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TEACH hurt me she said her


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
I once had a teacher so strict
That you dreaded to be the one picked
But in summer's fair weather
She dressed up in leather
And would beg like a whore to be dicked.
-Lemur Love

I was an awkward kid- always out of place wherever I was. I
despaired of ever growing out of it, though my parents constantly told
me it was just a phase I was going through. But it was a phase I had
been 'going through' for 12 of my 17 years and I thought they were just
trying to comfort me with their lie.
I had grown used to being picked on, hounded and teased by
my peers, but in my junior year in high school I had a new nemesis-
Miss Schreck. Since I felt helpless at sports and had no desire to
subject myself to the hazing of teammates, I had sought a job as the best
excuse to be busy after school. I had found a job at Buddy's Computer
Shack, which was like an oasis of competence in my desert of geekdom
and the single pleasure in my life.
My trouble started when a woman stormed in with her arms full
of computer and slammed it on the counter. It was Miss Schreck, but I
did not know her then.
"You sold me a piece of shit!" she announced in a surly and
totally disgusted tone. "If you don't make good, I'll sue!"
Maybe I grinned too much. Maybe I wasn't suitable cowed by
her threat. But I think the problem came when I fired up the box and
watched the set-up screen announce all the devices that failed to install.
A CMOS change here, a couple of lines in the autoexec file and it was
humming along better than ever. It took two minutes and I printed out a
copy of the autoexec for her- in case she had this problem again.
Yeah- that might have been it. She didn't know whether to be
mortified or madder. She was definitely very agitated when she snatched
up the computer and stalked out of the store without so much as a
thank you.
Then she saw me in her American Lit. class and I was
automatically her favorite whipping boy. Like I said before, it was tough
enough to be the butt of every joke by my classmates, but they were
only kids. Having a teacher on my case made it all seem hopeless.
I guess I'm being a little over-dramatic in the build-up, but it
really wasn't fun. I wanted better, not worse and having Miss Schreck
out to get me was definitely worse. But I survived. I had no other option.
My parents were dead set against me dropping out and being a bum.
Summer always brought the small relief of not being forced into
proximity with my tormentors and this summer was more relief that most.
Not only was I escaping the added burden of Miss Schreck, Buddy had
promised me full time work and a paid trip to a computer symposium in
Chicago. I was really looking forward to the chance to get out of town.
Even the discovery that Miss Schreck had a summer job across
the street at 'Sports City' couldn't blunt the excitement. I was good at
avoiding people. I had lots of practice.
The one time I failed in that avoidance turned out to be the
turning point in my life. I was not stalking her as she accused. I was
genuinely trying to stay out of her way. Looking back, I think it was the
other way around. It all seems to fit better if I assume that she was trying
to get caught.
In any case, I caught her. I was taking packing materials out to
the dumpster behind Buddy's and there, huddled against the back of the
strip mall, was Miss Schreck and a half-dressed girl of about 15. This
time I know it was the grin that got her.
"Wait," she called to me as I turned on my heel, "Let me explain."
Explanation wasn't going to help. What she really wanted to do
was bargain. I had no idea what to do, but I was feeling really good
because I sensed that I had removed a thorn from my side.
"Look, it's not what you think, but it's bad enough," she said,
"I know I've been a little rough on you (a little?) and I'm sorry (sure, now)
but can't we work something out?"
I still had no idea what to do. Which is another reason I think she
set the whole thing up. I looked at her kind of blankly.
"Come on," she whined, "Give me a break. This could ruin my
whole life. I'll do anything."
Now it was starting to seep through my thick skull. I still didn't
get why she was playing it up instead of trying to talk it down, but I
caught the sexual innuendo in that, 'I'll do anything.'
"Tell me where you live and we'll work something out later
tonight," I said, trying to sound more in control than I felt.
Let her stew. She gave me her address and I told her to expect
me at six. I told her that would give me more time to think what I wanted
from her.
It gave me more time to mull in confusion what had happened. I
had the stick, that I knew. What 'do anything' meant to me, I had no clue.
I tried to think of her in a sexual way and failed. She was all scowling
face in my memory. I couldn't begin to imagine how she would look
That was cleared up for me when I went to her place. Whether
she had assumed, or planned, I don't know, but it was easy to see what
she would look like naked through the flimsy robe she wore.
She was not an absoulute dish, but she was a grown mature woman and her curves showed that. Particularly broad across the hips,
her lower half made her chest look smaller than it was. Not that she was
buxom, or even large-breasted, but her hips made her normal-sized
breasts look like little apples on her chest.
