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TEACH3 sucked tongue hard into her


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

So when this teacher so sweet
Finally got back on her feet
I dropped a load
When I was told
She had fallen in love with my meat.

Part III
The seminar was as geeky a collection of guys- and two girls,
as I have ever seen in my life. I think that was the strongest message
from the seminar. Unless I took steps to merge with the mainstream of
soceity, I was going to be one of these guys in a few years. And I
wasn't comfortable with that.
For one thing, because I was the youngest at the meeting, the
rest all assumed an unearned position of superiority. They were just like
everyone else- only lamer. I knew I never wanted to act like that.
And then I did just that. They were teasing me with my age and
implying that my mommy must have brought me. How rude is that? I
lost my mind for a minute and told them that not only had I come by
myself (Wooooo!) but I had brought my teacher/sex slave who was
waiting naked for me at my motel.
That got laughs. I clammed up when I realized what I had done
and let them say all sorts of mean things without taking the bait. I could
have let them come back and take a look at Miss Schenk, but I had
regained my focus a little bit. Why should I share? I didn't have to prove
anything to losers.
Even the girls got in on it. To be fair, Angela looked guilty as she
giggled at me, but Shelly was quick to assure me she could tell I hadn't
even seen a naked lady, let alone had sex. Like either one of them had
been touched by a guy.
I went back to the motel in a foul mood. I had tried to comfort
myself with knowing that I was better off than any of them would ever
be, but their taunts still rang in my ears. This was no better than the rest
of my life.
I wasn't even in the mood to order Miss Schenk around. I had
her squat at my foot like a pet dog and tried to cheer up. Finally she
asked what the matter was. I guess I needed that input. I let her sit
beside me on the bed and we talked.
What did I have to hide, she asked. So I was young- was I less
of a man than some old geek? Who had more sex in the last two days
than the lot of them had had in their lives? They wouldn't know what to
do with a woman if they saw one. And Shelly? She just wanted to take
off her clothes for me.
If a naked woman did walk in, they would all shit their pants,
she said. There was a direction to this conversation. She wasn't going to
suggest it, but I know she was thinking I should take her along for show.
I couldn't figure where my hesitation came from. I guess all the
time I was having fun 'getting back' at my teacher, I was getting a soft
spot for her. By now even I had realized that we were playing a game
and she was letting me be in control only because it suited her kinky
persuasions. It somehow felt wrong to exploit her to solve my problems.
Either that or I was scared.
I fucked her without the appliances that night, just telling her
what I wanted and letting her serve me. She seemed to like that well
enough. The more I opened my desires to her, the more eagerly she
performed and the more eagerly she performed, the easier it was to ask
for what I really wanted.
I guess that carried over into the next day as I got ready to go to
the seminar. What I really wanted was to shut up the whole lot of them.
But Miss Schenk wouldn't be able to rescue me if things went wrong
and I wasn't confident enough in myself to be sure they wouldn't. It
would be worse if she had to come to my defense. It would look like I
was the toy and not her.
"I will do whatever you tell me," she said, looking me straight in
the eye as I expressed my fears at what might happen.
Her confidence wasn't rubbing off, but I could tell she was
comfortable with, even eager to go along. I had pulled out a pretty
modest dress for her to wear over her nudity. It was some thick knit
material with a knee-length hemline and a square neckline. I looked her
over and nodded. I would take her today.
"Sit here modestly and I'll call you if I want you," I told her.
They weren't really orders anymore. We had become
co-conspiritors. But mine was the burden of getting this party started. It
was a strange feeling to open the door and walk among the
confederation of geeks. Even with the ace in my pocket, I didn't look
forward to playing the hand.
It took all of three steps into the room before I heard the first
titters scatter around the room like popcorn popping. Someone had
made the first remark.
I waited for the first taunt. It was familiar territory. Not fun
territory, but familiar. Some big geek named Bob broke the ice.
"Hey, you tired from banging your teacher all night?" he sneered.
