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TEACH ME split through body The sweet


Summary: Raven has been learning some things in her Human Sexuality class that she wants to teach to Devon.
Keywords: MF, college Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: Teach Me

Teach Me

(MF cons college)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

March 2000

Note From Chrys:

"Human Sexuality" is actually a real class offered at my college. I
don't think that anyone can get into it, though, unless you have Mafia
connections and a large AK-47, because it fills up the second anyone
can sign up for classes. I have no idea what they teach you in there,
but I didn't mind exploring the possibilities in this story.

<3 Chrys

The Story:

I barged into my boyfriend's dorm room without knocking, as usual, and
tossed my bookbag onto the floor.

"Hey, honey, what's going on?" I asked.

"Not much, just checking my mail ..." He sat at his computer, totally
engrossed in one of those lame "send this or you'll die" chain letters.

I rolled my eyes and shut the door behind me. Almost as an
afterthought, I locked it, then proceeded to kick off my shoes as Devon
continued to flip through his junk mail.

I'd been waiting all day to see him and just the back of his head was
creating stirrings in my genital region. "Mmmm, Devon," I said, "It's
time to study for our human sexuality test ..."

Completely oblivious to the real sexual overtones in my voice, he
replied, "Yeah, I know. I wish I'd gone to more lectures. I'm going to
be fucking screwed on this test if I don't get the chapters read before
Thursday night."

Rolling my eyes, I hopped onto the desk to his right and crossed my
legs. Playfully poking him in the thigh with my toes, I rocked back and
forth and gave him a "come hither" look. The boy was daft. He
completely ignored everything that I was doing.

"So, anyway, what's the main focus of the test?" he asked, starting to
type up a reply to his grandmother about her chip dip or something that
she taught him to make at the last family reunion.

I got down off the desk and stood behind him. I leaned over his
shoulder as though I was watching what he was typing and planted my
arms on his shoulders. I started to massage his back and neck, while I
purred, "Methods of female dominated sex." My hands roamed up and down
his back, my thumbs working the knots out of his shoulders.

"Mmmm, that feels nice. I had a long day playing soccer," he said,
clicking "send."

I continued the massage until he looked like he was done with his mail,
then I pushed myself around to lean against the desk and looked into
his eyes.

He gave me one of his patented sleepy-looking half-grins that always
got my stomach in knots, and said, "So maybe we should start studying."

"Maybe we should," I said, watching him push his chair back.

As soon as he got it halfway out from under the desk, I put my right
hand on his shoulder to keep his butt in the chair. I slowly picked up
my right leg and swung it over his legs, and planted myself in his lap.
We were sitting face to face, and he looked surprised.

"Raven ..." he started.

"Shh ..." I said, pushing his back against the chair and rubbing my
hands up and down his chest. "Since you didn't make it to most of the
lectures because 11 a.m. is too early for you ... I decided I would
teach you myself."

His eyes widened and then narrowed into pleased looking slits, and he
said, "God, I love that class ... I guess I don't regret going more often."

I put my finger to his lips, and in one swift movement, my lips were
against his, kissing and suckling his mouth. We sat in the chair, my
body pressing up against his, as my arms roamed up to his hair. Our
tongues glided against each other as our embrace became more

I pulled my mouth away and watched his eyes slowly open from our kiss.

"Now ..." I said, leaning my chest and stomach away, yet keeping our
hips pressed firmly together. "You are going to let me do it all. The
only involvement you get is to tell me what you want done to you."

"Oh, baby, yeah ..." he said, reaching his hands for my breasts.

"WHAT did I say?" I asked, sharply. "That's it." I got up, acting
perturbed and Devon said, "What, honey, no, I won't--"

I was bending over my bookbag, ass in the air and I knew he was staring
at it. I riffled through my bookbag and came up with what I was looking

"Get up," I commanded.


"NOW, do it."

He reluctantly stood up and I pulled the chair to the center of the
room. I walked over to him and violently ripped his shirt up and over
his head and tossed it to the side. Almost as an afterthought, I put my
mouth on his left nipple and sucked hard, then let go. He let out a
little gasp, but stayed silent.

"Sit down in the chair," I ordered.

"OK ..." he said, but sat.

"Put your arms behind you," I said.

"What are you DOING, Raven?" Devon's face became clouded and he looked
at me in confusion.

"Baby, you're so fucking sexy, I just want you to do what I say. You're
going to love it, I promise," I let the black desire show through my
eyes and Devon dutifully put his arms behind him, if a little

Going behind him, I began to tie him up with the rope I had in my
hands. "Raven!" he shouted.

