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TEDI2 girls can play too Tedi


Tedi Part-II

The next few months flew by as they settled into the new
job, the new house and the new neighborhood. It was full of
young couples like them. Good looking, young, upward mobile and
hot. They got to know a small number of couples and frequently
got together for dinner and parties. The group grew closer and
soon there were six couples that seem to hit it off very well.
They did a lot together, and they became quite open with each
other about almost everything. Tedi was hit on frequently,
politely, but she wasn't particularly interested. The idea
intrigued her and she fantasized about all of the men but Tom
gave her everything she wanted. Though she had to admit
sometimes enjoying thinking about doing more than fantasizing
being with some of the other men.

Then Tom was sent out of town for two weeks. Tedi had not
been without Tom and his many sexual services for even a day
before. After two days of his absence she was getting pretty
tense. Her vibrator helped a little but she missed his tongue
and cock terribly.

One morning of the first week of Tom's absence several of
the wives had met for coffee at Tedi's place. It was soon
evident that Tedi missed Tom a lot. The others teased her about
it and jokingly offered to loan her their husbands. Later they
started to leave, all but Carol, Tedi's next door neighbor.
Carol and Carl were particularly close friends to Tom and Tedi.
When the others were gone Carol smiled and said,

"It was funny when the others offered their husbands to
service your needs. I wonder how many of them know their
husbands would all jump at the chance to have you Tedi"?

Tedi looked at Carol and laughed,

"Yeah right. Right now I feel like I could take the whole
bunch on. I am so horney. Tom and I have had sex of some flavor
every day since he first went down on me in high school. I know
he is dying just like me. And we have almost two weeks to go."
Carol chuckled and said,

"Is Tom the only guy you ever had sex with"?

Tedi nodded and Carol just smiled. Then after a short pause
Tedi said,

"What do you mean all the guys would love to have me"?

Carol looked her great body over slowly. Tedi had on brief
shorts and a halter top, that her tits were about to overflow.
Then Carol said,

"Honey, with that body, the guys all ogle you every chance
they get. Everyone of them would fuck you in a minute if you
showed the slightest interest."

Tedi smiled pleased and said,

"Looking is one thing. I admit I love the way men look at
me. I guess I am a bit of a sexual exhibitionist, sometimes when
Tom and I go driving I go down on him in traffic and love it when
truckers watch."

Carol whistled softly and smiled saying,

"I would like to see that myself."

Tedi looked at her and then said,

"Have you ever had sex with guys other than Carl since you
got married"?

Carol looked at her and then smiled and nodded saying

"A few".

Tedi found herself instantly turned on by this revelation
and she felt her nipples grow hard as she asked,

"Does Carl know?"

Carol laughed and again nodded saying,

"Yes Tedi, he knows, sometimes he sets me up with other
guys. We have an open marriage as they call it. We both enjoy
other sex partners on a regular basis. Sometimes together,
sometimes each on our own. Carl loves to watch while other guys fuck me."

Tedi felt the wetness in her panties as she eagerly asked,

"Carol that is so hot. Do I know any of your lovers?"

Carol again nodded saying,

"Tom is the only man in our little group I haven't fucked,
not that I wouldn't love to fuck Tom but he hasn't even tried...
at least not yet. I would love it if he did, your guy is a real
hunk. How would you feel about that, about Tom screwing me?
Would you be interested in a variety of men in your bed?"

Tedi laughed nervously answering,

"I admit I have thought about it. About Tom being with you
or some other woman and about other guys fucking me. It is a
hell of a turn on but it has been just a fantasy."

Carol patted Tedi's bare thigh lightly, saying softly,

"It doesn't have to be just a fantasy Tedi. Carl would
die to get in your panties and I would love to watch him fuck
you. He and I have talked about what fun it would be to
introduce you and Tom into swinging. We both love the idea. I
know you would enjoy Carl, Tedi, he really is great in the sack."

Tedi's head was swimming and she was also terribly hot and
horny. Carol stood up then and smiled down at this sexy young woman and said,

"I have to go now. You think it over Tedi, there are lots
of ways to enjoy sex. Carl and I would love to get you and Tom
started in some new fun and games. It is so good having two guys at the same time. Think about that."

Tedi stood up to see her out and Carol hugged her closely,
her hands dropping to Tedi's cute ass and as she squeezed her
tight cheeks Tedi just stood there letting her. Then Carol
brushed her lips over Tedi's lightly and said,

"There are fun games we girls can play too Tedi, I am sure
you have heard of those."

Then she turned and walked out saying

"I'll call you in the morning."

Tedi headed for the shower where she managed to get herself
off quickly she was so turned on.... Then she dressed and went
shopping. That night when Tom called she had a lot to share.
Tom's first reaction was,

"No shit, Carol wants to go to bed with me. Hmm, she is so
hot looking. That would be fun."

Tedi smiled, pleased with his reaction. She had thought of
little else since Carol had left. Her mind kept conjuring up
images of Tom fucking her doggie style while she sucked Carl's
cock. Then Tom said,

"Carl and Carol swing, damn that is a gas. Carol has always
flirted and been touchy but I never would have guessed. She
really said she would like to fuck me huh? And Carl is dying to
get in your panties huh? Well he has great taste my love. You
are one sexy little bitch and boy do I miss you. I am so fucking
horny I could die. My hand is no substitute for my love."

Tedi spoke huskily in response,

"Yeah I know, me to hon, I am on our bed right now, nude and
playing with myself as I listen to you talk about fucking Carol
and Carl fucking me. It is so hot."

Tom broke in with,

"Carl fucking you, are you enjoying fantasizing about that
my love?"

Tedi moaned into the phone as she stroked her clit,

"Yes, yes Tom.., I am fantasizing about both you and Carl
fucking me at the same time. I love that idea."

Tom responded huskily as he also beat off,

"Shit Tedi, I need you so bad?"

Tedi chuckled into the phone,

"If Carol were in your hotel room with you right now you
couldn't help but fuck her could you?"

Tom moaned as he got close to cumming,

"Oh shit no, I wish Carol were here I would fuck her head
off. I wish both of you were here, that would really be hot.....

Carl too."

End Tedi Part II
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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