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TEACHER stretch top her hips gyrated



"Oh, Baby... you make me sooo horny when you move your body like that."
"Do you like my body?" She wore a tight black leather skirt that hugged
her ass so tightly you could almost make out her neatly trimmed pubic hairs
naked against the skirt. Her hands were cupping ample breasts bound inside a
black stretch top as her hips gyrated enticingly. Her magnificence stretched
the cotton to its limit.
"More than life itself!"
Her breasts were a good size. They would feel very good in my hands when
I squeezed them. I was very hard. The way she looked at me made me light
headed as all the blood rushed into my engorged cock. It was getting difficult
to think clearly when she began to walk toward me while her eyes locked on mine.
She had a predatory look on her face. High heels and tight black leather make a
lethal combination.
"How are you doing down there?" She asked as her right hand fondled my
crotch through the blue jeans.
"Can't you tell?"
"It seems like he needs to be released." She went down on her knees
before me while at the same time unzipping me. Her hands worked quickly to
unbuckle my belt then yanked down my jeans and boxers in one move. All I could
do was put my hands in her long black hair when her lips encompassed me. It was
hard to believe that just an hour ago Sam was a prim second grade teacher
keeping the kids in line as she taught multiplication. Now she was on her knees
in front of me preparing to take my load.
Her tongue ran over the head of my cock, wetting the entire tip. The
moisture and warmth made my knees weak so I held onto her head for support.
Then Sam took my entire length into her mouth. Part of my cock tickled her
throat but she suppressed the gag, massaging my tip with her esophagus while she
squeezed the base of my staff. In this way she milked me with her hands, mouth,
and throat. Looking up at me every now and then to enjoy the look of ecstasy in
my eyes. It didn't take long for an orgasm to start building in my balls. She
felt the familiar tightening in my cock and grabbed on tightly to my ass and
pulled back slightly so my cum shot into her mouth. "Ahhhhhhh... uh uh uh uh!"
I spasmed into her.
"Ohhhhhh yes!!" Sam loved the taste of cum. It gave her pleasure to make
men cum so quickly; plus it removed their tension so they lasted longer when she
screwed. This way she got off every single time.
She took my hand and led me from the living room down the hall into her
bedroom. Then she pushed me onto the king size bed. The silk sheets felt
luxurious on my skin. Her eyes were full of lust as she anticipated the
pounding that she was about to get. My cock came to life again while she shed
her scarce clothing to reveal a voluptuous figure of silky white skin. She
climbed on top of me and slapped my hands away when I reached for her hips.
Everything about her was sexy, like liquid sex appeal flowed in her veins. Sam
reached behind her to guide my cock into her dripping cunt. Her warm moisture
ate me up quickly. Suddenly I was pounding in and out of her at the wild pace
she set with her strong hips slamming into me. Then she started to feel an
urgency travel up her spine. I could see her eyes glaze as she looked through
me and her cunt sucked me in at a more rapid pace. "God! Yes! YES!!!"
Her body shuddered through an orgasm and she collapsed on my chest for a
minute. But now I was hard as hell and needed to release another load into her.
So I eased her onto the bed and got behind that fantastic ass. She wiggled that
pussy up at me lazily knowing exactly what I needed. So I grabbed her hips and
sank my length into her slippery hole. "Ahhhhhhhhhh..." Another orgasm wracked
through her body after I pounded her a few more times. Her body was languid. A
drugged look coated her eyes while her body bucked against my fucking pelvis. I
needed to cum!
Then she unholstered me from her belly smiled up wickedly. "Not there. I
want your load in my ass."
Who would have thought this mild mannered school teacher was actually a
wild beast that needed to be filled in every hole! So I dribbled some saliva on
her asshole, which was already moist from all the juices coming from up front.
She braced herself on the pillow and raised her ass up at me. I stretched open
her buttcheeks and slowly eased my way into her bowel. God! "You're sooo
tight! Oh yes!"
"Slam it into me you fool!"
So I did. She wanted it rough and hard. It made her feel good to get
slammed by a stiff cock in a tight hole. Sam started fingering her clit and
began making those mouths at me like she does right before cumming. I felt that
one. "Ohhhhhh yessssssssssssss...." Her muscles squeezed down tightly on my
almost painfully as she sum again and again as I pounded her ass. "Oh God Don't
Stop Oh GODDONTSTOPOHGODOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!" Her ass milked the load out of me
as she came repeatedly from my slamming into her. I shot about a gallon of cum
into her ass. We both collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion and I fell asleep
still deep inside of her belly.



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