I didn't rise to the first cast. I waited until he'd reached deeper
into his arsenal before answering the challenge and starting the exchange
of demands and retorts. The fewer his comebacks, the quicker this
would go.
"I think you should have brought her in today, lover boy," Bob
Too good of an opening to pass up and I had a couple of things
in the back of my head already.
"So, what if I did?" I bit.
"Oh man, you are so lame," Bob groaned, "If you did- bring her
"Why?" I bluffed, "I didn't bring her for you."
"Geeze, kid, that is so poor," Bob closed in for the insult. "Why
don't you sit down before you look more like an asshole."
"I can prove it," I said, trying to make my voice crack.
"Why? You didn't bring her here for us," Bob mocked me.
"You're right, except I might bring her in for one of you," I said.
"What?" he said, puzzled.
"You're all in this together aren't you?" I asked the group. "I tell
you what. If I bring her in, I want the girls to take off as much as she
does. You're up for that aren't you, Shelly."
Shelly laughed. Sure she would. And if Miss Schenk was right,
she would be happy to have me call in that chip. What Angela's reaction
would be was a mystery, but she nodded as well. Then I laughed. This
was as good as sex.
"Loosen the buttons, girls," I said and walked back to the door.
I just reached out my hand to Miss Schenk and she got up and
walked in with me. I could hear 30 geeks calcualting the odds I had
been telling the truth. If I had been them, I still would have had them at
about 10,000 to 1.
But I knew I had pulled off a sucker bet. I walked her to the
podium and then turned to the girls.
"Won't you two join our show?" I asked Angela and Shelly.
Angela was every inch a giggling school girl, but she went to the
front with Shelly, who was the hesitant one. I think Shelly was taken
aback by her own excitement at the possibility she would have to put
her promises to deeds.
"Okay, babe," I told Miss Schenk, waving my hand up.
She was marvellously deadpan as she bent to lift her hem and
then pulled the dress up over her head. That caused a stillness like death
to settle in the room for about ten heartbeats. Then a muirmur grew to a
"Well, ladies?" I prompted the other pair, "I still want to see
what I've won."
They switched again. Shelly giggled as she began undoing
buttons. Angela looked around wide-eyed and frozen.
"Would you like some help?" I asked, reaching to pull up her
That didn't seem to bother her much. She started at me with a
mixture of fright and surrender as I undressed her at the same pace as
Shelly was shedding her clothes. She was cute in a coltish,
near non-existant-breasted, boyish hipped way. Except for the
unmistakable feminine curve of those boysih hips and the unmanaged fur
of her pubic bush, she looked like a 12-year-old.
Shelly was something to look at. In the grand scheme of life, it
would be pushing it to call her full-breasted, but in the company
bookending her, she looked well-endowed. There were also five or six
extra pounds layered in soft extra curves at the base of her belly and on
the edges of her hips. She looked pretty soft and inviting.
"Now that's nice," I told them as I looked over their naked
bodies. "I tell you, I'll never look at you the same way again."
I didn't know if guys were going to rush the women, or what
was going to happen. Their geekdom reigned supreme and they were
immobilized by indecision. I think they were getting all they could handle
by just looking at actual live nude girls.
"You girls want to bump the bet?" I asked. "I know you've lost,
but you want to up the pot to fucking me?"
I'm not sure they processed what I said. There was no response.
They were looking around, trying to cover up without looking like they
were covering up. I liked it, but the thrill had faded fast when they had
finally stripped to the skin. I appreciated the view, but it was the act of
them stripping for me that had been the turn-on.
"Well, I've seen it all, you guys can dress if you want," I said.
No objections from the peanut gallery. They were thinking about
how they would get to be my buddy.
I guess my suggestion did sink in because it was the girls that
moved over by me when they had dressed. They were very interested in
my 'relationship' with Miss Schenk. (Who I had return to the hall) There
was only one thing to do- invite them back to my room to see what we
would see. No expectations, no limits, they could get into it as much as
they wanted.
