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TEDDYBEAR thick beard made difficult


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Author: Altan
Title: Teddy Bear
Keywords: exhib nosex rom
Date: October 2002
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This story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are not allowed to
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reading now.

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Teddy Bear (exhib nosex rom)
by Altan

The lazy Sunday afternoon was drawing to a close when Maria's
roommate poked her head around the door.

"What did you get Carl?" Sue asked.

"Carl?" Maria looked up from the magazine she was reading. "His
party isn't until..."

"Tonight," Sue finished the sentence for her.

"What? I thought..."

"His birthday was Friday, but he had to work that evening, so the
party is tonight."

"Oh, shit. I was going to get him a teddy bear. What time is it?"

She jumped off her bed, threw off the pajamas she was still
wearing, grabbed sweaters and jogging pants, and was out the door
before Sue knew what was going on.

Maria was familiar with the route to the mall, hardly a week
passed that she didn't drive her little red Geo there. There were
only a few traffic lights, and she knew that if she didn't have
to slow down, she would get them all. Just the last one was

She had to speed up, it turned yellow early. Then she saw the
police cruiser, and slammed her brakes.

She saw the white SUV a second before it ran into her. Enough to
brace herself for the impact, but too late to do anything about

Moments later, everything was quiet. She sat, shocked, trying to
figure out if she was hurt. She seemed alright. She had been
pressed into her seat, but that was all.

A face appeared at her window. It was the police officer.

"Are you alright, ma'am?" he asked.

She nodded. Her heart was still pounding, she couldn't bring out
a word. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down.

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. The car didn't look
very different. She released the seat belt, opened the door, and
tried to get out. Her legs felt like Jell-O, so she sat there for
a moment more.

The police officer returned with a big man.

"Are you OK?" the big man asked. "Are you hurt or anything?"

"I think I'm OK," she answered. "Just a bit shaken..."

"I'm so sorry about this," he said. "I wasn't paying attention.
Obviously, it's all my fault, and I'll make sure your car gets

"My car!" Maria finally stepped out of the car and looked at it.


The rear of her sweet red car had been completely smashed. It was
clear that it wouldn't drive any more, not any time soon.

The police officer interrupted and asked for her papers. He
looked at them and wrote down a couple of things. Then he handed
her a form.

"A tow truck is on its way," he said. "You should give this to
your insurance company, and they will take care of everything."

"I have to go to the mall," Maria said, rather awkwardly. "I have
to get a teddy bear."

"I can drive you there," the big man said. "I'll drive you to the
mall, and get you home when you're done. That is the least I can

Maria thought for a moment. She didn't want to call a cab, that
would take ages, if she could find one at all in this
neighborhood. If only she would get back home with the teddy
bear, she could go to the party with her roommate.

Meanwhile, the tow truck had arrived, and the driver had given
her his card. There was nothing left for her to do here.

"OK," she said to the big man. "Let's go."

His car hardly had a scratch, she noted as she got in.

* * *

"I'm Tom," he introduced himself. "I feel really very sorry about
this. I know that the insurance will take care of the car, but it
must still be very inconvenient for you. I really want to do
something to make up for it."

"Well, I'm going to the mall to buy a teddy bear," Maria said.
"It is for a friend who has a birthday party tonight. If I just
can get the teddy bear and get back home, things will be a lot

They drove silently for a few moments.

"You know, I don't want to force myself upon you," Tom said, "and
I know you have to go to a party, but can I maybe buy you dinner
or something?"

Maria looked at him from the side. He was a big, heavy man, but
not overweight. Under thirty, she thought, just a few years older than she was. The thick beard made it difficult to be sure about
his features, but he seemed nice enough.

She made a decision.

"OK," she said, "but I need to make a call first."

She called Sue and told her about what happened. She described
Tom and made Sue write down the license number of the car, which
was on the papers she got from the police.

"Just so you won't try anything funny," she said when she put the
cell phone down.

"Smart," Tom laughed, "very smart. No, I won't try anything
funny, don't worry."

They parked in the Lords and Taylor parking garage and entered
the mall. Back in the familiar surroundings of the shopping
center, Maria started to relax. There was still plenty of time
before the stores would close. Thinking about the dinner
invitation, she smiled a little. Maybe today wouldn't turn out
that bad after all.

They headed straight for the teddy bear store. It was one of
those "ready while you wait" stores, where could select the body
of the bear and different accessories, and the bear would be made
while you waited. There were so many possibilities. They laughed
about the pink bow tie and top hat. They tried glasses, but that
just looked silly. In the end, Maria decided on the top hat, with
a small black tie, a smart suit and a black cane. It made the
bear look format, but also very adorable.

She paid and they headed back to the car.

"Are you in a big hurry?" Tom asked.

"Not anymore," she said. "I had to get this bear before the mall
closes at six, but the party doesn't start until ten."

"What do you say we get you something nice to wear for dinner?"

"Well," Maria hesitated, "I don't know."

"I'm buying," he emphasized. "I said I wanted to make up for the
inconvenience that not having your car will cause you. At least
let me try?"

