragged. She smiled and nodded for him. He finished unbuttoning
her dress and fell to his knees, discovering her white panties. Plain
ones. She stepped out of the now fallen dress, glorious in her semi-nudity.
She grabbed his shoulders and dragged him up, meeting him with a kiss. His
hands went straight to her tits, revelling in the sensation of warm flesh.
He started palming them, feeling the small pointed nipples hardening at his
touch. She in turn, was tugging at his belt, unbuckled it and started
pulling his pants down. He helped by pulling them off himself, breaking
their kiss for a moment. As she lowered the jean, she came face to face
with his boxers, inside something was straining the material. "Is that me
?" "Yes my sweet." His hands found her breasts again and he lighly pinched
the nipples. "Is that me ?" "Ohhh Mike" He swept her from her feet and
carried her towards the bed. He laid her delicately on the satin sheets
and sat next to her.


Nathan watched them as they lay on he couch. He'd created for them this
illusion of privacy, so they would feel good. He wondered at the girl.
She seemed to be a strange one. He remembered the countless thoughts he'd
picked from girls during his two years alone, but this one wasn't
responding to the classical scheme. He'd felt it almost instantly, but
didn't want to startle the boy. She seemed able to keep the secret. He
wondered for a long time. She wasn't much into sex, and he felt she'd
accepted it more like a way to soothe her partner, more than a real help in
her mental balance. She'd been so secretive about her life, hiding her
parents from her friends, hiding her friends from her parents, hiding her
feelings to anyone. She'd built a secret world in which she revealed her
inner self. She had something and he couldn't understand what it was.


Mike was softly caressing her body, tracing fingers over her skin, over
her tummy, down her sides. She in turn was roaming his chest with her
hands, sometimes tentatively drawing over his abdomen. He slowly dragged
his fingers under the waistband of her panties, and started dragging them
down, all the while kissing his way from her neck to her breasts. She
raised her hips and he dragged them down, uncovering slowly the small patch
of red hair that covered her womanhood. She flexed her legs and the
panties were gone. She parted her thighs a tiny bit and whispered in his
ear "Make me feel good, please". He dropped to her breasts again, leaving
his left hand to handle one, and kissing and nibbling the other. His right
hand travelled across her body, drawing shivers. She moaned lightly and
her body was imperceptibly undulating. His hand finally traced a line from
her side to her waist, then down the crease to rest on her inner thigh. He
dragged them softly down the length of her leg, then up, coming to rest
lightly on her pubic hair. He played there for a moment, never
relinquishing her breasts. Her hands gripped his boxers, and he recoiled a
bit to help her remove them. His penis sprang to attention. She put her
right hand around it and held it there. He closed his eyes and remained
still for a moment. She wondered what was going on through his mind at the
moment. She felt flushed, more than flushed. A warm feeling had spread in
her tummy as Mike caressed her, and now a tingling sensation down there
told her the moment was near. Mike had never had such an erection. It was
almost painful. When she wrapped her hands around it, he felt a twitch and
drew his breath in, afraid to lose it any moment. [Relax, Mike. I'll hold
you back. Take your time.] At the thought, a thrill coursed his body, and
he felt totally in control.