It was clear what she wanted to barter for my silence. Or so I
thought. But nervous as I was, I was determined to drive a hard bargain.
The worth of her sin was one thing. The revenge I wished to extract was
"Have you had time to set your blackmail demands?" she asked
with less humility than I found attractive.
"Yes, I accept your offer," I snipped back, "I'll take everything.
you can do."
I wasn't sure that was the converse of 'I'll do anything', but she
knew what I meant. She looked more impressed than defeated by my
"Well, the worm becomes a man at last," she said with sarcasm.
"Then why don't you come over here and suck this man's worm,"
I fired back, my cheeks beginning to burn with the same disgust she
raised in me in school.
She grinned a knowing grin and sauntered over to me without
any more smart remarks. She went to her knees a step away from me
and reached out to open my pants. I was glad for the panic I felt. It was
the only thing keeping me from shooting off in my jeans.
I was- surprise!- a virgin and as she freed my erection from my
briefs, it was the first time a hand other than my own had touched my
dick. Her smile continued as my knees trembled while her mouth
approached my hard-on and then opened to engulf it. Lord, I needed
the nervousness to stay me as the first liquid feel of a mouth on my cock
shivered up my spine.
I thought I was going to lose it then, but to my greater glee I
found that the first urge to shoot off in her mouth was a false alarm from
my own anxiety. I relaxed a little and she began to move her mouth on
my member.
So this was a blow job. I could forgive the guys that told me to
blow them a little now that I knew what a great feeling it was.
"No! Don't stop!" I panicked as she took her mouth off me.
Her tongue never lost contact and I felt sheepish at my show of
inexperience as she licked me teasing, circling strokes. I tried to recover
by being stern.
"Get back to work," I told her, "You can taste it after I shoot
your mouth fill of cum."
I was shocked as she looked up with what appeared to be fear
in her eyes and obediently went back to sucking up and down on my
stalk. I didn't have time to process that look at the time. All my former
aids had dissolved in her renewed sucking and I knew it wasn't a false
alarm tickling me behind the ball sac.
My hips moved without my direction and she quickly turned up
the suction on my flavor straw. It was good to have someone that knew
exactly what to do. My load was on its way now. I think it was instinct
that made me cry out at that extreme moment.
"Suck it! Suck it all!" I half ordered, half begged, "Swallow my
hot nasty cum!"
Her hand was wrapped around me by the first jet and she was
working on the head with a mission. Her hand jacked me off as I
spurted off into her mouth and her head froze as her tongue teased rope
after rope of my jizm from my cock.
I saw her manuver to let a pearl of my semen leak over the
corner of her mouth. Then I was struck by the power of the tingle that
jerked through my groin at sight of her smiling face with the cum leaking
out. That must be an instinctive thing as well.
"Now you will be quiet about what you saw," it was as much
a plea as a question, but it was delivered with her patentened arrogance.
My anger prickled at her constant mistreatment of me. Perhaps
my lordly stance over her also added something to my own arrogance
in the face of hers.
"You haven't begun to pay me off for that," I told her. "That was
just to get me in the mood to think about what I want you to do."
She smiled. That was the first sign I fully caught. I didn't quite
understand it at the time, but I noticed that she was happy when I should
have made her mad. I was puzzled.
"Wipe that smile off your face," I snapped, and then added the
the first thing that sprang to my lips, "Or I'll wipe it off for you."
"Okay," she said in a new tiny little voice I had never heard her
use before, "If you want to."
I knew the thing to do was slap her across the face, but I
couldn't make my hand draw back to do it. I'm not sure what held me
back, but it just didn't seem like the right thing for me to do. "Take off that robe- and anything you got under it," I said
instead. "I want to see what I've got to work with."
She pulled the robe off her shoulders while she knelt and then
stood up out of it. She was naked except for a pair of bikini cut panties and her pair of short heels. She paused for a moment for me to take in
her smoothly rounded breasts and their dark erect nipples. Then she
hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her underwear and showed me
my first real pussy- real pubic fur and all.
"Leave the shoes," I croaked as I took in her nude form with
a wide-eyed stare.
"Turn around- and, uh, lean forward," I told her as much to
avoid her gaze as anything.
There was that big, wide butt. It dominated her rear view with
fleshy goodness. It seemed to me that it was so huge as to be malformed.
