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TEACH2 movie was much clearer the


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

There once was a teacher of mine
Who thought it would be very fine
To purge her transgressions
With a couple of sessions
From one who was cruel to be kind.
-Lemur Love

Part II
I'm not a whiz in psychology, so I cast about in confusion for a
way to reconcile how I thought she should have acted with the way she
did. It was all backwards. The nastier I got, the more she liked it. The
nicer I got, the nastier she responded.
And the one moment that stood out from the rest was when she
was squatting below me and I wanted to reach down and slap her face.
She was positively alight with the prospect. The creepy feeling I got at
that moment kept popping into my mind as I considered what had
I wasn't a complete dope, but it was hard for me to put arcane
and bizarre things I had heard of together with actual people I knew.
Things like sadism and masochism were incredible tales that I could not
believe could exist anywhere near me. I couldn't begin to touch her need
for humiliation. Begging not to have something happen that she wished
would happen was far beyond my reasoning.
But I had a working theory I had developed that paralleled that
exact happenstance. I had noticed that in every case she had welcomed
my disregarding her pleas and been angry when I listened to her. That
made the theory spin off a simple working plan: I would do the opposite
of what she asked.
She protested crossing the road and knocking on the back door
of the store vehemently. She pleaded with me to meet her so she
wouldn't have to take the risk of bumping into Buddy when she came to
give me a blow job. She whined a little about the way I was using her
as I made her kneel and suck me, but nothing befitting the very real
danger of discovery.
I think she would have protested more if she knew that Buddy
was well aware when she was coming and watched her blow me through
a crack between the door and the jamb from time to time. Buddy had
been nice to me and I didn't want to go behind his back. He was also
understanding and didn't for a minute try and talk me out of my new
bizarre relationship with my teacher.
In fact, Buddy was the one that gave me the idea to take Miss
Schenk to Chicago with me in the first place. Not that he said that. He
was kidding me in that lockerroom way men relate when it clicked.
"I bet you're going to miss your blow job while you're in the
windy city," he was teasing.
I hadn't seen any reason to tell him the blow jobs were only a
small part of the service I was exacting from Miss Schenk, but his words
made me realize what it would be like without available pussy for a whole
week. But the answer was simple. Make her pack up and come along.
We had progressed down my trail of 'Br'er Rabbit' reasoning to
the point where I was having her crawl on her hands and knees like a
dog just for fun before I fucked her. I also had discovered that her love
of the Puritans hinged on their favored use of humiliation as punishment
and their penchant for rendering sinners helpless for their punishment.
We had come a long way from trading sex for silence. As she
would put it, I was holding her very soul hostage. That made it fitting that
I would treat her like a possession.
"I can't just pack up and leave. I have a job, friends..." she
trailed off when I told her of my decision.
She was sharp enough to know I was doing the opposite of what
she asked for. She studied me for a long moment, and I'm sure she was
calculating whether I would reverse myself if she begged to go along.
I wouldn't have, but luckily I hit on the one thing that made it a moot
"Babe, I own you like I own my jockstrap," I boasted to her, "If
I say you go, you go."
I saw the stars come into her eyes and could only guess at the
scenes that were dancing in her head as she considered my words. Of
course, that would only last until we were in Chicago. Once there, those
scenes would become bizarrely real to me.
It wasn't the nicest place in Chicago, but at least it didn't look as
dangerous as some of the neighborhoods we had driven through on the
South side. It wasn't Wacker Drive, but I wasn't paying for it either.
Buddy had made the reservation, so it was no hassle picking up the key
and finding my- our room.
The first thing we discussed was dress code. As in, if she wore
anything it would be a dress and if she wore a dress that would be all she
was wearing. She didn't even try to fight that battle. She stripped to the
skin and put away her suitcases.
I was pleased with how well my first attempt had gone over. I
had spent most of my time between deciding to take her and going to
Chicago trying to think up the things I could do to touch her secret
desires. As it turned out, nothing else I had thought up even came close.