"Amazing how a few words can completely change bodyly reactions." Nathan


She started moving her hand up and down his cock. Tentatively at first,
but quickly gaining insurance. His fingers in turn dived between her
thighs and, for the first time, he felt a woman's wetness on his fingers.
He looked at her, looking at him. They were both extremely excited at the
time. Mandy's hand caught the back of his head, and started pulling him
towards her. He thought she wanted him to kiss her breasts again, which he
did. But her hand pushed him further down. He caught it rather quickly
and kissed his way down her body to her pubic area. Bizarely he thought
he'd be reluctant at first, after all, she wanted him to kiss the place
where she peed ! But quickly an incredible aroma filled his nostrils. He
kissed down her thighs, spreading them in the movement, and came up again,
this time staring right at her crotch. There it was ! Encased in a shring
of red locks, the tiny sheath for his sword. The lips where fluffed from
the previous fooling around, and they opened in an inviting manner to him.
He kissed around it for a few seconds, and shily pecked her slit. He
kissed it a bit more, then extened his tongue and lapped at it tentatively.
Her moans encouraged him and he dove, licking at her pussy with a revenge.
"Oooooh Mike, it's sooo gooood..." He wetted a couple of fingers, and
started caressing the pink folds with his index. "Ouh, yeessssss" He
inserted his index in the tight sheath. The warmness and wetness driving
hime crazy. [Mike, Do you see the tiny bud at the top of her slit.] [Yes]
[It's her clitoris, you know what to do.] [Thanks] He licked her bud,
eliciting a spasm in her. "Wow" he told himself. He dove again and ate
her out like a mad man. Moving his head left and right, up and down,
driving his tongue against her folds and coming back up to suck on her
clit. He now had two fingers buried in her pink flesh, and felt her
maidenhead inside her virgin cunt. Suddenly, something like a vise was
gripping his fingers, Mandy was wrecking around the bed, moaning louder and
louder, until she finally screamed at the top of her lungs, her body arched
in an impossible way. When she finally came to her senses, Mike was
keeping on his handiwork. She couldn't believe it. She'd masturbated yes,
but never came with such intensity. The feelings in her pussy were too
much. She wondered if all tongues were the same. She gripped her breasts with both hands as she felt another wave sweeping her, this one she was
prepared for. She screamed again as Mike's fingers pumped lightly at the
entrance of her cunt, while his mouth drove her wild, lightly biting her
clit. She felt her own muscles grip and relax, grip and relax, grip and
relax... And she suddenly pushed him away from her snatch. He stayed
there for a few seconds as she regained her breath. She caught hold of his
shoulders and pushed him down on the bed. He hair were tangled, her eyes
seemed huge, and she breathed heavily as she said. "This is for you, this
is your dream..."


Nathan smiled softly, he knew it even before she said it. She was
experiencing immense pleasure for her first time, but she wanted to forget
it for him. She wasn't in love, no, she wanted to help him. She wanted
him to have what would make his life brighter. That was the thing Nathan
spotted on her. She was compassionate, caring, a helping hand. That was
her goal in life, to help people come over their problems. That was what
he hadn't felt in his years of containment. Goodness. Pure, and at it's
top level.