It spread out and went on and on as my eye travelled down far past the
point where I thought her ass crack should begin to split it in two. When
her crack did appear, as it seemed to me too late, it almost immediately
scampered out of view under her butt and over to join her other slit.
Then she leaned far forward and I saw the distance it travelled
beneath her made up for its short rise up her ass when she was erect.
Bent over, she presented more of the view I expected. She presented
more of everything than I expected. There was enough butt for a woman
twice her size amd there was more pussy peeping through than I was
ready for.
Perhaps I should say it was more than I though I would have to
deal with. From the way my limp penis suddenly began to stir, I guess
I was ready for all the pussy I could get. I wasn't sure how to proceed,
so I put her to work instead.
"Okay, turn around and take off my clothes," I said.
There was still a look of enjoyment on her face, but she was no
longer grinning as she turned and reached for my shirt buttons. It was
more a trance-like appreciation in her eyes as she peeled the clothes off
my body. As she bent to push down my jeans, her breasts brushed my
groin and my dick popped out to half mast. It continued its upward rise
as she pulled off my shoes and socks and dragged my jeans off my
I was not alone in appreciating the resurrection. As she stood up
in front of my naked form, her eyes were on its progress. She got an
eyeful. I could feel the floodgates open and my dick straighten and lift
as I realized that I was about to get laid for the first time.
"What's your favorite position?" I asked hoarsely.
"I like to be on top." she said, still staring at my cock.
I knew all of four positions. There was regular- or missionary,
her on top, on our sides- or spoons, and from the rear- or doggy. I was
planning on forcing her into her least favorite.
"What's your second favorite?" I asked.
She lifted her eyes slowly from my groin smiling again and said,
"I guess the regular way."
For some reason that smile did not strike me as offensive. I
guess it looked like a compliment in a way. I didn't feel that she was
mocking me, but that she was pleasantly surprised by the questions. If I
had been more experienced, I would have known that she was taking my
questions as a sign of what was coming.
Behind her I saw her kitchen. I'm not sure where the urge
originated, but I was suddenly hot for linoleum and formica. I had the
flash of a vision of her on the table like a Christman turkey and my dick
being the stuffing.
"In there," I said pointing towad the kitchen.
Her brows knit when she saw where I pointed, but she turned
and gave me another long view of the big rear as she led me into the
other room.
The vision had changed as I viewed it on the big screen of her
butt. I think part of it was the fascination I had with the huge
double-lobed pile of womanflesh that would be my entrance to manhood
and part was the disturbing feelings I got each time I looked into the face
of the woman who had tormented me so over the last year.
"Bend over the table," I told her. "Elbows on the table and put
your face in your hands."
Now both ends were playing peek a boo, and I was relieved of
my worry about the one end and able to focus on the other. Damn! I
needed this! It was just about me now. The world narrowed to my
hard dick and the fur-rimmed lips protruding back under her butt.
I was going to fucking get fucking laid. I was going to stick my
fucking cock into her fucking pussy and fucking fuck her. And I was
going to fucking shoot off in her fucking womb and fucking be a fucking
man. At fucking last!
When I finally ran down from my 'fucking' reverie, a little chill
ran down my spine as I knew I really had to do what I had been
bragging to myself. Trying to recapture the boldness, I stepped up and
pressed the head of my cock between the thick lips of her pussy.
She was wet. And she made a throaty humming sound as my
cock made contact. I felt my momentum draining away and pushed
abruptly to take back control. It was not quite what I imagined. But then,
I had missed and my cock was now between her thighs riding in the
slot between her legs.
It's a lot higher than you'd think- the hole I mean. It's right up
there at the very top when they're bent over like she was. I found that
out by holding my cock in one hand and pulling it up and up and up until
I finally sank inside her.
Then none of it mattered. She could say, do, whatever, I had
mine. It was very like the wet feel of sliding into her mouth, but warmer
and infinitely deeper. I guess ' more spacious' or 'roomier' is the nice
way to say it was not as tight, but it didn't make any difference to me.
It was very close if not tight and had a cozy feeling of welcoming that had
its own pleasures to offer.
Like I was some connoisseur of women's sex apparatus! But I
knew how it felt and it was making quite the impression as I got my
first piece.
Only then did the full setting return to my notice. I was standing
behind my nemesis with my cock up her snatch in her own kitchen. I
was laying the lumber to Miss Schreck and she had nothing to say about
it. At least she had nothing to say that would stop me.
"Don't hurt me," she said in her little voice, but this time I thought
she was mocking me again.