We had doggy games and spanking games and servant games
at home that I hoped to adapt. But for the first time to inagurate our
week I just pulled down my naked toy and made quick efficient love to
her on the motel bed.
The wonder of sex had settled for me, but it had lost none of its
sparkle. I may have lost my fear, but the sensation had lost none of its
glitter. When I filled her with my seed for the umpteenth time since my
virgin trip, it still transported me to the conviction that this was the best
thing in the whole world to be doing.
When I pulled out, I announced to her that the wet spot marked
her side of the bed. And then it occurred to me that we would be
sleeping together all night for the first time in our relationship. I didn't
know what difference that would make, but I was amazed that it had not
occurred to me in all the planning I had done for our getaway.
It became quickly obvious that our prolonged togetherness had
been a factor uppermost in her mind during that same period. She would
be in a state of supercharged lust for a week as I provided her with
constant reinforcement of her desired submissive state. She immediately
adopted what I later learned was the common demeanor of a slave and
kept her eyes cast to the floor.
At the same time, she knew I was ogling her. Her naked charms
were by no means a mystery but they took on a new meaning knowing
she was at my disposal nonstop for the entire week. They were to be my
playground and I pictured the games I would play with her.
Staring got boring very quickly. I hadn't taken into account how
much time there would be with so little to do. Or perhaps better put,
how thin my plans were in the face of the time we had.
"Why don't you go clean up?" I told her, more to give myself
time to think that any concern for her cleaniliness.
She padded into the bathroom and I heard the water running.
All of a sudden I was interested in being clean myself and stripped off
my clothes to join her.
"I think you can wash me now- and don't forget anything," I told
her as I joined her under the warm stream of water.
She was appropriately subserviant as she soaped and rinsed me,
kneeling to work below my waist. She easily raised my erection again,
but I wasn't ready to use it right then. It was going to be a long evening
and I wanted to save something for the night.
It did get me thinking about sex though. It made me think of the
adult book store we had seen just back down the road. Normally, I
would be afraid I'd get in trouble, being underage and all, but this was
the big city and I wasn't from here anyway.
True to the code, Miss Schenk was wearing a dress she wore
to school and nothing else. Well, shoes, but nothing under the dress that
looked like a jumper over a white blouse but was really all one piece. I
dressed up to look as old as possible.
That was the least of my worries. I think the guy behind the
counter looked up, but I wouldn't swear to it. We looked at the stuff
together and my erection wasn't going down a bit. There was everything
under the sun there. I had to ask Miss Schenk in hushed tones what
many of the things were for.
She seemed only mildly interested in most of the wares, but she
seemed to be fixated on my hard-on. Finally, I let her drag me into the
rear of the store and into one of the video booths.
A couple of quarters later and she was sitting on the sticky
bench with my dick in her mouth as a movie of closeup genitals in action
played on my stomach. It wasn't like she demanded it, but I definitely
felt it was her idea to suck me off like a prostitue in this dirty book store.
"Show me," I whispered as she bobbed on my cock.
She lifted her skirt in response and I leaned back so I could see
her naked crotch past her bobbing head. Then I saw the error of our
situation and grabbed her head so we could turn around.
The movie was much clearer on the wall as I sat down and
leaned back as she knelt and continued to suck my cock. The movie loop was showing one woman with two men. They were taking her from
both ends and I felt like both of them as I rocked up to thrust my cock
a little ways in and out of her mouth. I was fucking cunt- I was getting a
blow job- both images were presented to me and the feeling I was
getting from Miss Schenk was alternately one and then the other.
They shifted positions on the screen and the woman was on top
of one of the men. I was beginning to lose interest in the movie. My
cock had about enough to explode and more and more of my attention
was shifted to Miss Schenk's sucking mouth. But I vaguely noticed the
other man moving behind the woman too.
Hot Willie Sunshine! The approaching explosion was twisting my
balls even as I had an obscure question what was going on in the loop.
My attention was yanked back to the screen as I caught the explanation.
One cock was in the woman's cunt and one was in her asshole!