At least geek girls are pretty brave. They did come to the room
toting cartons of chinese and said they wanted to stop in and see our
room. They got to see Miss Schenk right off because I had her nude
again. Her floating around and me not assaulting her every minute
seemed to fascinate them.
"So, when do you guys do it?" Angela blurted out.
"Is that like a cue to get on with the show?" I asked and
Angela's hand flew to cover her mouth.
"No, no, I was just asking a question," Angela spluttered.
"Come on, you know you want to compare," I said, giving them
the benefit of the doubt that they had been touched, "You want to know
if it's really like the way guys have treated you."
I was on a roll here. I didn't think they had come innocently. I
pushed the envelope.
"In fact, I think you two should get naked so you can join in if
you see something you like," I tempted them.
Naked shouldn't be a problem after that morning. Hesitation =
carnal thoughts and vacillation about getting down to the nasty with me.
And if they hesitated and then got naked, I was guessing I was in for an
They hesitated and then stripped, but I was a little off in my
vision of an orgy. They needed plenty of prompting. Perhaps it was our
game that put them off at the beginning, but I tried to explain that as I
had Miss Schenk crawl down and suck my dick.
"Of course, you probably aren't as willing to take orders as my
sweetie here, so you have to imagine a lot of kissing and feeling you up
before you get down on it," I told them.
"We're not stupid. We're just not her," Shelly snapped.
I choked off the pithy, "pity", and instead went with the banal,
"But you could learn to be like her real quick, I bet."
"In your dreams," Shelly snorted.
"Hey, be sleepy old average, if you want," I replied. "But look
at this hot bitch. Imagine for a minute how many of her hot spots are
twitching while she's sucking my crank."
Miss Schenk wasn't a good prop. There was nothing in her
demeanor to back up my assertions. She was avidily bobbing on my
cock with her whole attention. It was good PR for a blow job, but it was
no incentive for one of them to take over.
Fortunately that changed as I stopped her and lifted her up. I
was arranging her on her back to fuck her when Angela peeped.
"Are we only going to get to watch?" she whined.
Shelly gave her a dirty look and I gave her one of surprise. I
would have been ready for Shelly to ask for it, but I thought Angela was
too shy. Hell yes, I'd fuck her. She was here and naked. Why not?
"Oh, sorry, I'm being a rude host," I said and shook my dick at
her, "Can I get you some of this?"
"Shelly said she'd go first," Angela shrank back from her bold
That was more like I had it figured. But Shelly was just as
scared of actually doing it.
"Thanks a lot Angela," she scorned her friend. "You pipe up and
then tell me to go first."
"Then I think Angela should suck me to keep me from losing my
hard-on while we straighten this out," I suggested.
Angela's initial hesitation was fake. She didn't want us to make
fun of her lack of expertise. She really did want to see what it was like to
suck a dick. With Shelly's support, we got her on her hands and knees
with her face in my crotch and she explored while Shelly and I hashed
out the game plan for us.
"So you both came expecting to get laid," I asserted.
"No," Shelly said and then vacillation set in, "Um- er- well, we
did talk about it possibly happening."
"And you did um,er, say that you would if it happened," I said,
mocking her.
I felt Angela nod her head with my cock in her mouth as Shelly
admitted, "Yeah, but I was waiting for my time. I didn't open my big
mouth before you fucked your girlfriend there. Besides, I said it mostly
to make sure she didn't chicken out."
I glanced at 'my girlfriend there' and she was trying to hide the
twinkle in her eyes as she lay where I put her as if she was just my sex
doll. She was enjoying this. I was putting them through the panic that she
loved and now could only pretend.
"What's the deal?" I asked. "I fuck you now or I fuck you later.
And I think I better fuck you now before you change your mind."
Shelly didn't have an answer for that. Like Angela, she had the
look of one that wanted to give in, but couldn't make the move herself.
Unbidden, Miss Schenk rescued the situation. She reached out to take
Shelly's hand and draw her gently around Angela's butt.