She bent over him, hovering lightly over his body, inspecting his cock.
It was definitely nice. Maybe not above the average, but again she had no
experience to compare. She looked at the engorged purple head, the skin
that was tightened by the blood pressure in it. The small imperfections
that rendered it real. It throbbed in front of her. she kissed it. It
was like a lightning bolt had struck Mike. He tensed, then relaxed a few
seconds later. She repeated the move, and he seemed to quiet down a bit,
moaning softly. She kissed it a bit more, opening her lips just so the
head touched the inside of them. She retreated again and tasted the salty,
musky thing beneath. drawing a breath, she opened her mouth and took the
head in her lips, resting at the top of his shaft. It was warm, almost
hot. It was spongy and tasty too. Like a nice slice of beef-steack. She
ran her tongue all around it and elicited another moan. Or was it a groan
? She retreated again, watching in fascination as a small dribble of saliva
linked her mouth to his member. She engulfed it again, but this time, she
took most of it's length in her mouth. It was incredible for Mike. The
sensations were unbelievable, and he watched her in rapture, her head
resting almost on his tummy, her heavy breasts hanging below that. She
sucked on his member, tasting the shaft, it's smooth irregularity, the
faint taste of salt that lingered there. It stroke the back of her mouth,
the entrance to her throat. She couldn't quite take him all the way, and
was frightened when her gag-reflex kicked in. She thought for a moment she
was going to threw up on him. Not because of any disgust, but because of
her lack of control over her body. She felt sorry, and started bobbing her
head up and down on Mike's shaft, trying to make it up to him. [It's not
necessary.] [Nathan ? What's he doing in my...] [head ? Actually i was
thinking about you, and watching the both of you. I feel your distress
very much you know ?] [Yep, i almost retched over him, not the best thing
for a first time huh ?] [He got you real hot.] [And i'm gonna make it real
hot for him.] [He was afraid he'd blast off before the main course, so i
straightened him a bit.] [Could you do that for me ?] [?] [I'm gonna show
him what a woman can do, but i'm still a girl you know ?] [Yes.] [I'd love
to, ah...] [Swallow him ?] [Yep, i heard it was extremely good for men.]
[Little white goose read dirty magazines ? *giggle*] [They're on sale, and
nothing said 'Old perverts only'.] [OK, i'm going to suppress your
gag-reflex. Is that what you want ?] [Yes please] [Remember to breathe !]
Suddenly, she felt something strange clicking in her head. She didn't
quite know what it was. Somewhere above on the bed, Mike was moaning and
moaning and moaning. His hands were on her head, guiding her but not
forcing her. She decided quick "what the hell...". And dove forward,
impaling her mouth on his member, she felt it reach the back of her mouth,
and pressed forward, forcing the way down her throat. The feelingwas
incredible, her throat somehow felt like a different part now, receiving
sensations she never had, either when she ate or breathed. The feeling of
completeness, along with the warm thing edging further and further down,
was almost too much for her. Her pussy was drenched in her juices now, and
a small drop dribled down her left thigh, causing another shiver. Mike was
well far off the edge. When she'd engulfed his member, he'd lost himself
in the ecstatic feeling. Now that his cock was firmly lodged down her
throat, the velvety wetness surrounding him completely, he felt like his
cock has departed his body, and taken his soul along the trip. He was
effectively in another world. She began once again bobbing, revelling in
the friction down her throat. "Oh shit Mandy, what you're doing to
meee...." She felt him stiffen and throb in her mouth and throat, and she
pictured herself, Miss Perfect Catholic, impaled on his member, her nose in
his pubic hair. He throbbed and throbbed. She moaned around his cock in
response. And that was it. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygooooodddd...." He tensed
and arched his back, Mandy moaned some more and she felet his cock pulse
suddenly, and something warm and fluid pulsed past his cock. She felt it !
She felt his sperm in her throat, and down it went. Mike by the time was
overwhelmed by a burst of lava coming out of his prick. She buried her
face on his member, loving the pulsating rod down her mouth and throat.
Suddenly, her thoat started responding and spasmed around his member, she
screamed (or tried to) and came, feeling her pussy go along the
contractions in her windpipe. She was dizzy, but didn't want to let go.
Mike's orgasm subsided, and he leant back on the bed. Mandy savored every
moment lost in her own physical signals. Suddenly, something was wrong.
She didn't want to let go of his cock, but her throat kept on spasming, and
spasming eliciting new cries from Mike. [Hey ! Breathe, you're
suffocating !] She finally let go and his member slided out of her throat,
then mouth. She raised her head and drew in an enormous breath. "Oh, my
god !" she exclaimed, her throat still sore from the rough treatment. Mike
laid on the bed, his eyes lost in nothingness. "Mike ?" "Mandy ? Oh Mandy
you..." "Shhh, we're not over yet..." She eyed him hungrily, like a cat would a mouse.


WOW, Nathan was impressed by Mandy. He was sure she was enjoying it
though, she'd put aside all the delusions of normality to give herself
whole to her task. Acting this way would have brought her the biggest slut
reputation anyone ever had. But she wasn't doing it out of lust alone.
Yes, she had her share of orgasms, she'd come three times already by his
count. And one just via the friction of a cock down her throat. But she
was cold headed and enjoyed immensely the feeling of bringing Mike to
overcome his greatest fear at the time. She was definitely special. He
wondered for a moment what she'd ask of him, but refused to extract the
info from her mind. She deserved a little peace of mind.