"I'll do what I want!" I told her in no uncertain terms as I pulled
back and jabbed my cock into her again. "You'll take what I give you
and like it!"
"Please, don't shame me," she whined in her new voice,
wrapping her mouth around the word, 'shame'. "I feel like you're making
me the student and you are the teacher."
Another clue, another missed reference that I would look back
on and wonder how I missed. But I was busy at the moment, knocking
off my first piece of ass. I guess I did catch the import of her words on
some level because I suddenly had the urge to paddle her broad ass.
"Shut up and take it," I warned and slapped her on the flank,
repeating the action and the words, "shut up and take it!"
There was the most delicious tremor in her hips as my hand
landed on the wide expanse. I heaved into her with renewed excitement
and punctuated my rush to fuck with more slaps on her ass. She moaned
like a forlorn animal as my cock plunged into her and the tremor became
a full-fledged jerking of her hips to accept my thrusts.
"Don't take my soul!" she cried out in her old voice, grabbing
that idea from God knows where, "Leave me a little corner of my
I didn't know and moreover didn't care what the hell she was
talking about. So I remained silent. My answer was to grab her where
her hips began their swell out to the broad base of her butt and pull
myself harder into her wet embrace.
I felt like a man now. I wasn't just getting some. I was taking it
the way I wanted. I wasn't getting fucked. I was fucking. My cock was
master of her hole and she was there to let me get it from her. I was
driving my rod into the spongy depths of her womanhood and pleasing
myself with the friction I was making.
"No! I can't!" she protested, "I can't let a child have his way with
Her protest made my dick harder. I liked the proof that I was
punishing her. I fucked her faster even with the growing tension I was
feeling in my balls.
"Don't cum inside me!" she begged, "I can't let you do that! I
can't have you filling me with your forbidden spunk!"
I wasn't really listening to what she was saying. I only heard the
unwillingness in her voice and the prodded me on to greater exertions in
thrusting my throbbing member into her twat.
When I did let loose the cum that had been boiling in my balls,
she howled as if she had been scalded and I felt her cunt tighten on my
cock. It jerked in a funny pattern as I flopped around trying to fuck
through my orgasm and I wondered if she was having some kind of
But by the time I pushed deep into her and rested, she was
likewise collapsed across the table, spread out like a beached fish. It
was that same process of realizing where I was flooding over me again,
but this time there were a lot more questions.
She had argued. She had protested. But it seemed to me that she
was helping me as I took her over the table. Her hips weren't fighting me
off, they were inviting me in. And for all her words, she had seemed
pretty willing to do as she was told so far. I han't had to argue with her
once when I had ordered her to suck me off or to strip or to bend over
for me to fuck her. It didn't seem to add up.
And now she was moaning in a most heart-rending way, as if in
despair, but she wasn't crying and she didn't strike me as being that
disturbed. There was a difference between the appearance and the fact.
But then I was no expert. As far as I knew, all women acted
that way when they had been laid. I didn't believe that, but I had to keep
my unfamiliarity with the situation in mind. I backed off and admired the
mess in her crotch as my semen leaked out of my teacher.
"Now you've had enough, haven't you?" she said without moving
and returning to the tiny little voice.
I was beginning to to suspect that she used that voice because it
made me want to punish her. It certainly did that. And I was in no way
ready to give up a woman that I could command to suck me and fuck
me until she was a whole lot more assertive that she was being now.
"You'll know when I've had enough because I'll stop," I told her.
"And that just might be never. I might leave you alone for years and then
come back for more."
Still no tears. I wanted to do something to her, but I couldn't
think of anything. I looked down at my penis hanging limp and got an
"Into the bathroom," I ordered her.
I followed because its location wasn't immediately obvious. It
was off her bedroom and I got a look at her taste in personal decoration.
Her bedspread was unremarkable but there were icons to our Pilgrim
past scattered all over. One rendition of a woman strapped to a dunking
stool caught my eye.
I went into the bathroom after her and reached over to turn on
the tub faucet. I rummaged through her drawers as she watched and then
threw a washcloth at her.
"Get down and wash your crap off my cock," I told her.
I watched her reaction closely. She went to her knees like it was
a familiar position for her. There was no resistance in her as she held the
cloth under the running water and then wrapped it around my penis.
I kind of lost track then. The warm washcloth felt real good and
I stopped noticing and started enjoying her careful touch as she cleaned
the secretions from my tool. She rinsed it off twice and then I stopped
"Kiss it thank you," I told her.