"Oh well, why not. We can have a look."

They were already back in Lord and Taylor, and headed to the
evening dresses. Maria selected two and Tom handed her a third
one to try out.

The first two were nice, but not very special. She showed each of
them to Tom when she tried them on, and he said she looked
beautiful, but it didn't do anything for Maria.

When she started to try the third one on, she realized it was
damaged. It really consisted of two dressed, a sheer dark blue
outer dress and a tight black inner one. But the straps of the
inner dress were torn.

She was about to hand it back, but decided to try it on for size,
to see if she needed a larger or smaller one. She folded the top
of the inner dress down and put it on. Then she examined herself.

Maria didn't think of herself as pretty, but the image in the
mirror stunned her. The slightly see-through top showed the
outline of her breasts, but not too obvious. The white skin
shining through the blue material gave her an elf-like

"Oh hell, why not," she thought and stepped out of the changing

Tom took a sharp breath.

"You like it?" she smiled.

"I love it."

She looked at the price tag.

"It is kind of expensive, over two hundred dollars."

"Is that all? That's nothing," he said. "I'll buy you five of
those dresses if you want them."

She laughed. "You're silly," she said, "what would I want five
dresses for? OK, I'll take it. I hope I can keep it on."

They walked over to the cash register.

"We'd like to buy this dress," she said, "and I would want to
keep it on. Can you cut off the tags like this?"

The lady behind the counter frowned but didn't say anything. She
took the tags off while Tom paid.

Maria was checking herself in one of the mirrors. In the full
light of the store, she saw that the dress was really
transparent. Somebody who just glanced at her might not notice,
but anybody taking a second look would see the dark aureoles with
the nipple in the middle. In fact, she noticed that the nipples
were quite hard. She hadn't realized that she was that excited.

Beautiful as it was, the dress was somehow out of balance. The
top was sexy, but the bottom part of the dress was quite normal.
Suddenly, she had an idea.

"Are you serious about buying me more dresses?" she asked.

"Deadly serious," Tom said. "Why?"

"Well, if we can borrow those scissors, I have an idea to improve
this dress. But if it doesn't work out, it will be ruined. Will
you buy me an other one if that happens?"

Instead of answering, Tom turned back to the clerk. "Can we
borrow your scissors, please?" he asked.

Maria took them and returned to the changing cabin. She took off
the dress, and sat down to study it. The whole thing really
consisted of two dresses separate over each other, sewn together
along the middle. The outer was sheer, the inner opaque. She
would leave the outer dress intact, but cut away as much as she
could from the inner one.

First, she cut the top part out completely. Then she started
cutting the bottom part. She left about fifteen inches of
material and took off everything below that. She tried it on, and
decided to take another three inches off.

Next, she made triangular cuts in the sides of the bottom part.
She felt her excitement rise as she repeatedly cutting off more
and examined the result. Never before had she dared to expose
herself like this in public. But each time she cut some more
fabric away, she could feel the sexual tension rise in her.

She only stopped when there were nothing but two triangles of the
inner dress left, one at the front and one at the back. Her pussy and behind were covered, but nothing more than that.

Maria felt giddy when she looked at herself in the mirror. The
balance of the dress was restored, but she was now almost naked.
Even though she showed less flesh than on the topless beach last
year, being so exposed in an evening dress made it somehow seem
worse. Many people would think of her as a slut when they saw
her. Somehow, she had the feeling that Tom wouldn't mind.

She took one last look in the mirror, took a deep breath, and
stepped out of the fitting room.

She focussed on Tom when she stepped out. His eyes opened wide,
and within moments she could see a bulge grow in his pants. She
smiled. That was the effect she had been hoping for.

"Let's go," she said.

"Wow," he finally spoke. "Hey, I can't take you out like this!"

Maria startled. Had she gone too far?

"Wait here. I'll be right back."

She felt disappointed when he ran away. It had taken all her
courage to cut the dress down this far, she had believed men would love it. Now, he didn't want to take her out. What was he
doing, buying a raincoat?

A few frantic minutes later, she saw Tom coming back from the
direction of a men's store. He was wearing a suit and white

"That's better," he commented. "If I take a classy lady out, I'd
better look halfway decent myself."

* * *

They made it to the restaurant in one piece, even thought Tom had
a hard time keeping his eyes from Maria. She had to scold him a
couple of times to make him keep his eyes on the road, but
inwardly enjoyed the attention she was getting. Maria had never
thought of herself as particularly beautiful or even attractive,
and now here was a man who almost had an accident because of her.

The restaurant was called "Alexis' Bar and Grill." It looked posh
and there was a crowd outside. Tom walked right past the waiting
line to the reservation desk.

"Can you let Alexis know that Tom is here," he said. "She is
expecting me."

The waitress left and came back moments later accompanied by a
beautiful redhead.

"Tom, how good to see you," the redhead said. "It's been quite a
while. And who is this enchanting lady with you?"

"Alexis, this is Maria. Maria, Alexis."

Alexis took both of Maria's hands and shook them heartily. Then
she took a step back and examined her.