They both lay on the bed panting for a moment. Then Mike, his legs
still wobbly from the intense orgasm he just had, grabbed her and pulled
her up for a kiss. They exchanged sweet soothing words for a moment.
Their kisses soon inflamed again, their tongues twirled as they rubbed
their naked bodies together. Mike was soon ready for round two. Their
caresses were less gentle now, lust having taken it's toll. She slowly
pumped her hand around his member, while he fingered her without shame now.
They were at ease with each other's body. Mike realised that he was
already confident with her. His moves were less clumsy, and he realised
her body wasn't made of glass, that lust implied a certain degree of
roughness. Something he'd never have imagined from his own experience.
She felt hot, she suddenly realized what women refered to when speaking of
the power they had over males. She knew she'd just have to say no to
transform Mike into a babbling puppet. But she knew she wasn't going for a
no right then. His fingers felt good, so good. He rubbed her clit with
small gestures from his thumb, and suddenly her juices where flowing again.
She felt it, her pussy wetting, her lips engorged with the same blood that
engorged Mike's cock right then. "Make love to me, Mike." He didn't need
further encouragments. She spread her legs for him and he stepped in front
of her, his erection throbbing in anticipation. They locked eyes. "Come
in me please." He positionned his cock at the entrance of her pussy,
rubbing the head along the slit. She felt the warmness in her belly
increase tenfold. She wanted him, wanted his cock to pentrate her and make
her feel like a woman. Something had clicked in her head at some point,
and now she was eager to give in to this man.


"That's it" Nathan thought. She had flipped over, her body now
controlled by the lust in her brains. The natural rush of endorphins had
reduced her will untill she was giving in to the pleasure. Was there a
threshold wondered Nate ? Was there a point behind which lust took over
love ? Was there a reason why people became animals during sex ? He
furthered his interrogation but couldn't just clear the bridge that missed.
People couldn't be reduced to animal instinct but they did finally reach
that point. How was that so ?


As his cock began entering her, Mike felt in another world. He was
surrounded in soft, velvety wetness, the feeling quite similar to when she
blown him. But something was different. As soon as he had the tip of his
cock in her pussy, he couldn't help but feel her body in a different way.
He couldn't define the breaking point between him and her. They seemed
linked, but more than that. They seemed bonded. It was for him like he
suddenly took over Mandy's body, but their meeting point was pleasurable.
And even more, it seemed like he felt both their pleasures as he slowly
sank in her virgin snatch. His cock encountered her hymen. She was slowly
getting accustomed to the feeling of completeness, much like her mouth, her
pussy seemed to swallow him, making him a part of her. The head of his
cock felt so good against her pussy's walls. She felt him push at her
maidenhood. "Go ahead, make me a woman." [Do you want me to block the pain
?] [No, don't you dare !] He pushed forward, nothing gave way. She felt
him feeling her, yet she wanted more. He retreated a bit. [Go for it, you
need to break it. But be gentle !] He took another inch backwards and
lunged in her, feeling the tearing around his cock, then the engulfing that
followed. She screamed, her eyes raised to an improbable sky. He remained
still. The pain was fulgurant, but didn't last very long, soon she felt
her vagina filled to the rim. He was in her, he was fucking her, she was a
woman. She took a few deep breaths then whispered : "Fuck me, Mike. Fuck
me good." And he started doing just that. He was gentle, and her body
rocked in pure pleasure. He fucked her slowly, considerately, revelling in
the depths of her body. She was moaning louder and louder, which he took
as a cue. He started moving faster within her, driving his cock home again
and again. At each stroke, she moaned/groaned. Her hands went to his
hips, and drove him faster. He felt the pressure building in his loins,
longing for a release long to come yet. She gripped her breasts again, and
he grasped one in his right hand. Wondering how he could have forgotten
them. "Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, oungh it's so goooood." "Oh baby, you're so
fucking tight, so fucking beautiful." He began pistoning her, half standing
to grab her by the hips and drive her further down on his cock. "Oh Mike,
yes, yes, harder...." She was still mauling her right breast, her left hand
now descended, feeling his shaft coming out of her lips, then in, then
out... He drove in her with a vengeance, feeling her cunt spasming on his
cock. "Mike, i'm cummmminnng...." Her pussy felt heavenly, seizing then
releasing his cock as he drove in/out of her. She seemed hysterical now,
her body bucking senselesly. He didn't slow for a second, shoving more and
more of his dick in her. "Mike, mike, miiiikkkeeee...." Again a spasmodic
wave seized her inner muscles, and he felt himself boiling inside. He
looked up and saw her body rocking, her big breasts bouncing with each
thrust. "Oh Mandy,you're... i'm... i'm... i'm cummmmiiiinng" As the
waves of her third orgasm hit with full force, she felt something hot and
warm splash her insides, and her world went creamy. "Miiiiikkkkeeeee...."
Mike was lost in his own haze, a pillar of fire bursting through his cock,
driving him to the heights, his soul seemingly invading Mandy's as he let
loose a huge stream in her womb. "Oh my gawd..." "Oh my god...." He
collapsed upon her, taking her in his arms for a moment of cosy afterglow.


