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TEARS movie can find blockbuster


By cowgirl

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may download and keep
copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the author. All
other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

A woman's secret erotic fantasy of
watching people cry comes to life.
(F/FF, humil, con, Mc?)

I was siting in the resturant with my boyfriendwhen my attention was rivited
to the waitress a few tables away. Some weird little drama was unfolding
before my eyes
and it looked quite juicy! All the more involving because I couldn't hear
what they were saying, and had to piece it
together from their actions.

The waitress, an below average looking red head in her late twenties, was
wearing her spiffy white shirt and black tie with slacks. She keept
returning to this cold looking blond in her fifties. Something was making
the waitress barely hold her tears back. I had trouble pretending to listen
to Jeff, as I strugeled to figure out the poop! I also had my predictable

You see, ever since I was a teen, I found myself aroused when watching
people cry. It's so strange, and I'm quite a normal and compassionate person
otherwise, really! I've driven four hours in the rain, just to watch the
latest tear jerker that I can find, or secretly search for any depressing
movie I can find at blockbuster and emerssed myself privately in it just to
watch the actors eyes water!I know, It's almost funny ,if it weren't so
bizarre. I know, It's sick,sick, sick, but I just can't seem to help it.
However, as erotic as I found all these movies and stuff, it's still only
make believe.
So * this * little scene, actually happening in real life before my eyes,
really had my attention fired up! The waitress was becoming more and more
frazzeled. This woman couldn't just be a customer, I thought, running my
tongue over my teeth. It must be her boss. Was she getting fired? The pain
in the face was so real. I felt so lurid for how excited I was becoming.
Part of me was secretly rooting for this blond woman to wear her down, and
another pert was embarrassed with myself. This girl's suffering was real,
not some damned side show! What the heck was wromng with me?

The waitress abruptly left the table and hurried off to the other ned of the
resturant back by the kitchen, desperate to blowing her noes and hide this
from the pubilc. Most people were self absorbed, but a few noticed. I felt
relived and disapointed that it was all over, and checked back in to see
what my boyfriend was saying.

I was dumbfounded when the waitress returned carrying a drink and a
notebook, appearntly in desperation to appease the cruel bitch, smiling
through her sad little tears! I became breathlessly infuriated and
shamefully horny watching this humiliated young waitress putting up with
such treatment. I could see the woman pointing out some problem with the
notebook, and could see fresh gathering around waitress' cheeks, dribbeling
from her quivering little chin. I could no longer stand it anymore and
reached for myself under the
table as subtely as possibeso my boyfriend wouldn't notice.

Though I couldn't hea the words, the older woman was merclessly clear the
waitress would soon be fired soon, I speculated. What would make any job
worth such abuse? Maybe the older woman was her mother, or they were related
somehow? Some deeper emotional tie she couldn't break? Why else would she
accept such lowly treatment, I asked myself unbuttoning my jeans under the

I mean, I was a C.P.A., or trainting to be, so I wasn't raised socially to
anyone treat me like this. Maybe waitress just have poor self esteem, I
wondered, fingers secretly probing my pubic mound as I noding at my
boyfriends abd jokes. I drunk in each fearful movement of her face, afraid
people would notice while so desperate for the woman's approval, she
finnally broke down into audable sobs and publicy bolted for the kitchen,
close to hysterics. This time people * did * notice, even my oblivious

"Hey, what was that all about?" he asked, looking back over his shoulder.

" I dunno, but I have to pee. Be right back." I said snaping my pants as I
got up and made my way to the restrooms, which was so close enough to the
kitchen, that I couldn't resist. It looked empty, so I boldly slip in to
take a peek. I saw the girl standing along in the back of the kitchen with
her head bowed, wimpering. I couldn't help myself. This was a once in a
lifetime * real life * chance to milk an ugly situations that I knew I'd be
fantasies about for the rest of my life.

If only I had a cam corder, I snickered to myself, as I sneaked up to the
waitress and came up behind her, I shvered inside. My boyfriend was waiting
outside too. This was dangerouse and stupid. Plus I had * zero * Idea what I
was going to say or do, but I was more aroused than I'd ever been in my
life,just listeneing to her pathtic little sobs. The mercenary thought of
berating her further even flashed through my mind, or getting her to cry her
eyes out to me in a sympathtic hug, all the while basking in the warmth of
her pain and humiliation!

She looked up at me, puzzeled. She asked if there was something wrong, but
before I could speak, I heard the blond woman behind me.

This is the kitchen. Costumers aren't allowed back here for Insurance

"Oh, uh...sorry. I was just looking for the bathroom..." I lamely mumbeled.

"That's a lie" The older woman bluntly said, looking me up and down. I could
tell she was the owner, and was too stuned to respond.

"I just... I mean...."

" What do you do? "

"huh?" the question threw me, totally out of context. I stood there dumbly.

"It's a simple question. Mr. Bradley here is a comen waitress. How do you
account for youself in this world?" she repeated in irritation. My face
beamned that I had a position that would comand at least a little respect.

"I'm a CPA. I do people's accounting. Or rather.....I'm studying to be." I
added sheepishly, hating how the last part weakened it.

" You?" she asked, her eyes reaprasing me.

" er....yes Ma'am." I said, my posture straigtening a little smiling to
myself. I senced a possible job in the making here when I got out of school,
and was besides myself with even the possibilty of seeing this pouty little
waitress be raked over the coals each and every month while I could voyer the whole thing from a respected position in the wings.

Suddenly the blond woman saw a plate of creamy pasts on the counter and
became livid.