The sheer novelty of the image made my cock fire. The
implications bounced my butt off the seat and I fucked her face as I
jetted out an apocalyptic stream of seed. Sex was so--- sexy!
I couldn't keep the guilty grin off my face as we went back into
the front of the store. I figured everybody would know what had just
happened back there and I was damn proud of that. But no one looked
up and no one made eye contact.
I had to satisfy myself with being a 'bastard' to Miss Schenk.
"Whatever could people want with those disgusting things!" she
said as we wandered into the bondage section.
There were cuffs and shackles of every description, whips and
chains and sex toys on straps whose purpose I could not fathom. I was
lost in a weird wonderland. But I saw the revulsion of Miss Schenk and
knew we had hit gold.
I fingered things to see her reaction. She didn't like the things
that could hold her captive. She actually trembled when I touched a
device with many long strands of leather fixed in a handle and the
strange plastic things on straps made her wince.
I didn't have a lot of money, but there were things I had to have.
Nylon and velcro cuffs, that whip thing, two of the toys and, upon
further reading of the package, the belt they attached to, it was a list of
items totalling near $200, but the look in her eyes made them necessary.
She didn't like them, so she must want them. They scared her,
so they were the things she craved the most. I tried not to think of the
hours it took to save the money and paid for the items.
"Whatever do you want with those-- things?" she asked as we
exited the store.
"Shut up!" I explained. "I don't even know what they're for, but
I think I'll have fun finding out."
It was an electric silence surrounding us as we took our
purchases back to the room. I set them in the corner, still in the bag and
turned to her.
"We're in the room. You don't need that rag," I told her.
She undid the buttons on the fake blouse and pulled the dress
over her head. There was no stirring in my pants as I looked on her nude
"Go sit on the t.v.," I told her.
She crawled up on the dresser and sat on the set as if it was a
"No, not like that," I scolded, " Spread those legs, I want to see
the screen. And get comfortable. You may be there for a while."
She spread her legs to the sides of the screen and leaned back
to rest against the mirror behind her. I turned on the set and flipped
through the channels as she sat with her spread beaver flashed in my
direction. That was as good as I could do for her at the moment, but I
did try to keep her thinking with a comment from time to time.
"Now you've got competition," I remarked to remind her of her
exposure, "Will I watch the show or look at your spread twat? You'll
see what kind of Neilson rating your cunt gets."
The weirdest thing was that she got wetter and wetter the longer
she perched on top of the set with her privates on display. I didn't know
if it was accumulation of if she was getting more and more excited the
longer I made her stay in place. The growing raggedness of her
breathing made me choose the latter explanation.
She had been on top of the t.v. for about half an hour or so
when I felt I could do her some good again. It finally occured to me that
I didn't have to screw her to enjoy myself and that I could probably get
her cumming like a faucet while I was doing it. Her pleasure was not a
primary force in my thinking, but since I didn't have anything else to do,
I wasn't against watching her squirm and whine like a cat in heat while I
put her through a few orgasms of her own.
It got her attention when I retrieved the bag from the book store.
She watched every movement as I unpackaged and unwrapped the
devices and lay them out on the bed. I felt a little bit like a pervert as I
sat next to the display, but it had her worked up.
It was that strange mixture of fear and desire I had seen on her
face before. Her breathing was ragged and she squirmed as she looked
at the items laying on the covers. Obviously, she knew more about the
way these things were used than I did.
"Get over here," I demanded and I couldn't miss the tremor that
passed through her at the order.
She got off the t.v. a little stiffly after her long stint and winced
as she stepped down onto the floor. She spproached the bed and stood
looking down with me at the array of devices spread on the bed.
"What should we try first?" I asked her and saw the tremor
pass through her again.
There was fear in her eyes, but no panic in her voice as she
answered, "I don't think we should use any of them. They all look like
they'll hurt."
There was that confusing paradox again. She looked scared,
but she sounded calm. She professed revulsion, but she wasn't backing
away. Even I got that she wanted it, but had to remain unwilling for my
demands to flip her switch. I could ask which one she feared the most,
but I decided to be bold and pick for myself.