I think she was the one that cleared Angela out of the way, but
I was looking at Shelly sprawled in front of me and didn't notice. It was
a big moment for me too. I wanted to fuck her, but it seemed so abrupt
to just stick it in her and saw away. This was very different than fucking
Miss Schenk.
In a lot of ways, this was my first real fuck. Miss Schenk had
been only a cunt for me. Maybe she was more now, but that had been
all she was the first time I stuck it in her. Shelly was a person. A girl near
my age. This was a lot more like the way it was supposed to be.
I had to try to do it right. I made sure my dick rested on her belly
as I lowered myself over her and brought my face near hers. She was a
greedy, needy kisser. She sucked my tongue hard into her mouth and
then nearly choked me with the raw attack of shoving her tongue into my
mouth. She was not subtle. She was passion unchained.
It was as if she was afraid I would lose interest if she was not
attacking me. I had planned to slide down and kiss her breasts, but she
clung to me every time I tried to pull away. At the same time she was
trying to squirm her hips out from under me. Then I found out what she
was up to.
She moved my cock off her belly and went for it. As she hugged
me tight, her twat searched out my dick. She wanted it in her. She
wanted it in her now.
I finally forced myself out of her grip. I knew better than this.
"Calm down, you'll get yours," I gasped, finally allowed to taste
air again. "I like fucking. I really do. Let's make it last so we can enjoy
it more."
Then I teased her a little bit as I came close enough for our
tongues to touch, but not so close she could suck me into the whirlpool
of another suffocating kiss. She did want it bad and I let my dick slip
into her as she strained to continue the kiss.
It took a few minutes for her to calm her straining to slam her
hips into me. When she finally caught the slow rhythm I was using, I
dared lift a hand and put it on her breast. She groaned into my mouth as
I molded the pliant flesh.
I like to think I was introducing her to a brand new way of
making love. Whether that was true or not, I was obviously making her
happy. Her hips were still greedy for more, but she didn't seem to miss
the kiss as I fondled her breasts and flicked the erect nipples.
"Kiss me again," she asked plaintively, urging me to her with her
She seemed to relax when I held her tight. She even let me lead
a little when we kissed. Her attention had dropped to her lower end. I
was not immune to her passion and holding her tight encouraged me to
push harder into her hot reception. It was not so much fucking as
grinding as we squirmed together in each other's arms.
"MMmmm mmmMMMMmmmm," she groaned as her hips
became more urgent, her thighs riding me like a horse.
She had been a good girl. I gave it to her like she was asking
for it, short and stout. It was an incredibly intimate feeling of being
wrapped in her flesh. It was a different kind of sex than I was used to.
She seemed to feel the same way.
"Please, oh please, please don't stop, please, not yet," she was
begging, sounding near tears. "Please, oh please, oh please."
I wasn't about to stop. I thought she was pretty quick on the
trigger. Her sigh was deep. She gripped me tighter. She squirmed
convincingly. I felt like a real stud to go from yesterday's object of
ridicule to tonight's pleasure machine.
"Now let me," I breathed and moved back.
I straightened up onto my knees and lifted her legs up. With her
legs up the sides of my body and her heels over my shoulders I plowed
into her to get my own jollies.
She went ballistic. You would have thought I was gutting her
alive. But her kicking did marvellous things to the motion of her cunt, so
I didn't mind. Then I got a clue what was really happening. Sort of a
firm handshake, you might say.
I was doing something right and this time I knew it wasn't a
just a good feeling that was making her moan. Her tickling twitches
around my invading hoard assured me I had lined up three bars for a
jackpot on that machine.
I assume this was new for Shelly because her reaction was fear
of the unknown. Her eyes were wide as if in terror as her mouth worked
around the moaning sounds that issued from deep in her chest. It
certainly wasn't the look of someone in control.
"I want some of that, too," pouted.Angela as her friend bucked
with passion. "I'm ready to let you do it to me."
"NO! Not yet! Not now!" Shelly keened from the edge of tears.
"Let him do it to me a little more!"