They returned to their senses in the creepy warehouse, where Nathan
watched the both of them intertwined on the couch. "So, feeling better ?"
he asked. "Wow, it ain't the word pal ! I feel like i'm KING OF THE WORLD
!" Mike suddenly got up and extended his arms in saying this. Nathan
frowned and Mike stopped moving, stuck like in a VCR's pause.

With a wink of an eye, he was fully dressed. Suddenly he came to his
senses. Acting as if Nathan and Mandy wre gone

"What am i doing here ? Ah, yeah, i was with that hot little number,
Irene. Must have left while i dressed up." He took a look around and
stopped at the capsule. "I wonder why they keep such stupid props, they'll
never use that in a film. Way too old i think. Or maybe for a
Frankenstein's sequel ?" He turned around and headed for the door,
whistling gayly as he went.

Mandy chuckled. She quickly dismissed her nudity, the guy had seen and
felt them making love. No use for unnecessary shyness. "He's one hell of
a bragger ain't he ?" "Yep, but i felt bad wiping his mind like this. I
wanted him to have something special." "Then why didn't you write it down
to his memory ? Why did you want to use me ?" "You're a smart one eh ?"
"Yep" "I intended it like a test. And you took it well." "What do you
mean, you're gonna erase my memories anyway aren't you ?" "Well... I got
something i'd like to talk to you about. But first, since you abode to our
friends request, i owe you one. What would it be ?" Mandy frowned, she
knew something was up but couldn't point right at it. She remained
thoughtful for a few minutes.

"I want a new life." "WHAT ?" "I said..." "I heard what you said, but i
ain't no fucking god !" "Don't curse !" "Sorry." "What i meant is this : i
don't love my parents, they've turned me into a fucking white goose ! In
my life i'm shy and restrained. I'm also scared of other people. My
studies bore me. My friends are, well, anything but friends. I ain't got
no social life, no sex life, no hobbies, no future. What did you intend me
to want for a wish ? I want all my taboos gone, i want no scare when i
talk to people, i wanna be open, i wanna meet someone nice and have a
fucking wild life, go to vegas, rob banks, fuck in the open, anything, but
not this..." "...miserable white goose stuff" "Yeah !" "I understand
better. You want a thrill."

Suddenly something went amok. Nathan stood up, and as he stood, a
chilly wind swirled around him, blowing his hair. His eyes started
glowing, radiating blue light. Mandy felt herself taken, her body unable
to respond, and she was lifted high in the air by the twirling wind.

!] Mandy nodded mentally, she already felt her freedom. [BUT] [Hey i
thought there were no but's in wishes] [WISHES ARE MADE, BUT I DECIDE ON

Electric arcs circled the room, circling her body, radiating through
her. she suddenly felt very light-headed and totally free. Nathan's body,
flying beside hers, extended it's arms and caught her naked form, drifting
it slowly to the floor. The wind stopped as abruptly as it came. Mike was
nowhere in sight. She looked up upon Nathan. His eyes retained the blue
glow. "Thank you" "We'll see about that in a week. Now run to your home
and enjoy your newfound freedom." She looked at him for another full
minute. She kissed him, half-expecting him to return the kiss. Which he
did. The he was gone, simply disappeared into nothingness. She took a
step back, turn, and fled.

When she closed the door, the capsule disappeared with a "POP".

A mad laughter, coming seemingly from nowhere resounded in the

Nathan reappeared, picking up something from the floor. "I guess
nudity's a taboo too." He held Mandy's dress in his hands.

================== End Chapter one : AWAKENING The controller shall be back
soon, get ready for chapter two : Mandy's Trial Period


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