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TEACHERS old the librarian that had


This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so please don't
make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all e-mail at Really. It makes my day like you wouldn't
believe. How come you haven't written already?

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"Teachers" By Shon Richards

Erica was reading to children when I found her. There she was, the
teacher on summer vacation and she was still hip deep in small children.
Yes, she was beautiful and yes, watching her being sweet to kids was always
a turn-on, but damn it, this crap had gone on long enough.

Behind her, one kid was slowly approaching her long blonde hair with a
pair of scissors. See what I mean? Even the little bastards knew better.
They knew it was summer. They knew that this was the time to do something
you'll get spanked for latter. Why, oh why was she volunteering at the

Through sheer force of will I caught the kid's eye. He must have been
about seven. I didn't have to say a word. He put the scissors down and
ran away. He knew I was one of the bad kids when I was his age. I still

After Erica was through with the story, I quickly walked up to her and
kissed her on the cheek.

"Come on," I whispered. "We need to find the broom closet."

"Why?" she asked as she stood up.

"Because I told the librarian that I had some terrible medical news to
tell you, and was there a place that we could talk without hearing you

She started to smile but then her teacher's face appeared.

"You told Mrs. Winnows I had something horrible just to get me alone?"

"No. I just lied," I told her.

When we found the broom closest, Erica was just beginning to smirk. I
flipped on the light and locked the door. The lock made me pause; why
would a closet have a lock on the inside? It occurred to me that even
librarians understood things better than Erica.

"What's so important?" Erica asked.

I answered her with a kiss. It was one of those good kisses. The kind
of kiss that involves some ass-squeezing, a little hair-mussing and a whole
lot of air being stolen. It wasn't how you're supposed to kiss a teacher.

"What was that for?" Erica gasped.

"What is the point of being in love with a teacher if she doesn't take
the summer off?" I responded. My hand moved under her shirt and did
something naughty to her nipple.

She didn't move my hand away. "I just can't quit when the summer
comes," she said. "A teacher is who I am. I like being around kids and
they need a teacher during the summer at the library."

I did something naughtier to her nipple. She moaned but like a good
teacher, she refused to let bad behavior distract her.

"What do you want me to do? Wait at home all day for you? Be your
little love slave?"

"No," I said as I kneeled down before her. She didn't realize who was a
slave to whom. I unfastened her pants and pulled them down.

"What are you doing?" she chuckled as she feebly tried to push me away.

"Just as I suspected," I grumbled. "White, boring panties. Not even

Erica laughed. "What does that prove?"

"That you've forgotten," I said as I pulled her panties aside. Before
she asked any more questions, I kissed the bare lips of her sex.

Erica's hands quit fighting me and instead tangled themselves in my
hair. I took her invitation to part her lips with my tongue. Several slow
licks later, Erica pushed me away.

"Not here," Erica hissed.

"No talking during the lesson," I responded. I gave her a tiny flick of
my tongue on her clitoris and her knees shook in front of me. My tongue
continued to 'spank' her until I felt her fingernails digging into my

"Please," Erica groaned ever so softly.

I didn't ask if the please was to stop or continue. I simply continued.
My mouth covered her sex and I took her lips into mine. Quite frankly, I
ate her. I ate my workaholic, duty-obsessed, kid-loving, teacher
girlfriend until her hips were fucking my face. When I felt the familiar
clenching of her climax approaching, I stopped.

"What?" she demanded, much louder now.

"Do you know what you have forgotten this summer?" I asked from below
her waist. "Yes, you are a teacher, but you are also a woman. Live a
little. Fuck a little. Do something these next few months you won't be
able to do when those little bastards need you to correct their spelling."

She thought about it. Her cheeks flared and her throat swallowed.
Maybe she wasn't thinking all that much.

"Fine, point taken, just fuck me!" Erica hissed.

She pulled me back onto her sex and I chuckled while her sex filled my
mouth. I doubt that she got my point. After she climaxes, I bet she'll go
right back out to those kids and read to them some more. It was just who
she was and who she will always be.

That was okay. Some lessons just need to be repeated.


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