I'd like to say I fucked her through six or seven quick orgasms
and made her my slave for life. But other than possibly that slave for life
part, it wasn't like that. I wanted Angela and Shelly was old news now. I
let her wind down through some deliberate thrusting, but I didn't want
to jeopardize being ready for Angela.
When Shelly's breathing had calmed to a heightened, but more
normal level, I detached. She mourned the loss with a sound, but I was
more cognizant of the gaze. As I cleared her sex, her eyes were fixed on
my cock. Perhaps she had correctly identified her true love in all of this
and was loathe to let it out of her sight.
That made two sets of eyes locked on the paralyzing poker.
Angela was gazing at my crotch as well, but her eyes had the look of
one beholding a dangerous serpent. A fascinating serpent at the same
time as she moved like a condemned woman to lie down next to Shelly.
"Uhhhh..." she made the noise to get my attention and then
gulped before telling me what I already knew in my heart. "I'm a virgin."
Maybe it isn't a conspiracy. Maybe women really don't listen to
what they say. Maybe they are really unaware of the contradictory
messages they send. For some reason I wanted to grant Angela the
benefit of every doubt even though her hesitancy had followed her
eagerness by a mere minute.
"So do you want it or not?" I said, using all my self-discipline to
keep my tone civil so that I had none to spare to choose better words.
"yes," she said in a small, small, voice, "Please don't hurt me too
While I had feared it hours before, now Miss Schenk's rescue
was welcome. Even her demeanor- a hand and then her bowed head
on my shoulder was a masterwork.
"She needs a hot bath," she whispered in my ear. "Can you wait
that long?"
"No!" I thundered, surprising myself with the vehemence of my
declaration. "You don't count enough to intercede. I'm the master here.
You see any other dicks in this room?"
I was winging it, but an evasion was forming in my mind.
"She says she'd take your place," I told Angela. "But I'm not
settling for this old bag of bones. And for her presumption, I'm going to
have her prepare you so she shares the guilt of your deflowering. Go
with her and I'll amuse myself with Shelly until she brings you back."
Two of us knew what I had just done. And I, at least, was
amazed I had pulled it off. It was wisdom I never suspected in myself.
Angela looked okay with being led to the other room and Shelly was
aglow with the prospect of my cock rummaging her to those unknown
heights again.
Shelly even played with my cock in slavish awe before she laid
back and begged me- begged me, to fuck her again. I didn't hold back
and I don't think she could. I didn't even think of the ramafications until
after I was laying breathless with her half on top of me and my cum
seeped onto my leg.
"Jesus- are you going to get pregnant or something?" I panicked
when the consequence hit me.
Shelly didn't ask me what the something might be, instead she
calmed me, saying, "My mother gives me the pill for my complextion."
I might be experienced in fucking, but there were a few things
about sex that I still had to learn. I made a note to myself to make
inquiries before I filled a girl with cum next time.
Then I really did want to wash off my cock- really. The two
hushed instantly when I walked in, but I could tell they were talking
about the upcoming sacrifice of Angela's virginity. I got more information
from the way Miss Schenk was hovering over the naked Angela in the
Obviously Angela didn't mind the attention and I put that with
her demeanor with Shelly to figure she liked being led. She didn't seem
uncomfortable with a little girl-girl intimacy either. I washed off in the
sink and left them to their secrets. I would be opening the only secret I
cared about presently.
Shelly was adoring and just as clingy as her kisses had been
needy. I guess giving her an orgasm made me some sort of sex god in
her eyes. It was a trifle creepy to have her faun on me, but I got over it
when she slid down and offered to suck my dick. Have me tell her how
to do it, was the way she put it.
No doubt, the idea of being the expert was flattering, but I knew
better than let it go to my head. It was her head that mattered then
anyway. She had manged to suck up a flicker of interest when I finally
heard the bathtub drain and muffled last minute instructions coming
toward us.
Angela was trimmed and sparking, smiling a shy smile as my pet
led her to the deathbed of her innocence. Miss Schenk gently coerced
Shelly from the bed and then arranged Angela for me. Her pubic hair
had been cut short and combed back and as she lay with her legs
spread and her feet flat on the covers I thought the lips of her sex were
too red to be real.