One of the toys looked like a Peter Max Christmas tree. The
package said it was a butt plug, so there was little doubt how to use it.
I had read the copy and seen the illustration, so I chose that. But first
I had to get her into the harness.
It was more a belt with rings and accesory straps with snaps. I
cinched on her tight and then told her to turn around. Her eyes went
wide and she hesitated a beat.
"If you're going to use that--- thing, please let me grease it first,"
she asked and I heard serious fear in her voice.
I picked up the butt plug and turned it in my hand. It really was
quite wide at its widest point and she did sound earnest in her plea. I
looked up at her while I held the plug and saw real terror in her eyes.
At that moment I was hooked. Suddenly I understood her
conflicting desires personally. Her fear made my cock jump. I wanted
her to be the helpless victim she craved being. I wanted to be the one
victimizing her.
But somehow I also understood that it was all a play- a put on
that would be ruined if it got too real.
"Go get your grease," I told her.
It had to be the anticipation of what was coming that made her
search through her luggage so exciting. I had seen her expansive rear
view plenty of times before and I don't think it was the belt that made
the difference. But watching her paw though her belongings with her
available sex winking at me was a special thrill right then. We were on
the brink of something new, something forbidden, something kinky.
She finally came up with a small jar of Vicks.
"This is all I can find," she said.
I shrugged and crooked my finger at her. When she was
standing in front of me again, I handed her the butt plug.
"Grease it up," I told her.
Her nipples were drawn tighter than I had seen them before and
her hands shook as she coated the plug with the chest rub.I think
preparing her own instrument of torture was making her hotter than it
was making me and that was plenty hot.
"Okay," I said, taking the plug from her and turning her around.
I caught her hand and pulled it behind her and made her rub the
Vicks on her fingers into the crack of her ass. And then I bent her over
as far as I could make her go and stared at the tiny brown pucker
between her ass cheeks and then the plug. She was right to have that
terror in her eyes.
I had to get the plug through one of the rings first and I forced it
through with a big push. It gave me a foreshadowing of what it was
going to be like to push the novelty into her asshole.
She just moaned at first as the narrow tip spread the ring of
muscle, but as the plug spread quickly, she gasped with sharp little cries
as I forced her anus wide to take in the rubber toy.
"No- Wait! I can't take it that fast!" she protested as I reached
the widest part, but I was lost in the spirit of the game and pushed the
flange inside over her scream of protest.
"Arrrrghhh! It's too big!" she yelped and shook her ass as if she
had to go to the bathroom.
But the design was perfect to prevent her expelling the intrusion.
I snapped the one end tight through the ring on her belt and pulled the
strap between the lips of her twat to snap it just as tight on the other end.
She was still wiggling, trying to get accustomed to the large plug in her
butt and I watched her discomfort with growing lust.
Unfortunately, the strap made access difficult. There was
another ring- for the other small penis-shaped toy, but it looked too
small for my own cock to pass through comfortably. That left her mouth
as the next best target. But first I wanted to watch her dance around
with the plug firmly fixed in her backside.
"Stand up," I instructed.
She was uneasy at best as she straightened and her cheeks tried
to close around the end of the plug. I turned her around and was
pleased with the effect the strap had mashing her cuntlips open and then
trailing up to the belt. It was like a highway to her sex, emphasizing her
availability and the lush territory that was there for my plunder.
I changed my mind. I wanted to plunder it. I surveyed the
situation for only a moment before seeing the solution. It was the real
answer because it satisfied so many requirements of the puzzle that had
become our shared lust.
"Back to the dresser," I told her and took her by the arms to
actually back her into the piece of funiture. "Now sit."
She was tentative and slow in obeying. She came down easy
on the fake veneer and then hesitated more as the end of the plug met
the top of the surface.
"Sit, dammit!" I ordered and she was startled into dropping her
weight on the plug.
Her eyes flew wide and her mouth gaped as the plug was forced
in another half inch, but only a strangled sound escaped her throat. The
sound repeated when I grabbed her ankles and forced her to lean back
against the wall as I lifted her legs. My calculation had been correct.