Maria started to blush. She was aware that her whole body was on
display, only two small triangles hiding her most private parts.
The dress seemed even more transparent in the dim light of the

Still, Alexis did not seem to disapprove at all.

"You have outdone yourself this time, Tom," she said. "Maria is
just perfect. Where _did_ you find her?"

It was Tom's time to blush.

"I, eh, kind of bumped in to her today. It was one of those
accidents that sometimes happen in life."

Alexis did not ask any further and led them to a table in the
middle of the restaurant. The table was a little bit higher than
those surrounding it, and so were the chairs. It created a very
prominent position for those sitting there.

"I've been keeping this for you tonight," Alexis said. "This is
what you wanted, right?"

"Yes, quite," Tom replied. "You're a dear, Lex, you really are."

Alexis smiled as she walked away.

"What was that all about?" Maria asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Seems as if you had been planning to come here all along."

"Hoping," Tom acknowledged sheepishly. "I called Alexis to make a
reservation when you were in the dressing room. She's an old friend, I can count on her."

Maria wasn't completely convinced.

"What did she mean when she said I was just perfect?"

"Oh, that." He fumbled with his napkin, looking at it. "That was
just her way of saying she liked you."

Maria looked straight at him.

"You don't believe it, do you?"

She shook her head.

"Alright, there is more. Alexis and I used to date. In fact, we
were doing pretty well together, until she found out about my

"Your quirk?"

"Well, you know, everyone has different things they find
exciting. For me, it is a woman who shows off her body. Alexis
tried, but she could never be comfortable wearing something like
you are now. I guess I kept trying to push her. In the end, we
decided it wasn't working. We've remained friends ever since."

Maria felt as if she should feel something bad, as if he had
reduced her to nothing more important than her body. But she
realized that he had been honest, that this was the way he felt.
When she looked the big man in his trusting brown eyes, she
realized he was a big teddy bear. He wasn't out to hurt her, he
only wanted some love, some cuddling.

"Hi, my name is George and I will be your server tonight."

Interrupted in her thoughts, she looked up to find a waiter
trying not to look at her breasts. His eyes kept jumping back and
forth between her chest and her face. She smiled at him.

Tom laughed as well. "It's OK, boy," he said with his low voice,
"you can look. But don't get confused when you take down our
orders, you hear!"

George blushed, straightened, and asked, "Can I start you off
with something to drink?"

Tom ordered bread and wine and turned back to Maria.

"Has anybody ever told you how beautiful you are?" he asked.

* * *

The dinner time seemed to fly by. Maria didn't notice the glances
men who tried not to stare when they passed, the furious looks
from their wives. She didn't notice that George passed by every
two or three minutes to check on her. Least of all she noticed
Alexis looking at them from the back of the restaurant.

When desert time came, Alexis herself brought the caramel

"You are one lucky girl," Alexis said to Maria. "I would almost
envy you."

She smiled as she handed over the check. It had "Paid" written
across it.

"This one's on the house," she said to Tom. "You take good care
of her, you hear. This lady deserves the best."

Maria could see Tom's eyes water as he embraced Alexis and kissed
her on both cheeks.

"Thanks," he whispered.

After they finished their ice creams, Tom took Maria to a club
next to the restaurant. On the dance floor, he wrapped his big
arms around her and Maria felt safer and more secure than ever.

Slowly they danced on two songs before they sat down for a drink.
Then, a new song started. Maria recognized it almost immediately,
and her face lit up even more.

"That's you," she said. "Do you recognize it? It is called Teddy
Bear. My grandmother used to play it all the time, and I've loved
it since I was a little girl."

Tom laughed. "You're saying I am a teddy bear?"

"Oh yes, you are. A big, cuddly teddy bear. Come on, teddy bear,
let's dance."

She led him back to the dance floor and this time he didn't hold
her tight. Instead, he let his hands slide down over her bottom
and slowly massaged her through the thin fabric.

"A big dirty minded teddy bear it seems. It feels nice, though."

"Does it?" he asked. "And how about this?"

Quickly he let his hands slide under the skirt and continued his
caressing on her bare skin.

"Better," she said, "definitely better."

Slowly his hands began to rise to her lower back, while Maria
hummed with the Elvis song and concentrated on the feeling of his
sensitive hands sliding over her smooth skin. Only when the song
finished did she realize that he had raised her skirt up and she
had been completely exposed.

She became aware of the bulge in his pants. A wave of excitement
rushed through her body.

"You really like that, don't you?" she asked.

He just smiled at her.

"Are people watching?"

"A few maybe. Most are too busy with themselves."

"Maybe next time I should turn around."

"Would you really let me do that?"

Now it was Maria's time to smile. "Maybe later. It can't hurt to

* * *

The sun started to rise by the time Maria got home. Sue was
waiting up for her, asking where she had been and why she hadn't
been at the party. Maria ignored her accusations and went
straight to her room. She felt like in a dream while taking off
the dress and falling on her bed.

When Tom and Maria got married sixteen months later, the teddy
bear with the top hat, the small black tie, the smart suit and
the black cane was sitting next to them through the whole



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