But nature or art, the sight had an uplifting effect in my groin.
"You ready to do this?" I asked gently.
Wooops! Almost forgot. And it had been all of ten minutes.
"Are you on the pill or something?" I asked her and she shook
her head.
It would have been the perfect quiz of ethics if Miss Schenk had
not again come to the rescue. She pushed me aside (I noted that she'd
pay for that later) and did something up inside the slender little dear.
Then she filled her with whipped cream. At least that's how it appeared.
All impediments no longer admitted (until the second showing)
I got between Angela's thighs at last.
"You know, you're cute," she told me as we lay face to face.
"I think you're neat too, okay?" I said as I was past the point
where I wanted polite conversation.
I did like her okay. There was something about her free, but shy
manner that I found attractive. Right then I was thinking about more
immediate things, like immediately getting my dick inside her virgin body.
"Don't you want to kiss?" she asked as I tried to find the
opening between her impossibly red vaginal lips.
I did like her and all. She looked fun to kiss. But there was a
strange reluctance on my part to make this a lover's moment. Like I
feared I would be losing something as precious to me as her virginity
was to her. Like I would be slipping backwards.
But I couldn't very well just stick it in her and fuck her with her
looking up at me that way. I kissed her.
It was like kissing a sunbeam. She was so fragile and ethereal,
yet warming. And her arms wrapping around me were like a sunbeam's
warmth. My premonition had been true. I was lost. There was nothing
to her, yet she filled me up and took me over. It was more gentle than
I imagined a kiss could be, but I was enthralled, enraptured, entranced.
I was roused by a slight twitch of her head and a short gust of
her sweet breath blowing into my mouth. Her hips moved and I realized
that I had missed the prized moment of her surrender. But all I had
missed was the notching of some imaginary male belt.
Something deep as instinct but pure as love had propelled me
though the virgin gate and she had surrendered in one sweet exhalation
that brought us together. I pushed to the limit of our union in full
consciousness and deep appreciation of the territory I trod.
"Oh my!" she gasped, her wide eyes staring up and showing me
that she shared the emotions that were threatening to shake me like a
leaf in the wind.
"Do it to me now," she urged as I paused to catalogue all I felt.
"But make it just for us. Make it special."
I didn't make it anything. It just happened. Throughout I didn't
shake the feeling that I was fucking something otherworldly- firmly
gripping, but ephemerally light. She was an emotion rather than a
sensation and it was comfort and belonging, like the tunnel of light
described by those who have returned from death.
Only at the end was there anything to ruffle the calm of our
coupling. And then we became the monkey and the tree, wrapped on
each other as we struggled to the ultimate release.
It was scary first off. A flood of emotions, mostly negative ran
through me as I looked down at the girl that had affected me so deeply.
I thought she was a witch, soul-sucker, vampire. But she was just a
little wisp of a girl with a blissful smile spread across her face.
And my cock had no such prejudice. It rested in almost pristine
preservation inside Angela. Except for the fire of desire, and a certain
flinty finish to its hardness, it was the same pillar of flesh that had taken
her virginity. I began to think she was only a witch in the best sense.
We may never have moved again without prodding.
"Come on," came Shelly's voice after what seemed only an
instant. "We've got to go. There's more seminars and they start pretty
early in the morning."
Angela kissed my cheek and then urged me to get off her. They
dressed and left. It was late. We must have lain in that timeless embrace
for half an hour. I looked sheepishly at Miss Schenk.
"I don't know what happened," I began.
"I do," she said. "You're in love."
What a hoot. Some girl laughs at me and I fuck her and I'm in
love. I tried to laugh, but the sound was false even to me. It didn't make
sense but that squared with my feelings. Nothing was making sense right
"I thought I was in love with you," I blurted out, suddenly making
a leap from some of my musings about the change in our relations.
She laughed. And then she caught herself and pulled a serious
look onto her face.