She rested flat on the base of the plug.
I reached up and unsnapped the strap and pulled it down to
hang off the edge of the dresser. She was available to me once again.
The drawback was the angle, but I quickly adjusted to pushing
straight up into her beside the obstruction in her ass. It would not have
been comfortable for long, bending as I had to to make my entry
vertical, but I was not going to take long.
I had stepped into a brave new world and the excitement had
me more than halfway to cumming. My new status as a sexual
sophisticate was going a long way towards getting my heart pumping
hard. And the ridge of the plug in her butt was riding up and down the
underside of my cock as I plunged into the nicely compressed space in
her cunt.
Tight, naughty and inside my teacher, it didn't take any longer
than I thought.
"Take it, you little sex slut!" I rasped at her as I felt the semen
boil in my balls. "Squeeze my cock, cock glove!"
She shifted sharply as I started my abuse. Aha! Another button
she reacted to when I pushed it. I was much more interested in
cramming my dick in Miss Schenk than abusing her, but I tried to gasp
out a couple more defaming comments.
"Here it comes, cum sponge," I wheezed as I tried to lift her off
the dresser with a thrust. "Soak it up, you slutty whore fuckhole!"
She groaned and jerked. I came.
"Get your bellyful!" I groaned as the cum pumped out of my
She twitched and began to beg on her own.
"Please, let me live!" she begged. "I couldn't help myself. I am so
weak. Punish me, but please don't torture me more!"
I don't know where she was getting any of this. But it was
making her more excited than I had ever seen her. I listened to find clues
for what I could do to bring her to that state again- and by association
heighten my own ascent into the heady heights of sexual heaven.
I was fiercely blending her Puritan bent with the restraints that
seemed to facinate her and straining her pleas through them. Of course,
her pleas were really begging for me to keep up the treatment, that much
I had learned.
I pulled my cock out of her and snapped the strap back tightly
in place. I lifted her to her feet for a moment and then propelled her face
down onto the bed. The strap made an obscene thong creeping into the
crevice of her ass, while the butt plug was like a pervert's loin cloth
obscuring one of her orifices.
She lay quiet where I had pushed her and I paused a long
moment considering my next move. I wasn't going to be ready to fuck
her again for some time and I thought about that other toy. But should I
hold that back for later? I had already laced her up and there were
still other toys to play with.
Then there was a knock at the door. It was not a polite knock.
It was a demanding knock.
"Stay where you are," I warned her as I pulled on some pants.
The man at the door was my height but about twice as broad. I
figure he was all of 250 pounds. He looked at me with suspicious eyes.
"Somebody said you was killin a woman in here," he said bluntly.
I felt evil. Perhaps I was overcome by the jaunt through the city.
But it all fell into place before I had a chance to open my mouth.
"No, just test driving one," I said smartly and waved my hand to
usher him into the room. "Take a look for yourself."
She was still laying where I had put her, but I could see that her
blush had spread so far down her neck that it showed on the top of her
shoulders. He was looking too, but he wasn't exactly looking at her
"Why don't you give her a try," I suggested and caught her
hands behind her in the new cuffs.
I lifted her off the bed and down onto her knees while the man stared at both of us. He looked down at Miss Schenk, but she wouldn't
meet his eyes.
"Go ahead," I urged. "I'm sure she'll like it."
I think he visualized his cock fucking into her face for a minute
before he turned back to me and shook his head.
"Nah," he refused, "Just keep it down. We got straight people
stayin here."
It was a triumph both of action and inaction. I had submitted her
to being used as property in a real sense and she didn't have to complete
the deal. She got all the feelings except sucking off a stranger. She had
also learned that I was serious and willing to submit her to anything my
heart desired.
She was cuffed, plugged and kneeling on the floor of my room
at my mercy and she had just learned there was very little of that. But
the desk man had given me an idea.
I wasn't very skilled at this stuff, but I knew I read all the time
about men muffling women with their own panties. I got a pair of hers
and stuffed them in her mouth. I secured them with a shoelace, so she
wouldn't have to worry about them falling out.