"Devon, relax. Would I ever hurt you?"

"No ..."

"Then chill out."

I tied his arms loosely together, but enough room to move around. He
couldn't get them all the way to the front, but there was enough room
for him to wriggle them around, but not enough slack to get free. I
tied the ends of the rope to the chair so that if he stood up, he'd
have to drag the chair with him.

"There we go," I said, putting the last knot in place.

I slowly stood up and came to the front. Quizzically but excitedly,
Devon looked into my eyes. I gave him the most sensuous smile I could
and began my strip show.

I tipped my head back and shut my eyes as I ran my fingers through my
long, black hair. When I got to the end, I lifted up the sides of my
shirt. I lifted the corners and began to pull my shirt up ever so
slowly. I opened my eyes and looked into Devon's. I licked my lips and
lifted my shirt up all the way, so that he could see the pink lacy bra

He grinned in anticipation and shifted in his seat as I did slow little
hip circles in a 360. My right hand rubbed across my neck as I rolled
my head from side to side, and my left crept slowly down to my jeans

I paused for a moment, then popped the button open. Slowly, slowly, I
lowered my zipper, until my pants were gaping open.

I moved my right hand down to my pants and quickly shrugged out of my
pants. Letting them drop to the floor, I stood in my matching pink lacy
bra and panties. I kicked the jeans to the other side of the room.

I walked close to where Devon sat. The look of anticipation on his face
increased the wetness between my thighs. I stood right in front of his
knees and bent over so that he could get a different view of my still
clothed breasts. I gripped his face and kissed him roughly, then
stepped back again, with a look of sheer desire on my face.

Slowly I unhooked the clasp of my bra and when it came free, I let out
a little gasp. I pulled one strap off one shoulder, then the other off
the other shoulder. I lifted my left arm to the front to cover my
nipples and let the bra drop to the floor.

I turned in a circle once again, and once I made it the rest of the way
around, a palm covered each of my nipples. Once again I stepped to
Devon, who I could see was beginning to exhibit mild discomfort.

I sat on Devon's lap, rubbing my hips against the erection straining in
his pants and moaned, "Oh, God, baby, you make me hot." I let go of my
breasts and let them press against his naked chest. I sucked on his
neck, hard, then pulled away.

I stood up, my long hair covering my nipples, and Devon moaned, "Baby,
baby, let me see them."

I put a finger to my lips and grinned a lascivious grin. Then I shook
my head and closed my eyes and let my hair fall behind my back. My
nipples stood erect in the cool dorm air and Devon moaned, "Oh, yes,
that's beautiful ... Take off your panties, baby, take them off ..."

As I stood with head thrown back, nipples erect, my right hand made
little circles on my stomach. I slowly let my hand slide into my
panties, then down into my pussy, where I fingered the wetness for a
moment. I pulled my hand out, letting the wet finger slide against my
flesh. "Devon, look what you do to me ... Mmmm," I moaned.

Ever so slowly, I hooked both thumbs onto opposite sides of my panties.
I pulled them down over my hips as Devon strained to see what I was
doing. My curls peeped out over the top, then I let my panties slide to
the floor. I stepped out of them and stood there in my naked glory,
letting Devon drink in the sight of me.

His eyes roamed up and down, making my center burn with anticipation.

"Now it's your turn, baby," I said, sauntering across the room to his

I leaned over him, my lips centimeters from his. I took his mouth in a
hard kiss, then pulled away seconds later to move down to his lower

My mouth moved in kisses and suckles across his abdomen, going lower
and lower until I came upon the clasp of his jeans. I rubbed my hands
up his thighs and over his straining manhood. He gasped and pushed
against me, but I continued my trek until I got to his jeans clasp.

In one swift movement, I pulled the button out and ripped the zipper
down. "Up," I commanded, my hands moving momentarily to his ass to get
him to stand up so I could pull the jeans down. He obeyed, and I ripped
the jeans down to his knees quickly.

I sat back, my knees bent, legs splayed apart so that he could get a
perfect look at my pussy. I grabbed one pant leg and slowly pulled it
off. I watched him as he watched me, his eyes going from my glistening
center to my desire filled eyes. One leg done, one to go. I pulled the
other pant leg off in the same manner, and he moaned at one point,
throwing his head back and closing his eyes. He recovered and looked at
me in the same way as before.

Pants off, I stood and tossed them to the side.