She leaned forward with an open mouth and I scolded her
"I said kiss it, not suck it," I corrected her.
It was a nice kiss. I motioned her to her feet and led her back
into her bedroom. I flopped on the bed and motioned for her to sit on
the edge next to me.
"You'll be available when I want you," I started reading her the
rules as I made them up. "Even lunchtime if I want you to come over and
give me a quickie. I'll drop by when I feel like it and you'll do what
you're told."
"What about my boyfriend?" she interrupted.
I got my best dangerous look, comical though it may have been,
and said, "He can watch, but he can't play unless I tell him to. You work
that out with him. Remember, I've got your ass in my hands."
She didn't seem upset enough with my answer and I wondered
if she really had a boyfriend. I wondered a lot of things as I lay there
and she sat so docile next to me.
"You got all that?" I asked and she nodded slowly.
"Good girl," I praised her like a pet, "Now if you'd like a good
time, I'll let you ride on top if you can get it up again."
I meant it as a suggestion, but she responded like it was an order.
She crawled up to lay next to me like a lover and rolled on her side to
reach down and stroke my penis. Her breasts were settled against me
and for once in my life I felt like a king.
"Can I kiss you?" she asked hesitantly.
Thinking she meant she wanted to suck me hard again I said,
"Sure, go nuts."
She rolled toward me so her breasts were crushed on my chest
and put her mouth on mine. Her hand was now between both our sets
of legs and as her tongue snaked into my mouth, she pressed my
cock against her slit and rubbed it there.
It was like an 'Archies' song- I didn't know how sweet a kiss
could be. It was like her tongue was directly raising my erection as it
wormed around in my mouth. As we kissed I could feel my dick inflate
like a love doll on a tire pump.
She adjusted her position without breaking the kiss and her hand
changed from the stroking hand to the guiding hand as she led my cock
to her entrance and pressed it inside herself.
Then she broke the kiss and raised up to slide down to the root
of my cock. She had cheated on waiting until I was fully erect, but the
gentle rocking motion she put her hips in was curing the oversight.
This was just as interesting as ravaging her. Having her use me
had its own charms. It was the same spongy compression I had
experienced before, but she was much more aggressive in pressing her
pubic bone on mine to force my cock as deep as it could go inside her.
She tipped her hips as she slid back and forth and I felt hard
things and tough things as she made my cock probe out the reaches
in all directions inside her sheath. I wasn't focused on the way she was
rubbing on me, but I could feel the constant tickle of her pubic hair as
she dragged it back and forth over my belly.
It was my best fuck ever (out of two) because I could feel what
her cunt was doing to me over the clamor of growing excitement. I was
a bit calmer and I had the advantage of laying back and doing nothing
other than soaking up the sensations she was evoking.
And there were her tits hanging right there over me. They were
big enough to fill my hands. I found that out by filling my hands with them.
It was the best way to play with a pair of tits I can imagine. She wasn't
objecting either.
That made me realize she wasn't objecting to anything anymore.
Ever since I had told her to get on top of me, she had been writing her
own script with gusto. Perhaps she was trying to make the best of her
situation, but even if that was the explanation,. her easy acceptance of
it told me she wasn't feeling as penalized as she was trying to make
believe. It was as if she was laying back and enjoying a rape- something
I had been told was never a genuine reaction to a rape.
So I fondled her tits and pretended we were both there because
we wanted to be. I was beginning to suspect that was the true
This time when I felt those strange contractions hug my cock,
they were accompanied by obvious sighs and open-mouthed gasps of
climax. It was also when she first began to pound her hips up and down
on my cock and again blow my composure as my cock screamed it was
on its way to another uploading of cum.
"Come on now, come on now, let's get this done," she was
urging as her hips did their dance of lust on my groin.
I was in no shape to reply as I waited in arched-backed
suspense for the moment when her motions would force me over the top.
She had to feel the first jetting of my cum because she
immediately dropped down tight on me and tried to rip my cock out by
the roots with her circular grinds on my dick. It was a cataclysmic
explosion and left me feeling finally drained and decisively empty.
She let herself down slowly on top of me and I held her until
my prick receded and plopped wetly out of her slot.
"No, that's not enough, but its enough for a start," I said to cut
off that question from her. "I'll be in touch and tell you when your next
duty will be."
I thought she might speak several times as I cleaned up and
dressed, but she held her silence. I could tell there were still things she
was keeping from me.
Part Two - I find out about the Puritans.


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