Then I plugged her with the dildo. Now there wasn't a place for
me to stick my dick at all. And only one more toy to play with.
"I don't know why I even bother with a slut like you," I rebuked
her. "You're not even good enough for motel guys. And to think I've
given you the ecstacy of my dick."
I knew her well enough by now to see the effect my words were
having on her. She was getting in her 'treat me like a whore' mode again.
I undid the cuffs and spread her on the bed face down and tied the cuffs
to the corners of the bed over her muffled protests.
"I think if I flogged you enough to even out the priviledge I've
given you, my arm would fall off," I said, fondling the whip."Let's start
with ten and see about the rest later." Oaky, I hate to admit it, but watching the tendrils of the whip
snake across her ass and leave red streaks where they touched got me
hot. I thought I was doing it primarily to please her twisted tastes, and
it did that very well, but I found I had a taste for this game too.
By ten, she was shouting blurred things into the gag and flopping
like a fish on the coverlet. I was too short of breath for the exercise to
explain my state and I think both of us wanted just a few more to keep
the thrill alive. But I stopped.
The waiting seemed to have even a greater effect on her. She
twisted around on the bed like I had abaondoned her on the verge of an
orgasm simply from the whipping. And her distress was giving me the
urge to plunge into her again. Unhappily it was only the urge and not the
But she had put another weapon in my arsenal. I knew I could
taunt and threaten her to bliss.
"I know you want at least ten more," I teased the writhing
woman and let the strands of the whip trail lightly over the red striped
bottom captive on the bed. "How about a hundred?"
I allowed myself one quick flick of the wrist to snap the leather
strands on her butt one more time. Her reaction to the stroke was much
too much for the strength of the blow itself. I was getting to her.
"You are an abomination in the eyes of God," I said, starting
the Puritan rap, "You may even be a witch." I was going to berate her for the same sex faux pas I caught her
in, but the witch thing just blurted out. And it was a lucky slip of the
tongue. She went wild at the mention of the charge and I don't mean she
fought against her confinment. She shook like a frightened rabbit and
made a constant stream of blurred noises into her gag.
I grabbed her belt and bounced her on the bed, hoping that
would force the dildos inside her to move. And I continued to pound the
accusation that seemed to affect her the most.
"Yes, a witch! Witch! Witch! You'll confess! I promise you," I
said and she either went through or pretended a horrendous climax.
I was caught up in the emotion of the moment myself and found
my nostrils flaring with righteous indignation as the sweat gathered on the
back of my neck. This witch accusing was quite a sexual thing.
"One chance," I promised her as I freed her hands and pulled
her arms behind her to link the cuffs.
I dragged her off the bed and loosed the string holding the
panties in her mouth. They were wet and well-chewed. I dropped my
pants and stood with my cock hanging in her face.
"Change my attitude or you will burn," I told her.
Her tongue was strangely dry as she used it to trap my dick and
lift it so she could suck it into her mouth. As she sucked my still flaccid
cock, I felt the saliva return, but that was only a vague realization in the
midst of her warm mouth on my overused organ.
It was a whole other feeling as her tongue worked the soft cock
and I could feel every nuance without the thunder of thudding passion
drownding out the subtleties of her mouth work. And there was the
whole slavel/master thing that I was growing to like.
"That's right. Serve me, sex slut. At least your worthless body
has some use," I taunted her.
My erection was slow in growing, but that was perfect. I stood
over Miss Schenk and mused about the reversal that the summer had
brought. The fearsome high-handed bitch was groveling at my feet and
sucking my dick. And I couldn't complain about her lack of ability.
But once she got the blood flowing, my cock got with the
program quickly. As it came about three-quarters, I pulled it out of her
mouth and stepped forward.
"Lick my balls, sewer mouth," I demanded.
She did that with flair, finding every inch and some of the
surrounding skin with her tongue. I felt every inch the master then. A
quick thrust and I was fucking her face again and she sucked passivly as
I stroked in and out of her mouth. I had to change the flow on her.