"Momma's little girl didn't add any paramagine to this, * did * she?" the
woman asked in driping saracasm. The waitress' eyes darted to me in freash
shame over my hearing this bizarre speak, but sniffeled out an anwser.

"No , Momm's little serving girl made a boo boo.." she replied in such a
whispered little girls voice that it had to resist my own touch. The blond woman continued, "You know what we do when you makes a boo boo, right?"

The waitress noded her head and reached over and grabing a pen added pasta
error in that little note pad I saw eariler. The suffering waitress then was
made to unbutton her white shirt and pulll up the cups of her sparce little
breasts, filp her tie across her shoulder, and stand perfectly at attention
bent at the waist with her nippels just barely toching the cold metal
counter and and her sobing little face burried in the plate of offending
pasta, as punishment.

This proformence left my speachless, but I was brought back by the blonds
voice as she threw me a pencil and a binder.

" If you're so good with numbers - prove it. Here's the last fool who tried
to handle my bookeeping failed messerably. You have 8 miniutes to show me
your stuff." Her voice carried note of possible hope, and though it was a
stupidly small amount of time, I grabbed a chair and dug into the books as
she left me
and the half nude wimpering waitress alone in the kitchen.

It was all I could do to Ignore the crying woman who was being punished like
a child before me. It was madness the two parts of me going on different
leavels! My brain rand pencil raced along with numbers and figures, while
moistening little pussy was on fire as I'd steal a quick glance at her sweet
little tears draining itno the pasta and her stiff nipples. If this worked
out, I'd have a respectable job * and * fulfill my fantasies to boot, while
this poor girl was suffering through a living hell. But she was the one
stupid enough to aply for a waitress job, not me! I tried to keep my mind on
the books, but my pussy was abuzz with Images of the blond woman so pleased
with my efforts she'd let allow * me * the privilage of ordering our little
waitress to scribble down humiliating boo boos through her tears.

After exactly 8 minutes, the blonde woman had the waitress resume her
standing position and wiped her face clean, though she still had to leave
her shirt and breasts expossed to and at attention. I handed the blond woman
as much bookwork as I was able to do on such sort notice. I was a little
disapointed when she had the waitress check it over too.

As we waited the blonde woman walked over and whispered to me, evey the
" You like.....* watching * don't you? I saw you out there. Don't deny it."
She smugly said. I just stared numbly at her. Everything I'd hidden for
years was all spilling out - right here, before these two women.

" It's okay. You'll fit in here nicely. I need one girl to follow orders and
another I can trust to keep an eye on her. " she contunued on as we watched
the waitress finish looking my bookwork over. The waitress said nothing when
she finished, but only placed my work on the counter and asked me to read my
out loud where she had made little red corrections all over my work.

I was spechless, and looked to the blonde woman to restablich control over
this imutant girl, but all the compashion in the blonde woman's eyes was
gone as she started at the page littered with mistakes. It wasn't fair I
thought. Eight minutes was bound to cause some boo boos, but I wasn't - I
didn't -

I soon found myself bent across the metal counter and reading my mistakes
aloud for the two woman. I was angry and confused, but I told myslef that at
least I didn't have my tits expossed. That was a victory, I reasoned. That
was a notch abouve that dumb little waitress, I as I stood there bent at the
waist feeling like a demoted fool, expecially before the smug little
waitress. I was supried to see the words before me going blury, then I
realised that my own tears were spilling across the paper. I surrendered to
deep sobs of degradation now, as I felt my pants sliding down my ankels and
the blonde woman's hand across my warming behind. I was so close to orgasm,
I didn't even have to touch my own pussy as I felt the blonde woman's deft
figners sliding my panties over my buns and midway down my quivering naked
thighs now.

Then The blonde woman started spanking me, and I bucked and thrashed, while
contunuing to keep my face six inches from my little boo boo as the waitress
dutifly turned the pages for Mamm's little new little girl. The waitress had
leaned quite close to my face now, and I avoided her fasination with me as I
struggeled to keep reading, which was hard to do with the spanking that was
warming my up from behind.

The humiliation of reading my mistakes during this spanking, and the fact
that I was now the one others were laughing at, and my tears were the sorce
of amusment, made me burn with anger in side, it really did. Only I just
bent there and took it, like a passivle little girl, to my total confussion
and mounting lust, the loss of position in front of the waitress, and the
way she seemed so close to kissing me now, only made my pussy heat up even
more. Then I realised, my boyfriend! It's been so long, what must he be

Then I felt the waitress' tongue sliping out towards me, and I was
peaking...almost here....then I realised, shudderes of humuliation sweeping
through me as I read and cried was spanked.....She didn't kiss me. I wasn't
worth that. She was licking my face. My tears. across my cheeks, into the
corners of my eyes, across my chin. Her warm wet tongue left a sticky trail
of salivia across my burning face as I came and bucked like a rodeo

As I was coming down off the wave of my orgasm I heard the waitress speak.

" I guess I'd better go back to the books ma'am. Anythings better than this!
" she said closing by bookkeeping. The blonde woman sighed but noded.

" Well, let's all go to lunch and discuse it. We'll need to make a record of
your progress." The blonde woman said, gesturing to the waitress who'd put
on her purse. I didn't get it, but just pulled up my pants and wiped my face
with my sleave like a child.

"We have much to cover about your new position, don't we Boo Boo girl?" the
blonde woman and waitress both giggeled and I shuddered inside.

" boyfriend's still out there..." I blathered.

Oh, you wont be needing one of those. Folllow me out the back." The blonde woman smiled and my face flushed beat red as I caught the waitress following
me out with a little cam corder sticking out of her purse.


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