"Sorry," she apologized for her outburst. "I guess we have
developed something over the summer, but it's more like lust than love.
Don't get me wrong. I do have feelings for you. And we have got
comfortable in a kinky kind of way. But, believe me, it's just your need
- okay, my need too- for sex that we share. You've been very intuitive
about my needs and we've had a lot of fun, but that thunderstruck feeling
you have with Angela is love."
"I knew something strange was happening," I admitted. "But how
can it happen just like that?"
She laughed again, this time with no apology.
"That's the thing about it. It jumps up and bites you," she said. "I
can't explain it. I don't think anyone can. It's just the way it is."
Somehow I knew she was right, but that didn't help. I was
totally lost in the woods on this one. I looked at her, seeing the woman
rather than a collection of sex parts for the first time and begged for her
"So what do I do? What happens next? How do I..." my
questions swelled and then trailed off.
She held up her hands in a fending off gesture.
"What do I know? I live alone and fuck schoolkids," she said.
"But in this case I think I have a few insights. First, Angela was attracted
to you from the start, just as you obviously were to her. And she wasn't
just waiting for the first guy to notice her to drop her pants. It had to be
you or someone who affected her like you. Giving herself to you was
a significant thing for her.
"I also watched the sparks fly from your first kiss and, correct
me if I'm wrong, you felt the world move too. I don't know if this is the
quote, real thing, but I'd say it's real love. It might be first love, puppy
love, but it all feels the same. What you do about it is up to you. I mean
you've got to- excuse the corny line- follow your heart. I can't tell you
how you feel," she wound down with a shrug.
"Come here," I demanded, pointing to the bed beside me.
Her brows wrinkled but she walked over and sat down. I
hugged her. I put my face against her neck like a son and held her for
a moment.
When we moved apart, there were tears in both of our eyes.
"Thank you," I said.
"Hey, as long as you don't turn me in-" she tried to laugh at her
joke, but we were both too somber.
Things had changed and I know she knew it before I did. I
didn't really want that. I wanted to be the sophisticate with pussy falling
out of my pockets, but I couldn't. I kept seeing Angela's face. I really
wanted to have one last wild debauch to at least say goodbye, but I
couldn't even do that.
When I looked up, Miss Schenk was at her suitcase holding up
"I suppose you'd like me to wear these again?" she asked.
That was a good one. We both were able to laugh now. We had
shared a lot that was over. At least it looked like it wasn't all at an end.
"Hell, no," I said. "I gave you a dress code. You're going to
stick to it."
She wasn't the temptation. If I could talk myself into it, she
would be face down on the bed and I would be balls deep up her ass. It
wasn't her. I felt bad about that. I felt even worse because she was so
understanding. I think she did love me a little.
We'd sleep naked together one more night. No reason to
change that.
I kissed her awake in the morning, but there was no temptation
to roll on top of her and use up my morning erection. I had been having
strange butterfly dreams about Angela all night. We were like an old married couple.
"Miss Schenk told me to ask you if you were packed yet," I
said first thing to Angela outside the seminar.
Her look said I had made a direct hit.
"Where did you get that idea?" she replied defensively.
"Miss Schenk," I repeated. "She knows all about women, being
one. And she told me to tell you she could be gone by noon."
She blushed. I must have been in love because it was the cutest
blush I could imagine. But then she fixed me with an accusatory stare.
"Do you have anything to say that's from you?" she asked.
I may have blushed myself. I know I gulped a couple of times
trying to get the words out.
"Just that last night was very special and I hope she's right about
your romantic notion of moving into my room," I said and gulped the big
gulp. "Because I love you."
It didn't seem that silly to have this scene. I had to be far gone.
Angela ran into my arms and we hugged.
Miss Schenk came by with her bags at lunch break. I kissed her
on the cheek like the good friend she had become and she wished us
both luck. As we hugged one more time, she whispered in my ear: just in
case, I left your new toys in the top of your suitcase.
Love? What do I know? I have to take it as it comes.


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