"Just as I thought!" I snapped as I took my cock away from her.
I pulled her roughly to her feet and held her by the arms.
"Only a servant of the Devil would do such unnatural acts," I
She did a poor job hiding the satisfaction behind a mask of fear.
I spun her around and threw her on the bed again. I climbed over her to
retie her hands to the bed and then backed down her legs with no
specific intention in mind.
I was ready to- do somthing, but it hadn't jelled in my mind. And
a memory flashed into that empty space. I was staring at her red-marked
ass as the scene on the wall came back to me. The woman was full of
cock and then the second man put his cock in her ass!
I pulled open the snap and grabbed the base of the plug.
"Please, careful, it's so big," she cried out even as I yanked the
plug from her hole and she yelped.
Her asshole was like a slippery dark pit, stretched wide and
disappearing down into the void. It was calling to me. I moved up until
I could point my cock into the gaping hole and then fell forward over her
back and drove my rod up inside her.
"NOOOoooooo!" she howled as I passed easily into the
entrance the plug had prepared and then roughly into the snug sheath
"Yes, my little fuck slave," I hissed in her ear as I pressed my
belly tight on her ass and moved my legs between hers. "You might as
well give it all before you burn."
"But I'm not a witch," she protested, staying in the role we had
fallen into.
"Then why are you mistress of all that is unnatural?" I questioned
as I thrust again to be sure I had buried my cock as far as it would reach
into the grip of her ass.
"You seek your own sex. You seek to copulate in all ways
forbidden. You are immodest and lewd in the middle of gatherings.
What perversion is beyond you? None we have seen," I read off the
charges out of my own mind.
She was wailing quietly in the absense of real tears, bemoaning
her situation in a mock of the terror she would feel if my threats were
indeed deadly. She was so good in her fearful reaction to my censure
that I wondered how much of her protest at my anal entry had been
I pulled up my hips in that sexual reverse of a push up and
jammed back into her hard to find out. Her grunt sounded real to me.
I tested her another half dozen times and then some wiser voice inside
questioned my interest.
What did I care if it was hard, easy or indifferent to her? I did
not have to feed off her reaction. I had her tight sphincter ringing my
cock at the root and the shaft crammed into the passage up her butt
now made narrow by the rubber penis filling the other channel.
All the rest was just a game to fill the time as I fucked her. The
good part was exploring the tight tunnel like an explorer discovering a
new land. It was the other- the Northwest passage, the back door, the
alternate route, the cotton pony's detour. And it was damn good beyond
the fantasy value of boning my teacher up the butt.
I tried out this new treat with vigor and she complained with
growing volume.
"Protest knowing I will repay you in kind," I threatened her, not
sure what that meant.
I liked the sounds of her discomfort, but I didn't want that guy
coming back with more complaints. Then I saw the solution laying on the
bed beside us. I stuffed the panties back into her mouth and then saw
how loud I could make her yell into the muffling cotton.
Had her hips not been wiggling seductively, I would have been
fooled by the intensity of her cries. As I slapped loudly on her quavering
buttcheeks, her muffled roar of sound was ceaseless, but her ass told
a different story as it arched up to accept my hard rod deep into its
tight gates.
It was too inviting to be ignored. All thoughts, plans, designs and
calculations were forfeit. If her tight, hot anal sheath had cracked my
resolve to bugger her long and slow, then her greedy butt springing up
to take its punishment had shattered that resolve into a fury of jamming
into my teacher's butt driven on by lust and need.
The nuance was lost. The memory was blurred. Only the lust
burned white hot as I fucked her asshole. No thought of the forbidden
territory, no sense of the unnatural entrance; there was only divine
friction and a squirming partner urging me on to greater efforts.
She said she was orgasming without pause from the time I began
my mad assault on her bowels until I could no longer hold back the itch
in my balls. It was a strange, never before conceived entry for me, but it
seemed it was her port of choice- after being well-whipped, of course.