I turned around so that he could see my naked ass, and then slowly sat
down on his legs. I let my wetness drip onto his legs and slid up until
my ass cheeks squeezed his thinly clothed member. I rubbed myself
against it and he rocked against me in sheer lust. "Mmm, baby, yes ..."
I said breathily, feeling the thick, hard dick rubbing against my

After a few seconds of that, I pushed myself up, and turned around to
face him.

"Baby, you've got to do something about this ..." he moaned. "Please, I
need you ..."

"Not yet." I grinned, and moved to take off his underwear. I prolonged
the seconds that stood between clothing and freedom, but then I yanked
his briefs down and freed his straining cock.

"Oh, honey, it's still so beautiful," I said, breathily, rubbing my
right hand hard against his penis. He grunted as I squeezed and
released, squeezed and released. His movement became harder and faster,
and I pulled my hand away, and his underwear down.

"Nooo, please, baby, noo ..." he moaned, in sheer want.

"Devon, Devon, Devon," I said, standing in front of him, his underwear
now also joining the rest of our clothes heaped on the floor. "You need
to learn patience."

Once again I straddled his lap, but this time I didn't sit down. I let
my breasts rub his face, and he nuzzled against him. Had he not been
tied up, he could have easily impaled me with his dick, but I was in
charge here and my pussy was inches from where he wanted it to be.
"God, Raven, I can't stand it, please ..." he moaned.

I rubbed a finger over one of his nipples and said, "Oh, I love you
writhing in agony like this," I said. "It make me *wet*." I spread the
lips of my pussy and put a finger over my clitoris. I moved it in
little circles, as I leaned backwards so that he could see what I was
doing. He moaned in agony.

"God, Raven, please, please, fuck me, please," he said, watching every
ministration to myself.

Stopping what I was doing, I said, "Fuck you?"

"Yes, fuck me."

"Fuck you when?"

"Now, God, Raven, take me now."

I looked into his eyes, and didn't move. I saw the passion soaking his
very being, and I looked down at his straining cock. "Take you now?
I've been wanting to take you for the past half hour. God, Devon, do
you know what you do to me? I want to feel your cock inside of me. I
want to feel it fill me up. I want every FUCKING inch of you INSIDE OF

With every word, he was squirming more and more. "Yes, Raven, now ..."

Staring straight into his eyes, I bent my knees and touched my pussy to
his cock. He jumped at the unexpected contact, the first contact since
I'd rubbed him earlier. "Mmmmm," I moaned, rubbing my pussy against his
dick. I slowly, slowly took him inside of me. "God, do you feel that,
Devon? You're entering me. Your dick is in me. I feel you, you're going
in. God, you're big. You're so fucking big, Devon. You're almost all
the way in, Devon. Fuck, you're so hard and you feel so good. Yes,
baby, I want to fuck you, now."

His lips were parted in ecstasy as he drank in my words and the feel of
himself going into my vagina. Soon he was completely inside and I began
to rock.

"Raven ..." he moaned, moving his hips in tandem with my movements.
"You're so tight," he said, "Oh, God, you feel so good."

I squeezed my muscles around his dick and he moaned even more. "Oh,
yeah, Raven, that feel so good ..."

We rocked back and forth, our movements became faster and faster. I
rubbed my hands through his hair and down his cheeks and over his chest
and back up as we moved faster. "God, Devon, you're so hot, you're so
hard, God, yes, yes, fuck me, baby."

I gripped the sides of his chest and used that as leverage to push and
pull myself back and forth in his lap. I could just feel his cock
inside of me, rubbing over my most deep, intimate parts, and our
movements were becoming frenzied.

"God, yes, Raven ..." He moaned. "I'm going to ... I'm going to ..."

His hips bucked up into mine as all his muscles tightened up. He threw
his head back and screamed, "Raaaaaveeeeen ..." as he jerked and bucked
against me, emptying his whole being into me.

I could feel my own muscles tightening as the sharp dagger of orgasm
split through my body. The sweet tip of it started at my clitoris and
spread out through my legs and abdomen. I orgasmed violently, holding
onto Devon as the throes of his orgasm engulfed him. My pussy tightened
around his cock and we shook together, him emptying himself into me and
I simply taking it and feeling the ecstasy that passed over me.

We collapsed, him still inside of me, and we sat there for a moment.

I stood up, letting his now flaccid cock drop out of me, and I went to
untie him. We collapsed onto the floor in front of the chair, and Devon
moaned, "God, Raven, that was amazing."

"It was mostly you," I said. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have
any motivation for that."

"But that class, you learned all that from that class ... Shit, I never
thought I'd say that, but school *is* worth something ..."


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