I don't know if I was more horrified or confused or fearful of my
sanity when I awoke the next morning beside my bound beauty. With the
fresh mind of waking I realized how far away from my life of a few
weeks before I had come. From fantasies over my morning erection, I
had progressed to taking control over a mature woman and I had
descended into the twisted dungeon corridors of the darker sexual needs.
I was just a kid. Had I gone too far? Miss Schenk, over her
protests, which I took as permission, had spent the night bound hand
and foot. The sight of her laying mostly on her side, turned toward me
with her wrists and ankles caught in the cuffs made me wonder which of
us had captured the other.
She was B'rer Rabbit and I had played B'rer Fox to stupidly
think that I was leading as she instead pushed me in front of her down
the kinky paths she wished to travel.
But then the fresh mind of waking heard a more insistent voice.
'Hey, you've got a helpless naked woman- a teacher no less-
stop being a wussy and fuck her.' was screaming up from my hard-on.
'What's done is done- you're horny and you need something warm and
wet to stiuck me in' my morning erection urged.
And, you know, it was right. Whatever clear insights I was
having were not working to get me laid. Right and proper be damned.
It was the first and best use of a morning hard-on.
I pushed Miss Schenk over so she faced the wall and as she
sleepily wondered where she was and what was happening, I slipped
the meat to her. Whatever else was happening here, sliding my cock
into her warmth first thing in the morning was a wonderful thing.
We lay like spoons and I let my cock enjoy her cunt without
moving while she spluttered awake.However we had come to it, this
was the way it was supposed to be. This was obviously what a morning
erection was for.
Miss Schenk was amazing. Her confusion at waking bound and
with a cock inside her vanished almost immediately. She wanted to play.
As I was luxurating in the warm carress of her tight cunt, she wanted
"Oh please, no more," she breathed with mock fear. "I have
told you everything. Please, no more interrogation."
"Don't worry, my pet," I told her, still resisting her urging to
move my cock inside her. "Everything I want I can take from you
without your participation."
I pushed myself up so she lay at near a right angle to me and my
cock slid deeper into her. It was time now. I rocked my hips in this
doggy position on our sides and my cock moved eagerly in and out of
her pussy. This was a lot better than beating off in the morning. In her
position, she was out of sight and it was easy to feel that I was alone in
the bed with a mysterious cunt to fuck into. It was a whole lot better
than beating off.
Obviously, she understood how she was being used as just a
cunt as she campaigned for me to switch positions.
"Please release me, this is unbearable. Let me go," she pleaded.
She offered to squirm off the bed, more warning than action and
I knew I had to get a better grip on her. On the other hand, if it was
what she wanted, there was no good reason to refuse.
"No. You know you want it, and I bet you want to watch," I
said as I rolled her onto her back amd released her ankles.
I pushed up on her feet and forced her knees to part as they
were pushed up to her body. I made sure she had a clear view of her
hairy mound arched off the bed and then put my cock to it.
"Mmmmmmm," I sighed as my cock sank back into her in front
of her eyes. "It's nice to have one of these to use when I want it."
She was rolled up good and tight with the spectacle of my cock
drilling her filling her vision. For my own part, I was on a clear path into
her cunt with no stopping until my belly mashed into her cuntlips.
It seemed to satisfy her perverse notions and I enjoyed the run
unabated into her cunt. It was no longer some touchy-feely pleasant
wake up bath in her warmth. I was drilling cunt hot and straight for my
own pleasure as she looked on and watched as she was taken.
My orgasm came like a bolt from my ass forward through my
cock and out the end. It was the cum stored through who knows how
many sexy dreams and finally deposited in a real, live woman's cunt before my feet had touched the floor to start the day. I was going to
have a hard time adjusting to not having a woman in my bed when I
woke up after this experience.
But then I had to piss- I mean really had to. As the events of the
morning shivered through me as I relieved myself, I remembered why I
was in Chicago in the first place. Today was the first seminar I had come
to attend. I would have to straighten up and get down to business. Miss
Schenk would have to be put on hold for a while.
Part III- There are many seminars to be given this week.


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